‘I Am a Student of My Soul’ – There is Always a Choice

by Judy Young

I have been attending the Universal Medicine workshops for 5 years now and have felt inspired to look after myself in a more loving way. I have learnt to observe daily life, to stop and feel my interactions with others and to observe my behaviours. I am learning to be more honest about how I choose to live and to take responsibility for those choices.

I have come to know that if I STOP and FEEL, my body will confirm if the choices I am making are love. I now allow myself to truly feel the after-effect in my body of the ‘not so loving’ choices that I may make. I am a student of my Soul, that which is right for me will not be exactly the same for another, and so it is about me feeling me, honouring me, and trusting my inner heart.

I am re-learning to be this way like a child in school and I have ‘light’ days, and then ‘other’ days when I make un-loving choices, but always I feel a freedom to be me.

In the past I would have pushed through – the pain, the tiredness – and put all those around me first, never considering me and my body.

Serge Benhayon expresses absolute love and equality to one and all, equally so. He presents his living way and asks us simply to allow ourselves to love, to be love and to develop that love as a student of our own soul. It reminded me of what I already knew – inside, but had simply forgotten…

Now I know I have a choice.

102 thoughts on “‘I Am a Student of My Soul’ – There is Always a Choice

  1. “I am a student of my Soul, that which is right for me will not be exactly the same for another, and so it is about me feeling me, honouring me, and trusting my inner heart”, what a statement! That to me says that every one that is walking this planet has a soul and every one can honour and trust in their inner knowing. No one is better than another. We are all of the same and that is one source of truth and that is God – simple. Never to forget, and always within you, the rest then is an illusion.

  2. I can still find it challenging to let myself feel the body – I can think I am feeling the body and in my mind I can say I am feeling my body, but it is not the same as feeling each cell come alive and plump with vitality and everything glowing as I allow myself to feel the body in a true sense and letting it come alive. This is something I am learning to do, to allow and to enjoy.

    1. Feeling the body is often done when we have space to do it. This is asking that in a moment we can feel where our body is at. The more you check in and tune into your body, the more the relationship deepens and the more the muscle becomes stronger…

  3. Once we have felt the body, and the gentleness as a bridge to the soul and then felt the presence of the Soul, even if only in snippets, this then opens up a whole new way of living. Knowing this does not suddenly change our life unless we make the choice to align to the Soul. But having the choice is already an amazing gift for at least it means you then have a choice and are not stuck in an existence without knowing what could be.

  4. Thank you Judy for the simple yet powerful reminder that through feeling the body and learning to look after our vehicle. we can connect to the Soul and hence make the choice to live from the Soul.

  5. It’s surprising really how little true love there is in the world, yet talk about love (the emotional kind) within ourselves, in books, music, etc, is a constant. The false version of love is something being constantly circulated. Having a reflection of someone living true love is such gold in this world, but also quite rare, it’s very powerful because once one feels love in it’s pure truth we have the opportunity to see and feel it for what it truly is, and then reconnect to it within ourselves.

  6. Our bodies are like a wise best friend, do we listen and honour its wisdom, ‘if I STOP and FEEL, my body will confirm if the choices I am making are love.’

  7. Thank you Judy, this is lovely to read again. What a beautiful path the way of the soul is, to learn to live the love we are in every moment of life, and bring that love into every task and practicality life requires. By virtue of our equal connection to God we do so via our own authority, each loving step in partnership with our soul.

  8. This is lovely – being a student all over again, not to be like any other, but to just be the truth of who we are. And I agree – forgetting, or rather acting like we have forgotten is a choice as well.

  9. It is the simple self-love and self-care that builds a foundation for us all to bring harmony and brotherhood back to this world.

  10. So simple and true Judy. Thank you for expressing with such clarity the freedom of choice we all have.

  11. Thank you Judy, you have described so well what it is to be an esoteric student – a student of ones own innermost heart where we connect to our Soul and God. It’s exactly as you say, but our return to Soul may be different for each of us as we have different histories, different needs, different bodies, and a different path back to love, even though we are all in essence the same amazing love. Caring for ourselves and responding in love may be unique for each of us in any given moment, but wow, how beautiful it feels to be returning to love.

  12. Yes, we always have a choice and the more we move in a way that honours our willingness to be more caring towards ourselves and to consider our body as incredibly precious, then we will increasingly be more aware of the fact that we have a choice.

  13. There is always a choice to be made, yet often we don’t stop to feel that moment when we are offered the space to make a different more loving choice and we carry on in autopilot mode, I have found since building a more consistent relationship with my body, I have more awareness about the choices I am making.

  14. Observation is part of the process of awareness raising. Learning to observe life, means also being willing to observe oneself. When we do so, from a willingness to be absolutely honest, we can go far.

  15. To know that I have a choice is the best thing ever as it offers me the possibility to stay in my misery or to understand that this is not me at all and to connect to my soul again. Yes I know it is not every time that simple but it is still my choice.

    1. Ester that is how it is for me, sometimes I get lost in the misery but then the realisation comes that this is not me and that I have free will, I can align again to my soul and choose to be love, joy and stillness again. If I can’t get back there on my own I can get support from my Esoteric Practitioner but it’s always my choice.

  16. Knowing there is a choice is such a powerful awareness. It takes away blame and restores power back to us.

    1. Awareness is powerful, and sometimes we can shy away from this very power and instead choose to blame outside things or people and disempower ourselves. And yet when we make the choice to claim this, then we do empower ourselves often beyond what we ever expected or knew was possible.

  17. Every student is different yet when connected to our Soul we can feel that we are all the same. I have been caught in comparing myself to others many times, the idea if I copy them I’ll fit into life like they do and every time it doesn’t work. Accepting what is true for me to be with Soul perfectly works in harmony with everyone else. I don’t feel out of place or trying to be in another place, I am content being me and where I am.

  18. In our essence we are all equal . . . we are all beautiful, divine, tender, sensitive beings. Serge Benhayon inspires us to live from our essence. He is a living example of this way of being. We now have a religion based on our relationship with connection it is The Way of The Livingness

  19. It is through commitment to living the love that we know inside, that which is our soul, Connecting us to the all.

  20. “Serge Benhayon expresses absolute love and equality to one and all” An inspiration to humanity to live in harmony with ourselves and each other.

  21. Yes, we always have a choice, I love the choices you are choosing, I too am choosing to honour a loving way of living that deep inside my body knows.

  22. It reminded me of what I already knew – inside, but had simply forgotten…
    That is so beautiful said how it was for me too. I had not really forgotten as I always carried it as a secret within and opened up about love and my truth as I found someone who was speaking and living from that truth.

  23. A gorgeous reminder Judy that we are forever students and learning to discard and let go of anything that is unloving or false so that we can embrace the light of our Soul more.

  24. ‘He presents his living way and asks us simply to allow ourselves to love, to be love and to develop that love as a student of our own soul. It reminded me of what I already knew – inside, but had simply forgotten…’ Judy, what a beautiful blog and reading this line above moved me to tears, to simply allow ourselves to be love, and that is all that is needed and it’s there always waiting for us. So today I take this reminder into my day, to allow myself to be love, and let all see that.

  25. It is indeed very liberating to know that we have a choice between two sources of energy that thereafter will run our entire life. We have to make that choice every second of every day, whether we make it consciously or not, we are somewhat making it. As this is such a crucial point to all our lives it is such an important teaching, that needs to be made available to all.

  26. The first time I attended a Universal Medicine workshop it was like being woken up. Everything I heard that day felt like a reminder – something I had once known and lived but had forgotten about. We all hold this wisdom deep in our bodies and it is simply our choices that either keep it hidden away where we have buried it, or allow it to burst forth through into the light again.

  27. It is indeed about relearning to be and live like a child as an adult, without being childish. It is not a role we have to play again, it is about living from our essence, which most children at a young age know so well.

  28. You have most beautifully expressed the simplicity of living life when we reconnect and reacquaint ourselves with our soul.

  29. When we push on through the tiredness when we should rest not only does the quality of all that we do suffer, but its not fully resolved or completed. In turn all that remains unresolved just accumulates for us to deal with at a later date.

  30. Far better to know we have a choice and what that choice is, rather than blindly going through life in the illusion of being fiercely independent and autonomous but in truth being controlled and manipulated at every turn.

  31. Putting others first was a way of life for me and anything else was selfish. Even when I was really depleted and depressed, the choices I made were not based on the best thing for me, but the best thing for those around me – or so I thought. If I had been looking after me, I would have never been in that depleted state and a healthy, vibrant me would have been able to care so much more for my family. So putting me first is really putting the care and loving of everyone way up there too.

  32. Since Universal Medicine, life has indeed become like a school where you recognise the power of your choices and the ability to observe yourself and how you feel and adjust your choices accordingly…. enabling a personal journey of transformation through responsibility and through honouring the freedom we possess to be the love we are.

  33. Living life could be seen as a kind of art. You need to know what kind of colours to add or change for the painting to resemble the truth of how that painting could look like, and it’s a kind of painting that never gets done, it’s always changing according to how that painting need to be to truly serve, both itself and others, because the painting is equally for itself as it is for others.

  34. I also discovered and accepted my body as my true buddy. For example I can feel how I contract in my inner front shoulders when I hold back in what would be the right thing to say, act, move, think – whatever. When I do not care for me and offer this as an inspiration as well to ‘the world’, I do close down here. And my body is also the way to connect back. I open up my shoulders again and with the re-awakened openness I can see what did let me close down first. So I get more understanding for me and situations, what lead me to more acceptance and the view of the bigger picture. Life becomes more spaces again – instead of narrow.

  35. This simplicity I too have learnt that when I apply it to my life – the stop and feel my body – then life makes more sense. This simplicity however needs to be repeated over and over again as complication and/or ‘moving onto something better’ has and is a constant temptation. But time and time again this simple method comes up trumps every time. Thank you Judy for the reminder to keep it simple.

  36. Thank you Judy for a very inspiring blog, I loved what you shared about the freedom to just be, to listen to what the soul is communicating through the body and trusting that this is your truth.

  37. “He presents his living way and asks us simply to allow ourselves to love, to be love and to develop that love as a student of our own soul.” That is in a nutshell what Serge is presenting to us in all that he lives and unconditionally shares with all of humanity.

  38. ‘I am a student of my Soul’. Simple and powerful Judy and how amazing it would be tho have this written on on every CV. Letting the body lead, feeling before choosing, an inspirational way to live.

    1. Kehinde – love it that you said let this be on every CV – after all, being a student of our Soul is so needed for us all in this world.

  39. How absolutely empowering what you present here Judy, that you have been reminded of what you have forgotten, and that each and every one of us needs to choose and feels what works for us and our bodies and it’s unique to each of us, and most of all that we allow ourselves to feel the consequences of what we do choose – this allows us to adjust if we then choose to, the ultimate feedback mechanism being our bodies.

  40. Choice is all about empowerment – we choose moment to moment whether we align to our soul or our spirit. No one else does it so this encourages responsibility at a very personal but also universal level.

  41. Judy I love what you have written and I only can agree as the body really knows everything – as long as we allow ourselves to connect to it. Without connection no knowing – very simple.

  42. There is nobody better equipped to tell you what to do and how to live your life than our own body.

  43. Judy you say you have become more honest about the way you live. This to me is key as we are basically lying to ourselves. There are many choices we make in a day that we know are not healthy and loving but we always have an excuse as to why it is ok. I know that having a very honest look at every choice in a day there were quite a few that I had cleverly ignored. It is like saying I don’t eat much chocolate at all as I only eat a little piece at a time but when honestly looking at our choices we find we at two bars a day.

  44. By being used to not feeling love in the body we may seem to forget that we actually do so; we could say that we have settled for less and or even given up on love without necessarily being aware of such choice. But once we have re-developed and experienced the sense of love again the body talks loud a clear as it is very painful to feel the loss when love is not present. That supports us in becoming more and more consistent in the way and quality we live, learning step by step to deepen the love that we are in everything that we do.

  45. The simplicity by which the body instantly feels and reflects the quality of our state of being in reference to love is amazing and ordinary at the same time – amazing in contrast to the complexity and uncertainty the mind can get lost in and ordinary because love is our innate nature and the body knows it inside out.

  46. Being a student of your soul asks you to claim your own authority on your life and empowers you as the one that knows what is best for oneself at any given time, without needing any commandments, rules or knowledge.

  47. We are students of the soul, that is beautifully written. It is learning to trust what we feel, and act on those feelings. That way we learn everyday, not forgetting our incredible senses.

  48. Free will offers us a choice but we have to discern where the choice is coming from: is it a choice of this biscuit or that biscuit or is it choice of the energy of love that offers us a choice of love or deeper love.

  49. The link between Soul and love is a common one but speaks to me of a quality of love that is not one often practiced. I see Soul to being something very expansive and connecting us to all of life, including all of nature and all human beings. Yet love is often expressed differently to someone close to us and not at all with a stranger or people who rub us up the wrong way. So I feel in simply identifying this link between Soul and love, there is much to ponder and re-explore in our lives.

  50. I love the lightness with how you express that you are a student of your Soul and that you had simply forgotten. That is super powerful as it makes it so clear who we truly are and that we are all already and that we don’t have to go anywhere, but simply re-connect and all is there. This is the amazing simplicity and beauty of the teachings of Universal Medicine – we are ALL, we just have to choose to re-connect.

  51. Thankyou Judy for this – beautifully expressed. We always have a choice – “I have come to know that if I STOP and FEEL, my body will confirm if the choices I am making are love. I now allow myself to truly feel the after-effect in my body of the ‘not so loving’ choices that I may make.” This is true for me also.

  52. Judy, what really stood out for me was your acceptance of allowing things to unfold as time goes by. I am often impatient and can be a perfectionist which leads to frustration and self blame, but your blog has helped me return to the simplicity of the fact that we are all students and there is no ‘getting there’ because our development is forever ongoing.

  53. Judy, that is what is extraordinary about Serge Benhayon, he somehow gets you to trust yourself and rely on what you feel within. In a world full of presenters who tell you how to be, he’s the only one simply reflecting (and living) love and supporting others to feel and follow their own truth.

  54. “I have come to know that if I STOP and FEEL, my body will confirm if the choices I am making are love” – beautifully expressed Judy, I love the simplicity and wisdom you have shared.

  55. A really simple yet profound awareness to know that we always have a choice in our day to day, moment to moment responses. I am re-learning in a similar child-like way to be honest with myself in the choices I make. Although sometimes uncomfortable it is amazing to strip things back to such simplicity and to know that ultimately I am responsible for the choices I have made and continue to make. There is no greater freedom than that.

  56. Thankyou Judy for your beautiful sharing. How our daily life unfolds make a lot more sense when you realise we are all students of life and our ‘lessons’ are presented with a precision calibrated exactly and individually for each of us all day everyday. Lessons that you can choose to embrace or resist, there is always a choice for which direction you want to go.

  57. It seems more and more obvious that each of us are individual, and there are no set rules or right way to be.
    I’m realising no one else can tell me the answers, and by learning to trust what feels right for me, the more confidence I build in finding out what is nurturing, caring and loving for me.
    The more we are loving for ourselves, the more we will effortlessly inspire others to build their own loving way.

  58. Its true the power of choice is where it all begins always – choose love, or choose all that is not love, simple.

    1. Thank you Judy and Giselle, when we swim in the ocean and all is smooth it is easy for us to choose love, but when there is huge swell and it is ruff with rips and currents pulling us every which way then the conviction of our ‘will’ to be soul-full will provide the calmness to be all that we feel all around us no matter what else is prevailing.

  59. Thank you Judy, a beautiful and simple sharing which connected instantly. I especially loved your comment – ‘I am a student of my Soul, that which is right for me will not be exactly the same for another, and so it is about me feeling me, honouring me, and trusting my inner heart’. This is so loving of self and so powerful in building the foundation from which all others can find what truly feels right for them.

  60. “I have come to know that if I STOP and FEEL, my body will confirm if the choices I am making are love” – this speaks to me very loudly. I feel I had taken enough STOP and FEEL moments, yet they were often followed by ‘maybe I can get away with this’ arrogance. I am being reminded how important it is to really honour what my body communicates at each and every moment.

  61. Thank you Judy, I love how you share that being a student of your soul requires listening to what you feel in your body and “that which is right for me will not be exactly the same for another”. There are no ‘rules’ in the Esoteric, just a re-connection to our souls and an honoring of what we feel in our bodies.

  62. Reading your blog a question came to me: what did it mean to me taking care of myself prior to my affiliation with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine? It meant to make sure that my life, health and vitality remained within an ‘acceptable’ range in the present, and to construct a future of security for myself. My body was important to me, but judging by the amount of abuse I was imposing on it, I have to say that, at the same time, it did not matter that much. Ouch!

    1. Hi emfeldman, yes there is such a difference between the body being ‘important to us’ and truly caring for it. We can look after our body in what we think is keeping it healthy but is not truly caring since it still has a drive to fit a picture of health from an ideal we can never achieve. When we listen to what our body truly needs it finds its own equilibrium.

  63. Wow – this is beautiful. What you have written is so important, it’s easy for us all to get swept up in life and forget that we always have a choice in the quality of our life, and the quality of everything we do.

  64. Beautifully written Judy. Having the freedom to be ourselves and express the love we are is an extraordinary gift for which I am also enormously grateful to Serge Benhayon for showing me this was possible.

  65. Thank you Judy for expressing so simply and clearly , the body is a marker of the choices we make day by day and lets us know if our choice are loving or not.

    1. The body is always speaking to us regarding our day to day choices, and I am finding this process is about a willingness to be aware of and listen to what it’s saying. 🙂

  66. Judy love how you have stated ‘I am a student of my Soul’. This is a beautiful and powerful claiming. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. It is a great reminder that when we connect to this truth we can simply begin to live from the love that we are, in whatever way this feels true for us.

    1. Beautifully said Carola, I agree. It is always up to us to make loving choices, no one else can make them for us. No one can impose or force them upon us as it is what will come naturally if we so choose to connect to love.

  67. Like you Judy, in the past I would put all those around me first, when I let that old baggage go and put myself and my needs first, it felt so loving and the most natural thing to do. I love this line:
    ‘I am a student of my Soul, that which is right for me will not be exactly the same for another, and so it is about me feeling me, honouring me, and trusting my inner heart’.

  68. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Judy. It is inspiring to read what has been revealed to you, as a result of becoming a student of your own soul.

    1. I love what you’ve shared Simonwilliams8, it never is about getting it right or perfect but about feeling and learning life. What a beautiful and gentle way to live?

  69. Judy it’s that remembering of how light I can be with myself. It always feels great to read and share the truth. Thank you.

  70. The way you express how simply you have brought awareness to your life, and the choice to listen to your body, is inspiring Judy. The difference made in your life can so readily be felt from your words…

    That someone such as Serge has reminded us of what we had ‘simply forgotten’, is all that he ever shares – that we all do know ‘the same’ within. Absolutely lovely to hear the story of another who has been willing to listen.

    1. Very well said Victoria. It is so loving to be reminded in such a gentle and supportive way that we are all ‘the same’ and to simply connect to our innate wisdom, living more lovingly and with truth is our way to connect to our soul.

      1. The soul is always there, isn’t it Chan. Awaiting our reconnection, and our honouring of our true, divine nature in how we live every day.

  71. Thank you Judy for simply stating you now have a choice, before being presented the alternative there was no true choice, just the drive to keep plodding along not knowing any other way, but always feeling there must be another way, and now that other way has been shared with us all through Serge Benhayon. Thank you Serge, now we have a choice…

  72. Thank you Judy, very simple. I also feel the same learning experience for me, to honour a loving way of living that my body already knows. I often feel uncomfortable when I feel what is in my body, in terms of aches, tension, bloating, extra weight or even poor digestion and headaches, as I know these are a result of my own unloving choices. However I am also beginning to feel empowered by what I feel, because I know I have the ability and responsibility to choose differently and feel a different way to be in my body.

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