Serge Benhayon: ‘The Truths he Spoke of Felt to me Absolute’

by LM, Canada

Over four years ago a great friend introduced me to Serge Benhayon and his audio presentations. After listening to many of them I made the choice to go to a workshop and meet this person for myself. The truths he spoke of felt to me to be absolute.

My life has changed in many wonderful ways since – in that I have made the choice to be totally aware of what I put in my mouth so I know what bloats me, what causes me to feel very heavy, and what makes me very tired – therefore, I am taking much better care of my body and being responsible for me and my feelings. 

Since making the choice for myself to not eat gluten / wheat and sugars, I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt.  At a very young age I decided not to drink milk or eat dairy because I found that when I did it affected my lungs very deeply, leaving me feeling asthmatic.

My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this.

Thanks to my choice to attend workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon, I am making changes that reflect the true love that Serge and Universal Medicine stand for – for all equally.

521 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon: ‘The Truths he Spoke of Felt to me Absolute’

  1. Thank God I attended workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon, I now know a truth from my body that I had purposefully cut off before.

  2. Amazing how a few loving choices can make such a difference in one’s life – and these are often simple and inexpensive ways to support ourselves. After all the soul loves simplicity and practicality.

  3. We have to deeply question the nutritional guidelines, and the intelligence behind them, that leads to people being so unwell from things like wheat and dairy.

  4. Great to hear that you are now taking much more care of yourself, and bringing responsibility into your life since attending talks and presentations by Serge Benhayon, ‘I am taking much better care of my body and being responsible for me and my feelings. ‘

  5. Despite what our bodies tell us, we can live for many lives ignoring what they say because we have overwhelming needs to relieve the tension they have felt. But they have a wisdom that will still continue to correct us, even to the point of making us unwell, because in the end, the absoluteness will not be swayed or budged.

  6. ‘My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this’ When we start on the path of awareness in this way it is awesome how much we are shown and it is also incredible how much resistance we can have to following what is obviously the preferred choices of the body. It seems like the reward, if I can put it like that, for this dedication and adherence to the bodies requests – following what we know is going to support it from feeling, rather than outside information filtering through our minds – is a vitality and aliveness that brings us a quality of energy that is of a high vibration and connects us with a joy for living.

  7. Taking responsibility for ourselves, for our daily choices and the way we feel, uncovers the joy of what living responsibly means. We stop being a victim because we recognise that our every move has an outcome (for ourselves and others), and that outcome is up to us. When we choose love that outcome is joy.

    1. Spot on Melinda – when we stop being a victim and take full responsibility it is a life changing moment or series of moments. This is not always easy to do to begin with but the more we do it, the more we get on a roll and this is the way to live in a way that is far more empowered.

  8. “My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me” – I love this. It is very loving and nurturing to pay attention to ourselves.

  9. LM I totally agree with what you are saying as I too have found Serge Benhayon and his family to be very supportive so that the way I live my life now is totally different from when I first met him. When I first met Serge Benhayon it felt as though I was walking along a knife edge one slip either side and I would be back into the black hole of depression. Having spent 25 + years in psychotherapy where I was encouraged to believe I was a victim of life to then meeting Serge Benhayon and realising for myself that actually I was my own worst enemy that there was actually no one to blame but myself through the loveless choices I was making. When we re learn how to love ourselves again the whole world changes as the magic of life reappears it never went away I just got so overwhelmed I could not feel it or see it.

    1. Mary as someone who has lived with depression for such a long period, you are pointing to the miracle that living in a self loving and soulful way can bring.

    1. It is crazy how we can fool ourselves that the words we say are enough. How often do we admit that if we can see through this in others reading the energy behind the words, that others can see through this in ourselves!

  10. I have felt this too, there is an absoluteness in every word that Serge Benhayon says, because he expresses not from knowledge or hearsay but from every word lived.

      1. True authority can only come from the body, everything else is a poor and insincere representation. Force is not authority and neither is control although many like to think they are.

  11. There is no denying what we feel in our bodies, its just that for much of the time we have chosen to ignore it. Thank goodness that Serge Benhayon has re-introduced this innate connection we already have to so many, so that we may once again feel what it really going on within us and consequently choose a way to live that absolutely supports us on every level.

  12. When we are willing to find the truth, we just find it, and this comes as a confirmation and reflection of our commitment to it. Then, we are ready to consistently make the changes that best support us in our life.

  13. The teachings and insights presented by Serge Benhayon are not just mere knowledge but lived experiences shared for anyone who likes to consider and try for themselves, so that they can come to their own experience and understanding of what truth means for them. Interestingly enough it often turns out that such truth is not just personal but collective as it is based on teachings of truth that are ageless and universal. That´s what the Ageless Wisdom offers everyone equally for whenever one chooses to embrace it.

  14. Simple choices often have the most profound results, as is the case when we don’t overload our body with stuff it cannot digest but has to get rid off in the form of asthma, sinus conditions, eczema and many more.

    1. … and responds to in many amazing and deeply healing ways. Once we get out of the way, the miracles can unfold.

  15. Thank you LM, Serge’s presentations are so simple and practical, once we reconnect to our body and become more aware of what it’s communicating we can make changes that are loving and caring for our own unique needs. It feels astonishing at times that worldwide we consult books, the internet, experts, etc, on health, diet, exercise, and wellbeing, but we don’t actually check in with the body, the very thing we are trying to keep healthy!

  16. It is great to read the word absolute being used with such clarity. There is no justification here, there is no need to convince – and this is beautiful because what you have experienced is true for you and that is what counts.

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