Serge Benhayon: ‘The Truths he Spoke of Felt to me Absolute’

by LM, Canada

Over four years ago a great friend introduced me to Serge Benhayon and his audio presentations. After listening to many of them I made the choice to go to a workshop and meet this person for myself. The truths he spoke of felt to me to be absolute.

My life has changed in many wonderful ways since – in that I have made the choice to be totally aware of what I put in my mouth so I know what bloats me, what causes me to feel very heavy, and what makes me very tired – therefore, I am taking much better care of my body and being responsible for me and my feelings. 

Since making the choice for myself to not eat gluten / wheat and sugars, I am feeling healthier than I have ever felt.  At a very young age I decided not to drink milk or eat dairy because I found that when I did it affected my lungs very deeply, leaving me feeling asthmatic.

My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this.

Thanks to my choice to attend workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon, I am making changes that reflect the true love that Serge and Universal Medicine stand for – for all equally.

465 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon: ‘The Truths he Spoke of Felt to me Absolute’

  1. This really shows how truth that our body shows us what is true, is most vital to our health and well-being. Lies that one glass of alcohol is ok and even good for our heart or that other things like sugar are ok in moderation, in other words used once in a while don’t affect us are doing the opposite. They are making us ignore our body and listen to our mind and needs which does not have a good impact on our bodies as the whole of humanity is the evidence of because we would look a whole lot more healthy and vital if this was the case…

  2. It is amazing how much more vital and alive we feel, just by being aware of the food we eat and responding to the messages we receive from the body such as bloating, pain or rashes. I feel we are aware that gluten and dairy sugar and alcohol make us ill but our desire to have them overrules the body until such time as we are made to stop usually through an illness. I know I was like that with gluten I couldn’t understand why none of my family or friends seemed to bloat or get pain, so I made myself carry on until it became so obvious that the body was not willing to tolerate gluten anymore. The body speaks very loud but I feel sometimes we also choose to be very deaf.

  3. It is such a joyful experience to hear the truth that we feel inside, spoken out loud by another. It is a feeling of coming home.

  4. It finally makes so much sense to me that the more awareness of my body I develop the more I get to understand this amazing vessel for life. And the simple, common sense filled presentations from Serge Benhayon have been instrumental in supporting me to build a deeper connection to my body than I have ever had. But what I love most is that Serge encourages everyone to discern what he is presenting and to feel if it is true for us. It is us feeling the truth of what our body is communicating, and then acting on that truth that has the power to change our lives.

  5. “I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this.” Your words here are very important in that we are indeed the only ones that can make those choices for ourselves, and therefore we are the only ones that can truly change the way we feel and relate to life and every one in our life.

  6. Beautiful, so easy and simple. We are love, and this has been shown in multiple ways by Serge Benhayon. I love that, and what a courage he has to stand solid even when things are going against the current.

  7. “The truths he spoke of felt to me to be absolute.”

    And this is exactly the point. Truth IS an absolute. It is a gorgeous one-unifying whole-ness that brings all to the same point and leaves no one behind. We are so used to being offered fragments of truth (even though deep down we all know that a mere fragment is not the full package and therefore it is converted to an un-truth) that we have come to not trust each other because no one is delivering the full package. Meeting Serge Benhayon and hearing the absolute truth he lives, speaks and writes has helped to restore my faith in people and brought me back to the same one-unifying truth within me. I am forever in deep appreciation of this.

  8. When I first started listening to the Serge Benhayon audios I remember being struck by how much common sense he was speaking, and I would say to myself, yes I’ve felt that too, and life started to make far more sense, and the truth he spoke resonated deep within me.

  9. ‘The truths he spoke of felt to me to be absolute.’ I felt the same LM. Serge Benhayon has confirmed everything I have known but in many cases never articulated. When he speaks the truth, it can’t be denied although many have tried to fight against it because it challenges all that we do not want to let go of.

  10. ‘I pay attention to me, for me’- when we really decide to pay attention to how we’re feeling and how our choices affect that, we empower ourselves just by noticing. Awareness is the first tool in letting go of some of the behaviours we have but wish that we didn’t, because the more we feel the impact of those choices and behaviours on our bodies, the bigger the opportunity to use that greater awareness as inspiration to change them.

  11. What I love about absoluteness, is how it confirms you without pandering to any kind of certain identity. So, with absoluteness we get to see the real us, the us we all were as children, which, in my experience, naturally brings about a love for each other that naturally comes from deep inside.

  12. When you start taking care of your body – in all aspects e.g. how you eat, how you move, how you work, how you are with others… – and you stop dulling it with over working, being hard on yourself, being super good, eating too much, being super busy, drugs and alcohol etc… – it is amazing to start feeling what it shares with you, and you are right, it razor sharp with what it shares. It is like the best ‘life compass’ you could ever have.

    Super simple example, I was cleaning my house the other day and my body shared that it wanted to lie down for a few minutes. Normally I either would not have listened or probably even have heard it as I was often in the ‘get on it, clean the house mode’ but as I have taken more care of my body, I listen more, so I sat down for few moments, rested and then returned back to cleaning. And at the end of it, I did not feel tired, or that I pushed myself.

    1. It feels great to listen and act on what the body shares, saying yes to resting is in fact saying yes to far more that comes as a by product or result of that initial yes to rest.

    1. So true, our body supports us to heal and our thoughts often get in the way of this. Interesting to notice the battle that can be present if we do not align our mind with our body. Sometimes my body is communicating something to me but my thought tend to want to override what my body is telling me.

    1. This confirms just how powerful love is! We often bemoan the fact that we can’t see it out there forgetting that we can offer it to ourselves, but when we do magic starts to happen!

  13. To be able to discern and feel what is energetically true for ourselves is the freedom to become responsible for the quality of our choices in life.

  14. Another person taking a deeper care and more responsibility of themselves. Another living miracle showing others that it is possible, there is another way to live.

  15. Our body does not lie but communicates the choices we are making on a daily basis. When we listen to our body we can gain much wisdom about ourselves in terms of what truly supports, and by extension how to support others.

  16. It’s obvious that being absolute is natural for you LM. It’s not surprising you recognised the same in Serge Benhayon. Thank you for showing how simple it is to connect to truth and live it.

  17. We know the truth when we hear it, clear as day like the sunshine or the rain. We don’t need someone to explain it. It’s just what we do with this knowing that counts in this life. We’ve been past masters at burying what we know – now as Serge Benhayon inspires, it’s time to take it out, without apology. Thank you LM.

  18. There is little that is absolute in this world, so when you first hear Serge Benhayon speak, even though the words are simple and common sense, they carry a quality of absoluteness that stands out. It’s like he is saying, ‘This is the truth, and you also know it, even if you are not ready to come to that knowing yet”.

  19. The truths that Serge Benhayon presents are not complicated, hard to understand and impractical in any way. I have found them to be simple and full of common sense, something quite rare in a world where complication has become so normal. My first workshop with Serge was full of ‘aha’ moments and lots of head nodding in agreement. I quickly realised that what he was presenting I already knew on some level, he was simply reminding me of the truth.

    1. Yes, I have had many, many ‘aha’ moments too Ingrid. I love the simplicity and truth of what Serge Benhayon presents. I could listen to him present all day without a break and I would never feel tired of it. It is out of this world the wisdom and love that Serge presents in and many people travel from far and wide to listen to this amazing man present truth with simplicity and playfulness.

  20. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing the truth spoken as it awakens something within us that knows that we equally know the truth. It is the best equaliser in the world.

  21. LM the changes you experience are amazing, I have found person after person who have been deeply affected but the love that Serge Benhayon shares, for me and my husband our lives have dramatically changed since meeting Serge Benhayon. The beholding absolute love that Serge Benhayon offers is undeniable.

  22. Reading your story has highlighted to me the importance of sharing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s teachings which are pure Gold. The UniMed Living website is a truly astounding website that around 250+ volunteers work on (which is a feat in itself) but also is a place where everyone can go to hear a Gentle Breath Meditation or pearls of wisdoms from Serge via audio snippets which can support people in their everyday life of unfoldment back to the truth

  23. “My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this.” A great summation L.M of life lived via our bodies constant conversations and signals and how when we listen and move with it we can unlock a world of wisdom that has been there all along. When we love and nurture our bodies it reflects light, vitality and love right back at us.

  24. We are so powerful when we connect to truth. Truth is what bounds us.. And so we know our ways of denying our truth and or accepting it as our core of being. Either way, no matter what we choose at this moment in time, we will always be part of the Universal truth and even if we have distanced ourselves from it by our mind we can not by our heart and so will eventually return to the truth we come from, that is not from this world.

  25. Sometimes I have observed how there can be changes which are made in reaction and or in anticipation of a reaction with a defence already in place. And then there are times when change happens naturally at a very deep and personal level where no one else is involved as it is just between the person and their self – but this change is very beautiful because it does not go unnoticed and is in fact very inspiring to see.

  26. ‘My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this.’ Beautifully said LM for true health and wellbeing ultimately is our own responsibility.

  27. We all know what absoluteness is and we decide how much of that absoluteness we allow to be in our lives. Universal Medicine has come along and showed us in many many ways how absolute we can be with ourselves and each other. And so what we have to let go of and what we can further confirm. There is no such things as an end, and so we forever keep expanding, we are made to do so.. Brilliant!

  28. It is amazing to be so inspired, and to have that inspiration confirmed by how your body feels afterwards, because ultimately this starts to build trust in yourself again, which is amazing.

  29. Absolutely truth is registered in our bodies as a joy and a lightness irrespective of what that truth may be revealing to us.

  30. It’s a simple equation. Establish a loving relationship with yourself and this will naturally flow on to all other relationships.

  31. It can be said that when truth is expressed our hearts receive an instant pulse/signal that allows more space to beat in the rhythms of its truth. And truth is constantly expanding us.

  32. “I decided not to drink milk or eat dairy because I found that when I did it affected my lungs very deeply, leaving me feeling asthmatic.” This is exactly how dairy used to affect me. I would get terrible sinus and barely be able to breath but unlike you I did not given it up until about 15 years ago. The question then becomes if we are so aware of how something is affecting us why do we continue to use it? We are not stupid people so there has to be something in our make-up that cares more about experiencing something than it does about caring for our well-being. That “something” referred to here is called the spirit and it can only be brought into line through us deeply caring for our bodies and our being.

  33. It is so empowering to see how our responsibility to feel, move and connect with the world via our choices and movements to support ourselves to live in turn support us to connect to the all on a much deeper and intimate level. When we listen to our bodies and the wisdom shared it is amazing to feel and appreciate who we are and how we all play a part in the grander scheme of life.

  34. “I pay attention to me for me” – is really the key. I knew certain food made me sleepy/heavy/bloated – which I accepted as ‘normal’; and there were some stuff that actually brought some discomfort – but not bad enough to make me sick or cause pain, so I carried on eating those things. As I deepened self-love, I started seeing the compromise I was making for myself.

  35. My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this. LM I love your gorgeous words here, I pay attention to me for me, as you can feel a deep holding of self within those words. Thank-you for your beautiful sharing.

  36. Feeling sharp and clear is the most amazing feeling and now a foundation in my life. I sometimes make choices which take me away from this feeling but I always come back to it because nothing else can compare to this feeling of being alive.

  37. Beautiful that you have chosen to listen to your body, it just goes to show when we stop to listen and allow the awareness of what the impact is of choices then we are able to make more loving choices for ourselves.

  38. I love reading this blog because it reminds me of how much I have changed since attending workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon. Some people don’t like these changes because they do not think it normal to not drink alcohol, eat bread and chips, drink coffee or fizzy drinks and go out partying and be as careless as I used to be. For me I feel so much more vital and healthy and am also so much more accepting not only of myself but of others too. I have become more deeply caring and loving. This is a work in progress as I have often been under attack and sometimes not known how to respond to the lies and allegations that have been directed my way. I am gradually feeling stronger within myself and living from that place of inner knowing.

  39. The agless wisdom is and has always been very practical and supportive on all levels. The appreciation these teachings presented by Universal Medicine have for the human body is out of this world and continue to inspire me to take great care of muself and all others.

  40. The simplicity of listening and caring for our body is also an absolute and powerful foundation for living the truth of who we truly are.

  41. I love the word absolute and it fits Serge Benhayon and what he presents very well. Where there is truth there can only be absoluteness.

  42. And this is my most favourite quality about Truth: absoluteness – an unreserved holding of the All, for all equally.

  43. ” I have made the choice to be totally aware of what I put in my mouth ” This is so beautiful and how you describe your awareness of what to put in your mouth comes from your body’s reactions to what is not good for your body . Something you had understood as a young person but now bringing it to a deeper level.
    ” I pay attention to me for me ” what a simplicity .

  44. ” my life has changed in many wonderful ways ” is it not amazing how our life changes when we make choices for ourselves and not from what the world wants us to do , and how this can be simply inspired by another having done the same for themselves, thank you LM for sharing and Serge Benhayon.

  45. The truths that are absolute, well they are hard to come by in our society which has become so focussed on knowledge and I formation – nothing really that is mainstream carries what is lived as true – it is all pandering in one way or another.

  46. The tools that have been offered through the amazing presentations of Serge Benhayon are simple and challenging at times, yet a constant point of pondering and are deeply respecting resources to return to time and time again.

  47. The absoluteness of truth is there waiting for us, we can deny it, ignore it or override bury it but it sits there patiently waiting for us to return to what we all intrinsically know.

  48. There is an old saying about how the truth will set us free and the fact is that it does. The moment we connect to the truth of something the freer we become.

  49. I have found one of the things the Universal Medicine Sacred Esoteric Healing courses help to support … among many many things, is change of diet. For example for years I knew drinking alcohol did not feel good but never found the will power to give this up. After attending a few Universal Medicine Sacred Esoteric Healing courses I was given the love and space to feel more of me, to discard things I was holding onto or had been carrying that was not me and connect/feel my essence. Without even trying alcohol just naturally fell away and I no longer drink which has been for 11 years. As well as this many many other things have changed for me. I feel more me and more connected to me than I ever have done before.

    1. It was the lack of trying that I also found how simple it was that things were just falling away from me Vicky. The more I was supported by attending Sacred Esoteric Healing courses run by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and also having one to one sessions wiht practitioners of the Univerals Medicine modalities, I have become so much more in touch with my body and what it wants and doesn’t want, resulting in a very simple transition when it comes to giving up anything. A day comes when I just know that something I may have been addicted to for years, and I realise that I simply not just no longer want it, but that there is no longer a need for it.

    2. This example Vicky shows that there is no true evolution or growth in using willpower to make lasting changes in our life. When we feel how much something harms our body there is no trying or lack of it’s just a natural progression to stop. I found with myself that there are some things that have just fallen away with complete ease and then there are other things that could fall away just the same but for what they give me I still hold onto them.

  50. ‘My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this.’ Now what an amazing statement in and of itself. Awareness = aliveness. It says that by paying attention to our bodies, we can return to a state of vitality. That alone has wonderful implications for our self-care and, ultimately, our health care system as this is simple self-responsibility: no trip to the doctor required.

  51. Our lives cannot but change when we begin to bring awareness to how we are living and surrender to the truth we feel, allowing our inner-truth to guide us. Not only do we come to realise that love is who we are, as such we begin to honor ourselves more, but we also we are bringing to life the much needed quality of love that this world is screaming out for. The vibration of love is sure to enrich our lives to no end.

  52. I love the confidence and power you share your choices with. It’s great to be confident to listen to our body in a world where the feelings of our body are not considered much.

  53. My life has changed in many wonderful ways since – in that I have made the choice to be totally aware of what I put in my mouth” . . . . I would add to this by saying that not only have I made the choice to be totally aware of what I put in my mouth but also what comes out of my mouth as this is most important also as it is the energy that we choose that then becomes our expression. Are we with our self or not?

  54. I love this: I pay attention to me for me. Starting with the basics, always, and expanding outwardly from the steady and strong foundation that we all hold within.

  55. My body is sensitive to food it always has been it has just been prepared to accept that I feel a million times better emotionally and physically when i honour this.

  56. The other day I was having a conversation with someone .. or rather they were having a conversation with me! About how changing diet, like taking gluten and diary etc out does not have an affect at all and that there is no proof. The truth is forget what publications and reports have been done on diet, we (everyone) are the true and living proof with regards to diet. We are our own science experiment and like you I have noticed many positive changes within my body, health and well-being since taking things like gluten and diary out of my diet like not feeling absolutely exhausted with no energy the whole time. And how by not drinking alcohol I am more connected with my inner heart. Also I am learning this does not stay static but is forever unfolding and evolving for instance today my tummy told me I can no longer eat chewing gum like I have been doing!

  57. Awesome LM to see and feel the positive effects of eliminating the substances that were doing you harm. Listening to our bodies in this way opens the door to so much more – to our whole-body intelligence as Serge Benhayon has described it – and to a deeper connection to ourselves.

  58. LM, I can relate to this; ‘My awareness of my body’s functions is becoming amazingly sharp, I pay attention to me for me, and I feel more alive because of this.’ I have been refining my diet over the years, and now if I eat something that I do not usually because I know it no longer feels good in my body, then I notice the effects immediately and they are huge, I may get bloating, a headache or feel racy depending on what it is I have had, and so to me now these foods have no appeal because my body is clearly saying no to them and yes only to foods that support me.

  59. The simplicity shared here is the foundation we all need, especially if we wish to enjoy our lives and our bodies. We are constantly affected by our choices and this we don’t realise until we make the choice to feel first what that choice will bring.

  60. it is when we bring honesty into the equation that we can then truly reveal and discard the ill-behaviours that serve to keep us less than and unknowing of the truth of who we are.

  61. I love the fact that Serge does not tell people what to do, but rather presents his understanding and experience for which we can choose to explore and decide for ourselves. empowering each one to discern for themselves what is true for them and what is not.

  62. To me it is a wise thing to let our bodies tell us what we can eat or not and if everybody would be able to do that, many of the illness and diseases we are burdened with will cease to exist.

  63. Our bodies are so very sensitive and we often do not appreciate this fact. As a young person I used to feel how my lungs and chest would get affected when I had dairy yet it never occurred to me to stop having it because of my desire for cheese. The desire overrode what my body was telling me. Sooner or later the body has to give us louder and louder signals to let us know that what we are doing is not supporting us and interestingly enough that is when we often complain the most and blame the body for being a nuisance. Having a respectful relationship with our body is vital for great health and wellbeing

  64. Such simple awareness that can come to us when we choose to tune into the way that certain foods affect us. The catch 22 is that we often cannot feel what the food is doing to us until such time that we actually eliminate it from our diets, and sometimes this may require more time than we realise because of the residual effect of some foods that can last for up to 9 months or more. Great sharing LM, thank you!

  65. What I find amazing is just how attuned our bodies can be too disturbances I have itchy eyes today because of something I ate yesterday in the past I would have not even really registered the itchy eyes and never linked what I ate to the symptom. When we ignore, we override and then end up not seeing the signs our body signals.

  66. LM what you show is that we know truth and when it is presented to us there is something that resonates within us that can not be ignored. When we make the choice to align to truth it is amazing how much our life opens up and by listening to our body we become so much more aware of what is going on around us.

  67. I love that with saying yes to the absoluteness of truth there is room for each and every individual to express in full. Absoluteness is different to dogma and rules, there is a completeness that supports all equally.

  68. Serge Benhayon is presenting a way of living to us that not only brings us a better life, health and vitality but with that also a reconnection with that grander whole we are part of and have a role to play in and with that make us to resurrect to who we truly are, divine beings, and Sons of God.

  69. So simply put. You choose to listen to your body, and your body speaks to you….it really is as simple as that.

    1. It certainly is Elodie. Our body is constantly communicating to us but are we willing to listen to its messages? By connecting to our body it will guide us through life and supports us to make more loving choices. I find when I listen to my body it feel deeply nurturing.

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