Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon: Love and Integrity Underpin It All

As a registered nurse and long-time therapist in many fields of Complementary Medicine, and as a practitioner who works with the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)* established by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I can truly say that all the allegations that Universal Medicine is a cult and Serge Benhayon is a ‘cult leader’ or a ‘guru’, are not true.

Universal Medicine is a fully accredited and insured organisation, and is recognised and acknowledged in many medical and other areas. Furthermore, after working for 37 years all over the world, I can say that I have never come across an institution with such truth and loving integrity.

The level of professional care and love I have received from Universal Medicine and their excellent esoteric modalities – be it via their seminars or healing sessions – have changed my life in a way that goes far beyond anything I have ever experienced.

These experiences have inspired me in every way; in the way I live my life, and how I work in my own clinic.

As a well-known and respected therapist who is interested in understanding the root cause of illness and disease, I feel so fortunate in this life to have as travelling companions beside me Universal Medicine, the Universal Medicine team and Serge Benhayon – someone who is fully committed to humanity, life, God and a loving, healthy lifestyle.

I’m very much pro conventional medicine, as are Serge and Universal Medicine, but with the current statistics showing such a rise in illness and disease, are we not all talking of the need to change our lifestyles and our eating habits? Are we not also seeing that many of us continuously live with loveless and self-destructive behaviours?

Universal Medicine gives us a brilliant approach to the field of complementary medicine. It is an approach from which so many people, all over the world, have already benefited, including myself and my clients.

For more than ten years Serge has been a consistent loving presence and support in my life – as a practitioner, friend, teacher and fellow traveller.

I have gone down many paths in my search for truth, but only Universal Medicine left me free, and didn’t interfere or impose on me. Rather, it opened my vision to be able to live a healthy, loving life.

Thank you Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team for enriching my private and work life in a way which no words can describe, and for showing me and my clients and many others a way that is truly loving and caring.

by Susanne Kaiser

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

167 thoughts on “Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon: Love and Integrity Underpin It All

  1. The love and integrity that Serge Benhayon lives and brings through everything he does is something we are not used to seeing or experiencing, and it can be hard to believe that is true or humanly possible, and in the past I found myself feeling undeserving of that, but what he represents far surpasses anything that would try undermining our own truth of who we are and allows space for us to unfold and evolve as and when we are ready, it is incredible love.

  2. We are all aware of the importance of life style changes due to our ill-health but talk and solutions like diets and the gym are not it. I have found that it is the way I feel about and treat myself that is most pivotal and things change naturally as this increases.

  3. To know that we are in control of the quality of our own lives changes everything, we can no longer blame and point to others instead we have to take responsibility for our choices and that changes everything.

  4. I found true integrity as a consumer of complementary medicine services when I found Universal Medicine. Prior to coming to Universal Medicine I had experienced sexual harassment within a session, and upon investigation I could see that the members of the associations for that therapy knew about the harassment but did nothing about it. I’ve also experienced rudeness with complementary medicine therapists and a lack of hygiene in clinic rooms. The level of love and care, professional and ethical standards, their cleanliness and adherence to (if not beyond) regulations are all part of why I keep returning to Universal Medicine – their standards of excellence in care and integrity are amazing to experience.

  5. I have always felt the love and integrity of Universal Medicine from the courses, Serge Benhayon’s books, and the practitioners of Universal Medicine, there is always a standard that is higher than I have experienced anywhere else, and a support that is deeper than I have found in any other organisation.

  6. “I have gone down many paths in my search for truth, but only Universal Medicine left me free, and didn’t interfere or impose on me. Rather, it opened my vision to be able to live a healthy, loving life.”
    Universal Medicine has encouraged me to find my own truth, to uncover the layers I had used to fit in with life, to discover that those layers were not who I truly was, and now I am freer of what is not me and more connected to the true me.

  7. Like it or not, Universal Medicine is in the business of setting standards that bring us all to a place of truth and of helping whoever desires to align to it by means of his/her livingness.

  8. A superb title that brings to a point what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are about. It is the love and integrity that is so sorely missing in this world and Serge Benhayon shows us what great changes can occur and how truly healing it is when we make love and learning to live by our truth a loving principle in our life.

  9. It is true, all such allegations made and spread about Universal Medicine are without any foundation and all are entirely false as will one day be accepted by all. You can attack the truth for so long but in the end the truth will still be standing. e.g. the world is now accepted to be round despite the many who insisted it was flat and would imprison you or worse if you contradicted them. Mankind has a long history of choosing ignorance over wisdom.

  10. There must be something really worth to be experienced, when someone spends their time to attack it with lies and without any reasons

  11. It seems simple, change our eating patterns, sleep patterns, entertainment patterns, emotional out bursts etc and enjoy a more steady supportive lifestyle. Yet many don’t choose this. The question that has to be asked and addressed individually, as it will be different for us all is, Why?
    Serge Benhayon has provided a marker for us all, that it is worth addressing the things that cause us to either abuse our selves, or allow another to abuse us, as through doing so we again connect with, understand and appreciate the body we live in. It is then much easier to honour its true supportive natural cycles and needs.

  12. Universal Medicine practitioners walk their talk and talk their walk to the absolute best of their ability, and I am yet to come across this level of integrity anywhere else. I know many, many people, who would not be living life as fully or with as much joy and commitment had it not been for the support and inspiration of Universal Medicine to show that there is a different way to live life, and that life can be very simple when we choose to live it as lovingly and truthfully as we can, deal with our stuff and commit to living it, in full.

  13. You have beautifully described my experience too of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Love and integrity absolutely underpin everything about them, allowing me the freedom to feel my own truth in my body, and to be consistently inspired to initiate true change to my health and well-being through choosing love and care in every moment.

  14. The words “cult leader” and “guru” get bandied around, but it really doesn’t take much scratching of the surface to see the integrity of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon or in fact anything Serge is involved with.

  15. In any visit to a practitioner who is part of the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association, there is confidence you will be fully supported, seen and heard by someone who cares enough about themselves to be able to care for you.

  16. I agree. I have never read anything like the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Esoteric Practitioners Association. It is a code of ethics and conduct for practitioners, but for me, that document simply outlines how we can each live regardless of what we do for living, and it is only an invitation to the beginning of something much much more grander. Love with which it is written is just beyond this world. Whenever I read it, I am back with the Purpose.

  17. I spent many years searching for what felt like ‘the missing link’. I tried many modalities, workshops and courses. Since starting to attend Universal Medicine events nearly seven years ago, my search has ended because they pointed me in the right direction, to find what only appeared to be missing but was in truth already present…the connection back to myself, my true self, in my innermost heart.

  18. Because of Serge Benhayon I’ve connected to what I’m here to do, what life is truly about, and how to live life in a way that is not chaotic, complicated and run on nervous energy. I only knew life to be that way and I thought that was living and the only way to get through life… and I was miserable. Universal Medicine + Conventional Medicine to me makes complete sense and is the support we all crave.

  19. I have also gone down many paths in my search for truth and it was through feeling the depth of love and integrity from Serge Benhayon that he holds for everyone that I opened up to the truth to honestly look at the way I was living to understand how much of an impact my lifestyle choices and behaviours were having on my body and that there is a true quality of connection and loving way of being with ourselves and everyone that is available to us if we choose.

  20. I also have been down many paths in search for the truth, and since by association with Universal Medicine this has not changed as I continue to want to know the truth. But what has changed is my relationship with truth and knowing what truth feels like, through developing a loving relationship with my body and being. It is this relationship with truth that now what guides me, with far greater awareness of what supports me to live more and more in a way that honors my health, well-being and a truly loving and connected way of life.

  21. “Universal Medicine gives us a brilliant approach to the field of complementary medicine. It is an approach from which so many people, all over the world, have already benefited, including myself and my clients.” . . . I am also one of the people who have benefited from Universal Medicine’s brilliant approach. This approach is so successful because it requires us to take responsibility for our own health and for our own lifestyle choices. This is the common sense that is missing in a world that wants to either tip toe around the route cause of our problems as the rates of illness and disease soar or settle for a quick fix which simply buries the problem deeper only to resurface down the track.

  22. Serge Benhayon is bringing light,love and truth into the world and the dark pockets everywhere don’t like this and so they react and use every trick they know such as creating lies to attack this light in an attempt to keep their pockets of darkness free of light. The truth simply brushes off such lies as the irrelevances that they are.

  23. As a health practitioner I have been a member of governing associations since my initial graduation nearly 30 years ago. Never once have I been asked to abide by a standard of living that exemplifies the level of love, care and integrity I would wish to come across with to my clients by any other organisation. The EPA and it’s Code of Conduct is unparalleled as far as I can tell, and it has certainly raised my awareness of the importance of such a Code when putting oneself forward as a practitioner of any kind.

  24. Thank you Suzanne. The fact that so many health professionals like yourself are willing to publicly support the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine speaks volumes about the incredible integrity Universal Medicine operates with.

  25. I too stopped searching after coming across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, to have finally found something with complete integrity, transparency, truth and love is what was missing from my life.

  26. Beautifully expressed Susanne. The Code of Ethics of the EPA is without a doubt the code with the highest standards of professionalism of any in the world and is applicable to not just health practitioners but for everyone whether in ordinary life or for a profession – quite remarkable.

    1. Indeed jstewart51, being a practitioner with the EPA myself and knowing the Code of Ethics I know what I am getting when I visit a practitioner of any modality… and that is highest standards, responsibility and the utmost care.

  27. Like you Susanne I also went down many paths searching for truth, it wasn’t till I met Serge Benhayon that I knew my search was over because of the impeccable integrity, absolute commitment to truth and service, and deep love for humanity that Serge naturally lives everyday I was inspired to re-connect to my innermost and to begin to live the true me again.

  28. Beautifully expressed Suzanne, in my experience I have not come across any other modality that offers absolute integrity and love on every level as the esoteric healing modalities or another person with the absolute dedication, commitment and responsibility to serving and supporting humanity to truly evolve as Serge Benhayon.

  29. What Serge Benhayon presents is so simple, he lives it, he reflects it to others, he does not impose, you then have a choice. I know I was inspired by the simplicity of self care, the logic of self love and the ripple effect it had on those in my life. It was only when I saw how I could live and the effect it had on others that I appreciated the harm I did before. It was an ouch but is what will forever stop me returning to my old way of living.

  30. Reading this has allowed me a moment to ponder on the affect Serge Benhayon has and continues to make in our world. From the love, dedication and humbleness of one man we have now healing modalities and an organization (the EPA) that hold an integrity I have never before experienced in my own exploration of healing modalities and accredited bodies. Does this not show each of us what we are capable of if we but choose to live steadily our love and humbly follow its path and make that our life.

  31. I agree Susanne, I went down many paths searching for something meaningful and sustaining and didn’t find it till I came across Serge Benhayon 15 years ago. I didn’t even realise till about 12 months later that l’d stopped ‘searching’, that somewhere in my body I felt deeply and utterly settled and at home. I had been looking for that feeling my whole life I realised, where before I felt an insatiable unrest. So many things promised to be the ‘answer’ to that unrest, but none were (and I tried many!). 15 years later I still have a deep settlement within me that allows for the most divine stillness to be my most normal state of being. A very beautiful way to live… and not one I would swap for ANYTHING on this planet.

  32. For me too there is a big difference between Universal Medicine and other organisations I have been involved with. The level of integrity, and especially energetic integrity, goes far beyond what I have encountered in the past.

  33. ‘I have gone down many paths in my search for truth, but only Universal Medicine left me free, and didn’t interfere or impose on me. Rather, it opened my vision to be able to live a healthy, loving life.”

    It is hard to explain how a philosophy ends up being a way of life that then unfolds to a deep understanding of what true Religion is. Yet, you manage to explain it beautifully, simply and profoundly.

  34. The heading says it all “Love and Integrity Underpin It All”. I have never experienced, and truthfully, not many organisations will match the love and integrity of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  35. “I have gone down many paths in my search for truth, but only Universal Medicine left me free, and didn’t interfere or impose on me. Rather, it opened my vision to be able to live a healthy, loving life.” Pure gold Susanne. This sums up my experience with Universal Medicine perfectly. It is such a breath of air to come across people that do not have an agenda.

  36. “The level of professional care and love I have received from Universal Medicine and their excellent esoteric modalities – be it via their seminars or healing sessions – have changed my life in a way that goes far beyond anything I have ever experienced.”

    I have had nothing but incredible experiences with Universal Medicine too but when I have been through tough times I have wanted to pull away from all the truth that is offered by this incredible team so it certainly has not always been smooth sailing but for me pulling away from truth is always short lived. It reminds me of when I use to party really hard, I never wanted to go to my Mums house because I would feel what a bad state I was in but in truth when I got there, I was home and I was relived to be able to stop.

    1. I remember this too Sarah, I thought as a child and young adult that I wanted to keep a lie going and didn’t want to get caught or found out, but in truth the relief of actually being called out was exactly what I was really looking for and what the waywardness needed to stop.

    2. Dealing with all your stuff is definitely not plain sailing because it asks you to be consistently truthful about what you can feel and the choices you’ve made – and often these things can be uncomfortable to feel. But it is also an amazing process, letting go of all the layers that aren’t me, and living and speaking more of my truth.

      1. Yes, I wouldn’t have it any other way, as challenging as it is facing all your choices: to me, what is even harder is running, as your choices aways catch up with you and living in constant tension of the more we all know ourselves to be is very uncomfortable.

  37. If what is described as complementary therapies are not in full support of conventional medicine, or if they in any way compete with conventional medicine, then they should be considered alternative therapies and not complementary at all. For the record I have always experienced Universal Medicine therapies to be fully complementary to any conventional medical treatment I have required.

  38. Susanne, very beautifully shared, I too love what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present, it’s very real, practical and the level of integrity is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I am an EPA member and reading it’s Code of Ethics moved me deeply, I cried as I could feel the level of love and care I was being asked to be with myself and all others, no diktats just an invitation and I choose to be a member, and can feel how it supports all of my life. This is the way we can all live and many are now learning and exploring how this works in their lives, and it’s ripples are being felt far and wide.

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