Trusting What I Feel is True

By Pia Jung, Germany (English second language)

For many years I was living on a very low level of energy/vitality. I felt very, very exhausted.

In 2006 I went to a presentation by Serge Benhayon, and as I really liked it (especially because of the feeling that I felt inside of me), I became curious for more and went to some more presentations. Although I enjoyed those too, I remained very cautious for quite some time because I was not sure if I could trust that what I was feeling, that what was being presented, was true. However, after I did my first 2-day course with Serge a few years ago I realised that what he was presenting, and what I was feeling in my body, was not wrong, that it was actually true.

Since that time I have attended more workshops run by Serge and Universal Medicine and listened to his presentations, and my life has changed in so many ways. The level of energy/vitality I feel in my body is so much higher, and I feel most amazing due to the awareness I now have.

I am learning to understand what it means to truly take care of myself and to take responsibility for my body, my life and my choices. No longer am I dependent on anybody, and I am learning to distinguish between what is true and what is not true.

It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be, and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me. I have also experienced lovely support in many ways and from all different sides. This support is always there.

The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.

123 thoughts on “Trusting What I Feel is True

  1. This is a beautiful testimonial Pia. Serge presents the true consequences of our choices. I have tested what Serge presents for myself and I’ve never found him to be incorrect. Not even once. Serge has opened my eyes to The fact most the information we receive from governments, marketers and the people around us is completely false and we now have huge rates of illness, depression and disease as a result of blindly following this false information. Serge stands as a beacon of truth in a world full of lies.

  2. I too no longer feel as emotional as I used to, due to attending Universal Medicine courses and learning to trust what I feel. One of the key things was learning to listen to my body more and more, to take note of when I am feeling tired and then choosing to go to bed early, simple things like this has supported my hugely in how I feel and improved my relationship with my family.

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