Trusting What I Feel is True

By Pia Jung, Germany (English second language)

For many years I was living on a very low level of energy/vitality. I felt very, very exhausted.

In 2006 I went to a presentation by Serge Benhayon, and as I really liked it (especially because of the feeling that I felt inside of me), I became curious for more and went to some more presentations. Although I enjoyed those too, I remained very cautious for quite some time because I was not sure if I could trust that what I was feeling, that what was being presented, was true. However, after I did my first 2-day course with Serge a few years ago I realised that what he was presenting, and what I was feeling in my body, was not wrong, that it was actually true.

Since that time I have attended more workshops run by Serge and Universal Medicine and listened to his presentations, and my life has changed in so many ways. The level of energy/vitality I feel in my body is so much higher, and I feel most amazing due to the awareness I now have.

I am learning to understand what it means to truly take care of myself and to take responsibility for my body, my life and my choices. No longer am I dependent on anybody, and I am learning to distinguish between what is true and what is not true.

It feels most amazing that I am no longer as emotional as I used to be, and can feel the freedom of myself inside of me. I have also experienced lovely support in many ways and from all different sides. This support is always there.

The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.

142 thoughts on “Trusting What I Feel is True

  1. This is a beautiful testimonial Pia. Serge presents the true consequences of our choices. I have tested what Serge presents for myself and I’ve never found him to be incorrect. Not even once. Serge has opened my eyes to The fact most the information we receive from governments, marketers and the people around us is completely false and we now have huge rates of illness, depression and disease as a result of blindly following this false information. Serge stands as a beacon of truth in a world full of lies.

  2. I too no longer feel as emotional as I used to, due to attending Universal Medicine courses and learning to trust what I feel. One of the key things was learning to listen to my body more and more, to take note of when I am feeling tired and then choosing to go to bed early, simple things like this has supported my hugely in how I feel and improved my relationship with my family.

  3. “The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.” . . . Absolutely spot on Pia, as this is my experience of Serge Benhayon over the 14years I have known him.

  4. “The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.” This is the beauty and connection Serge makes with us, he is there just presenting his truth, his own experiencing, which is all so inspiring and confirming, there is no pressure on us to be a specific way.

  5. What you have shared is very telling of how we generally live today as a society; not trusting what we feel within. This is a sad but true fact that we learn to override our inner-knowing so much so that we think that this is normal. As a result, we lose our sense of who we truly are and lose our way of living in connection to a quality within that confirms not only who we are but how we can live guided by our truth within. The beautiful thing is that is never leaves us and it always ready to guide us whenever we choose.

  6. One of the greatest gifts that Serge Benhayon shares with all equally is how to re-build the natural foundation of trust with-in ourselves. There are many ways and reasons we loose trust in ourselves, from my experience it was from the environment I lived relaying messages that what I felt wasn’t true, there fore not feeling honoured, which lead to self-doubt and an ultimate choice to default to an external authority. However discovering through presentations and workshops that what our bodies want to show us and share can actually be trusted is a wonderful re-claiming of my inner knowing, self worth, trusting myself and innate wisdom. There is no great authority than what I know to be true from with-in.

  7. It is quite amazing to turn your life around to the point where you see the support and care everywhere first. At points in my life I thought everyone and everything was out to get me and now you see things more clearly for what they are. My life was a mess of everything that was going on and I was just trying to get by day to day in the hope that one day it would change, hope never supported me. What was needed was for me to get my hands dirty and have a look at how I was being in the world. Yes there are many things that go on that can be shocking, bad and hard but I would sit back and wait for them to be better. Now I have an activate part in life and I don’t mean just moving things around, I take every moment I can carefully, not perfectly or slowly but carefully and that care as it grows with each step gathers a momentum that now is supporting me back. Who knew things could be so so simple, take a continued care with what you touch and that care then comes back in what you see.

  8. Thank you Pia a beautiful testimony to feeling the truth in your body and following the truth to move in a way that supports your body to be vital and healthy. Our quality of movement really does aid our day to day living and can leave us feeling energised or lethargic depending on the energy we choose to move in. Trusting what you feel and then moving from this impulse definitely feels like an amazing way to be.

    1. Sure Kelly, trusting and surrendering to that what we just know is good for us, as from an impulse, is an amazing way to live life. A way of living life that is true to the nature of our being and with that brings joy, love, harmony into our lives, even more than we have been longing for all of our lives.

  9. Indeed Pia, Serge Benhayon will never ask us to be in a certain way, he just appreciates us for who we are as from our essence as that is our true worth we once will return to.

  10. Its absolute gold when we start to build a trust in what we are feeling, and all that takes is a bit of presence – we are given the opportunity to choose a hundred times a day, but feeling what we are actually choosing? We can ignore that for a lifetime.

  11. “The most beautiful thing about Serge and his presentations is that he never asks us to be in a certain way or wants to change us, but just supports us with all of his love and patience to be myself/ourselves.” Yes, this is most beautiful and supportive, to be allowed to be yourself and explore more of you in your own time.

  12. Pia, I love your last paragraph, it captures exactly what Serge Benhayon does so clearly, and absolutely consistently with everyone …. there is no demand to be anything other than who you are, and you are lovingly support to feel and express more of you and consider what is true for you, and as a natural part of that process all that is false or not true for you falls away. Serge is the most amazing support anyone could ever have, and his love for all is boundless, he reminds us that we too are love.

  13. When even one person starts to take more responsibility for themselves I can feel that a weight is lifted slightly from the world… be that the creaking NHS, the embattled environment, or our failing political system. We become more self reliant and start to give back quite naturally.

  14. I agree, Pia – the Love that Serge Benhayon meets everyone with just holds us wherever we might be at, always reflecting a choice of how we can also be.

  15. I so needed to be reminded just now of that lovely, patient beholding that Serge Benhayon is with everyone. I was just disappointed by someone’s choices but reading this I am able to look at it in a different light.

  16. When we build a true foundation of support within ourselves we naturally feel confident. There is no amount of accolades or material wealth etc. that can substitute for a true foundation.

  17. Leaving emotional drama, the rollercoaster of life, the arguing, all behind has been like a miracle for me, and yet it is not only possible, now it is very normal.

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