We All Have a Part to Play Here on Earth

by Sharon Maree Bisset, Ontario, Canada

My name is Sharon Maree Bisset and I live in Ontario, Canada. I am an Australian living abroad and while on a recent visit home I attended several of the Universal Medicine discussions and groups. The people I met were very open, caring and easy to get to know. The topics of the talks I attended spoke very clearly to me of love and gentleness and how to take care to slow down in my life and enjoy my relationship with myself, others and God. Each topic brought me closer to the realisation that we all have a part to play here on Earth, firstly to ourselves by keeping our bodies healthy, then to others and then to our environment.

During the six weeks that I was visiting my family, I had the opportunity to live daily life with my sister Victoria. I marvelled at how she went through her day. Reverently, gently with a respect for herself, others and nature. I have a busy life and tend to rush through each day trying to squeeze in as much as I can. Being with her made me realise once again how precious each day is. My sister and I have undergone similar pain as we both lost our partners to cancer in recent years. She herself had cancer and I am blessed to be part of her journey through some of her treatments and experiences this illness has brought into our lives. Her involvement with Universal Medicine has touched her life deeply and I see the strength she has gained.

I know this might sound all airy fairy, but it is not just that. Hard to put into words but I have watched my sister transform into this amazing person (not that she wasn’t before); she is honest and encourages us all to be that way with each other and ourselves. For instance, her influence has touched our whole family. We are more open and honest about all the hard stuff of our lives now… I can see the healing happening in each relationship she touches.

I don’t know if any of this will make sense to whomever reads it… I hope so. I just wanted to say that I have been blessed by Serge Benhayon, my sister and anyone else that I have had the pleasure to meet who is involved with Universal Medicine. And I can’t see anything negative about any of these people.

99 thoughts on “We All Have a Part to Play Here on Earth

  1. It’s amazing to observe the ripple effect that our choices have in our whole life and relationships. Great to know that those choices you both did were loving and evolving for your family, Sharon. There is so much to appreciate in this.

  2. This is a beautiful testament to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, the love they bring to all, and how that supports us all to be more love.

  3. Thank you Sharon for your touching letter, and yes it does make sense. Everyone I know involved with Universal Medicine is becoming more loving and gentle with themselves and others, and it’s a constant learning and opportunity to live more of that love. Reflecting on your letter I realised how many lives I also touch, something beautiful to appreciate, thank you.

  4. I agree with you we all have a part to play here on earth it is the parts that make up the whole, we cannot move on to our next plane of life without all working together to assist us all to get there. This is our big lesson to learn it takes every one of us. Individuality leads us nowhere we just have to look at our current way of life to know it’s not working.

  5. My family share similar sentiments about me, one member said that they felt I was very troubled child and young woman but since finding Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine they have watched how I have grown in self-confidence and self-love. All my family feel the changes I have made in my life and they are all supportive because they knew what I was like before meeting Serge Benhayon and they saw that even though I was seeing a psychiatrist for many years nothing changed.

    1. What Serge Benhayon is offering is so priceless, it can bring about enormous change which we instigate by ourselves, so it’s very self empowering and sustainable. It’s a model of health, wellbeing and wellness that truly works.

  6. We can talk all day long and tell another one how much we have changed and all about it. Yet, nothing like the movements of someone who has claimed her/himself. They speak for themselves.

  7. I too have been struck by the openness of those at Universal Medicine events their ability to openly share with honesty and how refreshing it is to be among people like this.

  8. That is a wonderful appreciation for your sisters way of living Sharon. And for me to been inspired is one of the best ways to feel that there is so much more in life as we think there is.

  9. When we rush through each day and focus on squeezing in as much as we can into it we can also miss out on seeing the little details that brings the beauty and opportunity of what we are learning in our everyday life alive.

    1. Absolutely, ‘ For instance, her influence has touched our whole family. We are more open and honest about all the hard stuff of our lives now… I can see the healing happening in each relationship she touches’, and this will have a ripple effect far and wide.

  10. Sharon, what you say make perfect sense to me. It is very beautiful to read how your entire family has been touched and inspired by your sister’s choice to live by the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Universal Medicine.

  11. As a parent it is your responsibility to teach children about their responsibility for caring for themselves and others and Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine deepen this with teaching the energetic responsibility we all have in everything we do and say and the way we choose to live.

  12. Every one of us has a part to play here on earth and that part is no more of less than another’s part. I have found it difficult in the past to feel my sense of worth when in the presence of another who is choosing to live more love than I but this feeling of comparison simply kept me from feeling the equal part I could play if I chose to. I have come some way in learning to accept the differences and seeing myself as no less regardless of where I am. It is who I am that matters and that can never be tarnished. I have come to the understanding that there will always be a reflection to be inspired by to offer evolution.

  13. This is a beautiful sharing Sharon, and yes we ‘all have a part to play here on Earth, firstly to ourselves by keeping our bodies healthy, then to others and then to our environment.’

  14. It is so beautiful to read Sharon of your deep appreciation of your sister and her loving choices that has allowed the space for many relationships to deepen and evolve – the ripple effect of our choices have the power to reach far and wide.

  15. I love the point you share about how Victoria’s openess has changed the relationships within your family and how this choice from one person busts open how we do relate as family and allows for more true love and support.

  16. I am touched too by the people I have met through Universal Medicine. It brings trust back in having a full, open and committed relationship with a ‘stranger’.

  17. Well said Sharon, when we ‘rush through each day trying to squeeze in as much as’ we can we definitely miss out of the beauty, preciousness and potential of every moment.

  18. It is always a blessing to read of someone watching a loved one transform through their association with Universal Medicine and seeing the healing that is then passed on to all the relationships they touch. The enormity of the love, beauty and healing affect that UM has on people is almost hard to capture in so few words yet you nailed it.

  19. I would say this sums it all up: “we all have a part to play here on Earth, firstly to ourselves by keeping our bodies healthy, then to others and then to our environment” – Taking responsibility again I would call this in a short way. Thank you Sharon for sharing your experiences with Universal Medicine in a direct way and through your sister! I love how you describe the effect of her as “I can see the healing happening in each relationship she touches” – what a honoring and appreciation for her and what great observing from you! To be open for true awareness is such a blessing – for all of us.

  20. It’s not airy fairy at all Sharon Maree Bisset – it’s what everyone one this earth wants to experience, it’s just that it’s hard to fathom that true harmony actually exists when you look at how the world is. From my experience it can seem far away but then again when we slow things down enough there is a world within the world where everything is still and you’ve given space to breath and see things in a completely different light. I think this is what we are all looking for in different ways and Universal Medicine has provided very simple tools so we can get to feel this in our lives.

  21. What I very much take from your words Sharon Maree Bisset is to live and let people live and to be inspired.

  22. I love the title of your blog, it holds everybody in equalness and shows how very important every single one of us is and that nobody can be dismissed or thought of as being insignificant. If we meet each other with this knowing and understanding it is much easier to deal with difficult situations and we can stop blaming things onto others and look into what everybody can and is there to contribute to the situation at hand.

  23. Sharon I love how you are appreciating your sister and that you are so inspired through her way of living – that is what I found very inspiring . . .

  24. Thank you Sharon, We all have a part to play on Earth and it starts with how we treat our bodies, this body that is then going to be presented to other bodies and to the environment.

  25. Thank you Sharon. We all have a part to play and a responsibility for every choice that we make as every action and thought we make affects everyone else. Your example of how we can be inspired by another shows the responsibility we each have to offer humanity a way to live in harmony with each other.

  26. A really inspiring blog that just goes to show the potential for change that one person can inspire in others around them.

  27. Absolutely no airy fairies in sight Sharon! Your testament is down to earth, practical, and honest. I love what you share about all having a part to play… This is one of the biggest thing I’ve learnt through my association with Universal Medicine… Learning to appreciate that each one of us makes up part of the whole and in this, accepting more responsibility for my choices understanding that this affects not only myself, but the ALL.

  28. Sharon – we all have a part to play – I LOVE this! And your beautiful story inspires me how important it is to remain open and honest and how important that we share our lives with other people, because like you have shared, this is the way we learn and grow.

  29. Sharon this makes perfect sense and I really loved all you shared. Universal Medicine workshops are so simple, exactly as you say, people enjoying working together to make their lives more loving.

  30. Hi Sharon, nothing airy fairy about sharing your experience – your inspiration is palpable. Thank you.

  31. Gorgeous expression Sharon, there is true beauty in your words as they reflect your openness and the deep love you share with your sister and family. This is a true testament to the love both you and your sister are choosing for yourselves and bringing to the world.

  32. Great contribution; just saying it exactly as it’s happened and how it is. The simplest things are often the most powerful.

  33. This is a beautiful tribute to your family and your sister, Sharon. It’s really lovely to feel.

  34. Sharon I can tell in your blog here just how much you value your relationships in your life and really when it comes down to it life is about relationships. They are what we live for. So when something like Universal Medicine comes along that deepens our relationships and brings us closer to the ones we love, it is great to take the time to appreciate this fact.

  35. Thank you Sharon for your lovely expression, sharing your personal experience from the obvious to you, beautiful changes in your sister. I loved the feeling I had from reading your words – it spoke of truth and intimacy. I agree, your comments were not ‘airy fairy’ – I also have found by re-connecting to me and to the love within makes for life-changing choices.

  36. Thank you for sharing your experience, Sharon, the gentleness and love with which it is written is a testimony in itself to the life and work of Serge Benhayon. This beautiful energy of tenderness, integrity and love, and living every day as precious and to in full, spreads in subtle ways and brings harmony where there was conflict and love where there was fear.

  37. Sharon, your article is so humble and beautifully simple-with all the appreciation and observations it speaks much more then words can describe. Sometimes we don’t even need to know what role we are playing-just being ourselves and taking responsibility for our choices is enough.

  38. There is a saying: ‘Seeing is believing’. I would say: Seeing is knowing and feeling on a deep level the truth that is presented and the healing a whole family gets from that and beyond!

  39. Thank you Sharon, this is a beautiful confirmation of the power of the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The way your sister lives on a day to day basis has influenced your whole family for the better. That is certainly not ‘airy fairy’. That is life changing.

  40. I love how you shared that you were reminded how precious each day is. I sometimes fall into having to do something special to make a day worth living but reading this just made me feel how untrue that is. I can feel how precious each day is and worth living with all my loveliness, grace, presence and attention. Thank you Sharon.

  41. What a gorgeous blog Sharon I could really feel your appreciation of both your sister and Universal Medicine. It is so easy to go through life without appreciating anything yet we are missing out on so much. As Gemma Rubina says Deep appreciation is very healing and it is a reminder for me to appreciate all that is around me and those that I meet.

  42. Thank you Sharon for your lovely sharing, and no it doesn’t sound airy fairy at all, it makes perfect sense. Your observation of Universal Medicine is spot on, and how wonderful it is that you appreciate the reflection that your sister is giving you in your relationship.

  43. So beautiful Sharon, your writing makes total sense, and it is very touching to feel your love for your sister and the changes you have seen in her and your whole family through her connection with Universal Medicine teachings. This blog is very real and full of love and sweetness.

  44. Meeting Serge Benhayon and experiencing how he simply walks his talk has been the most powerful inspiration in my life. There was no one who tried to convince me of something, no imposing in any way shape or form – just love and honesty.

  45. Sharon what you have written makes complete sense and is delightful to read. It is a real gift having people in our lives that by the way they live life and the reflection they offer, inspire us to deepen our expression of love, wisdom and makes choices that enhance the quality of life for ourself and everyone else. This indeed proves what you have stated “We All Have a Part to Play Here on Earth”. We are all intimately connected and our choices and our action has intimately affects ourself, everyone else and our environment.

  46. Very beautiful Sharon, it’s beautiful how you appreciate, and mention that we all have a part to play in this world.

  47. Beautiful and powerful, Sharon, how you share and claim what you feel and see. And in doing that you have become an inspiration, just like your sister is for you.

  48. So often we get caught in the hustle and bustle of life without taking time to not just appreciate the world, and life in general, but equally importantly, to appreciate ourselves in the process.

    1. I totally agree, it seems many people get so caught up in life and it’s dramas that they go from one end to the other being swept along, but never truly stopping to appreciate the grandness in them or in life.

  49. I love how she showed you a gentle way to be, without needing you to change or like it, it was simply a sense of inspiration that came across so profoundly in this sharing, thanks so much

  50. What a lovely reminder of the preciousness of each day (each moment). Thank you for sharing this, Sharon, it really does make sense and it is lovely to read of your own unfolding, inspired by your sister but coming from you.

  51. This is the magic of living with love and in connection. We are either pulled towards it or we can reject it, like the North and South pole of a magnet. Being pulled towards our inner most allows for greater expression of love to others and to humanity at large. We are our environment, each and every person on the planet.

  52. Thank you Sharon for your willingness to share with such gentleness, your observations of Universal Medicine, the students, the love you have for your sister and the deep appreciation you have of her for who she is in your family. Awesome.

  53. Beautiful Sharon. The love and appreciation you share here warms my heart. Being honest and open with others just allows the world in, that’s simply awesome to behold.

  54. Yes Sharon everything you share here makes a lot of sense to me. The way you honour your sister and appreciate all the changes she has made in her life and how she has supported your family is truly beautiful to read. I can feel how deeply inspired you are by your sister and I know many others would also be inspired by the love you both share – I know I have!

  55. ‘I can see the healing happening in each relationship she touches.’
    We all have this ability to inspire love in another everywhere we go.
    I have this ability and it comes naturally to my body and being; it’s just a matter of living it.
    A beautiful and power-full reminder here. Thank you again Sharon.

  56. Through the inspiration you have felt with your dear sister Sharon, you too have sparked inspiration in me. Simple words ring so true ‘how precious each day is’.
    Thank you for sharing.

  57. I love your blog, Sharon, especially the part ” Hard to put into words but I have watched my sister transform into this amazing person (not that she wasn’t before); she is honest and encourages us all to be that way with each other and ourselves. For instance, her influence has touched our whole family. We are more open and honest about all the hard stuff of our lives now… I can see the healing happening in each relationship she touches “. How wonderful that you have had the experience of seeing how your sister has transformed herself. And in doing that, your sister is inspiring your family to also change, being more open and honest with each other. This is so, so inspiring, and such a confirmation of the wonderful results that occur through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  58. Absolutely nothing airy fairy in this Sharon. Reading your warm, open post is deeply touching and inspiring and what the world needs to read to open up to the love that is there for everyone when we say yes to it.

  59. I could feel the warm-heartedness in which you write Sharon and the simplicity in what you share. When you decide on which role you wish to play on this earth (because that is actually the decision – not if – but which one because it is fact that we all have a part to play), that this decision has a direct influence on those around you – your blog is a loving testimonial to this as when you choose love, honesty and gentleness how that can be reflected and be an offering to heal to yourself and those around you.

  60. An inspiring sharing that shows how one person’s ability to make loving choices has supported and inspired others.

  61. Gorgeous Sharon, I just love this blog and how your sister has inspired you to take care of and be honest with yourself. That in itself is a massive inspiration for me and seriously timely!! Thank you 🙂

  62. Such a beautiful piece of writing and so touching to feel the depth of appreciation and love in your relationship with your sister. Makes complete sense and thanks for taking the time to express this.

  63. Well said Sharon! That felt so natural and so true.
    I Loved the reminder ‘to take care to slow down in my life and enjoy my relationship with myself, others and God.’
    Thank You, So Much for Sharing Your Experience of Serge and UniMed.

  64. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your experience so beautifully. It makes absolute sense to me. Love is so simple, it’s magic.

  65. Thank you Sharon for sharing your loving experiences with us. We are all part of the bigger picture which is Brotherhood.

  66. Thank you, Sharon Maree, for this testimonial, that is showing in such a warm-heartedly way what I can share as well. Meeting students of Universal Medicine is indeed an easy, caring, open experience. For me it is even more than that. People treat me as if I was a loved family member. True expression of unconditional love.

  67. Lovely to read about how you feel your sister’s reflection has had a healing affect on those around her including other family members. Thanks Sharon.

  68. Thank you for sharing, this touches me deeply. For you all to experience so much change in your lives is just so massive and I understand how difficult it is to write the magnitude of it down. You did well as I felt the depth of your appreciation of your sister and also Universal Medicine

  69. Obviously your capacity to see and appreciate what is there to be seen and appreciated is huge. In the same line, the fact that you can’t see anything negative about any of these people (Universal Medicine and people associated with it) it only means that there is nothing negative about them. Thanks Sharon!

  70. Thank you for sharing Sharon – it makes perfect sense and I agree: “we all have a part to play here on Earth, firstly to ourselves by keeping our bodies healthy, then to others and then to our environment”.

  71. Thank you for your beautiful sharing. This is my experience too of students of Universal Medicine – men and women who have committed to becoming more honest, loving and reponsible in their relationships with themselves, families and all others.

  72. It made me a little teary reading of the healing Universal Medicine has brought to your family and the absolute appreciation you feel for this and of all involved. Thank you for such a beautiful and deeply touching sharing.

  73. Hi Sharon, this is a beautiful reflection of love that you have shared with us. Thank you. With how love has a ripple effect through our lives that can touch so many. It is a blessing when we choose to feel and accept this for ourselves and allow love to guide us as it then has no limits to how far it can flow.

  74. Thank you Sharon from Canada and for sharing with such honesty your own living experience. It does not sound airy fairy at all but it makes sense.
    I love what you say about your title “we all have a part to play here on earth” and it starts with keeping our bodies healthy, then it is about others and our environment.
    Since attending the presentations and workshops of Serge Benhayon I have come to know and understand what it is to live Self Responsibility. By that I mean I take full responsibility for all of my choices and if I make a mistake then I take the responsibility and not go out there trying to blame anyone or anything. This is my part I play on earth and I can say that I now know that I am not harming myself or others and that means I am not harming my environment.

  75. Thank you Sharon, for your beautiful open and gentle sharing . I agree, we all have our own part to play here on earth, and this part is a very important and necessary part of the whole. Expressing our divine qualities is healing for both ourselves and those around us.

    1. However small we may think that part may be, it is essential, and without it something, somewhere may be held back. We do not need to know the effect of expressing our own divine quality on others, though its lovely to read how lives have changed, and inspires me to know my own self worth.

  76. Lovely appreciation Sharon, I feel how you and your sister have grown and how much she has inspired you with this. I too have a new and developing relationship with my family, through my association with Universal Medicine I’ve become more at ease in myself, more loving with myself and others and this has had ripple effects with family and friends. With my family, we now talk more, are more honest with each other and what’s great is they’re starting to call out ways of behaviour and being among themselves that is no longer acceptable to them – it’s a real joy to feel and see them taking these steps for themselves and the impact it’s having all around. They have really helped me to see that you let people be, just be yourself, be honest and be loving with them and they take their own steps in their own time, there’s nothing to do except be us, and that’s enough.

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