I have never Met any of You – the Love Felt is Enough

by Susie

I have never met any of you; have never attended a workshop; have had no actual contact with students except with my daughter Rosalie Nicholson who is a student. All I have heard are audios and I had some email interchanges with Serge Benhayon.

The love felt is enough to blow my un-truth… I have at last begun to focus on a more gentle approach with my body and to be more self loving.

What you have given me is beyond measure. Thank you all so much and thank you, dear Serge.

57 thoughts on “I have never Met any of You – the Love Felt is Enough

  1. “The love felt is enough to blow my un-truth.” That’s the beauty of love, it lets you feel everything for yourself.

  2. Words today are very cheap, anyone can say anything without integrity, and we may believe in those words – even words presented by the media. Yet there is something much greater than words and that is what we feel, what we sense, and when we feel love we know it’s true.

  3. My Sister would share the same sentiment Susie, she has watched how I have changed and felt my love of myself grow and this has inspired her to change her life too. She has met Serge Benhayon a few times just to say hello and she knows that what he presents to the world is the truth. But as my sister has observed humanity doesn’t seem ready to listen and this will be to the detriment of our society. She has the greatest admiration of Serge Benhayon that in the face of such adversity he continues to step forward and speak the truth for all to hear no matter what. That is showing us his total commitment and dedication to humanity.

  4. This is deeply touching, exposing and humbling. It so is true – love felt is enough. What more do I want?

  5. Thank you Susie. You have shared so clearly that we can all feel each other wherever we are even if we do not see each other as a physical body.

  6. Serge Benhayon is an extraordinary man who lives a life of absolute truth and love, his true love and care for humanity is deeply supportive whether you’re a student or not.

  7. Such a gorgeous heartfelt and to the point appreciation, embodying the power of the love that can be felt without even a physical interaction… just observation in the changes in others and the embracing and holding quality expressed in words. Love it.

  8. Your sweetness and love is shining through every line Susie – thank you for expressing in just a honest, simple and clear way your love for Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine. It is very much appreciated and honored! Every single one who gets inspired to more self-love and in general to live in a more harmonies and loving way with themselves and others is worth to go on and to be celebrated.

  9. Such is the power of love, it does not need convincing or proving we just know because it feels so sweet in our hearts.

    1. So true Judith, that is exactly how love feels, people may react or resist feeling it but love remains the same.

  10. Thank you Susie, great to hear that by simply listening to the love from the words of your daughter and Serge Benhayon is enough to bring about a more “self loving” approach to life.

  11. A real testament to the fact that love exposes everything that isn’t love and from there it’s our choice what to do next.

  12. Thank you, Susie, for your beautiful sharing, claiming to stand by your truth that you have clearly experienced.

  13. Thank you Susie, this just shows how love has no bounds or barriers and can be felt regardless.

  14. From listening to the audio presentations you are doing things in a loving way that is more honouring of your body. This demonstrates how strong the love you feel really is. Thanks Susie.

  15. I love what you share Susie. What Universal Medicine teaches is that it is not about attending workshops or gaining knowledge, it is about a re-connection to self that starts with gentleness and self-love.

  16. The true power of love knows no boundaries and has no limits. And when the truth is felt in the heart, there is no question, it is undeniable. What a sweet and powerful testimony you have shared with us. Thank you Susie.

    1. “The true power of love knows no boundaries and has no limits”… Well said Carola. The true power of love is limitless, is universal and is available to all.

  17. Thank-you for so openly sharing here. Contrary to some of the recent media reports, this sounds like a family relationship that is only deepening.

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