Seek out Universal Medicine & Discover the Truth they Stand for

by Catherine Wood

To whom it may concern.

I am a student of the Esoteric and have been involved with Universal Medicine since August 2011. I have participated in four workshops and had several one on one sessions at the clinic in Goonellabah.

I can say without reservation that from my experience this is a business which operates with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and care.

When I have called the clinic for a session, to book a workshop or a subscription, I have always received prompt, courteous, kind and highly efficient service. The telecommunications industry could learn a lot from these guys!

The workshops are presented professionally and efficiently in appropriate venues. They run on time, with regular breaks for refreshments and meals and there are always practitioners on hand to deal with any questions you may have. The sessions at the clinic are of the same professional standard, with a respect and level of care that I have not experienced elsewhere.

The teachings of the Esoteric presented by Serge Benhayon are simple and true. The way he presents them allows for a deeper connection in me to those qualities of integrity, love and respect which Serge himself and the Universal Medicine team exemplify. The constant theme of the teachings as presented by Serge is one of connecting to the truest part of ourselves and living from that. Consequently I have never felt imposed upon and have never been encouraged to ‘follow’ any truth but my own.

Serge is approachable and will make time to discuss any queries that arise from the work both in person and via email, no matter how busy he is, a quality which further exemplifies the values of integrity and respect that he embodies.

Both the workshops and the treatments I have received at the clinic in Goonellabah and here in Melbourne from practitioners trained by Serge, have been a tremendously healing for me and have made a great difference to my physical, mental and emotional health and my overall quality of life.

Serge regularly presents talks on Esoteric medicine, open to anyone who’d like to attend where you will hear him speak of how beautifully Esoteric medicine can work with conventional medicine and how he himself is very pro medicine. I’ve heard him say this many times and never have I been discouraged from seeing a doctor either by Serge Benhayon or any other Universal Medicine practitioner.

I would encourage anyone to seek out Universal Medicine and discover the truth they stand for.

92 thoughts on “Seek out Universal Medicine & Discover the Truth they Stand for

  1. Love never ‘imposes’ on us or tells another what to do because Love understands that it is up to each individual to find their own way and being Loving allows another the freedom of expression so long as they are showing respect and decency towards others. Any imposition allows a judgement to creep in saying we know more, but when we are re-connect to True Love there is an understanding of free will so never any judgement of another!

  2. Love never tells another what to do as it is up to each individual to find their own way and being Loving allows another to free expression as long as they show respect and decency towards others, otherwise a judgement may creep in saying we know more when we can all re-connect to True Love!

  3. I picked up in your blog how there are always regular breaks for refreshments and meals, and realised through going to these courses the importance of looking after ourselves at work honouring ourselves with refreshment and comfort breaks which we often ignore because we think we are too busy.

  4. Catherine I have also experienced the same thing dealing with Universal Medicine, I have consistently received a level of love and care and never felt imposed upon. The workshops and clinic sessions have had a profound and positive effect on my life, that’s why I keep going back and why Universal Medicine continually wins the Lismore People’s Choice Business Award. What Serge is showing is a brand new way to do business based on love.

  5. “I would encourage anyone to seek out Universal Medicine and discover the truth they stand for.” Catherine I only can agree that the best way to find out what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon stand for is to discover it for yourself.

  6. When anyone write a letter of recommendation, he/she stands entirely by those being recommended. This is not taken lightly. When anyone recommends Universal Medicine knows that keep his/her peace of mind since they have a consistency in terms of quality that not only never comes down, it always goes upwards.

  7. “The constant theme of the teachings as presented by Serge is one of connecting to the truest part of ourselves and living from that.” Yes, and the beauty about that is that with every move that we adhere to our deepest truth more of truth will be revealed, in other words one becomes steadier and steadier with the truth one knows. This brings true confidence and an endearing simplicity to life.

  8. Find out for yourself, investigate what feels true to you … and in fact that’s exactly what Universal Medicine offers, and encourages, discern for yourself, take what works for you and if need be walk away, no hard feelings. I’ve never come across an organisation that is so open, and allowing of all they meet – definitely one to check out for yourself.

  9. It is undeniable that today’s world is a bit of a mess and to have healing modalities available to the quality and integrity that Universal Medicine therapies are is indeed a blessing to those who appreciate the support.

  10. A great appreciation Catherine of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine reflects in truth to the world, an unwavering dedication, love and respect for humanity that shines absolute integrity from the rooftops in every way offering the opportunity to live a far more loving way of being with ourselves and each other.

  11. What really stands out when getting in contact with the Universal Medicine team is their consistency in the care they put into everything they do. It really feels like they are being themselves first whatever they do so the quality that comes out naturally remains the same.

  12. It is also my experience of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, the deepest level of integrity and sincerity is consistently held for everyone at every presentation and with every interaction, a commitment and dedication to truly supporting humanity to know the truth that is uncompromising and unwavering.

  13. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer a level of transparency, integrity and care that is second to none, and every time I experience it I’m blown away, and yet it feels absolutely real, down to earth and completely normal. And that’s the thing what Serge shows all of us is it’s possible in this world of ours to be real, to be true, to take deep care and to operate with an integrity that takes everyone into account. He sets a bar for us all, but not in a way that is unattainable, in fact he presents it in a way that says you to are this, you too can live this, and it’s your choice to do so, or not (no pressure at all) … I now know how we can be with each other, that we can be love in the world and it changes absolutely everything. No matter what I cannot ever give up because I know the love I am, that I am from is lived in this world and I can and do live it too.

  14. Surrounded by all the mess in the world around us Serge Benhayon walks and talks as a beacon of light emanating truth, integrity and true love.

  15. Serge Benhayon has never told me what to do. He supports me to let go of that which is not true so that I can connect to that which is true within me. The answers are within me; it is simply a matter of making choices that support me to connect to my soul so that I live in harmony with myself, everyone and everything around me.

  16. Universal Medicine is leading the way for how businesses will be run in the future, and what a delight that will be.

  17. Ha ha, this is so true, ‘The telecommunications industry could learn a lot from these guys!’ When I have called the clinic their way of being is exemplary, beyond what i have received anywhere elsewhere in my life.

  18. Serge Benhayon and all that he presents and that which is presented by others with the same values are the living embodiment of true integrity.

  19. I was recently considering the level of care that has gone into the spaces that Serge and the Universal Medicine team have set up- when you enter the clinic everything has been thought of and you are held in a space that is very nurturing- this in itself- just visiting the clinic offers you a healing as you feel the love and care within which the space has been set up and you feel very held within this.

  20. “Seek out Universal Medicine and discover the Truth they stand for.” Absolutely, Universal Medicine has the highest integrity on earth and is showing the way of true love for us all. It is the greatest gift and joy to have Universal Medicine as part of my life and is so much needed in the world.

  21. Yes, yes and yes… I’m sure many people, including myself, could mirror your experience of Universal Medicine and the integrity that is practiced in this business. To me, this business and community is paving the way and modelling the future of how humanity could live. Harmony and putting people first is a great recipe for impeccable service!

  22. Universal Medicine is a business that is run with the highest integrity I have experienced in my life and with the focus on the people it serves with absolute care and respect. I am immensely grateful for all the people that dedicate their life to a life of truth and love and care. It is something we desperately need in this world.

  23. Thank you Catherine, what you have shared about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is also my experience. I have never come across a higher or more consistent level of integrity, respect and true commitment with any other business to supporting everyone to evolve and build a true quality to their life which is also reflected in their code of ethics.

  24. Knowing Serge for over 12 years now, I have observed that he is very insistent that people always making their own choices, thus is the reason he never gives you answers to your problems. Serge Benhayon recognised that one of the biggest problems is how disconnected we all are from ourselves, so in response to this the first workshops are desgined to educate us about reconnecting to the part of us that can truly feel. The part that knows what is true and what is not, the part that we naturally lead from when we were kids, the part that considers the whole body, not just the stimulation of the senses, this part is called the inner HEART.
    Once you are connecting back to this central point, you have the ability to smell a rat, why would anyone teach you how to smell a rat, if they were a rat? It would be detrimental to their own business.

  25. Serge Benhayon presents in a way that allows you to understand. He sometimes repeats the teaching and says it in a different way to support the understanding. The teachings are deeply profound and delivered simply with the experience being sometimes we do not want to hear it because it exposes how we have been living. He always prompts the whole audience to see if everyone is keeping up. He is a teacher like no other just like he is a business man, educator, family man, practitioner … an inspirational man.

  26. Universal Medicine is complementary to conventional medicine and encourages us all to take responsibility for how we are living. And in a world where our health statistics are escalating this is imperative.

  27. It’s true, universal medicine is only presenting another way. It is for us all to make the choices on how we live our lives.

  28. Beautifully expressed Catherine, there is a lot we can learn from Universal Medicine, it offers us all an example of how we can be in true harmony with ourselves and all others around us and how we can live with care, responsibility and integrity. And most of all it shows us that this is possible, here is a business doing it and doing it without compromising in any way – every single person is met with the same care, no one is left behind. It is truly inspiring.

  29. Hear, hear Catherine, there is more than one business that could learn a lot from Universal Medicine, they simply know what true service is.

  30. A truly beautiful summation and heartfelt appreciation of the standard of service and healing power offered by Universal Medicine and everyone who works there…. I couldn’t agree more, for everything you have said is my experience as well.

  31. The presentations by Serge and Universal Medicine is quite different from other presentations and workshops I have attended. The conversations that I have with other people seems to flow a lot more (my experience as an attendee) and the usual personal dynamics seems to not be there too much. It’s almost as if you’re given the space to feel how it can be to communicate with people in a way that is not guarded or done in a way where you feel you have to be in any certain way. Quite different actually. It just came to me whilst reading the blog even though I’ve attended quite a few courses, workshops and presentations.

  32. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in all the courses I have attended since 2005 have not once ‘put down’ in any way, shape or form conventional medicine; in fact they have supported it alongside esoteric medicine. This approach to conventional medicine was not what I was used to when I attended numerous ‘New Age’ workshops and courses before becoming a student of The Way of the Livingness.

  33. “I would encourage anyone to seek out Universal Medicine and discover the truth they stand for.” That is exactly what I would prescribe as well Catherine.

  34. Beautiful Catherine, me too. I would empower everyone to seek truth within themselves, and the support of Universal Medicine is extraordinary and super supportive to have along the way of discovering this truth for yourself.

  35. Thank you Catherine, I agree, “from my experience this is a business which operates with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and care. When I have called the clinic for a session, to book a workshop or a subscription, I have always received prompt, courteous, kind and highly efficient service.” One could liken the esoteric to a team of ants that are tireless in their efforts to bring about what is true for the greater truth of the whole. What ever is required for humanity to evolve without any imposition, like the ants who work diligently and are a reflection of what can be achieved when working together in brotherhood.

  36. Well said Catherine, the truth that Universal Medicine stands for is all encompassing and the highest level of responsibility and integrity I have ever seen in any business with true compassion, love and care expressed equally towards everyone.

  37. A clear testimonial of a lived experience of attending presentations and workshops by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. “The way he presents them allows for a deeper connection in me to those qualities of integrity, love and respect which Serge himself and the Universal Medicine team exemplify.” I have shared this experience for nearly 10 years and have felt myself grow in integrity, love and understanding of the purpose in life and my responsibility in the Way I live.

  38. ‘I have never felt imposed upon and have never been encouraged to ‘follow’ any truth but my own.’ Entirely in line with my own experience.

  39. One of the most compelling qualities about Universal Medicine is the complete lack of imposition. There’s no dogma, nothing to follow – except what we feel and know to be true.

  40. Universal Medicine events are worth their weight in gold, I have been attending them for many years now and I have so much appreciation for these ground breaking workshops, where simply beginning to take self responsibility begins changing literally your whole life.

      1. True – they are like nothing else I have experienced on Earth. There is a totally different quality and feel and I never walk away feeling the same, but always so much clearer about life and feeling so much lighter.

  41. Catherine I whole-heartedly agree with everything you said. Only yesterday I attended the clinic and the waiting room was full, and everyone waiting looked totally relaxed, comfortable and were smiling and chatting among themselves. I reflected on how different this was from other clinics I have attended. The busy receptionist greeted me with warmth and utmost efficiency, and I was totally relaxed when it was time for my treatment. I always choose to see the physiotherapist at this clinic because of the beautiful warm atmosphere.

    1. Now this sounds like a clinic I would like to visit! I agree it sounds totally the opposite to normal clinics or reception waiting areas where there is an awkward and cold silence because we are all pretending that we are the only person in the room!

  42. Along with everyone else on this thread, I too agree. It is by far the only business I have been associated with that operates with such true integrity.

  43. “The constant theme of the teachings as presented by Serge is one of connecting to the truest part of ourselves and living from that. Consequently I have never felt imposed upon and have never been encouraged to ‘follow’ any truth but my own.” I agree Katherine, since I have been attending Universal Medicine courses and healing sessions I have always been treated with the utmost respect, and the integrity and care of practitioners is inspiring.

  44. “The constant theme of the teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon is one of connecting to the truest part of ourselves and living from that.”
    It sounds so simple, and it is, however simple does not always mean easy 🙂 I feel that society generally does not support people to make choices from within … we are encouraged and tempted to follow what we see outside or what our neighbours and family say … and when we decide to go or do it ‘our own way’, there can be quite some pressures applied sometimes!

  45. Totally agree Katherine, Universal Medicine represent the highest standards any business can offer, not only in the health and wellbeing sector. The services they offer is absolute, and not only of their “products”, the healing modalities, workshops, etc. but their service and attention to detail in anything, let it be email responses, telephone or any other administrative task. Their customer care is unique and should be THE MODEL worldwide. The same counts for everybody working with Universal Medicine, the care of people comes always first and nothing can compromise that. The integrity and consistency in their quality service is groundbreaking!

  46. The professionalism, dedication and harmony of the Universal Medicine team really is second to none to any other I’ve come across, we as a society have a lot to learn in regards to how to run a business.

  47. It’s interesting that Universal Medicine is the one organisation I know that is founded in and operates from integrity 100%, yet it’s the one that is being attacked. If they joined the status quo of quoting corrupt research about the “benefits” of alcohol, we’re not speaking up about abuse in society’s corruption in the media and industry, would they then just be left alone? Because they have integrity in a world that’s keen to drop it (for profit, recognition and agenda) it’s not wonder to me there are attacked in a smear campaign.

  48. A really beautiful expression that offers the reader a look into the world that is Universal Medicine. I too can support your testament in that I have been affiliated with Universal Medicine since 2007 and I have found their support to be unwavering and at the same time allowing for me to come to my own truths in my own time. It is indeed such an amazing organisation as it presents great truths with such integrity and offers another way that connects one back to the truth of who they are. I am forever grateful to have found myself in a place where I have reconnected to the truth.

    1. It is so amazing that you can feel you are having healing even from just making a call to the clinic, walking in and just speaking to the receptionist. A full blown healing experience from the get go.

  49. Integrity, love and respect are qualities that I too have consistently experienced at Universal Medicine events, sessions and workshops, the importance and attention to every detail they make is very precious and an inspiration.

  50. I agree with you as well Catherine, I have always experienced a high level of service from Universal Medicine on a consistent basis, the quality and integrity of this business is extraordinary and deeply inspiring.

  51. Same here, Catherine, I totally agree and also experienced the highest level of service I have ever seen. Reading this I rejoiced, because I felt the confirmation that by now also I offer this high level of service to my clients and all people I am in contact with.

  52. I agree Catherine. Those at Universal Medicine work with the highest energetic integrity, from those who care for the beautiful gardens, to those who answer enquiries on reception, to the practitioners themselves. One gets a healing from all those associated with Universal Medicine.

  53. I agree with you Catherine, Universal Medicine delivers only the highest of services. This fact and the fact that this is easily felt by everyone bring lots of jealousy from within the healing industry. This is precisely why it is targeted and under a fierce attack.

  54. What you share is so true, Catherine. With Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine everything is done with the utmost integrity and love. From answering the phone, to consultations, to presentations, to email replies, to family interactions, there is an amazing consistency that can only come from a dedication to connecting to the stillness within and true service for humanity.

  55. Thank you Catherine for a great blog, I too, found in my connection to Serge and Universal Medicine the love, respect and quality of care that I have never experienced any where else. I truly feel loved and appreciated for who I really am.

  56. I loved reading your appreciation of all the extraordinary qualities that lie at the core of everything Universal Medicine does and presents… qualities they unwaveringly emanate and absolutely exemplify – inspirationally so.

    1. Before Universal Medicine I didn´t even expect any business (or People) to have such a gold standard of integrity and service, but now it is the marker I use to gauge every business, mine included.

  57. I completely agree Catherine, as it is my experience also that Universal Medicine ‘is a business which operates with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and care.’ This in itself also reflects the unwavering dedication to the love Serge Benhayon has for humanity by constantly living by example.

  58. With 25 years of professional experience in the field of complementary medicine, I can clearly state that Universal Medicine sets the gold standard in the healing industry, and that it at the same time has a deep respect, and appreciation, for conventional medicine, recommending and making use of it wherever possible and where needed.

    1. Beautifully expressed, Alex: ‘Universal Medicine sets the gold standard in the healing industry, and that it at the same time has a deep respect, and appreciation, for conventional medicine, recommending and making use of it wherever possible and where needed.’ This is also my personal experience.

    2. And it isnt just about getting more customers or making more money you can really feel that it is based on a genuine love and care for people.

      1. That is essential. The moment a practitioner or a professional of any business puts himself and his interests first any integrity is lost and so is the quality of whatever service one offers or product one sells.

  59. “Seek out Universal Medicine & Discover the Truth they Stand for”

    Thank you Catherine for this title which made me re-read your blog.
    What came to me is that if you could invest in this company called Universal Medicine, you would need to see a track record and measure their success.
    Well having been around for about 9 years now, I can say the following is why I would invest in this organisation –

    Outstanding Service
    Open door policy
    Totally transparent – nothing to hide
    Treat everyone as Equals regardless of their background
    Integrity – absolute
    Highest Code of Ethics & Conduct for their accredited practitioners
    Unwavering commitment to presenting and supporting more people
    Life changing websites like this one to help us – the general public
    The un-advertised huge level of charity work behind the scenes
    Attention to the smallest detail
    Commitment to Humanity
    People before Profit

    For me why Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has grown to be the success story they are today is because what they deliver above is CONSISTENT and that wins as the world needs this and I have found that in my life true consistency means true responsibility.
    Universal Medicine stand for Truth and I also stand next to them in Truth – Equally.
    I know if I was a company I am well worth investing in.

  60. Thank you Catherine Wood for sharing your experience. I too agree that Universal Medicine has a level of integrity and professionalism that I have never ever found anywhere else in the world. They stand out because they do not market, advertise or try and sell you anything. They are really about people before profits and their consistency is what blows me away year in and year out.
    Last year I was at a workshop and everyone left the room for lunch, I was there and saw Serge Benhayon talk to a lady in a wheelchair for the whole of the break. I have seen him give his time openly always no matter what even when the event has finished. It really is incredible to witness and feel this depth of love and care that Serge clearly has for anyone regardless of their background. He is the real deal and a role model for humanity.

    1. Absolutely Meg, the “love, care and integrity” by Serge Benhayon towards society is leaving no stone unturned to bring a true understanding of the health and wellbeing of humanity for humanity!

  61. Talking of professionalism and Universal Medicine Catherine – yet, it truly is top-notch; punctuality, courtesy, speed (of light) in which responses are received, catering for anyone’s desires, never failing to get back to attendees to answer their quires, considerate, 100% confidentiality guaranteed, clinic rooms and venues always set up in a way that they consider comfort and care of human beings first and foremost. Truly remarkable business organisation with care for humanity as their primary aim! I admire and applaud that.

  62. Hi Catherine, well said! I too have experienced the most amazing care and attention as well as unwavering support from Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine practitioners. You are correct in saying their is a lot that could be learnt by other industries from the way the services are offered right down to the telephone, email responses, and the way things are organised. In all the years I have attended workshops by other providers I have never felt such support and integrity as I do with Universal Medicine.

    1. Hear hear Jane! The model offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is of an integrity and level of service that is second to none… Many businesses and clients would benefit from adopting this model.

      1. Absolutely Angela, Jane has correctly assessed the teachings and presentations by Serge Benhayon. My feeling is that governments at every level would also benefit from following this “model”!

    2. I too have been blown away by the consistent level of loving and genuine care and support that is offered by the Universal Medicine business, in fact due to what I have experienced I have changed the way in which I operate in my own business on many levels, thank you Universal Medicine for the inspiration to be more loving.

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