Journalism a Forgotten Art

by Dean Pirera

There was a time in history… and not so long ago when the printed newspaper stood for something unique and virtuous, something steeped in integrity, a medium that carried real merit through the hard work and talent of dedicated people genuinely seeking to accountably report the truth in the most objective way possible and wherever necessary expose the lies – a truly grand and noble service to the public.

So where have those ‘Times’ gone?

Perhaps the slander and lies like those found in various articles of late, making blatantly false allegations about Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine are rooted in the bitterness that the modern newspaper has long reached its zenith and is now on the steady decline leaving a desperation so charged that it has turned reporters into scurrilous fabricators of the pen.

What I do know is that we have somehow come to generally understand the rubbish in our media (TV, internet, magazines, blogs and so on) as normal and acceptable mainstays of life and something that we have no control or say over because it’s just the out-of-control internet. I heard someone even mention the other day that the article on Serge Benhayon wasn’t so bad because it was only on the internet and had not yet gone to print!

Do words have less meaning if they are on the Internet? Does their meaning change, carry less weight, not affect people as much, attack their fears and vulnerabilities less if it is written online?

The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.

And how incredibly ironic, that the attacks squared at Serge Benhayon, an extraordinary man if you have the privilege to research him or get to know him, are against a one (and not ‘the one’) who has dedicated the latter part of his life to living that integrity in word and beyond. Without exception, all Universal Medicine modalities offered and taught including Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric body work and true movement are born of this same absolute integrity and commitment to truth.

Is not our health in question when we question the one man who seeks to highlight the fact that our health is in question? How extraordinary.

193 thoughts on “Journalism a Forgotten Art

  1. Dean you have captured something key when you say… “The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.”
    You could not be more spot on… the meaning of words has been changed to reflect and suit our lesser version of life, the one we continue to live that belies our divine nature and the true purpose of being here. For as long as we continue to subscribe to what else it is we think life is about, then we will continue to need our language to reflect this and not expose the lie we (miserably) live every single day.

  2. There are very, very few reflections of true journalism today, journalism has instead become a playground of bias reporting generated to create sales and career ladders . The theme, points flavour and aim of the article already written before interviews haven even taken place.

    1. The state of the media today is a reflection of the state of us as a global society. Until we are each willing to express truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth we will turn a blind and complacent eye to the deliberate lies, fabrications and distortions of truth, thereby allowing such evil to take root.

  3. Dean you nailed it: “And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.” This loosing the connection to who we are is like a contagious infection and I am wondering when the society will get aware of it.

  4. Dean it is a sad state indeed when our media is printing things that are opinionated, false, and completely against what journalism once was. You are right in saying ‘The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.’ – How did we get to a point where we can alter our words to suit the convenience of the lives and lies we live? It is about connecting and yes, this is exactly what Universal Medicine has offered the world.

  5. The media is a result of what we live as a society- we live in a world that doesn’t call for truth- we have accepted a way of being that is about being comfortable- it is not just media that has lost its way- when someone brings truth into any system they are attacked and brought down so that no-one is challenged and the status quo questioned.

  6. “The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.” This is so true. The true meaning of words has been lost, as words have been changed over time to reflect the reduced integrity in the way we live. The presentations of the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon present truth to humanity as more and more of us are reclaiming our connection with ourselves and lovingly expressing all that we are, the truth in word will return.

  7. Your writing here from 2012 Dean, is as pertinent and powerful today in 2016, as it was then. Thank-you.
    “scurrilous fabricators of the pen” indeed – exposing the loss of integrity in word and expression as you’ve described so deftly here.
    I stand with you in calling for more – in calling for us to be actively living and expressing ‘more’ of the truth and integrity that we do know, regardless of whatever precedents have been set, and however low the levels stooped to have become normalised.

  8. Normalisation of irresponsibility never made anything ‘ok’, did it… And yet we have normalised such extreme levels of irresponsibility, bias and sensationalism in our media – often not truly willing to see the extent of this until it impacts upon us personally or very close to home. It’s a cess-pit out there. We have allowed such abuses to go on for far, far too long – by our own hand, neglecting to tend to and stand for what is true.
    A massive wake-up call, and one that cannot be neglected or denied. We are all called to express integrity in word and call out that which does not hold it – for everyone’s sakes.

  9. Great title Dean, I absolutely agree. Journalism is certainly a forgotten art. Sadly, what I am seeing today is that journalism is mainly of distorted stories and lies sold to the general public. But this is also saying a lot about where we are at and what we are accepting as a society if we are buying into these stories and anything that does not stand for truth. This says to me so clearly that we have lost our way, and if we are not willing to distinguish between lies and truth, or if we are not willing to see and accept truth when it is presented to us, but choose to attack it, we are then in fact contributing to the lies circling our life and our world. So, what is truly going on? I feel we are simply very disconnect to who we are and this distorts our perception and understanding of truth and what life is truly about, Love and truth.

  10. ‘Do words have less meaning if they are on the Internet?’ Great question. My view is they have exactly the same meaning, just that they’re posted with way less responsibility and regard for their impact and truth than if they were delivered personally in the spoken word. The irony is, we’re responsible for all our modes of communication equally and it’s a false economy to be under the illusion that the internet can distance us from the responsibility we hold for the quality of the footprint we leave behind of ourselves. Integrity is everything and without it, we are nothing.

  11. “Journalism A Forgotten Art” – a truly grand and noble service to the public. This possibly was once true but now we have forces at work that do not present the facts but lace the truth with an agenda to change or taint ones opinion. Journalism in the past had codes of practice but now in many cases it seems to be open slather to print lies and fabricate stories to suit the bias. Responsibility and integrity are no longer key for many of today’s journalist, but selling out to sensationalist stories to sell papers is. Maybe they will realise it is not just the internet that has caused the decline of newspaper sales but also the lack of integrity in connecting with the real facts, issues and the people?

  12. It is so true that we have lost our integrity around words – as if they are ‘two a penny’ throwaway things that have no power at all. Yet, we all use words everyday – very many of them. They are the fundamental tool of our ‘trade’ in our communication based world and they are part of the foundation of our relationships with each other. How can we treat words with such scant regard when they have such a crucial function in our lives? Do we in truth have scant regard for ourselves and each other first I wonder? Looking at some of the things that go on, it would seem so. I feel there is great wisdom in taking a good long look at ourselves before we start to point fingers, and throw words at others – because we might well find that the real issue lays within us and if we address our disconnection to the love we are within first, we might well have a very different perception of others and have some very different things to express in the world.

  13. At a time where newspapers are losing readership to the internet it is so obvious that these organisations should be placing their integrity first and not scrambling to sell newspapers. It is also time that multi billion dollar organisations that profit from social media are held as responsible for what is allowed to be published.

  14. The media, which once had the intention to be the voice of and for the people has become an utterly corrupted system that knows its power and plays this out in a very irresponsible manner with only its own interests of fame and keeping sales up in mind and hardly any consideration for humanity.

  15. Media has so much to answer for when it comes to the current world problems. Everyday we have headlines that insight blame, hatred and promote arrogance. Though we can not blame the media entirely as we as a society have allowed it.

  16. An incredible piece of writing and call to account….. for we have allowed journalism to fall so far due to our complacency in not speaking up when their lack of integrity started to show…. And now it seems that is the norm and because of it, much harm is caused and the truth easily tainted or ignored.

  17. The media love stories, love creating stories and love to blow events out of proportion that insight emotion and hook the reader/viewer/listener. This is what you learn as making an effective stance in the media. While this may be true to a point, there is certainly no truth behind having to twist words just so that your piece can appeal and be more enticing. That is just pure lies.

  18. Those times certainly went a long time ago. I wonder is it a forgotten art of one that has been completely sold out – or perhaps both. Recalling back a few decades I feel that most of the print in newspapers was dross and simply volume to fill up pages, but there were certain journalists that one could feel were committed to bringing or exposing the truth and I would seek them out and not read the rest. For the past decade at least I have not bought newspapers at all as I could no longer find anyone wanting to bring the truth to the surface for the reader to look at. The corruption in the whole of the media is rife.

  19. Hear hear, Dean. So true we have come to accept that what media presents is rubbish, and the information on Internet can be unreliable at times – surely we deserve better than that. Serge Benhayon is the one person who started asking the questions that we humanity as a whole as well as individually should have asked ourselves long ago but never did.

  20. Beautiful article Dean, the integrity is definitely lost in so many pieces of the media. It is interesting to see that we hold this as our norm now, like what is going on in the world is so bad we don’t want to be informed about the truth anymore…

  21. Some basic true values, not necessarily in glorifying ‘good old times’, but in having a degree of decency and respect deriving from a natural dignity with oneself and thus for others would not just help to restore journalism but social behaviour in general.

  22. An extra-ordinary piece of writing Dean. To the point, nothing held back, open for your own consideration, and presented with integrity. We all could learn from how you have written this. As I read from someone above – more please Dean!

  23. I love how you pinpoint exactly what is missing Dean, and not by blaming and judging but by inviting us all to connect to our inner truth and not let that what we have made the world to be tempt us to stay on the false tracks.

  24. Extraordinary indeed, how we fight that in life we know brings us truth, how we deny ourselves access to the wisdom within.

  25. Journalism in itself is an institution, and like all institutions that hold power, is subject to corruption. In the case of journalism, the corruption has been a cultural one, born from the fact that traditionally journalism has been funded by those with the money to do so. And so much as we cry out of for the importance of freedom of the press, the truth is freedom of the press has traditionally only been granted to those who have the money to own one. For the rest of us, our voices have been squashed by the lack of a meaningful soap box up on which to stand and allow ourselves to be heard. Of course, thanks to the internet, all of that has changed.But are we doing any better as a society as a result? What have we the people done with such power? Have we created a platform of true philosophy, or one of meaningful engagement? No, rather we have turned the internet into all of the things we have despised from our journalists. Today, the internet is full of ignorance, bigotry, misinformation, bias, propaganda, and gossip. And above all things, we use it primarily for our own entertainment. As the roman emperor once cried, “are you not entertained?” So looking back, perhaps journalism over years has simply been pandering to that to which we have desired most.

  26. It is not surprising that journalism has lost its integrity in a world where words do not really mean what they mean, where we learn to use words to deceive and where deceiving has become part of the normal.

  27. Through the reinterpreted word great evil is allowed to permeate into the tiny minds of men when we disconnect to our true selves and the wealth of intelligence we have access to when living in union with this.

  28. “Is not our health in question when we question the one man who seeks to highlight the fact that our health is in question?” A very good question Dean. The very fact Serge Benhayon is being attacked and lied about for exposing the dis-ease in society and offering very simple, practical, common-sense tools for us to use in daily life to support our health and wellbeing, exposes the lengths some will go to protect themselves from being exposed as choosing and accepting a life of dis-ease.

  29. Yes Dean, journalistic integrity used to be held in high esteem because journalists felt like they have a duty to inform the public. They would diligently apply their craft to research and write an article that presents the facts without bias leaving the reader to come to an informed conclusion. This does seem to have faded away by journalists disregarding their duty and venting their own personal grievances and hurts in one-sided articles. Informing the public has become second to selling sensation. So now we get repeating gossip that is not fact checked, liars are references, lies are repeated context is disregarded or distorted emotional reactions are provocated. In these cases the public trust has been betrayed and it is no wonder people are so cynical of the media they once held in high esteem.

  30. Social Media has changed the face of journalism: now everybody can report on anything regardless of what is true or not. Sensationalism is rife, stirring emotions create likes, shares and comments that are in such number you think they must be true, and certainly something to strive for to achieve recognition. It is now up to us to discern what is truth or not.

  31. Yes, our health is very much in question when we question the one man who is highlighting our health is in question and does so without an ounce of self-gain but only care for each and every one of us.

  32. “The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word.” The true meaning of the word ‘truth’ is missing from so much of journalism today so that we doubt everything we read unless we feel the energy of the writer and the words.

  33. Well said and very true Dean ‘The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.’ We all hold a responsibility with this and writing blogs such as this and expressing truth in everyday life is an important step that awakens others to also claim their truth.

  34. I am not so sure that journalism was every virtuous and steeped in integrity. I am sure that there have always been and still are some individual journalists who fit this description but these days the chances are that is soon beaten out of the majority of them as the industry is so under the control and power of the media moguls.

    1. At the end of the day it is each and every one of us who has a responsibility for the quality or disgraceful lack of quality that we see and hear. If we do not speak up against lies then we are in fact condoning them. There would be no gutter press if there was no one subscribing to it.

  35. I used to believe that there were journalists out there that would crawl over broken glass to find the truth and expose the lies. If such did exist other than in my imagination, I feel they have become extinct. Rather than expose the lies and corruption, they have become paddlers of the same.

  36. I am not sure that journalism has ever been free of the propensity for gossip. Yes, there are great journalists, and those devoted to truth, but equally there are those who are willing to sell out in order to feed the need for gossip that drives society.

    1. Yes, I agree Adam gossip is prolific in our everyday lives and whilst the media has a responsibility to report the truth, we too have a responsibility to look at the way we are communicating with one another because if we do not change the way we communicate the media will continue to feed our needs.

  37. I’ve been pondering the role of the media. It seems to have settled into a role of feeding us gossip and fueling opinions which only serve to divide society further. But there is another role on offer, one that acts as an information source where we can be presented with more factual information void of emotion and a role that would support the community. It’s a big jump from one role to the other but it is not impossible. The choice is there to be made and as a society we have a choice in what we tolerate and accept.

  38. What a great title, ‘journalism a forgotten art’, yes it truly is. There doesn’t seem to be any real research, checking of sources any more. Just cut and paste journalism, you see it somewhere in the world, then you cut and paste it so it appears here in Australia, too bad if it isn’t true, it doesn’t matter, they just post it or talk about it. Its just ludicrous.

  39. Could not the lack of integrity in journalism that you speak of Dean be a reflection of the lack of integrity that is also shadowing many other professions, workplaces and even our homes? Further, could this reflection on the whole be more of an issue that people have forgotten the art and purpose of true care, true work ethics and quality of service?

  40. In many ways journalism is not so much a forgotten art, as it is a dark art. That being said, within the rotten core of journalism there is a seed to truth that is sometimes connected to and expressed, albeit rarely, for journalism is all too often the glue that binds society together and ensures that it does not stray too far from the comfort of its common ideals. Take for example alcohol. Very rarely will journalism really ever tackle the societal problems alcohol creates. Sure they touch on it, but at best they will inevitably come to the conclusion that we should drink in moderation as the solution to our woes, rather than challenging society to question the integral role alcohol seems to play in our lives, and ask why such a drug is so commonly accepted whilst others are declared unsociable. Such hypocrisy is rarely touched upon, and thus why I say journalism all too often seeks to entrench society in its patterns, rather than truly challenge it to evolve.

  41. ‘The real story here is that we have lost integrity in word. And we have lost integrity in word because we have lost connection to who we are.’

    Each day I walk past the news stand and see the headlines and they all are evidence of what is said here. If the media is a reflection of our society and it is because no-one is forcing people to buy what feels like poison that is written, then our society is in a sorry state. And this isn’t even mentioning the soft porn shots of women in tiny shorts and bras on the front page of some papers. It really is toxic stuff that we are consuming.

  42. The media today is reflective of how we as a society operate. As shocking as it is there are no real surprises if you look at it in this way. Most of us live a lie. We spread falsehoods everyday in the pretense that we have it all together. We say one thing and do another. Our actions rarely match our words. It is time we took a look at ourselves, at our integrity, at our judgements of ourselves and others and at the words we use to express our self.

  43. “Without exception, all Universal Medicine modalities offered and taught including Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Breast Massage, Esoteric body work and true movement are born of this same absolute integrity and commitment to truth.” Absolutely true I have been having these modalities for myself for the past 5 yrs, they have been so supportive in the healing and expansion of my life. The level of integrity cannot even been questioned. I have never seen the high level of integrity in any other practitioners as I have seen with these.

  44. This is such a great question – “is not our health in question when we question the one man who seeks to highlight the fact that our health is in question?” Serge Benhayon is definitely bringing to people’s attention the state of the world and within that the state of our health. He does not back away from the reality of the crisis that we are in with illness and disease on the rise. He is someone who cares deeply about people and part of caring about people is to speak the truth, irrespective of the reaction it gets from those who do not want to know what is really going on.

  45. It wasn’t that long ago where the newspaper had actual meaning, it was there for a purpose. It wasn’t to sell copies or identify someone but it was there to service the community, a way to connect us all. I remember delivering papers when I was younger and there was a really really noble feeling when it came to delivering it as well. Now more and more it is just something to recycle and not read. If you read it you best be prepared to do it carefully as the truth is no longer in the story. This is a very real problem or disservice to the community and I look forward to a point when it returns. I would say the online media is more dangerous than the print media in that the internet is a place everyone can have access to anyway, anytime and nothing is truly ever deleted. Hard to believe we have a place like this in our ‘modern’ day that has no policing, no restrictions.

  46. Loss of integrity in word and lack of honesty in expression relates not just to the media but to each one of us, in our every interaction including with ourselves. Commitment to truth starts with us, and the willingness to see all that is not of truth.

  47. Isn’t it interesting that I have become so used to media being a distortion of truth and sensationalist that I can’t believe that once (and not so long ago) the media had intergrity and stood for truth. We have allowed so much misrepresentation to suit the needs of others that now blurred media is our norm.

  48. It is ironic Dean you are right – and no doubt very exposing for those who have twisted the meaning of words to suit their own agendas. The media will change when there is no demand for their product any more and when we each realise that integrity and responsibility in our hearts.

    1. We need to look at the parts of us that do not want to know the truth or do not want to admit it. Then we will see if we are adding to the false representation of words or supporting the truth of words to be written.

  49. It is a noble thing to remind journalism of its duty regarding truth. This needed reminder, however, should not stop there. It is something that touches us all. If we make it about truth, there could be no journalism that make it about anything else.

  50. The media seems to have no problem with reporting health scares and statistics but where is the integrity when a person who offers another way, an of understanding the health epidemics that are current is attacked? A self serving agenda is clearly exposed.

  51. Choosing responsibility for our selves would decrease our demand to have someone else to blame and or take responsibility for our actions, giving the media far less cause to create sensational stories that support our own lack of integrity and avoidance of truth.

  52. The printed word used to mean something but nowadays anyone can write anything they want and abuse whomever they want and get away with it under the banner of it being ” free speech”. There is nothing “free “about abusing someone because it sets up a potential lifetime of hurts.

  53. I agree Dean, the printed word used to be written from truth and journalists had an unspoken code of integrity which appears to be lost in the world today. Role models of decency appear to have changed and standards of behaviour from politicians, leaders or bankers have plummeted. The word on the internet can come from anywhere in the name of right to free speech, but the pen is mightier than the sword. Our integrity and decency needs to come from within ourselves before we put pen to paper.

  54. It is in question and should be in question, why some are so desperate to hold on to ill loveless ways that not only impact us all individually but also as a whole. Those that are living in a way that supports vitality, health, loving relationships, integrity etc. should be interviewed in absolute respect of what they have chosen and how they reflect our natural way.

  55. There is much corruption and abuse in the media report and there are people who just accept the stories as true because they are in the media, and there are people who see that the media is full of rubbish – but either way, what seems to be common is we somehow accept it as what it is, that we are less interested in truth being expressed.

    1. We need to start wanting to see the truth behind everything that is being told to us before accepting it as such

  56. True, fact-checked reporting is definitely not the norm in so much of our media. Yet, as Serge Benhayon has presented, supply cannot exist without demand, so until we as a reading public stop purchasing / clicking on / watching junk media, it will continue to thrive.

  57. Whether words are written in a book, newspaper or on the internet they are a record making them accessible time and time again and long after they were first shared.

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