Who to Believe? The Choice is Clear

by P.H., Brisbane, Australia

In response to the recent media reports regarding Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon:

I have been associated with Universal Medicine for about four years. In that time, I have never heard any mention of ‘curing’ cancer. What I have heard are teachings that encourage people to live in a more loving and harmonious way, with themselves and with others. I have witnessed many resolve long-term issues through this process. I have seen my own life develop and change as a result. My own personal journey has allowed me to build a life that is more loving, and while there is always room for improvement, I feel better on many levels in my life as a result of attending workshops, retreats and sessions with practitioners of various esoteric modalities.

I have received breast massages from women who exhibit high levels of integrity and personal accountability in the way in which they deal with clients. I have felt supported and nurtured in this process as I have worked towards developing a more nurturing way of living with myself.

While attending workshops I have never heard Serge tell people to leave relationships. In fact, I have heard him encourage people to stay in relationships and work on bringing more love into the way they live their own lives and see what happens in the relationship, if they are able to. With regards to the criticism from the ‘nine men’ (as quoted in news articles) who claim that their wives ended their marriages after becoming involved with Universal Medicine, one has to question what was the quality of the relationship before the wife initiated an end to the relationship? And statistically, one in three first marriages ends in divorce in Australia. I cannot see how what has happened to these nine men is outside of those statistical averages, regardless of what they claim to be the reason the marriage ended.

In consulting practitioners working with esoteric modalities I have never felt pressured to commit to future appointments – that decision always being left to me to make. Suggested supplements have always been affordable and only a few, not hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Also, in being aware of the Esoteric Practitioner Association’s (EPA)* Code of Ethics, I know that I am consulting individuals who live what they practise and hold themselves to the highest levels of scrutiny.

By stark contrast, I have consulted, and at times worked for, ‘alternative’ health providers who structured their business plans on the number of visits they can ‘milk’ from their clients, prescribing expensive supplements and various other charges (e.g. in-house x-rays, referral to in-house masseurs, etc.). I often discovered that these providers drank alcohol in excessive amounts, often working on clients while hung-over, smoked cigarettes, used ‘recreational’ drugs and had questionable relationships and dysfunctional families. I have even consulted conventional medical practitioners who had an interest in a ‘holistic’ approach to health and discovered many of the same problems.

So why should so much criticism be levelled at an organisation that has standards as high as those of Universal Medicine? Could it be that what the critics are seeing is holding up for inspection the way in which they live their own lives? Those of us who have made the changes to our lives know that there is a truth in what is presented. But we do this out of consideration for ourselves, not because we are told to. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon do not tell anyone what to do. There is no set of instructions. It is up to the individual to feel, and in so doing make choices that they feel are right for them.

By contemporary standards, I am a modern, educated and intelligent woman. I hold degrees from a number of institutions, I have held positions of respect and authority in the workplace, and have been consulted for my expertise and experience in various industries. While these elements are not how I see myself, they are what the modern world considers when regarding me and my points of view. I am known for not ‘suffering fools’, and have often been labelled a cynic. So why do I not eschew what Universal Medicine teaches and promotes? Quite simply, it works. It is simple, it is achievable, and it works. It does not mean that I have not questioned some of the things I have heard, because I have. But the fact that I am allowed to question is proof that this is not a ‘mindless cult’ with ‘followers’ who do nothing but obey instructions. There are elements of what has been presented that I do question, but I feel into the truth of what is true for me and follow that, not what others say. And it not only works for me…. I have seen friends’ health and lives improve, I have seen others change over the years of my involvement to be more of who they truly are, beautiful in their living with themselves. This cannot be a bad thing, surely?

Rarely does one meet people who ‘walk their talk’. Moreover, rarely does one meet someone who is consistent in their mood and demeanour, who treats all with an equal level of care and love, and who offers such truth in not only the words that they present but in the way that they live and conduct themselves. This I have found in my dealings with Serge Benhayon. Serge is no cult leader, no guru. He is a man living honestly and openly and offering the same knowledge he has gathered to all, for the betterment of all. He does not present doctrine or dogma, he presents what he feels to be true. And in so doing, allows the freedom for all to decide what is true for them from what he presents. Does someone like this challenge us and our way of thinking? Of course. Does someone like this deserve to be derided in the press without fair consideration? Of course not.

Print media and some questionable on-line writers have misconstrued and twisted the little bits of information that they have gleaned from people either with an ‘axe to grind’ against Universal Medicine or from third-hand hearsay. These are questionable journalistic standards at a time when much of the print media internationally is under review for illegal practices. Which group would I rather be associated with? One that does not fully research a story and prints mistruths, or one that encourages me to improve my life by being more loving? The choice is clear – for me anyway.

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

79 thoughts on “Who to Believe? The Choice is Clear

  1. In the years that I have been associated with Universal Medicine the stand out for me is that everyone is asked continuously to discern energy. By reading and discerning energy we get to feel where everyone is at and what energy are they letting through at any given moment, and that includes Serge Benhayon. So I can say that in the 13 or so years I have attended the presentation, workshops and especially the retreats where I would see more of Serge Benhayon over a period of several days, I have not encountered an ill energy emanating from him. And so it doesn’t make any sense to me that if I am encouraged in every moment to discern and read energy that I wouldn’t sense when Serge Benhayon was acting in a way that was not in keeping with what he is presenting to everyone.

  2. Great sharing about Serge Benhayon as someone “who offers such truth in not only the words that they present but in the way that they live and conduct themselves.” That’s what is so inspiring to me about Serge because it’s not just words, Serge lives and breathes love, integrity and truth and the words he speaks confirm what he lives. To me that is the real deal.

  3. Serge Benhayon encourages us to connect with our body and honour what our body communicates, so honouring and empowering ourselves. The media tell us lies and expect us to believe them, unfortunately many people choose not to be discerning and believe whatever is printed in the press, and then proceed to further spread the lies. ‘ Which group would I rather be associated with? One that does not fully research a story and prints mistruths, or one that encourages me to improve my life by being more loving? The choice is clear – for me anyway.’

  4. Serge Benhayon inspires another by how he is living, it is then up to us if we want to embrace a more loving, truthful, and responsible life that he epitomises. ‘Those of us who have made the changes to our lives know that there is a truth in what is presented. But we do this out of consideration for ourselves, not because we are told to. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon do not tell anyone what to do,’ they never have and never will by their very nature and huge respect for all.

  5. The choice is very clear. To me truth can be recognized by the level of clarity in which it is written and sensed by. There is no underground or secrecy, but a transparent way of speaking just like this blog does. It is that simple.

  6. There is a threshold not everybody is willing to go beyond. Not everybody is willing to feel the body when we get something from outside and honestly admit that there is truth in what I just got because the body is total surrender. There are those however who are not willing to feel their own body and surrender to what they feel.

  7. The truth will be found by those who really want to find it. With time, any accusation thrown against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine will be dismantled and discarded by its falseness. The transparency and decency he consistently lives in, talks by itself, and this will show everything in the place it really is, clearly so.

  8. ‘Rarely does one meet people who ‘walk their talk’’ and talk their walk. Serge Benhayon, Universal medicine and The Way of The Livingness stand out in so many aspects it hard to share them all in one blog. The impact of people taking care of themselves and making love their everyday livingness is rare and can only be deeply appreciated and supported.

  9. “What I have heard are teachings that encourage people to live in a more loving and harmonious way, with themselves and with others.” This says it all and it is so simple.

  10. ‘I know that I am consulting individuals who live what they practise and hold themselves to the highest levels of scrutiny.’ Absolutely the practitioners practice from a code of conduct that requires the highest of standards, personal commitment and responsibility, I have never seen this amount of commitment elsewhere.

  11. The right of freedom of expression is a magnificent thing when is used as a well-being enhacing/preserving tool. Yet, when it falls in the hands of people who use it to generously share their illbeing we enter in the realm of abuse and mis-use of the right.

  12. Yes, too often the media we have allowed to be how it is, gives rise to falseness and utter lies to keep the masses ‘happy’. How do we begin to change the reality of how we now find our media? Could that begin with us looking at where we keep the peace (Work to keep the masses “happy)? Could what we have in our media today be but a trade off because we ourselves feel vulnerable and challenged and hence don’t steadily present the truth as we feel it to be? Serge Benhayon has set a standard here, are we willing to stand with him as PH has done.

  13. There is an irony in your realisation PH that many care ‘providers drank alcohol in excessive amounts, often working on clients while hung-over, smoked cigarettes, used ‘recreational’ drugs and had questionable relationships and dysfunctional families’ – and that you found the same with ‘holistic’ conventional medical practitioners. How can one think that the lack of self-care and regard for our own body with which we live our everyday does not interfere with and influence the quality of care you deliver another – particularly when it is of an energetic nature?

  14. “Serge is no cult leader, no guru. He is a man living honestly and openly and offering the same knowledge he has gathered to all, for the betterment of all. He does not present doctrine or dogma, he presents what he feels to be true. And in so doing, allows the freedom for all to decide what is true for them from what he presents.” It is simple as that and no lie will every change that.

  15. Since I encountered the teachings as presented by Universal Medicine, I have been finding many things I used to consider as normal and acceptable do not serve me. Not because someone said so, but by being more loving and honouring of myself, I am just uncovering the abuse that I didn’t see before. What would I choose? Less love, just because that’s what I have been subscribing to for so long? I don’t think so.

  16. Great article P.H. You said it all! Who would have thought a business that inspires many people from all over the world to take better care of themselves and bring love into all aspects of their lives and in everything that they do, would bring such bad press. To me it just goes to show that there are people who just want to stay in the comfort of finger pointing so they never have to look at themselves and see where they have refused to take responsibility for and in their lives to date.

  17. Each time I attend a Universal Medicine event it’s like I get a package of power – the power is that I connect to a deeper level of understanding that everything I need is within. With no wrongs or rights we are reflected the right to choose love and express that in everything we do, as students of ourselves.

    1. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are sure empowering and let us connect back to our divine completeness within. What a beautiful choice to have.

  18. This has been a constant with Serge Benhayon over the years, encouraging all of us to be love, the love that we naturally are, ‘and work on bringing more love into the way they live their own lives’. The world needs and we all need love, it is who we innately are.

  19. “What I have heard are teachings that encourage people to live in a more loving and harmonious way, with themselves and with others.” Perhaps some people react to the teachings and presentations by Serge Benhayon as it exposes the choices they have made that are not loving and harmonious and they are not willing to make different choices. No one is forcing anyone to make more loving choices but neither should anyone abuse those who do.

  20. Having been an alternative therapy practitioner for many years prior to meeting Universal Medicine I totally concur with you P.H. with the lack of integrity practiced within that field. The depth of integrity held by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine feels quite remarkable by comparison yet in truth there is nothing remarkable about it as that is what integrity truly is.

  21. To just pick one of the many brilliant points you are making here, Serge Benhayon has put a lot of effort into supporting people with their relationships, as connecting to people is one of the golden principles of Universal Medicine. However he also teaches that we do not have to accept abuse, which is so common in our society today, especially amongst women and it is very needed that someone shows us how to stand up for ourselves and say No to abuse.

  22. Why do I attend presentation by Serge Benhayon? “It is simple, it is achievable, and it works” – I couldn’t agree more…Why criticise something before you test drive it?

  23. With the level of corruption we all live in daily, it’s no surprise an organisation such as Universal Medicine stands out like a very very sore thumb! No surprise at all that people want to attack the very thing they know will hold them accountable for their choices in life, because boy have we made some horrible choices.

  24. I too have witnessed Serge Benhayon encourage not only myself but others to live from your truth and love in relationships. Love yourself by expressing all the love you feel and know to be. Imagine as a growing child hearing that instead of fighting for what is right?

  25. What Universal Medicine shows us is to live our own way. Loving to ourself and others, it is incredible in which way the media can be so misinformed and out for sensational stories that they try to bring a badly researched story out in the open. It is our responsibility to counter this.

  26. Seeing any practitioner for a holistic treatment and to support the healing of our body when they themselves abuse their own body with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol or have the intention to milk our money and time is clearly harming and never going to nourish and build our potential.

  27. This article is so well written, its such a pity that something of this style and power was not what people got to read when they opened the paper in the past.
    Unfortunatley I went through a separation in the 10 years I have been involved with Unimed but I also met someone new three years ago and now have remarried, to me, this is all apart of life, anyone that tries to land blame about their relationship failing on an outside party is simply not really wanting to take responsibility

  28. i could not agree more and your last question puts it in stark contrast, do we believe those who have lied and manipulate for their own ends or an organisation which offers support and inspires people to be more loving in their lives. Really there is no choice for me either.

  29. The choice for me is clear indeed and whilst Serge Benhayon challenges me and my thinking ways, I know he has shown me a clear way forward in my life and further more he has shown me a clear way forward for humanity and how I can contribute to this in my own unique way without needing to save the world all at once.

  30. The proof is in the pudding isn’t it? There is a real solidness about committing to nurture yourself, to address lifestyle changes that could cause dis-ease within your body. It is not very hard to understand what does and doesn’t feel right, but it takes dedication and consistency to develop the ability to honour it. There really is nothing to criticise when you look at it like that but there is so much to gain.

  31. I love that through your sharing you have exposed the questionable journalistic practices of those willing to misconstrue and twist stories based on hearsay and not on fact or from those who have lived and benefited from the truth.

  32. Quite clear the choice I say – the key is to not get attached to what we have created in our lives and be humble enough to see it for what it is and ditch it if it doesn’t work.

  33. You ask “Which group would I rather be associated with? One that does not fully research a story and prints mistruths, or one that encourages me to improve my life by being more loving?” and I guess this is an very easy choice for all who already did made their choice. The choice to want to know, The choice to truly want to know.

  34. I enjoyed reading your blog again PH. The stir of sensationalised media around Serge Benhayon is totally false. Universal Medicine is the best organisation I have ever worked with and Serge Benhayon is quite an amazing fellow, a true gentleman who lives integrity and love, and I feel honoured to know him. When I came to my first Universal Medicine workshop in 2012 it was in the middle of a media storm, I felt a little uneasy prior to attending but within five minutes of hearing Serge speak I knew he was someone I could trust because I instantly recognised his gentleness and the truth he spoke with. The situation around Serge has opened my eyes to the corruption and manipulation of the media to lie, incite emotion and present worst case scenarios in an attempt to make profit. The media is seriously manipulating the public and playing on their fears, and they do this with no care at all for the destruction it causes.

  35. You make an excellent point about the national divorce rate merely playing out for those nine men who have criticised Universal Medicine for the breakdown of their marriages. Lovelessness has a cost, but it can also readily turn into a statistic.

  36. A great refutation of the claims that have erroneously been made about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  37. As you say P.H. it is rare to meet anyone who ‘walks their talk’. From my own experience I have seen and heard Serge walk his talk, he is on stage as he is off stage, he presents from how he lives, and he is a man that stands up for truth.

  38. From my experience with Universal Medicine there has always been an open door for fair and respectable challenges to anything that is said.
    Nothing said is binding and anyone is free to make their own decision.

  39. There’s absolute integrity in Serge Benhayon, and this extraordinary level of commitment that upholds the consistency in all he does exposes the choices that we are not making as a fellow human being. It feels to me that somewhere in us, we all know that is equally available to us, but we try to look for a reason why we should be let off the hook and not have to choose that way of living, and attacking it is just a feeble attempt to skive off the responsibility we can never run away from.

  40. The bottom line is what Serge Benhayon presents when put into the practicalities of life actually works ,better than that it makes life a breathe of fresh air, then the question that the media should be asking is why does it work , and its not like there is not enough evidence to support that in the student body.

  41. Serge Benhayon’s presentations are for the benefit of humanity as you have quite rightly stated P.H.

  42. I love what you have written P.H. It was easy to follow because it was rational and logical and straightforward and not laced with personal agendas. What an alternative inspirational approach for the journalists out there to consider instead of getting hooked into the sad stories of a few people who can only see through the eyes of their own one sided beliefs.

  43. ‘Which group would I rather be associated with? One that does not fully research a story and prints mistruths, or one that encourages me to improve my life by being more loving?’ Hmmm. Mistruths verses LOVE?
    Thank you PH for your blog exposing the ridiculousness of the way the media operates and the amazing inspiration and integrity of Serge Benhayon.

  44. Thankyou Ph, a very well written blog and very true to my experience also with Universal Medicine. Surely there has never a been a small business before like Universal Medicine that has so many people willing to speak up against the outrageous and false media stories? And, they also share so many amazing and very positive blogs about how their lives have changed for the better with Universal Medicine’s support. This in itself says oodles about the true nature of integrity and care for people that Universal Medicine operates with. I find it hard to understand the medias blatant lack of interest in the truth.

  45. Universal medicine has been the only organisation that I have come across that is completely transparent from the word Go. So much so that it does rock and question our thought patterns that have been trained to be suspicious and look for the hidden agenda. Truth is there isn’t one that I have yet to be aware of – how can there be when we are constantly asked to question and seek the truth for ourselves about everything and anything in life, Universal Medicine being a part of that everything. Thank you for sharing your experience PH, it makes sense that when there is nothing to hide why hide it? which makes me then question – what do the media have to hide by hiding the facts that cannot be hidden? All these blogs and comments going against what the disgruntled few are trying to claim as the truth.

  46. Thankyou PH. I loved what you have shared. Like you I truly appreciate the absolute integrity of the Universal Medicine Practioners I have had treatments with. It makes absolute sense to me that true delivery of quality care for someone else’s body is not and cannot be delivered by someone who abuses their own body with for example cigarettes, recreational drugs, poor nutrition and sleep rhythms, and enough alcohol to wash down the rest of what they don’t want to feel about life. How can anyone take care of you or anyone else for that matter if they cannot take care of themselves and honour their own physical body?? The truth is we all have free will, we all have a choice to engage in the vacuum of indulgent lifestyle choices that does not support your physical body, or not. Personally I have come to truly appreciate that there is a quality of nurturing, a quality of care that is delivered to another if the Practioner (or any person for that matter) themselves lives with the integrity, truth and the wisdom that you must first lay the foundations of taking care, nourishing and nurturing yourself before you can truly take care of another. From this foundation of true care, you can then express your love and care for another from the warmth of your heart. The flow on effect is the inspiration for others to do the same for themselves. This level of integrity and commitment to caring for yourself is vital for all health care professionals and will go a long way in helping to combat the burnout statistic’s that plagues many healthcare professionals today like a bad hangover.

  47. Awesome P.H. you make great and powerful points here I know who I would rather be connected to. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offer simple, practical and loving presentations that offer another way, for me the choice is clear.

  48. “Which group would I rather be associated with? One that does not fully research a story and prints mistruths, or one that encourages me to improve my life by being more loving?” That sums it up so well, thank you P. H.

    1. The choice Carmin is very clear indeed. The thousands of life changing stories show clearly that whatever rubbish has been printed – the real truth can be easily felt, seen and witnessed through all those that are associated with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  49. Really well said PH. I find it astounding that people who make changes to their lives are assumed that they don’t have a choice or are ordered to do so when as you said, we do it purely from feeling the truth of what has been presented. What’s even more farcical is that we are criticized for making changes that are loving and healthy. It just doesn’t make sense.

  50. Never before in my life have I felt so light in my body and at the same time so vital, fit and joyful about committing to life, work and people. My choice is clear, too. I choose love. And love and Serge Benhayon are the same.

  51. I will never BELIEVE what I KNOW is not true. So, the press may continue to run false stories saying all kind of horrible things about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. It may convince people like the journalists who write the articles, who do not have any direct or indirect relationship with Universal Medicine hence they have no way to know. It will never make me change my mind because I know in truth by first hand experience what is real.

  52. Thank you PH for a very powerful blog, I love the words “it is up to the individual to feel and in so doing make choices they feel are right for them”. The choice and responsibility are ours and ours alone. Serge does indeed walk the talk.

  53. Thanks P.H great blog. With how the world runs today it’s understandable that one would question choices and behaviour that do align with the ‘norm’, but from having made different choices myself I too can attest that what Universal Medicine presents is truly life changing and incredibly healing. A company that operates with the highest ethics I’ve seen in the alternative and complimentary therapies industry.

  54. ‘ simply, it works. It is simple, it is achievable, and it works.’
    I love how Serge keeps it simple. And I agree with you: he walks his talk and not only when we see him, but consistantly. He doesn’t take his foot of the accelerator he is steady and keeps presenting love and truth for us to make our own choices.

  55. Wow, I would not like an appointment with the health practitioners that you know who work on clients hung over etc! But it’s true that that is what some practitioners are like whilst treating others, to me this is shocking and doesn’t really make sense, ’cause how can you treat a body in a healing way when your body is in a state like that? It is interesting that criticism is made against Universal Medicine and the practitioners who work there; what you have wrote is true, this level of love and self responsibility that they hold stirs up a lot for others as it requires people to look at how their life is. There would be no other reason for the criticism otherwise. You have presented your writing so clearly and simply, it was easy and a joy to read.

  56. I have always wondered – why are the lies that are told about Universal Medicine so thick, so vile and so numerous – even if only originated by two people?

    Why this tremendous urge to stomp on Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon NOW?

    Who feels so threatened by practitioners actually following a very strong code of ethics where you need to live what you practise? Who feels so threatened by people who both don’t drink and who look after themselves that they have this urgent need to grind anybody who does this (and who sounds normal at the same time) into the ground with all their might?

    Why do the newspapers and TV stations continue re-publishing these lies well past the point where they know exactly that they are lies?

    1. Awesome questions Christoph and very puzzling. Why now? Who feels so threatened? There must be a great force behind these lies to keep them going. But as they continue the extraordinary work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon goes on… inspiring more and more people every day. The LOVe is stronger than the fear.

  57. P.H I most certainly choose to listen to those that “walk-the-walk”. It makes common sense and as you point out that is what Universal Medicine presents. Nothing elaborate or complicated, nothing sinister or hidden just simple choices that make sense.

  58. “Quite simply, it works. It is simple, it is achievable, and it works…..There are elements of what has been presented that I do question, but I feel into the truth of what is true for me and follow that, not what others say.” This paragraph just jumped out at me, as an intelligent way to live life – based on what you can feel but not being afraid to look for inspiration from those you have come to trust. To me its proof that Universal Medicine does exactly what it says on the tin, providing an opportunity for healing for everyone at the level they can relate to.

  59. The choice is clear for me, too, P.H. Amazing how the choice to be more loving stirs up so much of what is not loving …… yet, I feel that this is beneficial in a way, for what is not loving becomes so obvious and so exposed. This can actually be pretty helpful as a reminder as to why we made the loving choice in the first place! I also appreciate the level of integrity with which this was written and it concurs completely with all I have ever experienced attending Universal Medicine workshops, presentations and sessions with Practitioners.

  60. Thank you for so clearly pointing out the differences in the way Universal Medicine practitioners live a life of great integrity so as not to impose on their clients, something that is in contrast to many other practitioners in various fields of medicine and healing. It would be lovely if this integrity were more widely applauded, but, sadly, it is not viewed with the same level of appreciation by everyone!

  61. Dear PH, I enjoyed reading your straightforward comments. It is true that what Serge presents is simple, achievable, and works. Absurd that anyone would complain about it unless they prefer things to be complicated, impossible and not work – perhaps so that they don’t have to take responsibility for their life. You ask “Which group would I rather be associated with? One that does not fully research a story and prints mistruths, or one that encourages me to improve my life by being more loving?” The choice is clear – for me too, the loving one 🙂

  62. You say, and I love it: “But we do this out of consideration for ourselves, not because we are told to.”
    What seems to be the case is that the journalists and the men branding Serge Benhayon as a ‘marriage breaker’ (what a fallacy!), refuse to comprehend this simple, true statement of yours that we embrace and implement changes in our lives, inspired by Serge’s great example of how possible and yummy it all is, and because we get inspired to re build trust and love for ourselves our choices then stem from that space. Unfortunately, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea as is the case with the men who have sadly set themselves on a blame path.

  63. Hi P.H, it is so very true, for this is the first time I have also met someone (Serge Benhayon) who in fact does ‘walk their talk’ as you put it and this is not something that you ever see in your day to day dealings with people, we are very lucky to have him.

  64. Yes thank you PH – having had various massages or treatments in the past in order to wind down and relax post busy working weeks or months, I regarded such times as a way in which to pamper, relax or treat myself. They would often be corporate incentives to be won. Often I would get up from the table having had an hours massage/treatment, and feel light headed, spaced-out not being able to really engage in speak with the practitioner afterwards and I would leave the place feeling very odd and off-key. I had no idea at the time (pre UniMed) about the importance of the quality of the practitioner and how they lived their lives and recreational habits could (and did) affect me and how I would feel after they had worked on me/my body – after all I paid highly visiting top quality spas in London’s hippist hotels…
    Quality has always been and still is of paramount importance to me, but I have discovered that this is not (always) reflected in solely the price, the surroundings, the uniforms or the smells of essential oils etc, but rather that quality is actually determined by the quality of the practitioner through the way in which they live their life and regard or love themselves. This is what we get with esoteric practitioners and is the only reason why they are the only practitioners I now see.

  65. Hi PH…yes I too find it so interesting to observe the media nonsense that has been going on regarding Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine. When one experiences what Universal Medicine has to offer, it really is a no brainer what to choose. And when the simple principles of what Universal Medicine present are put into practice, as you say, they actually work! I mean who can argue with that? Not to mention the awesome love & integrity that is felt when seeing a practitioner trained by Universal Medicine who has chosen to take responsibility by aligning to a code of ethics that is held in the highest regard by the insurance company as being of the highest standard they have ever seen by an organisation. Now thats a story worth reading!

  66. Thank you PH for bringing up the subject of the high standard of self responsibility that the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association asks of their practitioners. Their code of conduct means they are to hold themselves in the highest form of personal integrity, both inside and outside of work, a code of conduct that I know any EPA practitioner that I might choose to see, lives by. At the risk of sounding picky or precious I can honestly say that, after several years of receiving this quality of treatment from its practitioner members, I find it inconceivable I would choose otherwise for myself when needing a treatment. It is also interesting to hear you write about your experience from within the wider alternative therapy industry and how so many practitioners can acceptably function in apparent contrast to this. It’s great to have this highlighted here with the addition of Jenny’s observations of the shift in motivation that she’s witnessed within that industry too.

  67. Dear P.H. Thank-you for the integrity of this response. I wholeheartedly agree with all you say about Serge Benhayon, and the practitioners trained by Universal Medicine (UM). I can truly say that the integrity, love and care for humanity I observe with UM has not wavered in all the time I have been involved – exemplified in the Esoteric Practitioner Association’s Code of Ethics (which I myself live by). Who else in complementary medicine has had the integrity to call its practitioners to truly ‘walk their talk’ as you rightly say?
    “Know thyself” was the wise counsel of Socrates.. everything I have gained from UM & its practitioners has been about my knowledge of self, and deepening my understanding & knowing of humanity.
    In my younger years I had the opportunity of seeing how many of those in the ‘health industry’ really lived. I was somewhat shocked & disillusioned.. finding it hard to see that there were people purporting to ‘heal’, who paid no heed to Socrates. Serge Benhayon, however, made a clear stand on ethics & integrity from the outset, because he knows well, just what is required in order to truly support people, and truly make a difference. I still see so many inconsistencies ‘out there’ in many forms of ‘healing’ (& the media!), but thankfully, UM is also a very real presence in this world. And we see yet more & more testimonials to the true differences made in lives lived..

  68. Thanks P.H. I too have worked in the alternative health industry and even though I maintain my membership to associations, I no longer attend educational seminars etc because the focus is now on how to make as much money as possible, milking the client as you put it, learning how to get them in your ‘front door’ and close the ‘back door’ to ensure they remain dependant on your services and products as long as possible.
    This is often done in the guise of ‘wellness programs’ and similar catch phrases. I continue to attend and participate in Universal Medicine events, presentations and workshops because there is only ever an emphasis on deepening understanding, deepening my own healing in order to have more to offer clients and ensuring that what I am offering is of the highest quality and integrity.
    No seminar l’ve ever attended before UM has EVER presented ANYTHING along these lines.
    Interesting indeed that they are the ones being accused of dubious scruples in the healing industry!

    1. Yuck – while I have not attended presentations in the alternative health industry, its the same in the corporate world… tips and tricks on how to sell more to your current client whether they like it or not. The focus has always been on the money. I know for a fact that for Universal Medicine the focus has always been on the people – and they have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the people are what stays the focus of everything they do.

      1. This is so true Simon and Jenny. I have never come across anything that is close to the integrity that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present and actually live. If all industries focussed on providing the best service possible to their clients and the most supportive environment for their employees, we would be living in a very different world -one not based around greed and gain. Even those in the healing and health industry who do feel the importance of this, if they are not living it in every cell of their body and every aspect of their life, it is just a theory and can not inspire the way walking the talk does.

      2. I agree Simonwilliams8 the focus on money in most businesses places the people second but with Universal Medicine the focus on people is always the key. This alone is testimony to the integrity of Universal Medicine and the reason why so many people are inspired by this business. People before profit will actually make profit anyhow. Its COMMON SENse 🙂

    2. Universal Medicine is a business model that shows how we can work together in a way that everyone profits, it does away with the whole concept of one gaining at the expense of another.

    3. So true what you say Jenny that the standard practice is to keep clients dependent on the service provided and that Universal Medicine never, ever endeavours to do this.

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