It’s in the Way I Walk

by Joseph Barker, Australia

Three years ago a friend gave me a CD of a presentation given by Serge Benhayon. In this presentation Serge asked: “Is it possible that the energy we choose in every moment of our lives, creates life as we know it to be?”

This simple question gave me an opportunity to be honest about the energy I was living in every day. I came to see that my body was not here to betray me or let me down, but had been trying to tell me the truth every day, in its own way. When I ate something that was not for me, my stomach hurt. When I didn’t speak honestly, I got sore, stiff and hunched. When I got stressed and racy, my body felt drained of energy. The body really speaks loudly, when you let it.

What has developed for me since is not a spiritual pursuit, a belief system or a mystical adventure. It is a practical way of being every day, where I choose to feel and connect to me. It is lived. I know it in the way I walk and talk and cook and eat, write this message and so much more. It feels like love to me.

Serge’s question brought home that the responsibility for my life, rested with me. Whilst this can be difficult to face, it is a wonderful gift as it means I have the key to changing my life, simply in how I choose to be, in this and every moment. It simply starts with me.

This self-initiated healing is what I have experienced with the support of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Esoteric practitioners. It is truly beauty-full and the greatest thing I have known in my life. I am deeply grateful to Serge for bringing an honesty like no other I have felt, because that is what I know love to be.

59 thoughts on “It’s in the Way I Walk

  1. It is mind boggling how we, (human species), would go at any length to ignore the truth that our bodies keep telling us (more like screaming really). Slightly humorous scenario but if the body could, it would most likely shake us by the shoulders and say: “Hey, You, yes You, listen to me for once!”.

    Still, reading this and other students’ of esoteric medicine blogs it looks like number of those listening are raising. So stay tuned everyone. 🙂 Thank you for your contribution Joseph.

  2. I love what you wrote about responsibility being a gift allowing you to choose in every moment how to be – it is a beautiful and empowering way to look at something so many do not want to face.

  3. I too am thankful for Serge Benhayon and his willingness to share the truth and love that he lives. Before I came to the work of Universal Medicine, my body was shouting so loud, yet I was blind (deaf?) to the fact that it was communicating with me. I agree, Joseph, that it is amazing to know that we are responsible for the energy we choose in every moment, that we have choices, and that we are not just victims of circumstances.

  4. Thanks Joseph! We create our own life with all its ups and down, glory and misery. Connecting to truth does not require any special activity that is out of your ordinary way, but making loving choices within your ordinary way. Doing this is extraordinary.

  5. Wonderful blog Joseph. It’s a great reminder of the responsibility we have in choosing the energy we live in, and therefore we have the key to changing our lives simply by choosing how we are each and every moment. Very empowering indeed.

  6. The energy we are in indeed determines the quality of what we do, it is very important to stay aware of this, and this is a beautiful reminder of this fact.

  7. Thank you, Joseph. In your writing, I feel a sense of home coming that is so simple, so sweet and so available if we choose it so.

    1. Oh yes Fumiyo – it is ‘available if we choose it so’. In fact it makes me humble and stunning how much awareness, healing and love is available for me all of the time – if I open up to it.

  8. Hi Joseph, thank you for your blog. While reading I noticed that the simple words and experience you shared took me into the space of the practice that you have discovered for yourself through Universal Medicine. A very loving and empowering place to be.

  9. Absolutely Joseph, it is such a simple message to take full responsibility for our own lives, and yet one that the world (including myself) desperately needs to hear. Again and again until such time we all choose.

  10. It can be very difficult to except the responsibility that we have for our lives, health and wellbeing. Thank you for presenting it so simply and delicately – for it is a blessing to know there is a constant choice and all we have to do is be honest and listen to our body.

  11. Serge Benhayon presents that the power of love is in our own hearts (and hands), so therefore we are the ones who may choose to use it or not.
    Total self-responsibility.

  12. Taking responsibility and listening to our bodies is so empowering. Yesterday a friend pointed out how shy and contracted I was and reminded me that this was a choice. I could feel this in my body and even though it made me uncomfortable I chose to come out of my shell and connect to others. My body instantly felt free, I was more at ease and everyone I spoke to opened up and connected with me. You are absolutely right Joseph – the quality of us is in all we do and it absolutely makes sense to choose love.

  13. Serge’s statement is such a powerful one, and based on absolute responsibility. It certainly blows out of the water any excuse about blaming others for why life can’t be great, amazing, joyful…

    What we choose in every moment, leads to what we will continue to choose thereafter. The world sits hurting, waiting for others to come and dig you out of that place but it is far more empowering to make the choice to be loving with yourself and others and not wait for it to be brought to you. But in fact, thanks to Universal Medicine & Serge, that love has been brought and it is spreading like wild-fire, inspiring people in it’s wake.

  14. Beautiful Joseph, what you’ve shared here is so simple and so powerful – our bodies are willing to show us so much when we choose to listen to it!

  15. One day I would love to see scientific proof that the energy we choose to live our everyday in is what causes our life to look and feel a certain way. But for now, I’m content to just know it is this way because I have this experience in my own body and I trust it.

  16. Joseph you have summed up the importance of true responsibility in a nutshell. I agree that ‘… it is a wonderful gift as it means I have the key to changing my life, simply in how I choose to be, in this and every moment. It simply starts with me.’ Beautifully said.

  17. Simply beautiful Joseph. To discover and develop a relationship with me has been wonderful. When I mention this to other people it seems to take a minute to compute what is being said, as it did me the first time. This is the most important relationship we will ever have in life for if we ignore ourselves, the choice and the energy we can align to may lead us down all sorts of paths.

  18. I love your blog Joseph, in particular the part where you share about how our life is the result of our choices. I agree, taking responsibility for all our choice is the key to changing our lives.

  19. Yeah we often don’t like to hear that- that the responsibility of our lives lie with us. This can be challenging and confronting as we have to deeply consider the choices we have made.

  20. It’s a wake-up call to realise that you’re responsible for you – and I mean full-time responsible, not a part-time thing. Responsibility is a word that we can easily balk at when we understand the true scope of it for ourselves. But I agree it’s the best thing you can commit to for yourself because then you begin to take notice of how you’re living in each and every moment. Then follows the opportunity to address any long-held patterns or beliefs that really don’t serve the body – a body that supports us in everything we do.

  21. “Serge’s question brought home that the responsibility for my life, rested with me. Whilst this can be difficult to face, it is a wonderful gift as it means I have the key to changing my life, simply in how I choose to be, in this and every moment. It simply starts with me.” My feelings exactly Joseph. I now have the responsibility to ask myself the questions about the way I live and move and the awareness that my choices affect me and everyone else.

  22. Thank you Joseph, it is true, what Serge Benhayon supports people to live by the truth he presents is a very practical way of life, it’s love lived. As you say, it’s very different to the spiritual pursuits, mysticism, rules, beliefs or ideals which are all things I explored. These were long term distractions because ultimately for me they were fruitless. What I truly needed was a reconnection to me, to the love and divinity I am, not as something to “ascend”, become “enlightened”, or to leave human life, but as something that connects me more deeply to life, humanity, nature and the universe. And that is what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon delivered. Pretty amazing.

  23. Thank you Joseph. I have found the same, it isn’t about following but leading the way in our own lives, inspired by the support of people who are walking this way for themselves. The body and its messages to us are the conversation that is incredibly honest, more so than my mind I find most of the time!! My body will tell me what hurts, my mind will tell me to eat it, do it, enjoy it anyway.

  24. This is deeply inspiring and empowering and what we should have been discussing in primary school “I have the key to changing my life, simply in how I choose to be”. We should have spent and be spending hours at school discussing a practicing what it truly means to be and the energetic quality and responsibility in expanding this. The would would be a different place if we did!

  25. Our body is the best friend we have all been searching for. Wise, impartial and absolutely dedicated to reflecting truth. It makes absolute sense to pay attention to the conversations my body has with me and embrace this rather than fight it.

  26. I was very slow to understand this. I did, yet I chose to ignore so many subtle things that my body was shouting at me. But no more. What a gift to have this best friend with my best interest at heart.

  27. Joseph your wrote: “It simply starts with me.” That is so true and to wait until someone else will start is only delaying what can be lived in truth instantly.

  28. Good on you Joseph, it does indeed start with you. With each and every one of us connecting back to that and walking it so others see there is another way. I don’t say that in a save the world approach, I say it in a breaking the norm, whatever the norm is. Without questioning we could be living quite an abusive life and actually have no idea it is not normal.

  29. “I came to see that my body was not here to betray me or let me down, but had been trying to tell me the truth every day, in its own way.” So true Joseph, when we learn to be honest in how we are feeling we learn to accept and appreciate how much our body actually supports us every day. The more we are willing to listen to the truth of what it is communicating the more we expand our awareness which allows us to make more loving choices in harmony with the way we move in connection with our body.

  30. We do save ourselves Joseph – it is very empowering and I think that the notion saying there is a God that is mightier that me has created a thought that God will come and save us or that he will come and take all our problems and woes away, but I don’t really think it works that way. We have to do the work ourselves. Not to say that we wont have all the divine help in the world but we have to do the practical work ourselves. Serge Benhayon is the greatest of inspirations I can think of when it comes to this topic because he brings it back to being a very practical pursuit, and it should be because we do have bodies that we live in here on earth. There’s not enough I could say about how much respect and awe I have for Serge. Not because he is more special that me but because he inspires me to realise that I am that myself. As I guess all the divine messengers has done throughout the ages.

  31. So true Joseph – it is in the way we walk and the way we talk…the way we life any second actually. So – big responsibility. And big fun. It is great to realize how every choice counts and makes a difference. Empowering. This is what the work of Serge Benahyon and Universal Medicine is supporting: our self-empowerment, to understand and appreciate again how powerful we are and to start again to use it with integrity.

  32. In a world where the desire to bury or ignore issues is paramount or laced with a disempowering ‘fix me’ mentality, it is truly gorgeous to be inspired to self-initiate your own healing and take responsibility for all you have chosen and change your life with every choice from therein.

  33. To understand that the power of how we feel and live lies in our own hands (choices) is revelatory and concurrently lets us see the responsibility we have.

  34. When we apply the fact that everything is energy in a very practical way to our lives, we can find out a lot about how life works and why things happen to us or others.

  35. What you bring to the fore here Joseph is how very simple life can be and that we have the power to chose in every moment the quality we are living with.

  36. ‘Serge’s question brought home that the responsibility for my life, rested with me. Whilst this can be difficult to face, it is a wonderful gift as it means I have the key to changing my life, simply in how I choose to be, in this and every moment. It simply starts with me’. Truth, truth and truth right here!

  37. Life becomes very simple when we make it about energy and what we choose. From that place, everything else unfolds and all we need to do is be consistent, to the best of our ability, to choose an energy that is true to who we are. I’m finding great support in the Gentle Breath Meditation to come back to me and make the choice to connect.

  38. I have found that what Serge presents is so practical and makes so much sense that I am often left thinking- ‘how did I not see that or was not aware of that before’? It just makes such sense but I was often to in it to be able to step back and see what was going on.

  39. We can, and often do, complain about our ‘lot’ in life, but this is an abdication of responsibility for in truth we are 100% responsible for the ‘lot’ that we live in. This also means that we can change it and are not stuck as we seem to like to believe we are.

  40. We are powerful and as you say Joseph, ‘I have the key to changing my life, simply in how I choose to be, in this and every moment. It simply starts with me.’ And our responsibility for our choices.

  41. What a great question: “Is it possible that the energy we choose in every moment of our lives, creates life as we know it to be?” And it changes our lives completely because if we answer it with a yes we accept there is first energy and than the physical manifestation in our life.

  42. I used to try and keep a low profile and not say what I was feeling. As a result all the variations of what I could have said bounced around in my head for days and left me exhausted. I am learning to express what I feel but if I hold back that old familiar brain chatter gabbles on again so I am learning to be more open and share what I feel. It is very liberating.

  43. Beautifully said Joseph for the more honest and humble we are the more we can live our potential by healing our errant ways by deepening both our qualities and our wisdom.

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