Student of my Own Life

by Kathryn Fortuna

I consider myself a Student of my own life and this is what I have observed:

1. Feel what is True and Never give your power away to anyone or anything.

2. Reconnect with your own Body.

3. True Health starts with the basics… sleep, food, lifestyle – choose to be responsible for your own life.

4. The more you care for you… the more you can care for others.

5. Be discerning.

6. To Inspire your loved ones – show them that by being Your Self… they are in fact already amazing just by being Them Selves

7. Love Yourself… first… then express this love… in the way you do the ordinary things in life.

8. We are all the same… we are all connected.

9. Make conscious choices and see your life as an opportunity.

10. Be responsible for your own life.

11. You never need to quote another person. If something feels right for you… then Live it.

12. Love is uncompromising and the truth is something we can all connect with.

I appreciate Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the teachings of the
Ageless Wisdom.

They have inspired me to reconnect and be responsible for the wisdom, truth
and love that I am committed to living every single day.

107 thoughts on “Student of my Own Life

  1. ‘Reconnect with your own Body’, is something I am needing to do as everything I put in my body, from thoughts, foods, beverages etc are affecting it. I’m having to be discerning more and more, and the more I connect with my body, the more it speaks.

    The body always speaks to us, whether we have heartburn after eating something, hungover after consuming alcohol, the list of signs could be endless. It’s a continuum relationship that is forever developing and deepening, as we connect more. The body is your best friend and won’t let you down…

  2. “Make conscious choices and see your life as an opportunity.” – no matter what comes our way, it is absolutely about seeing it as an opportunity for life has so much to teach us as each cycle is presented.

  3. This is a truth that can be very hard to fathom especially as a woman because as women we have a tendency to want to look after others first before we look after ourselves: “The more you care for you… the more you can care for others.” – it is simply the way things work, for if you do deeply care for yourself then from this depth of care comes a fullness of care for another. An empty vessel cannot give to another.

    1. I agree Henrietta, caring for ourselves need to come first. Otherwise how are we to care for others when we are in a disarray and be that reflection. Its the equivalent of advising another to not smoke (or any other addictive substance), as you inhale on a cigarette!…

  4. Ha Ha, I like this point: “You never need to quote another person. If something feels right for you… then Live it.” – this is saying to live it rather than tell another how to do it without doing it yourself – a great reminder of the grandest way to inspire another.

  5. Your points are simple and powerful, thank you Kathryn. “Feel what is True and Never give your power away to anyone or anything.” To be honest this is something I need to work on, as even though I have capacity in this I still find pockets where I give away my power. It is a great reminder of the simplicity of what is needed, to just stop and feel what is true.

  6. I love the simplicity and profoundness of your blog, Kathryn. It connects me with my own too and it’s beautiful to feel it again

  7. “Love is uncompromising and the truth is something we can all connect with.” Beautiful to read this again and ponder on the uncompromising nature of love, that it’s either love or it’s not, that love is an absoluteness and it’s either present or it isn’t, we choose to move with it or we don’t – no compromise is possible.

  8. I love your list of observations here Kathryn and I can definitely relate to all of them from my own life experience. I particularly like the bit where you say that we don’t need to follow anyone else’s truth or way but we can feel for ourselves what feels true or not.

    1. And very empowering to live too, no matter the stages and layers that we are able to take on and live in increments as we grow and learn.

  9. Being a student of life and of our innermost is in fact enormously freeing and empowering as it takes away all concept’s, ideals and beliefs we feel we need to live up to or try to be. By being a student of our innermost we simply reconnect to who we truly are, discover what is in the way of living this and then letting it out in all it’s glory.

  10. “True Health starts with the basics… sleep, food, lifestyle” I couldn’t agree more. We try to persuade ourselves this is not the case and that we are at the mercy of the world around us and other people’s behaviour, but in truth, we have far more say than we are willing to accept.

  11. What a beautiful list, even if we chose to look at two of them our lives would be transformed and humanity would be so much richer for it.

  12. Thank you Kathryn, it’s a great list and offers a foundation for life that is based on common sense. This point stood out for me “Love Yourself… first… then express this love… in the way you do the ordinary things in life.” Bringing that love into our expression, into how we move and attend to tasks is an absolute blessing for the world. It’s something I’m working on and appreciate the inspiration offered here.

  13. When we actually commit to living our potential there is opportunity after opportunity for growth in every single experience we have.

  14. Yes never giving up on ourselves and just ‘going along with someone’ is not the answer, for it opens us up to being used in one way or another. Hence taking self-responsibility to discern for ourselves and make our own choices is key to living, and being prepared to accept the consequences is part of that.

  15. There’s so much wisdom to be found just by simply connecting with ourselves. We teach, we learn, we are forever students.

  16. There is world within us that is waiting to be explored which reveals the depth and vastness of who we are, where we are from and the future we are evolving to. So much to learn and discover, and through our connection to our Soul we are eternally guided to realise; our divineness is our true way of being, and bringing this quality to life is our purpose of being here.

    1. Well said and it starts with feeling the truth of that four letter word Love. We have been sold a googly. Love is not mushy, it is truth, honesty, it is spacious, there is a stillness and a practicality. If we make Love our foundation and choose to build a relationship then we can feel the vastness we come from, that Love is what we are made of and then that is what we express when we move.

  17. Beautiful. Choosing to be who you truly are and in reflection inspiring others to know themselves.

  18. I love the observations and understandings you have shared here, we are forever students and continue to become more and more aware.

  19. I love your list Kathryn being a student of your own life takes responsibility and a deep commitment that constantly rewards you in many ways.

  20. Sometimes we just need the reflection of another to help us see there is another way in which we can live life – to inspire us. Serge Benhayon does that for me along with many, many others who are also Students of The Way of the Livingness.

    1. yup! That’s been easier said than done for me but as I commit more to living life from a quality of love, I think less and feel more. When I think about life I get in such a muddle but when I feel it, life flows.

  21. When we realise that there is a wisdom truth and love that we can all connect to and live our days upon we open our eyes to the fact that every new day blesses us with the beauty and grace to learn, grow and let go of the hurts and issues we no longer need to hold onto.

  22. Love what you share being students of ourselves and accessing the ageless wisdom we all know and connect too. Never giving our power away to others, discerning all the time, being love and sharing that love with others. Beauty is what we all know.

  23. To learn even a few of these let alone them all is truly remarkable… each one, through its wisdom, has an ability to transform your life and those around you….. if we were all taught this from young, we would live in a vastly different world.

  24. What I feel in my body that makes so much sense is this : to see, honor and appreciate the love that I am and from here I can do so with the love of others. It is in fact to honor ‘The Love’, starting by me and expanding from here. And when I do so, honor my lovely being, appreciate who I am in my way of living, than I get a different view on everything. The view of love. Life changing.

  25. Kathryn to be a student of ones own life is so wonderful as it gives most of us the possibility to explore what is really going on instead of just functioning or reacting.

  26. Being a student of my own life, for me has meant not having the arrogance to push through situations when it is time to stop and to be humble again. For me this means taking each day at a time, going through the hard knocks that a day can bring, but knowing that another day will follow again again, always offering more opportunities to live with the humbleness from my inner-heart.

  27. This one left me pondering, ‘1. Feel what is True and Never give your power away to anyone or anything.’
    For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted other people to make decisions for me or tell me what to do. I can see pretty clearly that it was a tactic to avoid taking responsibility for my own life, and out of fear of getting it wrong. Stepping into my power again, making decisions and honouring what I feel has certainly made me feel like a student of my own life by learning from mistakes and not being so serious about getting it right or wrong.

  28. ‘9. Make conscious choices and see your life as an opportunity.’
    This made my body feel very alive and excited for the day. A change of perspective is all it sometimes takes to start making different choices and give ourselves a moment to reconnect back to the loveliness we are.

  29. “Love Yourself… first… then express this love…” The wisdom in these words is something I feel I discover more about every single day. We are a society that has largely forgotten what it means to truly love ourselves – the results of this are seen in the amount of disharmony, conflict and chaos that occurs in our own bodies and between each other.
    The foundation of love we hold in ourselves is everything in life – and our relationships, communities and larger globe are clearly in deep need of its presence.

  30. Having first connected with the lived and very real wisdom that Serge Benhayon continually presents back in 2001, I absolutely stand with you Kathryn, in the deepest appreciation for the inspiration of his work – ‘inspiration’ that touches the deepest knowing within and re-awakens its flame, if we are open to receiving it. This is the mark of a true teacher – one who lives what they talk, like no other I’ve known in terms of integrity and responsibility with every word.

  31. There is great power in the simplicity of what you’ve presented here Kathryn. The truth is, it is that simple. So much can be written about every point you’ve shared here – but when it comes down to it, we know these truths, and it’s up to us whether we live them or not.

  32. I have in recent years turned the tide on self criticism, lack of self appreciation, giving my power away and your list would have been a tool to reflect on and contemplate a different way to approach and live my life, very powerful indeed.

  33. Kathryn these 12 simple observations from your own life are fundamental tenants for living in the appreciation of the essence we are, and not being dulled down by all the distractions and external advice we are allowing to water down our own powerful expression

  34. No 11 You never need to quote another person. If something feels right for you … then Live it.
    That’s great Kathryn …If it resonates with you then make it your own truth, live it and speak from your own lived experience.

  35. “Feel what is True and Never give your power away to anyone or anything.” This one is always a work in progress because we always feel what is true but not always do we act on it. And when we don’t act on it we give our power away to the reason that we did not act on it. It may have been true to speak out against someone speaking ill against someone else, but we chose not to to keep fitting in and to not rock the boat, so we give our power away to that. And much of the world is programmed that way, to give our power away to many things and many people but that is what is so important of Serge Benhayon’s presentations of the Ageless Wisdom, is that people are learning to hold what is true and to examine what is stopping us from holding to our power.

  36. “True Health starts with the basics… sleep, food, lifestyle – choose to be responsible for your own life.” Something so simple and possible for everyone.

  37. I like the theme of not giving your power away, connecting to what you feel and backing yourself- a great approach to take to life.

    1. Yes and if we live this approach then we offer others the same reflection and slowly but surely more people will re-connect to the wisdom they have within and search less for confirmation from the world outside.

  38. “Feel what is True and Never give your power away to anyone or anything.” This is a truth that stood very much out for me. It seems sometimes more easy to follow someone or to look for another for advise but in the end no-one is more able to discern what is true for ourselves than us ourselves.

  39. These 12 points are absolutely key to a truly amazing life. Thank you Kathryn, you reminded me of some important points of being a student of my life and myself.

  40. Be your own science project, try what works and learn from what does not. Watch and feel how your body responds to the choices you make.

    1. I can’t agree more Naren, Kathryn has offered us an awesome list of observations for living our lives.

  41. I have also come to feel that being a student of life is the way to live. These twelve points are essential in this journey.

  42. Wisdom and truth delivered with simplicity, clarity and spaciousness. These are for printing and on the wall. THANKYOU for this sharing Kathryn. We are so, so much more. Living the love we are and expressing from there. We are only here for the ALL.

  43. How lovely to read this again Kathryn! ” Love is uncompromising…” is a simple but powerful statement. I cannot say that I have a very deep relationship to or understanding of love yet. I know the polluted version of the word that is emotional and needy, however how true Love looks in life and relationships is something I am continually learning. ” Love is uncompromising…” feels like strength and integrity, tender but solid. I look forward to living this deeper understanding of the truth of love in life.

  44. Have we thoroughly studied the world around us and taken lessons from it of how we should be, what beauty is, what is healthy for us etc? The question though is if the world is offering us lessons of a true life, true beauty and true health – have we listened. If we look around us to the world we have created the answer can only be no. To be a student of our own innermost will offer us the only true reflection of who we are and which way of life will offer us true health and well being. The richness we hold within to me is the greatest study one can undertake.

  45. Being a student usually implies a relationship to someone or something outside of oneself, being a student of one´s own life or oneself is commonly unheard of although we all unavoidably are. This should be our first and foremost relationship and brought into every other process of study.

  46. Kathryn this may be the best ‘to do’ list in the world or rather I should say ‘to be list’. Each and every point on it could be a focus point for a period of time to support us in making them a livingness in everyday life.

  47. Being an esoteric student simply means being a student of your innermost. It is something we know well but have lost connection with and covered up with all kinds of images of how we and life should be or want it to be. Being a student of our selves is what will supports us in reconnecting to and living that which simply already is.

  48. Wow Kathryn, if we would all adhere to your 12 points, the world would look a lot different. The road to salvation is so simple that we miss it many times until one day we discover that it was there all along and we just dismissed it because it seemed too unspectacular to give it any attention.

  49. Brilliant reminders Kathryn, I love your 12 points on how to connect to ourselves, to others and to life. I too see my life as a huge lesson too, with many opportunities teaching me to evolve and grow.

  50. Being a student of my own life means listening to my feelings, being open to others, being open to learning about relationships, and expressing myself in full. It means listening to my body, it has a lot to say.

    1. Brilliant Harry very well said. I totally agree and I too am constantly learning to listen to my body more and more and appreciating the lesson that life brings forth.

  51. Love the power and simplicity of all you have expressed Kathryn, we indeed all are a student of our own lives.

  52. I too am a student of my own life and I love these simple reminders…thank you Kathryn. Through Universal Medicine, I have learned so much about true responsibility and my life has changed enormously.

      1. That is spot on, Sara and Kathryn. I love how you share that responsibility is like true freedom. It certainly is and I feel so empowered to realise this too.

  53. Lovely to see someone openly expressing and sharing their truth. What you have shared feels universal, perhaps because simple truths are truly known by all – to read them is to reawaken what we already know within.

  54. A simple narrative and life changing. I agree Kathryn, the truth of our livingness can be found within. The wisdom will guide us, and the connection to all, as we are of the same beautiful essence. This will hold us. Thank you for your beautiful Blog.

    1. Yes Christine we are all the same. Every single one of us. And deep within we all know the truth and this is worth appreciating and celebrating every single day. 😊😊

  55. “To Inspire your loved ones – show them that by being Your Self… they are in fact already amazing just by being Themselves” – this speaks to me the loudest right now. Thank you for the reminder, Kathryn.

    1. Yes felixschumacher8 I love number 11 because there is such a difference between sharing a living, embodied understanding of something and simply quoting someone else.
      It’s all about walking the talk and expressing from our own experiences. Great daily Medicine ✨

  56. Some great observations Kathryn, that would be beautiful to reflect to those around us on a daily basis.
    Thank you Kathryn

  57. Beautiful learning Kathryn.
    What is amazing about these learnings is the fact that life puts ourselves in situations where we have to renew our commitment with each of them. We cannot live the present based on what we have achieved in the past. Life is a constant renewal and deepening. This fact also challenges our notion of commitment. Commitment is a daily task, not a once upon a time one.

    1. Emfeldman this is so true. Renewing our commitment to each one of these learnings deepens and expands as we do. Forever evolving. Commitment is indeed a daily blessing ✨

  58. As you mention, we are all equal and connected. We all have an equal responsibility to be students of our own lives and to live in a way that you have been inspired by Serge Benhayon, to live.

  59. Every day my expression of love for myself and others deepens. This is something that I cherish and this has been inspired by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, the Student Body and the Ageless Wisdom.
    As a Student of my own life I am committed and will continue to unfold and evolve and as a Student of Universal Medicine I am and always will be deeply honored.

    1. Very true Elizabeth, a beautiful balance between knowing who we are and honouring ourselves for the choices we make and knowing where it has come from and the immense support that is there for us 24/7. A completely equal beholding elements of evolution.

  60. Thank you Kathryn, for sharing with us all, this clear and concise list, of what you have observed as a student of your own life. For me my list is ever expanding, the more my awareness grows, the more my list grows..

    1. So true mccannelizabeth. For me the list is ever expanding and deepening. Every point on the list seems to take on a whole new layer and level every single day. We are all evolving together.

      1. Thank you Kathryn, Elizabeth and Meg, I agree, using simple tools like the list provided in our everyday life allows us to be more or evolve every day. This becomes a responsibility for all those who choose to be a Son of God.

  61. Serge encourages to become students of ourselves and not him because we are the one responsible for our life and what does or doesn’t work for us. The message is simple – we are more than meets the eye and yet choose to live less than that because we stopped paying attention to and caring for ourselves.

    1. Rachel your comment is powerful and so true.
      We are so much more than meets the eye. The depth and expanding beauty of who we are is beyond our understanding at this time. Yet deep down we all already know the truth.

      The more we care and appreciate our glory the more we realise that there is more to reveal. ☺️

      Serge Benhayon is so inspiring because he lives and breathes this wisdom but never does he tell anyone what to do. He encourages people to feel the truth for themselves and live it each and every day.

    2. So true, thank you Rachel. We are indeed all responsible for our every choice, there is no such thing as following blindly because it is a choice to give our power away if we are not discerning or take responsibility for our choices. No one can take our power away unless we choose to do so. To become a student of ourselves is very empowering, a constant learning.

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