Serge Benhayon Who?

by Mary-Lou Reed, Australia

It was through spending time with a new found friend here in country Victoria where I live that I felt a clarity and love that I had not felt before. I knew something was different.

I attended Gentle Breath Meditation for some months (never hearing the words Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine), and started to feel ME in a new way, a real way. When I was ready, I found my own way to some interviews with Serge on the website and started to understand the effects ‘energy’ has in our lives, ALL our lives.

I started to listen to my body, and made a lot of changes to my lifestyle choices. I was ready and felt the inner joy that is ‘ALL of US’ instantly, as I was making the changes from what I felt to be true NOT what I BELIEVED or was TOLD to be RIGHT (as I had done for many years in the past). I started to observe rather than absorb the energy of life around me and found that in time and with some practice, I could do this more and more and could HOLD myself differently than ever before, and this feels good.

I am gently unfolding in my own way, and in my own time. I have attended a Universal Medicine Healing Workshop, Retreat and some other presentations offered by Universal Medicine that I have lovingly paid to attend and have found them to be a loving support for me in my everyday life at home with my family. Simply, the truth resonates in our hearts, and to live in Joy each day (on the most part) and truly connected to the Love that I am and We ALL are, is no comparison to the exhausted, stressed, sad, emotional, sometimes angry person that I was.

For me, this work is about everyday self-loving choices, so simple. I feel lighter, clearer and live with a consistency that I have not experienced quite like this before. I enjoy time spent alone and I am able to be more and more honest with myself, as I can now feel in body when something is not true for me anymore.

I am very grateful for the true reflection, consistently presented by Serge Benhayon and the Esoteric Student body, as now I am open to the Love of all whom I meet, because they get more of the TRUE me.

91 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon Who?

  1. Mary-Lou, it could easily have been someone else that had presented this to you. It is within us all to know our selves, and it only requires one to ignite us and it is up to us to keep that going. The more we make these self-loving choices, the more we get to know the true us in the process.
    I’m learning to love more despite what they bring. At the end of the day they are no different to who I once was. They need the space to come to this one day. In the meantime, I continue to be with who I am and what I am becoming, the lighter, open, joy filled person, that even I like being around…

  2. There is much inspiration to be gained from listening to and attending Serge Benhayon’s presentations, workshops, retreats and from reading his books. He presents simple choices that are self loving and when applied to every day life, consistently so, can be incredibly transformative and supportive. It may not appear to be everyone’s cup of tea to be gentle and self loving in our day to day, we may simply have forgotten how to be that way – but in the end we are all born with these qualities so really it is just about allowing these qualities to flourish again or of course we have the choice to resist that which is naturally within us.

    1. There is simplicity in everything and yet there is also complexity. It is a matter of what choice we make that becomes one or the other. One sound painful and tiring, whilst the other is just simple and flows. I know which I prefer now a days.

  3. “For me, this work is about everyday self-loving choices, so simple.” – the foundational steps to living a true life of the Soul.

  4. ‘For me, this work is about everyday self-loving choices, so simple.’ Yes, for me too… That is the path I choose to live, as it is the most supportive, profound and practical way I find to honour my body and life in everything I do and from there, every encounter goes deeper, held by the love that presides my life. Simple and amazing.

  5. After years of trying many different forms of meditations I couldn’t believe how simple the Gentle Breath Meditation was yet it gave me the amazing result of reconnecting me to my innermost heart, God and my soul…. I started to feel me again!

  6. The best person to make changes in our lives is always ourselves, that’s why Universal Medicine’s support works so well for so many people.

  7. “I am gently unfolding in my own way, and in my own time.” This is beautifully said and can be felt in all of your words, there are no musts or shoulds, just a gentle unfoldment of who one truly is. In other words a getting to know oneself in a very loving way.

  8. The truth is, our body knows what is true and what is not, we feel it, we see it and we hear it. Our body is the marker of that barometer and it can be configured to pay attention to what is truth or we can configure it to not hear but to numb and distract leaving us at the mercy of what our brain reads and is taught to tell us what is truth and what is not.

  9. Thanks Mary-Lou, it is simple and practical what you have shared here on your return to a more loving life with the support of Universal Medicine. “… to live in Joy each day (on the most part) and truly connected to the Love that I am and We ALL are, is no comparison to the exhausted, stressed, sad, emotional, sometimes angry person that I was.” This line really highlights the difference between living connected to the soul (love) and how we can struggle and exist (not live in joy) when we live disconnected to our love.

  10. Simply a choice to connect from within and consistently deepen that connection until it once again becomes our natural way.

  11. These are very simple teachings that allow us to return to a way of living that is harmonious and in line with the divine order of the universe.

  12. In the beginning, energy is totally alien to us as a reality or even as something relevant. This reveals the extent to which we have closed doors to life and bought into a small version of it.

  13. We know the way back to who we are in truth when we allow our bodies to lead the way, as we were the ones that made the steps away from our connection in the first place.

  14. We so often live guided by what is happening in the world around us, ideal and beliefs put forward by society and as a result we don’t have a true sense of who we are. It has been continually empowering and liberating to explore and discover that there is an absolute truth which resides within every single one of us, and when we are willing to surrender to it, is waiting to guide us through our every breath, our every movement, our every day. We are all born beautiful and wise and through our connection to our Soul we can live guided by our innate wisdom, bringing to life the qualities of truth and love, which is what represents who we all are in essence.

  15. Thank you Mary-Lou for expressing the profound change in how you feel and live life in full having listened to presentations by Serge Benhayon. Understanding the energy that is in and through every act, word and thought brings a responsibility and purpose to how we choose to live.

    1. Yes, there is a world of energy that without a doubt exists, extending far beyond our physicality, which we are all intrinsically and inescapable part of. And empowering it is, for us to be open to explore and understand our part in it and how we can maximize living in connection to the divine quality we are in essence.

  16. Feeling what is true is a forever learning. It is a commitment to oneself to uncover the what is and the what is not and this then has a knock-on-effect on those around us and beyond. I cannot underestimate the power of letting go of anything which is not true for living a life based on truth is living a life based on love; I cannot separate the two.

  17. It is great to read your unfolding back to you Mary-Lou, and yes I too am very grateful for this, ‘I am very grateful for the true reflection, consistently presented by Serge Benhayon’.

  18. It is absolutely gorgeous to come to sense with our body and feel that change is needed, if its inspired by someone else or not doesn’t matter, it is our own evolution that we can share with the world that counts.

  19. Mary-lou that is a beautiful story about following the truth that has been waiting to be re-discovered within. A beautiful welcoming home.

  20. Mary-Lou it is gorgeous to read of your return back to your true self, what Universal Medicine offers is life changing and allows us the space for us to truly heal and to deeply embrace the love we all are.

  21. “For me, this work is about everyday self-loving choices, so simple.” It is. It is the ordinary everyday choices we make that determine how our lives unfold, so it makes sense to me that if I want more love in my life (let’s face it – who doesn’t?), we need to make self-loving choices.

  22. Thank you Mary-Lou, what you’ve shared is powerful and important… finding our own ‘way’ is key, but we have to know what it is that is guiding that ‘way’. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a powerful way to support the connection to the essence of us, to an energy which offers a ‘way’ that is true for us, and for all others at the same time. We could never calculate that from our minds… but what we connect to through the inner heart (with the Gentle Breath) can definitely do so.

  23. What this blog resonates for me and the Gloriousness of ‘doing the work’ is knowing what feels true in the body. Right and wrong, success and failure are not a prerequisite to life no more. There is a marker of what is true and works and the marker of what is not true in the body. As Mary-Lou expresses “.. I was making the changes from what I felt to be true NOT what I BELIEVED or was TOLD to be RIGHT.”

  24. In the hustle and bustle of today’s world we can easily forget that living with simplicity and joy is even possible. Universal Medicine workshops remind us that this is not only possible but do this by taking us to a new level of understanding of the world around us.

  25. “For me, this work is about everyday self-loving choices, so simple.” So simple, indeed, and profound and far reaching in its simplicity.

  26. What Serge Benhayon offers is a The Way of The Livingness – a lived way, which anybody can try and find out about the benefits for themselves as you did Mary-Lou and beautifully shared in this blog. It is a religion without any dogma, set of rules or ideals and it is a religion that works for all when applied to ones life.

  27. It was beautiful to read of your unfolding journey… the power of everyday loving choices is remarkable. To feel lighter and clearer consistently is a gift and what’s so amazing about it is that it’s just a natural repercussion of that choice to be more loving.

    1. Yes because it is a choice made with more awareness and that choice then seeds an awareness in the body that more awareness is OK. As we nurture the quality of our movements, the willingness to be more aware has space to grow.

  28. Reminds me how I did come to the work of Universal Medicine 12 years ago. Sitting in the garden with friends while planning the marriage of my sweet partner and I coming soon. One friend recounted from what Serge Benhayon said as he talked to him in England a few months ago and I said: Serge Who? But anyway, what I heard was getting my attention in a way that was new for me – I really wanted to know more about this guy and what he said. It felt like I have waiting to hear this for a long time, felt like ‘finally someone says like it is’. I had to meet him and so I did. That was my start this time around…the start of a responsible, work-filled, sense-full and joyous life again.

  29. That bringing heaven into our bodies has to start with us choosing the right type of energy makes a lot of sense. Quite often I must admit I am up in my head trying to work things out but as scientists of the past (and present) has pointed out everything starts with energy and importantly so the quality of energy and this is something I’m beginning to realise and bring into my life. Serge Benhayon could be seen as the great pioneer on this topic in our time.

  30. I love what you have shared Mary-Lou. I felt the truth of me first also, before I heard any words. Now life just gets better, more consistent and deeper each day.

  31. When I first attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon, so many things he said just made sense and understanding energy and the choices I make became clear. Learning to observe and not absorb the energy, turmoil and emotions of others and what I saw in the media was, and still is, a great weight lifted from my shoulders. Serge Benhayon presents a way of living and sharing who we are that offers a reconnection to God and to the love that we all are.

  32. I agree Linda, the awareness of the fact that everything is energy and that we are actually governed by energetic and Universal Laws has changed my life completely. It is one thing to know everything is energy but to apply it to everyday life is a whole other ballgame, but one that we eventually all have to get to as it is the only way out of this very flawed way of life we have created for ourselves.

  33. Our everyday choices make the whole of who we are and can be. Although the centre of whom we are can never be changed, thank God we have that insurance policy, but the reflection we offer is always our choice.

  34. Mary-Lou thank you for sharing your experience, It is amazing how when we make more self-loving choices brings us back to who we truly are.

  35. Thats a great sharing and claim of making independent choices. It is so easy to be accused of following someone or being influenced by something when it is not in line with the mainstreamed, normalized abusive behavior people are used to. It is time to claim that everybody has the power to make self-loving choices out of a personal choice to live that way.

  36. ‘I started to observe rather than absorb the energy of life around me’, something I am getting better and better at and have noticed how life is so much simpler and loving and have lots more time and space to nurture, nourish and appreciate myself.

  37. I love how you express Mary Lou that what you have found is truth and you found it within you and the clear difference with what we think is right. This is what Serge Benhayon offers; a reconnection back to what has been living within for all time.

  38. Thank you Mary Lou. I love the simplicity of your sharing. Your unfolding feels very supportive, honouring and like you give yourself the time and space to really feel what is true for you.

    I second . . . ‘For me, this work is about everyday self-loving choices, ‘

  39. What stands out for me Mary Lou is that you didn’t know who Serge was whilst you were practising the very Meditation he, himself is the presenter of. And that’s just the point, it is not Serge necessarily that we are connecting to, it’s the quality of the energy that we are aligning to. When we are open and ready for truth, it’s just there waiting.

  40. A simple beautiful sharing Mary-Lou that reflects it begins with us choosing to love ourselves.

  41. A beautiful sharing Mary-Lou, when we feel the true care and love offered by Serge Benhayon it supports us to make changes in our lives that truly work. I especially like your last sentence –
    “I am very grateful for the true reflection, consistently presented by Serge Benhayon and the Esoteric Student body, as now I am open to the Love of all whom I meet, because they get more of the TRUE me.” – well said!

    1. Thank you Mary-Lou and Anna, I love the line about being the “True me”! For me understanding the difference between being and the ‘true’ meaning of being our-self or me is huge. The lies and deception that goes on to keep us from being the Sons of God the “True me” is massive. “The true reflection presented by Serge Benhayon” and the Students of the Livingness is bringing a greater awareness of love, which is the “True me” and is there for all to see.

  42. Timing is a powerful thing. Crossing paths with someone, picking up a book or hearing a conversation about something life changing, if you are ready it can kick off the beautiful life changes that you speak of. Your openness and love is evident in this Beautiful blog about life-changing choices and unfoldment. Thanks Mary Lou.

    1. Yes and I am starting to see there are no accidents. We are exactly where we are meant to be at any given time as a result of the choices and movements we have made up until that point. It is a very humbling and yet empowering realisation.

  43. “For me, this work is about everyday self-loving choices, so simple” – indeed, so simple. It is very inspiring to feel how steady and solid you are, and how you are taking the ownership at each step of your unfoldment, reclaiming yourself. Thank you for sharing, Mary-Lou.

  44. ‘As now I am open to the Love of all whom I meet, because they get more of the TRUE me’ – so true, Mary-Lou. Having always kept people at a distance, I have found that, the more I let people in, the more of me comes out….

  45. How cool, Mary-Lou! It’s true, the self-loving choices outgrow themselves, what has been self-loving at some point, is not so anymore some steps down the path. And constantly God is taking care for all that is needed for us to be more of us.

  46. Beautiful blog Mary-Lou. I can feel your gentle unfoldment as a result of the “..everyday self loving choices” that you have made.

  47. Thank you Mary-Lou for your blog. “this work is about everyday self loving choices” is the truth as I see it too, and the Gentle Breath Meditation is definitely as great place to start.

  48. Cool Mary Lou! You make it sound just how it is, so simple and makes such sense to choose to live a life connected to your body.
    So awesome!

  49. Lovely to hear your journey Mary-Lou, and the effect of the loving support offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have had on your life. How amazing is it that by simply listening to our bodies and making some simple changes can have such a profound effect?

  50. Beautiful Mary-Lou! My experience was pretty much along your lines. Till six years ago, I never ever heard the name Serge Benhayon. When I attended my first Universal Medicine event, I was not looking for anything. Overtime, I have decided to keep my association with Universal Medicine and its teachings because I can feel the extent to which they have an amazing impact on my body. My process was totally empirical without preconceptions or expectations of any kind. Over time, things that appear weird to me (like healing symbols) became part of my life. I will never forget the first time with a healing symbol. It was a gift. I read what it says, sat on it with profound skepticism and could immediately feel an immense amount of cold leaving my kidneys. As I removed it, this stopped. I put it back and continued. I could also feel how stilling was. I remember saying, I have not idea what the hell is this but this works amazingly. I simply surrendered to the evidence. My unfoldment was always like this, be open, try and feel what happens to the body and in the body. This way of unfolding was totally alien to my up to then experience.

  51. Thank you for sharing with us Mary Lou. It is amazing that this gentle transformation has come from simple, gradual changes in your daily living, and nothing requiring rocket science or great expense or effort!

  52. I love how you share that something as simple as the Gentle Breath Meditation had such a profound effect on you life (it did for me too). Also that you made these choices from what you felt in your body, rather than from being told by another – how empowering to have such a foundation of truth in your body.

  53. The Universal Medicine Healing courses and workshops are indeed a truly loving support to everyday life and the benefits from the more loving choices made as a result are profound. This was lovely to read Mary-Lou, thank you for sharing your story.

  54. Well said Mary-Lou thank you for sharing. “the truth resonates in our hearts” – for me when someone speaks truth my whole body lights up and says yes, it helps me drop my defensive guard and allows me to build trust with others. So too often people hold bits back and effectively lie to get through life, I know I have done this a lot, and when someone speaks this way or more aggressively so it creates a tension and tightness in my body and I can easily go on the defensive wanting to protect myself. The truth brings a sense spaciousness to my body as it allows me to simply just be, without asking me to be anything other than me!

    1. I have experienced this too James, if someone presents truth, there is a sense of relief, as though they have said what was there to be said, and I knew it anyway. And, the same goes for me, if I speak honestly and truthfully, even if it may be uncomfortable, there is a spaciousness, if I hold back I’m left with a tension in my body. It is all very tangible which is quite amazing, and makes it easy to see how the way we are effects our body, health and wellbeing.

  55. Everyone’s own way is different in how we come back to truth, in other words how we come back to ourselves and who we really are; we are all equally innocent, gentle and divine. The catalyst for me rediscovering these qualties that had always been within me, was the reflection of love from Serge Benhayon on the very first course I attended.

    1. Thank you Mary-lou and Jacqueline, I agree, “we all come back to ourselves and who we really are” and “I am gently unfolding in my own way, and in my own time.” This is simply the true way in which, Serge Benhayon presents – to be the love you are and unfold at your own pace!

  56. Thank you Mary-Lou Reed for sharing and I agree totally with your words “this work is about everyday self-loving choices, so simple”.
    Serge Benhayon presents things very simple which makes sense. This for me is the main reason why I can understand things as I don’t like anything complicated. It is also the reason why I can then apply what is being presented and live that way which then becomes a way of living. I am sure this because it is simple and feels the Truth to me, I have been able to be consistent and committed and have not had the need or pull to keep searching as I have done so in the past.

  57. I agree Mary Lou that there is a big difference in following something that you feel for yourself and following something that you have been told or ordered to do. I also have been very sensitive to resisting being told what to do by authority or others. The beautiful thing about what Serge Benhayon presents is that it is always very practical and very testable by simply trying out more self loving choices and my own body has always proven beyond a doubt that there is much truth in all that Serge has presented.

  58. Hi Mary-Lou, beautiful to read of your gentle unfolding back to the true you, in your own way and in your own time…very inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  59. “I am very grateful for the true reflection, consistently presented by Serge Benhayon and the Esoteric Student body, as now I am open to the Love of all whom I meet, because they get more of the TRUE me.” Beautifully expressed and is what most, if not all, the Student Body experience and so is ever expanding.

  60. Thank you for sharing your story Mary-Lou, I agree with you that the tools Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine teach such and the gentle breath meditation are life-changing. It is so simple yet so profound!

  61. Gentle breath meditation if done each day even for a very few minutes in complete stillness is very effective and yes, just that in itself is sometimes enough to inspire a person to fire up their own curiosity to feel that there is way more to humans and human life than meets the eye, and the life we know it to be. Thank you for sharing Mary-Lou.

  62. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us. It is truly amazing what the body has to ‘say’ once you give it a chance.

  63. I agree it is the everyday simple choices that we make that allows our lives to become very consistent, so much more loving and very very supportive.

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