My Body has Never led me Astray

by Naren Duffy, Australia

I was invited to have a listen to a series of recorded talks given by Serge Benhayon. Upon listening to the first of the recordings I could immediately feel that there was something different being presented here. Some of it did not quite ‘work’ with what I had been reading or doing until then, but the question that was being posed to me, not by Serge, but by myself was, “what has actually been working in your life up to this point?”.

I had dallied with different spiritual teachings and read loads of spiritual books, done psychedelic and recreational drugs, studied Reiki, massage, etc. etc. etc. All of these had varying, though temporary levels of making me feel good for a while. But eventually the underlying discontent with the way my life was would creep back in and the search for the next thing to ‘add to my tool belt’ would begin again.

In considering the question posed by Serge, I started making changes firstly by dropping things that weren’t ‘working’ for me. Many of those changes (especially around food) were ones that I had already made or had been feeling needed to be made. What was being revealed to me was not “You need to change like this, and be this way to be a good person”, but it was the fact that while I had known and had wanted to make changes in my life, I couldn’t make them stick. I realised that this was because I didn’t know WHY I was making choices that didn’t work again and again. Then more precisely, I realised that I did not even realise that I was making a choice at all – like being on auto-pilot or just getting through each moment in any way I could. So now I started to make choices that I was actually aware I was choosing to make.

Was it easy? No.

Was it smooth sailing and did my life change overnight? No. It has been very challenging at times. But in the past four years life has become much simpler and much much more enjoyable.

Did my eating habits change? Yes. But I had already stopped eating sugar, caffeine, dairy and wheat, so what Serge presented in these matters simply served to confirm what I already knew. From there it was just learning to continue to trust myself in what my body was telling me it didn’t work well with.

Did I start going to bed early? Eventually. And now I have more energy in my day than I have ever had before, all without needing anything to “get me going in the morning” or through the day.

Did my relationship end? Yes, it did, but it was a relationship that was propped up by casual drug use and neither one of us was happy. Had we continued we were on a path to probably have a baby to try and keep things alive between us, which would have been incredibly unfair to both the child and us.

Did my lovemaking change? Yes! For the Better!!

But the big question for me (and for many people) is this: How do I feel about myself? I feel better about who I am than I ever have. Ever. And my life has completely turned around. Not because of Serge Benhayon. Not because of Universal Medicine. But because of Me. Because I know now who I am and I choose to live as That – as best I can.

Have I learned from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine? Yes I have, but what he has taught me is that I already know all that I ever need to know and I can feel this in my body. I just need to keep trusting that, because it has not ever led me astray.

119 thoughts on “My Body has Never led me Astray

  1. “How do I feel about myself? I feel better about who I am than I ever have. Ever. And my life has completely turned around. Not because of Serge Benhayon. Not because of Universal Medicine. But because of Me. Because I know now who I am and I choose to live as That – as best I can”. This is a powerful statement it describes everything about how I am since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It’s highlighted everything about me and who I truly am and that’s what’s presented all the time. It’s a matter of choosing to be that instead of being something you are not, with that constant wondering that life is always better elsewhere. But life will always be “better” inside of you when you know the absoluteness of knowing you.

  2. The greatest learning in life comes from within, and it comes from within when we are ready to embrace it. What triggers this? In my experience this inner learning and the access to the inner knowing has been triggered by someone else who has reflected something so powerful back to me by them living it themselves. This has been the ‘reminder’ my body has needed to then be aware and begin to make a change that can be lived rather than just kept hidden within.

    1. I love the art of reflection. Every single person that we meet in our day-to-day life is reflecting something to us. When we react, we know that there’s something for us to look at within that needs healing. It is simple as that. If they react then it is also an offering of healing and something for them to look at from within, IF they are willing to do so.

  3. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to allow ourselves to be AWARE. With awareness comes the choices of how we can then change things, and without awareness we are not even in the knowing that we are doing something and have a choice to do things differently.

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