Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration

by Vicky Geary

Nine years ago I went to a presentation by Universal Medicine where I met Natalie Benhayon. She was 13 and I was 28. Over the last nine years I have watched Natalie become the truly amazing, beautiful woman that she is today. She is now only 22 and I am 37 but regardless of her age, she is a constant source of inspiration for me. She is now what I know a true role model to be.

I didn’t know how Natalie was living but I wanted to know and thus would constantly observe her. Not only did I observe her changing from a teenager to an adult, I observed something in her that I had not seen expressed quite so clearly in another. Natalie becoming, what I can now call, a true woman. And for someone at only 22 years old to be able to show me that, I couldn’t help but notice.

While I have had many women in my life, no one I had known until I met Natalie had been able to constantly demonstrate the kind of grace, beauty, stillness and integrity that Natalie embodies.

It has only been in the last two years that I have had the opportunity to receive healing treatments from Natalie. She is a highly sought after Practitioner at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah and I often have to wait two to three months for a session and have found them to be invaluable and life changing.

Natalie has never talked to my ovaries, however I have received ovary massages that have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of myself as a woman, the choices I am making and the effect my choices are having on my body.

I can now feel my ovaries and they ‘talk’ to me. For example, choices that I make that are pushing my body beyond its capacity, can create a pain or discomfort in my ovaries which I now know is my body’s way of saying to me that what I am choosing is damaging to my health. This isn’t just food and drink choices, but extends to all areas of my life, including how I am in relationships, how I am at work, what I say, how I move and how I pick up and lift things. It has taken time, dedication and an honesty with myself to develop a connection with my body. For a long time I have been so disconnected from my own body, I wasn’t able to take notice of what my body at times was desperately trying to tell me.

Through my sessions with Natalie, I have been able to develop this re-connection and have learnt to trust in my body again. It doesn’t take much to look around at the female role models we have in our society today, from movie stars, pop stars to sports stars and the like, and their lifestyle choices to see why we have become so lost and disconnected as women.

Do we want to see sisters, friends and daughters go down the path of alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, poor body image and self-destruction, or is there another way?

Natalie Benhayon lives in a way that supports who she is as a true woman and makes choices every day to honour that. She is a marker to all of us that there may indeed be another way to live, love, and nurture.

There is a choice to be made.

383 thoughts on “Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration

  1. The wisdom that we all have the potential to share equally is not age related – for a child’s words and intention can stop you in your tracks and wake you up with a revelation that can be just as wise as an elders.

    1. Spot on Suse – and this is the beauty about life in that what we live and have access to when we live from the heart, is immense wisdom that is not from this world.

  2. How many women do we have in our lives that we can say are TRUE role models? As in, whilst they are not perfect, there is a wholeness to their life that is inspiring and not just broken down into parts, where it is the way they live that is inspiring and not just what they look, like or what they do. Natalie covers all bases and does not hold back any part of her being. It’s a huge source of inspiration for many.

  3. Natalie Benhayon inspires me every day to be all that I am because she lets herself be all that she is. It is a priceless gift to have such an inspiration in my life.

  4. What is so profound is that Natalie lives her life without any shame or holding back of who she knows she is… I mean that is inspirational already. Since so many of us hold back what we actually have so strongly: our endless truth, power, wisdom, love, vibrance, uniqueness, beauty and joy that they feel.. Why? Why if we know it, not live it? We come in a spinning of wheel of behaviors and attitude to try and mask it away, to pretend we only have a little or even nothing! Crazy heh? What Natalie shows us that we can drop those guards down, no longer shy away from everything we got and to actually claim what we know that is divine. To no longer doubt it but actually embrace who we are in all our strength and vulnerability.

  5. The gift of having women around me such as Natalie Benhayon is huge.
    To see her and feel how she lives in her body is deeply healing and supportive to make loving choices for myself and to honour myself as a woman.

  6. A lot of our current female role models in society are very lost as women – in terms of not having a true deep connection with themselves and honouring this first and foremost. From movie stars to models we see women out there projecting out to all other women what is is to be a woman, yet there is nothing really of substance that is on offer. I do not say this to be critical or judgemental – as women we have all lost our way to some degree and so we have often settled for what we have thought it is to be a woman…But as Vicky has shared in this blog, when you do have the blessing of encountering someone like Natalie Benhayon, you get to feel what a true woman’s reflection brings, and then with this marker, you know deep inside that measuring up to this means coming from a deep sacred space within which allows no compromise.

  7. A woman’s body is exquisitely communicative – it is an open book if we are willing to read it and hear what it is communicating to us. This is the learning in this life, simply a way for us to learn to listen, to read and then once the message has been recieved, accepting the biggest challenge of all which is to heed and honour that message! Funny how that seems to be the hardest part of all, at least in my experience – and it seems that there is still an attachment on some level to proving myself as a woman rather than allowing my body just to be and unfold as the graceful woman that I am.

  8. A choice, one of truth and honor. Honoring who we are and what we feel and how treat our divine body.. No longer allowing the abuse to come in (the self-abuse and abuse from others), step by step eliminating all the abuse out of our lives.

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