Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration

by Vicky Geary

Nine years ago I went to a presentation by Universal Medicine where I met Natalie Benhayon. She was 13 and I was 28. Over the last nine years I have watched Natalie become the truly amazing, beautiful woman that she is today. She is now only 22 and I am 37 but regardless of her age, she is a constant source of inspiration for me. She is now what I know a true role model to be.

I didn’t know how Natalie was living but I wanted to know and thus would constantly observe her. Not only did I observe her changing from a teenager to an adult, I observed something in her that I had not seen expressed quite so clearly in another. Natalie becoming, what I can now call, a true woman. And for someone at only 22 years old to be able to show me that, I couldn’t help but notice.

While I have had many women in my life, no one I had known until I met Natalie had been able to constantly demonstrate the kind of grace, beauty, stillness and integrity that Natalie embodies.

It has only been in the last two years that I have had the opportunity to receive healing treatments from Natalie. She is a highly sought after Practitioner at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah and I often have to wait two to three months for a session and have found them to be invaluable and life changing.

Natalie has never talked to my ovaries, however I have received ovary massages that have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of myself as a woman, the choices I am making and the effect my choices are having on my body.

I can now feel my ovaries and they ‘talk’ to me. For example, choices that I make that are pushing my body beyond its capacity, can create a pain or discomfort in my ovaries which I now know is my body’s way of saying to me that what I am choosing is damaging to my health. This isn’t just food and drink choices, but extends to all areas of my life, including how I am in relationships, how I am at work, what I say, how I move and how I pick up and lift things. It has taken time, dedication and an honesty with myself to develop a connection with my body. For a long time I have been so disconnected from my own body, I wasn’t able to take notice of what my body at times was desperately trying to tell me.

Through my sessions with Natalie, I have been able to develop this re-connection and have learnt to trust in my body again. It doesn’t take much to look around at the female role models we have in our society today, from movie stars, pop stars to sports stars and the like, and their lifestyle choices to see why we have become so lost and disconnected as women.

Do we want to see sisters, friends and daughters go down the path of alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, poor body image and self-destruction, or is there another way?

Natalie Benhayon lives in a way that supports who she is as a true woman and makes choices every day to honour that. She is a marker to all of us that there may indeed be another way to live, love, and nurture.

There is a choice to be made.

369 thoughts on “Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration

  1. ovary imprints are real, I can verify that Natalie Benhayon has been able to uncover aspects of my life as a child that were embedded in my ovaries- its incredible what is stored away there, impacting us daily, for better or worse, until we consciously connect with whats there and choose to take up the healing that is on offer. I have been so grateful for the love and support of Natalie Benhayon in helping me heal much that was needed.

  2. Until Natalie Benhayon introduced Sacred Movement and the Ovary Massage, I would have struggled to even know where my ovaries where in the body, never mind be able to feel them and read the subtle messages they give me about the way I am choosing to live. And even though I know this connection is still deepening, every day I really value the constant feedback in this area of my body, about how it feels to be a woman.

    1. Oh I so hear you…..I knew I had them and vaguely what they did, but feel them or have any connection to them – mmmpphhhh, not a chance. Until now, and developing a relationship with them is like developing a relationship with a divine part of yourself. Oh yeah 🙂

  3. Being aware of my ovaries is a enormous support to how I feel. When they are painful or I am ovulated, I feel my body in a different way. It supports my awareness and I know more how I am treating myself, with love or not love. It also informs a knowing and connection with divinity and my sacredness as a woman that is forever deepening and evolving. Amazing.

  4. Sacred Movement, oh my gosh, amazing, I have been in a group since December 2015 and it is deeply inspiring and connecting to my essence as woman. Natalie Benhayon is a light of inspiration when it comes to being a woman and Women’s Health, because of how she lives, the consistency, love and care she is committed to.

  5. I have regular sessions with Natalie throughout June and November when she is in the UK, I have found ovary massages have supported me so much in my healing journey, especially helping me connect to my femaleness and sacredness. Each session I go deeper with my connection with them. I am now able to ‘read the messages’ my ovary give.

  6. There is a choice to be made in every moment and the quality we choose will support us to connect deeper with who we are or will get us more lost from who we truly are. Natalie Benhayon lives in a way that she just builds love in her body. She is very committed to evolve not just for her but equally so for all humanity.

  7. Natalie’s commitment to continually working on being more of who she is so that she can continually support others at greater depths is inspiring.

  8. Natalie’s way of living a life of truly honouring herself and her sacredness as a woman is deeply inspiring and an amazing role model for all woman of all ages, She is committed to living her life in full giving back to humanity in all ways of her being and doing, we are truly blessed by the light of her livingness.

  9. It really is about redeveloping a trust in one’s body, I know for me, Natalie has also provided so much in the way of inspiration, but equally so, I agree with your comment, “It has taken time, dedication and an honesty with myself to develop a connection with my body”. When we have avoided our bodies for a long time, overridden the amazing wisdom we hold, to protect ourselves, (or that is what we think we are doing),so it does take time and dedication to rebuild that trust.

  10. Natalie Benhayon is a true role model in my life also, and every session I have with her is so supportive and deeply healing. Natalie constantly reflects how we can live as women, taking great care of ourselves, feeling connected to our true qualities and inner beauty, being self loving and self nurturing, and living from a sense of joy and self worth that we ourselves can take full responsibility for.

  11. At the age of 13, I told a friend of mine that I can feel my ovaries. Before every period I’d get some tension in either my right or left ovary. I knew what that meant, and I shared it with a friend. She laughed at me so much claiming that we can’t feel our ovaries, “they just do their job”. I felt so silly because of that and began to ignore that feeling. 8 years later, I am now again starting to pay attention to what my body is signaling and it feels amazing.

    1. wow VIktoriya what you share is so exposing of the way we live always looking outside and in disconnection to our own bodies such that people think you crazy for connecting to your body – this is the topsy-turvy upside-down back-to-front discombobulation that we call normal these days.

    2. Isn’t it rather crazy the other way round that most of us women do not feel their ovaries? After all we live with our body day in day out, we are constantly with it, so it seems quite natural to me to know our bodies and feel their different parts. That we do not feel the inner workings of our bodies just shows how very much we live with the focus on the outside, trying to function and confirming to what the world demands.

  12. Natalie Benhayon is indeed a role model and continues to inspire thousands around the world. Sill in her 20s, Natalie is a role model and elder (wise woman) whilst still being a very hot young woman!

  13. You are right Vicky, “the female role models we have in our society today, from movie stars, pop stars to sports stars and the like, and their lifestyle choices to see why we have become so lost and disconnected as women.” – This realization let me ask myself why they become role models at all? Just because they are famous? Gives us a reflection on our values!

  14. Natalie Benhayon truly does show that it is possible for a women to live in deep honouring of her body whilst being fully engaged with the world also. The absolute respect that she holds herself and all others consistently in is very inspiring.

  15. “It doesn’t take much to look around at the female role models we have in our society today, from movie stars, pop stars to sports stars and the like, and their lifestyle choices to see why we have become so lost and disconnected as women.” I couldn’t agree more. How far astray we have gone from who we really are. Natalie is a constant reminder to me also of what is possible to be a positive and inspiring role model in life. She is a true and consistent inspiration.

  16. “While I have had many women in my life, no one I had known until I met Natalie had been able to constantly demonstrate the kind of grace, beauty, stillness and integrity that Natalie embodies.” The same for me Vicky, Natalie was the first woman I met that had truly embodied being a woman and accepted who she was in full. Everything about her reflects to women that we can be this too if we are willing to make different choices. She is an amazing inspiration for both young and old and she has certainly inspired me to make changes in my life that have allowed the more gentle caring tender and loving woman in me to unfold.

  17. It’s amazing how disconnected we can be that we don’t notice the many signs our bodies are giving us to tell us of the harm we are choosing or the path we are on being the wrong one… it’s gorgeous that you have been so inspired to develop a reconnection and communication with yourself that you now live in a way that honours that.

    1. Yes it is shocking the degree of disconnection we can be in, and often not know it till much further down the track if or when we have a chance to re-connect. I certainly had no clue how lost I was, all the while thinking I was doing pretty well. These days, thanks to Natalie Benhayon and Esoteric Women’s Health for the most part, I can look back and see it clearly.

  18. What strikes me on reading this blog is just how important it is to know what is going on in our ovaries. We normally want to know about our heart, kidney, and liver health, so why not our ovaries? Our ovaries are a vital part of our body and we need to pay attention when there is a tension/pain/discomfort in them, no different than if we had chest pain we would at the very least go to the doctor to have it checked out or better still treat it as an emergency and go to the emergency department. Why do we not treat our ovaries with the same level of care and respect?

    1. I like the question you are posing Elizabeth, we are so taught to override, toughen up, grit our teeth and not make a fuss about our femaleness, it is like we feel it is not worth paying attention to.

  19. Thanks to Natalie Benhayon and Serge Benhayon I have a far deeper understanding and awareness of how I am with my body (reckless or careless with it, bumping it, in stress, nervous energy etc) and how I run my day has an instant impact on my body and being, and this my body can present back to me very clearly if I choose to stop and pay heed. This is a sure way to get to understand the consequences of our choices and importantly that there are choices in every moment we make that are in alignment with what is true for us, or aligning to a different way that may provide the comfort of temporary dullness or distraction, but we know is not true and that inevitably the harm it brings comes back to be healed..

  20. I have just received a series of Esoteric Ovary Massages from Natalie Benhayon, and each one has been life changing as I have felt supported to explore, become more honest about and deepen my relationship with my body, myself as a woman and as a mother.

  21. “choices that I make that are pushing my body beyond its capacity, can create a pain or discomfort in my ovaries which I now know is my body’s way of saying to me that what I am choosing is damaging to my health.” I wouldn’t have thought this was possible till I have felt it in my own body. When you choose to connect, deeply connect, the honesty can be incredibly confronting, therefore it is wise to have support from a practitioner who is living with this awareness herself and is able to remind you to stay present and observe what comes up. Simply choosing to make a different choice with self care and self love.

  22. It’s very true what you write Vicky about modern role models for women who are incredibly disregarding of themselves and their bodies, on the surface its made out they have it all (fame, money etc) but it really means nothing if there is low self worth, lack of self love, an inability to cherish or honour themselves. Modern role models for women seem to also have a lack of awareness of their true inner qualities of stillness and sacredness. To me Natalie Benhayon is a true leader of women, as she is embodying sacredness and a way of living that is deeply loving and honouring, and she is truly serving so many people.

  23. Vicky thank you for your sharing, I too have had similar experiences with Natalie Benhayon. I started having sessions with Natalie couple of years ago and they have have been so profound and life changing, I have learnt so much about myself and my body, how I was living which was harming myself with the choices I was making. Natalie’s Livingness is a true reflection and she is a great role model.

  24. I could watch Natalie Benhayon move forever, the grace, the stillness the poise and there is something more, that makes you stop and your mind cannot figure it out, but your heart can deeply feel and connect to it,

    1. Exactly Judith, and I have learned over the years to understand the significance of the body registering something true in that way. It is so easy to be taken by a body or face that is outwardly beautiful, without discerning the quality of being that is being lived underneath.

  25. Thank you for setting the record straight Vicky, The media and certain cyber bullies have wanted to paint Esoteric Ovary Massage in a way that totally misrepresents what it is. What you say here about Natalie is spot on, she is an amazing world class role model for all women/girls at every stage of their lives.

  26. Natalie Benhayon is truly inspirational, the way she holds herself and moves, she has a fullness, a warmth and no apology for who she is as a woman. The fact is all of us can be this way, it is not about being special or more, it is about claiming who we have been born to be as women. She inspires this claiming in others, amazing.

  27. Regardless of their age when somebody else chooses to challenge the norm and show there is another way to live and be it can indeed inspire us all to do the same.

  28. Great look at what our female role models are in the world, praised for their body, mind or what they do, not who they truly are, or the quality they live with. True role models live in a way that is consistent in all areas of their life, they aren’t afraid to shine, are humble and know themselves to be gentle, still and amazing just like everyone else equally, and so true inspiration is shared. Natalie Benhayon is an inspirational woman.

  29. I would never have paid attention to my ovaries and what they were trying to communicate to me had I not been made aware of them through the presentations by Universal Medicine. The truth is, I often ignore what they’re trying to say, often because I choose to be irresponsible and override the message, which is often something along the lines of me needing to slow down, or needing to take deeper care in what I’m doing, and also sometimes they react to something I eat…true story…and it’s almost always excess sugar!
    So much to learn from our bodies if and when we are prepared to listen!

  30. A women claimed in her true power is truly mesmerising. Natalie is a walking embodiment of the divinity bringing the light of the universe. Natalie reflects the true beauty every women has within them.

    1. This is beautiful Samantha, it is so true Natalie is absolutely mesmerising but not in a fastidious or obsessive way. Natalie expresses the divine aspect of what it is to be a woman and live this every day, so we all have a marker to aspire to. There is no other woman that I have met that has the qualities and be willing to express them with such grace and beauty.

      1. Exquisitely expressed Alisonmoir and Samantha. This is exactly what I have felt whenever I meet Natalie Benhayon. She is indeed mesmerising in a way that is inspiring, totally divine and gorgeous.

  31. I would not be where I am today without Natalie Benhayon… of that I am certain. All she has presented, offered through sessions and lives daily, through which I see the result constantly has been influential beyond measure towards my own unfolding as a woman, knowing who I am in the way I now do. Understanding what a true role model is has changed everything in the way I now look to other women, and the way I see myself. Without women who are prepared to live the fullness of who they are, none of us will ever change, and when we do, everything changes.

  32. Natalie Benhayon is a true role model in showing us all what it is to be a woman by living it every moment of the day. I love to watch her move, there is such grace, playfulness and sassiness that you can’t help but want to observe her. She is not just a very beautiful woman, she is an amazing practitioner and I have learnt so much about myself and how through my life and the choices I have made, I have walked away from the delicate woman I now know myself to be. I have had quite a few ovary massages and each one has supported me in going deeper with what it means to be a woman and shows me where I am still not living it. If it were not for Natalie I would not even be questioning what it is to be a woman and our role in society let alone wanting to live it.

  33. Natalie Benhayon offers us all a true inspiration of what it is possible once we commit to living in a way connected to our soul, there is no magic tricks or anything like that just the consistency and responsibility of being who we truly are.

  34. Thank you Vicky, I too am continuously inspired by Natalie Benhayon. Her beauty, grace, wisdom and love shines through consistently. She is a role model and absolute inspiration for us all, both women and men.

  35. Natalie Benhayon is a true role model. I am always inspired by her. I once simply saw her taking a lunch time walk in the park and was blown away by the grace and presence she holds. Now if that wasn’t an absolute reflection of the amazingness we hold by our very being I don’t know what is. A great lesson in accepting I am enough by who I am and not by having to do anything well or good or whatever. Accepting that by allowing my stillness I allow myself to feel what there is to do – not thinking I have to do good things to be somebody.

  36. Natalie Benhayon is simply super. And sexy. And sassy. And oh so wise. And committed. And steady. And gorgeous. And playful. And strong and clear. Love her to bits.

  37. When I think of Natalie, I only feel a sense of huge inspiration. I have only spoken to her twice, however I feel like she is a very dear friend who I know cares for me and everybody else very deeply.

  38. “It doesn’t take much to look around at the female role models we have in our society today, from movie stars, pop stars to sports stars and the like, and their lifestyle choices to see why we have become so lost and disconnected as women.” Yes we need to redefine the word ‘role model’ and truly look at what the so-called role models you mentioned above are really role modelling to all young women growing up. Natalie Benhayon role models deep care, love and nurturing for the woman she is which is very needed in this world.

  39. Absolutely Natalie is the sort of role model that we all need young and old! A real inspiration of how to live in harmony with nature and the universal energy of love.

  40. That question of do we want to see our sisters and girlfriends etc going down the paths of self-destruction – most if not all would say no yet it does at times happen. And yet just by being herself, without getting involved or invested in the lives of others Natalie Benhayon has a way of inspiring women to not go down or turn away from that downward path. This to me is amazing as you can tell she doesn’t even try to make her focus about the other but knows that by being herself she is supporting others to heal, it’s beautiful.

  41. Natalie Benhayon is indeed a true role model. She has and continues to inspire me to deepen my connection with the beauitiful delicate, sexy, powerful and sacred woman I now know myself to be – thanks to her.

  42. Vicky the quality of your blog is really beautifull as is your testimony to Natalie, everything you have shared about her is so true her consistency, wisdom, depth, beauty, love, stillness and integrity are truly inspiring. Natalie is a role model for many woman and will be one for many more. Natalie has certainly helped me claim the woman I truly am through both observing her and in one-to-one sessions. I also wanted to appreciate that there is zero jealousy or compassion from you being slightly older yet seeing a woman who is younger not hold back and be everything she is, even turning to her for counsel. This is true sisterhood.

  43. I find it odd that women walk around with ovaries, breasts and may other body part for that matter yet we have little or no connection to them – but it’s considered more odd to connect to them!

    1. Great point Nikki. It has become far more normal to completely ignore these organs as if they weren’t even there.

  44. Natalie Benhayon is a true inspiration and I love all she lives and brings to the world especially in women’s health.

  45. Not only is Natalie Benhayon a true inspiration, what and how she presents at every level is continuing to grow in stature so that what is presented is a true Livingness, which holds everyone as an equal and obtainable by all.

  46. What Natalie Benhayon embodies and what she shares with many from around the world will be studied for generations to come. Natalie Benhayon embodies the Woman in the fullness and power she innately is. She has inspired me to change my life enormously so, and many thousands of women the world over. She is a remarkable woman and an absolute blessing to the world at this time.

  47. Our body speaks very clearly to us and that includes every part of it, i.e. the ovaries in this particular instance. The only reason why this can attract ridicule or derision is because we haven’t been listening and tend to treat our body as a mere functioning unit that must deliver, no matter what we ask of it.

  48. True wisdom has no age barriers, Natalie is not only a bundle of joy she know whats she is talking about and offers such wise counsel.

  49. Natalie does know how to work with us so deeply and unfold what is there to be read in our bodies. I am so glad that I trust her completely. She is awesome and I am so glad to have her consistency in my life.

  50. It was only yesterday I was observing Natalie Benhayon move and had such appreciation for having her in my life. She is an incredible inspiration, feeling how much I gain watching a true women move and feeling how needed true women are in our society.

  51. I have found that every part of my body ‘speaks’ to me when I am paying attention. We may override this or make light of it, yet we do so at our own expense. There is a wealth of wisdom the body shares.

  52. “have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of myself as a woman, the choices I am making and the effect my choices are having on my body.”

    This is the absolute magic of Universal Medicine Therapies, in a completely safe and non-judgemental space, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself, examine the choices that you are making and how they effect your body. From this point, you are free to choose to continue – or not – those choices.

  53. Our body is always communicating to us, in different ways and from different parts or organs, but whatever the communication it is definitely worth listening to and honouring it in my experience.

  54. Natalie Benhayon is one of the most inspiring women I know…(along with her sister Simone Benhayon I have to add!). Her way of living is truly inspirational and she shows just what it means to be a true woman through every movement and action.

  55. Thank you Vicky for this appreciation of Natalie Benhayon. Five years on and Natalie is still evolving and embodying the wisdom of the ages. Being with her now is more inspirational than ever and I am sure this will continue, her commitment and dedication is palpable.

  56. I agree whole heartedly, Natalie is an inspiration and age has no barrier concerning inspiration. It can come from anyone at any moment. And as for our bodies, they are constantly talking to us, lettings know where we are holding stress and not caring for ourselves. I can feel it in my arms, shoulders, back, legs etc and yes my ovaries also.

  57. So beautifully said Vicky. I read about the power of mentors in an online publication today. The article mentioned that having an older mentor was the best ‘life hack’ there is because an older mentor can guide you so that you don’t have to make the mistakes that they did. This advice falls short for me as I too have being profoundly inspired by Natalie Benhayon and she is much younger than I am. Rather than ‘guide’ Natalie reflects a way to connect to our own wisdom as women.

    1. I am so with you Leonne, wisdom and inspiration can come through any age, the point is, be true to you. Natalie lives a life that is so engaged and committed and yet she never leaves herself less. That is an incredibly inspiring leader and one I would love to learn from regardless of their age. Natalie really talks her walk with grace and style.

  58. Gorgeous Vicky
    Aha.. This is an interesting noticable sentence from the blog:
    “Do we want to see sisters, friends and daughters go down the path of alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, poor body image and self-destruction, or is there another way?”
    Most of our current role models are based on as the above mentioned.. So the question is so well raised : why would we want our role models to be slaves to those thoughts,images, ideals and beliefs that feed nothing else but dispair in onces life. Whilst we know this exists, and this has been the way as many chosen, we can come to sense and feel that we indeed have a choice and that we can either feed the lie or commit to truth. If the world and living of humanity was based on truth – we would not have such roles models we have today.. Hence it is our whole humanity we need to change – not just one or two aspects. It requires the responsibility from us all..

  59. Very well asked : Do we want to see sisters, friends and daughters go down the path of alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, poor body image and self-destruction, or is there another way?
    Natalie Benhayon is showing us that exact way. So lets pay attention. Age does not matter. Lived wisdom does.

  60. Age is no barrier to wisdom when we listen to the Ageless Wisdom that is constantly flowing through our body. Natalie Benhayon is a role model for this truth.

  61. Everything that Natalie Benhayon shares and walks is a living example of choices we all have the opportunity to live. Squirm or learn is what is offered by her reflection and what an incredible example for all women this amazing woman is!

  62. The undeniable fact is that most women today live in disregard of how truly sensitive they are, pushing ourselves to keep up with the demands of modern day life, and seemingly thinking there is no other way than to keep up! But Natalie Benhayon shows us, there is another way, and that way is through the stillness in the body.

  63. I am forever inspired by Natalie Benhayon, she is claiming herself as a woman in this world in her truth and it is awesome to observe and when you see another claim themselves, you have no doubt that this can also be true for you. We can get jealous and compare, when we see glory walking around, and there are times I have, but I prefer to appreciate the shining light that she is and lives.

  64. Yes I agree Vicky Natalie certainly is . . ” a marker to all of us that there may indeed be another way to live, love, and nurture” . . . . and I am 61years of age and I find her a very inspiring role model and would seek her wise counsel any time as she is wise beyond her years.

  65. Natalie has never ‘talked’ to my ovaries either, but boy, can she read them! This simply means she tunes into what my body is reflecting or holding, just as I sometimes can when a practise my own self-healing, or treat others. This is nothing unusual – we all have access to this kind of intuitive, whole-body intelligence. But it does take a certain level of livingness to be able to do it without getting ourselves in the way. Natalie has a level of livingness that supports this, and a higher one than most at that.

  66. One of the many gorgeous qualities that Natalie Benhayon holds, is the fact that she doesn’t walk around as the chosen one or special or different from anyone else. She has not reached some exclusive enlightened point that no one else can move towards – what Natalie represents is inner wisdom and connection that is equally within us all. No VIP passes, she has put in the work to maintain and deepen her connection with herself and with God and this is very much what we all observe with inspired eyes and hearts.

  67. The ovaries , like any other part of the body, have a ‘lot to say’ about our lifestyle and the way we treat ourselves. Our body is always reflecting back to us.

  68. Gorgeously shared Vicky. Natalie Benhayon embodies the beingness, the sacredness, the graceful power and inner-beauty that is possible for all women to live when we commit to choosing to connect to our essence within and be guided by the qualities of love that represents who we truly are. It is so true that age does not limit inspiration, as when I look at Natalie I don’t see her age but rather I see and feel an embodiment of a vibration that is Divine, a quality that I also know is equally a true way of being for myself and every woman.

  69. In a very very loving gentle touch Natalie puts her hands on your clothes on your stomach on the part where are your ovaries. Never they was touched like that before. never I felt this love for myself when I touch my body. I started to feel my ovaries and since then I connect more with them and if I behave hard to myself during the day in how I move my body or express myself not loving I feel my ovaries hardening. Then I know I move in an ill rhythm. Time to change our ways. The effect on all those ill movements are making our body ill.

  70. The pictures we have of what maturity means for a woman are so far from what maturity truly means so much so that most of my life I have reacted towards growing older, I know the pictures we receive in the world are not true such as not all mature women have to look like iron ladies with a stern face or crossed arms and in fact, being mature is not a matter of age, but of our steadiness, commitment to life, stillness and responsibility.

  71. Brilliant Vicky, you show us so clearly that wisdom has nothing to do with accumulated knowledge, or years lived but connecting and living from your body. The way Natalie Benhayon is, so strong, powerful and funny too, shows how at any age we can live and stand up for truth.

  72. I wondered for a while what was meant by a ‘true’ woman surely, I thought, we are all true women. Yet, we may identify as women and have body parts that identify us as women, but how many of our behaviours are hardened to deal with what we do in our day to day when we are not listening to our bodies and its limitations? And therefore how many of us can say we can feel the strength that walks alongside that tenderness and fragility? I am not sure I could. Yes, I can lift a heavy box, but do I need to? Can I unpack the box and move it in parts so it is less heavy? I am learning daily what takes away the hardening I have taken as normal in my body and discovering a wonderfully delicate and strong woman underneath – the real and true me, yes, a woman 🙂

  73. There is a quality that we know to be true, and Natalie Benhayon simply expresses this quality in every movement and moment. A role model like no other I have experienced before.

  74. I feel immensely blessed to know Natalie Benhayon and be able to have sessions with her as well as all the presentations she offers.

  75. Its easy to make fun and ridicule when someone says “their body talks to them”, or “their ovaries talk”, but lets stop a moment and ask what that really means. When you have indigestion you can easily say your body is talking to you, it is saying don’t eat that food, or don’t eat so much of it. What about a headache, could the body be saying the way you’ve been living and caring for yourself isn’t working and maybe there is some part of life that needs to adjust? The body does talk, the problem is we don’t listen.

    1. I agree Heather, it is easy to make fun of something or even ridicule, but in the end we have to ask ourselves is this true or is it just a means to distract ourselves to not having to look at what has been presented to us.

  76. Natalie Benhayon, makes being all you are here to being simple. There is nothing complicated about living all that is there as potential, it takes consistency and care, but all of us are capable of this equally. She really is an amazing role model for all women to observe, appreciate and celebrate.

  77. Natalie Benhayon is a woman I deeply cherish, she is a true role model to me as to how to live in this world unencumbered by all that is going on but deeply caring and always present, supporting and helping.

  78. Valuing our body and developing our relationship with it is such a key part of life – it gives us the foundation for how we are in all our other relationships and how we express in all areas of our life.

  79. Natalie B is a profound role model for our celebrities – showing how to be truly content with yourself as a woman, not show off but being claimed in full and honoring of yourself 24/7 never selling out one ounce of yourself. Powerful. So I am very knowing of who to choose as my role model and this is Natalie B.

    1. Natalie makes me giggle because she is completely unafraid to stand out, to embrace her femininity and her amazingness. Yet there is absolutely no attachment to others getting it or feeding her self-worth. She really is a role model for celebrities!

  80. Natalie is all that she brings and brings all that she is that is a super sweet powerful and very tender woman that is deeply knowing of who she is.. A blessing to have by my side – the best role model you could get – that has a sweet and sassy smile that brings you right back to your sacredness. No kidding.. Being absolutely serious in its playful way. A role model that lives in separation to herself – is no true role model. Hence I’ve chosen mine well.

  81. What a blessing it is to have a connection with your ovaries. Even on the physical level, they are quite amazing things and if we bring in a multidimensional and energetic element, even more so. It is fairly common to pass off our body parts and organs, but why the uproar in connecting more with any part of our body?

  82. It is quite incredible that we live in our bodies 24/7, and for the majority of us we have little-to-none relationship with it unless we are ‘forced’ to with illness and disease. Natalie Benhayon is leading the world’s most power-full and gentle women’s revolution as she supports and inspires women to develop a relationship with their body and bring more self-love and self-care into their lives. From there, we can start to live the true woman that we are.

  83. For eons, we have been spoonfed how a woman should be/live/look like from left, right and center, and I am sure many of us have felt something was quite off so there must be another way but didn’t know what that another way was like. How blessed we are to have Natalie Benhayon as a true reflection.

  84. “I can now feel my ovaries and they ‘talk’ to me. For example, choices that I make that are pushing my body beyond its capacity, can create a pain or discomfort in my ovaries which I now know is my body’s way of saying to me that what I am choosing is damaging to my health” – This is so true Vicky, my ovaries also communicate at different times especially during menses cycle… and i imagine every woman at some stage in her life has experienced period pain or PMT. Over the years I’ve found the more or deeper i’ve connected to myself, to my body and to myself as a woman [inspired by Natalie Benhayon], the more I’ve been able to feel the ovaries whether that’s a pulsing, an ache, hardness.. or even a light spaciousness too.

  85. Absolutely there is a choice to be made.. A deeply inspiring question, that points out our truth.. ”Do we want to see sisters, friends and daughters go down the path of alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, poor body image and self-destruction, or is there another way?”
    There is a choice to be made.. by you, by me and by everyone. That is choose to change the current and make life about love.

  86. “There is a choice to be made.” Do we want to follow the trends that keep us away from knowing who we truly are or are we worth finding true settlement and contentment within ourselves?

  87. No, I definitely do not want to follow that route. Not everyone will get an opportunity to see what Natalie presents or how different she feels as a result of how she lives, so those of us who have had the blessing of seeing a young woman be herself and not get sucked into the coping mechanisms of life should walk as an example in our own communities. Through our movements, not our words. I can feel I have more to step into as I write this comment.

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