Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration

by Vicky Geary

Nine years ago I went to a presentation by Universal Medicine where I met Natalie Benhayon. She was 13 and I was 28. Over the last nine years I have watched Natalie become the truly amazing, beautiful woman that she is today. She is now only 22 and I am 37 but regardless of her age, she is a constant source of inspiration for me. She is now what I know a true role model to be.

I didn’t know how Natalie was living but I wanted to know and thus would constantly observe her. Not only did I observe her changing from a teenager to an adult, I observed something in her that I had not seen expressed quite so clearly in another. Natalie becoming, what I can now call, a true woman. And for someone at only 22 years old to be able to show me that, I couldn’t help but notice.

While I have had many women in my life, no one I had known until I met Natalie had been able to constantly demonstrate the kind of grace, beauty, stillness and integrity that Natalie embodies.

It has only been in the last two years that I have had the opportunity to receive healing treatments from Natalie. She is a highly sought after Practitioner at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah and I often have to wait two to three months for a session and have found them to be invaluable and life changing.

Natalie has never talked to my ovaries, however I have received ovary massages that have allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of myself as a woman, the choices I am making and the effect my choices are having on my body.

I can now feel my ovaries and they ‘talk’ to me. For example, choices that I make that are pushing my body beyond its capacity, can create a pain or discomfort in my ovaries which I now know is my body’s way of saying to me that what I am choosing is damaging to my health. This isn’t just food and drink choices, but extends to all areas of my life, including how I am in relationships, how I am at work, what I say, how I move and how I pick up and lift things. It has taken time, dedication and an honesty with myself to develop a connection with my body. For a long time I have been so disconnected from my own body, I wasn’t able to take notice of what my body at times was desperately trying to tell me.

Through my sessions with Natalie, I have been able to develop this re-connection and have learnt to trust in my body again. It doesn’t take much to look around at the female role models we have in our society today, from movie stars, pop stars to sports stars and the like, and their lifestyle choices to see why we have become so lost and disconnected as women.

Do we want to see sisters, friends and daughters go down the path of alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, poor body image and self-destruction, or is there another way?

Natalie Benhayon lives in a way that supports who she is as a true woman and makes choices every day to honour that. She is a marker to all of us that there may indeed be another way to live, love, and nurture.

There is a choice to be made.

424 thoughts on “Natalie Benhayon: Age No Barrier to Inspiration

  1. Natalie has inspired me to claim more of the beautiful lady I am, we are all so magnificent yet we stand in the shadow hiding from of our own glory.

  2. “Natalie Benhayon lives in a way that supports who she is as a true woman and makes choices every day to honour that. She is a marker to all of us that there may indeed be another way to live, love, and nurture.” To have a true women’s role model in my life is such a gift, there are so many distorted versions of what a woman is, including the self sacrificing mother and the hardened career woman, and the unholy focus on the physical body and how women are supposed to look. We seem to be exchanging picture after picture of how we are supposed to be as women, and there hasn’t been anything truly real out there that’s solid – until I found Natalie. Natalie truly lives what she talks about and models that not only is there a way to be in life that is deeply self honouring and self loving, but that it’s equally achievable by all.

  3. Natalie Benhayon is the deepest part of us reflected back to ourselves. Not that if we were all living from the deepest part of us we would all be identical in our expression, we wouldn’t but there would be a flavour that we all recognised.

    1. Thanks Alexis for this line “Natalie Benhayon is the deepest part of us reflected back to ourselves”, I hadn’t quite looked at it this way but it makes sense. It highlights the false role models that we idolise like movie and pop stars and how out of reach and unrelatable these lives are. Essentially they reflect a picture, not something real or achievable, which is what your comment communicates about Natalie, that what she models is something we are equally able to access. True role modeling and equality actually go hand in hand.

  4. Before I knew anything about Universal Medicine or Natalie Benhayon I had a serious diagnosis of my uterus and possibly one ovary. I realised that it was how I had treated myself in respect of these areas of my body as to why they were now infected/affected. When I listened to Serge Benhayon and the teachings he presents this was all confirmed in me. Later Natalie Benhayon started sharing Sacred Movement with us which supports us to connect to our cervix, ovaries and our sacredness, and I found that more healing was needed here for me. I still do Sacred Movement on a regular basis and find it very supportive in keeping my relationship with myself as a woman alive and well. The caring for my ovaries is just one of the many aspects for which I can be thankful to Natalie Benhayon – the sessions I have had with her have been hugely respectful and very supportive in looking at what is getting in the way of my living an absolutely healthy and joyous life.

  5. A true woman role model carries grace, beauty, stillness and integrity that is embodied, and there are not many women currently in our world who truly embody and live this each and every day. Yet each woman holds these qualities as a birth right deep within, and it is the choices that we make on a day to day basis that either activate and allow us to live these qualities for all to see OR deny them or bury them under other behaviours that are actually not natural to us. Herein lies the challenge for us all, to gradually incrementally, activate the grace, beauty, stillness and integrity that we all inherently hold within, in a world that does not tend to support this true expression as a woman.

    1. This is beautiful, Henrietta ‘… each woman holds these qualities as a birth right deep within’. There’s nothing to look for outside of us, but simply feeling and honouring our true nature, and of course this is much easier with the inspiration some women as Natalie offer to us with their reflection, by fully living them in their life.

    2. Henrietta this is a beautiful comment and very practical, it would make a great blog or article 🙂 What you have shared here feels like a truth that would benefit every women to have access to read.

  6. What Natalie Benhayon presents is a deep level of sacredness and reflects to us that we too are of this same quality, it is a matter of connecting, embracing and honouring which allows us to surrender to the next level available to us.

  7. Yes indeed there is a choice to be made and only we can make it for ourselves. I had my ovaries removed and it was only after they had been taken out that I actually got how they are energetic as well as physical. I had heard about people still feeling their legs after amputation but hadn’t really got it till I had my experience. I realise that the body talks, it speaks quietly and loudly depending on how much we listen and it also communicates with other bodies through body language and when we get a sense about something someone is feeling but not talking about. So I totally understand how Natalie can support us to connect with our ovaries and deepen our relationship with the communication that comes from our body and am enormously appreciative of the support!

  8. Our whole body communicates with us, letting us know what is harmonious and what is not and to have a true support in re-connecting with this is priceless.

  9. Prior to Universal Medicine and Esoteric Women’s Health, if you have said to me have an ovary massage or that they could communicate messages to you, I would have probably thought you a bit loopy! (note – I would not attack you for saying that but would not have agreed with you). But through the presentations and healing modalities of these organisations, I have been totally inspired to build a connection with my body and started to build relationships with these organs that I knew from a functional / knowledge level that they were in my body but have a relationship with them – no way!

    And boy I am glad I am doing this because I can feel my ovaries from time to time and when I go into too much push and drive, they ache a bit and I see that it is their love for me that they want to share this message, and my love for myself that I choose to I hear this message to lessen the push and drive and bring more tenderness and gentleness into my body.

    1. Beautifully shared Sarah, and yes I agree it is an amazing thing when we begin to build a more intimate relationship with ourselves, including feeling each organ or part of our body and what it is communicating to us. Even if we begin by realising we have an achy leg, or period pain, or a lower back pain….this opens up the possibility of feeling parts and organs…and then we can tune into more of the communication that is constantly being offered.

  10. I just watched an interview last night with Rachel Evans about the year since she filmed Natalie with Love. She summed up the effect of Natalie when she said she really didn’t need to say anything. The way she walked in Rachael’s house said everything about what it was to be a woman free of ideals and roles and who lives with absolute care of herself.

  11. Recently I attended a workshop held by Natalie Benhayon called ‘Understanding Self-Worth’. It was for me an enormous gift because the revelations that I could take from there. We are born sacred, deep down inside we all know how full of beauty we are from our day of birth with no doubt, but we separated from it at a very young age. I found very freeing to expose with other women what prevented us to connect with all our wisdom and beauty in our everyday life and how we can support ourselves to reconnect back and bring it out again. Natalie certainly inspires me to live my way regardless of the societal norms or impositions about how a woman should or shouldn’t look like at any age. She is a very courageous woman who loves Humanity like no one, so thank you for being there supporting all of us to be the true women we are.

  12. It is delightful seeing a woman being inspired from another woman. In that moment, there is no space of any kind for jealousy or comparison, in that moment we as women get to feel why we are here living together here on Earth. Because we have a choice that truly honours the grace and beauty that equally we all hold within. Thanks Vicky for sharing so beautifully about your experience with Natalie Benhayon.

  13. All I register when I see Natalie Benhayon is power, humour and love. I’ve completely forgotten her age – but when I get reminded of it, it is as if 24 is equal to 120 in wisdom.

  14. My ovaries would feel hurt when I become hard with my relationship with others, this way of relating is not recommended by my body and it’s a great marker to have and yet it is deeply appreciated to have felt this and the awareness of how as a woman at times I have thought this was power in the face of brute force used also so nonchalantly by men or by anyone around who is not connecting with themselves. It is important to expose this.

  15. Natalie is an amazing role model due to the choices she has made in her life that honour the woman she is, In this she lives and breathes the inspiration that is available to us all to make honouring choices at any time we so choose to. We are blessed to have such a role model in a world where most women have lost their way.

    1. I totally agree! What a blessing to have such a great role model who leads the way without needing to be anything other than true to herself and the Love she lives in her life.

  16. There is also the Girl to Women Festival that Natalie organise with many people to support our young women to have a true moment in honouring and celebrating themselves and all together.

  17. Very beautiful Vicky. As women we have become very disconnected from our bodies, putting aside our connection as women and living from the roles, and the many ideals and beliefs we have held ourself in. Natalie has moved through most of this and is working to support many women re-connect to the preciousness we are through understanding our bodies. What she offered is nothing less than truly supporting and loving, whilst recognising that we do make our own choices.

  18. Natalie Benhayon has inspired many women and men to change the way that they live, the effortless grace and dedication to humanity that Natalie holds comes from the wisdom within, nothing to do with age, only the deepest connection to oneself.

  19. You are so on the money here Vicky, Natalie Benhayon totally supports women to connect to their own bodies, and to build this connection in their own ways in their own time. And once we re-connect, we are more open to hearing the wisdom our bodies share with us and the qualities of our inner-heart – grace, stillness, love, joy and harmony.

  20. It is amazing how just one role model in amongst all of the one that exist, can really make a substantial life changing difference. This goes to show for me, the power that we all have as women to inspire eachother just by our living way.

  21. The power of listening to the body on the path to health and wellbeing is grossly underestimated by most of society.

  22. Our whole body is deeply important, every last single bit, every organ. Do we really think God included them just by mistake? So shouldn’t we take note of what it has to say and not impose upon it rough and crazy ways?

  23. Reading this blog about the wisdom beyond her years that Natalie Benhayon portrays on a daily basis made me remember a session I had with her and just how ridiculously still she was (which helped me to feel just how racy and anxious I was at the time). I’m not talking about just physical stillness here, but a presence that she held in her body and an allowing and acceptance that brought about such a settlement in her body that one could not help to be inspired by this way of living.

  24. Natalie Benhayon is a true gift from Heaven who is, through her gentle, wise and humourous presentations empowering so many of us to resume connection with our bodies and deeply appreciate their precious qualities by listening to and honouring the messages they send us. I too am hugely grateful for all Natalie Benhayon brings to the arena of women’s health, deeply transformative work that is very much needed in today’s society.

    1. Ditto! I love how entirely approachable Natalie is and how very easy it is to go to her for support. Her beautiful reflection of how at ease we can be as women I find utterly inspiring.

  25. It is so wonderful that Natalie is there – she is really a great role model for me too as “Natalie Benhayon lives in a way that supports who she is as a true woman and makes choices every day to honour that.” Is is not so that most of us woman are not able to honor ourself not to mention every day. We are more queens in bashing ourselves. Therefore Natalie Benhayon is needed to show us to stopp this unloving way of living.

  26. Ovary massages are an opportunity for your body to ‘talk’ loudly to you and Natalie’s stillness and awareness supports that. Although there can be profound healing from an ovary massage, there is nothing magical about it. As soon as we stop rushing around trying to be everything for everyone, we are able to feel what was there all along to feel. The more still we become the more we can feel. It’s like tuning a radio station, moving it from static ‘white noise’ to the exact frequency where we can hear every detail.

    1. Yes what a great example. Tuning in turns down the static, in fact it doesn’t just turn it down, that is probably what relaxing is! Tuning in is where the static is gone, it is that stillness that is deep within where we are completely at ease in our body and in our self.

  27. When you listen to Natalie Benhayon your whole body settles because her wisdom is so practical and deeply profound.

  28. I agree it has been a blessing for myself as well and many women to see and observe Natalie Benhayon be the woman she is today. She is a true role model to all women of all ages.

  29. Inspiration requires one that inspires and another one that is willing to be inspired if one finds the other person what he/she presents to be inspiring. Natalie Benhayon is a walking inspiration. It is a great person to have in one’s life, irrespective of age.

  30. I too Vicky have been blessed with watching Natalie Benhayon grow up over the last 14 years and she has been an absolute inspiration. Having a woman that is a true role model and sharing this with everyone regardless of who you are is extremely remarkable.

  31. One of the many things I love about Natalie is that how she lives represents a way of being that is deeply connected to the essence of who we all are as women, where our wisdom, grace, power and beauty are qualities that naturally emanate from within.

  32. A choice, one of truth and honor. Honoring who we are and what we feel and how treat our divine body.. No longer allowing the abuse to come in (the self-abuse and abuse from others), step by step eliminating all the abuse out of our lives.

  33. A woman’s body is exquisitely communicative – it is an open book if we are willing to read it and hear what it is communicating to us. This is the learning in this life, simply a way for us to learn to listen, to read and then once the message has been recieved, accepting the biggest challenge of all which is to heed and honour that message! Funny how that seems to be the hardest part of all, at least in my experience – and it seems that there is still an attachment on some level to proving myself as a woman rather than allowing my body just to be and unfold as the graceful woman that I am.

  34. A lot of our current female role models in society are very lost as women – in terms of not having a true deep connection with themselves and honouring this first and foremost. From movie stars to models we see women out there projecting out to all other women what is is to be a woman, yet there is nothing really of substance that is on offer. I do not say this to be critical or judgemental – as women we have all lost our way to some degree and so we have often settled for what we have thought it is to be a woman…But as Vicky has shared in this blog, when you do have the blessing of encountering someone like Natalie Benhayon, you get to feel what a true woman’s reflection brings, and then with this marker, you know deep inside that measuring up to this means coming from a deep sacred space within which allows no compromise.

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