An Educator Speaks: The Ripple Effect of Care & Wellbeing in our Education System

by NB (40) – Early Years Classroom Teacher and Beginning Teachers Mentor

I am writing in response to the current news coverage and portrayal of Universal Medicine. Having worked in education over the past twenty years in a number of classrooms, administration and leadership roles, I felt very disheartened in the way the system was changing not only through the current transition into the National Curriculum but the general level of wellbeing of myself and my colleagues. The rate of illness, exhaustion and overall lack of staff morale is staggering.

Experiencing some health issues I became aware of the workshops provided by Universal Medicine, and attended some workshops and private sessions at the clinic. The work of the clinicians was conducted with the utmost respect and I was lovingly supported through each session and the choices that I had made. Through the teachings I was able to recognise the need for me to bring balance back into my life by developing a healthy level of self-care and regard which naturally had a rippling effect in my work life.

Through these changes my approach to teaching has dramatically changed from a paper driven desk job, to reconnecting with the main reason I came to work in the field for – the love of children!

Over time I had noticed that the more I cared for my own wellbeing, the more this was reflected in the classroom and in turn helped to build an honest and loving rapport with the students in my care and their interactions with each other.

Through my experience with Universal Medicine presentations I no longer personalise or react to situations whilst providing support to my students, the parents and my colleagues. I began to truly interact with the children and not be driven by unrealistic curricular expectations.

Universal Medicine presentations have helped me bring consistency into the work place, and a level of honesty and openness to my students and colleagues that I was previously afraid to show. The effects have been staggering and many of my colleagues have noticed these changes and asked for support.

Opening up my classroom to university students and beginning teachers has allowed me to share these changes with others and offer support and care in working with students in our community.

I now stop to smell the roses often, and I laugh, giggle and celebrate how much fun teaching really can be and the reasons why I came to work with children in the first place.

Thank you Universal Medicine for all that you have given me and helping me realise how simple life can be if you choose it.

101 thoughts on “An Educator Speaks: The Ripple Effect of Care & Wellbeing in our Education System

  1. ‘Over time I had noticed that the more I cared for my own wellbeing, the more this was reflected in the classroom and in turn helped to build an honest and loving rapport with the students in my care and their interactions with each other’. What a classic example that more and more of us need to be in our workplace. Many places often run by loveless systems and all it takes is one person to apply self care in their day to day life and another notes it.

    Now that’s loving care for oneself but also of another…

  2. I agree with this statement, “through the teachings I was able to recognise the need for me to bring balance back into my life by developing a healthy level of self-care and regard which naturally had a rippling effect in my work life”. This is so so important to prevent burnout within any profession.

    Bringing self-care to the forefront provides the reflection to others and it either inspires or it does not. In the mean time, your self-care continues to expand and more is offered to you by refinement and life looks very different, to how you used to live in the past to how you are living now.

    Self-care needs to be at the forefront of all curriculums of any education sectors and industries, then the ripple effect to the world will be much more different to observe than we can even imagine.

    1. I’m working in the health care systems where self care hardly touches the sides. They seem to be doing but nothing is affecting those who work there.

      More and more work longer hours, with more and more demands placed upon them. No wonder our people are exhausted and depleted from life.

      Self care needs to be high in any workplace environment, so essential and can you imagine the ripple effects. It only takes one to be the beacon and the rest will see the light, eventually.

  3. There are so many systems in life that are not set up to support people. This can get to us and drag us down if we let them, be consciously or unconsciously getting to us. Universal Medicine teaches us how to live life not governed by the systems but by what is true.

    1. I agree Leigh, systems aren’t set up to care for those within, it is for those outside and driven my outcomes. If we truly took care of our people, the result will be much different to how it is now. Much to ponder on…

  4. We can loose our ‘mojo’ in life when we give our power away to constructs and regulations. It takes a strong light to break apart these strongholds that can incarcerate us, but in so doing, we are then more free to love what we bring to life to make it what it really is.

  5. Awesome blog that really helps us come back to what is most important: people and our relationship with them (including the relationship we have with ourselves)!

  6. Be it mothers, teachers, office workers etc – we are all equal in importance when it comes to being looked after. There is no one who is more important or less important and it is up to us to stop playing this game and claiming true equality for all.

  7. When we deeply care for ourselves we do indeed stop to smell the scent of roses, work no longer feels like a chore but becomes part of us, something we love with our whole being.

  8. I loved re-reading this blog, how lucky are our children when they have teachers who enjoy being at school, who care for themselves and ensure they are ready and happy to go to work.

  9. There is an initial impulse that fades away as we go full blown into the system. As a result of this, we change our movements and what impulses us. What comes afterwards is well know and does not look pretty.

  10. How simple is this, it is not rocket science to see that the way we look after ourselves has an impact on how we are in our lives, but we don’t value it and bring it into practice. I too am so appreciative of the awareness I have been offered through the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  11. That is exposing in itself isn’t .. how our love for something e.g. teaching because of our love of children over times gets diminished because of systems to the point that we forget the reason why we first started something (e.g. teaching because of our love of children). I love what you have shared here because you have got your spark back, zest for life, love of life and love for yourself and others and not only back but now a livingness that is continually unfolding. Surely this is what life is about? And I can really relate with what you have shared because Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has also hugely supported me through teachings, courses, workshops, healing sessions and presentations for me to get my spark and zest for life back to and I know they have also supported and continue to support thousands of others to re-claim this for themselves as well ✨

  12. In this article, I can see how there seems to be a consistent message coming from all people who work in education – that over time it has become overly goal orientated and paperwork driven, with little or no time given to truly connect with one another. Given that this is being spoken about in many circles, it does bring about questions of quality, and what is it that we are really teaching our children, the ones who will ultimately be in charge of the world one day. And, further to that, given the state of our world today, has this goal oriented paperwork driven system really worked for the adults we have now? With our so called ‘modern’ education systems have we raised a vital, well connected global society full of people who care for and respect themselves and each other? The results of our modern education are clear to see in the societies we live in, but I guess the depths of what one sees it is a matter of what one is willing to witness and observe about life.

  13. True connection and joy is so very much needed in our classrooms, if not we learn that hardship and duty is what life is about resulting in a lack of commitment to life and a desire to just get by and through with as little contribution to society but as much gain as possible for oneself.

  14. My sense is, children offer us a very honest reflection of what can be felt and not seen from us as adults and what they feel is not always that great. They may not have the words to tell us what they are feeling but, more often than not, their behaviour is clear – they don’t sugar-coat it – they don’t like it!

  15. Beautiful reminder of how being true to ourself, and not allowing ourselves to be driven by expectations of achievements, gives us space to build an open honest relationships with students that in turn builds trust and support.

  16. When the health and wellbeing of staff is compromised in any way how can we not think that their quality of output is not compromised too.

  17. What an amazing gift for you to reconnect with the very reason why you chose your work in the first place. We see so many burnt out teachers and other professionals in various fields who have had to study and train so hard so long – and they must have had a very good reason to do so, and it’s a real shame when they become zombie-like and lose their sparkle.

  18. You share such a valuable message of how caring for and developing a loving relationship with ourselves is the foundation for bringing a steady quality of presence to our day, be it at work or otherwise. With this foundation in place we see and can feel how there is greater connection in all we do which naturally enriches our lives, and the lives of all that we meet.

    1. Yes Carola, what is shared here is applicable everywhere in our lives. The level of self-love we have and the level of self-care we live has a ripple effect not just in our own body and life, but in life around us.

  19. With any job we can go into box ticking and make it all about what gets accomplished or not, then human connections and what works best for each person goes out the window. Same with school classrooms, a Teacher under pressure to get students through xyz, is going to be less attentive to their own needs and the needs of the young people their teaching. It really doesn’t make sense… the education system gets the scores but there are people not living to their full potential.

  20. The pressures and expectations on teachers are enormous in today’s classrooms . . . . “I began to truly interact with the children and not be driven by unrealistic curricular expectations.” . . . it is great that you are connecting to the children as the ‘ unrealistic curricular expectations’ actually reject the children that are sitting before you in the class.

  21. Thank you. A beautiful testimonial of the flow of harmony in every day life when we put into practice some of the presentations of Universal Medicine. When we rediscover the true meaning of love and live it in The Way of The Livingness it can be an inspiration to others.

  22. If I do not have self love I lose myself to the demands and pressures placed upon me. When I choose to self love I handle situations more easily and am less likely to react. I know what needs to be said and done and am less likely to be in doubt and indecisive about things. To live self love is not selfish as when there is true love for the self there is true love for all.

    1. Words of GOLD Caroline – especially when you say “when there is true love for the self there is true love for all.” – we are all equally important.

  23. This is gorgeous to read and so inspiring, education is more than ready for the changes you are bringing, what a difference this will make to all.

  24. The importance of self care can never be underestimated, ‘Over time I had noticed that the more I cared for my own wellbeing, the more this was reflected in the classroom and in turn helped to build an honest and loving rapport with the students in my care and their interactions with each other.’

  25. It’s wonderful to read of the reigniting of your love of teaching through making simple changes to the way you were living.

  26. With the many incredible and increasing pressures so many are feeling in the workplace, I often wonder how anyone manages without connection back to their innermost heart to support them through life. i know this connection has been a God send for me, and changed everything.

    1. For me also Felicity. It is only though my connection to my essence, to my love within, that I now live life with a steadiness and knowingness that in this life I had never come close to. I had sensed that this was possible but until coming across the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon, I could not find a tangible way of living it. A work in progress for sure, still but a beautiful and evolutionary work that I am committed to, as the enrichment in my life to date is beyond compare.

  27. Yes its been so wonderful having the full impact of Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine come back into my life after so long without it all. I wonder how I would be now without such support.

  28. That’s extraordinary NB what you now offer in your classroom not only to your students but university students – beginning teachers, other colleagues and the parents. That is a mountain of support to an otherwise very extra-dutiful role of teaching these days with students requiring parenting and the pressures of the schools and curriculum system to deliver results. Your regard is high and this can only be due to the regard of you. I join you too in saluting Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon for bringing the love back into our lives.

  29. Thank you for sharing your experience NB, it is an amazing fact about Universal Medicine, that it inspires you to such a degree that you actually start to make changes in your life and this then inspires others to do the same. It is the role model how change on a big scale can be achieved.

  30. This is a beautiful sharing, I can relate to all you have shared, I also stop to smell the roses now and lately I realised that even when I have done huge hours at work and have had so many things come up, I start to tell someone about it all and I begin to share how tired I am and then I realise that I am not tired, I actually feel great, I am just a little uncomfortable to tell people how good I feel. I definitely would not feel that way if it were not for my relationship with myself since being a student of Universal Medicine.

    1. To stop and smell the roses, is indeed a very beautiful thing to do that I would not want to miss out on, but I know when I get caught up too much in the world I forget that such a beautiful thing even exists.

    2. I can do this too Sarah, it’s nearly like auto pilot and just regurgitating what I can feel around me and what are the common things to say and feel at the end of a working day or week. I said it just yesterday finishing work, ‘what a week!’… yet, yes it was very busy and I had just got back from overseas, I took each day as it was and made sure I supported myself with food I had made and even have a rest in my lunch breaks. I would have never dreamt of doing that before Universal Medicine.

  31. Nothing like a bit of truth, self-love, regard and loving choices to reignite our true purpose in life. We can easily get bogged down into the ‘grind’ of life and tick the boxes. But life is calling us all to be more, to be ourselves and to enjoying connection to our all within and share that with everyone we come across, unreservedly so.

  32. To no longer personalise or react to situations at school whilst providing a deeper level of openness and support for your students, the parents and your colleagues are remarkable qualities to have and appreciate for the profound affect it has on everyone. You are a blessing to the education industry.

  33. This is what children want and this is what teaching staff is crying out for as well. Having some experience working as a teacher the main thing the students want is connection. Thereafter everything is a sure success, no matter how that looks. Many teachers I have seen change jobs quite often because they cannot cope with the pressures and demands placed upon them. It’s great to see true teaching coming back into classrooms.

  34. Beautiful to connect to the ‘being’ with the children instead of the driven ‘doing’. Universal Medicine has truly blessed us with building a strong foundation of self love and care thereby enabling you to give that care and support to others, I love the joy, fun and playfulness you bring to yourself and others.

  35. Universal Medicine is supporting me to develop a steady and solid foundation of self-love so that I can truly serve. What I am realising is the stronger my foundation the less likely I react but remain with myself. This way of being is so supportive to myself and those around me.

  36. “from a paper driven desk job, to reconnecting….to the love of children!” From doing to being. Reconnecting to the purpose of why we do things, rather then letting what needs to be done bog us down and consume us. It makes all the difference in the world.

  37. A burnt out exhausted teacher is unlikely to encourage the next generation to choose teaching as a career but a teacher who shares their love and self-honouring way of living with their students will inspire others. And as we are all teachers of the next generation as they see how we live we all have a responsibility to choose love.

  38. Everyone acknowledges the huge pressures on teachers as they bear one of the front lines when it comes to what is happening in society. Many teachers are burnt out and marking time until holidays and long service leave, so to be in the midst of teaching and to be able to turn yourself around to a lightness that laughs and enjoys children and supporting them is amazing. This is the true issue to look at, this amazing good news story.

  39. I love how you have re-connected to the passion that led you to teach in the first place and that you now stop to smell the roses. Amazing where a commitment to self-care can lead!

  40. Absolutely great to read how taking care of your self has brought back the joy and as you say” celebrate how much fun teaching really can be and the reasons why I came to work with children in the first place.”

  41. This is a huge topic as self-care is fundamental for education. Whenever I have been a student in a classroom, regardless of the topic being presented, I am always observing the teacher or trainer. I am observing everything and much of my learning comes from observing people and life. Children are no different. To have teachers who present self-care, through the reflection of how they live their day to day, is providing another level of education that is rarely given the importance that it deserves.

    1. And to be in the presence of one who deeply cares for themselves inspires and has ripple effects. Those same quality are forever held in the child’s body and in their memory. Self care is never for us alone, but all of

  42. And how blessed your students are NB that you have re-connected to your ‘love of children’ and the true purpose you had for teaching. Your students would also love the stability you offer by not allowing the outside influences and pressures of the education system impact on your classroom.

  43. It is incredible and surprising what can happen when we learn to truly self=care. I see self-care as a science because with every self caring action done in connection inwards or towards ourselves, there is an equal and opposite reaction outwards. It is quite magical.

  44. I’ve also noticed that children are very sensitive to the truth of how well adults take care of themselves, and they are very responsive to love. So it’s not surprising that you built such a lovely connection with your students. One person simply being love, dozens benefit, then hundreds, then thousands…. a ripple effect with no limits!

    1. “One person simply being love, dozens benefit, then hundreds, then thousands…. a ripple effect with no limits!” Beautifully expressed Dianne. We can never under-estimate the impact we have on others loving or otherwise. And this is why paying attention to deepen our own quality is our first responsibility.

  45. NB – what a significant difference you are making to the lives of the children, parents, colleagues and student teachers! What I am also appreciating about your blog is your comment around bringing yourself back to the simplicity of why you work where you do. I have found in my own job that it is easy to get caught up in the organisational demands and to lose track of the reason the job exists in the first place, so thank you for offering such a timely reflection.

  46. Just feeling how lucky the children in your classroom are NB. Wonderful that you chose to share your successful techniques with others so the ripple effect will continue to grow. Thank you.

  47. Wow, what a change you made by coming back to the true purpose you started your work with: your love for children. And what a different teacher, colleague, family member and friend everybody got by your choices. The ripple effect is huge. That is the power of the truth Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offer us all.

  48. Thank you NB for sharing. There are so many teachers on this blog sharing their experiences of the effect their own wellbeing is having on the classroom and I think it’s brilliant! What a way forward!

  49. This writing shows the true power of Universal Medicine. The empowerment of people to live their life in full authority being true role models by reconnecting back to our true purpose. Most people loose this connection and live a life of existence just getting by, but everybody I know who has reconnected to true purpose with the support of Universal Medicine, no matter where they were at in their lives, have turned their lives totally around and are living today amazing lives inspiring others to do the same.

  50. Wow, coming back to true purpose and being a role model for others by the living loving authority you reflect to those around you. That´s what makes the roses smell.

  51. It is astounding that the need for self-love and care has slipped out of the way of life we have developed and from our teaching and other professions. It is inspiring to see the difference your choices has made to a whole classroom – hopefully they will take this away with them to integrate into their lives.

  52. Beautiful NB, you are a shining example of bringing the love back to you and how that choice to be the love you are has such an amazing effect on all those you connect with. I love that you now see the joy in life and your true call to become a teacher has been reignited by this love of self.

  53. Awesome blog NB and what you share is so true, when we start to express our care for others from a foundation of self care the ripple effect and inspiration to others is enormous.

  54. It is so lovely to hear the affects of putting your self first and bringing simplicity and nurturing to your life. It is so needed and so the opposite of what has become our natural instinct these days, but does not really support anyone in the long run. thank you for the reminder of how life can be by simply putting self care and self love into practise.

  55. Beautiful turnaround NB, and I love that you stop to giggle! What a blessing for your students!
    Through applying the ageless wisdom (as lived and presented by Serge Benhayon) in my own life (with the support and inspiration of the student body) I too ‘no longer personalise or react to situations’ which is a blessing to not only me, but also those around me.

  56. “Through these changes my approach to teaching has dramatically changed from a paper driven desk job, to reconnecting with the main reason I came to work in the field for – the love of children!” – this is awesome. I feel many people experience the overwhelm from our job, study and other commitment, and end up disconnecting from the passion and enthusiasm we started off with, and blame how intense the circumstances are. Your sharing shows how powerful it can be to simply self-care, therefore bringing self-responsibility into the picture to make a real change.

  57. Thank you NB for an inspiring story, How beautiful to teach for the love of children, and how blessed they are by the love and care you bring. We are always emanating like a pebble cast into the pond of humanity.

  58. Wise words, “how simple life can be if you choose it”. The question always was for me: How do I choose and in what order to get to simplicity? Serge Benhayon was the first in my life who supported me to get to a very practical understanding of this highly philosophical question. And it’s so much fun living it finally.

    1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – indeed, I am so glad you have found the beauty of simplicity too. I too find it amazing to just let go of everything and do what is actually needed, which can be worked out so easily.

  59. Thank you NB it is beautiful to read the changes you have made with the support of Universal Medicine, and how the positive effects on your health and well-being is inspiring many around you.

  60. Thanks NB. It’s great for the children and other teachers to experience the loving approach to teaching that you have.

  61. The changes you have made and applied to your life and your work due to the learnings you have been offered by Universal Medicine are just gorgeous. These learnings and the support you now offer others is priceless. The world needs more teachers like you.

  62. What an amazing inspiration for the children that you teach! They get to learn so much more than their subjects and lessons – they get to see and feel that there is another way to live, and that they are worth caring for too.

  63. It was a Delight to read this blog and felt so joyful too. And super inspiring that you have not kept this to yourself but have: ‘ Opening up my classroom to university students and beginning teachers has allowed me to share these changes with others and offer support and care in working with students in our community’. Awesome!

  64. Its so common, but no less awful that many of us forget the reason we were inspired to do the job we have. We get run down, exhausted, and lose our vitality and enthusiasm.
    So its great to hear you “now stop to smell the roses often, and I laugh, giggle and celebrate how much fun teaching really can be and the reasons why I came to work with children in the first place.” The support from Universal Medicine has clearly had an amazing impact on your life.

    1. That’s very true, it’s so sad to hear so many people hate their jobs, especially when they are professions they were once passionate about. It’s refreshing to read of an opposite kind of story!! And I agree the support from Universal Medicine has clearly had an amazing impact on your life.

  65. Yes, it is a domino effect almost – the way in which one can start to make loving choices for themselves, and that ripples into all areas of our lives, including the lives of other we interact with.
    For me this also shows how much we are all connected.
    The more respect and love we have for ourselves = the more respect and love we have for others = the more respect and love they have for us and others.
    What a beautiful cycle.

  66. I have found it quite incredible the changes that unfold and continue to do so as I have chosen to look after myself first, and in ways that are unimaginable at the onset. This has been possible with the inspiration of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine Practitioners and a commitment to myself. These teachings are a much needed resource across all professions and throughout Life today. Thank you for sharing the ripple effect.

  67. Thank you, this shows again how needed Universal Medicine is needed and the impact just one person can make simply by changing the way in which one chooses to live one’s life.

  68. Dr Eunice Minford has written a beautiful piece on her blog re; education+love and a great example of a school in USA: Transforming Education with Love

    Back in May I forwarded it to my son’s school – to the head, the governors, various tutors, heads of years and I had no single reply, not even an acknowledgement email. The most ironic thing was that a month later they sent out a survey asking parents for suggestions and ways to improve teacher-student relationship. So I wrote back suggesting they read Eunice’s piece and write back to me with their views. Again not a tweet.

    “Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer; into a selflessness which links us with all humanity” – Lady Astor – which is why I personally love attending Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon’s presentations!

      1. Maybe these teachers and educators who are presenting to the next generation how to express could listen to a presentation by Serge Benhayon on expression, along with the piece by Dr. Eunice Minford mentioned by Dragana in her comment above.

  69. This is just awesome and if only my educational experience was one of the teachers being with me because they loved me, thank you.

  70. Yes, I agree – the need to self-nurture oneself in the workplace is across the board – through all disciplines – we are so focused on ‘getting it right’ for others that we often forget to look after ourselves. It’s so easy to go into overwhelm and become emotionally exhausted as a result. Taking loving care of ourselves and our bodies is definitely a priority!

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