Esoteric Breast Massage: A Wonderful Tool Alongside Conventional Medicine

by Donna Gianniotis, Australia

Four and a half years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 33 at the time. It came as a shock as I thought that I lived a healthy lifestyle. I was a yoga teacher, ate a ‘healthy diet’, exercised, meditated, and practised yoga. However, I knew from the moment of the diagnosis that this wasn’t something that happened to me. I had a feeling somewhere deep in my body that this was the result of how I had been living.

I spent the year going through conventional treatments, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and IVF to freeze my eggs. I also searched for answers as to the underlying root cause of breast cancer.

It was a year or so later that I came to the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. I remember sitting at the first Esoteric Medicine presentation that I attended in person that was presented by Serge. I connected strongly to what was being presented in regard to the need for women to self-nurture; it wasn’t the first time that I had heard this, but it just seemed to resonate much more deeply that night, I knew it in my body to be true. It felt as though Serge was talking directly to me.

This understanding has continued to unfold for me and it wasn’t until I started to receive regular Esoteric Breast Massages (EBM) at the end of last year, that I could really connect to the energy of being self-nurturing. Before it was a concept, but not one that I really understood from my body. I attended a Women’s Group where the Esoteric Breast Massage was discussed. I resonated with all that was said and booked in for some sessions.

These sessions were and continue to be deeply healing for me. The first few sessions were exposing. I had rashes that came up all over my body that lasted for a couple of months. With these rashes came the feelings of how I’d been living in disregard, the pain, the hurts that I’d felt throughout my life. I’d had these rashes many times before, but not to this extent. I also had these rashes 12 months before the diagnosis of the cancer. I know now that this was my body’s way of telling me that I wasn’t living in a way that was harmonious or nurturing. The rashes passed and I understood that these were my hurts that I had buried within me. Also what came was a clear understanding of how to truly connect with myself. It wasn’t intellectual, but was a felt sense that came from my body.

Since having the EBMs I have been able to connect more to me. I’m able to feel that I am a beautiful, amazing woman, that I deserve every ounce of love that I can give to myself, to be self-honouring in all that I do, to love the woman that I am. My relationship to my breasts has totally changed. Actually, my relationship to my whole body and to myself as a woman has changed and this continues to develop. For the most part, I love being me. It’s a far cry from the person I used to be – to wake up each morning and not want to be me.

Having recently come off Tamoxifen, I have returned to having a normal period. My periods are very different to how they were pre-cancer. I no longer have pain, cramping or dark red clotting. My periods are heavy, but are a bright red healthy flow. The Women’s Groups have been an integral part of me learning practical ways to live in a way that I can honour myself as a woman and in turn, I see that reflected back in my body.

I am deeply grateful for the work that is presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and for the wonderful work of the practitioners and in particular for the Esoteric Breast Massage modality.

Esoteric Breast Massage – a wonderful tool alongside conventional medicine.

231 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage: A Wonderful Tool Alongside Conventional Medicine

  1. I find the Esoteric Breast Massage to be deeply healing, I had one recently and felt very held so lovingly as a mother would hold their new born child. And I knew I had never been held in this way before but that it was okay because I could hold myself in the absolute love I know myself to be. To know that there is this deep well of love within me and that it is in everyone but because we have not been living in a way that supports us to feel it, it remains hidden until such time that we allow ourselves to let go and tune into our true essence. And this is exactly what the EBM’s do they assist a woman to trust themselves enough that they can let go of all the different characters that life expect us to play, the ideals and beliefs on how we should look and behave and instead return to just being ourselves and that just being ourselves is enough.

  2. “I knew from the moment of the diagnosis that this wasn’t something that happened to me. I had a feeling somewhere deep in my body that this was the result of how I had been living.“ This innate knowing is not nurtured in life, and to our great expense. We are taught to memorise knowledge and not to value how we feel or what we sense, but this is where our wisdom and knowing is. The situation with the majority of humanity being so unwell needn’t be that way, and one way to reverse that could be in supporting people to trust what they feel and sense, and to then honour their inner knowing. For me when I haven’t trusted what I sense and feel it usually has a big impact on my well-being, it may be a relationship issue or something else I don’t attend to which then puts pressure on my body when the situation causes stress.

  3. This is an amazing contribution to the benefits of the Esoteric Breast Massage and how it can support us to completely change our relationship with ourselves and how we are with our bodies and the choices we make in life. “The Women’s Groups have been an integral part of me learning practical ways to live in a way that I can honour myself as a woman and in turn, I see that reflected back in my body.” It’s a constant feedback from our bodies and boy do they respond well to love and care!

  4. Amazing to hear how your body responded and returned so beautifully to a natural rhythm (which can be difficult post cancer treatments). This to me shows that your body has received the support it needed and that you worked with the opportunities that presented to heal and restore. Amazing example and role model for many women.

  5. Conventional medicine alone does not give the full support that is possible compared to offering someone all options such as Esoteric medicine combined with the Conventional.

  6. It is interesting how we can be confronted by a diagnosis and be ‘surprised’ but also on some level know why this is happening and that it cannot be explained away with an unhealthy diet or otherwise. This shows that there is a deep wisdom within each and every one of us and it is about tuning into this and honouring what we feel. This is all about responsibility – Thank you very much for your beautiful sharing Donna and how it is never too late for us to feel, accept and take responsibility no matter what!

    1. Henrietta You explain that there is a deep wisdom within each and every one of us if we tuned into our bodies we would feel what we know. And yet we have built a way of living that has us focusing on what is happening outside of us. There must be a reason why we have done this so my question has to be why have we set up a way of living that is totally opposite to how we could and should be living? May be if we stopped long enough to ask these sorts of questions our bodies will give us the answer and more.

      1. And Mary, there is a precision to the system of life created that causes us to live contra to the sensitively, awareness, and love we naturally are, that needs to be part of the questioning as well.

  7. I can’t but endlessly appreciate what Esoteric Breast Massage and all UM modalities offer to humanity. They are exquisitely respectful and invite us to go deeper to simply re-connect with the grandness of who we are. Everything that is not love, can be released and healed when we fully and responsibly embrace ourselves in our life experience.

  8. Spoken from a lived experience. Amazing to hear just how much has changed for you. I was just speaking to a friend sharing how my periods are so lovely now (I use to be curled up in pain for days each month) since the Sacred Healing modalities, Esoteric Women’s Health and Women in Livingness groups all of which are absolute gold in supporting us to reconnect to our truth within and truly heal from within.

  9. “I knew from the moment of the diagnosis that this wasn’t something that happened to me. I had a feeling somewhere deep in my body that this was the result of how I had been living”. This is amazing insight to have had when you were diagnosed. I have seen that it certainly shakes people up when someone who is the ‘picture of health’ and ‘doing all the right things’ develops a serious illness. It exposes the shaky ground that we have built our superficial understanding of health on.

  10. Esoteric Breast Massage is not really massage as most people see it these days. The exquisite care, respect and delicateness of the practitioner is a huge part of the healing process- the sacredness that is inherent and the nurturing also. This is not something to shy away from for it can allow us to connect on a deeper level with these qualities within ourselves and also let what has prevented us doing so before fall away.

    1. Elaine it’s a great comment because you have highlighted just how different the Esoteric Massage (EBM) is to massage in general. Massage is normally seen as something that provides physical relief to the musculoskeletal skeletal system and the flow on effects mentally and emotionally. The EBM holds the whole woman and the way she lives her life as part of the treatment, meaning she is held in her natural exquisite beauty, preciousness, and sacredness, and the treatment helps to bring this forth so she can live in harmony with who she is, and this can bring about lifestyle changes prompted by her new depth of inner connection.

  11. Beautiful Donna, the way you embraced and listened your body symptoms is very inspiring, far different form denying it or feeling like a victim. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Oh how I love Esoteric Breast Massage, the delicacy of the technique, the gentle touch of the practitioner that is ever so reminding of our most innate quality. In these sessions I feel honoured, I feel like I can let go off my guard and surrender, even if it is just for an hour – to feel my essence and know that beneath the layers I have piled on over the years, I still have an exquisite depth within me.

  13. The deep honouring of ourselves as women so beautifully shared Donna. Many women, myself included have not always lived with this level of self nurturing though this we can always change and the results are so divine to feel. The Esoteric Breast Massage supports this deep connection to our woman’s body.

    1. So beautifully said Victoria – the Esoteric Breast Massages are indeed very special and super supportive of women. There is a deep nurturing quality within each of us that is more easily accessed with this amazing modality to support.

  14. A so called ‘healthy life style’ is often nothing more than a ‘lovely’ way to hurt ourselves that buys us an indulging pattern of movement whereby we truly avoid looking at us, feeling us & connecting to ourselves.

  15. Esoteric Breast Massage, is a beautiful modality that is a powerful healing modality that serves many women around the world, to support to live their life the most lovingly they can. All in the acceptance of who she is and the love she is born with. Learning how to let go of the critical ways that we have been fed with, and learn to actually allow our love back and live from this connection in our lives.

  16. I know what an amazing woman you are, how committed you are to your healing and the way you live and it is completely inspiring. How you have supported yourself through the treatment is also something we can be inspired by.

    1. Role model indeed – an inspiration from the word go and with the lived example that Donna offers, one cannot walk away feeling like the reflection has been anything but super supportive in deepening one’s own connection with our essence.

  17. I can really see how this modality has supported you through a time that must have been very challenging for you and that it has helped you to get to the deeper reasons for why you got ill rather than just dealing with the symptoms and as a result I can sense in your words that you are not just a survivor of cancer but a thriver now in your life post cancer. Awesome blog thanks.

  18. When we live through something, as you have Donna with breast cancer, then we know what works and what doesn’t and this brings a great sense of authority.

  19. It is clear that conventional medicine is not coping on its own. In my own experience and the experience of many I have supported in illness, the Universal healing Modalities are what we could call the ‘missing link’ in medicine.

  20. The support of Esoteric Breast Massages is amazing and has changed my life as a woman, to truly feel and appreciate the delicateness and sensitivity. Not a weakness anymore as I have reconnected to the power of these innate qualities we all have as women.

    1. Agreed, I had no concept of the tenderness that I could feel in my body and that this could be a strength! The fragility was always something I ran away from thinking it would be abused but I was the one abusing myself the most when I felt how I had denied myself that connection.

  21. The Esoteric Breast Massage is a wonderful healing modality for women because it creates a space for a woman to deeply connect with her essence. The more connected we are with our essence the more we are able to deal with whatever occurs in life, including illness and disease.

  22. I cannot speak highly enough about the Esoteric Breast Massage and how supportive it has been for me in learning to love and cherish all of me, including my breasts.

  23. The essence of every woman requires that we are self-nurturing in a way that honours who we really are.

  24. A beautiful confirmation of how the Esoteric Breast Massage allows us to reconnect deeper within ourselves and at the same time exposes how we have been living and the choices we made.

  25. When you doubt if God and heaven exist have an EBM then you know. You remember by feeling the deep holding of the divine while the area around the breast is gently touched by movements that support you to feel the connection again with our breasts.

  26. I have often heard people say and said myself that Serge Benhayon seems to be talking directly to you, even in a room of hundreds of people. What I am coming to know is that it feels so personal and like it hits the nail on the head because he speaks from his body to your body. This is how we want to be spoken with, in union.

    1. I have the same experience which shows how not only we are all connected but our issues and problems are very easily explained from an esoteric and energetic perspective and therefor brought back to very clear root causes that we can all recognise ourselves in.

  27. ‘Healthy living” hence “healthy eating” is a killer because we believe it is good for us. When you enter the realm of good, you never question it. Yet, perhaps what we consider ‘healthy living and healthy eating’ is after all not that truly healthy.

  28. An amazing testimony Donna, of how developing a loving relationship with our bodies leads us to be naturally guided to know what is precisely needed to nurture ourselves. Our relationship with our every part of our bodies offer us a reflection of how we can deepen our relationship with our sacredness as such live in greater connection to our Soul. Through EBM’s I have been inspired to deepen my relationship with self-nurturing as such now live with a deeper honouring and connection to the exquisiteness of my essence within.

  29. Having lived my life in a lot of function, EBMs have been a huge support for me to stop and feel that there is so much more to me than simply what I do and achieve. I can feel my sass and sexiness as well as my grace, delicateness and power that lies when I’m expressing these qualities.

    1. Watch out world! I love what you are sharing, it is great to have that connection with yourself and if you have that in the way you move then you offer that reflection and role modelling to women and girls around you. I embrace a world were young women are offered a reflection that celebrates who they are not fits in to an unreal image of how we think they are supposed to be.

  30. Donna it seems we have been saying this for a long time, your blog here being written in 2014, and many blogs in between – written in the knowing of the healing that the EBM supports, the latest being just published on And absolutely all 100% honouring of this unique and specific modality.

  31. Wow we can live a healthy lifestyle with the belief that the doing is what we need to get by – but in this we are discounting the quality we are as women. This is a powerful sharing that shows how there is so much to connect to as a woman and appreciate about ourselves – well above the yoga and diet.

  32. “I know now that this was my body’s way of telling me that I wasn’t living in a way that was harmonious or nurturing.” This shows how much our body loves us and wants the best for us, and is in constant communication to show us that – be that a rash, a bloated stomach, a head ache or escalating to illness and disease.

  33. Beautiful Donna, what you share with us is profound, how we as women can be with such reflection of breast cancer and how we are capable of going through the process of cancer with a loving and supportive understanding & care.

  34. Very empowering and a basic human right for every woman to choose her own healthcare and what she personally finds supportive…

  35. A very beautiful testimonial to the sacredness of the EBM modality and how it works so powerfully alongside conventional medicine. Bring the two together – conventional and esoteric medicine and the whole being can heal.

  36. EBMs are amazing for supporting women to re-connect with the beautiful beings we are and allow ourselves to care for and nurture ourselves. You get to feel how precious you are and all the running around doing things to please is nothing without first having the love for yourself.

  37. It must be very disillusioning to not only have to deal with a diagnosis of breast cancer but have the false foundation of a believed ‘healthy lifestyle’ pulled out from under you. This is the challenge but also the healing offered to break out of something that is not true or supporting your body. Even though something like yoga may give a sense of identity and temporary relief in the body, it is not ‘it’ if a 33 year old woman can still get breast cancer.

  38. The importance of having support and understanding when you are healing from a major illness is invaluable. The Esoteric Breast Massage is not a cure for cancer or any other illness, but it offers understanding about lifestyle and how the body is affected by it, and this can be a great support in recovery.

    1. This is the other part of the equation. 5 does not equal 7. But 5 + 2 does. If we choose to ignore the 2 we’ll be forever wondering why 5 and 7 don’t quite add up.

  39. Thank you Donna, a great line here ” I’m able to feel that I am a beautiful, amazing woman, that I deserve every ounce of love that I can give to myself, to be self-honouring in all that I do, to love the woman that I am.” This is such a huge leap for a woman to be able to feel this way about herself, it’s not how women generally feel and it highlights the powerful healing Universal Medicine and Esoteric Womens Health offer to women. Your story also highlights the connection towards how we feel about ourselves and how that can translate into ways of being and living that impact on our health. It’s beautiful to feel what’s unfolded for you and also reflect on those same changes within myself to truly love, cherish and honour me.

  40. Beautiful Donna. I too would not be the woman I am today if it weren’t for this incredible modality. The Esoteric Breast Massage frees the woman up be herself, in the knowing that it is only through a body that is deeply nurtured and cared for, that the woman can bring what she is here to bring – Godliness in physical form. It is this that will heal not just the woman but the world at large.

  41. To understand the true root of the illness, in this case breast cancer, and be on the path of true healing you certainly found the right person and organisation for this .. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine ✨ I have learned so much from them and healed so much with their support which is a continuing unfolding, healing and learning process.

  42. Esoteric Breast massage is the most beautiful modality, it brings me back to myself in the deepest way.

  43. What I can truly sense is the lack of understanding we have for ourselves as women.. We seem to come so loaded with ideals, images of how to be and want to look, how to behave and attract people etc.. But where does that come from? And is that who we really are or want to be?
    Hence, we are currently in the result of our past, and it is lacking our true understanding. When we allow ourselves the space to observe our choices, life, movements, sounds – we will be stunned to see what happens and the clarity this brings to our life. Including the understanding for ourselves and each other as women (and beyond) that brings one big factor in us alive – LOVE.

  44. This is a very important sharing Donna. Getting diagnosed with breast cancer while ticking all the boxes of what is normally considered taking great care of yourself is a real eye opener that something is missing from this picture. Your sharing is a confirmation of the importance of being in connection with ourself and nurturing from this connection rather than from a mental construct.

  45. What once had worked no longer worked. By this I mean that we constantly evolve and need to adjust – this brings a more universality to earth.. As expansion goes beyond physical form.. Hence it is an interesting observation to see that this is what we as humanity are not so well at, we like to keep our restrictive or comfortable ways and avoid this responsibility of universality we then feel we are heading. Hence it is the fight against the light of expansion we need to stop and not so much the physical acts. It is a big choice of will that either connects us back to this universality or not. A gorgeous reminder that there is so much more to explore than our eyes can see.. We belong to something big… And it is our call when to make it.

  46. Amazing how your relationship with yourself has changed Donna. You have it clear that even those of us that live ‘healthy’ lives are even in a chance of getting cancer. What is so apparent is that we aren’t taught that there is more to medicine than pills, liquid and surgery and in fact the simplest medicine like self nurturing and self appreciation goes a long way in improving our physical health.

  47. You know it doesn’t take a lot for us to get back on track aligning and living the harmony, love and wisdom that is innately with our body and being but we do need the true energetic guidance in how to do this … queue Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for this is exactly what (among a trillion other incredible things) they bring.

  48. What a beautiful sharing Donna of how conventional medicine and esoteric modalities marry together so seamlessly and effortlessly. That there is more to an illness or disease just presenting, that there is more to feel into for each person, to understand what and how it has presented, the actual origins and how to achieve true healing.

  49. “Since having the EBMs I have been able to connect more to me. I’m able to feel that I am a beautiful, amazing woman, that I deserve every ounce of love that I can give to myself, to be self-honouring in all that I do, to love the woman that I am.” A beautiful testimonial of the deepening connection we can feel with the Esoteric Breast Massage.

  50. To express what hurts us and not to hide it and allow it to fester is very good medicine for the body. To simply acknowledge that something hurts, that something is not okay, is very honoring and nurturing for ourselves. This process is always a deepening one and it is one which we continuously deepen the love and understanding for ourselves. Once this process is started, it is surrender that we learn. I know many people who would stop themselves from feeling any hurts for fear that once they start, they cannot cope with what will come from the many years of not feeling. But our bodies know what we can take, and no one has died from a deepening of love–but many harm themselves when we hold back our own love away from ourselves.

  51. Esoteric Breast Massage is a modality that helps support women to re-connect with themselves and their breasts, much needed in our world.

  52. This is beautiful Donna, and yes nurturing and honouring ourselves is imperative, ‘I am a beautiful, amazing woman, that I deserve every ounce of love that I can give to myself, to be self-honouring in all that I do, to love the woman that I am.’

  53. With so many women contracting breast cancer, it would seem sensible to consider any complementary medicine modality that can support what can be at times a difficult treatment process.

  54. Imagine a modality that offers the space to feel the love you are as a woman, to like what you see in the mirror simply because it reflects how you already feel inside, and to treasure your way of being with yourself. Such a modality is available – the Esoteric Breast Massage.

  55. Donna what you share here is very inspiring and supportive for all women to read, the Esoteric Breast Massages are a beautiful way for a woman to re-connect to herself and to begin to self-nurture and self-care in a way that is tender and honouring of her in every way.

  56. The Esoteric Modalities support me to connect to myself and are helping me to develop a loving relationship with my body. The modalities support me to feel good about myself which was sorely missing in my life before attending Universal Medicine. The Esoteric Modalities have changed and are changing how I am in the world.

  57. What an absolute blessing for all women – a modality that supports us to connect to our natural preciousness, womanliness, sacredness and power.

  58. When a woman embraces her body and honours what she feels, self-worth issues can dissolve and the true power of that woman in her nurturing and sacred qualities can be lived and inspire others.

  59. Thank you for providing this beautiful insight into what it was like for you to receive cancer diagnosis and treatment. I am astounded at the grace and acceptance you handled it all with. You clearly supported yourself in every way you could and it has paid off.

  60. The Esoteric Breast Massage modality is deeply healing and nurturing and this is a testimony to how much your body has changed with the support of them ‘Having recently come off Tamoxifen, I have returned to having a normal period. My periods are very different to how they were pre-cancer. I no longer have pain, cramping or dark red clotting. My periods are heavy, but are a bright red healthy flow.’ AMAZING.

  61. It’s extraordinary really how I lived what you could say was a normal life on the surface and I seemed like a good moral standing person of society but I was just fitting into the mould on what was accepted. I had been shaped by family, education and religious core beliefs that I was not so aware of were harming me. I did not love myself. I did not respect and was not guided how to self-care and nurture my body. My role models – e.g. sportsmen failed me.
    Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family have become my true role models that deeply inspire me in every way. From the love they express and honour everyone equally, to the integrity and dedication to how they work. They continue to be everything in every way how a human being should live.

    1. And how great it is to read the experience of the many many people all over the world who have simply benefited from applying the tools given to live by our essence again.

  62. The Esoteric Breast Massage offers something unique, and that is a space for a woman to be herself. Sounds small, but is everything.

  63. Developing a relationship with our body and actually listening to what it is telling us promotes self-responsibility for our health and wellbeing. And in a world where the rates of disease are escalating this to me is both integral and essential to the very health of our conventional health care system.

  64. Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) truly is a wonderful tool alongside conventional medicine and a great support even before we get sick or unwell as it restores us as women into our true nature of nurturing, stillness and reveals to us our preciousness.

  65. The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) is a modality that truly supports women to re-connect with themselves and their breasts. Most women are not even aware of just how disconnected from their breasts they actually are-I know I certainly wasn’t aware of how disconnected from my breasts I was until I experienced the EBM. The depth of stillness that a woman can go to in the EBM is deeply healing and so very needed.

  66. Its a very positive reflection you are offering to others Donna, as far as viewing the cancer as an opportunity to heal.

    1. This article is allowing and showing others how they can support themselves further with what is a shocking and far reaching disease. It gives us all more understanding on what goes on and how modalities like the EBM can support in your treatment regime. With more and more people being touched by this each day it’s great to see this level of care available.

  67. Stories like this inspire me to understand how much more there is to illness and disease. The opportunity they allow for healing and changing what has led to the illness in the first place. There is so much fear around it all, especially cancer, so hearing an empowering story such as this really breaks through that consciousness and delivers the blessing that the body is actually giving.

  68. How very needed deeply nurturing ourselves is, is very much felt in your blog and most of all how very natural this actually is for us. So it is a relearning of what we know is true for us, step by step, living accordingly to the rhythm of our bodies.

  69. It is gorgeous that you felt to share your experience and the appreciation you have for how Universal Medicine and the EBMs have supported you so profoundly to connect to yourself as a women and honour yourself in a way you deserve.

    1. This is paramount really and a true test of how things support you, are you being treated by something that is adding to your woes or are you being treated by something that is bringing you clearer and supporting you to truly heal? From what I have seen personally and from what we are reading here the EBM modality is certainly supportive of a true healing and also working alongside our current traditional treatments.

  70. Love how you present this Donna – I think a lot of women would love to have the room to speak about these things, if only they allowed themselves to. It seems however that the trend is not going this way but more on how heavy kettle bells you can lift and swing. More of these discussions please so that we can come back to truly looking after our precious bodies.

  71. Thank you for sharing that Donna. It is really beautiful to hear how the women’s groups and the EBM have supported you. I feel they work so well in conjunction with the support available through doctors, they just bring a responsible body to the tests and the surgery. That has got to be beneficial all round.

  72. I too had intense rashes on my body on and off for years, it was all the poison coming out of my body from the total disregard I had been living in. I am thankful now that I had the rash as at least the poison was leaving my body and not staying in as it would probably be cancer by now.

  73. The journey of cancer is incredibly challenging, and to have access to a modality such as Esoteric Breast Massage to support you on that journey is without doubt a great gift.

  74. Thank you Donna for a very inspiring story, about what cancer has shown you and the loving care you are giving to yourself. I have started EBMs again and am feeling what it is like to deeply nurture myself, feel what my body is sharing which gives me a greater sense of solidness in my body. EBMs are a very powerful modality bringing about true healing.

  75. What could be a more positive outcome from Cancer than learning to embrace yourself, to love the person that you are? While its a huge diagnosis, its also a wake up call – a golden opportunity.

  76. In a world where we put many expectations on our shoulders as women a reminder of the importance of self nurturing is very important. If we are not nurturing ourselves as women then we have nothing of quality to offer another. It’s no different to the safety announcement when flying, to first put on your own oxygen mask if needed, before putting one on your children.

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