Unfolding of the Truth: Anecdotal Evidence Gathers

by Peter Siefken, Australia

As the famous German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said towards the end of the 18th Century,

“All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, next it is violently opposed, and lastly it is accepted as being self evident”.

Even though the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine may seem unconventional to the consciousness of the majority of society today, the anecdotal evidence appears to be ever increasing with regards to his work.

The current structure of our medical system is one centered around evidence based medicine. This process requires medicines / therapies which are measurable, and large groups of people to be studied. (The majority of these being funded by multinational drug companies.) What if there were healing modalities which are currently non-measurable with our current technology, however caused a healing in those using them?

The work of Serge Benhayon appears to satisfy the principal medical ethics of non-maleficence and beneficence, whilst always allowing the autonomy of the individual. The teachings, which are expressed by him, never instruct or impose on those who choose to listen. A set of teachings which promote greater levels of self-care and self-love, whilst also the greater love and care of the rest of humanity can only work to assist the current state of our existence on this planet.

As science expands in its knowledge and its ability to measure the “non-physical” realms of our existence, it may be that the presentations by Serge Benhayon are accepted as being ‘self evident’. Like a lot of things which are confronting and challenging to us as humans, the opposition and reaction that his work is igniting in people may actually be the beginning of the unfolding of the truth.

82 thoughts on “Unfolding of the Truth: Anecdotal Evidence Gathers

  1. Peter I am a part of the anecdotal evidence building non-measurable evidence having healed my mental instability because of my willingness to try the healing modalities of Universal Medicine. Years spent going to see a psychotherapist did not improve my state of mental health it bought relief but not a healing. The teachings, workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have supported me to truly heal my mental health conditions so that I lead an amazing life. I know the difference between relief and a cure. I’m not alone as there are thousands of other people who have changed their way of living completely and regained a sense of fullness which comes from accessing a part of me that I hid away since I was a child not realising that it was actually the part of me that would be the support I needed the most. My sense of belonging to the Universe.

  2. “The work of Serge Benhayon appears to satisfy the principal medical ethics of non-maleficence and beneficence, whilst always allowing the autonomy of the individual.” This has always been my experience and it is a breath of fresh air in a society that tries to influence, convince and sell to me the majority of the time.

    1. Lucy I have noticed that when we start to breathe the fresh air so to say it is then that we realise just how corrupt our society has become, and that we are all complicit in the making of it. So my responsibility is to now live in a way that no longer adds to the rottenness that I see all around me.

  3. I have found that through the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine my choices have changed as too has my health through those changes and much of what is presented makes complete common sense.

  4. For me it is very simple – what heals deeply is truth. So I do not care about Anecdotal Evidence as my body is the marker of science so to speak.

  5. Anecdotal evidence may be regarded with suspicion as being unreliable in the academic world but it is what we practice ourselves in our everyday lives on a personal basis. We try something new and when it works we do it again and when it doesn’t work we don’t do it again. And then we share our own findings with another, and another and the actual evidence indeed gathers.

  6. I know for myself, that the truth can be challenging, so it stands to reason it is for others. What is presented by Serge Benhayon is the choice to stay in this reaction and hurt, or to step up, accept our part in the exposed truth and begin to heal the pain behind it. This is for each of us to decide, be responsible or be reactive and defensive, I know that being responsible, whilst requiring a good dose of humbleness, feels way more true to live.

    1. Leigh you comment rings true to me I had no idea I was living in such hurt and misery completely withdrawn from life, I’m only just allowing myself to feel just how withdrawn I have been not just in this life time but for life times. By slowly in my case healing the pain and agony my body was in, I am a lot less reactive to life which means I don’t go on the attack in order to defend myself, nor I don’t feel I need to hide myself away from life. I had no comprehension that life hasn’t hurt me but the energy I was choosing has. I have discovered through the teachings of Universal Medicine there are only two energies to choose from and without any understanding of the laws of energy I was choosing to live from negative energy rather than let’s say positive energy. The two energies are obviously completely different and again obviously have a different effect on our bodies.

  7. Funny how we brush off something as ‘non-measurable’. How about ‘we are yet to have a means to measure it’ and be open to the potential truth that our intellect has yet to catch up with?

  8. It’s a really great quote and very wise, something no doubt born from observation. But why wait for science to catch up? Life is filled with pioneers, people who lead the way with a different kind of intelligence born from the heart and the whole body. We know what we feel and it doesn’t have to be proven by an outer authority.

  9. The presentations of Serge Benhayon has only every ignited within me the will to explore and discover my relationship with my love, the quality of who I am, and how I live this loving quality in the world we share together. Through this unfolding path of self-discovery I now understand what it means to live in connection to love, guided by my inner-truth in order to bring to life a more harmonious way of being. God knows that this is what our world is currently screaming out for. The fact is truth is self-evident, we all do know truth, however it is our willingness to accept our responsibility of living truth, or lack of, that has us instead living in the corruption, resistance and lovelessness that we find ourselves surrounded by today.

  10. I love this quote from the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer . . .
    “All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, next it is violently apposed, and lastly it is accepted as being self evident”. This is exactly what will eventually unfold with the Ageless Wisdom that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presents. Spot on Peter.

    1. Yes and it reminds me that we can be influenced by each of the three stages. How are we going to respond this time round, are we going to hold steady in what we KNOW to be true from our bodies, or are we going to react to the ridicule and sometime violent opposition? When you know from your body the simplicity of what is being shared then it would be a travesty to not hold steady and wait for the self-evident truth to be recognised.

  11. In the presentations of Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Medicine modalities the evidence is based in how you feel in your body.

  12. The changes in the lives of students who have attended Universal Medicine’s talks and courses are phenomenal, just looking at the before and after pictures speaks volumes.

  13. Why do we wait for scientific evidence when we know the truth, thank you for sharing Peter.

  14. Science is the religion of today in that it is the authority to which we look for answers to questions for which we do not wish to take responsibility.

    1. Well said, Jonathan. Sadly, current science has become the structure behind which we delay the confirmation of what we already know is true, instead of facilitating it.

    2. jstewart51 you say Science is the religion of the day how interesting is it that Religion as we know and understand it, is not as powerful and controlling it once was in the ‘dark ages’. What you have exposed is how it has reinvented itself and now uses both Religion and Science to crush any opposition to its ruling hand.

  15. Staying that the truth goes through stages, whilst this is arduous and unnecessary, nothing can grow in truth unless it is first lived. Thank you Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family, for beginning to again show us all that the truth doesn’t need to be held of for eons.

  16. Spot on Peter the antidotal evidence from the hundreds of students worldwide speak volumes about the true work of Serge Benhayon and the power of the teachings that support people to being to make truly loving choices that are not only beneficial to their health and well-being but to all their relationships, workplace, family, community etc.

  17. When we are being presented with truth we instantly know what is being presented is true because it is what and who we are. It is our freewill that chooses to react to it because of our hurts and we do our best to protect them and hence react but whether we choose to react or not truth ignites the spark within to help us remember who we truly are.

    1. At present the approach of science does support us in that knowing. In fact, it is the opposite as to do so would mean its disseminators would lose the power and control which at present they hold, or rather are given by us. Given because we do not claim our authority that this knowing gives us and hence who we truly are.

  18. “Like a lot of things which are confronting and challenging to us as humans, the opposition and reaction that his work is igniting in people may actually be the beginning of the unfolding of the truth.” I agree. Is it possible that reactions are because of truth?

  19. The fact that we at times react to what Serge Benhayon presents is the catalyst for true change, for with out the understanding presented by Serge, we would continue on the destructive way of living that has us in pain, illness or emotional turmoil. For those who are willing to see our reactions as a trigger to look at how we live much opens for us to see and reflect upon. One could get caught in thinking to do this is selfish, but it is in fact the greatest gift to all others we encounter, as each gets to see and feel what is possible to be lived. A joy that is unmistakeable in the woes that is our world today.

  20. It is very evident to me that deepening the self-care, self-love and regard I have for myself naturally promotes my health and wellbeing – and I don’t need any study to prove that to me.

  21. This is interesting – I don’t really understand the term ‘self-evident’ but I know it fits well with the teachings of Universal Medicine because the presentations of multidimensionality and the ‘non-human’ aspect to life can be felt in our bodies with out needed paper work to prove the knowing. That’s it, it’s a knowing and the evidence is in that fact that we are all Souls living in form.

  22. I love that the teachings of Universal Medicine never instruct or impose, rather just present what is there and then allow for people to hear when they are ready and apply it to their lives only when and if it feels true to them and their bodies… resulting in an ever growing body of people who have experienced extraordinary transformations and have become the anecdotal evidence of which you speak.

  23. Good point there Peter – that might be how it usually goes, however the fact is that we have a golden opportunity to grab something quite unique here. I bet that if we had Arthur Schopenhauer here we would love to ask him lots and lots of questions. Same goes with many philosophers, and guess what. We actually have one here right now in Serge Benhayon as you say. So lets grab this opportunity and ask him all the questions we would like to have answered.

  24. It says a lot about our currently structure of society that the technics from Universal Medicine will need a loooong time to get confirmed by the majority just because it will not be supported by the drug-industry. The modalities from UM do work and serve – but without drugs. There is no money in it, so to speak, so greed can’t be satisfied. Even there is a love and healing in this modalities which is unseen this days (and have not been seen for a looong time) – this is not what does ‘work’ for the masses in the moment. This is a sad reflection we get. How far we went away from the true healing impulse and what we did allow to create so far.

  25. Great quote Peter, so much evidence is being gathered from what is self evident today that will slowly be made evident to the latter community. Feeling the changes in our own lives and the deeper love we have for ourselves and each other is all the evidence we need.

  26. “All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, next it is violently apposed, and lastly it is accepted as being self evident”. This is indeed a great quote and it is interesting that it is still like this, should we not over the many years as a humanity have learned a thing or two?

  27. This is great, truth confronts us, but in the end when we start to get used to it and feel for ourselves that it’s true, it will be embraced.

  28. There is such a simple yet powerful truth about Universal Medicine in this line “A set of teachings which promote greater levels of self-care and self-love, whilst also the greater love and care of the rest of humanity can only work to assist the current state of our existence on this planet.” We truly do need Serge Benhayon’s work for the whole of humanity, for this exact reason! The more love and care I offer myself, the more I can hold others in this same love and care.

  29. The evidenced based medicine compares measurable physical outcome whereas Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine reveal the energy that underlies and is the cause of the problem. True health and healing is in the energy that we choose and the evidence is revealed in how we feel as our body always tells the truth.

    1. It is so obvious that there are major changes within the community that are living the teachings of the ageless wisdom as presented through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that to not study them has to be on purpose. There has to be a vested interest in delaying peoples’ awareness of their self-agency with regards their health and wellbeing or we would not have the world we have today with profits being more valued than people.

  30. It seems time and time again, a majority of humanity is desperately trying to avoid truth with every excuse possible under the sun. Truth just keeps being reflected back to us until we accept it and start living with it.

  31. At this present moment science has a narrow restriction as to what it considers proof. It has a dogma that can be twisted and suited to a personalised agenda, know as sponsored science. Never has there been so much corruption of information, when the regulation is suppose to be at its highest. In our past we didn’t have such constrained narrowness in investigating, yet we still made amazing leaps in human thinking.

  32. Whether the medical and scientific community like it or not, people are their own scientists in deciding what feels best for them. So many people have found that the quality of their lives has improved through voluntarily making changes after attending Universal Medicine presentations and workshops. How this can be overlooked as a form of evidence says more about the rigidity of the academic world rather than about whether or not what Universal Medicine presents supports any subsequent positive outcomes for students.

  33. It is simple, when it makes sense or one at least considers the possibility that the teachings and offerings by Serge Benhayon could work and bring valuable change just give it a go and find out what works and what doesn´t for you. We are our own science, what better proof than our own experience.

  34. “Like a lot of things which are confronting and challenging to us as humans, the opposition and reaction that his work is igniting in people may actually be the beginning of the unfolding of the truth.”

    I could not agree with this more. Loved your blog, thanks.

  35. Perfectly put, and I agree, I feel people do at times have reactions to the truth Serge Benhayon presents. I certainly feel this in the medias misrepresentation of Universal Medicine and of Serge. I feel rather than take interest in the positive effects of Serge’s work on people’s lives and their wellbeing, it’s possible onlookers will initially discount it and be quite annoyed with it because as its a completely new approach the first thing that may be stirred up is the stubbornness of pride. Humanity has got a lot wrong and Serge Benhayon is leading the way in getting things right – not everyone will openly welcome that because of the stubbornness, pride and resistance to change. There is another great quote by Albert Einstein “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”. which reminds me of your blog.

  36. Such a brilliant blog Peter, I feel you have hit the nail on the head with this powerful piece.

  37. It feels like many of us have lost the trust within ourselves and look to the outside -society, people who are more ‘intelligent’ than us, to tell us what is right, what to do, and how to be. When we get to know ourselves again, and trust the feelings we have inside, our body constantly shows us truth, this is more precious than any scientific research, which can easily get it so wrong, and over ride what is right for each individual.

  38. Making it simple – thank you Peter. What if the current reaction being carried out against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is part of a process known and lived through by parts of humanity? Your comment -“All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, next it is violently apposed, and lastly it is accepted as being self evident” has left much to be reflected on.

  39. Great quote and sharing here, Peter. Where does this need for ‘scientific evidence’ come from? We know so much inside and experience the truth in our own bodies if we allow ourselves to listen, recognize and accept it.

    1. We have come to be reliant on outside evidence and opinions to convince us what is truth but our greatest indicator of truth is our body. We have the ability to discern truth by trusting and listening to our inner knowing, our wisdom and our body.

  40. Thanks Peter. For me, I have the proof. My life has changed and I can clearly see the lives of many others changed for the better. True healing has occurred right before my eyes. What Serge Benhayon presents and the healing modalities he teaches are based on universal, immutable truths that will always be the truth no matter how much anyone wants it to be different.

  41. So true Peter, what you are sharing here and everyone else commenting. It reminds me that there was a time in history when individuals who suggested that the Earth is round and spinning around the sun, were violently fought and silenced. Today this truth is self-evident. The same happens to a lot of scientific evidence: what is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow.
    This shows that we need to be open to completely revolutionize our way of thinking and be ready to shift our paradigm and accept that we as human beings are far from grasping the enormity of the universe, if we do not at least consider other dimensions.

  42. “…the opposition and reaction that his work is igniting in people may actually be the beginning of the unfolding of the truth” – I hadn’t thought about it like that. Thank you, Peter, for the inspiration, and a great quote.

  43. I love this quote. I look forward to the day that the presentations of Serge Benhayon are universally accepted as self-evident as they are for so many already who patiently wait for current technology to catch up and prove what they already know to be true.

  44. I had forgotten about Schopenhauer’s beautiful quote: “All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, next it is violently apposed, and lastly it is accepted as being self evident”. Thank you Peter for reminding me of it!! The amount of truth that this quote contains is astronomical. How does science talk to this? What if the ‘scientific method’ of discovering regularities and laws is useful but very limited in scope? If this is a possibility, would science be up for the task of assessing fairly truth even if it does not fit the scientific toolkit? What if science stands against what one would be proved to be self-evident? Did it happen in the past? Did it lead to any acknowledgement of the limitation of science or simply oops with the small mouth?

  45. I love what you share, Peter. It made me think about some scientific studies, where cases are considered ‘cured’ or not based on patient’s change in symptoms, for example after using that medication, they no longer have a headache. This anecdotal evidence can’t necessarily be measured either. If present day science was open enough to study the Esoteric Modalities, the list of changes in people’s lives would be mind blowing. Not only do many report a huge reduction in symptoms that they lived with daily and considered just part of life (exhaustion, bloating, anger, anxiety for example), but subsequently develop a depth to wellbeing that they never considered possible – better relationships, joy, confidence and self-worth, harmony, able to work more, love, true vitality…. The list could go on and on – it is probably be too much for science to handle at this stage, they may not be ready for it yet.

  46. Such great common sense you have presented here, this is a fantastic quote – “All truth goes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, next it is violently opposed, and lastly it is accepted as being self evident”. It’s so strange that we are so adverse to change, that when the truth is presented to us we resist it at first.

  47. I had never considered that the violent reaction by a small minority to what is being taught by Serge Benhayon is part of a well worn process that announces a paradigm shift in our consciousness. These are not just words as there are literally thousands of living testimonials, and the momentum is building.

  48. The resistance that Serge Benhayon’s presentations have ignited in some people, may very well be the start of a clearing out of what is not truth, in order to make way for the Truth.

  49. Peter, love your blog and the quote you use describes it all. Once we accept it, truth really is self-evident, it just takes us a while to get there sometimes, but truth never goes anywhere – it’s always there. And once we begin to live that truth we accept it is normal, I know having changed how I live based on the principles I learned through reflection from Universal Medicine I now feel better than I’ve ever felt in my body and it is now my normal.

  50. Hi Peter, great blog, and quote thank you. The point of reflection you offer here has reconfirmed the now, for me, conventional, normalness of what is presented by Serge Benhayon, and how it feels normal for me to not eat gluten / diary etc, normal to sleep in spleen time, normal to rest when my body needs it, normal to honour my choices in my daily living, and normal to be a student of life (of the Livingness) learning all the time while the world around me offers a constant point of reflection.

    1. Thank you Lucy for sharing the observation of the cycle which shows that it is together that we expand and evolve.

  51. It is crazy that with all we have experienced over the many life times (looking back at history) that we are still denying what is staring us in the face. Why are we ignoring this?

  52. Peter, this everlasting call for evidence made me think of the fact that just because we cannot see stars in the daytime, it does not mean that they are not there. And a quote from a sage:

    “You know that medicines when well used restore health to the sick: they will be well used when the doctor together with this understanding of their nature shall understand also what man is, what life is, and what constitution and health are. Know these well and you will know their opposites; and when this is the case you will know well how to devise a remedy.” Da Vinci

    Over 500 years later and humanity at large still sits on its ears. 😉

  53. Yes, why do wait wait for science to prove something is true, although we already know it, before we will admit it. It’s like we all knew that passive smoking was harmful but nothing was done about it until we had the evidence. So much of what Serge Benhayon speaks about makes sense and feels ‘right’ but do we wait until there is enough evidence before we admit that, or listen to what our inner voice says yes too?

    1. My own understanding is that we accept what science is telling us because it is an ‘Authority’ which we need because we have not developed a trust in feeling what is going on around us. Observation is a cornerstone of science, and if our eyes are truly open, and we learn to listen to our inner voice, we are well ahead of the herd that needs proof from someone else.

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