Why didn’t I Recognise that I Deserve More in life?

by Angie, Australia

During the last 15 years, I have worked in mainstream alternative medicine clinics that have offered chiropractic, acupuncture, musculoskeletal therapy, kinesiology, as well as detox and weight loss programs.

As it was one of my duties to assist clients with their program, it was important for me to have experienced this for myself as well. I was overweight and most certainly could benefit from a thorough detox. Of course, at the end of each program, I could expect wondrous results… to feel vital, drop a dress size, and much happier within myself. Guess what… it didn’t happen!

Then along came a practitioner who had also trained with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, offering us a treatment. I took up the offer and had no expectations. This was a new experience and sometimes it felt really weird, but my body felt light and gentle, and I realised that this was the real ‘ME’ without all of the impositions of life. I had not experienced anything as profound as this before. This was such a contrast to my experience of everyday life, as well as the end result of the detox / weight loss program that I had been on. And all this revealed within a one hour session!

Why was it that with only one treatment, I was left feeling so good? I felt I needed to know more about this ‘mystery’, so I attended my first workshop, and so began my association with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

I have since attended many workshops and healing courses presented by Serge. He speaks in a way that is so common sense. You sit there thinking “Deep down, I know this” – but no one has ever put it in words that make it so simple.

Through Serge Benhayon’s presentations I have been able to identify patterns of behaviour that would previously have had me holding on to emotions, and running stories over and over in my head. I have been able to identify my relationship with food and how certain foods feel in my body. I have been able to join the dots about feeding emotions with food when facing issues I didn’t know how to deal with.

After attending Universal Medicine presentations and receiving support from some wonderful Esoteric Practitioners, I realised that I wanted a modality that took ‘ME’ into account and asked me ‘WHY’?

Why was I feeling how I did?… Why did I need to eat that way?… Why did I feel sluggish?… Why didn’t I truly enjoy life, and… why didn’t I recognise that I deserved more in life? 

More recently, I have been attending presentations by some amazing women practitioners from Universal Medicine. These are specifically for women discussing women’s health issues as well as pressures that affect our daily lives. There are many open and honest discussions, and it is wonderful to know that I am not alone in feeling the intensity around the ideals we feel we need to live up to as women, and more importantly providing the support to just be ourselves in the world. I have received a number of Esoteric Breast Massages as well, and continue to be amazed at how much more of the real and lovely me there is to feel.

Several years ago, I updated my qualifications to include Beauty Therapy. Many of my clients comment on how steady I am (seemingly unaffected by outside influences) and quite often ask how I do it. Others comment on the weight I have shed, and how my eyes are always sparkly. There have also been many comments on the salon being their little sanctuary, and different from others – how calm they feel, and how they can just be themselves there. We have some amazing conversations, and other times nothing much is said. Either way, I know that what I have taken away with me from the courses I have attended through Universal Medicine, as well as treatments from Universal Medicine trained practitioners has not only helped me and my family, but has made a great difference for my clients as well.

So, here I am eight plus years later, about ten kilos lighter, with my doctor telling me how good I look, amazed that my cholesterol has gone down steadily each year (even though I eat enough eggs and nuts to feed an army), and commenting that I never need to come to see her except for my annual ‘grease and oil change’.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I can now feel the real me! For me, the saying ‘de-clutter and simplify’ really sums it all up. Maybe that’s a little too basic, but why does life need to be so complicated anyway?

195 thoughts on “Why didn’t I Recognise that I Deserve More in life?

  1. Angie, “feeding emotions with food when facing issues I didn’t know how to deal with”, is something many of us do more often then we realise. Just recently I have changed jobs to a temporary position and the hunger pangs have gone through the roof. Reading this has reminded me that something underlying needs to be addressed and it is good that we have Universal Medicine practitioners we can call upon to reveal that underlying reason.

    My relationship with food was often related to a reward or that treat for working hard. It hasn’t quite healed yet but I know one thing, my relationship with food is so much better then it ever has been. I know there is more to go and I accept this responsibility.

    I find speaking with Universal Medicine practitioners, we discover more about life and how we are in it. As more is exposed and revealed, more can be healed and the next is offered. Life is much more different then.

  2. When Serge Benhayon presents at his workshops, it feels like he is talking to you specifically, but in fact he is presenting global issues that can be so simple to turn around. This feels amazing to experience, and so we know that there is something we are all caught up in that needs to be cleared so that we can start with a clean slate and bring what truly is needed in life.

    1. Henrietta I agree, when Serge Benhayon speaks to the audience, he is speaking to every individual in the audience yet addressing the all. Life is so much different and I understand it to another depth that no one has ever offered. I’d much prefer to live from there than how I used to live life, making others accountable. Now I am more accountable and responsible, big difference.

  3. In truth life can be so simple and easy, but we have a bad habit of complicating things and making things hard. In fact we are masters at making life difficult. But if this is the case, we must then deep inside know the simplicity that life is as we know the exact intricacy needed to make it complicated. Now this is food for thought!?

  4. How important is it to explore any form of dis-ease and understand what truly is the root cause? Without doing this, any other approach will only be superficial.

  5. This is a beautiful blog, for it confirms in simple and clear language the power of the work of Serge Benhayon. Through his work and presentations on The Ageless Wisdom we get to heal and love ourselves probably for the first time in our lives. As Angie shows, these transformations are not to better self, but have powerful ripple effects on the lives of others.

  6. There is a huge difference between ‘doing things for others’ and lovingly attend ourselves in the first place. In the first option we get used to function without feeling our needs, just focusing on the goal and the result, whilst in the second one we get expanded in the love we live and as a consequence this expansion reach others without effort, naturally so.

    1. Amparo – this is such a simple revelation and yet a life transforming one to put into practice. We can tick a box and do this in function and feel empty, or we can bring the fullness of who we are and make the box ticking exercise so much more than what it is and hence bring meaning to all that we do.

  7. Angie, it seems from your blog the true meaning of detox is to let go of all that doesn’t support you to live the real and true you, which may be food, behaviours, hurts, etc. To truly detox we need to establish that connection to ourselves again, so we can then feel what is not self supportive to the essence of who we are.

    1. I love what you share here Melinda. Detox is often associated only with food and drink and yet true detox goes much further. It’s an opportunity to clear behaviours, thoughts and hurts, in fact anything that inhibits our return to our true essence. With this comes an opening to more fully understand our purpose in life.

  8. My experience with receiving a session is the same. Just one session has such a deep impact on me which changes things for good. A new level of living.

    1. Well said Sylvia – one session alone can be a life changer. Such is the power of this way of living and working.

  9. There are some great points here about the simplicity of what Serge Benhayon’s presentations offer and how the Universal Medicine treatments also offer us the simplicity of returning to ourselves. I’ve been involved in lots of complementary therapies, been to many talks and presentations by others, but whilst some of it initially felt great there were no long standing changes, in fact I was pretty much stuck in repeating cycles of ill health and emotional distress. When I came to Universal Medicine Serge’s talks just made sense, he also had a non-imposing quality of integrity I had not felt before, and I felt empowered to make changes in my own life (and at my own pace) from his talks. Life actually began to change. The Universal Medicine therapies and tools like the Gentle Breath Meditation all brought me back to the true me, the one that was covered up by trauma, which was an enormous gift in itself. Serge has a very practical, simple, and deeply honouring approach to life and human beings. I’m a big fan 🙂

  10. In the esoteric community, we walk together even if it does not feel this is what we do. We all feel the intensity. We discover we share this. We all learn to deal with it. We start dealing with it. We discover beauty. We all start going there. Life starts to get transformed for us all. Our movements are not the same anymore.

    1. Great question Danna – the “joy” of complication in truth is simply the bliss and arrogance of the spirit getting off on having its way over the body and the soul.

  11. I love that we are embracing the word “why” when as a child it was one of the most irritating questions I was asked. I feel humbled by the reflection my children tried to offer me so often.

  12. ‘I wanted a modality that took ‘ME’ into account and asked me ‘WHY’?’ Exactly and that’s what Universal Medicine offers, it does not pander to you, or any ‘issues’ you think you may have but comes from the perspective that you are whole already and in you you know, and it’s about dropping all those things you have taken on which are just not you. And the beauty of it all, life does indeed become simpler.

  13. I love how you put the question in the title of not knowing that you were deserving so much more. It brings a gentleness and invites us all to feel how much more we deserve than we allow ourselves to give and live.

  14. Wow Angie, what you’ve shared highlights how your openness to change and connect to your essence has an impact on the people around you and the space you hold. Very beautiful confirmation of how far you have stepped up to a greater level of love and therefore offering this to everyone you meet.

  15. Natalie Benhayon has presented that a woman’s dress size is inconsequential to the magic of her curves – what ever they may be.

    1. I love what you have shared here Shami about the magic that a woman’s curves bring. Each curve is a curve from heaven and nothing less – so to criticize our body and its shape is the equivalent of sending a complaint about Heaven. Said like this it sounds ridiculous.

  16. We deserve so much more in life than we live. We deserve to be treated with absolute tenderness and love in every moment of our life, and it is not for us to claim it from others but by simply starting with ourselves, every day more until we can feel how much we deserve it and then there is no end to it.

  17. Awesome blog Angie, I love what you’ve shared. I absolutely agree, life doesn’t have to be complicated because it isn’t designed to be that way. It is our choice to keep life simple and joyful or make it the opposite. When I look around, most people’s lives are pretty complicated and some are pretty miserable when I ask them how they feel.

  18. ‘Many of my clients comment on how steady I am (seemingly unaffected by outside influences) and quite often ask how I do it.’ I too get asked this, and I simply say all I do is stay focused within myself, and then give that same focus to the job at hand, and although I am aware of everything else that is going on around me, because I am not distracted by it, or with my thoughts I am able to also enjoy what I am doing too.

  19. Angie I made and still make the same experience as you so wonderful describe: “You sit there thinking “Deep down, I know this” – but no one has ever put it in words that make it so simple.” That is what makes Serge and Universal medicine so interesting the simplicity what came and still comes with everything he presents and have presented.

  20. I may very well say I love simplicity which I do but it is through my movements that I bring it into my day. To simplify my life and let go of complication I am finding is a commitment to movement made with love. It can be challenging sometimes undoing a movement that has been so ingrained in complication yet I know when I have allowed it to happen because of how I feel in my body and the emotions that I have become attached to.

  21. To see a person change, to loose weight, have more vitality and have sparkly eyes is very significant as this is not what typically happens to a person as they age. If people are not asking how to live in this way we need to look deeply at the society we all live in that doesn’t want to look at the answer we all know. Self love, responsibility and surrender are simple, yet the most difficult thing to do if one is not willing to bring to the fore of their life the reality that we can choose the same self love and responsibility and truly surrender to the grace within.

  22. To have the reflection of Serge Benhayon in my life has been and continues to be life changing. He is simply through his livingness re-awakening that which I already know.

  23. Great sharing for when we’ declutter and simplify’ one area of our life it always allows us to bring greater clarity and understanding to other areas of our life.

  24. Learning that it feels amazing to live with responsibility, knowing I am the only one who can make the choice to care for my body is the most amazing gift. One that Serge Benhayon and returning to the living way of the Ageless Wisdom has offered to me to explore, discern and make my own. A way that any of us can choose in any moment.

  25. Its the sparkly eyes that do it for me… found in all sorts of places but only when I am paying attention to people and really connecting with others. When I meet these eyes I cannot help but connect and want to share more with the aliveness before me,

  26. I can so relate to feeling undeserving and not having much self-worth, and I can feel how I used to figure out a mid point in-between to manage life. I find sharings like yours here in blogs and women’s groups are so fantastic because by making us realise how others are going through the same stuff and we are not alone in our own stuff, which is very supportive in itself, but it also highlights how much we have actually been investing in those ‘issues’ so-called as a form of self-identification.

  27. ‘Why was I feeling how I did?… Why did I need to eat that way?… Why did I feel sluggish?… Why didn’t I truly enjoy life, and… why didn’t I recognise that I deserved more in life?’ These ‘why’ questions show that we deep down know what Serge and Universal Medicine presents and how simple it all can be when we start to listen to the wisdom our body has to share and deepen the relationship we have with ourselves as there is always more.

  28. I agree Angie that whenever I have heard Serge Benhayon present I have always had a sense of him confirming something I already know deep inside but I have put it to sleep so to speak. Serge has a wonderful way of reawakening these slumbering wisdoms and understandings of life in everyone and ‘joining the dots’ as you describe to form a more complete understanding of life for I often have had snippets of wisdom or realisations here and there but have not always been able to piece it all together. Universal Medicine has really supported me in this way to put it all together for myself and to discover my truth and my living way.

  29. “Why didn’t I Recognise that I Deserve More in life?” . . . this is such a telling question and a great title Angie. So many of us have to work through this and take responsibility for allowing ourselves to be squashed and shutdown for so long. The true self stands up to be counted as we begin to expressed from our inner knowing of who we truly are.

  30. These are powerful questions Angie, “Why was I feeling how I did?… Why did I need to eat that way?… Why did I feel sluggish?… Why didn’t I truly enjoy life, and… why didn’t I recognise that I deserved more in life?” Imagine if this was a questionnaire you filled out before going into a doctors surgery or any complementary medicine session? You would then be approaching your appointment with responsibility and an awareness of what got you there and what support is needed. I can just imagine how this would feel from the practitioner’s side, not being lumped with the pressure of a patient wanting them to ‘fix’ them.

  31. Thank you Angie, this is a gorgeous reflection of how the Ageless Wisdom Teachings inspire us to return to live the realness of who we are, which naturally feels does great. This makes absolute sense, as the more we are willing to be honest with how we feel in our bodies, the more we get to feel how our lightness and our love feels true, which allows us to develop greater awareness of what does not feel true in our bodies and why we are choosing what we are choosing.

    1. Yes, that willingness to be honest can open up chests that have been held under lock and key. Once released the lightness felt in the body is amazing and therefore the surrender through the discomfort of the discarding process is worth it.

  32. Declutter and simplify . . . I love it, Angie. And the more I declutter and simplify my life the clearer I become as more space is available and the clearer life is.

    1. Also, your clarity, steadiness and reflection Kathleen will ignite something in others too as they recognise the spark you bring is also in them too. The responsibility to keep our life clearer and lighter is beneficial for us as well as for others around us. It is amazing how this works.

  33. I love the connection you make Angie, that you wanted a modality that asked you why and asked you to see your part and be an engaged and active participant and that is in fact exactly what the Universal Medicine therapies do, as an client you are very much a part of it all; it’s not about relief but about looking underneath and providing support for people to see how they are and to choose to change if they wish, all the while just giving them a space to be themselves. There is nothing quite like them and they are a huge gift to us all.

  34. Why was I feeling how I did?… Why did I need to eat that way?… Why did I feel sluggish?… Why didn’t I truly enjoy life, and… why didn’t I recognise that I deserved more in life? All great questions we can ask ourselves, for when we are honest ourselves, it is in this space much easier to make different choices.

    1. I agree jacqmcfadden04 – asking these question of ourselves is an act of love, the first step to developing an honouring relationship with ourselves, our bodies and our truth.

    2. So true Jacqmcfadden04, honesty is an important part of supporting us to make loving changes in life. Without honesty we can stay stuck in our old ways that hasn’t worked and nothing truly changes if we don’t recognise what is actually going on.

  35. We can talk about these things and changes all we want but until you actually see it or experience it for yourself there will still be a part of you reserved or perhaps critical. I put all this to the test some years back and challenged what I was seeing and yet through this part I learnt so so much. I used the questions I had as mirrors back into me and to see what was going on for me. Life and what goes on within it is always a reflection for us and from there there is always understanding and awareness to bring. In other words you see yourself as a part of everything, every cycle and as cycles do, they cycle. We as a race or group of people appear to like to think we lead the world from a place almost above the world and yet the truth of it is we are just a part and from that part we need to play our part. Life and everything held within it cycle and so to reflect on your part is important as there is always a return, to everything.

  36. Indeed, why does life need to be complicated! I used to identify with complication, my story always having so many elements, so much drama as to why things didn’t run smoothly. Today, I have nothing to complain about, nothing that needs over dramatising. I approach life a million times more simply and feel a whole lot better for it.

  37. So true, it doesn’t need to be complicated, de-clutter and simplify. Feeling it in your body without the words ignites the spark that is within us all. Once it is felt in our body, the choice is there to nurture that flame or cover it again. What you share here is the absolute joy of nurturing that which is within us all.

      1. So true, the flower offers the reminder of the simplicity of it all. No matter what, it opens up to share its beauty with the world.

  38. That’s awesome Angie. It’s pretty wonderful to finally come across a modality that feels really true, and really honouring of the person you are as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

  39. When listening to presentations by Serge Benhayon I too often have a feeling that I already know the truth of what is being said but I have not been listening to my body which has been consistently telling me the truth.

    1. Mary this is spot on – when Serge Benhayon presents, he shares about something so old and so familiar that it brings goose bumps – it is like he shares forgotten truths hence why the sharing is needed as the fog of creation has created a veil for us and we have chosen to forget the very depth of divinity that we have access to and have come from.

  40. We all deserve the very best in life! But often we have not seen our beautiful qualities nor appreciated how wonderful our bodies are and their inner intelligence and love.

    1. When we appreciate and connect to these beautiful qualities, our inner intelligence and love it is for everyone, it is not just for ourselves but also provides a reflection for everyone around us.

  41. Beautiful Angie, making true changes has to involve re-establishing a connection and relationship with the ‘real me’… current medical and complementary medicine fields still ignore the fact of an inner being, one that in fact is responsible for the true harmony of function in the body as well as our vitality, sense of true self and the inclination towards choices that are self-loving.

  42. Wow, that’s so awesome Angie. I love how much you are reflecting to all those people that walk through your door, and it’s all coming from your own lived experience, not an idea.

  43. This is lovely Angie, and so key, ‘the saying ‘de-clutter and simplify’ really sums it all up’.

  44. Some great questions you asked yourself, ‘Why was I feeling how I did?… Why did I need to eat that way?… Why did I feel sluggish?… Why didn’t I truly enjoy life, and… why didn’t I recognise that I deserved more in life?’ These are not our natural ways of being, lovely how you embraced the real you.

  45. What a comment Angie – “For me, the saying ‘de-clutter and simplify’ really sums it all up. Maybe that’s a little too basic, but why does life need to be so complicated anyway?” This is so true, I haven’t heard it expressed in such a simple way… I’ve been one like many others I hear say “well how do I explain it there’s just so much?” But there has been complication in that too. Each day or more accurately in every single moment and second we can make a different choice, and see what supports us and what doesn’t.

  46. To work as a health and beauty therapist and be truly healthy and thus not only talk about the possibilities of a healthier life but live it is enormous as it inspires by the simplicity of a living example.

    1. Very beautifully said Esther, and I agree it is enormous to live true health especially when we are in the health industry because not many health practitioners out there are doing this. What message are we presenting to the world if we live one way and present a different way? It is so refreshing to see this reversed and see the benefits this has for people.

  47. There is this constant reality of having an awareness, which can often feel uncomfortable, then if so choosing, letting go of what is sitting in our bodies affecting the clarity we naturally have. Learning to go with the flow and the simplicity it brings to life is worth feeling the unsettled, uncomfortable feeling that comes with the awareness. So love the adage ‘de-clutter and simplify’.

  48. I love this Angie ‘de-clutter and simplify’ we often associate this with our home but to apply this to our bodies and everyday life is a game changer that continually empowers us and evolves us.

  49. Sometimes I used to ask myself ‘how did Serge Benhayon know that?’ as I felt it was directed at me and my own life but I have come to realise that whatever it was that happened to me that Serge was reading for healing purposes there was a very good chance it would have happened to another too. Nothing is ever personal it is only me that chooses to make it about me.

  50. I feel ‘declutter and simplify’ sums it up beautifully. Certainly for me doing this has opened up space in my life where the busyness of life is not all-consuming and there are opportunities to stop and reconnect or take stock when needed.

  51. It doesn’t matter whether another chooses to see and feel the changes in another that have taken place from attending Universal Medicine presentations, workshops or from having Esoteric Healing. What matters is the relationship we have to ourselves. We know when we make changes and let go of old behaviours and we don’t need to say a word; simply knowing others can feel the changes is enough.

  52. ‘You sit there thinking “Deep down, I know this” – but no one has ever put it in words that make it so simple.’ I know this exact feeling. It’s like a far away knowing, and you don’t know how you know it, but you just feel it. And then Serge puts it into words, and it confirms all that you always knew, but always felt alone in knowing it.

  53. it can feel a little unusual to be not ‘cluttered’ with all our usual emotional baggage and burdens, however the lightness of being we can feel after a session resonates with something deep within we recognise is innate and true. and so even though we may sometimes seek to reclutter due to its familiarity and comfort, there is something undeniable now awakened within us that we can thenceforth return to any time we choose.

  54. Those WHY questions just being asked empower simplicity to be known and will lead to the answer if honesty is applied “why didn’t I recognise that I deserved more in life?” = Exactly!

  55. Beautifully expressed Angie! We are so fortunate to have access at this time to such wonderful healing modalities as those offered by Universal Medicine and the wonderful Practitioners and founder and Presenter Serge Benhayon.

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