A Couple Share their Story – ‘Making Love is Easy’

by Rod Harvey and Sue Kira

Rod’s Story

Sue and I met about eight years ago and bonded instantly (actually, the physical bonding was enjoyed a little later). Since that time we’ve been inseparable and have had a wonderful relationship based on mutual respect and admiration and a deep love for each other. During this time we have never had an argument (who needs arguments when a discussion will sort out differing points of view).

We also both enjoyed salsa dancing and played in a samba carnival drumming group. Life together has been marvellous and we’ve had lots of fun times and adventures while supporting each other through the stuff of life.

About two and a half years into our relationship we began to attend presentations by Serge Benhayon from Universal Medicine. From Serge’s presentations and workshops we developed a deeper understanding of ourselves and humanity. While the dynamics of our relationship did not vary greatly on a surface level, as time moved on the depth of our love changed – there was more tenderness and making love took over from sex.

With love making the need to ‘perform’ was not necessary and there was no need for an outcome (excuse the pun). Initially I found that awkward as it presented a deeper level of intimacy, but after a while it became the enjoyable norm. Making love is not just about the bedroom, it’s about moments throughout the day – the gestures and things you like to do for each other without the need for recognition or reward.

A year ago we married. Initially, when we started to make ‘wedding arrangements’ we got caught up in who to invite, what music to play and so on till we both started to feel a resistance and realised that we were heading back into the ‘normal’ consciousness that’s around traditional weddings. Once we realised that, we made it simple with a handful of friends, our (adult) kids and the neighbours under a tree in the front yard followed by lunch supplied by those who attended (and no presents). Simple, enjoyable, lovely and over by 5pm so we could kick back and watch a movie.

Through Universal Medicine we have learnt to love ourselves more and through that, our love for each other has grown. As a wise man said once or twice – “it’s impossible to love another more than you can love yourself”. Thanks Serge, we’re enjoying the benefits of your wisdom!

Now I wonder what my wife will say…

Sue’s Story

As Rod is my third husband, you can imagine that I was getting choosier about who I was going to have in my life. Third time lucky as some would say. So I was off to a good start with the fact that both of us had been in relationships / marriages before that didn’t last and knew more about what we wanted in life which really was about having a mutual respect and love for one another as well as ourselves.

But even with this I could see that because of the unresolved emotional problems of the past, there was still potential for things to not work for us either. Fortunately, we found Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (UniMed), and it was within the workshops and presentations that we were able to unfold more of the truth behind how we felt. By learning how to ‘feel’ more rather than think, we came to understand ourselves more deeply which in turn helped us to grow as a couple.

As Rod said, we never have any arguments, never did, but it was now more about clear, loving, communication, rather than me just not saying anything for fear of conflict, which is how it used to be in previous relationships. I can say that if it hadn’t been for UniMed and Serge we wouldn’t have the depth of love in our relationship that we now have. I had previously thought that I was in love with other men, but really that was just emotional love, but until you can truly feel love for yourself you cannot begin to feel true love for another. This is true love, but it is a love that we also share with humanity equally (but I choose to sleep and make love with only Rod, of course).

When we make love, we have our eyes open, connected to each other, rather than the eyes closed ‘focused on genital’ version of sex or so called ‘love making’. Essentially it’s also about first having a loving connection with yourself and not wanting or needing anything from the other person, whereas in the past it was about seeking intimacy through a physical act.

But we also make love every day in every way (sound like a song from Miranda Benhayon) with moments of passing gestures and by being ‘present’ with each other when we are together. It is easy being in a relationship where there is nothing but love… and while it is not about everything always being ‘perfect’, there is a connection and a true intimacy in this relationship deeper than any I have ever known.

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  1. I can feel the depth of what you offer here and having both of you share about the same experience offers a very three dimensional perspective – it doesn’t leave anyone out. I can feel the protection and hardness we have in relationships without even realising it. The doing can just take us away from the moment by moment making love through the small connections during the day.

  2. Thank you for your sharing. I agree that relationships cannot be the same as in the past now we have the wisdom that Serge Benhayon has brought to the subject. In the past all my relationships reached a point of comfort from which there was no further growth or development. A plateau in effect and from there a stagnation set in. I now realise that relationships either keep deepening or else such stagnation will be the result.

  3. I love how open and honest you have both been about your relationship. I know for myself without Universal Medicine and the Benhayon family, I would not have been able to have the amazing relationship I have now because all my unresolved hurts would continue to get in the way and stop the relationship from deepening.

  4. Beautiful to read how you have both experienced previous relationships and one built on honesty and true love, we so often settle to try to fulfil others needs in the hope that they will fulfil ours and the relationship is flawed from the start. When relationships are based on honesty, with no expectations, and we express ourselves as fully as we are able without holding back, the relationship blossoms not out of need, but out of true love.

  5. Making love with yourself I find the most obvious can be while showering yourself. This time is super precious to me and I cherish every moment I am with myself during the process right through to getting dressed and completing with cleaning my teeth, rubbing cream onto my face and styling my hair. Every shower is an opportunity to be absolutely sacred with the way I am, and touch myself the way I would like to be intimately touched as if another was there. It is a unique revealing experience each time been personally challenged by the possibilities of how deeper you can go with love for yourself each shower.

  6. Sue I only can agree to what you have shared: “I can say that if it hadn’t been for UniMed and Serge we wouldn’t have the depth of love in our relationship that we now have.”

  7. Rod you exposed sex as what it is – not making love at all: “Making love is not just about the bedroom, it’s about moments throughout the day – the gestures and things you like to do for each other without the need for recognition or reward.”

  8. Having sex is an action that has a clear beginning and a clear end. Making love is part of a flow, an ongoing movement between two people who are able to be with themselves and move together from there.

  9. A beautiful sharing Rod and Sue, of how relationships can be when we love ourselves deeply and of course that naturally means we love another deeply also.

  10. Love is in the connection. I missed that for such a long time, because I was lost in what I had to do, had to be, that I never allowed another in to connect with. I do now and the feeling of belonging (something I hungered for before) is simply there, because I also deeply love myself, as much as I do another.

  11. Thank you Sue and Rod for sharing so openly about your relationship changes as inspired by Serge Benhayon. One of the things we do in life is stop exploring, we accept life as it is yet there are always deeper expressions on offer for us to advance to, in every facet of life. I deeply appreciate what you have shared here as your advances in all aspects of your relationship including making love. It would be great to get an update blog from you both!

  12. Thank you both for sharing how developing a loving relationship with ourselves first is what enriches our relationship with our partners and others. Making love then becomes a quality of our loving connection lived and shared with our partners throughout the day, which is then confirmed as such when our bodies come together to make love.

  13. Yes making love is far more than a physical act or a single moment but is a way of life. It feels like the expansion of the love that we hold ourselves in by fully letting another person in and allowing them to see and feel all of us.

  14. Just the fact that you wrote this blog in itself is a great testimony to your relationship Rod an Sue and truly lovely and inspiring to read. Some time ago I had the great privilege of witnessing you two dancing together and I can say the way you held each other and moved as one confirms everything you state here.

  15. Lovely and Inspirational to read. I have had many relationships in the past that always fell apart because the love was gone between me and my partner. The reality was that I didn’t have much love inside me and was relying on the other to fulfill me with love, which is not real love but emotional love, as I now understand through the teachings of Serge Benhayon. Now for the first time in my life I am learning to love myself first, and then bring that love into my relationship, and not wanting my partner to “supply” me with love.

    1. It’s a great discernment you have made Willem between emotional love and needing ‘love’ to be supplied by others, or nurturing and living from the love we are and offer first to ourselves, then to our partner, etc.

  16. Oh I feel when we make love it is always making love with ourselves and with our partner and the Divinity within the both of us, so to look within each other’s eyes as well as deep within our hearts, that is so truly beautiful.

  17. A beautiful sharing of true love in a relationship. When we hold back from expressing what we feel in order to avoid an argument then we are just having an argument with our own body that is calling for us to express our truth.

  18. Yes, it is so important to love oneself first, only then can we truly love another, ‘Through Universal Medicine we have learnt to love ourselves more and through that, our love for each other has grown.’

  19. Rod and Sue this is gorgeous to read, seeing you both it is obvious the great love and respect you both share for each other. Couples like you are so needed in a world that has forgotten to live with true love and instead have settled for a lesser version – emotional love. Once you experience true love you open up the grandness and endless supply of love that is always available.

  20. Emotional love is mostly all we see out in the world so even if we have a sense of this not being ‘it’, it can be difficult to know where to go with this when there are no reflections or role models of there being another way. Enter Serge Benhayon and the rest of the Benhayon family. Thanks to them I have living and evolving role models of what true love looks like. Every part of my being knows this is true and I am now living this for myself – a constant unfoldment and joy.

  21. “By learning how to ‘feel’ more rather than think, we came to understand ourselves more deeply which in turn helped us to grow as a couple.” I had a couple of relationships before UniMed and then a relationship after attending UniMed. They were noticeably different in the sense my initial relationships were based on need to distract myself from feeling “I did not love myself”, while the other asked me to love myself and express my feelings. One was being honest while the other was dis-honest.

  22. I can see how I too have been fooled by emotional love not just in previous relationships but in my relationships with others too but as I develop self love the emotional love begins to stand out within me and within others. It begins to feel uncomfortable and a tension is felt because it is not true.

  23. This is a beautiful sharing, one that I find inspiring and supportive. I love how the focus of your relationship together is about ‘making love’ in how you are choosing to be with each other. Forever expanding your connection to your own love and having nothing stopping you from sharing it with your partner.

  24. Beautiful to hear from two sides of the story – thank you for sharing the intimate details of the love you share in your relationship, Sue and Rod.

  25. Would be awesome to be taught that you can’t love another more than you love yourself in school. I’ve felt like I’ve loved some people in my life so much that it hurt when they were not around. i know today, that’s not true love, that’s co-dependence. Equality in a relationship is so so important, but it really does come from the individual first loving and appreciating themselves before the other.

  26. Reading this blog, the love you speak of Rod and Sue, is so gentle, so honouring and so steady – and very inspiring to feel, thank you.

  27. ‘You cannot love another more than you love yourself’… this is such a simple but profound statement and is the key to all relationships.

  28. Thank you Rod and Sue! Your relationship is an example to us all. To know love yourself first then sharing that with a partner is one of the most growing things we can do for a relationship and humanity.

  29. The absence of arguments does not automatically mean that there is love in a relationship, it could be just a very good arrangement. But what makes all the difference to a relationships is the presence of love in all the interactions and not just when I want to get laid, but an ongoing persistent quality that sets the tone for the entire relationship.

  30. It is gorgeous that as you deepened the connection with yourselves first… unfolding more of who you are, that this allowed you to deepen the love between you and naturally unfold the expression of that love to reflect that new depth and quality.

  31. “but until you can truly feel love for yourself you cannot begin to feel true love for another.” It is such a throw away line really but holds a lot of truth. There is a massive difference between emotionally being in love with each other, for me also known as needing someone in my life, and truly loving another, where there is a love felt in my heart that I hold the other in so to speak. The latter one is just gorgeous to experience as it is giving myself equally love as the other.

  32. Thank you Rod and Sue for sharing simply the deep love your have for each other and how that has deepened since coming to Universal Medicine, as our love grows for ourselves it grows for each other, what a beautiful couple reflecting how love can be in relationships.

  33. Sue you shared: “By learning how to ‘feel’ more rather than think, we came to understand ourselves more deeply which in turn helped us to grow as a couple.” Perhaps the “to feel more rather than thinking” is a missing link in so many not working relationships and with your sharing you offer them a new possibility to re-connect and grow as a couple again.

  34. Self-love is the key in all our relationships, not just in couple relationships. Self-love supports us to let others in, to connect with all we meet, no matter how small or short the exchange is – love can be expressed (flow) with a simple smile or a meeting of the eyes with a stranger….

  35. “Essentially it’s also about first having a loving connection with yourself and not wanting or needing anything from the other person, whereas in the past it was about seeking intimacy through a physical act.”
    This is most beautifully and exact expressed, when we are in harmony with ourselves there is no need to perform or to seek but simply the expression of what is there already and the celebration of this beingness.

  36. Thank you Sue and Rod for your blog. A couple dedicated to self love, and to love and respect together is a very powerful couple for the community. We learn so much by watching and observing others, and I feel the way you live would be very inspiring for those around you.

  37. I love how you wrote from both of your perspectives and amalgamated it into this blog, relationships like yours and many in the student body reflect an entirely different way to being with another where need is no longer the foundation.

  38. This is so beautiful to read, and so confirming the feeling that love starts with ourselves, not something outside of us. It is a great journey to discover this love, and really get to feel that a partner for that matter is not needed.

  39. Thank you Rod and Sue, a delightful duet that sings of true love and building a relationship on openness and gentle intimacy throughout the day and every day. “Through Universal Medicine we have learnt to love ourselves more and through that, our love for each other has grown.”

  40. This blog in a way says so much yet doesn’t say much at all. Thank you sharing the simple details of your relationship, it has highlighted what principles are needed to have any type of loving relationship.

  41. I love how you both share that you do not have arguments and as you said Sue that it is not that you ‘hold your tongue’ but about open communication. I have found that too, I have not had an argument with my partner either which I feel is mainly because we are very committed to loving each other, being in an argument does feel ugly. Communication feels like the other very important factor, when something feels a bit tensed between us we talk about it with the commitment to bring it back to love which is amazing to feel and a true blessing to be part of.

  42. This is great to read and very inspiring, I can feel how true love starts with loving myself, and making love is in everything we do together and for each other.

  43. Rod and Sue in between sharing the magic of your relationship you also share some big truths here such as “it’s impossible to love another more than you can love yourself” and not wanting and needing our partners to fulfill our expectations. They are essential aspects of any truly successful relationship.

  44. The authenticity of the love you live with each other shines through your words. Thank you Sue and Rod for sharing the love and harmony you have between you through this blog.

  45. What an inspiring blog Rod and Sue! Although I was married for well over 20 years, I didn’t get to experience the making love that you share here – which I realise now stemmed from me not having a loving relationship with myself and which was reflected in how I was in my relationship with my partner and how we experienced our relationship together. I’m now currently single but look forward to the potential opportunity to experience making love in an intimate relationship with another, and in the meantime I am learning to make love my daily choice with myself.

  46. Thank you both for sharing the love that you live each day. This is really beautiful to read and inspiring to know that it is possible and to not settle for anything less.

  47. Thank you both, for sharing the love that you live together with, on a daily basis…. Very inspiring….you are true role models for us all especially so, for couples.

  48. “You cannot love another more than yourself.” There is so much wisdom and depth in this quote. How many times do we base relationships on placing other’s needs above our own? And if both partners in a couple are doing this at the same time, currently we even deem this as a successful relationship. But maybe we have got this upside down and back to front? Maybe we need to nurture and grow the love we have for ourselves equally to the love that we feel for another, no more and no less important.

  49. So lovely to have you both share your experience of living with love in our relationship. It is clear that it comes from a choice and wonderful that you can experience this together and share with the wider community. Some that is very powerful is the truth that ‘it is not possible to love another more than yourself’. How can we share love if we do not know it and live it? This is the place to start from.

  50. Sue and Rod, I can sense the joyful delight you are sharing with yourselves and each other through reading this blog. Your confidence in your relationship, stemming from an individual inner connection to yourselves, is inspirational to others. Thank you.

  51. Sue and Rod, thank you for this very open and honest sharing. It is lovely to read a blog from both people in the relationship. Love is definitely about presence and quality first with self then with others. I completely agree.

  52. Thank you Rod and Sue. Having both of your perspectives was really interesting. I too have found how my relationship with the divine man I have married has grown and deepened since I have been developing a deeper love for myself.

  53. Thank you Sue and Rob for sharing your relationship with us and for broadening the concept/words ‘making love’ to much more than only the physical act. Although I am not in a relationship at the moment I still experience making love. When I am completely with myself, feeling I am love and then connect with another it can be there in the eye contact or in a smile.

  54. What a gorgeous blog. I can really feel how building love for myself is what will allow me to truly love another. And that sounds amazing – not the emotional love with all it’s hooks, but a true love with an intimate partner.

  55. This is so lovely to read and very inspiring. The ease and simplicity of how you are with each other is beautiful to feel. I’ve always felt that intimate relationships were all too complicated but when we make them about connection, presence and tenderness the complication slips away. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Awesomely put Annemarie. I agree. Reading this from Sue and Rod was very inspiring and the simplicity was super beautiful as well.

  56. Wow, I didn’t realise this blog is from 2012! It feels so timeless and current – I guess that’s how truth is; timeless and the quality endures and doesn’t change. Thank you Rod and Sue for sharing your lovely story. I find it very inspiring and I look forward to experiencing a relationship like that one day. Really making it about sharing and expressing love firstly. And all else is built from that commitment to that love.

    1. Great point Esther. It still totally does feel timeless. It still very much has currency now as it did back then. I can only wonder what their relationship is like now ? 🙂

  57. Thank you for sharing your beautiful relationship. I love how you stopped yourselves from being caught in the wedding planning trap, and made it really simple, I can tell you made it all about love and not about the event.

  58. My relationship with my husband has, and continues to be transformed by the work and teachings that Serge Benhayon shares. I am learning what it truly means to make love, and, as was shared, it is not limited to the bedroom nor to the physical act Xx

  59. Beautiful to read guys. I loved reading about your marriage- ‘over by 5pm so we could kick back and watch a movie.’ Super simple and seemingly made ordinary as a huge gesture doesn’t seem needed when the relationship is already filled with love. I also found what you shared about the loving gestures done for each other through out the day apart of making love too, many more relationships need these loving gestures, yet as you both have said, with out first love for yourself you aren’t able to have love with another, and so it goes with the loving gestures..

    1. I love your points here Emily, yes the simple wedding sounds so awesome. It’s not about the dress, the expense, the grandeur of the gestures, but the Love between the two people. And once that’s there, the details are just that – details, but not the main focus. The point about loving gestures I love – yes, how loving are we with ourselves throughout the day? What loving gestures towards myself could I build into my day? A beautiful point to expand and allow to unfold within our relationships with ourselves.

  60. A beautiful sharing of the’ wholeness’ available to us all in living the Truth of Love and Loving. l have had a picture of Love as growing outwards but this has shown me that whilst it magnifies, it is the depth or deepening of the love that is magnified for all to share. The constant and consistent nurturing of love of self and other is evident in every word.

  61. Thank you Rod and Sue for sharing the journey of your love together and how it has grown and expanded since coming to Universal Medicine. It is so inspiring to read about a couple who start from the point of loving themselves and then each other and everyone else. What a gift for us all.

    1. Wow that’s gold Felix, “Do you love yourself?”… I feel there would not be the level of domestic abuse there is now if this was honestly asked before any one ventured into a relationship. It calls on self-responsibility and being very clear of your intentions.

  62. It beautiful to read about the loving connection you both have. As the self love has grown so to has the depth of love you have for each other, and it’s wonderful to read how you both express this to each other throughout the day. Thanks Rod and Sue for your beautiful sharing.

  63. Thanks Rod and Sue for sharing your stories. Deeply inspiring to read and feel the reflection of true love, opposed to emotional love which is what is so often role modelled in movies and magazines. You guys are the real deal and as others have commented on this thread, inspiring for those of us who are single to not settle for anything less.

    1. When reading of this love between Rod and Sue, not only is it deeply inspiring, it has a quality of calmness and steadiness. “Love” is often role modelled without these qualities with high emotions and intensity.

      1. Great point nikkimckee: love in media or films or books is often portrayed with the need for high emotions and intensity. I feel the quality of calmness and steadiness is much more healthy and worth aspiring to.

    1. Thank you emfeldman, you speak out of my soul- what these two shared seems to be light and easy …I love that..and the connection between you two is deeply felt- awesome 🙂

  64. Thank you for sharing your stories. It was really beautiful to read how, owing to the Universal Medicine presentations, you came to understand yourself more deeply, which in turn allowed you to discover true intimacy with each other. The love you share is deeply felt.

  65. Thank you for an awesome blog with two perspectives. It’s very inspirational to read how you have evolved together. I can so relate to this: “I had previously thought that I was in love with other men, but really that was just emotional love”, but I’m on my way to truly feel love for myself so I can begin to feel true love for another.

  66. I deeply appreciate the honesty Rod and Sue share – that their relationship to many could have seemed great, but now as evidenced, is truly loving. They share that it is not about perfection, but a willingness to evolve the relationship together and from their with all others, not loosing site of the fact that it starts with self.

  67. I have just come accross this awesome blog written by Rod and Sue – nearly 2 years ago now. But this is forever relevant and true, as we all want to have loving relationships. Knowing Rod and Sue and having observed and felt their loveliness and them connecting with each other and everyone is so beautiful to be around. Thank you both for sharing how you have deepened the love for yourselves first and then made your relationship only about love and expressing that love. You are very inspiring to me, along with more and more loving couples we know choosing to live this way, not afraid to show and claim their love for each other – all the while allowing to be loving with anybody who is willing to be that and allowing the love in. How beautiful to live that way.

    Like Judith I also loved to read all the comments here too and could relate to them very strongly – thank you all.

    Thank you Danielle for all you shared and expressing that when there is no need and expectation, but love, relationships become easy.

    Thank you Dragana for sharing how we used to accept unloving relationships – which were really reflecting how unloving we were with ourselves in the first place.

  68. I have so enjoyed reading this blog again and all the comments. They clearly show that we all now know what a truly loving relationship is because of examples we are seeing being lived by an ever increasing number of couples at Universal Medicine gatherings. None of these relationships look the same either, as each has their own flavour of expression particular to that couple. That is what I have found most inspiring. There is no one way to live Love – either with ourselves or with another in a paired relationship and it is up to my husband and me to find our way of living the Love we are in the ‘us-ness’ of us.

  69. Rod and Sue, your posts have attracted more responses than usual. Is it because when you are on the dance floor, we can’t take our eyes off of you 😉 or could it be that the ‘little’ word ‘relationship’ is a big one these days. Oh I do think so (though I concur – you are awesome on the dance floor!). Sure it is for me. Up until Universal Medicine, I was a master at picking up all the ‘wrong’ guys – lovely men, just not men who wanted to make love, sex only! In my last relationship of 18 years I spent almost entire 18 years explaining that when I am hardly spoken to for almost an entire day, it is very unlikely that when the night falls and we retire to our bedroom and he leaps on top of me that I would say oh, yes, please do, why not. And know what – he just couldn’t understand my attitude.

    I wanted to be stroked gently even for a brief second, whilst cooking, just in the passing, or brought a loving cup of tea whilst sitting on the sofa but WITHOUT a motive – ‘will you have sex tonight, remember I made you a tea today’!

    To think that I chose that kind of relationship for so many years and I called myself intelligent, gives me shivers. I knew it was wrong and that it was not the way but I kept choosing it until UniMed came along and I came to realise (more like confirm really) for myself that I was the owner of my own body and that only I can chose when, where and what I do with it!

    Brianna, your letter is so beautifully expressed. I too have watched and felt other relationships like Sue and Rod’s, those of Michael and Emmalee Benhayon, Serge and Miranda and got mega inspired to ask myself the exact same question: Why would I ever settle for less? Thanks to those beautiful living markers of what relationships are really about that we can be inspired and make the same loving choices. And it is awesome to hear a 22 year old (Brianna) being so inspired at the age when everything seems to evolve around relationships! Thanks Rod. Thanks Sue.

    1. Great point draganabrown – ‘relationship’ – this word can bring up so many different emotions and feelings. We all want it but it seems so difficult. I do find it amazing looking back on what I have been accepting within relationships, and I am so grateful to Serge Benhayon and Miranda Benhayon, Emmalee Benhayon and Michael Benhayon and Sue and Rod for being true role models of what a true and loving relationship looks and feels like. There is no way back to accepting the unacceptable.

  70. I have been in a relationship with my partner since we were 16 (we are now 43 so you do the Maths). We have always had a loving, fulfilled and fairly honest relationship. We didn’t argue but we certainly didn’t deal with our issues either. Since coming to UniMed 8 yrs ago we are learning to be more loving and to communicate more openly instead of holding back out of fear of conflict. Over the years our relationship is less physical but more affectionate, tender and considerate of each of other. We are much more connected and loving and this is something we are working on and developing every day. Rod and Sue your story inspires me to keep going back to basics and make love a part of everything we do.

    1. Beautiful to read Rachel and very familiar, my partner and I have been together since 15 which is nearly 25 years. What has supported our relationship is the loving reflection of Serge and Miranda Benhayon and many couples like Sue and Rod who make their relationships all about love and evolving. Most the time when we have argued is from bringing in an issue that is not real… or not wanting to feel our own stuff. In the past we would leave a party and look at each other in disbelief of what we aligned to and how we spoke to each other… so foreign.

  71. I too am married and living in a relationship with a commitment to love and truth.

    We have been married for 19 years and have both been attending Universal Medicine workshops for 8 years. Unlike Sue and Rod we do argue!!!

    Before Universal Medicine we used to argue much more and sometimes the disagreements and angst would go on for days. 😦

    Since we have been attending Universal Medicine courses and sessions we argue less and less, sometimes not for months at a time. When we do have stuff come up, we now have the tools and understanding to be able to deal with it quickly and it usually only lasts for moments.

    Our relationship just keeps getting more and more loving all the time. Like Rod and Sue say, we feel that our playful way of living together is the making love and the physical act then becomes the confirmation of the love we already share.

    Just like us our relationship is constantly developing and by no means perfect but still pretty fantastic. 🙂

    1. I loved your comment – it’s so honest. The reality is many people do experience arguments, but regardless the commitment to keep developing and deepening the relationship and to bring it back to love is inspiring.

    2. Yes NL, I can feel that this is true and your relationship is growing as you both keep growing and evolving. What a beautiful opportunity for you both to live that love and express it with each other. It is truly inspiring to see a couple appreciating each other every day, without perfection.

  72. Not so long ago I was given an opportunity to watch and feel Rod and Sue together, two people dancing as one. I felt to share how it was to just observe and feel what they not only reflected but how they have given me something no movie, book, class room or education system before my experience with Universal Medicine had ever taught, inspired or better yet reflected in such beauty and truth for me.

    As Sue and Rod walked onto the stage I was immediately captivated – not just by their movements but in how amazing they looked and felt. I saw a couple – looking at each other with truth and comfort, touching without need or desire but tenderness and playfulness… I felt the way they moved together separately yet together they came together as one. As I watched these two dance – I asked myself, why is this not something every man and woman, couple, or family shares with one another? What if children grew up seeing their parents touch, look and be with each other in such a way that there is no ‘role’ or need to be something or someone and instead shown that just being you, feeling each moment and being playful and loving is beautiful. Not something to hide away from.

    I am 22 years old, and I can say that the reflection of the one dance from Rod and Sue and the connection and opportunity to be that I am, shown to me by Serge and his family has touched me and given me a new marker for how I can claim and live my life. While watching Rod and Sue dance – I turned to a woman next to me with tears in my eyes and asked her – “How could I, how could any person settle for less than that?”.

    Never before have I experienced something so strong like this. I am surrounded by a intensity of living where, as a woman I have often felt that to feel love from a man I need to be physically intimate with them, or be something I am not. So many girls go through life seeking that something – outside and from everything else – instead of feeling within and knowing that they themselves are enough.

    I have been given an opportunity through the work of Universal Medicine, the students within it and better yet feeling me within – to start to erase many of those silly ideals and beliefs and what a woman should be, or how sex and intimate acts are a ‘norm’ and instead create new markers that reflect to me that it is ok to love myself, to be with someone in a way that is gentle and tender, caring and true – not only in a relationship sense but in all parts of my life.

    I am still growing, and forever unfolding, and I know that there will be many moments that I will be challenged by relationships, friendships and work – though again thanks to the teachings of Universal medicine, Serge and the Benhayons, all the many other students and especially to Rod and Sue – I now have another marker to come back to and ask myself “Am I settling for less”.

  73. I have been in many relationships that have been hard work, and people would say that this is normal, and that you have to put the work in or learn to compromise… As my understanding of what true love is unfolds, as well as my ability to live lovingly, I now see that relationships are only difficult when they are based on needs and expectations from each person, and not true love. To have no needs and expectations each person must fully love and accept themselves first. Then if there are no needs or expectations and instead only a true willingness to be love to the best of one’s ability and to always make it about love, or bring it back to love, then the relationship will more often than not, naturally flow and be easy. How could it not, because both people are always heading in the one direction. It is so lovely to feel a couple who are truly living this to the best of their ability, and willing to share it with others to feel and be inspired by. Thank you.

  74. I also get to be in a marriage / relationship that is all about love. It is second time around for both of us. We also had our old patterns of being in relationships come with us into this one. Like the two of you because of what Universal Medicine presents we have been able to lovingly (most of the time) look at our patterns and our ‘stuff’ within our relationship. We have been able to let go of many old behaviours that only got in the way of us being more of ourselves with each other. So as Sue said, do try it, a relationship with nothing but love.

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