I was Searching for Something More… but I Didn’t Know What

by K. James (60), London, UK

When I look back at my life I can see now what I couldn’t see then: I had no love for myself, was searching for something more (but did not know what) and was directionless.

I met Serge Benhayon eight years ago and attended his first UK workshop and felt immediately who he is. What he presented was different from anything else I had ever experienced before. He was authentic, honest, clear and loving. I have been a friend and student of Universal Medicine ever since.

Through workshops and sessions with practitioners I learned about gentleness and how important it was to be gentle first with myself, before I could be gentle with others.

Later, as I felt the work deepen in me, I had to face myself and the way I lived my life. This was often confronting and a huge challenge. It took a long while before I could see myself honestly. I was not used to receiving that level of honesty and directness from practitioners. I describe this process as Love in Service. For the first time in my life I was with a group of people who accompanied me on my journey (and continue to do so) and only present me clear reflections and above all LOVE.

What was presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon showed me how to take care of myself in simple and practical ways through my choices: food, drink, exercise, sleep and relationships. Today, I feel strongly that the love and support I received from Serge and the Universal Medicine team is greater than anything I felt from my biological family, and yet despite this, and as a result of the changes in me, my relationships with family members are healthy and we’re closer.

I’m now more at peace with myself than ever before, maintain a healthy (stimulant free) life style and am beginning to enjoy life.

122 thoughts on “I was Searching for Something More… but I Didn’t Know What

  1. This is inspiring K James, and says much about Serge Benhayon and what he shares with those who are open to listening, ‘ I feel strongly that the love and support I received from Serge and the Universal Medicine team is greater than anything I felt from my biological family, and yet despite this, and as a result of the changes in me, my relationships with family members are healthy and we’re closer.’

  2. We have completely bastardised what love truly is, but when it is presented and reflected as a livingness, it reawakens the same depth within us and whether we choose to go with it or keep turning away from it is entirely up to each one of us, and the process of coming back to love is as easy and simple or hard and complicated as one makes it to be.

  3. I appreciate the simplicity of your sharing K James, as nothing else is needed to understand your experience but at the same time, there’s much more that I can access to just by reading it.

  4. Life is a step by step process and as long as we are open to learn and are continuously willing to see that there is more to life than we live we will unfold back to the greatness that we are from and all part of.

  5. You would imagine that these simple life skills – how to eat, sleep and nurture yourself would be things we are all taught from young. Yet clearly they are not. Serge Benhayon offers each of us the simplicity of a life lived with Love as its founding principle and how we live and how we look after ourselves is the activity that gives that foundation space to be a livingness not a theory.

  6. I loved your sentence ‘I’m now more at peace with myself than ever before, maintain a healthy (stimulant free) life style and am beginning to enjoy life.’ From my own experience I have found that since connecting more consistently within me the more I feel at home with myself, I am no longer looking for something outside of myself, as I realise what I was looking for I already had.

  7. A continual journey, one that starts always with ourselves, no searching, but a deepening of the love that we are and live it every day more.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine K. James. What I love most is to feel your honesty as for me honesty is the best ingredient to heal from the inside out.

  9. To be confronted with truth is the absolute love we can lovingly receive (or dismiss) from another… anything less is not love.

  10. We are never taught to just be gentle with ourselves which is most unfortunate for that is the first step to being gentle with others and thus allowing us to solidify all our relationships including the one with ourselves to always be founded on decency, love and respect.

  11. The final sentence has something astonishing in it… super cool that you are starting to enjoy life, but incredible that we live in an advanced society where we can go to the age of 60 and not be enjoying life. There is something very wrong with the education, the parenting, the support at work or from friends, family, colleagues that means we can get to this age without discovering and then living with that joy.

  12. It is through honesty that we discover the most enriching quality that we can bring to life – love. As then, we realise and can sense that this is who we are, and that this vibration is what truly confirms us, hence the exquisite fulfillment we feel when we connect to our essence and be ourselves.

  13. I agree K. James I did not know what the true meaning of love was until I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Love is a living way that does not hold an iota of emotion in it. Love is who we all innately are and having mistakenly looked for outside of ourselves.

    1. We are sold an image of love, we fall for it and then spend our lives constantly searching for it because none of it feels quite right. When in fact, Love is who we are and what we are made of, it is in our movements and our expression, so it is well worth building a relationship with the quality of the way we live and reconnect to who we inately are.

  14. How inspiring, that from feeling your life directionless, you now feel peace with yourself. When we feel content with who we are, we don’t have to push and drive and control, we can just allow life to flow and in the flow, so much can be received.

  15. I have also found that Universal Medicine practitioners don’t pander, coax or cajole – they come from love and service and they present what needs attending to, seeing the question has been asked. Truth is the baseline and the quality of the interaction comes before any outcomes or results.

    1. I love what you have shared here – so very true. Truth knows truth, for truth is absolute, therefore the truth can only ever be presented. You cannot convince that which is already an innate quality within, as our divine will surrenders only to that which it is in-truth intrinsically part of. When we re-connect to the light of who we are, we then are guided by our innate knowingness, our truth, to be the all love we are in essence.

  16. A very simple loving blog that describes the process that many go through on their way back to wholeness as presented by Serge Benhayon. I am so glad to also have taken on a similar journey, its been challenging at times but I am so worth it.

  17. I so agree – even without trying, just by going deeper in love with ourselves naturally supports all relationships with people around us, it brings more honesty and understanding and slowly but surely I am enjoying that benefit as well.

  18. A gentle and powerful testimonial of all that is offered in the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine.

  19. I feel what comes up for many families and partners who have someone studying with Universal Medicine, is the amazing open and supportive relationships they have with Serge Benhayon, his family and practitioners… as they have asked for more… and they aren’t ready to deepen the relationship with themselves…. and this brings up a lot.

  20. I can relate with your searching for something more, but not being sure what it was, till I found Serge Benhayon, and then it was like I had found the missing piece of the puzzle.

  21. “It took a long while before I could see myself honestly.” This is definitely a great challenge but one that is so worthwhile and through the loving support of Serge Benhayon and all that is associated with him and Universal Medicine it is achievable.

  22. What a huge turn around and new marker when we actually enjoy life…. but there is always more, more love to receive and more love to share and there is a way to live that supports the flow of love through our bodies not by ‘doing more’ but by surrendering, allowing and accepting of what is already there within.

    1. Surrendering, allowing and accepting what is already there within – this is so key to our enjoyment of life. Life is not about doing or achieving, but simply about being – and surrendering to the flow of life and what is needed, without trying to control it.

  23. I can relate to that search for “something more” that you describe. I found that the New Age and my religion of the past didn’t provide; what Serge Benhayon founder of Universal Medicine presented, in the teaching of the Ancient Wisdom that to me is the truth and felt like coming home.

  24. I very much resonate K. James how you talked about honesty being the best medicine. I too experienced being exposed continuously for my level of honesty not being enough to support my healing with myself for years with Universal Medicine practitioners. Being truly honest stops all blame directed at any other. I agree “I’m now more at peace with myself than ever before, maintain a healthy (stimulant free) life style and am beginning to enjoy life.” Honesty is the best medicine.

  25. For me, taking care of myself has been a process and one that is continually being refined as there is always another level of care and love on offer.

  26. It is beautiful when we start to settle in our bodies and know the search is over, as we have found that all the answers lay within us and have always been.

  27. It’s true. The more gentle we are with ourselves the more gentle we are with others. The more caring we are with ourselves the more caring we are with others….and so on and so on.

  28. We all crave to have a family or parents that are solid, reliable, smart, trustworthy and can support us to make those hard decisions that life throws at us constantly, we crave this even into our adult life but the reality is that most of our parents are either just as messed up as we are or worse, due to their up bringing. They always have the best intentions but often do not have the track record to back it up. I say this affectionately but its like when they give you relationship advice when they don’t really have a great relationship themselves or business advice when they have always played it safe for security reasons….this is but two typical examples but you get the drift.
    For me and many others by the sound of this blog, Serge Benhayon is like the father everyone wanted, he is a natural care giver, always extending his warm hand if it is needed. He is well accomplished in business and travel, knows energy and the impact that his behavior has on others, is extremely responsible, has parented the most incredible 4 children, (that are now young adults that are changing peoples lives all around the world.)
    On top of all that he has the most loving relationship with his wife and former wife that I have ever been privy to. They are all equals and friends and family at the same time. So at the times in my life when I have needed support in business and relationship why wouldn’t I seek it from someone that lives that every waking moment. Someone that is genuinely just bursting with love and joy every single moment, this joy and vitality should be normal for all human beings but in this current climate its actually quite rare. Serge Benhayon has dedicated his life to presenting to the world the love and truth he lives, in this he is educating and awakening more responsible human beings all around the globe, what a legend and I for one am not ashamed to say I find Serge a trusted friend and would seek his council over anything else on offer, not to follow blindly, not because I cant make decisions on my own but because I trust the way he lives and can feel as I become more responsible, I begin to live this way too and definitely feel the benefits.

  29. I too was searching, and I find it quite incredibly sad that what I was searching for was tender loving care, of myself. Something that I now find to be so very natural. How is it that we live so much of our lives and not sense that all we miss is ourselves?

  30. We often substitute love with something else, that we then call love but has nothing to do with love. Only when we get a true reflection of what love is do we realise that there is more than what we have settled for.

  31. “Love in service” … I like this for love knows no other way than to serve all equally with all that it is.

  32. It is indeed confronting to come to a place where you have to face the choices you have made and the self that you have created and begin to challenge it all with a level of honesty not previously attempted… how gorgeous that you were lovingly accompanied upon the journey with such amazing support from practitioners to find yourself today embraced by the loving choices you make and a knowing of yourself from deep within.

    1. I can feel the tenderness of that comment and how rare it is for us to appreciate ourselves with this level of tenderness. We are ‘lovingly accompanied upon the journey’, no-one can do it for us but how wonderful to have the company to guide and inspire a deeper connection.

  33. I love this simple and clear blog…. and the title, well for me the title speaks for every single human on this planet, we are all searching for something more when we search outside of ourselves. The biggest shift for myself was when I stopped the searching in order to improve and better my life, as this kept me going round and round in circles keeping me in the illusion that what I was looking for was ‘out there’. Truth is everything I need is already within me…..and I am still learning to accept, allow and surrender to this truth.

  34. ‘Directionless’, lacking love for oneself… How common are such feelings amongst our society in these times in which we live? How many live in overwhelm, how many seek to ‘sure up’ their/our castles, our fortress walls, that we may keep the rest of the world at bay – draw-bridge pulled up unless it is absolutely necessary?
    And yet, we know this isn’t ‘the way’… Innately, we know that there IS more to life, and more to US, than so much of the picture that presents.
    Every one of us that reconnects to the true Joy to be known in life, is to be celebrated. I have found this in my own life also K. James – inspired no end by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Without which I would still be largely floundering, knowing there is ‘more’, but lost as to how I may actually access it.

  35. I love the honesty in this line: “It took a long while before I could see myself honestly.” And what a blessing to found someone in life who support us in this way! To become honest with ourselves and than transparent to others. All the psychotherapy I did had not such honesty as a result like the Universal Medicine Therapies, because the concepts of a lot of ‘healing modalities’ are in the same energy created like the problems and illnesses. To really change the energy is key to get a clear view and to bring a true change – this is my experience.

  36. Thank you K for sharing so honestly how simple life can be when we are prepared to be honest, then when we come from making loving choices with our own lives this love reflects out to others.

  37. This is such a true, simple and honest account of the way true love works in a life. Thank you K

  38. Thankyou K for sharing your story about how Universal Medicine has supported you. I have also received enormous support for all areas of my life, and of particular joy is how much better all of my relationships are now, especially the one with myself.

  39. The “Love in Service” you describe K, may sound sometimes as harsh or too much, but in fact is needed to resurrect the divine being in us that we are. We have been living irresponsible to that fact for too long and it is now time that we come to our common sense and start living that divinity once again, all together in brotherhood on earth.

  40. Reading “I was not used to receiving that level of honesty and directness from practitioners” Yes true “Love in Service” That was a huge turning point for me (and I know for many others) in my life and, was the start of my healing journey back home. That amazing support and trust to keep feeling and letting go of the ‘what is not’ has confirmed that my searching till that point had been constantly outside of myself the illusion of what was ‘needed’ had to be found and given by another. Not so, but it took, I feel, the most awesome gift from Heaven of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to share/present that there is another way to live this life and the continuing journey. Thank you K.James as I sit here in deep appreciation for your sharing with us and reflecting on these gifts that I feel very honoured to of been blessed.

  41. It’s so beautiful how the loving choices we make can affect everything in our lives. Everything is connected so changing the love we have for ourselves spills over into everything else.

  42. I love what is shared here ‘Love in Service’ is so different from what we’ve been previously thought and shown that love is. It offers another love as a reflection, by living it in our now bodies and presenting that to another and has no expectations or need for the other to do anything with that. It says to another no matter what you do, I am love and I will live that love to the best of my ability and in doing so I show the world love. I did not know or had not experienced this until I met Serge Benhayon and attended Universal Medicine courses, and it’s changed my life – I now know there is love in the world and that I can live that love, and the more I live that love the more I learn how to be ever more loving. All of my relationships have changed because of this, they are more loving, more open and there is a far greater degree of understanding of both myself and others. I could not imagine my life any other way now and yet until 9 years ago I did not know this – what Universal Medicine offers the world is profound and it changes lives, I am forever thankful I came across it and that it’s now an intrinsic part of my life.

  43. Thank you K.James. Your blog highlights to me how far most of us have strayed away from truth and simplicity of living, forgetting what it means to be gentle on ourselves, to self-care, self-love and self-nurture. We sometimes need to be reminded of basic necessities of life to find our way back to truth and relearn what true love means. Universal Medicine is so lovingly and gently reminding people all over the globe of this loving way and this is what we all naturally crave for.

  44. Serge Benhayon has inspired me to know the difference between emotional love and true love. As I deepen the true love within my being I feel the equal true love within the inner being of everyone I meet and in all who have, are and will walk this Earth with me.

  45. It is indeed a beautiful journey, and I am starting to feel how I have known that it is about love for ourself, and through that for each other and humanity.

    1. Absolutely Bent, I agree, self love first and then love for humanity, and Love as in the true meaning of Love, which holds all as equals in a one unifying truth as presented by Serge Benhayon.

    1. I sign this – it is the same for me. What is very interesting, because with a few different types of psychotherapy I did withdraw from my family more and more, blamed them for my choices and was in general quite separated from them. Now I have a closer relationship and for all: a more clear and lovingly one. I let them be, accept them for who they are and what they choose. More I ever did before in my life.

  46. As difficult as it might be at times to receive the directness of a practitioner when it is delivered with the love as I have felt from all Universal Medicine practitioners it truly does heal. After trying many other kinds of therapies after my first Universal Medicine healing session I knew I had found something that could facilitate true and lasting change, to me this is healing as the root of the issue is being addressed.

  47. In many ways your experience with Universal Medicine is similar to mine. The loving support that is presented and offered is second to none.

    1. Hear hear, Tim! Universal Medicine as presented by Serge Benhayon is bringing the true meaning of the word Love and also “Love in Service” to humanity. My feeling is that it now becomes a loving choice to reconnect back to that Love and be responsible for all we do.

  48. It’s so simple..”to be gentle with first with oneself before I can be gentle with others”…and yet I find I need the constant reminder,especially when I’m overwhelmed or stressed. It’s a work in progress to not let myself-love drop when I feel someone attacking or abusing me.To stand in my power and be able to ask them to rephrase the question or make a request for us to both start again on a better track with less reaction from both of us. This is very important though to not hold back my expression when I feel to say this and then to actually follow-through and do it, without the fear of their reaction. This feels self-empowering and self honoring.

  49. Awesome read. If it was not for the true love exhibited in the direct honesty from Universal Medicine practitioners I would not be living the amazing life I have today; it is because of their support I am able to face the challenges and obstacles which can present themselves when journeying to come back to truly loving and taking care of myself.

  50. This is so lovely K.James. M at the stage in life where I am also really starting to enjoy life too. Iv been a student of universal medicine for around four years and feel how long it has taken me to ‘get real’ about those decisions I was choosing in life.. Alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar.. All effecting me more that I ever realised. It’s so great and so needed what serge Benhayon is sharing with all those who come in contact with him, the workshops, presentations, courses, healing modalities ect etc

  51. There is something in what you share that prompted my consideration, I too have received amazing support from Universal Medicine also, and yes often more than my family and yet I now have a deeper relationship with my family because of what I’ve learned from Universal Medicine. To have someone support me in a way that allows me to be more myself is such a gift, which has supported me and everyone I engage with.

  52. I also had that feeling that there must be something more….It always gave me this feeling of needing to search. I searched for many and many years, and then, like you, I met Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. End of search and end of feeling that there must be something more. Everything is all here, in this moment and inside me.

  53. This is another testament to the power of love. Serge Benhayon and his family and the practitioners of Universal Medicine stand out above and beyond just by being truthful and loving.

  54. Thank you for sharing your journey, how you have made loving changes to your life that support you and those around you, since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I too have made changes to my own life having been introduced to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and find much more joy in my life than I did before.

  55. The title of your blog is great. I feel that is exactly what the world is doing, humanity is searching for something, thinking it is found in a bottle, a pill or a movie but really just going around in circles and missing the point.

  56. So true K.James. It all starts with ourselves first and foremost. Self-care and self love have to be lived and embodied first, then like magic everything else in our life gets affected by this new quality of being.

  57. When I first started to attended Universal Medicine I was searching for answers to understand why I had the emptiness inside of me despite seemingly having a ‘good’ life. I remember that the more I felt this loneliness, the harder I worked to be a ‘good’ person and to be helpful to others. I felt that if I put the needs of others before myself, then surely that would make me a ‘good’ person and therefore I would feel happier. Of course, this was just a never ending cycle. What was presented by Serge Benhayon at Universal Medicine workshops regarding caring for myself first and foremost made so much sense. From that point on I have been steadily building self love and definitely feel my life is more meaningful than ever, not to mention how much more I have to naturally offer others around me.

  58. ‘Love in Service’ is a lovely way of describing the work of Serge Benhayon and practitioners with Universal Medicine. I am also reminded that the more we are able to take responsibility for our lives and reflect the love we are building within ourselves, the greater the amount of ‘love in service’ we are offering to each other.

    1. Yes I love how you describe the process Love in Service. It feels so true..”Being presented only with clear reflections and above all LOVE”. It’s a true blessing for us from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I too am enjoying life so much more.

  59. It feels like the love is building in you and that you have such a deep commitment that you will persevere until the old ways of behaving and old beliefs are melted away to expose you to you at last. And then Love in Service will be your way. And isn’t this the process for us all, thank you for putting this into words.

    1. Beautifully said Marian, and I appreciate you blog K. James as I can feel how important it is for us to be honest and to see ourselves honestly and your determination and absoluteness to do it despite it being “confronting and a huge challenge’. I have always loved and encouraged honesty and directness from others, because I feel it’s better to know the Truth so no more time can be wasted in the shadows and we can move quickly into the light. Bring it on I say.

      1. Absolutely to be in love it has to be ‘Love in Service’ for all equally, this is so simple and profound at the same time! As a living Son of God it makes perfect sense to me to live a life that has become a loving choice and to be of service to humanity! As my life has returned to who I truly am this has brought about a loving responsibility that I now live to the best of my ability. After discovering through the presentations of Serge Benhayon to be more loving in all I do and thus naturally being in Loving Service, life or my Livingness has become all about “love in Service”!

  60. Awesome K. Sounds like a great thing to be apart of. I have found that too- the love and support received from universal medicine and serge Benhayon is greater then what I have been shown by my biological family or anything else I have come across. Yet they have inspired me to be and express more love within my relationships.

  61. Kjames I had a similar response to my first presentation by Serge Benhayon. I had never experienced anything so deeply nourishing before – even though I didn’t always mentally understand everything he presented then, every word touched me deeply and has changed my life only for the better. I used to be very hard on myself with deep self-worth issues, but have learned to really appreciate the unique qualities that each person, including myself, brings to the world.

  62. hello K, like yourself it was in the first 5 minutes of hearing Serge Benhayon talk that I realised I was hearing something different, and I wanted to hear more. For me I took my first Universal Medicine workshop during a media storm peddling false accusations about Serge. I knew within those first few minutes of hearing Serge talk how false those media reports were. He is obviously lovely, not harming others, but speaking up about topics in a way we need to hear. I’ve continued to receive great benefit from Universal Medicine workshops and as a result, I’m watching my life transform into something truly beautiful.

  63. A beautiful sharing K, since attending Universal Medicine presentations and workshops I too have been supported to build a deeper and more loving connection with myself and the flow on effect from this has been amazing – my relationships with family, friends, work colleagues have changed to be more loving and accepting.

  64. Very inspiring K, I can so relate to actually getting honest with yourself about the decisions and choices we make, this can definitely bring things up but it is so worth taking life to this next level. It feels by taking true responsibility for the choices we make we free ourselves of the many shackles we place on the way we live. What it exposes is the fact that ultimately we have a choice if we live in either a healing or harming way and our choices then ripple out effecting all those we relate to. Truly powerful stuff.

  65. Beautifully expressed and I agree, being responsible for how we have lived our lives can be very challenging and confronting indeed. But, at the same time it allows you to understand yourself with a truth and a clarity that is far more fulfilling and evolutionary than just being trapped in the same old same old. After all, it is with the growth of our evolution that we change how we and others feel and live, and how we change the world around us by bringing the sparkle of truth to our own and other peoples days.

  66. There is such a simplicity in your words, as there is in the teachings of Universal Medicine. It is nothing more than a very loving reflection of the truth we all come from.This constantly deepening and there is an enormous support in doing so.

  67. I agree, and there are no other practitioners in any other modality that I have come across that consistently live and model the level of lived Love and integrity that is modelled by Serge Benhayon and his family.
    I too am developing much healthier relationships with family members and, in truth, all others.

  68. I can really feel how your journey has been to get to know your true self and how important this is for me too. Thank you for the inspiration and support in sharing your experiences.

  69. Thank you, K. ‘As I felt the work deepen in me, I had to face myself and the way I lived my life. This was often confronting and a huge challenge. It took a long while before I could see myself honestly. I was not used to receiving that level of honesty and directness from practitioners’ – I can relate to this very much. I had a huge reaction, and I didn’t want to acknowledge and accept the truth that was so obvious. Gradually as I grew my self-love, it became less painful to accept the truth.

    1. Very true Andrew and what I am finding more and more is that the discomfort of being confronted with what is true is far less than uncomfortable that ignoring our issues so they fester and haunt our every move.

  70. Thank you K – a beautiful sharing of your journey. The continuous support that is available to us all from Serge Benhayon and the Universal medicine team is amazing. You describe this support as ‘Love in Service’ – so beautiful and so true.

  71. Yes. Yes. Yes. Instead of headlines like ‘cult’ and so on the headlines could be ‘gentleness’ ‘love’… and the stories would be just our faces in their full beauty as they are. Just to look at us would set the racy search to an end for many.

  72. Well done. It can be very challenging to honestly look at how we have been living and to start to live what feels true. The results of making changes are reflected in your well being and relationships with family and friends.

    1. Yes, I agree Peter. How we live is reflected all around us, in our relationships, our work, our health and how we express ourselves.

  73. Love it, how being shown real love changes everything and I love your honesty with the challenges that can present too – what I feel most is your dedication to continuing and allowing yourself to unfold and your appreciation of you in it all.

  74. We waste so much of our lives looking outside ourselves for love. It is so amazing when we find that what we were looking for was inside us all along – that love starts with connecting to and loving ourselves first.

  75. The title of the blog caught my attention: I was looking for something more but I did not know what. When I reflect on my own experience, the first that comes to me is that I have never ever venture into big topics (e.g. where we come from, why am I here, etc). I only become interested in topics I have carefully crafted (feeling proud of having crafted of course). So, the answers I searched for were the result of the kind of questions I admitted as relevant. It was my affiliation with Universal Medicine that revealed to me that I could not ignore the big questions any longer. In fact, I could start feeling how small in truth were the questions and topics I fell for before.

  76. Thank you for sharing this so beautifully. I can feel your humbleness and delicateness in how you express and it is so amazing to feel the simplicity with how you deliver that through expressing truth your life changed and became a true joy.

    1. Great comment Rachel, I too appreciate this blog reflecting and reminding us that through choosing to express truth we experience joy in our life and our relationships becomes richer and more connected.

  77. Thank you K. for sharing the loving changes that you have experienced in your life since coming to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I too have experienced this loving support to change my life to a more gentle and loving way.

  78. Thank you for your sharing, my life has changed enormously since attending Universal Medicine presentations as well. With the love and support offered by Serge Benhayon and all the practitioners – you feel inspired to make more loving choices for ourselves, which benefits many others in your life as well.

  79. Great sharing 🙂 I’ve had a very similar experience. The effect of meeting Serge Benhayon on my life has literally changed everything, the way I feel about life, myself and others, and not only the way I feel, but the love and care I have for myself and others is constantly deepening.

  80. I agree, since studying with Universal Medicine I have a more open, honest and loving relationship with my family than before. This is the benefit of being encouraged to be more open, honest and loving with my self… it spills out into all my relationships.

    1. This is true for me too Simon, it is easy to get stuck in old patterns when with family and friends, but by being more honest and learning to express myself fully, the quality of my relationships is changing, and I can see how much more loving it is to be honest with them.

      1. I agree Simon & Laura. Re-learning and trusting to be open and honest through studying with Universal Medicine has deepened all my relationships and the first and most important relationship to do that with is myself.

  81. ‘For the first time in my life I was with a group of people who accompanied me on my journey (and continue to do so) and only present me clear reflections and above all LOVE.’ This is so true and it has supported me to transform my life and find the direction that I had been looking for all my life. Thank you for sharing, it is lovely to read how you have found peace and joy in your life.

  82. Since attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, my life has also changed from one without direction to one that I am now living with true purpose. An inspiring blog thank you.

  83. I clearly remember the first time I was presented with that honesty and directness that you talk of from another. They were just words that were said to me but it was as though the person had held me steady, looked me in the eye told me they loved me but then let me know I could be more. It was like being ‘told off’ but I had never felt such love in what they said… In your words, Love in Service.

    1. Absolutely Rosanna, I love how you have portrayed your first reconnection back to Love or “Love in Service”, which for me their is only way I can describe this experience of returning to Love is that it felt so true and normal in my body!

  84. Wow, this was inspiring to read and I could feel the gentleness, love, clarity and honesty in which you have unfolded into; inspired by Universal Medicine but because you made choices within your life.

    1. Thank you K James and Sally, I agree, “Love”, Loving choices, “Love in Service” are all about choices and thus being responsible for choosing Love! Love is so power-full when it is a loving choice to be in true love, which is providing a Service to humanity. ‘True Love’ returns us to an equality for ‘all’ no one is lesser, which means we all live in harmony and all means everyone, no one can be left out!

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