Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine: Nothing but the Highest Level of Integrity

by Klaus, Germany

When I first met Serge Benhayon a few years ago in Cologne, Germany he gave a presentation about the root causes of illness and disease – but he did not present himself as a ‘big healer’ or ‘redeemer’ taking away all sins and burdens. He just gave us some tools and instruments so we could feel the truth and become more aware of ourselves, and thus find solutions on our own.

As a lawyer I was quite reserved and critical, looking out for irrational points or untrue pretensions to pick him up on. But I had to admit that he expressed only the simple truth, and the conclusion that improving life is mostly about one’s own choices.

I’ve listened carefully to Serge and he has never claimed to bring about a better life, just a better understanding of how things are, enabling everybody to work on themselves.

It might have disappointed some people that there is no quick-fix, and no real escape from dealing with our own issues. However, those who promise instant healing and want people to surrender responsibility for their own lives are just looking for followers and power over people.

I have never, ever experienced any kind of ‘brainwashing’ with Universal Medicine – only the strong wish to stick to the truth at a highly ethical level.

I can only encourage people to judge for themselves. Australians are blessed to have Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine so close by – you have easy access so you can form your own picture.

62 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine: Nothing but the Highest Level of Integrity

  1. If anything, we are asked to question and not settle for a ‘better life’ because if life is about evolution then sitting down once life is better isn’t ‘it’.

  2. Yes Klaus, what Serge Benhayon presents is truth, and it is like it all makes so much sense, ‘I had to admit that he expressed only the simple truth, and the conclusion that improving life is mostly about one’s own choices.’

  3. Those games that we play by giving our power away to another and becoming a follower only applies when we avoid the responsibility factor, and if anyone is truly to ‘follow’ what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present, they would only become more self-responsible and empower themselves and such games would not be possible to be played out.

  4. ‘I can only encourage people to judge for themselves.’ When we have a direct experience, we feel what is true or not by ourselves, without need of believing in second hand words.

  5. Klaus I agree Serge Benhayon definitely has the highest level of integrity, his presentations are based on truth and it is up to us to decide if that is our truth or not.

  6. Everyone has the right to associate with whoever they wish if there is something they can achieve through it. The difference lies in our associational choices. Hard as it is to believe, not everybody wishes to associate to people with the highest standards that can deliver at the highest levels that can help them to lift them up truly.

  7. “I can only encourage people to judge for themselves.” That is something I would encourage people to do too for if they can make up their own mind then they are able to say yes or no to Serge Benhayon from their own heart rather than only relying on what they can read in the press. What if the press is not saying the truth?

  8. “only the strong wish to stick to the truth at a highly ethical level.” This has offered me a moment to ponder on the word “strong”. Generally this means a physical strength, but here I don’t feel this is implied. What I do sense is a deep dedication and commitment, an inner strength that holds within the understanding and an acceptance of our responsibility. When we have felt something to be/hold the truest level of love and integrity, we then are equally responsible to live by it.

  9. One thing that I know I don’t fully appreciate is that our everyday life we are constantly presented with the appropriate experiences to heal and resolve our hurts and issues – thus healing does need to only occur when crisis hits.

  10. Serge Benhayon presents truth so that we can apply it to our own life by choice. He is not here to solve our issues or convert anyone. The fact that we are responsible for our choices remains unchanged. And I agree with you, Klaus, Australians (and Europeans as well) have to consider themselves extremely fortunate to have easier access to his presentation. I wonder how many people would be kicking themselves later down the line for being so close, but not choosing it for themselves.

  11. Thank you Klaus, I agree we Australians are blessed to have Serge and Universal Medicine so close by. Serge Benhayon also spends a lot of time presenting in the UK. The truth is though not everyone wants the truth because once you know the truth you can not un-know it and with the truth come responsibility and that means making the changes you want in yourself first.

  12. “I’ve listened carefully to Serge and he has never claimed to bring about a better life, just a better understanding of how things are, enabling everybody to work on themselves.” Serge is a living inspiration of making every choice from love that inspires others to make choices from love and expand the love, truth, harmony and joy in the world.

  13. Klaus, you present simply and clearly the truth of Serge Benhayon and what he presents. Serge never endeavours to sell something, convince you to agree with him or promise quick fixes but instead to discern for yourself what is true or not.

  14. This is beautiful to read Klaus and be reminded of how incredibly blessed we all are to have met Serge Benhayon in this lifetime and to experience first hand his impeccable integrity and deep care and love for humanity and to re-connect once again to the Ageless Wisdom.

  15. I was cynical when I first heard about Serge Benhayon…oh just what I don’t need, a guru, is what I told myself. My cynicism came from seeing people parading as enlightened and as gurus when it was all a show. There is no show with Serge. What you see is what you get…transparent and open. We are so very blessed to have Serge with us at this time, in Australia and worldwide as the teachings he presents are available to all.

  16. Australia is indeed blessed, as are we all. Since meeting Serge Benhayon and reconnecting to the Ancient Wisdom we all have access to within our bodies, my life has become more real than ever before. I am in the world more than ever before, and I contribute to life more than ever before. All through my own choices, inspired by the unwavering reflection of Serge and his family.

  17. I agree with you Klaus the most responsible ones are open to creating a life out of truth. As the heading states “Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine: Nothing but the Highest Level of Integrity”.

  18. In a world where instant gratification is what we crave and expect, we think and want to heal all our issues both physically and emotionally quickly so we can just get on with our life. Unfortunately, quick fixes usually only superficially cover the top of the issue, the tip of the iceberg so to speak which leaves the real wound festering underneath.

  19. “It might have disappointed some people that there is no quick-fix, and no real escape from dealing with our own issues.”
    To the point Klaus, this I feel is the main reason why people try to dirty Serge Benhayon’s reputation so they have a justification to dismiss what he presents.

  20. So true Klaus, for Serge Benhayon it is never about a better life, but always about a better understanding of why things are the way they are. What we do with it is entirely up to us.

  21. What I have found most empowering are the tools given to be able to feel the truth for ourselves and become more aware so that we can then honestly address what is there to look at…. no saving or fixing, just a choice to take responsibility for our own undealt with issues and an greater understanding of ourselves and the world to support the healing process.

  22. This initial reservation and being critical as you say you were – isn’t this the way we become when there are so many sources out there if you look for the truth. Sources that don’t really match the truth we feel within ourselves. What is very clear for me is the truth that Serge Benhayon presents. Very easily felt.

  23. As I know you now for many years Klaus I can report that you are really going for ‘unreal’ or ‘untrue’ expressions and that you test and inspect, in detail, what you see and hear. There is so much untruth in this world that it is understandable that we’ve become so mistrustful. For me it is a blessing to discover my trust again. At the beginning there was this one man, Serge Benhayon, who I could trust, because I saw and felt that he is the real deal, living in integrity. Now there are many students claiming themselves and also I am one who I can trust now. I trust now in my choices. That I take responsibility which will not again let me down, I care for me and choose a life that serves others. And I know who I am. I can reconnect to it when I lose the awareness of it. I am very thankful for the inspirations of Serge and Universal Medicine, but most of all I have to be thankful for my own choices. Good to not let others -like newspapers- make my day. I feel I’ve developed a awareness so that can not be tricked anymore so easily.

  24. It is not so easy to swallow that there is no quick fix hence most of the people love to find someone who promised healing so that they can leave their responsibility at the door step. How wonderful that Serge Benhayon is not such a healer at all – he is a living testimonial that taking full responsibility is the best medicine ever.

  25. Thank you Klaus, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog again, and the line about how Serge Benhayon presents “He just gave us some tools and instruments so we could feel the truth and become more aware of ourselves, and thus find solutions on our own.” I remember doing the Livingness 1 workshop and the exercises we were given to do with a partner, they offered so much insight and new awareness and this came from within myself. The thing about Serge is he is actually an amazing presenter, he somehow knows how to present the truth but not impose it on you, and provide a supportive environment that allows all participants to explore the topics themselves.

  26. Serge Benhayon is the first to point out that the teachings offered are not necessarily for ‘betterment’ or for getting rid of issues so we can get on with our lives, but to provide truth, understanding and clarity about how life is, so that we are in a position to make more informed choices, ones that are more supportive and loving of the body – the vehicle that we take ourselves around in everywhere.

  27. Well said Klaus. “understanding of how things are, enabling everybody to work on themselves.” Serge Benhayon brings such a clarity to understanding how humanity is in the state it is and that we all have a responsibility for the energy we choose that affects the world we live in. Serge Benhayon shares a way of living that is of absolute integrity that is an inspiration to all who are willing to feel it.

  28. I have an inbuilt alarm that goes off anytime I get a whiff of anything remotely likely to have a grain of brainwashing about it. Like you, Klaus, I don’t give my power away that easily and am somewhat sceptical by nature. What I respect and appreciate about Universal Medicine is that you are encouraged right from the get-go to discern your own truth by feeling what works for you and to take what feels true and simply ignore what doesn’t. There is no pass or fail, no rite of passage to go through, no expectation. Merely a presentation about the possibilities for making choices about the way we live our lives that support our bodies and our emotional wellbeing. What you then decide to do with that is up to you. Simple as.

  29. This is the beauty of universal medicine presentations… they are simple truths.
    So simple that they seemed to be missed in mainstream living.

    Although they are simple and straight forward thinking when expressed, I am thankful that they are expressed because I would have over looked them.

    Sometimes it takes the mentioning of simple events to get a good grasp on everyday living.

  30. Klaus, I can only say I agree with you absolutely concerning the integrity and Loving support offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The teaching of The Ancient Wisdom offers so much and agree it is about us taking responsibility for our own healing and supported by the tools we have been given, ” not a quick fix ” but changing the way we have been living and connecting to our bodies. Thank you.

  31. I have taken part in alternative therapies and modalities that are thousands of years old, but none of them actually suggested that I take responsibility to work through my issues – and I was always sceptical of their authenticity. I have not had a sceptical moment since I started going to Universal Medicine events, because the depth of healing is directly linked to your level of commitment. Nothing is given to you on a silver platter, but you are given everything that is needed and more to come alive through letting go of the life numbing deadness that is the common malaise of our lives.

  32. Thank you Klaus, I agree, there is no quick fix or free path to someone else healing us. Like flowers on a grave, how is this helping anyone except the florist! This is only putting a superficial belief that we have actually achieved something to benefit others or ourself. Serge Benhayon actually “enabling everybody to work on themselves,” brings about truth in healing and true healing!

  33. I remember also approaching my first few Universal Medicine presentations with a level of doubt and mistrust. Yet each time I heard Serge Benhayon speak what he said made sense to me and now I have allowed myself to accept that Serge is the real deal. What a sense of freedom this has created! Without the hindrance of holding back, I have been able to get on with learning to take responsibility for myself and have a growing appreciation of my self as a loving and lovely human being.

  34. Your right Klaus, Serge presents self responsibility and self care, he doesnt tell or dictate and he leaves it to the individual to discern and feel whats right for them

  35. Great Blog Klaus, very concise. Your quote “I’ve listened carefully to Serge and he has never claimed to bring about a better life, just a better understanding of how things are, enabling everybody to work on themselves.” certainly applies to me too. I feel the same, since I’ve gained a better understanding of how things are its enabled me to begin making changes in my life (in all areas) for the better. All the people I’ve met at Universal Medicine presentations are taking responsibility for themselves.

  36. What you say is so true Klaus, ‘there is no quick-fix, and no real escape from dealing with our own issues’ ….and burying them only digs you in deeper.

  37. We are blessed indeed, to have easy access to this great (yet ordinary) Loving man, his Loving family, and the growing number of Loving practitioners of Universal Medicine therapies.

    1. Pernillahorne, “we are blessed indeed”, but ‘blessed’ does not do service to the vastness of love that Serge Benhayon has presented to me, as he does to everyone equally, there is no word that can do justice to the appreciation I have for him.

  38. Thanks for sharing your experience Klaus. In my experience Serge is very humble, and just shares what he lives because he cares deeply for others, but with out judgement or need. He does have something precious to share yet very simple, and he is also very accessible in the UK, so it is worth seeing for yourself if what he presents rings true for you.

  39. What you share is so true, Klaus. Serge Benhayon shares the truth about illness and disease and how we are all responsible for our own choices and healing. He does not seek followers or promise ‘instant healing’ or the likes, or need anyone to believe what he shares. He is a true teacher, healer and lover of humanity.

    1. Well said Carmin (and Klaus before you) – the level of integrity which Serge Benhayon lives by is unquestionable and consequently unfathomable to many. He is indeed “a true teacher, healer and lover of humanity”.

  40. Well said Klaus. Serge Benhayon presents the simple truth and stresses the need for people to take responsibility for their choices, and not surrender their responsibility as the ‘instant healers’ do.

  41. Thank you, Klaus. It’s so true many of us want our problems fixed and solved, and those who promise and make such claims become very popular, and I can totally understand the ‘disappointment’ some might feel in Universal Medicine – until they begin to have a deeper understanding about what life is.

  42. Oh Klaus, that’s such a great call: Serge is very easily accessible – even in Europe, so if there are any doubts, go meet him in person and observe for yourself. That’s what I did: just booked an afternoon workshop, observed for one year and then stepped in, ’cause I felt nothing but truth.

  43. So true Klaus!! I found utterly funny your recollection of your first time (listening as a lawyer trying to find something in Serge Benhayon’s presentation that reveals a fault and you could not). I can totally imagine this as I went my first time as a political scientist. I sat there with my notepad and my PhD attitude of let’s check this guy out. My attitude did not last long though as the workshop unfolded. Few hours later, I was not a PhD sitting there but a person accepting with some reservations that strange new world. It was the second day for me when I realised that it was not a strange world, but an old one, very beautiful and very familiar. What got me was not a truth being presented but a truth that I felt deeply in my body. From there, I started relating to the esoteric… once again.

    1. I love what you share here emfeldman and Klaus, how you were addressed by Serge Benhayon as a person and not as a lawyer or a professor and that is what touched you deeply and re-awakened something in you. This shows how committed Serge Benhayon is to treating everyone as equal and that he is willing to truly meet you as a person, which has been my experience also.

  44. Thank you Klaus for your blog, Serge Benhayon does not offer a quick fix but shows us instead, how, that taking responsibility for our choices, and then choosing more self loving ones, does indeed change our lives

  45. well said Klaus – no big headed presenter, just Serge Benhayon presenting from his own lived wisdom and presenting us with choices – helping us develop the tools with which to put those choices into action.

  46. Absolutely Klaus, it is my experience too, that Serge presents the simple truth and ‘a better understanding of how things are, enabling everybody to work on themselves.’ He does this with absolute integrity and love allowing everyone the dignity of coming to their own answers and never judging or getting frustrated with the speed at which people choose or choose not, to make changes that will be for the benefit of humanity as well as themselves.

  47. So true Klaus, Serge Benhayon expresses only the simple truth, and it is left entirely up to us whether we take it or leave it.

  48. I completely agree with you Klaus. Serge Benhayon has never claimed to be able to take our worries and woes away, but rather provides us with simple, practical, daily life tips that inspire us to help ourselves.

  49. Well said Klaus. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present the truth, support you with tools you may wish to try out in your daily life (eg: What’s it like to not drink alcohol to take the edge off the day or build up social courage) and support you to feel you can choose again (eg: My friends think I’m weird if I don’t drink, so I don’t have a choice.) Klaus speaks of the freedom to make our own choices, yes it comes with responsibility with the recognition your choices have an impact others, but the power is in your hands, never claimed as being in the hands of Serge Benhayon.

  50. “Hear, hear”! Thank-you Klaus. Your high level of discernment is much appreciated. Over the course of my life, I have observed many claiming to offer ‘quick fixes’, ‘redemption’, ‘escape’ & the rest(!), and absolutely agree that Serge offers NO such temptations or ‘lures’ to ‘get people in the door’. (And hence, there are MANY in the Byron Bay area – & from further afield of course – who have no desire to come IN the door! Perhaps journalists such as those who recently associated Universal Medicine with a Northern NSW town steeped in ‘hippy & marijuana culture’ should take note..)

    My experience is that he presents, as you put it, “only the simple truth”. From knowing Serge for over 11 years now, nothing he has ever done or said, has given reason for me to question that this is his purpose, and everything he has done & said has only confirmed a level of integrity I’ve not met anywhere else. What I have learnt via my association with Serge & Universal Medicine has only enriched the level of discernment I already had in my life. To be ‘branded’ otherwise, is an ill-founded insult, displaying a deep lack of journalist ethics and integrity.

  51. Absolutely Klaus, totally agreed, thank you, yes – the cornerstone of what Serge presents and which can be felt in or about him (as a person) and also through the UniMed Code of Conduct and Ethics – is of the utmost quality and integrity in which to underpin the call for truth. No brainwashing apparent, just the simple truth, simply presented.

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