My Life Now – a Very Different Picture

By Irene Sheard

I have recently observed the false and shocking allegations made towards Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine in various press articles and also on television, and would like to share my experience and appreciation of Serge and the Universal Medicine team.

I came to live in Goonellabah, N.S.W. three years ago, and not long after heard an interview with Serge on the radio and I felt that what he was saying made so much sense. I then started to attend sessions with one of the practitioners at the Universal Medicine Clinic, and also presentations by Serge Benhayon.

I have a history of anxiety, dysfunction, alcohol abuse and utter exhaustion, including being diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue. Added into this mix came a state of poverty and many problems passed on to my children and grandchildren including drug abuse, self harm, and alcohol and gambling addictions.

I had tried for many years to remedy some of this by pursuing various alternate modalities and it did seem that my life improved, at least on a functioning level.

After attending Serge’s talks I started to realise that although things looked better on the outside, I was actually still feeling all the old feelings of low self-worth and anxiety on the inside. I kept myself safe from feeling all this by cocooning myself from the world and living on Centrelink payments for many years, and not participating in anything that I felt threatened by.

After attending Universal Medicine I started to live in a more gentle way with myself, and also allowed those feelings to surface in a gentle way. Previously I had done a lot of psychotherapy, but this mostly consisted of just reliving the pain of the past – I could still feel it in my body. I tried many diets and ways of eating but had only followed them because I read or heard that they were good. At the same time I would gorge on chocolates, ice-cream and the like, trying to fill the empty hole I could feel inside.

Now, two and a half years after attending Universal Medicine sessions and presentations, my life is a very different picture. I have lost 16 kilos and feel very loving towards my body. I sleep very well and feel I have the energy to do whatever I need to during the day. I was constantly getting colds and hayfever but now am clear of these. I now have work in the community as an aged-care worker, and I am also studying in aged care. This has been my biggest change as I could not function in the workforce before. I now take the gentleness I have in my body to my work and am able to work a full, busy day and not feel tired at the end of it. This has led to my finances being more manageable and I am slowly getting out of debt.

Another big change has been in my relationships. I am now able to be with others and not become exhausted because I was trying so hard to please or to impress or just guard who I really was. The true friendships that I have are awesome – we are both coming from that place of self love – and it is the first time in my life that I can feel what is truly love. I am more loving as a mother and grandmother but only by being myself, and not trying to rescue my family from their own choices.

Another change has been my attitude towards mainstream medicine. I was on my high horse about various issues such as vaccination, chemotherapy or anything in fact that doctors prescribed. It was a big awakening to feel the arrogance I had towards the medical profession and how I was avoiding taking responsibility. I now have an appreciation of what medicine has to offer. I have recently had blood tests and my first pap smear for 20 years.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that I have never heard Serge tell anyone what to do, or what to eat or drink. Serge just presents and shares the energetic truth, and it is totally up to us to discern and feel into what is true for us. Serge has always stated that he is pro-medicine, and that gave me an opportunity to consider why I was so opposed to it.  

Serge Benhayon is not a cult leader or a guru.  He is another human being who lovingly shares the truth about humanity and where we are at, and how we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as normal.

Thank you Serge.

180 thoughts on “My Life Now – a Very Different Picture

  1. Serge Benhayon says it is important for us to discern for ourselves what is true, or not, ‘I would just like to say that I have never heard Serge tell anyone what to do, or what to eat or drink. Serge just presents and shares the energetic truth, and it is totally up to us to discern and feel into what is true for us.’

  2. Thanks again Irene for sharing your story, it’s an amazing turnaround to be now so self caring, to be in the workforce, feeling value and worth in yourself, and loving life and your relationships. This line is very true for me also on what Serge Benhayon offers “we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as normal.”. I’ve really been seeing the harm in what we call ‘normal’ because we can lower our standards so that all kinds of abuse and self neglect become normal, so normal in fact that we can call love, self care and integrity abnormal! Or, maybe even ‘A cult’…

  3. Serge Benhayon offers practical ways to respond to illness and disease from inside out. Until we take into account the whole person and are prepared to look honestly at and released all the assumed identities, beliefs and behaviours we’ve attached to, we cannot truly heal. When this way is aligned with conventional medicine we have a powerful healing partnership.

  4. ” I am more loving as a mother and grandmother but only by being myself, and not trying to rescue my family from their own choices.” This is the model of simplicity, and something I’m continuing to learn. Thank you Irene for all the is Inspiration provided in your wonderful story and statement of the truth about Serge and Universal Medicine. I would love to get an update on where your life and your self love is now.

  5. To feel how you can lovingly parent yourself to literally come back to life, that’s what’s so beautiful about what is shared here, how we can bring ourselves back with love and care, and how having the support and inspiration to do that is very precious.

  6. We don’t realise how crippling our ‘normal’ often can be. Feeling into and beneath the ‘normal’ reveals much about the truth of what we are and how much we allow ourselves to embrace and live that.

  7. Irene I agree with you when you say
    “Serge Benhayon is not a cult leader or a guru. He is another human being who lovingly shares the truth about humanity and where we are at, and how we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as normal.”
    Remember the ‘Beatles’ who sang the song ‘all you need is love’? They had a massive following of mainly screaming females I seem to remember. Were they considered cult leaders? Did they follow a Guru? Well actually they did at one point in their lives and were they ridiculed for it? No. In fact they made it fashionable to have a guru – Teacher/ guide.
    So my question has to be what is all the fuss about, what’s happened to our society where it seems we cannot live and let live?

    1. It’s a great comment Mary, the reference point you’ve introduced of The Beatles has highlighted the ridiculous nature of accusations to Serge Benhayon of cult leader and guru. There are a lot of bizarre things going on today such as the crusade by the moral police in a Polish town to remove Winnie The Pooh books, etc, all because this cartoon bear doesn’t wear underpants and was accused of being an hermaphrodite and possible sexual deviant. If such accusations were not having a possible serious effect on children and community members there would be the distinct possibility of collapsing from laughter, ditto the serious yet ridiculous accusations made of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  8. When we choose to be more gentle and tender with our body we build a loving relationship and connection with the essence of who we are initiating great change as our body responds and lets go of what is not true to restore itself back to its natural balance and rhythm.

  9. Irene, I agree with you when you say
    ” My life now- A very different picture”
    With the support of Serge Benhayon his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners I have changed my life completely and I would not and cannot go back to my old way of living. To me Serge Benhayon holds the keys to life, he has an understanding that surpasses anything that can be said by the scientists, religious leaders, historians or politicians. And one day the world will know the truth; unfortunately it isn’t ready for that yet, it seems we have to sink even deeper into the mud before we will collectively admit our folly and seek the truth.

  10. What an amazing turnaround Irene, it is beautiful to read how you’ve changed and how that change has come from you; it is inspiring to understand that we all can make changes when we are supported and held in love, and in that space we find our own inner resources to change how we live to more deeply confirm and nurture who we are.

  11. Psychotherapy assumes that the psyche holds the key to understand us, life and us in life. Yet, through the psyche you can only access what you can and can change what you can. When we understand that it is about vibration, everything changes. The body comes first, the psyche is not that crucial anymore.

  12. I want to take the time to deeply thank Serge Benhayon and his family for the support they have given me over the years. I was just about functioning in life. My life on the outside looked great, but I was a mental mess inside. I personally feel that if I had not met Serge Benhayon and attended the workshops and courses I would have ended up with dementia as I had already started to withdraw from life before I met him. What I am sharing is huge as dementia is rocketing out of control in our society but I know I will not be part of those statistics. So why is it that the medical professions are not beating down the door to his house? Has it anything to do with pride? What Serge Benhayon presents offers the answers to our health issues. If I was a health minister for any government I would be knocking at his door that’s a fact.

  13. Thank you, Irene, for sharing your experience of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. It doesn’t take long for the changes to take place when we put into practice some of the lived advice Serge shares with us, and this is evident by how many Students of The Way of The Livingness have changed over the years.

  14. “Serge has always stated that he is pro-medicine, and that gave me an opportunity to consider why I was so opposed to it.” I had a similar experience Irene and had become very anti ‘conventional medicine’ as I always felt it left out the human ‘being’, however Serge Benhayon also inspired me to take a look at what I was ignoring and dismissing, and supported me to understand the beautiful union of Conventional and Universal Medicine and all that the two have to offer when applied together.

  15. Since this was written, six years ago, so many more wonderfully inspiring stories like Irene’s have been told and at the foundation of the life changing experiences that have been shared are the wise and common sense filled presentations of Serge Benhayon. Since 1999 this very humble man has been presenting the truth that we as humanity have accepted a way of living that is so much lesser than the one that is available to us, and to support us to do so he offers us the most simple tools, tools we always have the freedom to grab with both hands or decline; it is forever our choice what we do with what we are offered by Serge Benhayon.

  16. Thank you Serge Benhayon and thank you Irene. This is an inspiring turnaround that has affected you, your family, your work colleagues both physically and emotionally. What you are walking is medicine because you have engaged with your life and your choices and have turned them around from a drain to a contribution. Walking medicine!!! From an economic level, the turnaround is extraordinary as well and that is another, if we need another reason to not misrepresent Universal Medicine. You are taking responsibility for your finances which means you are paying back your debt, you are working and training to complement this work for a vulnerable section of the community. This takes a huge load off the public purse. There are so many benefits, I am astounded at the shortsightedness of the reporting. Unless it is pushing buttons and there is not the understanding or the choice to consider how much of a mess we are in and how much we are the only ones who can change it.

    1. You’re correct Lucy, the media is complicit in diverting our attention away from what really needs to be reported on, including the dire state of humanity and the escalating rates of illness, abuse, suicide, violence… the list goes on. Truly, Irene’s turnaround is on so many levels beneficial, including for herself, her family, community, and the economy. Whilst the media reports on sensationalist headlines the true stories, like Irene’s, are not being told.

  17. All that I have heard, read or seen in people who have met Serge Benhayon and were inspired by his teachings, is true and extraordinary changes.

  18. My relationship with mainstream medicine has changed significantly since I started attending Universal Medicine events. This is because I have a more loving relationship with myself and in particular my body, which I now understand so much better. Through this understanding, I now feel that a trip to the GP is a very loving thing to do, and something that can be so very supportive of my awareness of my body and its ‘communications’.

    1. I have experienced exactly the same Richard, as have many others I know. I had almost made ‘mainstream medicine’ the enemy and used to pride myself on the fact that I hadn’t visited the doctor for a very long time. But that pride definitely got in the way of caring for my body in a loving way, and so my body suffered. These days I enjoy visiting my doctor, no matter what the reason, as I know that her loving support is such a big part of my healing process, as well as my saying yes to what comes next as I care for my body on every level.

      1. I had that same sense of pride too Ingrid. When I need to visit my GP these days I do so with a deeper sense of interest in understanding what is happening in my body – because I see that it is a communication – rather than a problem or an issue to be resolved. It is about self-awareness rather than just seeking a fix. With this approach, I find I get so much more out of my appointments – and this is of great value. It’s also a more proactive way of approaching health and wellbeing, dealing with things when they first arise, rather than when they become more serious.

  19. When we make changes in our life, connected to the love we are and deserve, we build a relationship with ourselves that can’t but flourish in a healthy life, like you share here Irene. Thanks

  20. What an amazing turn around Irene great credit to both you and Serge Benhayon. I have heard many hundred such stories, how sad that there are people out there wanting to spread so many lies about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and thus put an obstacle in the way of more people finding the freedom and healing that you did.

    1. Another factor is the HUGE amount of money Serge Benhayon saves the government in relation to all the people who have turned their lives and health around and are now productive members of the community.

      1. That is a great point. More people starting to truly self care and heal themselves may avert the national health systems from bankruptcy which is where they are headed under the take no responsibility for your own health and expect the health system to fix you approach.

      2. I agree Nicola, in Irene’s case alone with her state of health prior to meeting Serge Benhayon it’s highly likely she may have ended up another statistic and burden on the health care system, instead she is contributing now back to her community, and able to take responsibility for her health and finances. The beauty of Serge’s work for all of us that know him is that it’s a very self empowered way of living, that’s part of what’s so simple about the model he offers, it’s easy to apply and the the changes we make come from our own body awareness and from honouring how we feel.

  21. Serge Benhayon has shared many of his life experiences through Universal Medicine Presentations, and through that sharing many hundreds of people have reconnected to the love that they are, and through that have made changes to their life. I for one am very grateful to have come across Serge Benhayon because my life is now simpler, fulfilled and joyful, and my health has vastly improved too.

  22. Thank you Irene, great to read your story again, it’s quite inspiring considering how you were once living to how you are living now. Most human beings want to find a way out of the mess we are all in, but there are not many true reflections out there to inspire us to live in a more loving way, that is why what Serge Benhayon and his family offers is so important. When we see another truly living love we are inspired because we knows it’s achievable, and as we begin to live our own love we realise it’s actually our natural way.

  23. Before Universal Medicine I was in a cult called society where almost everyone drinks lots of alcohol, eats foods that make them overweight and some obese and most generally indulge in many different ways of self harming. I didn’t realise I was in a cult but now I am free of it I can see how it grabbed me and conditioned me to live by its rules. With Universal Medicine there are no rules, no cult, only self responsibility.

      1. Yes it is amazing and not a very intelligent approach. For something to be normal it should be of true good to those doing or involved with it. It makes no sense to me for it to be normal to do anything to harm oneself.

    1. Boom Doug!!! I have to agree, I had no idea how deeply its claws were into me and how I had given so much of myself up without question because I wanted to fit in!! What a wake up call.

  24. An inspiring testimony on what happens when we start to treat ourselves with gentleness and love.. thank you for sharing Irene all the changes that this led to in every area of your life, from your health to relationships and work. Goes to show that when we start making changes to how we’re being with ourselves and living, it has a huge ripple effect.

  25. From living off centrelink to actively committing to life and all the responsibilities it entails as exampled by your commitment to clearing your debt and beginning a pathway in aged care is nothing short of miraculous. Well done Irene.

  26. Wow. So many changes in two and a half years. I am not sure if anyone would have been able to make you do that even if they tried. These changes are all made by you, by your choice alone. And not even a hard push, but a gentle one. That is totally amazing.

  27. Thank you Irene for sharing this, it shows that we are the only ones who can make loving changes in our lives, no one can do it for us and there is no magic pill. Your story and hundreds of others clearly shows that you can not make the amazing changes that you have if someone was telling you what to do.

  28. This is actually a case study that displays the miracles that take place when living a life of purpose, love and truth.

  29. The changes you describe in your life are frankly incredible. Your story is worthy of being shouted from the rooftops for there are many people in society who would benefit from knowing there is a way out of the struggle they are living in.

  30. From meeting Serge Benhayon and being inspired your life had many profound changes, how amazing thanks for sharing! There is something magic about the Way of The Livingness and how without instruction – but connection with ones own soul the impulses are delivered and when we listen as you did the changes are mind blowing.

  31. I would say this on it’s own is a remarkable story and recovery. Just alone the fact that this person was on benefits and is now out and about and part of our workforce is testament alone to what ever she has done for herself. I had never heard this story but I have heard and seen many more that attribute their recovery to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. You could easily sight this as a miracle given the place this person was to the place they are now.

  32. Beautiful to feel how your life has transformed in such an empowering way. Nothing in this world can give us the true fulfillment that comes through our connection to who we are. It is everything, as we are hold within us everything we need to live our lives in this world, we only need to connect to it and be guided by the truth we feel in our bodies. Establishing a loving relationship with ourselves first is what allows us to bring our true selves to life, and this is what sets the foundation of all our relationships thereafter.

  33. Hi Irene, you are a living testimony to the changes that can come about by stepping out and taking responsibility for your life rather than remaining a victim to the circumstances of your own choices.

  34. Another grand offering of how life changes from before Universal Medicine to after Universal Medicine; from the comfort of wallowing in one’s issues and a lack of up and go to responsibility and commitment to life and all it brings.

  35. Isn’t this amazing – here’s someone who never tells anyone what to do, but simply because of the way he lives, thousands of people around the world, of different nationality, cultural/religious background, profession, age etc. have turned their lives around. Surely, the rest of the world deserves to know. If media has any sense of being in true service left in them, they need to study this man, instead of spreading false accusations irresponsibly.

  36. Without Serge Benhayon as a reflection in my life showing me another way to be with myself and to commit to life I’m not sure where I would have ended up. He is an absolute inspiration and I feel so blessed to have come across him, his family, Universal Medicine and the student body.

  37. “He is another human being who lovingly shares the truth about humanity and where we are at, and how we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as normal.” Something we so desperately need in this world where greed and corruption with all their repercussions are so prevalent.

    1. Yes and the raciness of life is feeding industries that benefit from it – the coffee, sugar and fast food industries to name but three! Then there are the industries such as pharmaceuticals which purport to have our best interests at heart and yet try to influence us with marketing and commissioned research thereby not giving us space to decide for ourselves. Shall I continue with politics….no best not!

  38. This is an inspiring sharing, I love how you have started to let go of your unloving ways replacing them with you honouring and caring for yourself, what a turnaround of your life.

  39. Responsibility in all of our life and choices is important, and this can then inspire others to likewise be responsible.

  40. Thank you Irene for stating the fact that Serge Benhayon is pro-medicine as many have tried to discredit him with pure lies that he is not. Serge Benhayon has always presented on how beautifully Western Medicine and the Esoteric Modalities work harmoniously together to support and allow the body to truly heal.

  41. I have studied and participated a lot in complementary therapies and Serge Benhayon is the only teacher of complementary modalities that has been so openly and forthrightly pro medicine. From my own experience as well, becoming pro medicine and utilising all of the tests that have been available has actually been really good for my health. The important thing however is that I have become more responsible towards my health and more importantly how I live. This is where Serge Benhayon’s presentations and the Esoteric Modalities stand out, this is where the shift occurs and this is how it all partner’s beautifully with western medicine.

    1. I can relate Caroline, as the more I come to realise that there is so much more to us that what we think, the more I am inspired to explore more, discover more, to live more, be more and share more with the world.

    2. What a lovely conversation, thank you Caroline and Carola, what you have both pointed out here is that the model of health and well-being Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offer is much more than just better function on a physical level, it’s also having a purpose in life that is sourced from the inner grandness we all equally have when we reconnect to our Soul, and what reconnecting to our love and joy means for our day to day living and for our communities.

  42. Living in protection by trying to please or impress others, so that we can feel accepted by them, because we haven’t truly accepted ourselves, is a totally draining way to live. When we start to make basic choices to look after ourselves and give our bodies what they need to live in a harmonious way, it becomes easier to want to love the body and by extension, accept and love all of ourselves.

    1. And in doing so I also find it so much easier to accept and truly love others too. When I am being judgemental or blaming another I know even though I may find it challenging at first I need to take responsibility and address my choices and what is going on within myself.

  43. A great testimony to the work and principles of Universal Medicine. What a blessing you are Irene too all you know, meet and your family.
    “Serge Benhayon is not a cult leader or a guru.  He is another human being who lovingly shares the truth about humanity and where we are at, and how we can make the choice to live in stillness and harmony and not accept all the pain and suffering as normal.”
    Thank you dearly Serge Benhayon

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