Being Found Out: Online Presentations Opened Me To The Preciousness I Am

by Elizabeth Douglas, Cape Breton, Canada

“Everything is energy” – Albert Einstein.

“Everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy” – Serge Benhayon.

I am not writing to defend Serge Benhayon, his loving family, Universal Medicine and all that entails, or the practitioners. When energetic truth is expressed it is complete. Where lies and accusations are applied in an area of life, they have to be fed with more in order to get the attention they crave in the first place.

I write only to express my truth, without fear of being ‘found out’.

You see, I was always afraid of being found out as a child, a teenager and an adult. I always thought there was something wrong or something awful about me that lived inside me: because the outer world made me feel as if I never measured up, and because no matter what I was doing, it never was enough. And so I carried that feeling throughout my whole life – in work, in family, in relationships, in community service, etc.; not ever truly feeling safe to express my true feelings because of the response, and then my reaction to the response, whereby I would allow others to make me feel less-than or not worthy.

Most of my life I pretended everything was alright, because it was easier than being honest with myself. So like many others, I started searching for something, anything to feel loved in some way – through recognition, basically. Yet that still didn’t fill the hole inside, that empty pit that kept pushing and pulling at me.

Six years ago I found a website called I couldn’t figure out at that time what I was feeling from this website as there was nothing there enticing me to buy or join… no hoopla. Yet I knew I wanted to check it out. This time, after being involved in many different modalities, teachings, workshops and courses, and hundreds of new age books, etc., I was aware it too may not fill the emptiness either, for you see I always thought someone outside of me would fill my life and make me feel whole.

I chose to listen to Serge’s audio on line for a year, to feel what was being presented. The first impression I got was of the gentleness and the integrity and yet the playfulness of Serge, and I came to feel the energetic equality that he spoke with to us all. After listening I became more energetically aware of experiences happening in my life and how I was changing, becoming more honest with me in my choices, and what was happening because of these choices. I hadn’t even met Serge Benhayon up to this point. I then chose to fly half-way around the world to Australia. Leaving a little fishing village in Cape Breton Island to attend a retreat presented by Serge Benhayon wasn’t an easy choice, yet something within knew this felt right. Did I get controversy? – oh yeah, and lots of deplorable names as well.

At the retreat Serge expressed how he had begun by connecting to himself, his true self, and how he was now sharing with whoever felt to hear what he had to say. Whether they felt it was their truth or not, well, that was fine with him. There was no judgement, no expectation, nothing… just his truth, and how refreshing that was to hear.

I am the type of person who filters what is expressed, then asks questions later. This time when I filtered what was expressed, I found I had the answers to my own questions, as Serge spoke the truth from within, which connected me to my inner self, where we are the same. I didn’t go into my intellect to try to figure out what was or was not right. Although there were many who did question Serge – and yes, lots had the same questions I had, I didn’t need them answered by him, for I am one who makes the choice to listen to my heart and feel for me what is truth or not. Serge had, without doing anything other than expressing from love and truth, made it possible for me to feel ME for the first time… and oh what a feeling!

I was ‘found out’ in that retreat – and it was awesome, because I am this gorgeous, precious human being in a female body, now feeling from a place that is being filled everyday with joy and the preciousness I am. In doing that, my search is over. I found what I have been searching for – ME – and now my choice is simple: to keep loving and adoring the preciousness I am, which in truth we all are. Take it from me as one human being to another – it is far more delicious to live with love and joy every day than to live in the misery of denial.

Serge Benhayon, with heart-full gratitude to you, to your loving family and all that Universal Medicine energetically stands for, I applaud you for standing out in truth. You have shown me, through the way you live, that I too can now know my energetic truth, and each day I choose to look deeper within to see how much more precious I am. I am joyous to have been found out – it is awesome to be out in the open again. I’m forever grateful.

480 thoughts on “Being Found Out: Online Presentations Opened Me To The Preciousness I Am

  1. Brilliant Elizabeth. Your experience is mine too and the many other students of the Livingness who have seen and felt the Truth of who we really are. Listening Serge Benhayon is very refreshing and revealing, not just because what he shares but the way he presents that makes accesible what is available for all, a living way based on true love.

  2. Without doubt Serge Benhayon’s audios changed my entire life, to say my life has changed is an totally understatement. Everything that man represent is calling us to be more of the absolute divinity we truly are.

  3. It’s so simple what Serge Benhayon presents, a return to our true selves. Like yourself Elizabeth when I found the Universal Medicine website I knew I wanted to find out more. I also was on the verge of giving up on finding what was missing in life and healing from the many experiences I had had, however I decided to attend a workshop with Serge (which meant travelling interstate) and I knew within a few minutes of hearing him speak I was listening to someone speaking the truth. Since that time in 2012 working with Universal Medicine I have experienced reconnecting to me and living from my essence again, and also reconnecting to the universe and God and feeling my place within it all. It’s absolutely true in my experience also that what is missing from our lives is our true selves.

  4. Inspiration is in truth to allow another space to know themselves in truth through shining a light of a true way of life. This is so inspiring about Serge Benhayon, he lives it, he expresses it and you are offered the space to come to your own knowing of a life lived truly from love.

  5. I love your sharing here Elizabeth. I love how you found what you have being searching for – which was you the whole time. But not you as you had been living, but the you you kept hidden. We are all the more for having you in our world and living you. We very much have Serge Benhayon to thank for the very many people that are now living themselves to the best of their abilities.

  6. This article is a true testament to the power of what energetic integrity can do on the internet. How, a simple website can inspire a person to explore what is their true foundation of living, and to want to exercise their own freedom of choice to make the changes that feel right or true. This is an incredible key for all of our global footprints on the internet.

  7. I love how you differentiate between looking outward and looking inward – if you look outward because of the way we have set up the world currently you’re only ever going to find that the world makes you feel lesser or inferior or that there is something wrong with you, however if you look inward then you discover something immeasurably precious.

  8. Standing up for truth is the only way to bring true change in this world. Serge Benhayon leads the way in that area.

  9. “I found what I have been searching for – ME – and now my choice is simple: to keep loving and adoring the preciousness I am,” I love this Elizabeth. So many have found themselves and their (our) preciousness – through Universal Medicine.

  10. What a beautiful blog and a complete turnaround for what being found out means – by truth is!
    It is one of the greatest joys to be out in the open and that is so much grander than any fear or belief!

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