The Gorgeousness Of It All: Falling In Love With Myself, Others and The World

by Dianne Trussell

My own relationships have increasingly blossomed and deepened as I apply in my life the simple things Serge Benhayon applies in his and shares with others, for the sake of humanity.

I used to keep people at a distance, unaware that I was protecting myself from being hurt. I was nervous, over-sensitive, and had to get away from people just to recuperate my energy. I actually did not like people in general, and very few people seemed to understand me. My own company, and that of animals and plants, made sense and I could rest and feel ‘normal’ when alone with nature.

You know how we tend to judge people at first sight? Well it’s very hard not to, as the mind always jumps in based on what we see and on how we’ve been hurt in the past, before we can think or feel anything else. We really may not want to judge, and may not even be aware of our own ‘faults’ that are noticeable to others.

One day out on my morning walk I realised that something had shifted in me. Along came a man walking his dog. Both were overweight and seemed very miserable and closed, not wanting to interact with anyone in the street. However, that’s not what I perceived first. To my joy, I first felt them as two fellow beings full of love. It was then that I saw their pain and sadness, and last of all, the physical expression of it in the condition of their bodies. It was like the dawn of a new era for me, a small beginning of the end of judging others, and of truly seeing them as beautiful equals. I felt in love with everything as I walked: the people, the trees, the houses, even the stones of the road. And I knew it was the love in me that enables me to see love all around. It’s so gorgeous, I wish everyone on Earth could feel this way!

People may say, oh yeah but if you have problems you can’t feel like that. However I’m going through lots of quite intense problems in my life: loss of job and business income, debt, having to move house repeatedly, nearly three years of illness, the deaths of friends, serious illness in my family – many people might believe it impossible to feel joyful and loving in these circumstances. And yet I do. And much less worried or frustrated than I’ve ever been before, even when the problems were smaller. I often don’t manage to hold my connection to the love inside me, but I’m making progress and others see it.

People who are also struggling with overwhelming challenges want to know how come I’m sailing joyfully through mine, because everything else they’ve tried is not helping and they are on the brink of nervous breakdown, bankruptcy, suicide, whatever. And in that way, I can help them not by making choices for them or trying to solve their problems, but by continuing to be the ‘new’ me and sharing simply what I do. And it makes a difference for them too.

I now find that I can love my family, ex-partners, friends and workmates in a new way beyond all the personal choices they and I make, a way that increasingly leaves them free to be or do whatever, without feeling myself reacting and wanting to change them. I can spend lovely time with them in which we can open to each other and feel loved, trusted and supported. I can love and hug and hang out with my ex-partners without any ‘stuff’ in the way, without attachment, sexual undertones, reservations, or disrespect to their current partners. I can even strike up a friendly, open conversation with a total stranger, which is something I was never able to do. I’m beginning to see the real gorgeousness of people beneath their outer appearances and choices, that everyone has a loving heart and just needs to re-discover it. And it’s changed me to know that.

Before, if people were being disrespectful or abusive towards me I would suffer in silence, afraid to say anything for fear of creating more conflict, but now I will speak up and say clearly how I am feeling, without anger, resentment or fear. I will no longer knowingly allow harm to myself from other people’s unhealthy behaviour and choices. Not only is this healthier for me, it gives them my honesty, which they can use to look at themselves if they so choose. Without being ‘called on their stuff’ and hearing the truth, they will go on hurting themselves and others and that’s not good for them either. I was ‘called on my stuff’ and although it can be very uncomfortable and never-ending, it’s worth it to see and feel and know the truth. No-one REALLY wants to be hurtful to others. We all need honesty and truth in order to grow, even if it’s confronting at times.

Critics could say this is all in my head, but even though I have a long way to go in my unfolding, I consistently receive feedback from people saying that I’ve changed in lovely ways: that I am calm, present, gentle, have a quiet authority that people listen to, that whatever it is, they want it too, that what I’m sharing is very timely, that it helped them get on a new track and see things in a new more positive and more responsible way, and so on.

For example, Mum had not seen me for nine months and I went interstate to care for her after major surgery. Unsolicited she said one day: “There’s something different about you. There’s a calmness, grace and gentleness to all your movements. What have you been doing, how is that happening?” And now she too has begun to make self-loving choices in her food, exercise, sleep, housework and relating. My housemate said yesterday: “I can see you’re doing really well, your commitment to yourself is working. You are so quiet, calm and gentle. You’re a great example for me to have around.” And my close friend of 40 years’ duration, said to me: “You are putting something different out into the world. Something healing…”

I share these things not to ‘beat my own drum’ but to give you examples of how making self-loving choices can shine out and let other people see that they can do it too. This is a central message of what Serge Benhayon presents, and I now have ample personal experience of it in action in my own life. I would never want to go back to the way I was. Thanks Serge, and thanks also to your wonderful family for being such shining examples of what you present!

368 thoughts on “The Gorgeousness Of It All: Falling In Love With Myself, Others and The World

  1. “No-one REALLY wants to be hurtful to others. We all need honesty and truth in order to grow, even if it’s confronting at times.” – This is a great point, and sometimes if we can see that what another is doing is not supportive, then it can lie as our responsibility to speak up about this, not in a judgemental or critical way but in a way to calls the person’s attention to what they are doing so that this offers them an opportunity to change. This is not a ‘fun’ job to have, but in the end it is a job that requires one to hold the other in and with so much love so that one can support with living in a way that brings even more love.

  2. I still have a tendency to see people first for their layers, rather than connecting deeply to their essence first and foremost. This is something I would like to change – like Dianne has shared in this blog, there is a deep joy when we connect first to the essence of a person and though I have experienced this, I have trouble applying this in my day to day life. A work in progress for me – and I love the inspiration and the reminder of this!

  3. Dianne, thank you for your awesome sharing! I love how you are showing that despite all the awful things that can happen in life, there is still the perception we hold and the connection to love that really matters the most – this is actually the transforming ingredient. For we cannot control what happens in life, but we can change the way we choose to see things and connect to the love within.

  4. I came back to this blog because people make a valid point when they say
    “Oh yeah but if you have problems you can’t feel like that.”
    And I believe this to be an honest statement because from my own personal experience when we get hurt by other people or events in life we do not realise that this changes the way we move. So we could be moving in a discordant way for years not realising that we are actually moving in the quality of our hurts so therefore when we are in the mud all we see is the mud. It does take someone who is not in the mud to come along and question why we are there. And for me Serge Benhayon does this very well he has amazing insight when it comes to understanding the flow of energy and how it impacts our every move.

  5. This is beautifully expressed Dianne
    ” that everyone has a loving heart and just needs to re-discover it.”
    That is the essence of what Serge Benhayon presents on and it is very humbling to reconnect back to our hearts and rediscover what we have been missing all these lifetimes.

  6. “We all need honesty and truth in order to grow, even if it’s confronting at times.” Thanks Dianne, I appreciated reading of your experiencing learning to share how you feel, I’ve noticed if I don’t it’s like the expression is trapped in me and causes me to feel discombobulated. Avoiding potential conflict sounds great, but we are actually avoiding potential healing and evolution for ourselves and others.

  7. It is lovely to read of some of the changes that have been happening in your life as a consequence of what Serge Benhayon has shared for all; and, you choosing a new way of living, ‘now I will speak up and say clearly how I am feeling, without anger, resentment or fear. I will no longer knowingly allow harm to myself from other people’s unhealthy behaviour and choices.’

  8. People have always fascinated me, I still love to ‘people watch’ on a bus or train. In the past, I have sympathised with people down on their luck or going or through a bad phase, but realised when I have had a lot going on, it is actually a time of growing stronger and sympathy is horrid to receive.
    I love what you say Dianne that everyone has a loving heart and just needs to re-discover it, we are all gorgeous on the inside.

  9. I have known Serge Benhayon for a while now and he does keep things very simple and what he presents seems to me to be the same thing said in very many different ways, which is to reconnect back to the love that is within ourselves first and from that the world will naturally change.
    We can tell from our current way of life that we haven’t tried this way of living en mass but those of us that are having a go are making huge changes to themselves their families, friends and work colleagues people are feeling the change. So we could say there is a quiet revolution going on this is how the world can change by changing ourselves first.

  10. Being able to see the love at the heart of another person before the exterior js a huge and healing step. For me it signals a growing love for yourself.

    1. Great point Fiona – I mentioned in an earlier comment that I still struggle to see the other person’s essence first and foremost, but the reality is that this then reveals that I do not see myself first in my essence either. So this is the part for me to work on first. Meet myself first for who I am then for the rest…

  11. Seeing others as my absolute equal being, full of love whatever their appearance/behaviour/choice may be – I have not been able to do that. Judgment and reaction has been pretty much my default response in life and I kept wondering what can I do to become non-judging, loving person. And what I have realised is that that question itself comes from the place of ‘I am not that therefore I have to figure out, work hard and try hard at it to become that’ – but the thing is if I am spending most of my waking moments in not breathing and in connection with my true essence, how can I expect me to magically be able to love and accept everyone equally? So it really is simple, I just need to keep coming back to me and connect, nothing else matters.

  12. Beautiful Dianne, I can say only yes I fully agree. These are testimonials of The Way of The Livingness also to me known as living by Soul and from deep within. Thank you for sharing so beautifully and humble what your path has been so far, letting us know that it is possible and that we are not perfect and we do not need to be.

  13. My understanding of what Serge Benhayon presents is that we are far more than we give ourselves credit for. We are in fact Gods living in an ungodly manner. By accepting the lies we have fallen so far away from who we truly are that we are actually unrecognizable as Gods. We have fallen in love with our ability to create and be individual; we constantly look outside of ourselves to others to gauge our standing within society. Thankfully Serge Benhayon and his family live in such a way that gives us all everyday practical examples of what it is like to live as a God in an ungodly world.

  14. When we commit to making love and gentleness the focus of expression from our heart in how we are with ourselves and our choices it naturally expands to encompass the way in which we interact and connect with others to become a natural way of being.

  15. “You are putting something different out into the world. Something healing…” – that is inspiration Diane, no question, and something for us all to learn from as we consider our own movements.

  16. Great to read this again Dianne, it’s a beautiful point to come to in life when we can recognise in all the true and loving being underneath the pain, hurts, and lifestyle choices that cover up the essence of the person. As we make our way back through the hurts to our essence we can begin to understand where everyone else is at through understanding ourselves.

  17. Its never about the events that happen on life, but how we approach them. But more to the point, how we are with ourselves as we walk through them?

    1. So beautifully said Jennifer – no matter what happens in life, the one thing we do have a choice about is how we are in that situation (in reaction or perhaps in response) and allowing ourselves the full understanding of the situation which holds a blessing and allows for deep deep understanding of this all.

  18. That we can meet others and see them from the inside out is something I don’t always do, but when I do it’s very different and I feel very open to them and we just let each other be, so reading this today I’m reminded that life is about seeing that inner gorgeousness in others regardless of what’s going on with them and that each of us can do this no matter what. It really takes blame and being a victim out of the equation for our relating to others.

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