Anxiety Is Not Something You Just Have To Put Up With – There Is Another Way

by Robyn Jones, Menai, Australia

I have been deeply inspired by what I have been reading and feeling in what people have shared about their experiences with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. So much so, that the call to add my own contribution is too great to deny, nor do I want to deny it.

We have been given an amazing opportunity to share with the world what we have found within ourselves through the support and love of Serge and Universal Medicine.

For me, I knew something was amiss in the world at an early age. I struggled to understand why people didn’t want me to be how I felt inside, which was; strong, tender, sensitive, delightful, insightful, lovely. Instead people around me gave me a lot of signals to be anything but all of that. They wanted me to comply, to not ‘rock the boat’, to not speak truth or challenge what they said, to stay quiet in the background (be invisible) and not cause trouble, and most certainly to not be ‘difficult’. So, to a big extent I did all of these things that were directly or indirectly asked of me. But I felt terrible, and I didn’t know how to go back to how I used to feel as a young child, and so I started to feel anxious. I felt lost, and this felt scary.

So, for almost thirty years I did what I could to get through life, all the while still feeling lost, with the anxiety ever increasing, and not knowing how to help myself. I went to all kinds of practitioners – all kinds of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, kinesiologists, reiki practitioners … and more. I even went to university and studied psychology. Nothing truly helped.

By the time I was 26 I was exhausted and desperate. I ended up initiating a nervous breakdown because I had just about given up completely on ever feeling like myself again. At age 28 I was hospitalised with a massive allergic reaction and my central nervous system on the verge of collapse (with no apparent physical reason that could be found by the doctors). I was treated for the allergic reaction with the treatments that were available at the time. These helped me get back on my feet, with an adequate amount of physical function that was enough to get me through what had become one agonising day after another. However, nothing had changed around my feeling lost and anxious in every moment of every day. I thought this was going to be the way my life was to be until I died – and honestly, quite frequently I really looked forward to that day so the agony I was feeling would stop.

I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine four years later. Serge was the first person that really understood what I was feeling. I observed that he was this way with everyone. He seemed to understand so much more than I could comprehend. He showed me how to re-connect to myself, to the part of me that I thought I had lost. He has supported me to strengthen this connection to myself – firstly by being himself, and secondly by presenting different ways for me to heal myself (to let go of all that is not me, which I had accumulated along the way from trying to be what others around me wanted me to be).

What has been shown to me, very clearly, through my redevelopment over the last four and a half years, is that I had walked away from having a foundation of my true self, and instead walked towards building my foundation from what everyone else wanted me to be. I was therefore living, or more accurately existing, from a foundation that was unstable, as it kept changing every time someone’s expectations of me changed. Therefore, I had to adjust to the new conditions, and this then applied to every person I came into contact with. If I was in a group I would basically be constantly adjusting how I thought I should be in order to meet everyone’s expectations. Wow! That sounds exhausting and anxiety provoking, doesn’t it? Never really knowing what you are doing or who you are meant to be.

Today I am more ‘Me’ than I have been in a very long time. The intense anxiety I used to feel has decreased significantly, and I even have moments of no anxiety – and these are increasing in their frequency. Replacing the anxiety are feelings of natural strength, fragility, insightfulness – all the feelings I remember having as a kid. I am also slowly getting my healthy body back. This will take some more time, as the many years of stress and anxiety my body has endured have taken their toll, but nothing has shown up yet that cannot be reversed by a good dose of self-care, true love, and medical assistance when necessary.

All this is possible because one man stood up and said; life can be different, we don’t have to suffer, we don’t have to be in pain (physically or emotionally), we can live with joy, harmony, stillness, love, honour and integrity, we can live responsibly. This one man was, and is, Serge Benhayon.

295 thoughts on “Anxiety Is Not Something You Just Have To Put Up With – There Is Another Way

  1. Now It already has become the new normal to feel light and full of joy, and it is now interesting to observe the opening doors to stand up myself and let people know that there is another way.

    1. So true, felixschumacher8, it is now normal to live a life full of light and joy, and share this with the world instead – inspiring others to know that anxiety is certainly not something we just have to put up with!

  2. “I was therefore living, or more accurately existing, from a foundation that was unstable, as it kept changing every time someone’s expectations of me changed.” This is a incredible exhausting and debilitating way to live. I had a numerous number of relationships over the years and with every new one I attempted to ‘fit in’ to what I believed was needed. However, as to be expected they all collapsed, not due to the other but because my own connection with myself was not there and therefore I was not bringing anything stable to the relationship. No wonder they did not work.

    1. Great point, Jonathan. What sort of foundation do we have when we are not ourselves? This sets us up to have relationships built on this way of living and this is not a solid support to work with at all. “No wonder they did not work”.

  3. beautiful Robyn. Thanks to Serge Benhayon being himself, he has shown the way for others to know and be themselves too, and connect to the love and joy that is within.

  4. “….one man stood up and said; life can be different, we don’t have to suffer, we don’t have to be in pain (physically or emotionally), we can live with joy, harmony, stillness, love, honour and integrity, we can live responsibly. This one man was, and is, Serge Benhayon.” So true Robyn and has stood up and said it in way that we can hear, understand and appreciate. And that way is because it is truth and love.

  5. Wow Robyn, this is an awesome example of the illness and disease and dis-ease we often experience simply by not being true to, and living, who we truly are.

    1. And to add to this, the antidote (or at very minimum, true support…) to much of our illness and disease is self care and self love… How simple is that!

  6. Thank you Robyn, another very insightful and inspiring article about your change from anxiety back to you – and honestly it makes so much sense to me. You really lay out ‘The Way’! “To let go of all that is not me, which I had accumulated along the way from trying to be what others around me wanted me to be”. This morph suit is horrible, and I have worn it…I have had quite a bit of anxiety in my life also – But what I realised from reading your blog was I just need to re-connect to all my innate qualities that I had as a child, and to live these…for this is who I am and how I truly know myself to be. Thank you, this is just Gold.

    1. Getting to know ourselves and our innate qualities is so enormously healing. By naming them and writing them down we bring them into the world we live in and they become very real and very tangible. I have found this to be such a great way to begin to truly feel all that I am and all that I bring to the world – my VALUE. This has supported me to live from an even deeper connection within me, which allows more stillness in my life. And stillness is the quality that I find holds me the steadiest in who I am, leaving no room for self-doubt or anxiety, when I am connected.

  7. “Anxiety” – when I feel this it is usually in regards to: feeling I am not capable at achieving or dealing with something in front of me.
    When reading your blog I realised how often I can feel anxiety and that it is something that can be quite regular in our days – quite hard to get rid of ‘completely’, that is until we are ‘complete’ in ourselves and are solid in our presence and qualities I feel. Anxiety can therefore also be an indicator of when we need to re-connect more, it seems it might just be a great building tool if we choose to learn from it.
    But to be very honest, the moment I feel dis-connected to me and my body – I can often experience anxiety.
    You have provided some great insight and tools to support here Robyn. Thank you.

    1. Anxiety is a tool, Arianne, well said. I have come to realise that I in fact chose to use anxiety as the tool I needed to withdraw from the world. It feels very familiar to me now, this way of living… like a past life memory. I have always found it hard to be with the level of power I feel within me and am only now allowing myself to get used to it. So I used anxiety to not feel, to take a step back, to hide, and to not be seen. Slowly, slowly I am coming out and releasing the power within and even though I frequently have moments of being blown away by what is being expressed, it is also very daunting at times. But by practicing I am becoming more confident with this aspect of me… and to be honest I quietly LOVE IT!

      1. Thank you Robyn, reading your comment has been super supportive to accept that it is a process, it is a journey to embrace to return to ourselves, each step of the way, it’s not about a fixed ideal. We are all doing it together.

      2. We are in this together, Arianne, I agree, and allowing myself to feel this is a great support, especially this week, as I have been challenging an old way of being. This has brought with it some anxiety as I am taking myself out of a comfort zone I have been in for awhile. I feel exposed, fragile and vulnerable, and instead of pushing people away and getting all controlling, I am looking to be with people and connect with them. This is a new way for me and in this I can feel the people around me who know me inside and out, who allow me to just be me, who accept me fully… this is true family and really clears the way for deep and close connections.

    2. Well explained Arianne- I too am finding the smallest details in my life can trigger anxiousness that I am surprised sometimes by what the trigger was when I trace it back. As you say Arianne we can learn from it as it can reveal just how delicate, aware and sensitive we are to love and truth – we do know them so when we waiver from our connection we are given an opportunity to feel we are heading off track.

  8. I can relate to feeling lost and how scary this felt. I realise it was there because of the idea i had to do it on my own, nobody there to help me because they did not understand who I was. Now I know this is not true I left myself behind, my inner knowing which at the same time I felt lost was there to guide me. This sense of knowing my strength has always been there but I denied it and followed other people to fit in and to be the nice girl. After 48 years of living/existing I came back to this inner knowing, with the loving support of Serge Benhayon, and it is me who can make the choice to stay connected or go out of this and feel lost again.

    1. So very well expressed, Annielies. I especially loved the part where you described nobody understanding who you were, as I too felt like this, and I have come to realise that it was me who didn’t understand me. This realisation would have saved me a lot of heartache and drama as I went round and round in circles with this for years. It is so true that by re-connecting with our inner knowing we are able to understand ourselves again and I am deepening this more and more every day. I no longer feel lost because I know that my inner knowing is with me always.

      1. In a way it is a self sabotaging behaviour and at the same time, as Arianne said in one of her comments above, a ‘building tool’ to learn from. When I am anxious nowadays I know I made the choice to not feel and acknowledge my power, feeling my power can freak me out so to speak and the anxiousness tries to get me back in the comfortable hiding position I was used to be in. Pondering on all this I realised that anxiety can still confuse me because of its weakening effect on the body but the only thing I need to see is that it has become weak because I chose thoughts which were not supportive but degrading of who I am.

      2. haha… feeling the power within me can freak me out too Annelies! Gradually as I allow myself to get used to this incredible energy I feel more solid within me and with this I have come to realise that this is what I have in fact been avoiding feeling for so long, as when this power is felt we have a responsibility to embrace it and express it, therefore, bringing up all that we have been hiding from with allowing the anxiety.

  9. “All this is possible because one man stood up and said; life can be different, we don’t have to suffer, we don’t have to be in pain (physically or emotionally), we can live with joy, harmony, stillness, love, honour and integrity, we can live responsibly. This one man was, and is, Serge Benhayon.” Absolutely – huge gratitude and appreciation for Serge Benhayon who is showing us – and the world – if it will listen – that there is another Way.

  10. Awesome blog Robyn – “I was therefore living, or more accurately existing, from a foundation that was unstable, as it kept changing every time someone’s expectations of me changed.” This is painfully exhausting and such a trap to keep us away from our true selves. Huge love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon who continually presents another living way 🙂

  11. Life can seem complex and the answer to resolve the complexity may seem to have to come form more complexity. However as stated in this blog the greatest medicine to complexity is simplicity. So if we even find ourselves in a pickle, bring it back to a simple equation otherwise no answer will be acquired.

  12. Anxiety to me is a reaction that is initiated when the body feels there is disharmony to what is lived and what is within. When I present myself in protection, the body knows that is way off from what it knows the heart to be, and it alarms the dishonesty that is apparent, immediately. When I numbed my body I do not register this alarm, and when the protection is built up so thick, the body is still feeling it all but without me acknowledging it, and hence the illusive delay. Until the body cannot take this anymore it would use every possible way to make me STOP and reconnect back. What if when we feel anxious, we ask our bodies, where is the disharmony, what is it that I do not want to feel?

    1. My understanding of anxiety is that it comes in AFTER a reaction has been initiated. Because in the reaction we take a step backwards from ourselves, therefore leaving room for anxiety to enter. I have come to know that when I feel anxious I have already made the decision to not feel and scoot off, and it is for me in this realisation to decide to re-enter the world, to feel whatever is there to feel (even if I don’t like it – as there is a lot of that!), and not to perpetuate the step backwards by going into anxiety, but to step forwards to meet life as who I am.

  13. And there is no need to push preach or attempt to convince, how we live expresses what has been learnt….walking our talk…”We have been given an amazing opportunity to share with the world what we have found within ourselves through the support and love of Serge and Universal Medicine.” I feel I have had an amazing opportunity to live my life from more of my truth and express myself more than ever before through encountering Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, what a gift. I wish to share this with others just through being me and being out in the world. I don’t hide like I used, (not as much at least) this is my commitment and responsibility to confirming a truth that resides within me, that we are all equally divine in essence and we are all equally connected.

  14. anneliesvanhaastrecht-This is so powerful to share with the world “Pondering on all this I realised that anxiety can still confuse me because of its weakening effect on the body but the only thing I need to see is that it has become weak because I chose thoughts which were not supportive but degrading of who I am.” Through self appraisal and awareness and reading through this blog, this gem came about…It is illuminating to consider what the impact of choosing ‘anxiety’ has on the body. Thank you for sharing Annelies van Haastecht.

    1. It creates an entry point that then clouds access to our enormously glorious foundation within. It is a crazy game and one I am pleased to not be part of so much anymore. Nowadays as soon as I feel anxiety I am calling myself out for having ‘vacated the building’, allowing anxiety the space to play, and I am able to make the decision (most of the time) to come back and face what is there to be felt that I don’t like and don’t want to feel. And to just let you in on a secret… feeling is not the end of the world, I haven’t died from it, in fact I have blossomed from it, because I have been able to find more of Me within and this feels amazing!

      1. Yes, when we allow ourselves to truly feel what we are feeling and not be overwhelmed by the anxiousness we can discover the cause of why we were getting anxious in the first place, take responsibility for it and not do that again. By doing so we become increasingly less anxious and re-discover more of ourselves.

      2. So true, Jonathan. For a long time I was so consumed with the anxiety that I was not open to hearing that it was simply a choice I was making. The anxiety owned me… but not completely. There was a part of me that knew there was another way and I went looking for it. Finally finding it with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. Now I can take responsibility for my choices, including my choice to go into anxiety in order to not feel or deal with something. It is liberating in so many ways.

  15. Before I met Serge Benhayon I was living with a constant underlying anxiety as I took on and sympathised with the woes of the world which was exhausting. Serge Benhayon presented so clearly that by living like this I was adding to the energy of anxiety and exhaustion that was felt by others. In understanding that ‘Everything is energy, and therefore everything is because of energy’ I can choose to live with love and compassion and change the way I feel that is, in turn, felt by others.

  16. I agree Robyn, it is possible to reverse the adverse effects that anxiousness causes in our bodies, through being tender and self-loving with ourselves

  17. Wow, knowing you now Robyn and the solid, graceful, powerful, delicate and steady presence you bring, I am amazed to read this blog. What incredible life changes you have made. We can move so very far from our true selves and who we naturally are, live life in that way for many years and then we can take the steps back to ourselves. What lies within remains unchanged and is there waiting for us all the while.

  18. I can relate to what you shared about constantly changing who you were depending on the company you were in. I once did a similar thing, I wanted to be liked and not rock anyone’s boat so I became a chameleon. But over time I began to withdraw from life more and more. It took a while to rediscover who I was and I am am still on that journey. These days I rarely play the chameleon and have got to know myself enough that I know when I’m not being me.

  19. The ironic thing is that we often think that living in a way where we are adjusting ourselves to the expectations of others, means we are in control – when in fact it’s the total opposite! The more we connect to our own bodies and making self loving choices, the less we need to try and control life from the outside in, but rather focus on living life from the inside out.

  20. At the base anxiety is felt because we have lost our connection with our inner most, that connection we felt when we where kids. As you portrayed so beautifully Robyn, in general we are not accepted as such when we are little and people make us belief that we have to become someone else. When we allow that to happen we loose that inner connection with the strength and stillness within. No wonder that our body becomes anxious and it is all in the tension of disconnection with the source we belong to.

  21. Hi Robyn, thank you for sharing and I like you can vouch that there is another way. When I was in an anxious state I always felt that there is nothing that could help me as I was too anxious to even consider doing anything to help myself as I was viewing myself from outside my body and this is the ultimate anxiety, the fact that I was somehow free falling as I had jumped ship.It was a revelation for me to learn that the root cause of anxiety was just that . . . not being in your body. When you consider that it actually seems a good reason to be anxious. Thanks to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I have been able to know when I am ‘out’ and when I am ‘in’. And when I am out I now know how to come back to me.It is but a breath away.

  22. I have found that anxiety comes from living life through everything that is going on around me, dealing with other people’s emotions and drama, getting caught up in trying to please others. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have clearly shown that when we live connected to ourselves first, there is no place for anxiety to take the lead.

  23. Knowing our true foundation is within ourselves and not based on what everyone else thinks is true liberation. We can simply be ourselves and know we are equal to all others. Serge Benhayon has supported thousands of people to connect to themselves, live life free of fear and anxiety, and walk with love in their hearts that is for all humanity.

  24. ‘Serge was the first person that really understood what I was feeling’ This is the blessing many people seek when lost and in distress, but do not find. It is rare to meet someone who meets and offers a way out of misery and supports us back to truly healing and renewed sense of purpose.

  25. I searched for many years for answers to questions and to find a way out of the inner dis-ease I felt. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and by attending Universal Medicine workshops that I unlocked the key that had kept me trapped in uncertainty and unhealthy patterns all my life. Now life feels very different and I no longer look outside of myself for answers.

  26. When we live our life from an inner connection with ourselves, the choices that we make are more loving and based not on what others want us to choose, but more honestly on how we feel, and those choices bring a harmony and joy to the body.

  27. Thankyou Robyn, great to read your blog and how you came to Universal Medicine. I also suffered a lot of emotional distress to the point of not being able to sleep and pretty much nothing I had tried could give me lasting relief or actual complete healing from everything I was suffering. When I found Universal Medicine that’s also when things began to turn around for me, and they continue to do so based on the simple tools Serge Benhayon presents. Overall I have a significant lesser degree of nervous tension and anxiety, and most of the emotional turmoil has also dissipated – it’s actually gone out of my body! No other healing modality could do that for me. I feel deep appreciation for the true healing and true change I’ve experienced thanks to Universal Medicine, and the empowerment I’ve felt to choose these things for myself.

  28. i know exactly what you mean when you wrote about wanting that feeling of loveliness you had as a child. I know I tried many things to get that feeling back and sometimes I got a glimmer of it but it never stayed. I had forgotten about looking for it when I met Serge Benhayon. Surprisingly, with healings and the Gentle Breath Meditation, I felt this essence of myself that I had given up on. It is absolutely awesome to have it back and even in those times where I may not feel it because I have got over tired it is only a breath away.

  29. I’ve really enjoyed reading our story again today Robyn. What really struck me is how many people live with chronic anxiety globally, and how very supportive the Universal Medicine tools could be for millions of people.

    1. Yes, the Universal Medicine therapies are extremely supportive tools that could be beneficial for every person on our planet, simply because of the nature with which these therapies are designed and applied with such high integrity.

  30. Robyn that is really a great healing – “Replacing the anxiety are feelings of natural strength, fragility, insightfulness – all the feelings I remember having as a kid.” And that is very inspirational – thank you for sharing.

  31. This is great to reflect on where we have come from and what we considered as our normal and to appreciate through simple changes how grand life can become.

  32. It is very draining walking around thinking how I need to be in the world instead of just walking as who I am. It comes a point when enough is enough though, when we stop and consider dropping all the ideals and beliefs we are walking around with weighting us down. That point is a great point indeed.

  33. I loved reading of the healing you initiated once inspired by Serge Benhayon and after choosing to live from a foundation of knowing your true self and honouring that in the way you move. A truly amazing story.

  34. In this day and age where society is running at such a fast pace in order to keep up how can we not but feel anxious. The question is why do we think we have to keep up with the unrealistic expectations of the world around us while in the same process ignore the stress our body is feeling from this and push on. And further, how can we possibly not think the accumulation of this stress in our bodies is not related to our escalating rates of disease and illness.

  35. A deeply inspiring story of real transformation in your life Robyn. Thank-you for sharing so openly here.
    Our world (as it is) asks us from most every angle to measure up to being something that we are not – ‘be better here’, ‘look better there’, ‘play this role’, ‘please others’, ‘don’t rock the boat with truth’ (God forbid)…
    Without a solid and secure reference within the self, we are indeed lost at sea, vulnerable to changing winds and conditions, to the intent and expectations of others…
    Through knowing Serge Benhayon and working with his teachings I’ve also come to find the simplicity of ‘me’ within, and continue to deepen in my awareness of how I can live in a steadiness and lightness in life, from this foundation. This is nothing short of life-changing stuff – true education, that all deserve to know, that it becomes our ‘norm’ – globally.

  36. ‘ I ended up initiating a nervous breakdown’ – love the way you take responsibility for this. How refreshing to hear someone own the fact that we are choosing how healthy or not that we are? More of this, and the NHS would not be in anything like the state it is in today.

  37. ‘…we don’t have to suffer’ – This is such an empowering quote, especially considering where we are at as a society today. Suffering is something we can CHOOSE to experience and live, or as you’ve shared we can choose to really look after ourselves and others regardless of what happens around us, and thus live a life we truly enjoy.

  38. So many people could relate to this Robyn, I certainly can having had similar experiences. The thing I found really powerful was learning that we don’t have to suffer, that we do actually have choices, and that in fact we may be making the choice to suffer (a big ‘gulp’ when I realised this for myself). Serge Benhayon is a wonderful supporter of people to empower themselves.

  39. I too lived in a constant state of anxiety for much of my life, never really knowing how I “needed to be”. Living in this constant sense that I had to be prepared for what the world would throw at me, so forever “on the lookout” for what the day would bring. The greatest service Serge Benhayon has delivered is guidance on how to “be yourself”, the support this brings into everyday life is phenomenal. There comes a time where the focus is not on what may come, but is instead on “taking me to my day”. The difference within is vast and so very powerful.

    1. It is Leigh, I remember the day I was reminded that we feel everything, all of the time…. and when we don’t honour or acknowledge what we are picking up on and pretend or not want to feel it then we feel anxiety. This was life changing, all I needed to do was trust what I already knew acutely… like we all do.

  40. Very inspiring Robyn, I have known many clients over the years who suffer the same sort of anxiety-ridden existence with a myriad of health complaints and life-difficulties as a result. It does take a real commitment to yourself to heal at the level you have described so thanks for sharing your story, it’s an important one for so many who experience life in a similar way.

  41. I lived a very similar existence Robyn and couldn’t see it ever changing. Living with constant anxiety is crippling, it’s all I felt everyday until I met Serge Benhayon. Sometimes when I read a blog like this and remember how awful it was I don’t feel I appreciate how different I live now. I hardly ever have the kind of intense anxiety I used to now.

  42. Reading through your blog today it was really highlighted to me just how many people experience a lack of acceptance for who they are, if not more direct behaviour such as bullying or abuse for simply being who they are, and much of that can actually occur in the family environment. If we include schools and workplaces, and now online environments, there are a myriad of places where we experience pressure to not be ourselves. We have to then ask the question, “What is it that people find so threatening about people being connected to who they naturally are?”

  43. I have known you for many years Robyn and can say it is beautiful to witness the steps you have taken to clear this anxiety from your body and to become your ‘true self’ with the love and support of Serge Benhayon throughout this process. When we begin to truly heal we offer such a powerful reflection to others that confirms there is a different way – this is very much needed in a world where illness and disease is constantly on the rise.

  44. It literally only takes the reflection of one person showing us there is another way to live, another choice to make, for there to be a chain reaction where one by one we all become reflections for those around us, reflecting they to have another choice. Serge Benhayon has been and is that reflection for me too. He absolutely rocks!

  45. One may ask why do our parents want us to hide our true selves, and why are we ‘encouraged’ to comply, ‘to not ‘rock the boat’, to not speak truth or challenge what they said, to stay quiet in the background (be invisible) and not cause trouble, and most certainly to not be ‘difficult’.’ To basically not be our amazing self as you said in this blog Robyn.

  46. Yes an exhausting and anxiety provoking way of living never knowing what you are doing or who you are meant to be, ‘ I had walked away from having a foundation of my true self, and instead walked towards building my foundation from what everyone else wanted me to be. I was therefore living, or more accurately existing, from a foundation that was unstable, as it kept changing every time someone’s expectations of me changed.’ What a massive healing that you no longer live that way.

  47. There are many parts to this article I can relate to and in particular the feeling of being like a chameleon. It’s not in a manipulative or deceitful way but more it was about trying to fit in, to be liked and understood by whoever you were with. I remember always coming away from conversations and analysing them to throw out what didn’t work in that instant and replace it with something that did work. It seemed like this is how I lived, always changing parts of me to fit in with peoples reactions. It may sound strange but there is a truth to what was going on it was just twisted. There is a way to live within yourself that actually truly ‘fits’ in with others, it’s flexible to change and it understands deeply the people around you. The only part is that it has little to do first with what everyone else is doing, it first comes from within you. In other words you don’t change yourself to the beat of the drum of the world but more you live in a true way that supports you and from there you make changes to bring more clarity to what you feel. The living deep love and care you bring to yourself is then automatically there in everything you touch. There is no need for analysis, anxiety or concern you are just unfolding back to living the inside out and not taking the outside in.

  48. I can very much relate to this article and see that anxiety is still guiding many of my choices, and this is showing up more and more in my life to be not the way that I can live. Feeling more and more that true and lasting change is possible, feeling more sure and strong in myself is very beautiful to behold.

  49. There is nothing more powerfully life-changing and healing than re-establishing a connection with our true selves… in fact without this, no changes we make are sustainable. Thanks again for sharing such a powerful story of transformation as the simplicity of what you describe applies to us all.

  50. A great sharing Robyn that many of us could relate to. When we step away from what we know is truth, there is always an unease within letting us know that the path we are choosing to walk, is not the love that we know within. Universal Medicine offers the path back to love where the body leads the way.

  51. “Never really knowing what you are doing or who you are meant to be” Very confusing and exhausting. Serge Benhayon lights the way to reconnecting to who we truly are.

  52. Thank you Robyn for sharing and that . . .” good dose of self-care, true love” . . . is good medicine for all our ailments and it is available to everyone as it is universal. Of course part of loving and caring for ourself is taking ourselves to a medical practitioner when this is necessary.

  53. I can relate to suffering from intense anxiety, of not really knowing who I was and what the purpose of life was about, having a sense of it within yet not being able to live it or see it being truly lived. This discord is what I believed was normal, and focused on how to manage this condition, anxiety and tension, to get through life. But since become a student of The Way of The Livingness I now have a much greater sense of knowing who I am, and have discovered that living in union, in connection, with my body and being is what guides me to live in a way of understanding my relationship with life and the divine purpose of us being here. I now have a deeper understanding of what the tension I am feeling relates to, and as such live with far greater sense of harmony and fulfillment.

  54. Whenever I feel the world around does not want me to be myself, first of all I congratulate myself. If how I am naturally has sparked a reaction around, I must have represented a reflection that is out of the world’s comfort zone. And from the energy of self-appreciation, it is much easier to walk in the steadiness and stillness of myself.

  55. How does the world progress, change, evolve if the way we are conditioned as kids is to be compliant? As we learn to tow the line we are gradually buying into what is normal all around us rather than what feels natural.

  56. I know for me it is the same Robyn that anxiety is a clear signal to me when I am contorting or twisting or suppressing myself in order to please the world in one way or another and the palpable sense of ease and stillness and steadiness I feel in my body when I am living true to myself and simply being me is also very obvious.

  57. It is a blessing to know that life is not about fitting into roles but being our self and that nothing can fill this place, and then to slowly bring this into daily life and breaking down step by step all the pictures we have held about how we think we need to be, is a life long journey and more enriching with every step.

  58. I completely relate to what you have shared here Robyn and I am still unpicking the uneasiness or anxiety I feel sometimes in my body when I go to express honestly how I feel because when I was young I got the same negative feedback when I simply just expressed from my heart with joy. I am changing this slowly though and it does feel great and very liberating to do.

  59. I can feel a sense of deep wisdom and knowing, a settlement in my body, an acceptance that has always been mine to claim and live from. But when anxiety was my choosen way of being, I could not feel this ultimate love and power, even though it was innately there in my body.

  60. A great article on anxiety and your story to show how we can all come back to ourselves and true purpose. Now as a steady person ,and growing power house of love and understanding you hold authority over anxiety the very thing that crippled you .The link you have made with connection to your body and relearning how to walk your walk literally is huge and also very simple as everyone can do it .

  61. Thanks for sharing your experience of healing your anxiety Robyn, so many suffer from anxiety, even many who don’t think that they are anxious, still have anxiousness running through them all the time…. and this I have learnt is because we have all lost our connection to who we really are. I love that Serge Benhayon teaches us how to reconnect and that we are enough just for who we are as it means I don’t have to keep trying to be something or better or more. I can just be me.

  62. I can relate to this ‘adjusting’ to fit in…. When I started to become more ‘me’, the true ‘me’, it brought up some challenges – for me and others. It still does. And I learned/realized that to stay for who I am is a loving act for us all – even it brings up some challenges. We are asked to evolve, this is our natural rhythm – and this comes with changing and challenges. So I have had to change a lot of beliefs and what made me feel ‘safe’. I had to see that I feel safe when I do not evolve, when everything stays the same, but this did hurt on a deep level (to not evolve) and at the end it did create the anxiety that made me wish to be safe…. The more I was able to let go of my anxiety, the more safe I felt. To be able to let go the anxiety I had to build on another level inside of me – the level of self-love, so I can now trust in me and the care I have for me. If I am a stable factor in my life – it can be very vibrant and challenging.
    Much to discover here…

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