Rediscovering Love – With a Capital ‘L’

by Judith Atack

During my very first meeting with Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine I recognised I was meeting someone who truly lived Love.

Yes, I have chosen to use a capital ‘L’, as it was way beyond anything I had ever experienced in another human being.

It was one of those pivotal points in life where you feel and recognise a HUGE TRUTH and know your perception of life, and its possibilities, will never be the same again.

Since then, I have chosen to attend many of Universal Medicine’s presentations and courses, and have found Serge’s commitment to living the love that he is, inspiring beyond words – an inspiration that is also presented by all the members of his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners.

How joyous it is to be with people who live their truth – and with the utmost respect and regard for their fellow human beings! It has also been a wondrous time of self-discovery for me, as I have recognised that I too can live this Love.

Another realisation I have come to is that everything I do and say affects everyone I come in contact with. We have all recoiled from the anger boiling up in someone, felt the iciness of disdain… the list is endless. Serge’s presentations have assisted me to become aware of what is actually happening in these situations, and the role emotions, etc. play in our lives… how it all boils down to what we choose to be/do/say in every moment.

This is the BIG one:

I am responsible for the energy I choose to be in, so I can either live in harmlessness and as lovingly as I can – or not… This is personal responsibility to the nth degree – and then some!

On the other hand, I can let myself be caught-up in a swirl of emotions that will stop me from being able to see a situation clearly, or have a problem or situation playing on my mind so I am not really 100% with the people I am talking to. I can also use food to numb myself so I don’t feel what is going on inside me or out there in the world. I can choose to eat chocolate, biscuits and cake to reward myself, or to sweeten life and seemingly make it more palatable. Many use coffee, alcohol, drugs to get themselves through each day; or choose to rage at the world, careless of the havoc this can wreak on people. The list of ways we have of numbing ourselves to cope with life, as we currently know it, is also endless.

I know what I now choose. Yes, I choose to be Love… to be ME… to live this truer and more self-loving relationship with myself – to live it to the best of my ability in every interaction I have and with each and every person I meet – in all areas of my life. Another bonus is that I have developed the ability to be more gentle with myself whenever I have an ‘oops’ moment… and there have been quite a few of these along the way.

I now am able to make fully informed choices and better understand what is happening in my life. It really is wonderful to feel the ever-increasing joy and harmony that has developed in my body – and enriched my relationships as well.

I will be eternally grateful that my choices in life led me to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – and for the inspiration Serge presents to me to be all that I am.

122 thoughts on “Rediscovering Love – With a Capital ‘L’

  1. This blog is a great reminder of something I did un-lovingly. I sent an email to someone that was full of emotions, etc and it was only when I re-read the sent email, that I realised how harming it must have been. I wrote back to them asking them to ignore/delete and admitted I wasn’t in the right space. I could actually feel the poison in the email – wow. And years ago this would heave gone unnoticed.

    It is only when we take steps to living more responsibly that we appreciate how this impacts everyone. It is far from perfect, and I’ve had many ‘oops’ and ‘ouch’ moments when I’ve strayed back to recklessness, but certainly appreciating this way of living, than the one before.

    It is also through Serge Benhayon that I too am inspired to live from ‘Love’, anything else will not do.

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