Be Respectful, Courier Mail – Serge Benhayon Is Showing Us Something Important

by Danna Elmalah, The Netherlands

To the Courier Mail,

I am writing regarding the article New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families written by Josh Robertson and Liam Walsh and published by you at 12am on 8 September, 2012.

I am a 19 year-old student who has known Serge Benhayon for more than a year. It really is sad to see the mistruths being spread in this article without any respect to Serge, Universal Medicine or us.

You have published an article that is portraying all sorts of lies about Serge, Universal Medicine and all its students and practitioners.

Firstly, to address one of the main accusations: Serge Benhayon and or Universal Medicine never, ever tell you what to do or not to do. Serge always mentions possibilities but never does he tell you what is good or wrong, or what you should or shouldn’t do. Like he always says, ‘I am just presenting’.

We all know that we are responsible for ourselves. This then simply means that it is not possible that either Serge, Universal Medicine or its practitioners can be blamed for someone else’s divorce/breaking up, relationships/family issues or fights, etc.

Another thing I noticed in the article is the way you have portrayed Serge like he is a money-maker whose only interest is money. This is an absolutely false and crazy thing to say if you met Serge and know Serge as I do. I know 100% that what Serge holds and presents is never, ever based on money – this counts the same for Universal Medicine.

Your newspaper has not been honest because if you were, you would see that you are forgetting to mention the male participants/students. You cannot write that Serge has 2000 followers who are mostly women and not include the men who are actually constantly attending courses and having sessions.

Does leaving the men out of the story help you to make the story better? Because you can’t just spread information without mentioning the real facts.

Secondly, you describe Universal Medicine as teaching followers to avoid ‘negative energy’. This is definitely the opposite of what Universal Medicine presents. We, as Universal Medicine students and practitioners, are not learning or getting preached at to avoid negative energy, but are making an effort to live in the most loving and honest ways we can.

I know that Serge Benhayon represents an amazing, loving way of living, by living it himself and telling us about it so that we all can live it equally so.

As a humanity, is it not already obvious that we are missing something?

Could it be that we are actually clearly seeing that the way the world is living is not really working?

I am writing this to say that there is a way to live lovingly, but the only way I became aware of this was through Serge. He inspired me, the same as many other men and women, so that we can live healthily and lovingly. And he let us feel this by him living it. This meant for me that the old ways of how I lived (that did not work) can now be lived lovingly, differently – how awesome is that?

For example, if you take a look at the world’s health, we can see in an instant that we are not getting healthier. So what is it that we are getting sick of?

Is there maybe a chance that what Serge is presenting is a loving and healthy way for us to live from? And that Serge Benhayon is someone who has simply been stepping up to the fact that the world is not doing so well?

This all makes much more sense to me than going into denial about what is so obviously going on.

130 thoughts on “Be Respectful, Courier Mail – Serge Benhayon Is Showing Us Something Important

  1. How long will it take for humanity to wake up to the fact that the way our lives are set up currently is not working and actually has never work or can work while we miss out the vital ingredient love. We have completely lost our way and thank heaven literally for Serge Benhayon who has the absolute determination in the face of such opposition that would have anyone else running for the hills to present a way of living that is harmonious and gets us all back on track to evolve out of this plane of life.

  2. The media seems to focus on anything but the core teachings that Serge Benhayon presents from the Ageless Wisdom. Somehow they extract something, not even a truth, and use it as part of a certain angle for a story. It’s such an enormous disservice to humanity to both lie and manipulate the public, and to not share the truth of what Serge is offering which is creating amazing outcomes for people’s health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

    1. The media have definitely not been honest, and continue to be dishonest, ‘You have published an article that is portraying all sorts of lies about Serge, Universal Medicine and all its students and practitioners.’

  3. Very true – how denial is actually a way to step away from the responsibility of seeing and therefore of being accountable for what is truly going on. Which is why the media is the perfect tool for propagating such a way that leads everyone in to the fog of illusion rather than clearing the way for more and deeper insight which it could so easily do, should it be lead by people who love people and have no desire to tear anyone down.

  4. We tend to judge others with the mental maps we have said yes to. This is particularly an acute problem, when our mental maps prevent us from understanding the novelty that is on offer. Judging the new with the old simply does not work.

  5. You’ve nailed it here, the whole premise of this article is based on denial of how the world is, of the fact that Universal Medicine presents something different that some do not want to see, and in not wanting to see, they denigrate what is presented rather than just present facts and let readers decide for themselves. After all that’s what real and true journalism is about to report the facts, a big fail on that account for the stories being presented in most media on Universal Medicine.

    1. Yes so the fact that the media lacks respect and want to cover up by denying the truth, shows us that we have a bigger problem: the world is a mess and we deny true change when it comes our way. That is a more concerning signal.

  6. As I read this blog again, I am feeling and know that the highest truth is presented to us by Serge Benhayon but that it is up to us if we take it in full or not and create again an own version. Thank you Serge Benhayon, you are one big inspiration to me.

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