Supported All The Way: From Uni To Universal – To Global!

by Ben, Bexhill, Australia

I found out about Universal Medicine about four years ago when I was 22 and still going through university. At the time I was living the typical student life of drinking most nights of the week, eating junk food and staying up till 3am with occasional cram sessions so that I wouldn’t fail my classes. I thought I was having fun and doing what we were supposed to do as students, but I was never really happy. As soon as the alcohol wore off, or the thrill of whatever escapade we’d been up to had died down, I was left feeling miserable and lacking any direction. At the worst point I thought life would be so much better if the parts in between drinking didn’t exist.

When I looked around me, everyone I knew was in the same situation. No-one was really sure whether they actually wanted to do what they were studying for, and so we were all constantly looking for any reason we could to escape back into our drunken stupor. It was the only place we didn’t feel that life was a burden, being dragged around by all of these conflicting expectations and pressures coming from us and our families back home. 

In my fourth year at university I was lucky enough to have a session with physiotherapist Kate Greenaway because my mum was taking part in her study on the effects of craniosacral therapy. Going into the session I had no idea what to expect. I’d only ever thought that deep tissue massages or painful treatments would bring results, but with the gentle movements and realignment she took me through, I walked out of there feeling lighter and better than I could ever remember feeling. After being able to feel that for myself, I wanted to find out as much as I could about it. I was almost going to drop my studies so I could take up physiotherapy because of the change I felt from that one session.

Soon afterwards I went to my first Universal Medicine course. I was full of anxiety and hesitation about going along to something I had no experience or any background in – it was like preparing to head off to another planet for me. My experiences as a child of sitting in a church room with a dull seminar dragging on around me did not make it easy for me to go, but there was a call inside me from my earlier session that I had to follow and see where it would take me.

The first time I met Serge Benhayon, he really didn’t make any kind of impression on me – we both said “Hello”, then stood silently together for a little while before he was called away. He was nice, but pretty much just like anyone else.

I still had some doubts as he started presenting, but then he had us do some simple exercises. The ones I remember most were massaging someone’s shoulder in a clockwise direction and then an anti-clockwise direction; then picturing ‘sending’ love to someone versus just breathing gently and being with them. I felt immediately a clear difference between each of these. Serge hadn’t told us what to expect or what to look for, he just asked us to try these movements and see for ourselves what it felt like. After that I thought to myself, how could something so simple have made such a huge difference like that? And how come I’d never heard or known about this from anywhere else?

I’d never really thought that there was anything in life apart from the daily slog of work with those brief reliefs of drunken weekends, so those exercises opened my eyes up to the fact that there was something more in life. I saw that with a focus towards breathing gently, and actually paying attention to what I was doing rather than getting lost in my thoughts, the whole world seemed to change around me. I could feel amazing without the drinking, without the escapes, just by being dedicated towards looking after myself.

After attending only two courses that year I went overseas to complete my studies. A year away was an opportunity for me to go crazy, partying even harder and pushing myself to the limit, but from those few experiences I’d had with Universal Medicine I decided that I wanted to be responsible for my own wellbeing. The simple act of being present with myself, feeling how my actions affected me, and being dedicated to my self-care was what supported me to live in whatever new culture I was immersed in that week. I was moving around a lot, but this was something I could take with me everywhere I went.

The fact that I was caring for myself left me open to meeting everyone and anyone, regardless of their culture, age or background, in equalness. Being from a small country town, I’d never really had much interaction with people from different backgrounds. Travelling around, I was meeting people from every country – and in being myself, there was never any division or difference between any of us. On a basic level we were all the same, and it was such a beautiful experience for me to see that; and to see that it was coming most when I was just being myself as simply as I could be, without trying to pretend to be macho or cool or anything like that.

In my year abroad I had little contact with anyone or anything from Universal Medicine. It was only the principles I had picked up in my brief exposure to them the previous year which helped me make the loving choices that supported me throughout the year I was away. Before coming to Universal Medicine, no-one had ever truly told me it was okay to love and care for yourself, or that honouring yourself is the most natural way we can be. I didn’t realise it could be any other way than the hectic way the world seemed to impose on me, where I’d be constantly exhausting myself just getting through the day. I can’t even begin to imagine how my trip would have ended if I hadn’t come across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

After coming back to Australia I’ve been able to attend more of the courses and workshops, and they’ve really allowed me to deepen my understanding of myself and the world. Everything I’ve experienced while travelling, and while living my life back here in Australia, I’ve seen confirmed and explained by what is presented by Serge. It’s as if he knows me as much as I know myself.

I’m now 26, and recently I was offered a job working with a company in France – one of the largest construction companies in the world – representing them in negotiations and business dealings. Although I’ll be moving to the other side of the world, and I’ll be in a completely different culture, speaking a different language and without my friends and family close by to support me, I don’t feel worried about it. What I’ve learnt in the past few years with Serge and Universal Medicine are tools that can be used anywhere and in any situation, that will bring me back to a simple caring for myself that seems to wash away the stress and pressure of work and daily life. I also feel like I can be me with anyone, regardless of their background, because of the deep equality I’ve been able to see in every one of my experiences with Universal Medicine. Because of this, I know there is nothing to be afraid of stepping out into the world, even if it is a million miles away from where I am today.

I’m ever grateful to Serge for loving us enough that he was willing to put himself under the spotlight and share what he knows with us, even when it may be controversial or make him enemies for saying it.

In the end though, it isn’t Serge or even Universal Medicine that keeps me coming back. It is my dedication and commitment to loving myself and others as best as I can which has got me to where I am today. Both Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have always been there to offer me the space and support as I go through the process of relearning this, and they have been the only people I’ve met who offer such a full and complete support and integrity in everything they do. I often sit and think how lucky it is that I’ve been able to find them and to be supported in this way, but I’ve realised the real question should be, why did I ever think it was normal to not be loved and supported like this?

84 thoughts on “Supported All The Way: From Uni To Universal – To Global!

  1. Ben, thank you for sharing your story so honestly and lovingly. Even though I am well acquainted with your journey since you first came to a UniMed workshop, I was moved to joyful tears to read it in your own words. Greg, you and I have a date in Paris next year! love, Anne McRitchie

  2. Hi Ben, we’ve met at a few workshops. I just knew you were a young man who was choosing to live outside the mass consciousness and I often wondered what your story was. Now I know. Thanks for sharing it. I’ll picture you enJOYing life, where ever it takes you.

  3. Thank you Ben for sharing what it felt like in that first workshop. How the simple exercises shared that you knew you had a choice and how they supported you on your travels. It is really confirming to hear you say it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you will just be yourself and do what you do. I love and am inspired by that. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for such a simple and inspiring account of someone who’s willing to go against the flow and in doing so honour yourself completely…

  5. Thank you Ben, what you have written is so loving and clear – it should be published at every school and university!
    What a strange world we live in where it is normal to get drunk and not normal to be loving.

    1. Absolutely Nicola the world is upside down but it’s great to recognise that we have a choice in this and also to get it out there so that others realise it as well.

  6. I love your last line Ben, why do we think it is normal to be unloving to ourselves and others? Why do we not truly support ourselves each day? There is so much for us to learn from Universal Medicine and so much for us to share with the rest of the world.

  7. Dear Ben, I enjoyed so much reading your story. For me it was a great reminder that we are all indeed equal, and that we all come from the same thing: Love. My eyes flooded with tears when I read: “I know there is nothing to be afraid of stepping out into the world”, because I am stepping back into the world after a year out, (health issues) and start back work tomorrow. Before finding Unimed last year, I could never trust people, because I could not trust myself! But in loving myself, honouring myself and taking care of me, I know I will be fine stepping back into the world. Thank you Ben for sharing your story. Loved it.

  8. The way you have chosen to live your life is an inspiration, Ben – to young and old alike.
    How awesome having that self-wisdom with you no matter where in the world you are!

  9. This is so beautiful Ben, thanks so much for sharing, it bought a tear to my eye with its beauty and the thought of you going off to France in total contentment and equallness with those you will meet over there… BEAUTIFUL! God bless.

  10. Wow what a piece. Ben thank you for the healing I just received from reading your words. The love and gentleness and presence you have expressed with, I felt as such a support to knowing that there is true equality between all people, and the knowing of that is inside us when we allow ourselves to feel it.

  11. Beautiful Ben… thanks for sharing your story 🙂 I really love that last bit of the last line! “… but I’ve realised the real question should be, why did I ever think it was normal to not be loved and supported like this?” An important question for pondering. Thank you.

  12. Hi Ben,
    What a delicious and sweet voice you clearly have, and how beautiful to read your story. I love that you can take the principals you have learnt, knowing the background they are coming from is one of utmost love and integrity, and then apply them to life wherever you are in the world. This is something that I am doing too. I wish you all the best for your time in France. Love, Stephanie.

  13. Ben, your words have have brought tears to my eyes – so much opennes and just being the awesome ‘you’. I remember meeting you at your first unimed workshop with Serge and how inspired I was with how open and connected you were then already at such a young age. Your words “why did I ever think it was normal to not be loved and supported like this?” are so true!Whwat a crazy thing we have learned to accept as normal, yet it is so far from the truth. Merci Ben.

  14. I say lucky France to have loving you on its soil!
    And if you choose to cross La Manche, London (and I) will welcome you too.
    Beautiful, tender story Ben.

  15. What I love in this is that you are so supporting yourself now and in that you are supporting us all. Thanks Ben for a great article.

  16. Ben, your piece is so beautiful – I love the openness and honesty with which you shared your story and how simple it is when we truly choose to love and honour ourselves. And it’s crazy really when you think of it, that we consider it normal to get completely out of ourselves with alcohol as a way to cope with life – life which we supposedly are enjoying is to be done drunk – I know earlier I very much did this too, and it took a while to let it go. The biggest thing I get from reading this is that people are people everywhere, we’re the same underneath it all, and it’s really about being us and connecting to them.

  17. Thank you for sharing this with us, Ben. It is revealing of us all that we think it is normal to be stoned and, as Monica said, ‘completely out of ourselves with alcohol,’ and yet not normal to take tender, loving care of our body. Totally weird when you really stop and think about it.

  18. Thank you Ben for being so open and honest. What a tip top story – I love it !
    I am stunned that someone at university who we would call “intelligent” can say that they thought life would be so much better if the parts in-between drinking alcohol did not exist.
    That says a lot about why a very young man just starting out in life studying to obviously have a career but clearly not wanting anything to do with life other than to drink alcohol.
    Ben came across the teachings of Serge Benhayon and has transformed his life but how many Ben’s do we have in our universities who are going through the same stuff with no real support or someone showing them another way to live?

  19. Ben I especially love the way you have opened to new wisdom that’s not from a university text, which is something that ‘intellectuals’ often are the last to do! And great that what you learned from Serge Benhayon has been such a support to you in going out into the world feeling able to be yourself with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  20. Thank you Ben, I loved reading your blog and the way you shared how ‘Before coming to Universal Medicine, no-one had ever truly told me it was okay to love and care for yourself, or that honouring yourself is the most natural way we can be’. So true. I wasn’t even sure what ‘honouring myself’ really meant until I started making more self loving choices.
    France is lucky to have you!

  21. Thank you Ben. I find that your blog beautifully expresses that the basis of what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine stimulates self-care and self-responsibility and what a profound change that makes.

  22. Ben I loved reading your story and could relate to feeling dragged around by conflicting expectations and pressures that made life such a burden that I too dedicated myself to escaping from it. Who would have thought that there was a way to feel amazing through a dedication to looking after yourself! Through Serge Benhayon and the love and support he has offered me, my understanding of myself and the world has made living a blessing for which I am endlessly amazed and eternally grateful.

  23. Beautiful blog Ben! Although your story and my story are different, I agree totally that the exercises in feeling energy that Serge Benhayon offers in his workshops are life changing.
    They open a long neglected and forgotten door that leads to the most fascinating journey ever.

    1. Yes it is so refreshing to find out that there is so much more to life than what we have thought it is. And it is a endless forever deepening and expanding journey – back to love.

  24. It is so inspiring to read your story Ben and how you used the choice to start taking care of yourself in your year abroad and how that affected the way you were during that experience ‘The fact that I was caring for myself left me open to meeting everyone and anyone, regardless of their culture, age or background, in equalness.’ Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with yourself.

    1. That is huge not to sell self away to be with the others and partying and drinking. There must have been a strong connection within Ben knowing that alcohol was not good for the body and also not needing to numb self away by choosing to be the victim of life. Ben shows a high responsibility for himself.

  25. Its weird, because until I came into contact with Universal Medicine, I never considered that drinking and partying was actually the worst thing for me. Even though everything about it was screaming that it wasn’t supporting me and I knew that, I never made a decision for myself to stop until I was presented the real harm, which I knew, by Serge Benhayon. It’s kind of sad that I needed a stranger to show me that I didn’t have to do all those things that everyone else does, and that I can stand out from the crowd and make choices just for me. I am extremely grateful to have been reflected this level of love, as my life would look very different if I was still following the crowd and drinking, and caught up in the usual social routines of life. What Serge presents is so simple, but because he does not hold back in anyway on truth, you get the full story, and can making a choice to bring more love to your life is a much more real possibility.

  26. Ben this is such a beautiful sharing of your experience of Universal medicine and I love how you shared that it was the simplicity of what was presented that served you so well overseas. That is what I love about what Universal medicine and it’s practitioners share, simple techniques that support you to really connect to the love that you are. The integrity, professionalism and amazing level of love and care offered is unlike anything I had previously experienced, like you I am forever grateful to have connected to Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine.

  27. Ben, what a beautiful blog! I loved the simplicity and ease with which you applied the principles of self love, and how this supported you in meeting everyone on your travels in true equality – how very inspiring! Your love of people and your natural sweetness really come through delightfully in your writing. I hope to read more blogs from you.

  28. Beatiful to read your story Ben and so good that it is here on this blog site for anyone to read. I can feel your commitment to truth and love that is so innately and strong in you. You are a blessing for the people you are with, wherever you are.

  29. Ben, your blog is simply divine. Your expression is just so beautiful, honest and true, and above all totally inspiring. Thankyou for sharing your wisdom with such warmth and absolute grace.

  30. It’s so true what Serge Benhayon presents support me to open my eyes wide open, expanding my world, and at the same time it brings an incredible sense of intimacy which makes the world, the Universe – something very close to my heart. I guess it’s the deepening of acceptance.

  31. Wow! Ben, I too was moved by your last line, indeed ‘why did I (we) ever think it was normal to not be loved and supported like this?’
    Inspiring me to go deeper and steadier with the self Love and self-support!
    Thank You!

  32. What a great sharing – thank you Ben. I am struck by the way a part of you kept pulling you back and away from the life that was considered the ‘norm’ for someone your age. Unravelling the reasons as to why I have introduced so much complexity into my life when the alternative feels so much better is often challenging. Yet all this shows me is that I have put a lot of effort into stubbornly clinging to old ways, consciously and unconsciously digging a deeper and deeper pit, not wanting to admit that it wasn’t working. Universal Medicine offered me a different perspective that I recognised deep inside made sense and this knowing could only be there if I had lived that way previously at some stage in my past. My re-connection to this is a powerful and ongoing life changing choice.

  33. What an amazing article Ben, thank you for sharing your journey with us. We all went through the process of surrendering to that what we are, sons of god and inline with the all knowing. I also can see now that I have created where I am at – thanks to myself and thanks to Serge Benhayon holding for us that space as a real reflection for truth and love.

  34. Yes, only a couple of hours with Serge Benhayon and I knew so much about myself and life that I can spend a whole lifetime putting this in practice and deepen and develop my understanding of it.

  35. A beautiful sharing Ben on the support offered to you by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners that invited you to deepen the love and care for yourself. This has been my experience as well and I am forever grateful for this amazing support that has turned my life around from a life of struggle to now a life that is more true and loving.

  36. I take the principles I’ve learned from universal medicine everywhere I go as well. They are real life too that can support you in any environment you happen to find yourself in.

  37. ” The fact that I was caring for myself left me open to meeting everyone and anyone, regardless of their culture, age or background, in equalness.” I love this Ben – especially in current times as so many refugees are leaving Syria and coming to ‘safer’ parts of the world. We are all the same under the skin – tender beautiful amazing human beings.

  38. Interesting to read your views on the continuing consciousness that supports uni expectations of behaviour – the must-do booze-and-drug-fuelled frenzy of parties, hang-outs and be-seen-ats, with quality hangovers as reputation trophies and vomiting a joke for all except he or she who does the purging. And behind all that the emptiness and questioning as to the whole point of the studying, in amongst the frenetic forming and reforming of cliques and couples. As a rite of passage, it’s a mighty harsh one, when what would be more beneficial would be to educate and develop purpose, responsibility and choice. I don’t mean the harsh, draconian variety that connotes penitentiaries or austere religions, but the sort that at the heart, builds understanding from our relationship with ourselves. We call uni the university of life, so why are we not delivering it for students?

  39. “I often sit and think how lucky it is that I’ve been able to find them and to be supported in this way, but I’ve realised the real question should be, why did I ever think it was normal to not be loved and supported like this?” This is the gift that Universal Medicine is offering humanity that we all have a responsibility to make it normal to love and support each other in the brotherhood of true love.

  40. Ben your commitment and dedication to loving yourself will be a great support in your life, and is something you can choose wherever you are and whatever county you live in.

    1. So true Elizabeth for when we hold true to our innate values regardless of what is happening around us they are totally portable wherever we are.

  41. Wow Ben thank you for this brilliant blog. I can relate to everything you’ve shared. I too never realise it was possible to love and care for myself first, instead I was moving and expressing in the opposite way. I was always putting others first thinking it was a loving way to be. I too have come to realise that I first must love and care for myself before I am truly able to love and care for others. It is crazy how as a society we have accepted not loving ourselves as being normal and even celebrated in many forms pushing our bodies to the limit, especially in competition with others.

  42. This is an amazing blog Ben. It’s amazing how one or two encounters can completely change your life forever. When you say, ‘I didn’t realise it could be any other way than the hectic way the world seemed to impose on me.’ I wonder how many people are walking around thinking this is it, this is just how life is meant to be, because there are no other options or inspirations available to them. Which makes people like you and blogs like this absolutely vital.

  43. Thank you Ben for a truly beautiful blog, it is amazing that lack of self love and self abuse seem to be normal to us, and why is it that we are never taught to love and deeply care for ourselves, when this is what brings the greatest joy, just being the love we are.

  44. Thank you Ben for this great example of self-care, this is enormous. We very much underestimate what true self-care brings to us and to everybody else.

  45. “how come I’d never heard or known about this from anywhere else?” – what a great question this is! When I first heard a friend talking about what was presented by Serge Benhayon it was like a big surprise to me – but in the best way. I did not even realize before that I had have given up on be treated as precious, from me as from others – just ended up sad and angry. I had not even realized how much I have missed hearing the truth from someone about what is going on in this world, the way it is and all, till I heard my friend talk about what Serge presented. The joy that was rising in me in realizing there is a way of living in love and integrity and it is not just told but lived by people is nearly impossible to describe. It is enriching in the most amazing way, because it reflects me again the richness I have already inside, ready to be expressed again now, where it is discovered again. So – why does no one else talk about it? Our world these days does support exactly the opposite or something similar but not really the truth of it I found and this is worth pondering on. What I see while on my way is how challenging it is to choose a different, responsible way of living and it needs some willingness to go to. With everyone who chooses it, so it will be more reflected what is possible and also – what a joy it is to walk that way. And so I say: Lovely for France to have you Ben! Please go on by having fun being you – its a blessing.

  46. It is truly amazing the extent to which the world changes around you as you begin to pay attention to what you are doing and embrace a life founded on loving choices… it’s a crime that we are not taught the power of this from young and saved ourselves a lot of grief wandering the globe aimlessly in the search for answers or distractions outside of ourselves.

    1. I agree Samantha, my life would have been so different many years ago had self care and conscious presence been a natural support in the home and in education. How different we all would be (and life on this planet) if we learned that love is our essence and each day to make about choices from that love.

  47. Living on the edge it puts us constantly on the edge ready to drop over into the abyss and lose ourselves in any moment. Whereas when we live in a way that is present and connected with ourselves and others we feel how our actions affect not only ourselves but all others equally.

  48. Ben, thank-you. You write so beautifully here about what it is to find truly supportive and as you say ‘natural’, foundations for living – wherever we are, and whatever we are doing. I second your words here, for the power of what Universal Medicine brings in this regard, that we can all once again, find our own way…
    “Before coming to Universal Medicine, no-one had ever truly told me it was okay to love and care for yourself, or that honouring yourself is the most natural way we can be.”

  49. The culture around university life can be so self-abusive can’t it Ben. I recall (many years ago now), the culture of drinking that abounded – attending for a while, a major university in Australia that was quite literally surrounded by pubs. The fact that so many of our young people yet still feel lost and lacking in meaningful interaction with life is a wake-up call for us all. We’ve become societies so based upon what we ‘do’ and what we attain… neglecting the honouring, value and inherent equalness (as you’ve so well described) of the beings that we are first and foremost.
    We’ve forgotten how to appreciate ourselves and each other, and enter into committed engagement with life from a foundation of honouring ourselves and knowing who we are.
    Reading your blog, I can’t help but feel how potent a reflection then, is the person who doesn’t lose themselves in the fray, and holds their light and steadiness within throughout. It’s a few years since this was written… I trust that wherever you are living and working now Ben, you have continued to deepen in the foundations that you’ve shared here. Would love to read an update!

    1. Beautiful Victoria, it is so true and Ben is reflecting to people around him what it looks like to embrace self-care and self-love from what he has shared. I am sure he and many people who are making similar loving choices are having an impact on our society by simply expressing our natural, confident and loving self.

      1. An absolute breath of fresh air, that couldn’t but inspire Chan, if not also raise resistance from some – which in the greater scheme of things are all great responses, for both mean that the love someone lives has been truly felt.

  50. Wow Ben, what a story. I would love to know what you did next. I am really inspired by what you share and I appreciate that everyone that comes into contact with Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine is given an opportunity to see that it possible to live another way. It is up to us whether or not we choose it.

  51. Awesome to read your blog again Ben. ‘It is my dedication and commitment to loving myself and others as best as I can which has got me to where I am today.’ this is inspiring. So often we forget how important it is to care and love ourselves because it is the foundation that supports us to care and love others in the same quality. When we live this, we can’t help but emanate love to others too.

  52. I’ve read this a few times Ben and I always really enjoy it. I agree with you that many people are seeking to survive how challenging life is, but it’s often by adding something that is self harming like alcohol or drugs etc, because they don’t realise how great they can feel with the support of self caring choices and by being self loving. I appreciated your line too about continuing to come back to Universal Medicine because of your dedication and commitment to loving yourself and others as best you can, this is very true for so many people and very inspiring in itself.

  53. It’s interesting how we are led to believe that without pain there’s no gain, that unless it is painful it does not work yet Esoteric Connective Tissue blows this belief out of the window. Esoteric Connective Tissue is a modality where the practitioner doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all yet it is profound the feeling I have in my body after a session where I feel deeply connected to my body. It is gentle with hardly any physical contact exposing that working with the body gently can bring great healing.

  54. Absolutely, and so simple, ‘I could feel amazing without the drinking, without the escapes, just by being dedicated towards looking after myself.’

  55. I love how you are supporting yourself, ‘Before coming to Universal Medicine, no-one had ever truly told me it was okay to love and care for yourself, or that honouring yourself is the most natural way we can be.’

  56. The self love and self responsibility that is shared here is very practical and real. So much so, we can feel how deeply foundational they are to us as human beings. We all deserve to be offered the opportunity to be reminded of them, and to live them in our own lives.

  57. Ben you have been inspired to find a true and loving way to live by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and now you are enabling other young people to be equally inspired by you.

  58. Yes Ben, this is a great question to pose to oneself . . . .”why did I ever think it was normal to not be loved and supported like this?” . . . . and why do we ever think that we need someone else to do this for us when we are more than capable to love and support ourselves?

  59. It feels like you had a perfect preparation before moving abroad to work – to be able to live your true self wherever you may end up living, doing whatever job, you have a foundation to come back to and you know your dedication and commitment.

  60. “Before coming to Universal Medicine, no-one had ever truly told me it was okay to love and care for yourself, or that honouring yourself is the most natural way we can be.” This sentence alone says it all for me, all that Universal Medicine brings. A very simple tool and understanding that allows for the most profound changes in life.

  61. “ I often sit and think how lucky it is that I’ve been able to find them and to be supported in this way, but I’ve realised the real question should be, why did I ever think it was normal to not be loved and supported like this?”
    Yes, a question that brings us all to a moment of stop, understanding and acceptance. Not just of ourselves and the life we have had up to this moment, but of all others and we begin to fathom just the intense pain that we have all lived with as we negotiate life without the true loving support allowing us all to simply and with great loving devotion, to be ourselves.

  62. That’s awesome Ben. What a turn around! Pretty cool how you were so open to really looking at how you were treating yourself and the pressure you put on yourself to fit in to a culture you always knew wasn’t normal. What an inspiration you are to everyone you come across. I’d love to hear an update!

  63. We can all too easily focus on how the actions of another affects us, but how often are we honest enough to stop to appreciate how our own actions and choices are just as if not more harming?

  64. The life we live might be considered ‘normal’ but is definitely not natural and nor does it serve the greater purpose and reason for our physical existence.

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