Why Are We So Unquestioning?

by Joel L, Australia  

I had an uncomfortable realisation that I had signed up for many mainstream and ‘out there’ things over the years, and did so without question. Why did I do this, and do others do the same?

Why did I excitedly and with minimum resistance choose to sit in a boiling hot ‘sweat lodge’ chanting in the dark with other naked sweating people? The leader told American Indian parables (even though he was a born and bred Australian). I left feeling invigorated, but at no time did anyone ask me – if you feel invigorated now, what was going on beforehand? No-one said, ‘why did you need chanting and super hot temperatures to stimulate the blood flow to FEEL invigorated?’

Is it possible that I mistook indulgence for true exploration of my life? And because it didn’t ask me to admit this, I didn’t need to challenge it?

Why did I follow the religion of my birth without question? Sure, its general tenets were like many others: be good to your fellow man (do unto others and all that), don’t challenge other religious views (tolerance), stay part of ‘our community’, it will all be okay once ‘the messiah’ gets here. Why didn’t anyone point out to me how kindergarten says something very similar, ‘play nicely with the other children, don’t wander, and wait until mum/dad picks you up’? Where is the empowerment in that? Why did I not question the concept that God sees us all equal, but each religion sees us as different?

Is it possible I preferred to feel included than to really explore my relationship with God? And because they didn’t ask me to admit this, I didn’t need to challenge it?

Why did I eagerly train in modalities like Reiki, and then happily trained other people in these modalities, without someone (including myself) asking whether the energy of anger might be different to the energy of love? Or what effect does the practitioner have on the quality of the energy (eg: if we do drugs or alcohol the night before, what happens the next day?).

Is it possible that the ‘titles and training’ gave me recognition? And because they didn’t ask me to admit this, I didn’t need to challenge it?

And so the list could go on – years (maybe lifetimes) of going along with things that never truly challenged me. Years (maybe lifetimes) of choosing to be challenged by things that told me I was not enough… and needed to do, and be, something more.

Only once has my growth occurred through someone (a group of people in fact) reflecting back to me just how much I truly was already. And in the deep stillness of this reflection I was given a choice: to keep going as I was, or feel the joy that sat patiently waiting for me to return.

Why did I challenge, question, resist and fight that reflection for so many years, and yet so easily followed everything else?

Could it be that something inside us prefers comfort to truth? Could it be easier to withhold what we feel so we don’t upset the apple cart? Could it be easier to defend our right to harm ourselves and others, than it is to start asking some real questions?…

  • Why are religions at the centre of so much war and abuse? And why don’t other religions say anything?
  • How do health professionals become unhealthy?
  • Why does the education system care more about a student’s spelling than their health?
  • Why do people in ‘love’ (under the current definition) – kill, hate, cheat, abuse?
  • And of course, the ultimate question… what am I feeling right now – and what have I done to feel that way?

319 thoughts on “Why Are We So Unquestioning?

  1. An awesome article, questions we all can ask, everyone if them reflects the responsibility chosen to pose them, but this last question clearly puts the responsibility on our door. Each and every one of us carries this, whether we adhere to what it asks and offers, or not.
    “And of course, the ultimate question… what am I feeling right now – and what have I done to feel that way?”

  2. What are we getting when we don’t ask these questions? We make it harder for our physical body to cope with these antagonistic movements we are making against the simplicity of what is. We call it comfort, and we dare not allow ourselves to even feel how exhausting that is to live like that. We are eroding ourselves.

  3. We don’t question the obscene, the crazy or the deemed normalities of world-wide epidemics like obesity, domestic violence, war and poverty. We try to fix them, sure, but we don’t question why they are able to exist in the first place. But then, along comes truth in the form of Serge Benhayon and many other students of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and these people and businesses are questioned beyond measure.

  4. When we don’t question we hold back which hurts us enormously…. especially going from a very inquisitive child, asking all kinds of questions, to often a shutdown thinking we are going with the flow teenager and adult. But we are in truth just wanting to stay under the radar and go with the flow of disregard and dishonouring. Asking questions offers ourselves and others an opportunity to stop and consider what is really going on.

  5. “Could it be easier to defend our right to harm ourselves and others, than it is to start asking some real questions?”
    But is it? I now ask. I know I have been in this defence but when I take a moment to stop and feel it is easy but very taxing on my health. I feel we avoid the questions because we already know the answers. Our bodies are telling us the truth constantly and it becomes more a case of – how responsible am I willing to be in every moment?

  6. It is far easier to withhold what we feel than risk upsetting the apple cart, and accept the comfort in that, but soon it starts to be uncomfortable comfort. It feels limiting, and even though we know we might be at risk of facing an outburst, that becomes preferable to all that is not being said and is being stored up in our bodies. When we don’t say what needs to be said, it festers and often magnifies, quickly getting out of hand. When we speak up, we clear whatever is there, and it leaves no residue of unsaid feelings lingering.

  7. A 5 year old child constantly asks the question why? And is the reason we cease our seeking of answers as we get older that we don’t want to hear the truth?

  8. A brilliant exposure of how we are so readily willing forfeit questioning our lifestyle choices, regardless of how they are making us feel, so that that we avoid the responsibility of living truth, what we know is true. Could it be that even in our desire to fit in we are creating an excuse so that we can justify the lack of discernment we live with? Yet all the while we question, doubt and disregard the truth within us, that is a reflection of who really are and what in the end will guide us to know all that is needed to live the wisdom of our full divine potential.

  9. Is so interesting the point you are making here Joel, as I have pondered on the same thing many times. How was it that I would, without question involved myself in many crazy New Age trips searching for the Truth . . . and yet when the real deal came my way, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine presenting a true way back to finding myself . . I struggled not wanting to give my power away yet again . . . only this time there was nobody interested in taking my power away from me, try as I did to give it away!

  10. We have lived and done so many things in so many ways and as the article is saying we have done them pretty much without question. It’s funny in a way when you see them written down like this, you actually laugh as I did. There are many things I have done and some I knew weren’t that great and yet I didn’t want to go against what many were doing, I thought there must be something wrong with me and so I followed everyone in anyway. I have watched the ‘norm’ move so many places over the years and looking back I would also follow and still do in some aspects follow the norm. For me it’s not about deliberately going against something either but about trusting what I truly feel and not being sucked into following like a sheep. It also shows a great way to expose things is to commit them to paper as I wouldn’t have been aware of this without seeing it all in one place like this.

  11. Such a good call Joel .. that we prefer to feel included rather than to question things! I reckon every single person can relate with this blog in that we have done something in life without stopping and truly feeling into it or questioning it.

  12. Nailed it!! Absolutely brilliant writing once again Joel. Simple questions – too simple to even be true – that’s how far off the mark we have gotten.

  13. Too many questions expose our wayward ways, and so it suits the spirit to stay in ignorance. Great blog Joel.

  14. Your blog is very thought provoking Joel and I’m feeling on reading it how I’ve made my interaction with others more important than my relationship with God so often I’ve preferred the comfort of the group to the challenge of exploring and building my own relationship with God; this is shining another light on my comfort and this I will explore, thank you

  15. We know how things feel no question. However, when the herd are all moving in one direction (no matter if we don’t know what that direction is, or even if it is heading off a cliff), its easier to feel included rather than to stand out and choose to move in your own way. The interesting thing is if we do move in our own way, it offers others an alternative so perhaps they can break free of the herd mentality and start to feel what is going on for them.

  16. Wow those are extraordinairy questions, simply because we are not used to be questioned like that or ask those questions ourselves. That of prefering comfort over truth has resonated with me for a long time, and can equally recognize this in others.. Hence, if something horrific occurs, we seem to shock for a moment but then move on in the same rhythm of that created in the first place, a lot of the time (with exceptions ofcourse). So, questioning is indeed in its place.. Or to stand still by the fact that we have prefered not being questioned in the first place – hence the way it is the way it currently is.. Even though we can see a change of the extremes that are occuring and now we start to feel the need to look further – as it goes out of hands..

  17. Great questions. There are so many things on offer that promise to make us feel a certain way and we indulge in that momentary uplift but hardly ever question what then was happening before for us to need and enjoy that effect so much. Busy hopping from one such option to another, we manage so-called life, and we know questioning would bring an inevitable stop to it all and all the dusts start to settle for us to see what is going on, and that, we avoid.

  18. There is much in life that we need to question, otherwise we just assume that what we participate in or how we are is simply normal because it is a common experience. Questioning is really healthy as it asks us to stop and look at something and consider more deeply is there more going on here than meets the eye.

  19. “Could it be that something inside us prefers comfort to truth?” This question lays bare our undeniable choice as a human being, that security and comfort have held us in situations that we have long known are detrimental to all of humanity. But the truth, well this begins to tip such comforts on their head, yes it can be scary and uncomfortable to go with truth. But it can also be the most amazing experience in our lives.

  20. Killer questions Joel. I absolutely love how poignantly you put the spotlight on what we call normal. You are brilliant and getting us to question what’s really going on.

  21. Astonishing questions revealing the unrevealed yet so on the surface laying questions. Again.. do we take those questions to a higher place by asking them and revealing the possible answers? Or do we hide and seek other remedies to not look at the root cause? Profound, without criticism, we can look at these things. For ourselves privately and together.

  22. ‘Could it be that something inside us prefers comfort to truth?’ Definitely Joel and our patterns of behaviours that we continue to indulge in even though in our hearts we know they are not loving or healthy for us are evidence of this fact.

  23. I often wonder whether it is possible that we do not question what we are presented with simply because we don’t want to hear the truth. Therefore, we make the choice to blindly accept what is presented so we can stay in our old familiar comfort. But I have found, often the hard way, that the truth has a way of eventually revealing itself giving us pause to ponder as to why we didn’t choose to ask the questions in the first place.

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