Life-giving Wisdom: It’s In The Way We Live

by Dr Lyndy Summerhaze, BA, PhD., DipMusEd, AmusA, Australia

I have been associated with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon for five years now and I have found nothing but the highest integrity, goodwill and just plain good sense. Getting to feel this last quality – plain good sense – in the midst of a world of complication, has been one of the most liberating things I have ever experienced, enabling me to let go of a crippling life of turmoil and drama.

Over these years as I attended talks and courses, I have felt a call to come out of my hiding away from the world and just getting through as best I could, to now participating joyfully in life and making a contribution. The way this was accomplished was not through imposition of any kind – there was no telling me what to do. There was simply the presentation of an elegant truth that we all originally come from love and that this is the stuff we are made of.

Serge presented that everything is in fact energy (something scientifically verified by Albert Einstein) and that therefore the quality of energy we use as we live is all-important. This was something I had known in part, but had never realised the all-encompassing nature of before. I realised that everything I did and said was expressed in a certain quality of energy, and that this energy had an impact on everyone and everything around me. For example, I could really feel the difference between something done with care and love and something done in resentment, and the effect this had on my own body. It became clear to me that we are living as if in a ‘sea’ of energy, and that each of us is responsible for how that ‘sea’ is feeling. Once I could feel this for myself, I felt connected to all other beings and, instead of operating like the Lone Ranger, I felt the possibility of living in a way that was not harming to another. I have by no means mastered this, but the beauty of even my imperfect living of this truth is indescribable.

This way of living does not in any way deny the fact that the world is in a mess – it sees what is there to be seen and does not judge. It enables one to connect with the truth in another, and be able to say ‘no’ to anything that is not love. This has totally transformed my relationships so that I can now express, with respect, what I am feeling without fear, and also openly hear what another has to say. The freedom from pain that this has brought is truly amazing. The freedom to live joy-fully is even more amazing.

Family and friends from the past have all spontaneously expressed how they can see and feel the change in me. I visited a friend’s mother who lives nearby, and when I came home from the visit, the phone was ringing as I walked in the door. It was my friend. Her mother had already rung her up to say how amazing I was looking and feeling and said to her daughter, “I want what she’s got”. The truth is, she can have exactly the same, if she chooses it, as it is already inside of her.

My brother’s family have said similar things. When they arrived at my place last year, they exclaimed that the house was looking great since I’d repainted it on the inside. I replied that I hadn’t painted it. My brother said that it looked repainted, so fresh and light and new. Then my sister-in-law said, “I know, it’s like this because Lyndy is living in it… it is the way she lives.” I was momentarily stunned to hear these words! Our beautiful connection with each other has continued from here.

My heart is full of thanks to Serge Benhayon and the UniMed team for sharing this life-giving wisdom with us all. It is a treasure we all possess, without exception, and one that can never be taken away.

159 thoughts on “Life-giving Wisdom: It’s In The Way We Live

  1. It’s beautiful to feel the wonder and awe in all you have expressed here Lyndy, including the comments others have made about you. The beauty of the work of Serge Benhayon is that it’s real, the outcomes for students of Universal Medicine are amazing, a life that becomes based on love and joy, and is very practically lived with two feet on the ground and is all encompassing of all aspects of life, where others are felt as equals – not as a belief but as an energetic truth… the list goes on and on! All that Serge presents and offers is truly deserving of wonder and awe.

  2. Most of humanity is functionally living, ticking the boxes of life but there is no enjoyment to what we do. Many people live for the weekends or holidays away from the hum drum of life. We do know on some level that it doesn’t feel true but how to get out of the rut. For me personally it was listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon here was someone that to me made sense. Serge Benhayon talks plain common sense which is something that is lacking in this world. He really does have the answers to our self-made dilemma’s and interestingly humanity is listening.

    1. That’s true Mary, we live to escape from life and often from ourselves by checking out on the TV or other screens.

  3. I love how your friend’s mother said ‘I want what she’s got’ – like, so many of us are seeking, feeling like something is missing but not quite knowing what that is, but then we see something in someone that we may not be able to name but feel the definite ‘Yes’ to.

  4. Beautifully said Lyndy. I have to say that one the most empowering aspects of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon which turned my life around, is returning to live in connection to my body and being, guided by a knowing of the truth that I can feel within me. It is always deeply settling to feel that when I am at one with my Soul everything makes sense, and the next step is always clearly guided by a wisdom from within that is aligned to a greater divine intelligence and space that exists within us and all around us. It is then only our choice as the whether we honor this or not.

  5. The simplicity of what Universal Medicine presents is that it’s inside us and each of us has access to this at any time, no outside source needed, we often just need reminding, and once we connect to that depth within we then unfold out our next steps from inside us.

  6. How beautiful Lyndy to feel the joy in how you live and how others feel that joy and can see that this too is possible for them. We do not need to change others, we live us and in that we offer the space for others to do the same.

  7. It’s beautiful the way the light you are living on the inside of your house is felt on the outside of your home. What a confirmation of the impact that just one person can have on the many around them.

  8. I love that the quality you were living with gave the house a new lick of paint! It does feel lighter to let go of the drama that can dominate our day to day when we leave ourselves to the mercy of other peoples opinions.

  9. The joy of the ageless wisdom is its all encompassing simplicity and its ability to expose the lies in any complication. The trust is always simple so if there is any complication its a lie.

  10. Opening up my awareness of energy has allowed me to understand that we have a responsibility to live in a quality of connection that supports us all equally, instead of harming and judging each other and making people feel lesser. Turning my focus inwards and listening to my body has allowed me to appreciate its wisdom and guidance to live what feels true and loving to the best of my ability.

  11. Thank you Lyndy, I haven’t read this in some time, people really do feel when you live with love, there is the unmistakable glow and the presence of joy which are both quite contagious.I find it can really ignite others to feel that same love and joy within themselves. The beautiful part is it all happens by me just being me – the true me.

  12. Have you ever watched someone who moves really gracefully, and their life has an amazing flow to it, they seem to glide through life as if nothing touches them. I never understood how this could be until I met Serge Benhayon and the Benhayon family who all simply seem to guide through life, from the presentations I have now attended by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I now know that it is from living in true loving connection with ourselves that provides the simplicity and grace that we see in others that is absolutely available to us all if we choose.

  13. ‘Once I could feel this for myself, I felt connected to all other beings and, instead of operating like the Lone Ranger, I felt the possibility of living in a way that was not harming to another.’ Beautiful to feel how simply living from the love that we are, our inner essence, allows us to let go of the protection we carry and rather than keeping people out we are able to lovingly let them in.

  14. I can certainly agree with you in testifying that the quality lived by Serge Benhayon and the practitioners of Universal Medicine are a standard that far exceeds the levels of love and integrity I have ever experienced in my entire life. There is a commonly held view that judgement and critique can somehow exist in love. This ideal is blown way out of the park, sky high, when you feel the love that Serge and Universal Medicine exemplify each and every single day. Judgement is poles apart from true love and care!

  15. The truth Serge Benhayon presents we can all relate to it in one way or another. Some people can relate to a specific part and others to another one. Through what door we get on the work is irrelevant. What matters is the willingness to be open and check constantly the body regarding everything being presented.

  16. In relation to your opening para, the level of integrity of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is so high it is off the Richter scale and we need to invent a new word for it. I just looked up the meaning of the word integrity and it said a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It also refers to doing things in the right way. Well what Serge presents is way beyond that, it is about Absolute Truth and Love which is on another scale altogether. Thousands including myself have been touched by the qualities that Serge lives and expresses and now have whole new markers in their body of what is possible and how it looks to live the qualities of the Soul on earth.

    1. I agree, we need to redefine integrity to really mean integrity not a watered down version that suits most, and that means energetic integrity, because everything is energy, it must have energetic integrity or it doesn’t have integrity.

      1. So well said Nicola and Doug – we have certainly been shown and many of us also have experienced that the standards that we have been choosing to live by have fallen well below what our divine potential truly is.

  17. Knowing that how we live affects others and our surroundings brings with it a responsibility to care and love for ourselves to the best of our ability, in order that we can contribute our livingness to the sea of energy we all live in.

  18. “Getting to feel this last quality – plain good sense – in the midst of a world of complication, has been one of the most liberating things I have ever experienced, enabling me to let go of a crippling life of turmoil and drama.” ‘Plain good sense’ is like a beacon that shines through the thickest fog and Universal Medicine is that beacon.

  19. The more aware I am of the impact I am living ‘good’ or ‘bad’ has on others the more responsible in my livingness I am becoming. The way in which I move is not just for me but a responsibility to the all.

  20. “For example, I could really feel the difference between something done with care and love and something done in resentment, and the effect this had on my own body. It became clear to me that we are living as if in a ‘sea’ of energy, and that each of us is responsible for how that ‘sea’ is feeling” it is a sea of energy that we live in and every movement is an energy that has a ripple effect on the whole, therefore all we do has an effect on everyone to harm or to heal.

    1. This is the most wonderful imagery because it makes us realise how accountable we are for what is around us. We can not only affect ourselves, we can also impact others around us.

  21. We are masters of watching each other in such a detailed way that we know instantly when something has changed. We can tell by the way someone walks, how they talk or even watching what they are eating or not eating and how they respond differently than they ‘used’ to do. I don’t swear, as in my natural normal way is not to swear, yet one day at work I said a word not even realising in the moment that it was a swear word and because everyone knows me, they all stopped instantly got up from their chairs and said ‘What did you say?’… they were so shocked. We can never underestimate how much we register everything… especially when we are young!

  22. “The Lone Ranger,” should have taken a feather out of Tonto’s book as he was a part of a Tribe and when we are a collective then we can at-least see a reflection of brotherhood from others.

  23. When we are aware how important the quality is that we bring to all that we do the more empowered we feel to actually express that quality without compromising.

  24. “This way of living does not in any way deny the fact that the world is in a mess – it sees what is there to be seen and does not judge” – this is so true and makes me really appreciate the teaching Universal Medicine presents. The mess we are living in as a race is obvious but so many of us react and do not want to see the reality and choose distraction and numbness to get through life, and it’s sounds contradictory that it is possible to have no judgment while seeing more, but it is truly possible and available for us all.

  25. I love this blog, saying it how it is in the world, yet we as individuals can make a difference and not only to our own lives but to our close environment and to those who we come into contact with.

  26. It’s actually become a very beautiful thing to me to understand the sea of energy we each contribute to and all live in, and the responsibility to not bring harm to that “sea”. Love, our true responsibility, is a pretty good responsibility to have!

  27. “I know, it’s like this because Lyndy is living in it… it is the way she lives.” What a beautiful confirmation and appreciation.

  28. It seems apparent to me that we respond to energy all the time without necessarily being aware of the fact. For example, when a person comments on the clothes another is wearing, they are more often than not commenting on the energy of the person wearing them rather than the clothes. Or when we have a delicious meal, it is about the quality in which the food was prepared and cooked rather than what was on our plates. I see this more and more now and this experience confirms to me that we all have a sixth sense, or common sense that is constantly feeling energy all around us. It is a beautiful rediscovery of a sense we have been taught to deny, or that it doesn’t truly exist – but it clearly does and it is a joy to open up to again.

    1. Yes, and maybe one day we will be more aware of it and instead of praising what we can see and taste in the outer we will appreciate and acknowledge the quality we bring.

  29. We watch each other, even if we aren’t aware we are always watching, changing and modelling ourselves on what we see and feel. So what are you modelling to everyone and as the article states I can see what the author is modelling. We feel much more then we say we see and from this this is how we watch, not with our eyes so much but with all of our 6 senses.

  30. The ‘Lone Ranger’ syndrome is big in this world. Many of us think we are alone in what we do, even in our ‘private’ moments doing things we don’t want other to know about is proof of this perspective. Yet, we are forgetting the bigger picture – that we are all connected and cannot escape the fact of energy and our energetic responsibility.

  31. I love how much power we see through this article and yet with a simple message of ‘it’s all there and can be accessed from the way you live’. This is very freeing and equal in that you don’t need any special powers, opportunities or gifts, you only need the dedication to live the way you see things truly need to be and from there everything else reveals itself back to you. It’s like whatever and however you see it needs to be is there for all of us and the only question is how much you want to be revealed from the way you are, the quality you live. There is a direct link to your quality that then matches or pulls in the quality of what is around you. Almost like the true quality of how you are is the centre of everything and yet isn’t seperate because of how it all is linked, amazing to see and feel.

  32. Thank you Lyndy. There are so many falsities being circulated about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, their are also members of his family friends and colleagues that have all come under scrutiny, having had untrue allegations directed at them from a few detractors who appear to be out to seek revenge for something that was not true in the first place, There are also people like yourself who share openly the benefit to their own lives and those around them through their association with Universal Medicine and the practitioners that are under attack. The world would be a far healthier and more enjoyable place to be were we to allow ourselves to return to our natural living way which is basically what Universal Medicine is presenting.

  33. It is interesting to consider how we as a humanity have chosen to omit the fundamental truth and proven fact from the foundations of our learning and understanding as children, including our relationship with the universe which we are inescapable part of, that who we are in essence is energy, and that our world is one that is energetically derived. If this basic understanding was present and presented as such as we grew up, of honoring the love and truth that truly defines us, imagine the world we would be living in today and the quality of life we would be living as a humanity? If this innate awareness was developed in us all as children we would be making vastly different choices today, and the lovelessness and abuse that we are currently witnessing in our world would not be considered or accepted as ‘normal’.

  34. The longer you spend studying Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon the more absolute certainty you will have that there is nothing but integrity, goodwill and good sense when it comes to this organisation and this man. It is a quality rare in this world but much needed.

  35. “It became clear to me that we are living as if in a ‘sea’ of energy, and that each of us is responsible for how that ‘sea’ is feeling. Once I could feel this for myself, I felt connected to all other beings and, instead of operating like the Lone Ranger,” . . . yes Lyndy I can relate as before I came across Universal Medicine and the understanding “that everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy” as presented by Serge Benhayon I also felt I was operating like the Lone Ranger so this reference made me laugh.

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