About Me and Serge Benhayon

by Sandra Schneider, Erftstadt, Germany (English 2nd language)

Serge once said to me: “My joy is to see you (students) returning to who you truly are.”

Well, I can understand that.

I first heard about Serge Benhayon eight years ago. I was sitting in my garden with my partner and our friend Alex, planning our wedding celebration. Alex told us about this guy from Australia he met in England and what he said. I was immediately interested because he spoke about what I had felt my whole life.

When I met Serge the first time I cried, cried, cried. I felt my grief about not being myself for such a long time and I also realised that I felt soooo alone.

I was 35-40 kilos overweight and I had chronic asthma, having to take cortisone every day or die. I felt like I was existing rather than living. So I started to study Esoteric Healing to heal myself.

My relationship with teachers was always good; I was very quick to be ‘the assistant’, very helpful. Not so with Serge Benhayon. I tried my best (I am clever!) to say or do what I thought he wanted so that he liked me, but I felt rebuffed. He ignored me when I wanted his recognition. But he looked right at me and engaged with me when I was letting go of all this ‘wanting’ or ‘needing’, he met me like I had never experienced before in my life. It took time to digest that. I found how much I had identified with being a good student, partner, worker, rebel… whatever – just to have an identity. But being me – who was that?

I started to study me and the way I was living. I started developing a life that was and is healing for me and others.

I had never worked full-time in my life – that felt too much for me; I got sick if I had to work a lot. Now I have 2.5 jobs with a 5-6 day working week and feel great. I love to work. I am really living in and contributing to society now.

I never really trusted other people – I had a few good friends but the rest I did not like or I was not open to have a relationship with them, and I would never talk to strangers. Now I found myself having a lovely conversation with a woman in the supermarket or on the street. I am open to people again and feel part of life!

I believed others were in charge of how I felt and found that if I didn’t take charge of my choices and my life I felt like things happen to me without my input, so I have wanted to control people and every situation. If I was not in control I felt helpless. Now I find that if I take responsibility for myself I can feel me –what is great is that I feel my old choices – which is mostly not so great… and I feel connected to me and others which is back to very great!

The list can go on and on… I lost 35 kilos and don’t have any asthma anymore!!!

But the most important thing to me is I feel really alive and in contact again!

When I see old pictures of myself or some other students… we look like monsters out of another life with all our worries and experiences on our bodies and face! Now our beauty is back – thank you very much Serge Benhayon for inspiring and supporting us… and for your colossal patience.

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  1. Thank you Sandra for sharing so simply and with a short article your journey that still unfolds – it is very much felt in the body as in the comments before was already shared – it will be forever the same as it is written from the livingness and your body – very beautiful. Thank You.

  2. I think Sandra many people can relate to ‘not being myself’ and the loneliness as we are so far away from themselves that it hurts one way or the other. It only requires someone to inspire us to study ourselves that we start to release the excess baggage we carry on our bodies, whether physically or emotionally or whether both.

    There is much to ponder over what Serge Benhayon presents, there is truth behind it all, it’s how we want to receive it is the key. For some, it feels as though we have come home and for others they are not ready, and either choice is ok too.

  3. Sandra, it has been so beautiful to re-read this again after some time – I loved how you shared how you cried upon meeting Serge Benhayon as this helped you realise how much you missed yourself and how lonely you had actually been feeling. This is something I too can relate to.

    1. Henrietta re-reading something that is written from the body, can truly be felt in our bodies too. There is a marked difference and in every blog/article, we can feel or read a message that inspires us or, confirms us.

      That’s why it is important that it is shared whether english is a first or second language. The message will still be there and can be felt.

  4. Sandra this is an inspiring read about how your life has changed since meeting Serge Benhayon and it could easily have been someone else that inspired you to change. He has this energy about him and he certainly meets us in a way that no other has.

    Anything is possible if we make the commitment in changing our wellbeing and just don’t accept that it is the only way.

    The thing that stood out is the weight loss and the asthma that went with it – now that is worth enquiring about. And In that, you have found you and you serve more and even enjoy working 2.5 jobs. That is inspiring to read about, thank you I have much to ponder over going full time.

  5. “I found how much I had identified with being a good student, partner, worker, rebel… whatever – just to have an identity. But being me – who was that?” I am still breaking down that identification, I can find myself in it a lot, which I can understand based on the education system and how society is promoting our value coming from intelligence and from what we do. It sounds bizarre that we might not know who we are, but living so far from ourselves for so long we have actually lost touch with our own inner essence. That’s why Serge Benhayon’s work is so pivotal, because it supports our reconnection to ourselves which not only restores us back to our wholeness, but it can also then offer a blessing and healing to everyone in our lives by reflecting that we each have an essence we can reconnect back to.

    1. Melinda this identification is often what gets me too, when we make it about ourselves only, the body works and we are left tired and miserable. When we make it about others, the body serves and is energised, now that’s why and where, I would like to take it fourth…

  6. It is interesting how Serge Benhayon is not interested in seeing someone as a ‘good’ student and in fact when there is that role that is being played and someone is seeking the recognition for this, then there is no attention forthcoming. But when one is genuine in one’s ways and not playing a role, Serge Benhayon is there walking next to you, with you and keen to know and support the true you. This is a wonderful reminder for me at the moment to simply keep trusting myself and drop any roles or tendencies or habits and allow myself to just be me and as genuinely as possible.

  7. Sandra, this is a gorgeously heart-felt sharing about how much your life has changed since you embraced some of the simple healings on offer through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and how you are living them in your life now. The ‘list’ of changes is remarkable! It is very inspiring to hear and feel how much you have turned your life around and begun to live life rather than manage life! Thank you!

  8. Sandra we have all come out of so much, physical issues, emotional issues, relationship and work problems, and various lifestyle choices and behaviours have changed. Serge Benhayon has definitely supported us all in that, and we have become very empowered to support ourselves. This way of living with the soul is a continual return to deeper love and truth, and each day offers so much for us to embrace and enjoy.

  9. If you are looking for recognition and acceptance from Serge Benhayon then think again. I discovered early on that he doesn’t not engage in this kind of behaviour which some of us use to show how good we are or want to be, just to be noticed by someone that we are here on this earth. For most of us we have not been truly met in the sense that you are seen by another person for whom you truly are. Serge Benhayon does just this and as you say it can take some time to digest because we do not know who we are and it can feel quite alien.

    1. Serge does meet each and everyone of us, and is possibly one of the first persons in our life to do so, ‘he met me like I had never experienced before in my life.’

  10. “If I take responsibility for myself I can feel me – what is great is that I feel my old choices – which is mostly not so great… and I feel connected to me and others” – I can so relate to this. And when we see our past not-so-great choices, there’s no judgment as we are already coming from the place of knowing who we truly are even, if we may not be living it in full yet, where we recognise ourselves and others as equally perfect-imperfect.

  11. A life lesson can be learned from this simple observation:
    “. I felt like I was existing rather than living. So I started to study Esoteric Healing to heal myself.”
    For if we truly see what is happening here in our world, we will allow greater truth to exist and a life to be lived.. One in the Union of love.’

    1. Well said Danna, for on a deeper level we know that an existence is not the full depth of what we are capable of living and hence why we can feel depressed and down. How could one feel depressed if they did NOT know that there was anything more to life? This says a lot – it tells us we know more than we would like to admit to ourselves, that we are super-sensitive beings and that there is more to life for us simply waiting for us to claim it and live it.

  12. Love is not emotional like we have been led to believe, love is a holding which allows us to learn from our own mistakes.

  13. I love connecting with people whether it’s on the tube or in a shop, it makes such a difference to how I feel about myself if I connect with others.

  14. “The list can go on and on… I lost 35 kilos and don’t have any asthma anymore!!!
    But the most important thing to me is I feel really alive and in contact again!” These two lines alone show the power of true healing what you say here Sandra may sound simple but are miracles in themselves.

    1. And when someone confirms us in our identity or celebrates us in a certain identity it keeps us there rather than supporting us to get out of the identity and back into our own shoes. Being back in our own shoes so to speak is a way of truly connecting to who we are, and this is essentially the best gift we can give to ourselves and all those around us!

  15. It is indeed very beautiful and a joy to watch people step into their power and not shying away from who they truly are. We have made life so complicated all the while it is just about being who we truly are, no facade, no armour, no pretence, just us in every moment allowing ourselves to feel and live the truth we deep down know.

  16. What a story Sandra, for me your infectious joy is such an inspiration, I didn’t know you before Universal Medicine or when you were heavier in weight and to be honest I can’t really imagine it as I have only known you as the bright, sassy and beautiful women you are today.

  17. That is a huge turnaround in both your physical and mental health and it is inspiring. I just smiled all the way through reading it because you call us to be the same inspiration for each other.

  18. I agree Sandra, it is beautiful for people to come back to who they are. I know the joy I have experienced on my own return (which continues every day) and the delight to just be me and to also see many others doing the same thing and living who they are thanks to the support of Serge Benhayon.

    1. Yes, I agree, seeing the endless transformations year after year is an absolute blessing particularly when the opposite is true all around us.

      1. Yes, it is in stark contrast to what life (how we have created it) reflects to us, and it shows how very important it is to let the world see that there is another way and not to shy away from it. Because the normal we are living today is far beyond the normal that is innately true to us.

  19. I love what you are saying here Sandra that it is not just about the changes in your health and your weight but that these naturally happened because you are feeling more connected to your natural joy and vitality. From my experience it definitely has to start with this to make true lifestyle changes.

    1. Well said Andrew – we cannot just say that we will love ourselves once we have lost some weight as this is just a trick – it is about loving ourselves no matter what the weight and then if we lose weight then it will be just as easy to love ourselves.

  20. ‘When I see old pictures of myself or some other students… we look like monsters out of another life with all our worries and experiences on our bodies and face!’ I agree my old photos no longer look like who I am today, there is a hardness to them, and it is easily seen in the eyes, now they are brighter and more alive than ever.

  21. One of the greatest gift for me is that we can look at ourself and observe how we are living. With that we have the choice to change which did not support our way of being. Thank you Sandra for sharing how you study yourself and how you change your way of living.

    1. “One of the greatest gift for me is that we can look at ourself and observe how we are living. With that we have the choice to change which did not support our way of being.” Yes, a very simple tool in life everyone can use.

  22. Another great example of someone with a health issue who has made loving changes to their life and has made an amazing recovery, inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  23. With Serge Benhayon, there is no way to play games of spiritual recognition. That is a great thing. Although the me, me, me momentum may be strong, not playing ball with it helps to evolve.

    1. Yes, and it can be so hidden that until someone doesn’t play ball with it you may not know you are even doing it. There is so much potential for healing old patterns.

  24. It is beautiful to read of the changes you have, which are true and deep testament to what can happen when we connect with ourselves, take responsibility and love ourselves.

  25. I loved reading your article again Sandra, amazing the changes in your life and health that have come about by claiming the truth as presented by Serge Benhayon taking them into your life, bringing true healing, truly a miracle.

  26. This is beautiful account on how it is very possible to live a truly joyful life and I can only say, thank God for Serge Benhayon for showing us the way.

  27. …’I felt like I was existing rather than living’. I love your honesty in this statement Sandra and cannot but wonder how many others in today’s world, a world we have all created also feel that they too are merely in survival mode instead of living to their potential.

  28. Yes, Universal Medicine has brought in a very true way tools that offer re-connection to your body, your Soul, your rhythms and offers space between you and any issue you might have .. It is so powerful to become a master of your own livingness, simply by these teachings and tools there given. We can not do it on our own — we are not made for that, we are here to return to One-ness, our brotherhood — living as One.

  29. Gorgeous Sandra, and I can so relate… to the aliveness I can feel now versus the drudgery I lived in in the past. What Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon bring is amazing – the truth we all deserve to know and the love and joy we all deserve to live.

    1. Yes and this aliveness has become so normal that I not longer feel the stark contrast of ups and downs as there is a consistency within.

  30. I really love what you say about being a good student – it really exposes how we position ourselves in a relationship or a situation can come from our need and expectation, and in the world we are living in, this kind of arrangement seems to work itself out because of our mutual needs and/or co-dependency, and what Serge Benhayon reflects is that that type of movement has no place in the absolute equalness and the Oneness we truly belong to.

    1. Yes and as such it stands out and we notice it because someone is not ‘playing the game’ with us. I have noticed people respond in one of two ways – they either react and get angry, name shame and blame or surrender to the reflection and offer themselves a great healing.

  31. It takes but one in true love to inspire the reawakening of many others, who each then in turn inspire others. Before too long this world will change dramatically as we each take greater responsibility in our lives.

  32. A beautifully honest blog. I know what you mean about looking like monsters. I feel like a monster when I feel myself reacting and behaving in ways that I know are not me. The Way of The Livingness is a way of forever deepening our relationship with who we truly are and in that we clear ourselves of so much and can be a real benefit to society.

  33. Sandra it would be great to read an update of your life now. The way Serge was with you when you were seeking recognition by not acknowledging you, yet very with you when you were simply yourself is very loving. In life we learn to be nice, to pander to others, to “do the right thing”, however love is very different to “nice” in its expression, and as a result it’s very powerful, healing, and confirming to experience.

  34. Love always supports the true being and gives no energy to who we are not, that is quite the opposite of how emotional love works which is an exchange of needs and seeking recognition.

  35. Love takes on a whole new meaning when ones want to recognition is denied. It speaks highly of that fact that we are so much more then the physical and wanting recognition for something we have DONE is a reduction of the majesty – which Serge Benhayon sees and meets in everyone.

  36. It is so gorgeous to see the transformation in photos of people choosing to live with a connection to their soul. There face is brighter and glowing, their eyes sparkle, there so much life in their whole body.

  37. The photos of people who choose a way of living that is based on connection with their soul are undeniable. There is a glow that cannot be hidden, and that in itself is proof that living from the inner to the outer works.

  38. On it’s own this article presents a huge change in how one person was living, a drain on themselves and on those around them to now being a true supporter of the community in many ways. There are others like this and the similar story of how they have been supported by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. We can’t just walk over stories like this, people that were seriously down and out to now walking and living a completely different life and there bodies reflecting the same. I read stories like this and always want to know more, see more and it’s great to have people recording parts of their lives in this way. I know if I read this and was in a similar position then this would inspire me to see there is a way out and that I’m not trapped.

  39. You cannot deny the vibrancy, connection and love that emanates from the students of The Way of The Livingness. And in a world where lovelessness, at this point seems, to hold the majority rule, we clearly are the custodians of our future, of how a life lived in connection to love is far more powerful and is what guides us to know what living with true freedom and in Brotherhood is.

  40. I will vouch for all you say here Sandra as you are now one beautiful and very much alive woman!

  41. “When I met Serge the first time I cried, cried, cried. I felt my grief about not being myself for such a long time and I also realised that I felt soooo alone.” I can so relate to this Sandra, I was also so alone and cried when I met Serge for the first time, the tears just kept coming down my face and I could not stop them. I knew I had met someone of truth.

  42. Gorgeous – deeply inspiring blog about you and your life since you met Universal Medicine. A profound saying that we are everything already – we just need to come back to by re-connect to all there is within.

  43. “But being me – who was that?” This made me smile as it was a question I too asked when I met Serge Benhayon and listened to presentations. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know the beautiful woman with unbounded love that was within me all along just waiting for me to connect to who I truly am.

  44. Having met you in person I am stunned to read you ever lived anything less than an amazing life because you move and live with such joy and openness now. The way you have turned your life around is miraculous.

  45. A gorgeous example of someone who has turned their life around, a living miracle, thank you for sharing Sandra.

  46. It is beautiful to be ‘met’ by Serge Benhayon, ‘he met me like I had never experienced before in my life’, being met for who we truly are, not what we do, is something we all seek.

    1. This is very true Lorraine – we all do seek being met. And so this also highlights the responsibility we all hold, to truly meet each other in the essence of who we are, and not the behaviors or emotions we at times are presenting with.

  47. To be met in this way by someone who will not pander to that which is not true within us feels very challenging at first and it exposes very clearly the emotional, needy way of living we have accepted as normal. Thank God for meeting Serge Benhayon and being shown that there is another way to be – letting go of living the lie and returning back to living from truth.
    “He (Serge) ignored me when I wanted his recognition. But he looked right at me and engaged with me when I was letting go of all this ‘wanting’ or ‘needing’, he met me like I had never experienced before in my life”.

  48. Absolute colossal patience and unending support, as nothing is more difficult than seeing others making choices away from truth, even though they got all the truth inside (aware or unaware). Thank you for sharing your grace with us Sandra. Well done you!

  49. Sandra you are a living example of how you can transform when you introduce self-love and self-care into your lives. Your extraordinary journey is deeply inspiring of how we can truly heal and move forward in our lives when we embrace love in every way.

    1. It is a beautiful example how we can transform our lives through self-love and self-care, something that is not talked about much amongst society. What has been shared by Serge Benhayon has supported so many to transform their lives back to their truth.

  50. One of the most bastardised forms of teaching is that of mentorship, which by way of arrangement views the student as less and the teacher as more. Such a relationship never exists with a true teacher and true student, where the teacher is actually someone who just uses the reflection of their living way to allow the student to arise to the understanding that they actually equally have the same potential to live the same. In other words, the teacher does not hold themselves as more because they live a deeper understanding of life than the supposed student, for the teacher equally understands that they are also a student of life themselves, and that is because they understand that in life there is no end point to our understanding of its depth. There is always more to unfold. And thus why you will never see Serge Benhayon allowing a so called student to hold him on a platform, even though they might try. By virtue of his living way, he simply says, “if me, then why not you”, and whilst that may not be received by the aspiring student, it is certainly communicated in his every movement.

  51. Everything in life is geared towards recognition and being accepted, so it can feel quite hard when you first meet Serge because he will not pander to any need for recognition. I remember trying to get Serge’s attention in subtle and not so subtle ways but it never worked and after a while it clicked that love does not work this way and like you Sandra…. “It took time to digest that. I found how much I had identified with being a good student, partner, worker, rebel… whatever – just to have an identity. But being me – who was that?”

  52. It is amazing how we can turn our lives around by simply introducing self-love to our daily life and make it our natural way of being. We live with the belief that we always have to strive for more and with this focus on the more we miss out on the volume that is already there.

  53. “I started to study me and the way I was living.” Why is this not our greatest grandest study to know who we are in essence and all that we have lived in our past lives.

    1. I guess because we would not ‘just’ study than life and how to live successfully in the meaning of ‘living together in harmony and love’ but also would have to take full responsibility about every single choice we make… and who should teach us here, as we all have lost this way of being. And now, where a teacher rises who can do this (called Serge Benhayon), because he lives it all, he gets attacked. But in fact it is not him who gets attacked, but the fact that we have to take responsibility.

  54. Thank you Sandra, beautiful job and well done for making this choice to stand in lead for your life, not from control but connection. That is simply magnificent. Hence you are an inspiration to many people, so it is so good you share.

  55. I don’t think we can ever underestimate the number of choices it takes every single day to make such a massive change in your life, nobody can do it for you and it’s nothing short of inspiring.

  56. Everything in this article rings true for me. I experienced the very same and am so eternally grateful that I am again engaged in my life and no longer feel alone, as I too have opened up and have found I really enjoy connecting with people. I never knew just how far away from myself I was before, now though I know I am remembering more of my true nature every day and this experience is priceless.

  57. Serge Benhayon is a teacher like no other teacher. He does not play the usual teacher games; he does not teach the usual teacher contents; he does not use the usual teacher tactics. He is the world teacher. Unwavering in what he delivers, full of love and understanding.

  58. Thank you Sandra for sharing the amazing changes you have made in your life by choosing to look at how you were living and now by taking responsibility you are feeling the aliveness of being back with you.

  59. ‘I started to study me and the way I was living’. We waste so much effort focusing on the outside world to fill us when our true fulfillment, strength and wisdom lies dormant within.

  60. Thank you Sandra, I really appreciated the opportunity to read about the transformation you have chosen. I absolutely understand Serge’s joy at seeing people return to who they are, it is a truly beautiful thing. I often find myself feeling the full potential of people that cross my path regardless of the way they are choosing to live, to see this potential realised is nothing short of astounding and every time I see someone living true to themselves it reminds me that I have an opportunity to do the same.

  61. There is no greater joy than feeling the flame of our love rekindled and burning bright for all the world to see. For too long we have lived in ‘solitary confinement’, the dampness and darkness of our chosen prison, while all the while the light that truly guides us is found in the warmth of a heart that never stops loving no matter the multitude of hurts we may pile on top of it.

  62. ‘Monsters out of another life’… sadly too true for me also. It is scary looking back but so inspiring to see the profound affect that taking responsibility and making loving choices can have in our lives, not only on our bodies but also in our relationships with people and the world in general. Transformations beyond recognition.

  63. I had no idea who I truly am until I learnt how to reconnect with my essence and feel the warmth of my delicate, fragile and loving true self; this inspires me to take responsibility to be all of me and let go of the hurts and protection I was living from and allow the true me the emanate out to the world.

  64. When I read that Sandra, I realise that there is a dimension of life happening simultaneously and intertwined with our physical reality but mostly we just think of the one world we can detect with our physical eyes. Maybe we consider the inner world to some degree but I feel that the physical life is just the outer crust of something else going on constantly. It’s like what we see with our physical eyes is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel however that what is hidden below the surface can be brought more or less out into the open depending on how much of this metaphysical world we choose to embrace.

  65. The beauty of Serge Benhayon is he asks nothing of you, not to be a certain way, to achieve, to look or act a certain way. He simply allows the space for you to be you.

  66. Dear Sandra,
    Thank you for clearly exposing how any neediness is not it. This small drop of wisdom alone has the potential to transform how we live upon our planet.

  67. Sandra your story and your life is incredible – I would love to read more about it, the changes you’re describing to most people would seem impossible, yet you changed your whole life around in a few years – I think that deserves a book!

  68. Sandra I only met you after this amazing transformation and find it hard to believe the way you were before…
    thanks for sharing what you have, from where you were, to the way you look and feel today is a true modern-day miracle. From a practitioners point of view, to lose that weight is one thing, but the total turnaround in your health is incredible… THAT needs to be studied and understood and introduces into the healing equation the responsibility we each have to live something that is truly who we are. The body clearly responds accordingly…

  69. I have known you most of the time you have been a Student of the Livingness Sandra and have been deeply, deeply inspired by your transformation, both physical and the intangible innate qualities of you that were hidden from sight. Now I see the depth of your beauty which you have allowed to shine out for the rest of us to see and feel.

  70. Thank you Sandra for a great sharing of letting go of the need for acceptance outside of yourself, and coming to accept responsibility for your choices, what a testament your story is to the power of love, loosing all the weight and healing the asthma. The healing power of the love that is within us is truly amazing.

  71. Sandra I can relate to the wanting the attention and recognition and not getting it. It’s quite uncomfortable especially when that is a well developed and successfully used skill that you use to get the recordation you’re looking for. But really how else are we supposed to see what our patterns are that don’t offer evolution to ourselves and others.

  72. Sandra Schneider how great to read how much the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has change the quality of life you are choosing to live. What stood out so clearly in your writing is that from this support you were able to not only go back to work full time but provide more support in your truest form. If this is the result of what you have felt from these teachings then obviously there is something amazing here to share with the world!

  73. The power of a true friend is so palpable, someone who truly understands and lets you in without judgement no matter what your choices of way of living are. It is deeply inspiring to read this account as I feel the power of such openness with what I can bring to others too by meeting them in this way.

  74. You are a living testimonial that it is possible to re-connect to our true self – we are all already everything but we have to chose to see and feel it.

  75. Wow Sandra, you are living proof of what happens when we let go of what we are not. Seeing you now, there is not a glimpse of any of the choices that previously plagued you. There are so many living miracles living life fully from being inspired by Universal Medicine presentations.

  76. What you shared about Serge Benhayon ignoring you when you wanted recognition is very interesting. When we are wanting recognition from anyone it acts as a very good repellent. It is our own responsibility to look at why we are wanting recognition – it does not confirm who we are, it merely praises something we have done. What are we identified with?

  77. ‘We look like monsters out of another life with all our worries and experiences on our bodies and face!’ It’s amazing how much strain and worry our bodies carry when we are not true to who we are, it’s almost like they morph into different shapes and become something totally different to our true selves.

  78. Hello Sandra, your transformation from before Universal Medicine to now is remarkable and an awesome reflection you are offering others.

  79. Hi Sandra, your experience with needing attention and to be liked sounds very similar to mine and Serge Benhayon would and does respond to my neediness just how you describe here, which is truly loving and supportive but does not always feel like that at the time. It is in the end our choice to be the joy that we are or not.

  80. Yes looking back there have been many who have totally transformed their life both physically and mentally, from some of the wildest or crazy life’s, and all walks of life. We now stand to continue to expand to share what we bring as this is also possible and available to all.

  81. Thankyou Sandra, I have enjoyed reading your blog again – you have shared many true miracles with all the changes you have experienced, I’m sure since writing there have been many more. Your quote from Serge Benhayon is lovely “My joy is to see you (students) returning to who you truly are.” I have witnessed the same contentment and joy in Serge supporting people around him to blossom. In a world based on comparison and competition, this in itself offers a wisdom the whole world would benefit from returning to, the joy of truly supporting others and the simplicity love brings back to life.

  82. “…I started to study me and the way I was living…” In a nutshell, this is Esoteric Medicine. This is the best lesson to take in many ways, as it is the consequence of our choices that play a big part in our health and wellbeing.

  83. Incredible Sandra, what an amazing transformation? You lost 35 kilos and don’t have asthma anymore, this is unheard of. You hold the key to true medicine, and this is from making simple choices to living who you truly are, taking responsibility for your life, being open to people and embracing love. You were inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to live another way, a true way and I have to say it again, amazing transformation Sandra. Thank you for inspiring us all.

  84. Knowing who we are can seem like quite a daunting experience given how far removed we have become from ourselves. Having hidden ourselves under layer upon layer of ideals and beliefs which are not truly ours, it takes honesty to feel the truth. The beauty is we are never lost or far away and the reconnection can be pretty instantaneous. Building this into our lives with consistency and living this always is what truly sets us, and others, free.

    1. Beautifully expressed Jenny. Your comment allows me to feel that the layers we hide ourselves with are many and that we often stop removing them when we feel ‘better’ without realising that we are still attempting to protect ourselves with the (now thinner) layers. Thank you for reminding me to keep allowing my beauty to be seen and felt.

  85. Spot on Sandra. Serge Benhayon has inspired me to discover who I am and it is very revealing all the ways I had devised and chosen to avoid feeling the sadness of missing the infinite love that I am. The joy of finding the love that I am is that I now can feel the love that is equally in all others.

  86. Its been a while since I last read this beautiful out in the open, truthful sharing – and like the last time it went deep within and so much of what you share Sandra I could feel – yes, that was me also. As you questioned yourself “But being me – whose that?” Until Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon came into my life I lived that way of not being really sure of who ‘me’ was. Floundering around with a lot of searching, only to find out no searching is required, or playing games with the many parts I could perform to try and control life – I already have everything that is needed within. Taking back the responsibility of our choices in life. What an amazing gift we can gift ourselves, especially with the amazing support that is offered, unconditionally so.

    1. Thank you Marion. Coming back to my blog today I found a point which I have to correct: Serge is not patience – he is living love. It is the love that make him repeat every teaching and presentation again and again from different angles…no matter how much and often I say or live my “but, but, but” – he is love and it is love what he presents to me. A true inspiration. And I appreciate us all, as we have the same love inside of us – Time to discover with each other. What a lovely journey!

    1. Yes, Serge shows that it is possible to step out of the game even if you played it for a while. That is maybe also the challenge he brings for us (more or less) – that it is possible to change and that it is all in our hands. To step out of the game means also to take full responsibility about our playing before and what it has done to the world and us.

  87. I agree with your comment “I found how much I had identified with being a good student, partner, worker, rebel… whatever – just to have an identity. But being me – who was that?” Letting go of the needing to be ‘good’ has been a work in progress for me , but at last I am allowing myself to listen to my body and follow – and trust- what I am feeling. So liberating!

  88. A gorgeous blog – thankyou Sandra. And now, three years on you are even more glorious. Your beauty shines through. I love reading about the changes Esoteric students are making in their lives – so inspiring.

    1. Yes, we are living miracles! Worth a thousand headlines… like: “Student of The Livingness did claim her beauty back – New discovery: Taking Responsibility makes us beautiful!” 😉

      1. I love that comment Sandra “Student of The Livingness did claim her beauty back – New discovery: Taking Responsibility makes us beautiful!”😉Wow, imagine if this was the front page of every newspaper and magazine for women. What a revelation this would be to all of humanity. And I can absolutley atest to the fact the changes in you are truly amazing – you are indeed a very beautifu lwoman and it has been an absolute joy to observe the transformation in you. : ))

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