Love – The Key To A Whole-Of-Life Change

The teachings and presentations of Serge Benhayon have helped me in every aspect of my life: in my work, my home, at school, with food, exercise, physical health and, most importantly, in the way I am with myself and people, and the relationships I have with them. All of this has not been because of individual teachings per se, but from just one – love. Serge has helped me know, to the deepest part of my being, that I am from an amazing love – and when that love is allowed to be there and is developed in the body, it is automatically expressed and filtered into every aspect of life. How can it not be so? Love has no barriers and does not discriminate.

I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (UniMed) five years ago, through a friend and a Gentle Meditation group. Serge is the most caring and utterly-endlessly patient person I have ever met – his integrity and dedication towards others is at times incomprehensible. The care, dedication and integrity from Serge and the Universal Medicine practitioners is unending and enormous – in workshops, in treatments/sessions, and in general passing or conversation. I have never seen or felt it anywhere else in the world, or with any other group of people.

I am so blessed to be part of this group as we are making a true difference. That is what UniMed is truly inspiring in the student body: the true integrity, love and care for others (because all people deserve it). The continually growing student body is a reflection of a rippling-on effect. Our world drastically needs this integrity and care, the reflection of it, and the knowing that it can be done – and that it must start with self.

I was initially drawn to do the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 course, and from there realised there were reasons behind what was going on for me. I heard and felt simple and true words. I became aware that there was much more than I allowed myself to feel about myself. I learnt, and am still very much learning (as we all are – including Serge himself), to be more aware of my body, to be nurturing and caring towards myself and others, and to not expect another person to fill my needs as a compensation for the love that I am not even sharing with myself.

Most of all I am learning to allow and to know that I deserve the loveliness of feeling myself as a woman, especially since the amazing presentations and reflection that Natalie Benhayon shares with all the other women, who have also chosen to nurture themselves and blossom. Natalie is simply a woman who has chosen a very different way of being with herself, and others, a way that completely stems from love – and girl – does it show! She is also the reflection of how a child can grow up to choose for herself when raised with an enormous amount of love, as she was shown by her parents. She is a true inspiration to me.

Yes, in many cases what may be presented by Serge (and lived) is not said anywhere else, but the reason so many are drawn to it, know it and choose to be inspired by it, is because it is simply truth. Simple and true words that then offer a choice. The words are there to present a choice. In my experience women, in most cases, are the ones that tend to hold things together no matter how dysfunctional things are or hard-going life has been for them (and I am sure if you ask your mothers, your grandmothers and great-grandmothers, their stories/experiences will highlight this too). For me, women have always been the stronger/foundational gender, the ones who hold everything together.

Something very true has been presented to us all, to choose or reject (and either choice is fine); but for me, when I see or hear a true truth that I can feel to my bones, it opens me up for change – a change that I can then choose to work with.

Let’s face it, the way humanity is thinking and acting is clearly not working.

The way I live, the way I am at work, the way I feel at work and during any other day, feels mostly great. I can see that people are exhausted, tired, driving their bodies and generally not coping with life, and this is very sad. There have been moments of struggle for me, as I have chosen to make my life more simple and learn to feel how things are for me, however, these moments are nothing compared to what I feel in my body now.

I enjoy being at work, I enjoy being at home on my own, and I enjoy being with my daughter or with friends or family. All of this is because I have, and am learning, a deeper acceptance of myself, a deeper loveliness with myself, and an allowing for what is there to be there. To make the changes in my daily life that support my body, not destroy it or hinder me. I am constantly learning and committing to the connection to and with myself, to my love and to the love of God. With this comes a knowing from my body – that that is somewhere within each and every one of us (especially if I can feel it, relative to the way I used to treat myself and others).

I have learned and developed many things in my day for myself. I have learned to honour when I am tired, to go to sleep when my body is telling me so. Going to bed earlier has allowed me to wake up earlier, to wake up refreshed with energy, to get myself ready with plenty of time in a way that I enjoy and have fun with, to get bags packed with the lunches that I have caringly prepared the night before, and breakfast prepared all before I wake my daughter up, to then help her to get ready before we go to school and work for the day. And to really be there for her, as well as with the kids I teach when I am at work.

Before I began to self-care, I would have moments of being quite racy and elated to moments of feeling quite low; I exercised to be thin and felt unhappy with how I looked; I over-ate (especially chocolate) to deal with life; I over re-acted when things didn’t go the way I expected them to, and at times I manipulated others to make things as I wanted them; I used to cry myself to sleep many nights; and was generally trying to tick all the boxes life was throwing at me… and all of this while I was studying, or working or being with friends and family. I am sure it all looked fine from the outside as I had a good job, owned a few houses, had a husband and a baby – but on the inside I was hurting without really knowing how to express it.

My days and my life are much simpler now – and the more I simplify it, the grander it feels. The more I feel, the more I realise how much there is to feel, and at times there is a sadness knowing that I have spent much of my life shutting this down to avoid dealing with issues.

I have learnt to prepare for the day, to prepare supportive, nurturing, nutritional food that I really enjoy making. I have learned to give my body the exercise it needs. I have learned to stop, to feel, to give myself time, to sit down in the day to eat, to have a break (or a nap), to have a cuppa or just to rest and have time-out for me. I have learned that racing around just gets you exhausted and debilitated and that I can actually do more now, with a lot more energy and in a more caring and loving way, without needing caffeine, sugar, alcohol or heavy foods that lack nourishment.

I have learned to eat what my body needs, to feel how food is sitting in my body. I am learning to let go of the foods, etc that I have felt alter my body in any way – whether it be racing it up or making me tired. I have learnt, and am still learning, to express/say what I am feeling in a loving way, with the care and gentleness others deserve. I am learning to share the appreciation I feel, to be more understanding of others, to be less reactive, and even how to take things less personally (all of which just causes stress and a very irritated and tired body, so who needs it?).

I am more aware and have developed the self-awareness to question why certain things happen the way they do – and to know that there are other possible ways to deal with things. I have changed and continue to work with my love and the quality I am in with myself and others. Thank you to Serge and his presentations – I now know that I always have a choice in this.

The benefits of all of this (which was all inspired by the reflections and presentations from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine) is that I am raising my daughter on my own six out of seven days with openness, working as a teacher at the same time, without going nuts. Bringing all of myself – when being with and teaching the kids – playfully and joyfully, knowing that when things feel tricky, there is another way. The simplicity of my day and honouring what I feel from my body has supported this. My relationships with others feel more open. I am 34 years old, a single, working mum who is enjoying the simplicity of daily life and who has a deep contentment within herself.

One of my biggest physical blessings (and there have been many) is what my body has shown me from my changing the way I am with it: I have not had a grand-mal or petit-mal seizure or vacant moments for five years… and the most amazing part is that after consulting with my doctor three and a half years ago, I began to slowly wean off the medication I was taking. I did this over a three month period while my doctor monitored me and my levels with blood tests and so on. I felt that I was getting enough rest, was looking after myself well enough, I was no longer drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, and I had learned to not take on so much and become stressed (these were all triggers for me). I have been medication-free for three and a half years now. Whilst these lifestyle and medication changes have worked for me thus far, I want to be clear that every case is different and no one should stop or reduce medication without consulting their doctor. Conventional medicine, along with the changes I have made in my life, has been a great support to me in my healing process.

So one man, one very connected man, has decided with all of his being to put himself out there to share and reflect our amazingness. Serge Benhayon is in the business of love, and the reflection of that love is very inspiring. Look at the number of people who have truly changed their lives, benefitted from what he has reflected in his way of living and in his presentations. One man has done all this. What would happen if every single one of us was as committed to the rest of humanity?

By Johanna Smith, Perth, Western Australia

271 thoughts on “Love – The Key To A Whole-Of-Life Change

  1. So true Linda, I am one of the thousands of people that have changed their life around by committing to love and actually listening to my body rather than ignore what it has been trying to tell me for years, that I am love, I come from love and anything outside of this fact hurts my body. The more I develop my inner core the more understanding I can bring to other people which means I do not judge myself or them as I was once in similar circumstances.

  2. So many of us can relate to what you are sharing with us all Johanna by writing this blog, we have become a race of human-doings, ticking the boxes while screaming inside that something doesn’t feel right and because we can feel the unsettlement within our bodies we try to numb and distract ourselves from this constant discontent we feel. There is a different way to be and the workshops and studies of Universal Medicine offers that different way to be, so that instead of the unsettlement we can find deep contentment within ourselves, this is my experience.

  3. “Serge Benhayon is in the business of love, and the reflection of that love is very inspiring”, is an under statement as he does much more that cannot be put into words. I totally agree with you Johanna, he has touched many lives in so many ways, and half the time it isn’t expressed in blogs/articles, but certainly felt.

    All I can say is thank God for Serge Benhayon and his family who live the talk, walk to live and inspire others along the way. The support they have given is immeasurable and I do not know of anyone on this planet that has done this amount of giving.

    They will continue to inspire me till the day I take my last breath.

    1. We lived in a loveless world until Serge Benhayon came along and simply pointed this out and then gave everyone the tools to reengage with ourselves so that we could feel once again our own love and that of God. We have starved ourselves of the true love of God and we have been blessed to be given that reflection once again.

  4. Like you Johanna, I feel blessed to be part of a group that to the best of their ability looks after each other. There is still much more to develop in trusting each other and supporting each other to deepen in their self love which then supports us all to grow because we all do deserve to be seen and met for the absolute love that we are. When we are met in such a way it’s as though we have been given a huge moral and confidence boost. All those ‘negative Nancy’ feelings seem to dissolve to be replaced with a sense that anything is achievable.

  5. “… to not expect another person to fill my needs as a compensation for the love that I am not even sharing with myself.” Well, that’s a powerful line about our responsibility! This is something I am still working on, seeing my dependency on people and certain pictures, all of which distract away from the grandness of love within. It’s such a big part of the human condition to want to be loved, which is very different to saying “I want to be love” – which does not involve making others responsible for us or giving our power away, instead it’s living the love we are, and allowing others space to come to that within themselves in their own time.

    1. How true Melinda, your words, Yes it is a very powerful regarding responsibility. Where I need to take more responsibility is in the area of the food that I am eating, as some foods are not at all self loving or self nurturing for my body. This is where I am at the moment, and with renewed responsibility I intend to address this is a very positive way.

    2. Responsibility is lacking in this world and its a no wonder this world is where it is now. If everyone did their part, I wonder where we will be by now? It begins by making the choice that everything matters and from there is evolves. Start somewhere, start by saying, Yes.

    3. I can honestly say that I have expected others to fill my need as a compensation for the love I’m not willing to give myself. And when this so called love is not given I have rallied against them how dare they not give me what I want, with no appreciation that they too are just as loveless as me.

  6. Well said Gill, and imagine the ripple effects that Johanna also will have in her life and with those who encounter her and spend time with her. The power of true love and care holds no bounds and holds a deep reach around.

  7. Natalie is indeed a young woman who has chosen a very different way of being with herself and is paving the way for many many other women. The level of integrity and care and deep respect for self and others is palpable when you spend time in her presence.

  8. Johanna I could not agree more with this sentence: “The care, dedication and integrity from Serge and the Universal Medicine practitioners is unending and enormous” – what an absolute blessing to have encountered this in my life too and allowed myself to be inspired.

  9. There is so much in what you are presenting Johanna that Serge Benhayon is the most caring and utterly-endlessly patient person anyone has have ever met – his integrity and dedication towards others is at times incomprehensible. The care, dedication and integrity from Serge and the Universal Medicine practitioners is unending and enormous – in workshops, in treatments/sessions, and in general passing or conversation. That no one has never seen or felt it anywhere else in the world, or with any other group of people. is totally true.
    And what shows the true mark of this man is that in spite of everything that has been thrown at him and you would think from the way he is portrayed in the media that he is he is worse than any of despots currently running countries in the world that Serge would say I’m done that’s it no one is listening and of course many are not listening but he has not thrown in the towel and will never throw it into the ring because he breathes, and lives a life of love that is accessible to everyone and everyone has a given right to this love and he is obedient to his last breath to the embodiment of love that we all so deserve but reject at the same time.

    1. That patience to me is a reflection of the humility Serge Benhayon lives with, that he has no investment in or expectation of people, he is just able to be love with others, and allow people to return to their own love in their own way and time. That patience takes so much pressure off and allows space. I can feel when people place me into time, that is, an expectation of where I should be in the present or future, it feels very imposing and comes with an energy that says that person knows more about me and my life than they truly can. It feels very pushing and with an arrogance, even if it’s subtle. Patience is a beautiful and deeply humble virtue by contrast, love still offers you the truth but there is no timing placed on the person, just space to come to it in your own time.

      1. Melinda I so appreciate what you have shared here with us all, your expression has allowed me to feel those times when I have imposed myself on others, thinking I know better than they did about how they should go about life. I can feel the arrogance of the imposition and how crushing for the other person.

  10. Our world does need the impeccable level of integrity and care that Serge Benhayon lives, and brings, ‘Serge is the most caring and utterly-endlessly patient person I have ever met – his integrity and dedication towards others is at times incomprehensible. The care, dedication and integrity from Serge and the Universal Medicine practitioners is unending and enormous – in workshops, in treatments/sessions, and in general passing or conversation. I have never seen or felt it anywhere else in the world, or with any other group of people.’

  11. For me you have encapsulated the presentations of Serge Benhayon. They are presentations and everyone is left to make up their own minds, to walk away or stay to hear more.
    Those that have been interested enough to stay have discovered that the teachings are extremely helpful in supporting people to develop a relationship firstly with themselves and then all others and from my personal experience this happens naturally as we allow ourselves to deepen into the love that resides within us all without exception.

  12. Those people that chose to attend the presentations of Serge Benhayon find that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. The missing ingredient is love not emotional love but a deep well of natural love that lies within all of us. When we come back to this connect of natural love then we realise that for many of us we have been living in a way that we expect others to give us the love we refused to give to ourselves and actually no one can do this hence the disharmony we live with. When we connect back to the love that is within each and every one of us there is a deep contentment within and a desire to share with everyone else and that is true brotherhood.

    1. This is so true Mary, many people expect other people to give them love, and yet they are not prepared to give love, and be love with themselves. Connecting back to and deepening this love for self is an important first step in all relationships.

  13. What I am finding is that loving and caring for myself takes care of everything else. I don’t have to try loving or caring for others, it simply becomes part of me loving and caring for myself.

    1. Love and care of ourselves is like an extension through to all others – this is beautiful what you have shared Fumiyo and supports us all to look after ourselves knowing that in the process we care for others equally so.

    2. Fumiyo I have found this to be true for my myself too, the more loving and caring I am towards myself the abundance this produces within me then gets shared with everyone else, so everyone gains. This is such a different way to live, as growing up in a Roman Catholic family for the females especially the emphasis was always on what you could do for others first, with no consideration for yourself. If you did want to care for yourself it was taken as an act of selfishness which was not to be encouraged or tolerated.

  14. We live in a world of lowering standards; there is a lack of care towards ourselves and other people. So to find a group of people who are prepared to love and look after themselves, to live with integrity and to live in a non-abuse way in my opinion is pure gold. It is a way of living that goes against the tide of the current way of living; that’s okay by me because I know that our current way of living is definitely not working it is a very abusive way to live and I do not want to be a part of this way of life any more. It is so insular and limited in its outlook.

  15. This will all be seen one day as a modern miracle of Medicine and will be universally accepted because energy is everything and we do need to heal on an energetic level, which all starts as Johanna has shared, through being at-least gentle first on the way to being self loving. Also many thanks to Serge Benhayon as he deeply reflects a Humble-Appreciative-ness as part of our deepening Love and that is also now being reflected by the Students of The Living-ness!

  16. There are always other ways to deal with things, and what I am learning is when I bring more love to a situation or a person, its amazing how different everything feels for both myself and the other person, as you just know exactly what to say or do that truly serves the other.

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