Acne Rosacea: My Face could tell a Story

by Dragana Brown, London, UK

In 1991 I went to the Dominican Republic to a wedding. I was 28. Whilst I was there I suddenly started getting spots on my face, particularly around the cheek area. Prior to that my face used to be absolutely crystal clear. Even throughout my teen years I never suffered from acne, and many people, women in particular, used to ask ‘what my secret was’. There was none.

At first I thought this was just some ‘strange’ phase I was going through, perhaps too much Caribbean sunshine, and that soon it would all be back to normal. I was wrong. Over the next few years it got much, much worse, and I ended up with very large and very prominent patches of redness on my face, mixed with spots. It left me feeling devastated and at times livid that it was happening to me – which didn’t help my already red face.

I embarked upon a quest to find a cure for my condition. I turned to conventional medicine and all it had to offer – I sought high and low, with some top skin consultants in England (and abroad), but all they did was diagnose it as Acne Rosacea and prescribe various treatments. Nothing helped, not even a tiny bit!

I was even sent to various other specialists, including an infectious diseases physician, and underwent thorough investigation to see if I had contracted some ‘tropical disease’ – again – all tests came back clear and no further light was shed on my condition. From there on I just had to ‘grin and bear it’.

After a few years of absolute despair and the look of my face getting worse, I had exhausted everything that conventional medicine could and did offer me. I then decided to look at alternative medicine for help. I absolutely explored everything that was on offer there, from herbs to acupuncture, to homeopathy, to macrobiotics, to various other fasts, diets, to all kinds of skin lotions and potions… anything that somebody might mention as a possible help for acne rosacea, I tried it. To no avail.

There were days when I did not feel like getting out of bed, and I definitely felt like smashing every mirror in and outside my home! Worry not, I did not turn into a ‘mirror smashing loony’ :-). Sometimes, I would walk out of the shower and my face would look as if somebody had ‘accidentally’ left hot irons on each side of my face, mixed with spots – horrendous!  Seventeen years of this nightmare!

In June 2008 I went to see Serge Benhayon. When I booked the session I actually had no clue what I wanted out of it, or what Serge could offer. A very close friend suggested in November 2007 that I might like to hear his presentation, which I did, but I still couldn’t quite picture what a one on one session would be like. I asked the same friend, who recommended Serge in the first place, what I should ask him and she said – just ask whatever comes to you when you get there.

Of course, the first thing I asked was about my face. I was sceptical though, about how Serge could help me – after all, up until that point I had spent 17 years desperately searching for answers from experts in the field, so how could I expect a ‘magic pill’ from him? With no medical or even alternative health qualification, I just couldn’t picture how and what it was that Serge could do to help me, but I saw no harm in asking… and I was desperate. He listened to me very carefully, and before he did some hands-on healing we talked about some of my emotional issues, including sadness, and “all the things that I had been harbouring that could no longer be kept behind the ‘façade’ (my face)”. He didn’t even complete the sentence and I was crying about nothing in particular. Serge had scratched the surface of something BIG, something that I would consciously and deliberately begin to address from that day onwards. I knew there and then that Serge had ‘hit the nail on the head’. I walked out of the session feeling positively different, elated, lighter and more content – and again I found it hard to explain how this was possible just after an hour of receiving hands-on healing and sharing a few words throughout.

It made sense what he said… I knew skin was our largest organ – about 5kgs of it! Next to kidneys and lungs, skin is a very important part of our excretory system. It also made sense that my body had been trying to get rid of something (pretty ‘large’ I’d say) through the skin. And emotions reflected on our faces – that is so true. Reminded me of Snow White and the seven dwarves… grumpy, bashful, sleepy, moody… Seriously though, think how many people we meet every day and we can see on their faces and in their expressions their sadness, anger, frustration, rage… without them ‘pulling any of those faces’. We can tell a lie, but our bodies and our faces simply cannot.

Five years later, and a fair amount of tears in between – some of happiness, too – and my face is now clear again with no signs of acne rosacea. The red (or at times even purple) coloured cheeks, nose, even chin and forehead have been replaced by healthy looking skin-tone facial parts with a pink hue. Almost five years now since I first went to Serge’s presentation, my face gets to look more radiant daily. The transformation is absolutely jaw dropping. In the last few years, whilst I have been dealing with my deeply buried emotional issues, all that I have applied to my face is esoteric massage cream, which in no way claims to fix skin (or any other) conditions – it just feels and smells great! In fact, it feels so lovely on my face that I use it all over my body – I love it!

Having worked on re-connecting to my inner beauty and releasing what seemed like an infinite amount of sadness (gosh, I had no clue there was so much in me!) and all that was not truly me, what I was left with is the beautiful essence of who I truly am. This was then naturally reflected on the outside, and each and every day more of the true Me is re-emerging and allowing my true beautiful face to return.

We often hear people say that beauty comes from within – which is true! But it has taken me 40 years plus to completely grasp the deep meaning of this statement. There is more beauty to come out from that inner space, as I make more self-loving, nurturing and nourishing choices each and every day. It took one man, Serge Benhayon, to inspire me to want to go much deeper than I had ever imagined possible. The result is amazing – as these pictures show. Thank you, Serge.

BEFORE (February 2009): My red face (acne rosacea) approximately 1 ½ years after being introduced to Universal Medicine.

AFTER (August 2012): My face (clear from acne rosacea) approximately 5 years after being introduced to Universal Medicine.

140 thoughts on “Acne Rosacea: My Face could tell a Story

  1. Amazing transformation Dragana. The body will always tell us the truth of how we’re living, and what we’re holding on to, and when we’re ready to deal with those issues, then the support is there. The support is always there, but we’re not always open to seeing it.

  2. Our bodies are always communicating to us in one way or another, great that you finally listened and addressed the issue, a great example of honouring our body and the miracles that can and do occur.

  3. I have recently starting developing redness on my cheeks so to say this is a huge support is an understatement. Thank you Dragana.

  4. Pictures speak volumes Dragana, and it is definitely worth considering that we have skin that regenerates to shed that which is not right for our body. The energetic science of holding on to that we need to discard was obviously very clear in this condition, and amazing to hear how you finally cleared it with the help of Serge Benhayon.

  5. I love hearing stories like this about the skin and body. “We can tell a lie, but our bodies and our faces simply cannot.” Our bodies and faces can also show and reflect the magnificence that we are within. Too many of us a reflecting that we are not .. thus the importance of reconnecting.

  6. This article demonstrates that our power to heal is always there inside of us and that the desperate searching many do to find some one or some thing to fix us is often to our great detriment. For it leaves us with the belief we are powerless to our situation, when in fact we have all the power within.

  7. It is truly amazing when we choose to heal our hurts the miracles that occur. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us and when something arises e.g. Acne Rosacea it is truly a gift if we are willing to see and heal what’s underneath, the root cause. Well done Dragana.

  8. You are living proof of what is possible when you choose to address what lies beneath the skin and allow the essence of who you are to shine out. This is a beautiful confirmation of reconnecting to your inner beauty so that it can be physically reflected to the rest of the world.

  9. Thank you Dragana for sharing your amazing story, your picture shows your beautiful radiance shining through. The bodies natural impulse is to heal if we are open to go deeper.

  10. Dragana your story made it very clear that it is impossible to bury or hide things deep inside of us. The body will show us everything what keeps it not in its normal function. It is time to acknowledge that our body is very intelligent as it can help us to see and feel what is not true in our living.

  11. We can not hide from that which is energetically unresolved as our bodies will continuously communicate with us what is there to be discarded and healed, all we need to do is to develop a relationship with self to feel what does not belong and take responsibility of our own healing.

  12. What an amazing story, it makes you wonder what’s under our skin, and how amazing our bodies are to harbour all these undealt with emotions. What an amazing living science we are, it definitely inspires me to deal with my stuff and take the utmost care of my body.

  13. We most certainly cannot hide, and our faces are most certainly a very truthful outer gauge of what is happening on the inner. In fact just the eyes alone say so much.

  14. Dragana, a great example of how true healing unfolds. I love how the body gets our attention to ask us to look at something so that we may return back to the love that we are. We can brush them off as things that need fixing, or take the opportunity to go deeper and accept the healing on offer.

  15. Dragana, you have highlighted beautifully the relationship between how we live, our understanding of life, our feelings and thoughts, reactions etc to how our body is. Our body is communicating with us every moment and if we choose to not listen then it will keep communicating until we do. Self-loving practice and cherishing how precious we are, choosing to not bury or judge ourselves is a place to start living a truly healing and inspiring life. Thank you for sharing how our choices can catch-up with us and we can truly appreciate all the body has to offer in getting our attention for what is needed.

  16. Our bodies tell our story so clearly, they are like a book waiting to be read. But sometimes we need someone else to encourage us to open the cover and begin reading it for ourselves.

  17. Dragana,
    Your story highlights just how much held in emotions affect our bodies, and how our bodies change once we deal with and be honest about what has hurt us. Thank you for sharing this powerful article, one that has the potential to change the world.

  18. There are no quick fixes, but we are given so many opportunities to rededicate ourselves to ourselves and with this we find our way back. Your story is inspirational Dragna. It is a bit of a shock to realise how transparent we really are yet this is a blessing because then we have the key to our healing.

  19. “I knew there and then that Serge had ‘hit the nail on the head’. I walked out of the session feeling positively different, elated, lighter and more content” Serge Benhayon shows us the innate ability to read what the body is telling us about the choices we make in the way we are living. The understanding that every ailment and disease is the body’s way of clearing the emotions we have imposed on ourselves is a true form of complementary medicine to support all that the medical profession offers.

  20. “We can tell a lie, but our bodies and our faces simply cannot.” So true Dragana. We think we can hide – even from ourselves – but there are no hiding places – and nothing is more transparent than our face.

  21. So many people spend thousands of pounds on facial products each year as a way to get rid of blemishes and marks. I myself would spend lots of money on creams. It was only after having regular esoteric healing sessions with a Universal Medicine practitioner and I naturally changed my diet, I did notice that my skin was really clear, that I didn’t have spots and many of the blemishes had gone away. This was a natural by-product to re-connecting with myself, living with self-love and re-claiming my inner beauty. The BEST BEAUTY TIP ever!

  22. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary story Dragana. Facing up to and dealing with our hurts clearly heals deep seated emotions held in the body, a great testament to your self-loving and nurturing choices, awesome!

  23. A great sharing Dragana and perfect timing for me as a few months ago I was diagnosed with a mild case of Rosacea. Your blog is a beautiful reminder to consider the underlying causes of any conditions we have and with the support of the Esoteric Modalities we can bring true healing to the body.

  24. Dragana, what you have written makes a lot of sense. Our faces are a map of how we have been living but as you have shown, that’s not the end of the story. We do have constant options for how we choose to live our lives and any changes will be reflected in our faces.

  25. Wow thats an amazing testimony and should be in a magazine at dermatologists for people to be inspired by. Skin conditions create so much desperation in people and nobody has the answer. There comes along Serge Benhayon and makes you ponder on your emotional hurts, you let go of them and the skin condition does not need to be there anymore as the issue has been cleared. Very simple modern medicine!!

  26. Wow, what an amazing story and transformation. It makes such sense that our emotions show on our face and also clear through our face. Thank you for sharing this.

  27. What an amazing transformation. It just shows how esoteric healing can truly address the root cause of a problem and offer support if you so choose to commit to getting to the bottom of it and deal with your own issues.

  28. Our bodies and in particular our ailments, illnesses and diseases communicate so much to us when we listen. What an awesome and inspiring transformation you have shared with us Dragana… all because of your ever deepening commitment to loving and nurturing yourself. Great blog.

  29. Thank you Dragana for this great blog. Yes, faces are very telling. When I was a teen, I have copious acne in my face that took a lot of time to go away. I could not understand and, since every boy at school had it, I thought it was just normal. It was my body letting go a lot of garbage I was polluting it with. Imagine how different would be our upbringing if we only knew what is truly normal and what is not and allowing the simple question of how am I living if I get acne over my face.

  30. What a beautiful transformation for you Eva, an amazing healing for you, by letting go of the what is not you, and choosing love.

  31. Our bodies never lie. This is challenging, confronting and exposing but also deeply loving. Living with this truth allows for the gift of ‘responsibility’. The opportunity to take back the right to make our own choices and to go deeper in honour of the amazingness we are. Thank you Dragana for this shring.

  32. I find this story amazing Dragana, you have shown that bodily conditions are not just random discomforts we need to live with, but a refelection of a deeper turbulence that can actually be changed.

  33. That’s pretty amazing Dragana. I can’t imagine how frustrating all those years would have been for you after having tried pretty much everything. I’m forever inspired by the many many people Serge Benhayon has supported in getting to see themselves for who they are. No magic wand is ever used and never does he take the credit for the many miracles people experience every day. He is a wonderful facilitator to our own self healing.

  34. Dragana I admire the fact that even though it took many years of searching, that you finally found Serge Benhayon and through his teaching and support your condition cleared. It is when we take responsibility for our issues and allergies , illness etc. that healing can occur. In other words when we are ready.

  35. Thank you Dragana for sharing the level of healing that is possible once we choose to reconnect to our inner most.

  36. Have you ever noticed how some peoples faces show an emotion, they show an angry person, a sad person even a person falsely animated? I have also noticed body shapes can take on a form that shows these emotions in them, and I notice it becomes more so as we grow older, as if those emotions are becoming compounded in our bodies. Perhaps we except it as just part of getting old? But, considering what you have shared Dragana, is it possible that those ingrained emotions and behaviours can be changed and our faces and bodies can reflect that?

  37. Thanks for including the pictures here Dragana. They reflect the depth of healing that you have gone to by looking at the issues that you were holding onto that were reflected on your face.

  38. Wow Dragana. This personal sharing speaks to everyone who is experiencing any bodily condition. It says very matter of factly that nothing is happening in our bodies without good reason and that nothing ever ‘just happens’.

  39. Dragana, I love that you’ve shared this, and how our bodies are really our friends even when we think otherwise. Your acne led you to keep searching and you found truth and through your choices to be inspired by and live that, you are now a beautiful reflection for all. It’s amazing and shows how powerful we truly are and how much is there if we’re willing to see. Thank you for sharing.

  40. Your story is remarkable and worth talking about Dragana…healing your past hurts (and a bit of esoteric healing cream) has transformed a condition you had for 17 years! That is incredible.

  41. Thank you Dragana for sharing how acne is the body’s way of expressing outwardly when it seems to me that so many of the medications are about suppressing the symptoms and concealing their effects.

  42. This is a great example Dragana of what can happen when we look at the hurts we hold onto and how they affect the body and how conditions which have seemingly no cure can in fact be cured or relieved in some way.

  43. This story is like a true fairy tale, but it is your own true essence (true love) that comes and rescues the fair maiden and restores her to her full glory. 🙂

  44. Thanks Dragana, what an amazing example of how the body shows us what we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel. How exhausting is it to search for the “cure” from lotions and potions when all along the healing takes place from the inside. Love how Esoteric Massage Cream has been a wonderful nurturing support for you but you needed to feel the sadness as well.

    1. Irene, this is a great point – “how the body shows us what we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel”… I found this when I was struggling with my weight on and over over a period of many years. I tried to address all the things on the outside which included exercise, diet, self development workshops and various alternative pursuits etc. all to little avail. It was only through Universal Medicine where I was introduced to self care and taking responsibility for my choices that I began to address my sadness and low self worth. As I worked on these areas, and without even trying, the weight loss occurred naturally and has stayed off without it being the struggle with yo-yo-ing that it was before. And the best part is that it’s not just an external change, but that it’s simply a confirmation of what’s already happened inside.

  45. Dragana truly awesome! I too suffered from acne for many many years and nothing would work. Until I found Universal Medicine that is and now with my continual undoing of past choices etc my skin gets better everyday.

  46. Once it was presented to me that my body was talking to me about how I live my life: what I eat, buried emotions, how I move, what I choose, do I listen to my inner feelings I was amazed that I had not been told it before. I never believed life was a bunch of coincidences but I never went far enough to listen to what it was telling me either. Thank God for Universal Medicine!

  47. It is amazing how we can start to truly heal no matter how old the illness when we start to look within, and as in your case Dragana a few simple but profound words from Serge Benhayon you were able to start the true healing process.

  48. I loved this line about you letting go of “all that was not truly me, what I was left with is the beautiful essence of who I truly am”. And yes you are truly beautiful. I can relate to what you share here, not with the skin condition, but in the letting go of the immense sadness that I carried with myself for so long. It is amazing how much was in there. I hope you continue to appreciate the incredible gift you have given yourself to let go of what is not you and to keep embracing the incredible goddess like beauty that is you. A living miracle you are.

  49. Dragana what an incredible experience. It just shows how much our unaddressed emotions can impact our bodies. One session with Serge Benhayon also propelled me on a healing journey that has completely transformed my life for which I am deeply grateful.

  50. It never ceases to amaze me the way in which we store hurts in our bodies, how they display, and how much the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been able to help hundreds of people heal themselves to address these issues!

  51. Amazing before and after, Dragana. And like you wrote:
    ‘There is more beauty to come out from that inner space, as I make more self-loving, nurturing and nourishing choices each and every day.’ I see more beauty radiating every time I see you. Thank you for the inspiration.

  52. This is an amazing powerful story – When you leave no stone unturned there can be no question that there is more to healing than the physical.

  53. And it just made simple sense – the fact that it was emotions (sadness) that was unexpressed, itching to come out – pun intended. Through the years of Universal Medicine I have experienced, this simple common sense of knowing and feeling how the body reveals our emotional issues is now a living way once again.

  54. Dragana, as I read this blog I felt something from within me had also struck home. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a rocky relationship (from tolerating to downright loathing) with my skin and the spots on my face but more so on my upper arms. Reading the quote from Serge Benhayon in your blog about no longer being able to hide what has been buried, this then makes me wonder – rather than go straight into the ‘it’s bad’ mindset – what is my body bringing up that shouldn’t be there but has been buried?

  55. Amazing story Dragana, our body reflects so much of what is going on inside of us. And it shows when those issues are dealt with, very beautiful.

  56. When you describe letting go of all this sadness and bits that are not true Dragana, it made me think of how classic paintings are restored after years of being neglected. Shining bright the true image is revealed from underneath. The human body really is a masterpiece, so very worth caring for.

  57. Emotional energy can certainly put a strain on the body, in more ways than we can imagine. If only we understood the impact this load has, not only on our skin, but every joint and organ in the body. I had a similar experience, my face, both cheek areas, actually broke out in what I would call a burn, the skin was red, raw and quite painful, doctors didn’t understand why and there was no treatment. This started after about a year of attending some Universal Medicine courses and it lasted about 6 months. It is clear to me now that the body needed to release this excess energy from emotion in some way. I’ve had all sorts of aches, pain and rashes but each time I literally felt lighter and lighter. This journey of healing came about by taking full responsibility for everything that occurs in my life, absolutely everything. Thank you Dragana for your story.

  58. This is amazing Dragana and the pictures speak volumes. Not only had the acne rosacea gone, BUT your cheek looks so much softer. Well Done. There’s also a depth that I could feel as I was reading your words. The depth of someone who has literally lived every step they have taken. I felt I was walking with you.

  59. Amazing story Dragana. What a miracle, that when you started to address those issues that were underneath, your face started to clear and show the real you. It gets me to feel what choices I have made. Have I chosen to show my real face? Am I letting people see the real me? Or am I still hiding some things and I don’t want people to see my imperfections?

  60. Wow Dragana, thank you so much for sharing your experience of how supportive and powerful Esoteric Healing is. How awesome too is the body that it clearly spoke to you – in a way that you could not ignore – so you would no longer bury your emotions further but begin to look beneath the surface at the root cause and find true healing.

  61. Great story Dragana. I also suffered badly for acne in my teens and twenties and found that no cream or topical treatment did much good. It was only when I started looking at what was going on inside and what I was letting get ‘under my skin’ literally, including my diet and my unresolved emotional issues, that things began to change.

  62. Thank you Dragana for an inspiring blog which again demonstrates the power of how we are in charge of our own healing if we are open to accept that our buried emotions play out in all our issues. Serge Benhayon in all he presents, lives and practises as a practitioner helps bring an understanding of what is really going on in the body. When this marriage of Esoteric medicine, which brings an understanding to the illness or disease and conventional medicine true healing happens.

  63. What strikes me most strongly in your story Dragana is how we, or at least our bodies, know the truth when we hear it. Serge Benhayon simply presented truth based on a full understanding of energy and dis-ease, and it was felt deeply in your body and by you, and this provided a foundation from which you could then heal. How simple and beautiful is that.

  64. Thank you for sharing Dragana. Beautiful to see the transformation. I wonder how many others are stuck in the same merry go round that you were in. Looking for the magic pill and cure, yet getting no where. The fact that excess emotions plays a big part and everything has an underlying root cause, this should definitely be known about far and wide.

  65. Our bodies really do speak to us don’t they? Your example here Dragana of this shows us the power we have to make great changes in our lives if we truly listen.
    Thank you for sharing your never ending glorious beauty from inside to out 🙂

  66. Another brilliant testimonial that says a lot about what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine bring to the world – an understanding regarding illness and disease and the fact that everything is energy and everything happens because of energy.
    Thank you Dragana for an excellent blog.

  67. Thank you Dragana,What an amazing transformation! You would never know now with your beautiful skin that you ever went through acne rosacea. It is inspiring to me, because I am going through something similar with excema on my face, quite badly in the last 3 years. It has been coming and going as I work on my emotional issues trapped in the face, also inspired through attending Universal Medicine presentations and courses. I agree with you that there is “more beauty to come out from that inner space as I make more self -loving, nurturing & nourishing choices”. It is also true for me that “each and every day more of the true Me is re-emerging and allowing my true beautiful face to return”. It’s great to know that it’s not just me who goes through something like this, and your blog helps me to stick with the clearing for as long as it takes, as in the end it will be so worth it.

  68. Beauty comes from within is so true Dragana, it is impossible for us to be truly healthy if we have emotional imbalances in our body, if we harbour sadness, anger, rage or bitterness in any way shape or form it has to be addressed or else it will come out in disease. When this was first presented to me by Serge Benhayon it was so simple yet such a revelation, of course this is true, how could it possibly not be.

  69. When I read a report like this I can’t help but wonder why, as a society, we haven’t yet embraced the understanding that our illnesses and conditions are about so much more than ‘something that just happens’ to us that we then go to a doctor to ‘fix’. Medicine is an awesome thing, but embracing a deeper understanding would render it magnificent.

  70. What you share is so profound Dragana and is yet another testimony of the enormous healing offered by what Serge Benhayon lives and presents. How I live, how much I hold back, each choice I make..the quality is immediately reflected back to me by my body. At times this is painful or annoying but it never escapes me to feel the gift of having this honesty and directness in reflection to where I am as it completely empowers me to change my ways and choices.

    1. I fully agree Carolien, it is an awesome reflection and testimony from Dragana regarding the healing that is on offer from what Serge Benhayon lives and presents. And what our bodies can show us is huge about the way we are living – we then have a choice to fight our bodies, try to suppress what it is showing us or, like Dragana, embrace what our body is showing us and actually change the way we are living – extremely inspiring – thank you Dragana for sharing with us all.

  71. Thank you Dragana – you are an inspiration and many would benefit from reading your article. Definitely shining from the inside out. It just keeps bringing us back to being really honest with ourselves and to truly look at how we are living our lives and to the choices we make – constantly. You can not buy beauty like that from a bottle.

  72. Completely amazing Dragana, thank you for sharing. I love your analogy about the seven dwarfs and how we can see emotions on peoples faces. This line is awesome:
    ‘We can tell a lie, but our bodies and our faces simply cannot.’
    It is even more lovely to hear how we can completely change they way we look, by letting go of what we hold onto.

    1. Letting go of what we hold onto will indeed bring the most amazing changes.
      It is so absurd how we cling to those ideals and beliefs we pretend to be the truth when feeling underneath that something is definitely not as it should be.
      Once we allow ourselves to express and live what we feel inside, our bodies can sigh with relief and will start to blossom and bloom and shine all the serene beauty that is in each and everyone of us.

  73. Full credit to you Dragana, that you were willing to go there and ‘face’ yourself, that is deal with all your unresolved issues; saddness as you mentioned being major. The more we clear and release from our bodies, the easier it is to make more self loving choices, then as a by-product, the beauty and light we hold within starts to shine forth for all to see. Awesome story Dragana.

    1. When we take illnesses and diseases only at face value, we miss the deeper meaning which is so often to do with a truth we try to mask. I love how you put it here, that in the end its about facing ourselves.

  74. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary story, the results are absolutely jaw dropping. What a beautiful testament to the power of working on your issues and letting your inner beauty shine out.

    1. Totally agree Samantha, working on our issues is amazingly healing as we heal and let go of all the old baggage we have been carrying… then our inner beauty can shine out.

  75. Wow Dragana . . . what a story you share with us – indescribable!!!! I know from my own experience that the root cause of illness lies in me but to see how you change your life and with that your skin makes it also very accessible for the rest of the world.

  76. Dragana, such an amazing story of how you healed your Rosacea – what an inspiration to others dealing with this condition to know there is a way to truly heal -thank you.

  77. The pictures show an incredible physical transformation. Knowing you though means that I have the joy of seeing your absolute radiance and beauty…the pictures do not convey this is full.
    It is stories like this that must be told to the world, like the story of Michael’s tinea clearing in an earlier comment, and my own asthma after 38 years of life attached to Ventolin inhalers. Medicine will one day recognise these miracles for what they are and recognise that the missing piece is here…living and breathing and transforming people’s lives.

    1. Yes Rachel, these are amazing stories – thanks to you and Dragana and Michael for writing them down!

  78. A close relative suffered (in teens) and still suffers (in 50’s) from acne and redness to her face … I had not realised the true cause till this great article, thank you Dragana.
    And I appreciate the longer-term view in the blog, as in writing this blog 5 years after the healing began … it feels honouring to the body, being able to allow the healing to happen in a natural time, rather than demanding an instant fix.

  79. Thank you Dragana, this is a great ‘everyday miracles’ story and a testament to the enormous healing potential when we are honest with ourselves and open to dealing with our buried emotions.

  80. Thank you for your openness in sharing this, Dragana. ‘Tis a joy to see your face! Your beauty is there in BOTH pics – isn’t it amazing how we so judge ourselves…

    I’ve also had issues with my skin – particularly psoriasis that covered the back of my neck/hairline for a couple of long periods in my life. Now, I’ve joyfully cut my hair short at the back (keeps getting shorter!) – it needn’t have to ‘cover’ up anything I was uncomfortable about ‘revealing’ there anymore (which was/is basically ‘me’ – not held back..). Such healing – from attending to the true work within, and also getting to know the true inner beauty – is absolutely amazing, I’m with you on that!

    1. I agree about the beauty in both pics Victoria – in fact (and this might sound strange) I’ve always quite admired the rosy red cheeks this condition brings as that is something I have felt I’ve lacked and have been the lessor for. I’m not diminishing what you and others experienced Dragana, but it does speak to the way we run ourselves down so horribly.

      1. It’s crazy, isn’t it Victoria… Whilst the pale-cheeked lady may envy the rosy-cheeked, the reverse can occur equally so. Like straight hair, curly hair…
        I can’t help but feel how readily our society and culture accepts such comparison, when we can clearly feel how readily (and often horribly) we negate ourselves in the process. We are starved of the appreciation of just who and how we are. Until perhaps, we come across the work of Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine – that is re-forging the way for us all to truly come back to loving who we are, every last skerrick of it.

  81. How wonderful are our bodies and especially our skin for what it is able to clear out of us. Your transformation radiates out of you on so many different level, Dragana. Truly beauty-full!

    My skin has worked overtime since I was a young child. I’ve been covered with boils and had many school sores and cold sores on my face. I have also had numerous basal cell carcinomas removed / frozen or lasered from my face, back and limbs over the years.

    The most dramatic skin condition I’ve experienced was the psoriasis that suddenly erupted after a strep throat I had back in 1988. I was fortunate that my face and the front of my torso were left clear, so my condition wasn’t so obvious when I was out in public. I still experience a few small patches of scale on my skin and am very grateful that, because of my association with Universal Medicine, I now understand what is behind all these skin conditions. Like you, Dragana, I also am a great fan of the esoteric massage cream and use it all over me too.

  82. Thanks for sharing your story. I have rosacea now. You are an inspiration to me that I can heal my face too.

  83. It is incredible to see those pictures Dragana, what a transformation! Thank you for sharing these and also your inner-beauty which is shining most very clearly.

  84. Radiant is the word for you Dragana!!! Thanks so much for this open and honest sharing – I have seen and felt you returning to your beauty from inside out and it has been wonderful to witness. How great it is for anyone reading this to see how powerful it is when we start dealing with those deeply bottled up emotions. It is true as Serge and Universal Medicine has presented and as I have experienced as a practitioner in health care that it is these deeply held emotions that are behind disease and illness .

  85. What an amazing transformation to the real you, Dragana! I couldn’t help but notice how your eyes in the “after” photo show such a greater sense of depth,stillness and peacefulness. I had a similar experience after coming to Universal Medicine where I had a fungal rash (Tinea Versicolor) over most of my torso and part of my legs that would not go away after trying everything until I finally dealt with all the emotional baggage that I had been carrying around, and through the help of Serge and other UniMed practitioners. It still blows me away how it almost magically disappeared after being so desperate for years.

    1. Michael, I still sometime get that same feeling which blows me away – how is it possible that after 17 years of so much struggle and so many treatments my face would clear as you say almost magically. The picture ‘before’ was actually taken about 1&1/2 year into Universal Medicine work so it was much much calmer than before that. In fact at times it used to get so bad that I would not allow people to take pictures of me – perhaps from a distance, but definitely no close ups and if anyone in my family did, I would destroy the photos immediately. It was fortunate that someone else had this photo of me on their computer so I asked to borrow it – otherwise, I had not kept a single photo of that face!

      The ‘after’ picture was taken by me on my phone and it took me hours. I wanted it taken first thing in the morning – as natural as possible, not even washed face (although I no longer use any concealers or face foundations – no more cover ups ;)) – and I wanted to take it so it was a very similar shot to the one before. But the light was slightly strange that day, and as someone pointed out to me the other day, my face looks even more amazing in natural light. I am sharing this not to blow my own trumpets about my face but to demonstrate this almost miraculous change. The only ‘miracle’ that took place, was that I dealt with my emotional issues. Rest got taken care of by itself.

      Glad that you have worked with your fungal rash and saw it leave.

  86. Hi Dragana your inner beauty radiates and shines out so effortlessly there is no room for anything else.
    An inspiration for everyone, we all have that something that won’t go away whether it is on your skin or an ache somewhere. Listening to your body and not just accepting that it has to be this way is a great lesson for us all.
    I am a great fan of the esoteric massage cream too, I love the feel of it and how it gently soothes the body.

  87. Our body will tell us it has had enough, that’s what I love about it. No lies, half truths, ever 🙂 It might have taken you a few years to listen, but listen you did, you wanted to know why, in-truth, and that led you to find Uni Med and Serge. Super cool, huh!

  88. We have never met and until this article I had never seen your face but I have felt the immense beauty within. There is also much strength and power and it is a joy to read all of this being expressed in your articles.

  89. Wow Dragana, what a story you have shared. You certainly did try everything you could, joy you found the way back to yourself and clearing your loud red outcry in the meantime. It really is that simple,( even if the journey seems tough at times and certainly never ending, speaking from my own experience) we can all learn and be inspired by you and your journey, to listen to our own bodies and to deal with our own stuff. Awesome pics! Beautiful skin now 😍

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