David Millikan: Man of God for Sale

by Stephen, Lismore, Australia

Last night (12th October 2012) I went to a talk by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine on the subject of Esoteric Medicine at Lennox Head Community Centre.

Serge invited an unscheduled guest, David Millikan, onto the stage. He had turned up on the night and asked if he might ask some questions of the audience about their experiences with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. David introduced himself as a Uniting Church Minister with a degree in Theology: previously Millikan had been meeting and talking with Serge extensively and had stated that Universal Medicine did not fit the criteria for being a ‘cult’. 

Instead, when Millikan spoke to the audience he claimed the exact opposite – that students of Universal Medicine were indeed in a ‘cult’. How ridiculous. Suddenly, previously undercover camera crew hidden throughout the audience stood up and started filming with video cameras while two TV crews appeared outside the doors. This was obviously a setup by David Millikan and his team.

The people filming inside, with some standing on chairs to get a better view, were all asked to stop, but they continued to film regardless. Serge Benhayon then asked Millikan why he hadn’t honoured their agreement of an open and honest discussion with no recording or filming? But David just kept talking aggressively over everyone.

When questioned by the audience about who was paying him, David Millikan told us he was on a retainer from a well-known Television Station. The whole event was very distressing to many members of the audience, including some very frightened children who were also being filmed.

To be told by a stranger that I was brainwashed and in a cult was insulting and patronising; and to have TV crews there to film me, without my permission, was just plain nasty.

David missed the opportunity for a very interesting discussion with a willing audience, and instead went for the sensational approach of the well-known Television Station – ‘it sells’. And that is really what it is about for David Millikan, “Man of God for Sale”.

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  1. As God is pure love and harmless there seems to be not an ounce of love in this barbaric abusive act which does not represent God in the true meaning of the word.

  2. The lies that have to be told and retold to hold back the Truth have become very much the same old patterns from our past as history is clearly showing us, and these events time will-tell and the truth will be revealed so the lies will-be-seen one day in the same light as the past lies. For those who are addicted to the old-ways their spirit loves to control everything, and it is seemingly-simpler to go with what has been their patterns of the past as their spirit is addicted to those choices and resist the opportunity to evolve or that, which has been offered by the Soul, so all we can do is hold them all equally in love, no judgement because we all have had our addictions.

  3. Nailed it Stephen, a man of God for sale, indeed. And anything which can be used in that sale is considered fair game. It exposes clearly the games of our media, and also how many who claim to be of God are willing to sell out their principles for both money, accolades and fame.

  4. Incredible we are willing to sell our dignity, respect and integrity and it’s shocking who we are willing to hurt for a small slice of recognition, fame or money. It seems to me we need a radical revolution in terms of what we place truly important in this world.

  5. When we try to fit something into a preconceived schema that does not really talk to that schema, you can try as hard as you want but it will not fit. So, all we can say is ‘nice try’ with a smile.

  6. Another missed opportunity like many other media reporters they miss the real story and go for their own sensationalised version and everyone misses out on the truth.

  7. If we get paid to provide footage of controversies it can be very tempted to manufacture them, regardless of the actual facts. Tempting and reprehensible.

  8. Wow – this is really disgusting behaviour. You wonder why someone’s feathers would feel so ruffled if it hadn’t hit a raw nerve of truth. It’s unfortunate that a group of people would come along for the ride like this also.

  9. An ambush with an agenda. When you hear how distressing it was for people, it highlights how blinding an agenda can be. Getting the story was the focus and they didn’t care what they had to do to get it.

    1. It looked as if the distress caused was a big part of the purpose, trying to cause so much hurt that people would react and then only their reactions would be shown…

      1. Full manipulation to suit the agenda and pre-planned story. Not an ounce of true reporting.

  10. These older articles about this event keep popping up. It was obviously extremely stressful and disturbing for many people. It’s great that a number of people involved chose to write about it like this, so we would all understand the actual story of what happened. The media are always one to push a side to a story that seems never to reflect the real story and this incident reveals the same. Why do we set things up by telling a story only to show our ‘true colours’ at a point leaving many people exactly like this? Where is our genuine and true care for each other and why does the person seem to always get pushed aside in the story? Life’s focus appears drawn to doing things, getting the story, getting paid etc and yet this doesn’t appear to be supporting us. There was a way we were in the past, where a person was held to be respected, no matter what the headline. We seem to be throwing this value out more and more and this can only be hurting ourselves in the long run.

  11. Hi Stephen, I agree David Millikan missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

  12. ‘it sells’ This says it all. No seeking the truth but manipulating, misinterpreting and distorting it all to ‘sell’ a story.

  13. What true man of God would behave in this manner?? ‘To be told by a stranger that I was brainwashed and in a cult was insulting and patronising; and to have TV crews there to film me, without my permission, was just plain nasty.’ More than nasty, and totally unacceptable by anyone’s standards.

  14. Powerful expressed Stephen. Your description of the behaviour exhibited by David Millikan is sot on. It is disturbing that we as a society have accepted this level of abuse and outright attack on basic human freedoms.

  15. For as long as history has been recorded it seems people will say what ever suits them in the name of something they assume gives them credibility. The Church has positioned itself as one of these ‘credible institutions’. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the Church, it’s laws, values and integrity are equal to the most corrupt Governments and Corporations that use their self appointed status to wield their power. To understand true religion, to simply get a sense and feel of what it truly offers then Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine offers insight and wisdom so we can choose for ourselves. No external ‘self appointed authority’ required just our own sense of what is true or not.

  16. Spot on Stephan, this man was never there for a discussion it was pure sensationalism. A cowardly self centered act that effected many.

  17. David did miss a great story to tell. That’s the difference between doing it for self and doing it for all. I can tell you now the difference is out of this world!

  18. Not the mark of a ‘man of God’ who truly lives the love of God in his heart, not at all… The callousness, subterfuge and aggressiveness of this man and his attendant ‘surprise’ camera crew is something I will never forget – eye-opening as to the behaviour of a media, and people, out of control, with no concern or respect for their fellow human beings whatsoever.
    Well said Stephen.

  19. Thanks for the report Stephen, the title says it all, where do we get to when men that have committed to representing God on earth sell themselves short of their true purpose.

  20. It was insulting and patronizing to be accused of being a brainwashed cult member when our only crime was attending a health and well being talk. Other than the unnecessary abuse inflicted, what still irritates me is that due to their premeditated ambush, we missed out on the wisdom that would otherwise have been imparted like it was every other Friday night I attended. The only thing I got to learn that night was the lack of integrity and lengths people will go to to boost their careers on lies.

  21. It is indeed a missed opportunity for David Millikan to have an open discussion. And let his self righteous false agenda play the main part in this event.

  22. “David missed the opportunity for a very interesting discussion with a willing audience, and instead went for the sensational approach of the well-known Television Station – ‘it sells’.” – It creeps me to imagine how much ‘stories’ are told in newsletters, TV and online just because ‘it sells’ – without an ounce of truth in it, like here. We are bombarded with ‘stories’ which build and support views not out of an observation but out of an interest build on greed – be it personal or for a company. Shocking.

  23. This is appalling and yet the very fact that it could happen speaks volumes about the state of the media today. Casting blame however does not change a thing, and is an avoidance of the truth which is that every one of us has created the abusive, dishonest media we have today by our being silent witnesses so often in life. By not speaking up against abuse, lies, manipulation, dishonesty etc. we are turning a blind eye and letting it continue. By not saying ‘no’ we are saying ‘yes’. A sobering thought when you look at the horrendous abuses and atrocities that occur every day.

    1. Like casting stones let those who have not witness the lies be the one who cast the stones but we all have felt the lies and stood by with-out the dedication to Truth that is required to turn the lies into a pile of rubble so pick up a stone and instead of casting crush the lies by presented the Truth where appropriate. So the pearls of wisdom are shared and not cast upon stone.

  24. Thank you Steve. The tactics David Millikin employed that night were disgraceful but not surprising given what we have come to expect from current affairs television. We speak out about this abuse when it affects us directly (as we should) and yet it continues every day in one form or another. If we all
    (as humanity) said no to this abusive way it would not continue. I can see that every time I seek to distract myself with drama I am contributing to this issue.

  25. Well said Stephen, David Millikan “Man of God for Sale”. David certainly missed out that night in more ways than one!

  26. “David missed the opportunity for a very interesting discussion with a willing audience, and instead went for the sensational approach of the well-known Television Station – ‘it sells’. And that is really what it is about for David Millikan, “Man of God for Sale”. What was on offer – and is every time that Serge Benhayon shares his wisdom – was a presentation of truth and love – that Millikan and his fellow disrupters missed. They could have learned some invaluable life lessons – as I have. Instead they chose to disrupt a peaceful presentation. If you don’t like something, walk away – close the book – don’t prevent others from enjoying an evening of valuable information and healing. Serge is a man of true integrity. On this showing it appears that Millikan is not.

  27. There was clearly an agenda here – to yield sensationalist footage in support of a weak storyline that had no basis of truth or evidence. That this was done in the way it was – pure entrapment – and via an imposing, aggressive act of attack with no regard for the children present or for people’s rights about being filmed, is reprehensible.

  28. The corruption is deeply entrenched in the current media system – and we all allow and support it by consuming what is presented to us. Safe the few who open their mouths and nominate the corruption.

  29. Wow, David Millikan certainly did miss an interesting discussion with the audience there. The way he went about it sounds super ugly and really not honouring of what was actually going on for the evening… completely disruptive and would be super shocking for the children there at the time.

  30. Classic witch hunt except there is no which! Serge Benhayon is a gentle, simple man that lives from his heart and loves with all his might. Let this man be and do his work for humanity as he does like no other.

  31. What struck me reading this was how David Millikan had already closed off to the possibility of anything but his own sensationalist view of Universal Medicine and of those who benefit from what it offers. The subterfuge behind his strategy for a story appears to have been entirely manipulative and dishonest from the start, in glaring contrast to the integrity and openness that Serge Benhayon consistently displays.

  32. He is definitely not a man of God if he acts in this disrespectful way. A man of God respects everybody and sees everybody as equal and has no intention to harm for self gain. He seems to be a very misguided Son of God who failed to connect to truth. We have to be very truthful and aligned to God to not be corrupted by the media, this is quite clear.

  33. If Universal Medicine was a cult and Serge Benhayon the ‘leader’, David Millikan would never have been allowed on stage, uninvited, on the spur of the moment, to ask unrehearsed questions. The openness and willingness of Serge and the audience to share and have a discussion is further proof that there is no cult!

  34. Thank you Stephen for sharing how this experience felt for you. David Millikan exposed himself on this night as someone who will do anything to make up a story including misleading people of his true beliefs and intentions. This night he was not representing God but rather representing today’s journalism – a story at all costs.

    1. ‘This night he was not representing God but rather representing today’s journalism – a story at all costs.’ I agree Penny.

  35. Thank you Stephen. People do all sorts of rubbish for money and recognition.

    1. People, us, have become addicts to the highs and lows that the spirit lives for so it gets of on the kudos and false energy, but this never last as does the True energy when we are living as Gods from within or that which is our essences.

  36. Well said Stephen, it was indeed a very unpleasant experience for all who were present that evening. That the media think sensationalism and behaviour like this appalling display has any integrity is completely incorrect. I expect more of the media in regard to their responsibility to disseminate the truth with the level of power that they have.

  37. Well written, and your right, that does sound nasty and not a very pleasant experience. All because ‘the drama’ is what sells… There is many amazing stories from the students of Universal Medicine that are very much worth sharing and those are the stories the media should be seeking – which will truly support people in their lives, rather then providing a dramatic story of lies.

  38. What a sad indictment on our society today that ‘Man of God for Sale’ so aptly sums up the behaviour of David Millikan. Thank you for sharing about that dreadful evening Stephen.

  39. What an amazing thing this could have been to talk openly with a person with the background of David Millikan about Universal Medicine. What if his choice that night was only based on the fact, that if we would have gone on with the agreement to have an open forum, he knew that he would not have been able to sustain his ‘a priori’ opinion that UniMed is a cult?

  40. How does an apparent ‘man of God’ pretend one minute to have an open and honest discussion with a community and then in the next drastically change to accuse people, who he has never met or know nothing about, of being a part of a cult? Not too forget the TV alliance he formed to have this filmed. How is this behaviour representing God in any way, when God loves everyone equally? This is what hurts for this is not behaviour inspired by God or the love of God, this is the behaviour of a man with a reputation to build and vested interests to protect.

    1. ‘ How is this behaviour representing God in any way, when God loves everyone equally?’ Absolutely Jennifer he was most certainly there under false pretences and using the label as a convenient way to garner trust that he then abused atrociously.

  41. Great article Stephen, you said it all in “Man of God for Sale”

  42. Great point Stephen, David Millikan did miss out and he did sell out. What an awesome opportunity it now is for us all to show and tell the true story that is our experience of universal medicine. Now that’s a story worth sharing.

  43. Absolutely Stephen, man of God for sale indeed. Apparently the price David paid for his ‘story’ was his personal and professional integrity and human decency. Sadly a steep price for a fake story.

  44. It seems that his title as a Minister for the United Church is simply another facade, just like the conversations he had with Serge Benhayon prior to the meeting, with the express purpose of manipulating the situation for his own agenda. An agenda which seems heavily influenced by the TV retainer and coming up with some sensational story even when there is none. The reason that it works and he gets away with it is the fact that Serge is honest, trusting, and assumes the very best in people.

  45. Thanks, Stephen, for your take on what happened on that night. I agree, the opportunity to hear and report on a story that has the potential to change peoples lives was sorely missed and instead it was ‘sold out’ to the highest bidder. As you say, the whole deception was ‘just plain nasty’.

  46. Stephen thank you for sharing your experience of what was, by all intense and purposes, an invasion. I have no doubt that people will read back in several hundred years in amazement of the brutality of the night – as many do today.

  47. Well said, Stephen…The ‘Man of God for Sale’ seems desperate to me, a man in crisis, too.
    I can only imagine the deep shame he may surely feel at his actions that night. No amount of money, recognition or glamour could cover it up for long.

  48. This is great Stephen, you sharing your take of that night where a ‘man of God’ was being paid to get a sensational story for a TV station. What is really evil here is how this event took place and that human rights were violated – including the fact that children were traumatised and being filmed – this is nothing short of corrupt.
    How can David Millikan claim to be a man of God when God is about Truth and his actions were the total opposite? He may have got paid for his sensational story – but I doubt he would have contemplated that two years on people around the world are still talking about how the rights of innocent men, women and children were violated, by labelling them a cult and getting paid for that.

  49. Great exposure of an act that was manipulative, emotive and lacking integrity.
    Thank you.

  50. I am surprised the Uniting Church still associate themselves with Reverend Millikan. He certainly doesn’t follow their own Code of Conduct and as such, by not speaking up, the Uniting Church is in effect endorsing his actions.

  51. Thank you Stephen you summed it up perfectly “man of God for sale” unfortunately this was/is true. David Millikan sprouted the fact that he was a Uniting Church Minister with a degree in Theology as though it gave him the right to stand up there and treat us with such disrespect and in such an abusive manner.

  52. Children are precious and any civilised person, especially a ‘man of God’, would do their utmost to ensure they were not exposed to anything along the lines of the trauma that was wilfully created that night.
    This brings me to one important question for those who orchestrated and carried out this raid – How would you feel if your family members – especially children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews has been disregarded and violated in such a way? Puts a different light on things, doesn’t it…
    Reverend Dr David Millikan seems to have forgotten the Golden Rule – ‘One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself’ – in his quest to get his story. His actions look like those of a ‘man of God for sale’, however separation from your soul and heart is a big price to pay.

  53. This shows a true level of corruption in our society and how sold out many people are, including “Men of God”!!

  54. ‘Man of God for sale’ says it all Stephen. As you point out, we were an open, willing audience, ready to communicate, but Millikan’s was such a closed-down premeditated intention that it precluded all willingness for this to happen. What a prison he is building for himself and for any who enjoin him. Thanks for your blog!

  55. Well expressed – and I had the same experience – how dare this man call himself a man of God and behave in such a loveless manner. He in fact he is a man with desire for fame and money and not true truth.

  56. I agree Stephen that David Millikan missed a great opportunity for an open discussion. Perhaps he would have seen that his predetermined viewpoint was incorrect and the truth would have provided a fascinating story for the television station he represented.

    1. Agree Rod, this is the problem with preconceived agendas and view points, in the case of David Millikan extremely aggressive ones. I believe even if David walked into a room of Virgin Mary’s he would be still so fixed on his pre-planned agenda that he would be blinded to all else.

      We need unbiased, free and open reporting from our media. The press is in invaluable resource to our society but can and has played havoc when misused.

  57. Well, long after David Millikan has spent his earnings from this little stunt, he has to wake up and look in the mirror at his own face knowing he deceived and betrayed one of the most gentle, sincere men on earth . It may prove to be uncomfortable for him. Serge and the people who chose to attend that presentation will move on and grow stronger. David has to live with what he did for the rest of his life and with the passage of time this may not be pleasant.

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