David Millikan: Media Bullying at Universal Medicine Event

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Why is it that in a country where bullying in schools and in the workplace is not acceptable, where domestic violence and abuse are not tolerated, and where assault and rape are chargeable offences, that the media, or individuals acting on behalf of a media organisation, can be allowed to bully and abuse without the same accountability?

In a country which prides itself on free speech, why is it that a man and an organisation who simply and consistently present another way of living – a way of living that is not harming to self or others, and that supports responsibility in taking care of the body – find themselves in the middle of a witch hunt?

How is it that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and the larger student body that attend these presentations and workshops, can find themselves in a premeditated ambush and attack at one of their events? This was the case last Friday night (12th October 2012), when David Millikan and his crew attended uninvited at a Universal Medicine event, lied and betrayed the trust of Serge in order to be given an opportunity to take the stage to present to the student body attending, and then proceeded to abuse and attack the participants! How is it that the actions of the media in this instance are not made to be accountable?

It is a simple and outrageous lie to suggest that Universal Medicine is a cult – a label which has occurred as a result of a small group of hate-fuelled detractors who continue to remain anonymous, and who have elaborated a deliberate smear campaign against Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and his family, and the Universal Medicine student body.

It is disappointing and disheartening that David Millikan and his crew can ambush a Universal Medicine event – which has an open door policy – and set out to deliberately discredit the very organisation (Universal Medicine), which up to that point he had suggested he did NOT view as a cult. He furthermore indicated a genuine interest in reporting the unbiased truth in order to gain access to the stage at this event, only with the hidden intention of fabricating a scene to be used to support his own agenda, thereby demonstrating a violation of trust and an action which is without integrity or professionalism.

How is it that they can abuse, bully and film (without permission and including filming minors) without being accountable? Why is it in this instance, where if abuse of this nature had occurred within a domestic or workplace situation it would be a reportable offence, that here the media can ignore the same rules and guidelines that govern our society and get away with it? More so, that in the clever way they will put their footage together – which will in no way present an accurate report of the truth – but will be assembled to present a story that will be sensationalised to sell – they will not only be supported by the media organisation they represent, but encouraged?

This is simply abhorrent and unacceptable.

I thought I lived in a country where we do not need to hide to exercise free speech and where women, men and children do not live in fear of abuse and attack from outside at events that they willingly and freely choose to attend. Perhaps it seems I am wrong in this instance.

This is clearly an abuse of media power, and yet another ploy to deliberately discredit an organisation (Universal Medicine) and a group of people who have simply found another way to live; a way of living which is based on connection to self and which is about true love – a way of living that is not imposing nor judgmental of others.

Let the exploits of those individuals and media organisations that choose bullying, abuse and fabrication as their way of reporting, be exposed to bring true accountability to the media; and to allow an opportunity for a different way of reporting which acts with integrity and a responsibility to its organisation and the community it serves; one which allows the truth in their stories to be heard.

Enough is enough.

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  1. 6 years later and we are still experiencing the same behaviour in the media however, there is some I am observing even who work in the industry aware of the sensationalist type of actual lies that go on. It could be seen as worse now .. but not if your aware and know how much and further it is from the truth.

  2. Accountable is a word whose etymology means answerable. When we say answerable, in accountability, we point at the human part of our life. We are answerable to other human beings and their systems. This means that there are some limits that you better not trespass. Yet, the fact that we need the threat of a human sanction to avoid something, also tells us something important regarding how we relate to the divine.

  3. Very well said Angela. The only way abuse like this can happen is because abuse is more normal in society today than we realise. If you consider abuse is anything not of love then there must be a lot of abuse out there because there is also a lot of love lacking within society today.

  4. Life would be much easier for many if what they propagate, that is Universal Medicine being a cult, were truth. They would love it. Since it has nothing to do with one, all they can do is to pretend that it is. Yet, such pretension does not hide the fact that they are not fighting against a cult and not even against others, but against their own potential.

  5. I have often heard Serge say that he is welcome to be challenged. He regularly invites us to challenge what he says. But for me it is common sense and decency that this would be done respectfully. We are all capable of opening a discussion and questioning another. Attacking another is not necessary.

  6. If living with love and joy in our hearts is perceived and or portrayed as wrong, then we live in a very sick world indeed. What I find in reading this account of David Millikan’s actions is that he has lied, deceived, bullied and abused. A true observer of this event will see that he has exposed himself by his actions and not Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon in any way.

  7. For me it’s clear, we aren’t fully aware of the impact of these things in a wider way. It’s not that you need to tell your story to everyone but when you see something happening or you see such an imbalanced view portrayed like this it’s time to let people know. It may not be directly effecting you or even be about someone you know but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak up.

  8. Accountability in this instance was exposed in the full arrogance of the lack of accountability and responsibility.

  9. I agree time to let go of this old way, “let the exploits of those individuals and media organisations that choose bullying, abuse and fabrication as their way of reporting, be exposed to bring true accountability to the media”, and bring in responsibility and integrity to everything in life

  10. His behaviour is abhorrent and unacceptable, it is time for him to be responsible or face the consequences.

  11. “How is it that the actions of the media in this instance are not made to be accountable?” When I experienced this event I did not know where to begin in reporting the media’s accountability. You can go to Google and find some links but I just know what we have in our societies are systems that are not based on equality. We are talking about supremacy. It is around because we have allowed it for so long.
    We are now as a worldly society at a point where it is time to expose it. Where do I begin? This I have an answer to thanks to Universal Medicine. All is energy and the best way to expose this initially is to live from an energy of equality within ie. where true power resides. Live it in full to dissolve this other force and express in the power of equality for all..

    1. Live in the energy of the Soul or within, which is our essences and do not get caught in circulation energy, that energy is the force feeding the lies, so to live from our essences our movements and thoughts are dissolving the lies we have lived!

  12. There is nothing more revealing and thus refreshing about being honest and real to the best of your ability. No one person, organisation or media entity can then beat you up or abuse you because you have in your right of way the might to openly express who you are as Angela has so forthrightly expressed.

  13. Cowboys operating above and beyond the law with seeming impunity – I agree with every word Angela. Well said.

  14. Its awful to see the medias abuse of power first hand but at the same time, eye opening as to the harm it causes innocent people unnecessarily subjected to such abuse. Universal Medicine, after their dedication to the community and the health and wellbeing of people, also do not deserve to be falsely accused because journalists or the like are so hungry for a sensational story they will fabricate it at all costs.

  15. The question that arises is, how free to express are we really? Or does this so called free democracy only apply as long as you stick to the rules and do not challenge the status quo of the majority? But if you step over that line of conformity and comfort and offer to make a difference, you are shut down,

  16. Thanks Angela for exposing the fact that the distortion of the truth sits at the highest level of corruption.

  17. This shows that no matter how the rules and regulations might be people will always find a way to corrupt the system and try to use it for their own benefit. So it comes back to every one to keep and deepen one’s own integrity and not turn a blind eye but speak up where we see disrespect and abuse. Thank you Angela for doing so.

  18. It most certainly is unacceptable – you have captured what happened well here in this blog. A media that regulate themselves clearly does not work and why things need to change. And it starts with us the people saying no as you have so beautifully done here Angela.

  19. “Why is it that in a country where bullying in schools and in the workplace is not acceptable, where domestic violence and abuse are not tolerated, and where assault and rape are chargeable offences, that the media, or individuals acting on behalf of a media organisation, can be allowed to bully and abuse without the same accountability?” A very good question Angela. it would seem it is still going on. I know from personal experiences that the ‘facts’ one gives to journalists can be distorted and twisted – this as far back as the 80s. And now three years on from your blog, it continues. We all need to stand up and say no more.

  20. It’s absolutely and unequivocally an abuse of media power to use ambush as a way to build a storyline – and in such an underhand way with no regard to the rights of people present. Just what is it going to take for the media to be called to account for such acts of abuse and misrepresentation?

  21. Angela great questions to ask – why indeed do we allow our media to get away with what they do? It definitely is beyond time that we called them to account, there is one rule for all of us and abuse is not a part of that.

  22. You make a very good point here Angela, how can we not accept these behaviours in one instance but accept and applaud it in another way? Why have we chosen to live in a way that divides life into chunks when in truth it’s all one and the same. Abuse is abuse regardless if it is in private or on a mass public scale.

    1. It totally exposes the fact that we actually are not that craving for truth as otherwise we would deeply study a new science brought back a live that is supporting thousands of people to life healthy and have the key to an encompassing healthy and wealthy life.

  23. Thank you for your elegant expression of the absurdity that allows our media to play from an entirely different set of rules, standards and ethics to those principles and expectations of integrity, responsibility, consistency and truth that are the foundational pillars for our society. Whatever happened to truth in journalism? Why is there so little integrity these days? As you say, ‘How is it that the actions of the media in this instance are not made to be accountable?’ It is only by us as individuals calling out when truth has not been presented that we can make any collective headway in changing the root causes behind such scurrilous journalistic practices.

  24. Ah the truth, something that is very uncomfortable to some, and not only uncomfortable but also completely rejected, as they refuse to see what one day they know they will have to see, doesn’t make sense to me, why prolong the agony?

  25. So well presented Angela, is it any wonder that the students of the Livingness question what is happening in today’s society when people like David Millikan lie, break a trust to so obviously and blatantly lure his victims through misrepresentation to get an emotional reaction. This is no different to any time in the history when humanity’s truth has been persecuted by a minority of society in the name of doing the right thing.

  26. Great questions, Angela. The media have been allowed to get away with their underhanded tactics because they bully ‘victims’ into silence. Thank you for standing up and calling out what is really going on.

  27. Well said Angela. This whole scenario was not the media investigating and uncovering the truth responsibly but illustrates clearly how they had formed a judgment that had been delivered to them from a biased view point, a view point that lacked substance and true integrity. They simply then pursued that agenda with their eyes totally closed to the truth and in the end presented blatant sensationalism that was completely biased and devoid of truth. In effect the media were merely pawns in a game played by those with sinister intentions which is a shame because the media of Australia have so much potential to present otherwise.

  28. Well said! Enough is enough… The act from that night was so not respectful to this group of people.. Are they attempting to put people in fear? Make them think they are brainwashed and hence mindless people that can’t make their own choices? It’s so imposing to try and force people to agree with your opinion.. Especially in this way!

  29. Agree with everything you say Angela, perhaps bullying and abuse have become so prevalent now that there is an underlying sense of futility to address it in society, which then at some level is actually acceptance. Maybe we as a society need to look at all abuse and harm that is perpetrated, and especially that done by powerful media corporations, and speak up to what is not ok.

  30. Thank you Angela for this great article exposing this totally unacceptable media bullying of Universal Medicine ‘a group of people who have simply found another way to live; a way of living which is based on connection to self and which is about true love – a way of living that is not imposing nor judgmental of others.’ That this is obviously so challenging for some is no excuse and as you rightly say enough is enough – it is time for the media to clean up their act or be brought to account for their actions.

  31. Well said Angela, thank you. Since this event and all the media reports on Universal Medicine, I have begun to see the through the tactics of the media and how they use there positions to not tell the truth and to hide of a situation or circumstance. The result is that now I no longer believe or trust what they have to say and the broader community are concerned about where can they get information that they can trust. We, as consumers of media also have a responsibility here in terms of what we choose to consume and therefore support.

  32. Beautifully expressed Angela, it is time the media are brought to account for their actions, enough is enough!

  33. It seems somewhat unreal that people unimposingly living a life of connection to self, based on true love and self-care would be forced to endure the dark side of the media like they did. Thank you for standing up and calling them to account… it was unacceptable.

  34. Indeed Angela, Enough is Enough…time for us all to take responsibility, including the media

  35. Angela this is a great calling out of what the media is allowed to get away with. As you say bullying and abuse is not acceptable and in many cases is a crime. How is it then that media is still able to get away with it? They hide behind the premise of freedom of the press. What this in fact is is a knowingly false declaration they hide behind and so they may behave however they choose to get a story they think will bring them recognition. Truth and people are never truly a consideration.

  36. Your suggestion that to have Media that is accountable and there to provide true community service by simply factually reporting, would be amazing. Without the sensation trying to sell a story approach that has become the norm. This feels so far from the reality of the way the Media is, and how far from the truth we have all allowed things to get, accepting that this is just how it is. Thank you Angela for you article.

  37. Thank you Angela for asking these questions. It appears the media have their own set of rules on hypocrisy. Whenever their freedom of speech is threatened, they are up in arms, but they feel it is ok to brandish someone else’s freedom of speech as being in a cult. As you say, ‘enough is enough’.

  38. This is an excellent article Angela Perin, and as you say clearly Universal Medicine is NOT a cult in anyway. In fact it is the total opposite, yet David Millikan and his film crew chose to run with a story that is total lies and what is outrageous is how they did it through bullying and taking over an audience which included children.
    You talk about ‘accountability’ and it seems in 21st century modern society a country like Australia is not doing anything about the media who are getting away with whatever method they choose, just to get readers. Has anyone ever questioned what is it that the average reader would want to read – Truth or Lies?
    This is irresponsible journalism and as a member of the general public, not what I ever want, as it is very harmful and in my view that is wrong.

  39. Good question, how is it that the media bullied it’s way for a fabricated story and the breach of human decency. Well said Angela.

  40. Thank you Angela, I read this as an invitation to the media to study the student body truly. Bring them on.

  41. I agree with you Angela it is an outrageous lie to suggest that Universal Medicine is a cult.
    These allegations are coming from a few people that are unwilling to look at themselves and the choices they are making in their lives and wanting to blame others and try to drag them down. All because UM students are taking responsibility for their lives and are choosing a loving way of being. This can be exposing to others that are still choosing to live in disregard and not taking responsibility for there own lives, therefore this ridiculous attack on a community of decent, caring people.
    Mary-Louise Myers.

  42. Yes, accountability for all media: print, radio, tv etc is universally required… to stop the abuse, bullying and trail of disruption and corruption that is currently taking place ALL OVER the world!!

  43. With freedom of speech comes responsibility – responsibility to do no harm, to tell the truth and to not do it for gain. Millikan ticked none of these boxes. He was only interested in getting a story no matter who or how he harmed.

  44. I agree. This form of blatant abuse by the media definitely must stop! BULLYING in any shape or form – by any means – in person or electronically IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  45. What another great addition to the body of communication that is building up to stay that we do not accept this kind of pre-planned bullying and misrepresentation in our society, and indeed in any society. Thank you Angela!

  46. Angela you raise questions that bring tears to my eyes and heart.
    It is almost as if the truth that you expose with your questions is so painful that we avoid asking these kind of questions in the first place. Much healing can come from asking such questions, exposing the extent of the rot and then both individually and as a society making a choice to live differently.

  47. Thank you Angela, What you have written is very powerful and sums up what needs to be said and heard in a few paragraphs. Enough is enough

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