From ‘One of the Lads’ to a Gorgeous Woman… Through Self-Love

by Rebecca Wingrave 

I spent about 20 years of my life drinking, partying, trying to be ‘one of the lads’ and generally having a complete lack of self-worth. I got really ill as a teenager from overindulgence in alcohol, but just carried on as it was what I felt gave me confidence and was what all young people did; I didn’t know another way of being.

I began suffering from digestive issues and so decided to seek help. I was advised by a nutritionist to stop eating gluten and dairy and to cut down on my alcohol consumption; over the next couple of years I started to feel better. I noticed how sick the alcohol made me so decided to stop drinking it altogether – the problem was that my social life was based around drinking and my friends found it hard to understand why I wanted to stop… I really felt like the odd one out.

I attended a Universal Medicine workshop, and through listening to Serge Benhayon present and talking with other students there, I realised I wasn’t alone; I had finally met people who were also looking after themselves and who had chosen not to drink alcohol – I was introduced to another way of being.

Serge presented to us to feel for ourselves what our bodies were saying, which foods worked for us, and which made us feel bloated or heavy. So I began making changes; I refined my diet by feeling what foods and drinks worked for me, and three years on I no longer have digestive issues.

Serge talked about sleep times and how the body begins to rejuvenate from 9pm, so I began going to bed earlier and noticed that this made me feel so much better. He also presented about the tenderness we all have in our bodies: I had some Esoteric Breast Massage sessions and felt this tenderness, as well as a delicateness and beauty in my own body. This was amazing for me, and since then I have been allowing myself to feel this more and more.

I realised that I wasn’t ‘one of the lads’, I was actually a gorgeous woman. I began to dress differently, much more femininely, which I’ve really been enjoying; I take the time to massage myself and am much more gentle with my body – from not carrying heavy bags to driving much more gently and carefully.

Through this self-care and having the support of healing sessions with Serge Benhayon and other Universal Medicine practitioners, my confidence and self-worth have been increasing hugely… I feel much more of the real me and am letting go of the trying to be something or someone else.

I have found another way of being, a more loving, more gentle, more enjoyable, truer and more honest way of being; a way of self-care, nurturing and love.

264 thoughts on “From ‘One of the Lads’ to a Gorgeous Woman… Through Self-Love

  1. Giving permission with oneself to be gentle and loving is something we all crave – both men and women alike, and it is such a gift we can give ourselves. And yet it is the most natural thing for us to do – and seen so beautifully in small children where the boys and girls are equally gentle with each other.

  2. We are born as women, but yet we can deny or resist this or pretend that we are not. I too found myself growing up as a tom-boy and only just in the last 5-7 years re-discovering the woman that I am. What a gift! and all this thanks to Serge Benhayon and his encouragement of allowing me (and us all) to express that which lies within.

  3. It is lovely to read how you are now claiming your true self, and honouring yourself in the process, ‘I have found another way of being, a more loving, more gentle, more enjoyable, truer and more honest way of being; a way of self-care, nurturing and love.’

  4. I went from being a tomboy to being ‘one of the lads’ I work in a male dominated society and I gave my power away by falling into their way of life which was to work hard, play harder environment, it still is today to some extent but nothing like it used to be. Interestingly there is a slowly changing attitude among my fellow male colleagues they don’t want to party so much, they do want to be with their children and support them as they grow up. They don’t want to be just the bread winner traveling so much they hardly ever see their families. There is a change happening, slowly but none the less a change is occurring.

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