Stew On This… Part 3

by Nina Stabey BHSci, Goonellabah, Australia

I found out recently that my name and my business have been listed on a derogatory website. Those behind this website choose to remain anonymous. Their chief objective: to ‘name and shame’ practitioners associated with the outfit of Universal Medicine. I asked myself “what have I got to be ashamed of?”

And this is what popped up…

I have nothing to be ashamed of and EVERY-THING to be proud of.

In effect these ‘gut-less’ individuals are saying that they would not have a problem with me if… I was still snorting cocaine, taking ecstasy, injecting pethidine, smoking pot daily, walking around obese, miserable, depressed and suicidal with a chronic ‘incurable’ digestive disease, in hospital every second month, on welfare, having dysfunctional relationships with family and friends… and best not forgotten, using men.


I would be more socially acceptable to ‘them’ If I had continued on this route??

But because I made the executive decision to claim my absolute knowing that my life could be lived another way… I am to be publicly shamed?

My life these days, thanks to the unwavering love and support of Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine practitioners over the last six years, is very very very very different.

I have ‘grown up’ and taken responsibility for myself. This clearly ruffles ‘their’ feathers.

I would like to know how ‘they’ are living. Are they relying on stimulants and downers to get through their day, are they abusing their bodies, do they have quality relationships? What qualifications do ‘they’ have to cast these accusations? And do we know who ‘they’ are? No – because ‘they’ choose to remain nameless… surely it begs the question WHY?

Whereas I am proud to stand up and offer what I do and how I can be of support to the community! What are ‘they’ contributing to the community? Hostility, abuse, slander, aggression and psychological warfare.

I have personally changed so very much, and my work too has changed. I walk my talk. I offer my clients and customers a snippet of a life that is lived with simple-ness, deep respect and love.

Am I to be shamed because I am a practitioner that works with Integrity? One that does not smoke, take drugs, eats lightly, goes to bed when tired, enjoys exercising and investing In meaning-full relationships.

Are these appropriate reasons to be publicly ’named and shamed’?


Where In the world have we gotten to if people, who choose to live drug free, not rely on coffee or alcohol, self-care, take preventative measures so to not get run down and depleted, are ridiculed, harassed and traumatised. What is going on? And why are ‘they’ getting away with it?

Now is the time to expose the ridiculous-ness of this.

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103 thoughts on “Stew On This… Part 3

  1. It is sad how people shun others and yet they know nothing about that person. This kind of feels like rumours/gossip that occur in villages and yet there is always a different perspective to it, but no one wants to listen to it.

    Nina I love how society would rather we were one of the statistics that are in disarray, the lost, the lonely the one who suicides. When we stand tall and make the decision to truly serve, then yes of course the attacks are going to occur, because of jealousy or the fact they don’t want another serving from their truth.

    There is a lot to figure about life and our responsibility is to continue without being affecting, and sometimes easier said then done. It’s the thing that helps us develop the muscle so we have the stamina to be up against anyone who or, what thing that comes at us.

  2. I loved the absoluteness of this blog, the walking the talk and you raised a very good point. Why do people who take responsibility for their well-being are targeted somehow. Just in the foods I eat, and the way I choose not to take on other peoples stuff, sets people off around me and there is no need as everyone has this ability to do this, if they so choose to do this.

    When we live with responsibility, people around us become rattled by it and the sad thing is, is that this is the state of the world, jealousy and comparison is rife and around us.

    So all I can say is to stay with yourself, and continue building a foundation that is within all of us and not be deterred by those who choose to remain where they are ignorant and arrogant in their livingness. Our role is to continue reflecting that there is another way.

    1. When we live with more responsibility, the cage becomes more rattled for another. Our responsibility is to continue along that path of responsibility and continue to observe how the games play out.

  3. Nina it couldn’t be more clear cut when you present it this way, no one batts an eyelash when we are down and out, but be love, harmony… or even worse… the truth (!) and on come the attacks. I’m sure history is littered with examples of soulful people who were attacked this way, but what doesn’t make sense is how by bringing down people we also bring ourselves and our communities down… and re-enforce the status quo. It’s so short sighted to attack others.

    1. Yes agree Melinda when someone is bringing love or harmony to the world, it’s shot down. Yet when the state is in a state, it kind of feels it keeps them safe so you are left alone. Dare to stand out…

  4. Keyboard cowards use fake names to point the finger, bully and say lies, and yet they live a life that no one would want to endure. Why not focus the intensity of this bullying into supporting themselves to live a life of true service and with some joy in it too?!

    1. Bullies are essentially attacking themselves also, because they are in some ways trying to preserve a way of living that is actually self incarcerating, and they bully the reflection of greater love to not see this or take responsibility for themselves. Like a lot of mentalities on this planet it’s absolutely bizarre.

  5. Nina – this is an amazing confirmation of a life that you once lead that you have said no to and walked away from, thanks to the support of Universal Medicine and its amazing philosophy and approach. A celebration indeed of all that you are and all the inspiration you bring to so many of us.

  6. If we do not look after ourselves (get involved with drugs and alcohol and self abusive ways to live) we are left alone, and when you look after yourself and begin to shine there is someone who wants to make sure you get knocked down….This does not make any sense. Where is the true care and inspiration when we all know we are worth so much more?

  7. I feel from what you have written that you have exposed an energy that is hiding behind these ridiculous attacks. This energy has gone unnoticed for years and now it is being exposed by a simple loving way to live. To live lovingly there is no need for emotion, bickering, drama, abuse, no family feuds the list of exposure is long. And quite frankly the energy does not like being exposed and so uses loveless, disconnected people as puppets in an attempt to stop the truth from being seen and heard. Love will out as it is the currency of the universe so these people are on a hiding to nowhere as they will themselves be exposed for the lies they peddle and the energy they have chosen to align to.

  8. When we reflect our essences, which is our greatest form of communication, and build a True Livingness we get noticed and as history has shown the lying ways of a few will always try and push down the Truth!

  9. Bullying (including its cyber kind) is a supremacist activity aimed at erase from the face of Earth a vibration (embodied by someone) that creates a disturbance in the bully.

  10. Its absolutely ridiculous that a group of self loving people interested in improving their wellbeing and relationships should come under attack, surely there is such enormous fodder on offer for journalists in terms of crime, corruption, environmental issues, etc, that they would not have a true need to report here, unless of course there is a sensationalist and fictitious story that might sell more papers. And, it’s highly possibly that this is more than just sensationalism but a direct attack on something that represents the truth in a world seemingly content with lies.

  11. There is no shame, only freedom, when love is at the heart of all we do, what we live for and are inspired to live. For in love, the truth of all is known, as such the lovelessness exposed in all its subtle and deceitful ways. And so, there is no need to prove anything for our living way says it all.

  12. My wellbeing would not be where it is today if I had not met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Me in my life has and is changing so much most of all my commitment to myself and to those around me and taking responsibility for my life as best I can. You only have to take a look at me compared to where I was before I came across Serge Benhayon and the proof is there right in front of your eyes that’s if you are honest enough and want to see it!

  13. When we experience jealousy in our lives and are treated in a way to bring us down we have to speak up as we harm ourselves by saying nothing. Why should we allow ourselves to be treated in a way that is void of love? And could speaking up be our learning?

  14. “Am I to be shamed because I am a practitioner that works with Integrity?” A powerful question for the detractors to ponder on.

  15. May I add also, your celebration of where you are at in your life Nina – in no small measure inspired by the work of Universal Medicine (UM) – is something the many students of UM who have undergone their/our own transformations, would do well to do a lot more themselves. Living miracles are walking amongst us every day… What you’ve described here in your own life deserves shouting from the rooftops!

  16. Brilliantly declared Nina Stabey. It is an indictment upon us all that such cyber-abuse is permitted to run as rampantly as it does. What will change the story? Voices such as yours that call it exactly for what it is – inexcusable harm intended toward others, both directly and also through seeking to tarnish and smear reputations and standings that deserve this in no measure whatsoever.
    The key is NOT to be diminished by such activity, and stand clear and strong in the absolute truth that is known to the bone. As you have brilliantly done and shared with us all here. Thank-you.

  17. Awesome Nina, well done for standing up for truth and claiming who you are. To be attacked for making loving choices doesn’t make any sense, but this only highlights to me that anyone who chooses to attack a loving way is most likely simply someone who is choosing to avoid love. As what you and many people at Universal Medicine are reflecting to the world is a very loving way. Some people are inspired and some are resisting it. But Ultimately we cannot resist love forever because love is our natural way.

    1. Beautifully said Chan, love is our natural way and there is only so long we can resist this. Thankfully Love never gives up on us.

  18. Ironic isn’t it that what alot of people consider the norm in today’s world is often not all that loving at all.

  19. Everyone named on the list has broken away from the norm and embraced a way of living that has permeated their work and as a result has been supporting others deeply. They have transformed their lives in extraordinary ways that deserve applaud and not shaming.

    1. Yes Samantha, people who have left behind an abusive non-loving lifestyle, and replaced it with a loving, responsible, and honouring way of living deserve celebration and applause, not ridicule and abuse.

  20. It’s interesting Nina, when I see my GP she is delighted that my health is so good and that encourages me to keep it going. Your are correct it does seem ridiculous that people should be criticised for their own choices in how they are living, especially when these choices are so good for your health. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon must be getting something right.

  21. So many find it difficult to be with a person who chooses to care for self, because it triggers the disregard they accept for themselves. Very powerful reflections that can trigger another to dig deeper into ones disregard and to then verbally defend these behaviours. Could this be what the cowards who have penned the naming names page have done?

  22. Nina thank you so much for exposing the ridiculous-ness of what this guys are doing. It seems to me that being responsible is not the new normal they want – that is sad!

  23. Well said Nina. There are some feathers that definitely need ruffling when it exposes that there is a way to choose to live with integrity and responsibility. Is it possible that those who skulk in the shadows have something to hide?

  24. You expose the complete hypocrisy in this public naming and shaming. First, that those responsible aren’t prepared to be named themselves on a site that purports to be all about naming. Second, that the so-called contribution to the community comes from an intention that has hostility, abuse, slander, aggression and psychological warfare as its drivers.

  25. “Am I to be shamed because I am a practitioner that works with Integrity? One that does not smoke, take drugs, eats lightly, goes to bed when tired, enjoys exercising and investing In meaning-full relationships. Are these appropriate reasons to be publicly ’named and shamed’? ABSOLUTELY not.” Good questions Nina. And still it goes on for many associated with Universal Medicine, with lies and abuse becoming more slanderous and evil – and patently untrue.

  26. The way you live with responsibility and love means you are a great practitioner and presenter who by dissolving the myths about nutrition has helped many people to understand emotional eating and thus heal their own disorder. To undermine all of your excellent work with slander and lies is reprehensible.

  27. This is a question that we should all be asking… “Where In the world have we gotten to if people, who choose to live drug free, not rely on coffee or alcohol, self-care, take preventative measures so to not get run down and depleted, are ridiculed, harassed and traumatised?” Why is it that those who chose a life based on love and self-care might be ostracized or shamed or ridiculed because of their choice to live more responsibly… Is it that these choices simply expose the choices of others and that the distraction of ridicule allows them to avoid taking responsibility for their own choices and / or looking at the quality of their own lives…?

    1. It does make people’s head turn side ways when you say you don’t take drugs, stay out late, eat junk food or drink alcohol.
      This only highlights how many have only taken up these habits of self abusive behaviours to fit in. Because on many levels we don’t like abusing ourselves but it is more comfortable to not stick out like a sore thumb and be accepted by those close to you.

      This is why people in history who have been ahead of there time have been persecuted. If people really did the self damaging behaviour based purely on personal choice it would be a much more live and let live world but because there is a constant tension with what they are choosing they don’t want to see another making the choices that they have always wanted to make.

      1. Very well said Luke, great points you have raised here. Whilst people may say the type of life they would like to have how many are prepared to truly support those who choose it for themselves?

  28. This approach presented here is an approach that I can also apply to myself internally. So often my thought patterns are around what I am not proud of, whereas there are so many things worth celebrating. I feel when I allow thoughts of what I am not proud of in my head, it can open the door for me to attack others who reflect what I actually want to have – even though I might have those things already inside me too!

  29. These are interesting questions you are raising Nina. Why is it that the world leaves us alone as long as we blend in and are more or less as abusive to ourselves just like everyone else? But when we start to take care of ourselves and consequently others and therefore become more responsible members of society, we stand out, we are looked at and even ridiculed. What is going on? And what is wrong with the world? Isn’t that exactly what is needed to get us out of the mess we are in?

  30. Wow Nina, that does certainly raise more than a few questions. Why should people feel ashamed or apologetic or that somehow they are in the wrong when choosing to be more responsible and self-caring in their lives and with their choices? But then how have we gotten into the state of apologising for just about everything even when it may not have even been ours or their fault or that there was no fault to begin with. This everyday sense of needing to be sorry for something keeps us believing that we are lesser in someway to someone/something. Does this really support us in being who we truly are or is it a convenient way to keep a form of suppression maintained? And if so why are we buying into that game?

  31. How ironic that anonymous somebodies think they can get away with naming and shaming those who are choosing to live self caring and responsible lives. You have certainly given them something to stew on Nina and are inspirational in the way you have turned your life around.

  32. Awesome Nina – you definitely deserved to be named, but not shamed. Your story is inspiring for many others, and so is your willingness to stand up for the truth!

  33. It’s that comment that you ‘walk your talk’ and the fact that you are willing to stand up for what you believe Nina. When I hold that up against how these detractors are behaving it’s quite clear to me who is the inspiration.

    1. Yes Simon, Nina definitely walks what she talks, she lives and breathes health and vitality.

  34. The message of the name and shame is very simple: go back to your self abusive patterns and you will be discharged from the list, keep choosing love for you and for others and you will be the subject of the fury running us because we can feel your light and know it is brighter than ours. Pure jealousy.

  35. I agree totally Nina, you “..have nothing to be ashamed of and EVERY-THING to be proud of.” Well said.

  36. If it were simply a case of a few casting their own inaccurate, distorted dispersions that display their obvious jealousy they have of one, or many, making truly loving choices, then it would be easy to see their behaviour as ridiculous and outlandish. To anonymously set out to harm others for simply making choices different to their own, in a deliberate effort to bring those people down, shows an insidiousness that can not be tolerated.

  37. Awesome Nina, you have nothing to be ashamed of and much to celebrate, what a turnaround you have made in your life! If only those who wrote these sites would begin to look at their own behaviour, and perhaps consider their role in creating the lives they live, rather than wasting their time living in their hurts and blaming others for the choices they have made.

  38. I agree it is utterly ridiculous. Hostility, abuse, slander, aggression and psychological warfare versus simpleness, deep respect, love and integrity – I know which side of the fence I’d prefer to live on.

  39. Nina when I read how you used to live, it really struck me because I used to live in a very similar way and it was so very normal and yet reading your list it now stands out as quite extreme. I feel that a lot of people’s reaction to the way that we are choosing to live is because people are not wanting to feel the choices that they are making. As human beings we love comfort, anything that feels like a big sooky blanket and we’re in !

  40. Nina, I love how you express. It is very absurd indeed to be shamed and defamed because one is living a healthy and vital life with deep respect to oneself and others. As a society have we become so used to to corruption and just getting by, that living a truly healthy and joyful life is too much to digest?

  41. ‘Right on’ Nina. A forthright statement of the truth regarding the false allegations been levelled against Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and any body associated with them. “Why are ‘they’ getting away with it?”

  42. Well said Nina, the ridiculousness of this whole matter is, well, just ridiculous. You have made a lot of amazing changes to your health and well-being and if someone is prepared to make accusations but stay anonymous, it doesn’t speak well for their integrity or that there is any truth to what they claim.

  43. This is an excellent blog Nina Stabey with you sharing openly your past and where you are at today with the unwavering support as you say from Serge Benhayon. Very few would put their name to a past like what you had. What a marker for us all to get real and honest. You are a living inspiration just because of how far you have come by making choices that no longer harm you and others.
    You are now publicly named for the truth and this is something that will stay with you and cannot be erased. You have left a digital footprint about Truth and truth will always be the last one standing. Well done and thank you for making a difference to our world in a big way, as it really is commendable what you have done with the love and support of Serge and Universal Medicine practitioners.

  44. Absolutely Nina, it is so true that you have done nothing but support humanity as a practitioner… anything that says otherwise is complete lies, which you have exposed brilliantly in this article.

  45. Well called out Nina, crazy isn’t it when those taking true care and living with integrity are slandered by anonymous trolls while those abusing themselves and living less than ethical lives are somehow fine, what on earth and where are we as a society when we have things so upside down like this?

  46. Well Said Nina and beautiful to read and feel all you are, how you live and are proud of. This a real and true way to live and reflect to the world and all you bring – Amazing. Thank you.

  47. Thank you Nina, for this powerful blog , you have certainly given the denigrators much to stew on.

  48. Nina, thank you… simply awesome! I love how you have exposed the ‘ridiculousness’ of it all. You absolutely have EVERYTHING to be proud of.

  49. Hi Nina – I love the way that you have written, it is as you say (and do), live; simple, deeply loving and respectful. It is also so very very powerful! You say that you walk the talk, well you write it too, which makes sense, because how could it be otherwise?

  50. Wow Nina! What an absolutely power-full and clear post – could not agree more with your comments and all of those expressed above!

  51. I really had an ‘Aha’ moment by these words: “Are these appropriate reasons to be publicly ’named and shamed’? ABSOLUTELY not.”

    Before, the whole article made me feel a bit sad, but after that line I had a strong felling that it is just not TRUE. With ‘it’ I mean that living a life caring for yourself and not drinking alcohol etc. is not a reason to be named and shamed. Thanks Nina for this clear article.

  52. I absolutely agree. Thank you Nina for making these clear statements.

    What kind of world are we living in? Definitely one that needs a call for change.

  53. Precisely. Just what is there to be shamed about? Taking responsibility for one’s health and welfare? Making the commitment to not drink alcohol, caffeine, smoke, take drugs, indulge in unsocial behaviour? Working to highly professional standards? You are right Nina, what is going on and why should any one get away with demeaning and harassing people who are simply choosing to live in this way? It’s obvious this person is either deeply threatened by what these practitioners are doing, or gets their kicks by publicly harassing innocent people.

  54. Absolutely Nina, it is ridiculous and it doesn’t make sense that you can be hounded for doing what is true to you. There is this in-built need in people to destroy what is true, what is harmonious and what is loving. If they can’t feel what you are feeling, if they don’t understand, then it has got to be wrong.

  55. Exactly Nina, I totally relate to your experience because it is mine too. Thank you for expressing so clearly what I feel.

  56. I love what you have written and the energy you have written it in. I one billion per cent agree with you!

    I would also add that whilst you, I and many others are choosing to live a loving, drug free life, we are not imposing our choices on anyone or judging others who make different choices. Neither are we walkovers to take abuse, lies and slander lying down.

    1. Absolutely Nicola ‘we are not imposing our choices on anyone or judging others who make different choices’ but that is obviously still too much for some people who feel the reflection and react in this vindictive way.

  57. Absolutely agree Nina. Where have we gotten to as a society if taking caring of yourself is the subject of slander and ridicule. Surely we have to start seeing sooner or later how crazy that is. All we have to do is look around and see the rates of illness and disease. We are in trouble if the ones who are taking responsibility for themselves and their health are being ridiculed.

  58. Well said Nina – there is nothing to be ashamed of and lots to be proud of.

  59. Nina I loved your sentence, “I have nothing to be ashamed of and EVERY-THING to be proud of.’ Here here!

  60. Yay Nina! I am absolutely at one with you on everything you have said. Let us continue to be transparent, open, loving, and speaking up. Thank you for expressing truth in feisty – ness (another great ingredient!).

  61. I cannot imagine how lost and messed up someone would have to get to be able to try to persecute you Nina for the awesome practitioner you now are. As a client I have benefited from your support as the most accessible and of real value and unsurpassed quality in turning my life around. Thank you Nina, you certainly have a lot to be proud of.
    How these vindictive individuals can get away with a campaign that in any way tries to name and shame someone like you is topsy turvey.

  62. The fact that the ‘ridiculous-ness’ of these claims by anonymous parties has been given credence, without proper investigation, is astounding given the joyous turnaround in the quality of so many people’s lives. What an inspiration you provide us all, Nina! Thank you!

  63. Well said Nina, it is totally ridiculous when an abusive life doesn’t rock the boat and a self-loving way of living causes denigration from people who obviously have something to hide. Stand proud in your choices Nina, you should not have to be subjected to this false discrimination.

  64. Gut-less, character-less and soul-less is a man and a woman who does not put his name and his face to a claim about another.
    Dauntless is a woman like you Nina, who stands tall and proud behind her name, her fame and her choices. I salute you.
    They say: Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional! May ‘they’ get inspired by your example and grow up before they grow old.

  65. Hello, …is anyone home, what planet are we on?
    Love it Nina! You clearly expose the complete ridiculousness of this type of inhumane behaviour generated towards others under the cloak of anonymity. Plus the utterly twisted perception of how one can attack another for their choice to live in a harmless and loving way. Hello, …is anyone home?

    1. I love it. Is anyone home? Can they not see and read the utter ridiculousness of what they are writing. They are clearly exposing themselves with what they allow by writing such nonsensical slander.

  66. Right on, Nina. You’ve once again exposed the ridiculous nature of these slanderous and unfounded attacks. It definitely can challenge people who are not living in a self-loving way as you have shown by your commitment to yourself and service to others. Unfortunately, it seems misery loves company, and the perpetrators of these derogatory attacks and websites have proven it.

  67. These are the very same questions myself, my friends and my family have been asking too Nina. What does it say about society and these anonymous people that they would prefer us to be abusing our bodies? When I was drinking excessively and taking drugs I met my responsibilities – just. Now that I take care of myself I do so much more. This has inspired my family and friends to do the same for themselves to the degree they choose, too. For some this is a lot and for others not at all. But the one thing we are all doing the same degree is questioning the ridiculousness of these derogatory websites. As my neighbour said recently – “what exactly is the point of this?”.

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