David Millikan: A Man of God?

by Rod Harvey, Gold Coast, Australia

On Friday night 12th October 2012, I attended a presentation by Serge Benhayon from Universal Medicine.

Prior to the presentation Serge introduced David Millikan to the audience. David is a Uniting Church minister and self-appointed cult expert, and we were told that David and Serge had previously discussed their philosophical viewpoints at length. 

David Millikan had told Serge Benhayon previously that he believed that Universal Medicine was not a cult, as has been erroneously reported by the media. He asked Serge for the opportunity to briefly address the meeting to get feedback from those present to include in a chapter in a book he was writing.

Serge agreed as he felt it would be beneficial for attendees who wished to present their point of view in an open forum.

Yet David Millikan had in fact already planned to betray Serge Benhayon, and had set-up an elaborate media ambush. 

As soon as David had the floor, at least four women who were secreted in the audience rose with video cameras and began to film David and those present as he launched into an aggressive attack on all present, accusing us of being in a cult. At the same time a television cameraman attempted to get into the hall.

This was an outrageous verbal assault, hell-bent on gaining footage for television. That’s right, David was being paid by a well-known commercial TV station to compile a story.

David did not open up the floor to a forum, and indeed suppressed any meaningful discussion.

Those filming were asked to leave; one woman refused and continued for 20 minutes to intimidate those present by walking around filming attendees… including children. We also later found out that another camera had been hidden in the roof area.

The next day, the film crew returned to another Universal Medicine presentation and were refused access, so they hung around, presumably filming the outside walls of the building.

David Millikan lied, was deceitful and was involved in a premeditated menacing attack on a group of peaceful adults and children who had simply turned up to listen to a presentation.

This form of vilification and gross invasion of privacy is abhorrent and completely unacceptable in a democracy where each person has a right to their beliefs.

David Millikan has a host of degrees and studies in theology and professes to be a man of God. Yet the God I know embodies love, equality, integrity and brotherhood.

David’s words and actions did not represent these qualities, which raises the question: “Is David Millikan truly a man of God?”

What we saw was a man with an agenda who was exposed by revealing a side totally dissociated from love, integrity and unity.

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  1. Just goes to show you can have degrees and studies in theology and be “a man of God” however, if you’re NOT living from that inner-harmony within and allowing others the space to feel this for themselves, you are a separated man of God.

  2. That Millikan did not represent any of the qualities of God that night and the days leading to it is beyond crystal clear. Our movements make us Godly… or not. Titles do not count.

  3. David Milikan a man that claims to be a “Man of God”: like many others who claim they are but their actions speak louder than words. Very sad to betray people is such a way.

  4. The use of words today has been grossly corrupted and bastardised as we can even kill another in the name of God, which in-truth would not ever be possible. At the end of the day our movements are what truly communicates what it is we are aligning to. Respect, decency, integrity and love all can be felt through how we live and move and from this the truth will always be known, whether in that moment it is rejected or not.

  5. It is important to be aware of what is an image and what is not. The idea that those who devote their life to become someone inside a so-called ‘religious organization’ is a person (man or woman) of God is just an image. The only truth is that we are all equally so. The only question is who does live more truly religiously and who does not. There is where we might get surprised. The usual suspects may not be the ones.

  6. It is amazing how we can study so much about something, accumulate knowledge, and profess to be an expert, but actually have no true understanding or affinity whatsoever with the very subject and actually know nothing of it.

  7. David Millikan’s behaviour does make you ask this question, ‘ Yet the God I know embodies love, equality, integrity and brotherhood.
    David’s words and actions did not represent these qualities, which raises the question: “Is David Millikan truly a man of God?” ‘

  8. Well expressed Rod. The answer to that question “Are you a man of God?” to anyone can be answered in The Livingness. Are they living love in their body? Love cannot be studied but lived in the body with equal respect, decency and love for themselves energetically as well as the rest of humanity.

  9. This proves learnt knowledge, degrees, qualifications and titles not only don’t confirm someone is a true living authority on their chosen subject – in this case God, but It seems to me to possibly prove that the acquiring of qualifications can cause a mental construct inhibiting our heart felt connection to humanity.

  10. It is very clear and exposes that a title ‘Uniting Church Minister’ means very little in what was carried out that evening. As Serge Benhayon is always saying and I know it is the way within my heart, the way we choose to live, The Way of the Livingness and not what we proclaim we are through the mind.

  11. If David Milikan had embraced the tenets of his religion and lived the qualities of love, integrity and unity rather than as you said dissociated from them, the enormous and unnecessary harm and trauma caused to many in the community could have been easily avoided.

  12. It exposes a lot about where our society is at that someone can call themselves minister of God, but not act accordingly and that a commercial TV station can ignore all human rights and just behave as they please for their own gain and with no interest in the wellbeing of people.

  13. Rod your wrote: “Yet the God I know embodies love, equality, integrity and brotherhood.” Perhaps this guy David Millikan has to be remembered on this fact which you did with your honest blog.

  14. Wow this is sad for a “man of God” or any other man for that matter to resort to this type of behaviour. What a blessing for David Millikan to be in the presence of Serge Benhayon a man who truly lives as a Son of God.

  15. A revealing account of the subterfuge and ugliness planned and executed in the quest for some sensationalist footage. This chicanery was premeditatedly designed to cut any opportunity for reasoned debate and exploration of the range of opinion in the room. Worse still, some of the techniques were clearly against human rights and certainly far short of propriety.

  16. “Yet David Millikan had in fact already planned to betray Serge Benhayon, and had set-up an elaborate media ambush. ” No integrity there then.

  17. I could just picture the film crew being denied entry to an event simply because they were filming.

    From the footage taken of being denied entry it could be spun into anything i.e. hiding a secret. However this makes no logical sense as if a film crew tried to enter any well-established business or even a movie theatre they would also be denied entry sometimes even by force i.e. security.

    Is there a difference here?

  18. No name, no title, no study makes you a man of God. It is what I live that shows how connected I am. This for me is an easy marker to observe, it’s like observing the world like a child does.

  19. This is outrageous, and I’m pretty sure that that is against the law to ambush an event like that. Even without the law, it is completely morally wrong to attack people based on their choices – we do not accept when people attack others because of their religion, so why would it be okay to attack based on a person’s choice about attending an event? And to make that into a story which is apparently meant to gather readership is insane.

  20. Rod, although David Millikan may be an ordained minister in the Uniting church, I have never heard of a ‘cult expert’. Did he do a university degree in CULTISIM (is there even such a word) as I know of no such university degree course.

    It seems to me that there is no way he could ever hold a candle to Serge Benhayon. Serge only speaks the truth, and there is nothing false or untruthful that comes from Serge Benhayon’s lips.

  21. Thank you Rod for describing the events of that evening so clearly and pointing out that David Millikan is a ‘ self-appointed cult expert’ and someone who clearly has an agenda that is all about self rather than service to others as Serge Benhayon does. The contrast between these two men could not be more stark and the former has really revealed far more than he expected about himself by his appalling behaviour and complete disregard for others which is totally unacceptable in anyone but even more shocking in someone who hides behind the label of ‘Man of God’. We are all Sons of God who do not need multiple degrees but simply a willingness to connect to the love we are from and live from there.

  22. Lies, deceit, intolerance, arrogance and abuse are definitely not impulsed from God! God is love.

  23. They hid a camera in the roof to film unsuspecting people who were attending a $5 presentation open to anyone from the public who wants to attend?? What man of God would support that sort of deceptive behaviour in a democratic society in which we are all ‘apparently’ free to choose our own religion. Great blog Rod.

  24. Well said Rod Harvey. This man had no respect, so can he not represent God, very simple. This invasion was absolutely harmfull for all those attendees (including children of all ages) and all those involved. This attack has been brought a huge force onto the public and on free speech. This should have made headline on the newspaper, as this is real imposition and should be addresed by society (government).

    1. Powerfully stated Danna thank you and I totally agree that ‘this is real imposition and should be addresed by society (government)’. David Millikan is so caught up in his self-appointed role that he seems incapable of honest self-reflection and seeing the damage he is inflicting on innocent members of society of all ages.

  25. Well described Rod and thank you for expanding on what happened that night and how it all came about. I have much more clarity on the story. It is so disrespectful for this to be done by David Millikan and for the media… What kind of stories are they trying to get out there for people to watch? Creating drama in a setting where there is the potential to be none, but and extremely harmonious group of people gathering for a presentation.

  26. It is interesting to consider how there is an understanding of God taught in schools and churches where he is wrathful and judging, where he only loves those he has chosen, and even this love is conditional. So, perhaps it makes sense that David Millikan thinks of himself as a man of God if that is how he has come to understand God to be. But with careful consideration and logic, it is clear that God is actually far more loving than any of that, and so, no, David Millikan is not a true man of God, just a believer of the reinterpreted version of him.

  27. We are all Sons of God, equally so, no matter what. The fact that a ‘Man of God’ can ambush other ‘Sons of Gods’ (his Brothers) is very telling of the quality of the beholding light and love of the so called religious status quo.

  28. Well said Rod, would a man of God truly act in this way? I suspect not. For the actions of this man sound more like those of someone who does not value the right of others to hold an opinion or belief other than his own – choosing to instead abuse, demean and chastise. This is the polar opposite of everything I know the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to be, where I have felt reconnected to myself, inspired to claim the true me and live this love in the world. I know what feels more loving and true to me.

  29. A great exposure showing that he is only a man of god by name and not by quality.

  30. David Millikan is a son of God (as we all are) but his actions were hardly those that represent the love and harmony of God. So often through history we have had men claim to represent God here on earth, yet their actions couldn’t be further from God’s way.

  31. David Millikan’s behaviour on this occasion feels to me to be no different to the Inquisition of the Catholic Church during the Dark Ages or any other wars in the name of God. It often feels to me times haven’t changed as we as a society are often still allowing vile acts such as in this example to happen -and still under the banner of God!

  32. Well said Rod, by observing his actions on that night, it seems that David Millikan cannot be trusted. I know God to be pure love and as David Millikan claims to be a Uniting Church minister, his manner is far from loving. He is accusing Universal Medicine and anyone associated with it as being in a cult, but I feel his actions on that night were more representative of what I would consider to be a cult.

  33. Thank you Rod Harvey for your true facts about what happened and how could David Millikan claim to be a Man of God when it is clear that he ambushed and aggressively attacked a man who was presenting Truth. Does having a PhD and being a Minister of God give David Millikan authority to be a self- appointed expert on cults?
    If money was not in the equation, would David Millikan be as willing to violate the rights of others choosing to attend a presentation about Truth, Love, Unity and Equalness?

  34. Absolutely loved your post Rod! The God I too know “embodies love, equality, integrity and brotherhood”… and although I wasn’t there to witness first hand the antics of David Millikan, there is no question in my mind that there was absolutely none of these qualities displayed by him or his media crew on 12/10/12!

  35. It is much easier to live as a man of God rather than preach as a man of God, one walks as one and the same as God and there is no effort, as he is the one… the other reinterprets what they believe God wants…
    Which is closer to the source, the one living as God on earth or the one re-interpreting the words of others?

    1. So true Toni – I know which one I would choose as reflecting the truth… As they say, actions speak far, far louder than words…!

  36. When he chose to stand beside a man of complete integrity, David Milikan, a man of zero integrity, chose to expose himself for who he is currently choosing to be and what he is representing.

  37. A clearly delivered message, Rod, and one that is very much appreciated. An absolute ‘set up’, and I can’t help but wonder. The God I know also embodies the qualities to which you refer “love, equality, integrity and brotherhood”. I don’t see Christianity as having taken any crazy & radical turns away from this shared understanding. And so my ‘wondering’ leads to bafflement… How many degrees does it take (supposedly on this very subject) to develop an understanding that God is about Love, and that it is in our very actions that this love is either demonstrated, or not? We have a choice, and for all his degrees, and the tests/assessments he must have passed, David Millikan failed what to me, is the most basic ‘test’ of all – and miserably so.

    1. A good point Victoria. Christianity tells us that God is Love. So where does David really stand?

    2. Extremely well expressed Victoria! It certainly makes one question the credibility of a man (David Millikan) who holds these degrees and qualifications..??!

    3. Could it be that by taking all these degrees, David Millikan has spent too much time thinking, and not enough in his heart connecting to love. Certainly his actions were in no way heartfelt.

      1. It well could be so Simon. And yet there are those ‘with degrees’ who still know the truth and purity of God – and their fellow man – in their hearts…
        To me, Millikan’s actions expose someone driven by his own agendas to the point he is willing to neglect the fact that people matter. We see such ill behaviour in people from almost any profession – and yet it is somehow particularly railing when a purported man of God cares not for the harm that he does. This has occurred so often throughout history, that I am indeed returned to your question here Simon – has this faith, and the way it trains people, got something fundamentally wrong?

  38. David Millikan has a host of degrees and studies in theology and professes to be a man of God. Yet the God I know embodies love, equality, integrity and brotherhood.
    David’s words and actions did not represent these qualities, which raises the question: “Is David Millikan truly a man of God?”
    So true Rod, thank you.

  39. The whole orchestration of both Friday night’s ambush and Saturday’s attempted entry shows just how low television media will go to create footage for a story. If they had attended – just as other members of the general public chose to – without an agenda, they would have been presented with some simple and yet ever-so-powerful possibilities they might choose to be inspired by to go home and then trial to see what differences (or not) they made to their physical body, levels of vitality or harmonious relationships in their lives. Who could ask for anything more?

  40. Yes Rod, it seems people have very differing views around God. So much harm has been done under the guise of representing God over the centuries. Seems not much has changed.

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