David Millikan – The Betrayal

by Bernadette, Self-employed, Victoria, Australia

Two thousand years ago a man from Nazareth was accused and put on trial for challenging the civil and religious order of the day.

On Friday evening, October 12, 2012 at Lennox Head Community Centre, a strangely similar series of events unfolded. Here we were, a group of citizens gathered together to listen to a man, Serge Benhayon, share an ancient message in the modern day. The message is not unlike that of Jesus’. It is a simple but profound message: that we have lost our way of love. The way back to love for our world, and ourselves, is first found ‘within’. If we learn to stop, feel and trust what really feels true, we will always make self-loving choices, which will reflect to make our world a more nurturing, equal and harmonious place.

Enter Rev. Dr. David Millikan and his media crew to execute a premeditated attack – to accuse Serge Benhayon of leading a cult and instruct his so-called ‘followers’ that they had unwittingly fallen prey to a seduction they were unaware of. They can’t possibly discern for themselves, they require ‘cult rescue’!

Prior to his ‘strike’ on Friday evening, Rev. Dr. David Millikan had gained enough of Serge Benhayon’s trust by spending some hours deceitfully interviewing him and then setting up his plan of betrayal (someone with the integrity and openness to humanity that Serge Benhayon has, is willing to first see the true heart in each person).

Rev. Dr. David Millikan, representing a dedicated life within an institution founded on the simple message of Jesus, has now become a perpetrator and judge, along with his accomplices. He is accusing a person of this time (who is reminding those willing to listen and hear that love is the way back to wellbeing and harmony for ourselves and our world) of being out of order, counter-cultural, and a ‘bad’ influence on those of us who feel the truth of love and its call to serve humanity. That we can return to love and can live that love is the message of Serge Benhayon. Is this not the very message on which Rev. Dr. David Millikan bases his connection to God?

When Rev. Dr. David Millikan searches his heart, and completes his intellectual assessment of this blog, it will no doubt result in more evidence of the brainwashed – who are so far gone they don’t even know they are brainwashed. May he reconnect with the way of love that he has publicly chosen to represent as a Minister of the Uniting Church. In his deceitful theatrics on Friday evening we saw no sign of the true love and integrity as is presented by Serge Benhayon.

The intent, deceit and actions of Rev. Dr. David Millikan were a blatant betrayal of trust, and promoted mistrust. Even if a TV program from this ambush makes it to air, the lack of integrity will be felt immediately.


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  1. How come not one person has come forward to stand in front of Universal Medicine students and simply ask us questions and, not attack us — why is this? When, we are living against the trend? Does it not expose what we are living under?

  2. The word reverend comes from Latin reverendus “(he who is) to be respected,” gerundive of revereri “to stand in awe of, respect, honor, fear, be afraid of; revere.” It was Millikan who chose the sense of the word reverend that night. He did not choose “to stand in awe of, respect, honor” but the other meanings.

  3. This is a great example of how claiming to be a ‘man of God’ is very different to being one. For eons, those who claim to be closest to God have abused their power and told the masses what they should believe, how they should behave. Love is simple and pure and known to each of us, That is what Serge Benhayon has reminded me of, through his words and his actions.

  4. Many people who stand for truth and love have through the ages been prosecuted. You would ask: why? It is because the world today is not about love, and those people confront that status, and make many people who don’t choose that love very uncomfortable.

  5. What is interesting is that someone who pretends and is seemingly so misleading then assaults another by calling them a cult. That shows that there is no respect what so ever first and secondly that he is far away from the truth.

  6. This is the ill-behaviour that has us as a civilisation existing in and accepting disparity, judgement, abuse and lovelessness as ‘normal’. The message shared by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine is simple and clear, and today continues with offering the same message; that we are love and being love, living love together is our innate way of being.

  7. The cult rescue thing assumes that there is a cult and that there are people who need to be rescued. All false. If we add on to this the fact that the rescuer got it all wrong, we can see the ridiculousness of the situation.

  8. “The intent, deceit and actions of Rev. Dr. David Millikan were a blatant betrayal of trust, and promoted mistrust” – this really stood out for me. This promotion of mistrust is what erodes transparency and pulls us apart, and we hold back our love from one another. And I see in Serge Benhayon his unwavering trust – in himself, and in love, therefore unshaken by the abhorrent attack he is still being subjected to.

  9. “That we can return to love and can live that love is the message of Serge Benhayon. Is this not the very message on which Rev. Dr. David Millikan bases his connection to God?” Indeed Bernadette, well said – and not just this line but the whole blog. The blatant hypocrisy David Millikan exhibited is quite staggering, especially when standing next to Serge Benhayon who lives with absolute love and integrity every part of his life.

  10. Thank you Bernadette, quite a contrast to Serge Benhayon, David Millikan was displaying extreme deceitfulness, is it any wonder that there is so much lack of trust in the world with men such as Millikan around.

  11. Wow Bernadette! Your blog is a message not only to Rev. Dr. David Millikan but to all who read it. Deep down we all know love and the truth but the difference is when self try’s to own the love, or measure it, it reduces into ideals or beliefs and then sooner or later what you think is love is not eg. “Doing good”

  12. Episodes where representatives of the status quo accuses someone that offers true evolution, even for those stubbornely defending it, to be in a cult are a classic. Chritians were there once upon the time. Now, the tables have been turned and they are the defendants of the status quo they have helped created. They will become more and more aggresive as more and more people free themselves from the illusion they offer. They do not offer evolution but delay and confusion.

  13. I still find it a little surreal that someone could claim to be that educated on cults and yet stand in front of a group claiming they need rescue when it couldn’t be further than the truth. Maybe Mr Milikan should have done his homework rather than attempt to just fit a square peg in a round hole for the sake of good tv…. and at the expense of many.

  14. “If we learn to stop, feel and trust what really feels true, we will always make self-loving choices, which will reflect to make our world a more nurturing, equal and harmonious place.” This insight is even today as important as it was 2000 years ago. Perhaps this is the only way how to stop all wars, terrorism and attacks around the world.

  15. You are correct in saying that this event was a massive betrayal of trust – it really demonstrated to me just how little we can trust in the media to act with integrity and to care for people first and foremost.

  16. Agreed. The ‘deceitful theatrics’ hosted by Millikan and crew held no ounce of the love he purports to believe and to represent but instead reflected not just a lack of understanding of the word, but more importantly of how to live and show it.

  17. I could appreciate the similarities you clearly draw between this event and what happened in Jesus’ time. Serge Benhayon, like Jesus is living and speaking counter culture, calling out the untruths and rot in society and reminding us of a way back to being loving once more. History has shown that this can attract jealousy and betrayal, as was demonstrated in 12th October 2012.

    1. So clearly Bernadette, you were at the sermon at the mountain in the way you describe the simple message that has always been presented by the teachings that have shared what life is all about, which is returning to love, as has always been the teachings through Universal Medicine! The question that needs to be asked is what has changed in society? Firstly the jealousy is still there and the betrayal as Fiona states, but what has changed? Could it be that now enough students of The Livingness are standing up and are prepared to do what ever it takes to share the truth that is presented by Serge Benhayon?
      It is time for all of humanity to start to acknowledge that we are in the new era of love, which is so easily felt, but is still resisted by so many which is portrayed by all the emotional outplays going on around the world, such as all the divisive messages that society gets from religious orders that are causing conflicts and upheaval world wide!

  18. ‘ It is a simple but profound message: that we have lost our way of love. The way back to love for our world, and ourselves, is first found ‘within’. If we learn to stop, feel and trust what really feels true, we will always make self-loving choices, which will reflect to make our world a more nurturing, equal and harmonious place.’ Beautifully summed up Bernadette and incomprehensible that someone who purports to be a Man of God can take offence at such a message and act in such an atrocious manner.

  19. So well said, Bernadette! David Millikan and crew are so obsessed with scooping a good story that they are blind to the truth in front of them.

  20. Hear, hear Bernadette! I love the simple but profound message in your blog and the way you claim the truth:
    “If we learn to stop, feel and trust what really feels true, we will always make self-loving choices, which will reflect to make our world a more nurturing, equal and harmonious place.” This says it all. A simple but great task ahead of humanity.

  21. Bernadette, your blog really got me to stop and ponder about the level of resistance we can feel when any sort of change or new way challenges your old familiar ways and patterns of belief. This is applicable to any change or new way that challenges the way you have been living in anything that you do from what is happening in your home to your workplace, in your relationships with yourself and others, to society at large… and of course when it comes to religion. Great blog.

    1. Absolutely Suse, I used to be so stuck in my ways. Thanks to the many years of listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon I have re-connected to The Livingness of love we all come from. So where do we come from? We are all equally the Sons of God!

  22. A clear betrayal of trust. The actions of David Milikan certainly aren’t like that of someone who truly works for humanity. It is plain delusion that he thinks what he has done serves any purpose at all, because people aren’t concerned in his motive, only he himself is.

    1. Well said Harry. A self-driven agenda from one who has got his fair share of ‘media attention and status’ for busting so-called cults. In this case, he could not have been further from the mark.

  23. It’s really a confirmation that Universal Medicines work is making waves, if a religious zealot has come out of the woodwork to create a smear. History has shown us that dogma dislikes change, even if it’s the bare, pure truth. One has to wonder if David Millikan would chase Jesus out of his own church, so far has institutionalised religion moved away from his simple message of love. Religion nowadays is more concerned with power and control, as emphasised by Mr Millikans insatiable lust for attention at the expense of honesty, care and decency.

  24. Beautifully expressed Bernadette. This simple message from Serge Benhayon is truly age old.

  25. well said Bernadette! I love this blog and all that you have shared. I hope David Millikan get’s to read this to feel where his actions are really coming from, very much lacking in integrity, respect and love.

  26. Such disgusting behaviour for someone who calls himself a uniting church minister. David Millikan has shown us all he has clearly lost his way.

  27. It’s quite clear what David Millikan represents, as is clearly shown from his behaviour. To coin a phrase, “where was the love” in his actions? His actions show quite clearly what he represents.

  28. An ancient message of love has been brought back to us without the usual distortions of re-interpretations by established so called religions. Like in the past, human beings know no limits to their imagination to fight it. What humanity is to realise is that fighting the message in truth is to fight its own essence.

  29. Such a powerful blog, I concur with all you express – what Serge Benhayon presents offers us all the opportunity to connect to the love we hold within and begin to see by living this love in everything we do/be/are we offer humanity the reflection and inspiration to begin to live the love they are. This is true service.

  30. Bernadette this was just an extraordinarily powerful blog and beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing this, it was a pleasure and an honour to read such truth in the face of such hypocrisy.

  31. I recall the night clearly. This was not a “cult rescue”..it was a media circus, part of the “David Millikan” self-promoting bandwagon – and a disgrace.
    If this man had genuine concern her would not have brought 7 women with concealed cameras who started filming at the orchestrated moment.
    He would have spoken to the group decently and respectfully.
    What intrigues me, after months of research on so-called “anti-cultists” is that they seem to be more aggressive, controlling, dictatorial and self aggrandising than any person they accuse of running a cult.
    Millikan sits neatly beside the American anti-cultist Rick Ross, another self promotion expert, and dangerous operator.
    There are dangerous groups out there, but that does not condone the recklessness shown by Millikan. In the case of Universal Medicine he did not do his research and got it as wrong as can be. So very foolish, and damaging to channel 7, the Uniting Church and himself.

    1. Well said and exposed Rachel Mascord: “…so-called ‘anti-cultists’… seem to be more aggressive, controlling, dictatorial and self aggrandising than any person they accuse of running a cult.”
      I have seen this truth demonstrated again and again. And what a ruckus these ‘anti-cultists’ can make – so non-sensically one wants to laugh, were such actions not so intent on harming people’s lives and reputations.

      1. The ‘pride’ is off the scale. Self-appointed emperors who believe they are beyond reproach. At least in this instance there was some consequence (albeit minor) for David Millikan.

  32. It will be very clear that a story like this could be seen for what it really is, the lack of integrity and responsibility. It’s sad though that the world is still enjoying watching news with a bit of drama. There are many that aren’t willing to live the level of love and dedication to life that Serge Benhayon is so they may just join David Millikan so they can also remain irresponsible and see themselves as good because they are so called ‘religious’.

  33. Well said Bernadette, Its a fact that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  34. Top blog Bernadette, a couple of thousand years later and there are those who are still not prepared to hear the truth. David Millikan’s tactics that night come straight from the manuals of ‘How to persecute the Innocent”. And I agree, whatever this blog and others like this say, David Millikan will just see it as Serge Benhayon’s ‘followers’ just doing their bit, but what he probably doesn’t realise is that, this time around, we will not stop doing our bit.

    1. Exactly Tim. And ‘our bit’ extends much further than just the immediacy of ‘we as students of Universal Medicine being affected by this. There is a great concern for all, and the sorry state we’ve allowed things to come to, that an event like this could occur so readily.

  35. Excellent Bernadette and well said. How deceitful and cunning to gain trust from a man like Serge Benhayon and then use it as a weapon to get a media story.
    As you say, even if it did get to the TV – the absolute lack of integrity will be felt as lies will never ever hold steady. History has shown us this time and time again.
    The Reverend David Millikan was ordained to deliver Truth, and is this not what the church stand for? Or do the church turn away and do nothing which means they have accepted that it is ok for a united church minister to use his title to do what he wants for personal gain. I am just a general member of the public and this is what I see and feel.
    When did Millikan swap working for God to working for a TV station – and how would he be if he was not being paid? The money factor has to be examined as it leaves the question for the public to see and feel what motives are underneath a man who purports to tell the truth and then takes over the stage and attacks the audience.

  36. Correct Bernadette – David Millikan and TV crew entered/started with no integrity, so if they air it, it’ll go without any integrity – we reap what we saw!

  37. When hearing the difference between murder and premeditated murder there is a distinct difference, one is carefully planned and constructed the other is instantaneous.
    How is it that one human being can build such a plan to bring harm to another?
    Does he not see that he is another human being deserving of the same unconditional love and care we all are?
    What stops him from seeing this?
    Is there something out there that allows such ways of thinking enter into a persons mind??

    1. The planning and scheming required to get to this point are extensive. It was without doubt pre-meditated, and therefore required duplicity and false representation throughout… and it surprises me that it is not illegal.

      1. I agree Simon. We have a lot of work to do to undo the normalisation of such abusive, disrespectful and irresponsible behaviour. It should rightly cause public outcry way beyond the people it immediately affects, and yet, this doesn’t happen… We’ve become numb to it. (Said with total respect for the fact that so many students of Universal Medicine have fully called David Millikan and his TV crew now to account.)

  38. Thank you Bernadette! Yes, it is disgraceful that a man representing the church could act in such a manner – and so starkly contrary to the teachings of Jesus which are widely accepted throughout the world, and on which most Christian religions are based on. It is absolutely unacceptable and an affront to the Uniting Church he has claimed to represent, particularly when he has self-proclaimed himself as a Uniting Church minister!

  39. We only need to stop for a very brief moment to see that the world has lost its way. I guess there are lots of people, David Millikan being one of them that are unable to stop. It makes common sense to me that being more loving, harmonious, caring and nurturing with ourselves and others is a great place to start to bring the world back to a planet that supports everyone, all of us together.

  40. Bernadette thank you, this is so truthfully expressed. A so called man of God acting in such a way?

  41. Thanks Bernadette, well put… “that we (society/ humanity) have lost our way of love.”… here we are a group of individuals with an assortment & diversity of backgrounds all agreeing to living each day with more love for themselves!! how can that be found to be “cultish” behaviour?? There is no praying required, no visits to temples, no repenting for sins… just the action to be more loving in what one does…

  42. No one will question the statement that ‘Society has lost its way,’ but most don’t seem to know what ‘the way’ is’. Could it be we have lost our way of love? The love is definitely not out there on the outside, from what we read and see in the world. Serge Benhayon has presented as a living example, just as Jesus did, that the way back to love for our world, and ourselves, is first found ‘within’. We’ve tried it and it works for us and there’s nothing more caring for ourselves and others than that.

    1. Yes ‘we have lost our way of love’ and are now finding our way back and benefitting not just ourselves but society but for some this appears to be too confronting and so they have to try and silence the messenger in whatever way they can.

  43. Thank you Bernadette. It has indeed been startling, and yet eerily familiar, that such a message about returning to the love that it within us, has drawn such vilification & also exposed a supposed ‘man of God’ as nothing of the sort in his actions and deceit. And I have to ask, just how deeply many within institutions such as Millikan aligns to, really know of brotherhood, and loving their fellow man? We should never be blinded by a title or a robe – and, are they actually necessary?

      1. Something we all need to be willing to feel Greg, most certainly – in regards to ourselves and how the way we see the world can be veiled by our own denial of love, and also in regards to how we see others.
        David Millikan may ‘present’ as a man of the cloth, a ‘man of God’, but as the world is now at last willing to see on a massive scale, the ‘presentation’ is no precursor for true respect and love for one’s fellow man. It can be a sinister cloak indeed that veils extremely harmful intent, with the arrogance of expecting to ‘get away with it’.

  44. Yes Bernadette, it makes sense that one who claims to represent love by his title would feel the need to discredit one who ACTUALLY DOES represent love. The irony is that Millikan made this travesty clear by his own actions – as the saying goes – ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

  45. What continues to astound me about the ongoing lies that I keep seeing from the media about Universal Medicine and its students, is the ongoing denial of the amazing people that attend the lectures and courses. If they actually took the time and were open to actually meeting & getting to know the people, they would realise how absolutely awesome, intelligent and normal we all are. Denial of truth seems to be a 21st century disease!

      1. Hear hear hear! Bernadette Marika and Shelley, the way history is also built on lies is it any wonder that it is the disease, “DIS-EASE” of many lives living the lie of denying that we are the Sons of God.

    1. Absolutely Lyndy, he will see, after he has felt all the things that he has perpetrated against humanity, and this is no different than it is for all of us! May the healing begin for all of us so we can again see where we have misplaced our love for God. As Bernadette states the presentations of Serge Benhayon are all about love, which is so simple but true.

  46. Hiding behind a title and in the name of God – this man has gone out for the kill. He is so blinded by his own set of believes that he himself cannot see and feel what is before him – a group of well aware people choosing to make changes to their lives. He has to reach for deceitful tactics to fabricate a story to suit his view of the world… Yes David, the world is spherical – not flat.

    1. I love what you said Desiree – ‘the world is spherical – not flat’. This time David Millikan did not know who he was taking on. One day he will see.

    2. ‘Yes, David, the world is spherical – not flat’
      LOVE IT !!! – just had to repeat it, gives me a giggle every time I read it 🙂

    3. I had to laugh Desiree… Yes indeed David, the world ‘is’ spherical – not flat!

  47. Yes, nothing has changed. It appears to be as outrageous these days to say “the kingdom of God is within you” as it was two thousand years ago. It is not just the appalling acts of David Millikan and his TV crew that shows that, but the fact that the event you refer to was part of a bigger, deceitful, persecutory campaign that has been going on for months now against Serge Benhayon and those choosing to listen to his presentations.

  48. Well said Bernadette. Thank you for putting it this way, and bringing in a much needed truth for all to ponder on! That is the simplicity and love in the message shared by Serge Benhayon, and the absolute betrayal by a man (Rev David Milikan) who claims to be about love, yet acts in a way that is the complete opposite.

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