Thank you to all you beautiful Bloggers!

by Sheila Colwell, BA (hons), PhD, Development Officier, Brisbane, Australia

I don’t want to sound ‘Pollyanna-ish’, but for me there has been an unexpected and positive result of the unwarranted media attacks on Serge Benhayon, his family, Universal Medicine (UniMed) and the many esoteric practitioners involved with UniMed.

I have been reading the blog posts from people who tell the truth about Serge Benhayon and their experiences with Universal Medicine and am in awe of how these wonderful people have the courage to write so openly about their own lives, struggles, steps along the path, realisations, changes made, etc.

In some ways, reading and learning from this testimony has formed one of the most powerful experiences I have had with the Universal Medicine community over the past six years.

I even copied one post into my iPad notes and labeled it ‘To Read Every Day’! Because I felt so strongly that the writer had expressed a truth that resonated deeply for me too.

Over the years I have met local members of this community at various Universal Medicine events, but now I feel as if I know people from all over the world who I will probably never meet in person. But through their posts, they have trusted me by sharing their true selves.

As an unexpected result (of the media attention and the subsequent development of the student blogs) I now feel part of a huge caring community. So THANK you to all you beautiful bloggers!

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  1. So much Joy in your words Sheila, and today the media are still insistent on providing a one-sided perspective, so the great work of the students will continue to document the Truth

  2. One day, all these blogs and comments will be read by the many and through not manipulated written word, they will learn a lot about how was life back then.
    We have no direct testimonies of how it was in the past, but this will not happen again.

  3. This is what happens when we share with honesty and no judgement, we inspire and get inspired. This is the way to grow together.

  4. Beautiful it is a strong sense of community, openness is the key word here where people are embraced for who they are, without exclusion of any one. I love this so deeply, thank you for all those who have written and took the time share their experience of the Way they live their every day with more and more truth and love !

  5. Lovely sharing.
    It feels indeed very rich in the heart to connect withyou many people worldwide who all have one thing in common. They practise to return to the love within themselves and others. A building to true brotherhood.

  6. Before the attacks, every body associated with Universal Medicine minded his/her own business. It was not true sense of community. The sharing that followed the attacks, helped to create that feeling because it helped to reflect what people were going through and we could all relate one way or another to this. So, thank you attackers!!

  7. I agree Sheila it is beautiful to read the experiences and sharings, to feel the honesty and love that is expressed inspires me to do the same.

  8. That’s so true, because of the untruth being spread over, the truth had to come to the forefront. It is amazing how, no matter what may be happening, we are being carried towards the truth.

  9. These blogs are a shared voice of a true way of living and by commenting on blogs I am learning to express what I feel and know to be true.

  10. If anyone is truly seeking the truth they will undoubtedly see that there are a countless many that have been inspired by Universal Medicine and it is clearly evident that their lives have transformed in many great ways. It is equally inspiring to read of these transformation and realisations, and share with each other how we have learnt to be more our ourselves and live with greater love, health and well-being and connection in our lives.

  11. So much appreciation Sheila! I love it. I too feel how amazing all the support these blogs have created. I can not even imagine experiencing the degree of attacks that Serge Benhayon and his family have experienced over the last I think now 4 years. These blogs are a very strong testament to what they as a family offer to humanity.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly Sheila. It goes to show that love always trumps evil.

  13. This is so true, students have opened up to share their experiences and truth, and they are so beautiful to read.

  14. I share the same feelings with you Sheila, it is huge when a big bunch of people share their story their experience of something extraordinary we all can learn and grow from – truly, this time no rara, this is real stuff. We are not here to be nice, but real and share with the world that which we found is the real deal and its working in all aspects in life. That is worth not holding back – and will be serving everyone In one way or the other. Now or then.

    1. Yes Danna beautifully said. And this is exactly what the world is in dire need of – people being open, real and willing to share the truth of who they/we are, and the love that can be lived through the way we are at work, home and with all our relationships, so we can learn and grow together and be inspired by one another.

  15. After 11 and 1/2 years being a student of Universal Medicine it is the most powerful thing I have ever been a part of too. To read and comment and expand on truth has opened my heart to accept the power of my voice and just how much it is needed now and always in every moment until the end of days.

  16. Thank you Sheila, it is beautiful to read many of the student’s blogs I feel more connected to everyone in the community now even though I have never meet many of them. The deep wisdom and truth expressed by everyone has been a powerful step in supporting and inspiring others to bring more awareness to all areas of your life.

  17. Gorgeous Sheila, thank you, I very much agree. As truth connects us more than any physical can reach. Hence we know eachother from the otherside of the globe, as we connected to our body, the truth, and so our connection to the whole (people, humanity) comes behind and arises.. Something that is oh so familiar, even if it was some time ago.. Beautiful to connect to who we are as a whole again. I appreciate this community deeply. It is indeed all we got inside us that truly connects all of us to us.

  18. I have been reading through these blogs and there are hundreds of them! and I agree Sheila, they are a source of inspiration and they do interconnect everyone that feels drawn to read them and be inspired to apply what they learn from it to their lives.

  19. How gorgeous it is to read your words of appreciation Sheila. I couldn’t agree more. Seeing hundreds of people from every walk of life come together and share their experiences openly is nothing short of incredible. What a profound testament to the amazing work being done by Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and the esoteric student body.

  20. I totally agree with you Sheila, I am deeply inspired by the honesty and humbleness shared in these blogs. They are an absolute joy to read.

  21. There is great wisdom within each person to be shared shown through each of the blogs… to hold this back is a great disservice to the many who are blessed to read them. Though reading of the struggles and transformations I too have had realisations that have supported me embrace a more loving way of thinking or being in the world. They are abeautiful support for all who are open to what they can offer.

  22. Sheila that is to true since this attack there are no boundaries anymore so to speak and I only can agree that I too love all the honest, the inspirational and beautiful bloggers around the world.

  23. Serge benhayon presents the truth and has inspired so many others to put their head above the parapet, or in more current terms to add their voice with a blog, to confirm the truth that there is another way and that by choosing to be a student of The Way of The Livingness we take responsibility and awareness for our choices.

  24. Yes indeed – the mixture of openness, authenticity, honesty and clarity in these blogs is inspirational, educational and entirely confirming of what we already know deep within to be true.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Cathy. I used to read a whole novel every few days and escape into books at every opportunity. Now I spend my spare time reading these blogs, feeling truly inspired and appreciating the fact that the answer to every question I have can be found within the blog sites produced by the esoteric student body.

  25. “Over the years I have met local members of this community at various Universal Medicine events, but now I feel as if I know people from all over the world who I will probably never meet in person. But through their posts, they have trusted me by sharing their true selves.” I echo this Sheila and if I do meet these students in person it feels that I know them so well – brotherhood in action…

  26. This is not just some people standing up to speak about the horrendous media and cyber bully attacks. Although this alone is worth a celebration. These are the foundations for future studies, we are witnesses of the time when Serge Benhayon initiated and brought back to humanity true religion, a celebration of love.

  27. And almost 3 years after your beautiful appreciative blog, Sheila, it is like a miracle to see what has unfolded since then. So many people have come together to consistently contribute from love and truth. Amazing, how a group of pioneers can change the world.

  28. I too am extremely thankful to all the beautiful bloggers including you Sheila!

  29. I agree Sheila, it is very inspiring to read the student’s blogs and the amazing changes they have made in their lives with the support of Universal Medicine. The blogs are power-full and truly supportive to read and it has become part of my daily medicine to read them daily.

  30. It is a beautiful example of what happens when people stand up for truth in a sea of lies. This is just the beginning… the more and more we all express simple every day truths, the more beauty we will see and the more community, support, care and love we will feel…

  31. So true, Sheila. I am constantly inspired by the amazing and honest blogs. People sharing their stories of the changes that Universal Medicine has made in their lives – their commitment to love and taking responsibility for their choices. If we hadn’t been bombarded by lies and attacked by bullies we may not have stepped up to share the truth.

  32. Well said Sheila and great angle. I too have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Universal Medicine blogs and have learnt so much about myself and others with the endless variety of different topics, revelations and experiences that has been expressed and shared in all the them in so many different ways by so many different people. You are also correct in saying this has definitely ‘been an unexpected and positive result of the unwarranted media attacks on Serge Benhayon, his family, Universal Medicine (UniMed) and the many esoteric practitioners involved with UniMed’.

  33. Yes I agree these blogs have been so powerful. I am reading some everyday and always being reminded of the amazing community we have. Universal Medicine has provided a true way forward and it’s so worth writing about.

  34. Its been an incredible turn of events – the media attacks on Universal Medicine have motivated so many more people have been deeply supported by Serge Benhayon, to come out in support. The blogs keep coming, as well as off shoots like Unimed Living – its been an incredibly loving response to the vicious attacks… but then if you know the people, you would expect nothing less.

  35. Total true Sheila. The blogging that started as an unexpected result of the surrealistic attacks upon Serge Benhayon, brings an incredible amount of truth and beauty to be still fully appreciated.

    1. Yes deep appreciation for all the blogs and the fact that something so positive has come out of such negative attacks.

  36. Beautifully said Sheila. I feel blessed daily by the students of The Way of the Livingness through the way they express their lived experiences on these blog-sites. With incredible openness, honesty, love and truth the wisdom that is offered is so inspiring.

  37. I have so loved what I have learnt from the blogs written by everyone involved within Universal Medicine, it has brought so many realisations to me and I too feel more a part of this wonderful community.

    1. The breadth of topics that has been written about is awesome… it covers so many facets of life, and really supports us all in coming to a clearer understanding of living life with love.

  38. I too am grateful to the amazing bloggers who have blessed us all with their heartfelt expressions, they are a pleasure to read and the depth of what they are prepared to share and the lessons for all within them are inspirational.

  39. I agree Sheila, its truly awesome how our community has come together. These blog sites have brought people together, from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe, for one common purpose…To stand up for Truth. So I join you in thanking all those ‘beautiful bloggers’ out there who have decided to make a difference.

  40. Thank you Sheila for your confirmation of what I know is true too. This worldwide community is real and alive and growing fast. I said to my husband recently I feel supported in a way that is hard to describe but it is more a feeling of knowing. A knowing that there are others out there choosing to live as I do. Serge Benhayon is a remarkable human being that one day I am certain will be studied as what he brings to humanity is huge.

  41. Thank you Sheila for expressing this, i also feel an amazing support in these blogs and comments, they are deeply inspiring.

  42. Yes, thank you bloggers! Reading the posts has become one of my rituals. They are a source of inspiration to me! Commenting is very powerful too! I had quite some revelations whilst searching for the right words to express what I am feeling.
    So amazing how much we can learn from each other in this way!

    1. Absolutely Judith, the truth that is now available on the internet through the blogs and comments is ‘amazing’. How simple is it to ‘learn’ to express what our body has always being willing to share!

  43. Absolutely awesomely put, Sheila! Every day my heart is opened more by the amazing expressions of truly AMAZING people, and the connections with others deepen immeasurably – wow…

      1. Exactly and unashamedly so Greg. From the absolute knowing that the same light is within all.

  44. Thank you Sheila, I agree the honesty and ability to share what’s real is so lovely. I too have resonated deeply with some posts and can feel my own stuff coming up that I can learn and work through. Thank you to all the bloggers for stepping up and sharing.

  45. Hey Pollyanna, oops sorry Sheila ;))))
    I think I might put this one on my I-pad ‘To Read Every Day’. Oh, no, I forgot – I have no I-pad.
    So, I’ll just have to store it in my heart 🙂
    Beautiful expression this is – thank you.

  46. I absolutely agree Sheila! What I have also experienced in reading these blog posts is that although we are from a diverse range of professions and experiences, male and female, young and old, and from all over the world, that our experience of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Universal Medicine Community is the same. I have often felt that while reading a post, that it could have been ‘me’ writing it, because my experience of Universal Medicine and my experience of the changes in my own life, have been the same as the person writing the post – even though I may have never met them, and even if they live on the other side of the world. I have felt a connection within this community that is deep, and simply reflects that we are in fact, all equal, and that this is a natural connection with humanity that is innate within all of us, and that can be felt by all of us, if /when we choose to connect to who we truly are.

  47. I too love reading the blogs about peoples stories of resilience, responsibility, courage, dedication and love for themselves. They make simple choices about living well and what then is possible and takes place really does blow me away.

  48. Thank you Sheila for expressing it – I feel the same. It a blessing to read all these beautyfull articles. For me it was an opportunity to also start expressing myself and I am thankful for that.
    Lot of love from Germany, Janina

  49. The media attacks on Serge Benhayon were designed to open a ‘can of worms’.
    I too see things as you do, Sheila. Little did they know it was a ‘can of glory’ that they actually burst open.

  50. You are so right Sheila! This whole media sham has got us all expressing and sharing together and standing for truth. I too have been so inspired, touched, and full of admiration for the blogs that have come out. I have also had some of the best, fun-filled laughs reading some of these blogs which so wittily expose the ridiculousness of the spirit. What an amazing group of people!

  51. My morning ritual: wake up, go for a walk (sometimes only to the bathroom), a wee break, shower, get dressed (a good idea), feed the chooks, eat breakfast (compliments of the chooks), check the news and then one of the highlight’s of the morning (apart from kissing my wife)… check the students’ blogs.
    Love ’em!

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