The Power of Love

 by Rowena Parkes

The Truth about Universal Medicine is that it is a vehicle through which Serge Benhayon can present certain principles of the way we can live on this Earth with love and with honour, for ourselves and for others. It is entirely up to the people who come to the Universal Medicine presentations as to whether and how they incorporate this information into their lives.

I met Serge Benhayon 12 years ago, and have been attending his presentations for many years. I have seen with my own eyes how people have benefitted from choices they have made to change the way they live. The principles that Serge presents are not anything other than pure common sense when it comes right down to it.

The media ‘beat up’ that has been happening has been instigated by people who cannot, and will not, look honestly at themselves and their own lives. They are cowardly, and are hiding behind the ‘victim’ and ‘poor me’ syndrome: if they only took an honest look at themselves they would see that their situation is purely of their own making. Our situations are always of our own making.

For myself, I was not well when I first met Serge. Gradually, over the years I have changed the way I live and I can honestly say that now, at the age of 80, I feel more healthy, more joyful and more alive than I did for the whole of my life before; this is not an exaggeration. I have had a very good life, a very successful and happy life; I know that many people would say that I had no reason to feel anything other than happy with my life, and that is true. However, since I have accepted totally that I am responsible for how I am, how my body is, and how my life is, that there is nothing out there to blame if things go wrong – I am joyful in my life! Previously, when things went wrong, if I dropped something, or broke something etc, I would feel a sense of shock and look at what I had been doing and think I wasn’t being ‘good’ enough. Now, I realise that these happenings are simply there to show us that we are not perfect – that no-one is – and that we just need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get on with it.

This applies now to the media attacks on Universal Medicine: we need to look at these attacks as simply showing us that we must pull ourselves up that notch more so that we can deal with this without emotion, see it for what it is (which is an attack from people who cannot cope with the pain of who they are, and have to blame someone or something else for that pain) and simply be more loving, more sure of who we all are – as true examples of what life on Earth should be.

I know that we can all be as strong as this, and that we can become an unstoppable force for good on this Earth. As pointed out by one of our members: there is so much evil in this world that none of us can give up now. The evil can only be stopped by the power of love on Earth. Let us all be that power.

With true love,


145 thoughts on “The Power of Love

  1. What you have shared here Rowena is that everywhere in life we meet people who will make it about others and make themselves as victims, and this often how life is lived and accepted. It is sad when people are targeted and the media can present whatever it wants and people believe it, a sad state of affairs of how we rely on information. Yet we are just as accountable for placing demands as it will be delivered.

    When we change our lives around, often the backlash is going to be criticisms from people who haven’t been able to make these changes upon themselves, another sad state of affairs.

    In the meantime we continue, offering reflections, support and love, as nothing beats this, how a person reacts or responds is not or in our control. In other words we have to let people be and it is their choice at the end of the day. Our responsibility is to not get caught in it all.

  2. Whenever something true is presented that allows people to make a difference and change the way they live, this will be attacked and criticized – and instead of shying away and shutting down from this reaction imagine if we all used it as confirmation that we are on the right track with what is needed in our reflections of truth to others?

    1. Henrietta, I love this, reactions are a confirmation that we are on the right track, we just need to depersonalise it and understand that not everyone is ready to be presented with such absoluteness, a choice for them to make at a later date, if they so wish…

  3. Evil can only be stopped by the power of us all stepping into and living the love that we are in essence and more.

  4. Many of us have personally benefitted from being exposed to the teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, but that is not clearly where it ends. It will have reverberation, and for us to remain being who we are and keep moving in the way that is true to who we are, is something we are all learning together in amongst everything and everyone surrounding us. The extent of what we are communicating through our movements is beyond our imagination.

  5. When the truth is disseminated by our reflection then those who have sensed the Truth will also find Love and all its blessings as you have shared Rowena.

  6. Such wise words Rownea. “The evil can only be stopped by the power of love on Earth. Let us all be that power”. So often many of us sit back when observing something that does not feel right, wanting to do something about it, but not knowing where to begin, and in the end doing nothing while hoping someone else will ‘fix it’. But I have come to know that sitting back and doing nothing only feeds the evil, in whatever form it takes, but that by taking one step in and with love has the power to begin to dismantle it. It is all a matter of choice, and trust, that one person can make a difference when their purpose is fuelled by love.

  7. ‘we just need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get on with it.’ … a great reminder that no matter what is happening out there in the world we are responsible for how we are with it, we can choose how to be always, now more than ever love is required in this world.

  8. Thank you Rowena, I have enjoyed reading through your words again today, in particular “The evil can only be stopped by the power of love on Earth. Let us all be that power.” More than anything people need the support to reconnect back to the love they innately are and begin living from this inner source, when we are absent to ourselves or disconnected from this love we are empty vessels for energies to take up that space, energies that are loveless and cause harm to ourselves and others.

  9. Love the advice here, as it reminds me of the advice I get from someone else very dear to me…. when the ships are down and things are looking a bit gnarly…. turn the volume up on love.

  10. The attacks on Universal Medicine are much more than what it appears to be. It is an attack on everybody’s potential well-being by those who do not want to go there and prefer than the rest keep them company.

    1. These attacks may be focussed on a small group of people, but in truth they affect every single other person in the world, simply by bringing their focus to the lies so then they are diverted from the truth that Universal Medicine is offering the world.

  11. ‘Our situations are always of our own making.’ We often want to blame people for certain situations in our life, yet at the end of the day they arise through our own choices, and every choice we make has a consequence, which ultimately makes us responsible.

  12. To be 80+ years old and have the willingness and openness to re-evaluate your life and bring more love into it is nothing short of remarkable. We often see our elders being so set in their ways and sometimes even having that Gen Y factor of feeling entitled to being stubborn simply because they have lived X amount of years. It’s so wonderful to read that change can happen at any age and it’s never ever too late.

  13. Blame and judgment are full of emotion – so I love how you have shared Rowena that the best way for us to deal with emotion when it is directed at us is to respond without emotion.

  14. I so agree with what you say about being not perfect. So many of us have been conditioned to fear mistakes, that the mistakes are wrong and we are wrong to be making mistakes. It has a very crippling affect. Love is beholding and it asks nothing of us.

  15. We can have the blinkers on in life not wanting to see the evil that is being promulgated everywhere. Separation, strife, disharmony, bitterness, wars, cyber bullying, human trafficking, lifestyle diseases aplenty, an epidemic of anxiety to name but a few of the admonitions on man. Universal Medicine has been asking the tough and confronting questions since day one – to question what we have in life from the vantage point of what life should be.

  16. ‘Our situations are always of our own making’…a wise gem revealing we are the creators of our own misery, pain, or joy. Perhaps many are not ready for this level of self-responsibility however the truth of this will be known by all one day.

  17. Thankyou Rowena, the idea of perfection and getting everything “right” creates both an unnecessary pressure on ourselves and others, and takes our focus away from the quality we choose to do things in.

  18. ” be more loving, more sure of who we all are – as true examples of what life on Earth should be.” When we know a deeper, truer way of living we have a responsibility to live this way.

  19. When you come to really know what true love is, you also come to know what is not love. With this any form of abuse or lovelessness, be it subtle of obvious, by ourselves or from others is no longer acceptable or tolerable in our lives. As such the will to stand strong in the face of lovelessness is simply the will to love, as has been the heart of the presentations of Serge Benhayon from day one and continues to this day, through which I have been inspired, and continue to be, to claim a greater degree of love for myself and the way I live.

  20. Absolutely Rowena this is an attack from people who cannot cope with the pain of not being who they truly are, and have to blame someone or scorn those who are willing to take responsibility to correct their living-ness so that they can connect to who they are and begin to live from this knowing and understanding.

  21. Thank you Rowena, love touches hearts, thats why we are unstoppable, and that by any form of lovelessness we should increase of love and shine beyond. That is how we truly expose and clear evil (for good).

    1. We all recognise Love… some embrace it and it calls them to be more. Others find it painful to see, reminding them of the absence in their lives, of past hurts and react to try and stop the reflection. The problem is Love is an absolute and cannot be extinguished.

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