David Millikan: The Greatest Story Ever… Missed

by Matthew Brown, Subiaco, Perth, WA

David Millikan, your approach was so very wrong.

Most people have the ability of self-reflection or self-analysis to determine whether what they are doing has a sense of being right or wrong.

It seems that to gatecrash a Universal Medicine evening, lie to the host (Serge Benhayon) and attempt to incite reactions from those in attendance for a story, displays a complete lack of self-analysis. Such behaviour should be illegal!

If the only thing you have done is listen to the 0.003% of anonymous people that have complained about Universal Medicine, then that is a biased view and what I consider as professional misconduct.

What about the 99.997% of people who have attended presentations and workshops who talk positively about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon?

Is that percentage not worth a look at?

It may be because your vision is so tunneled it’s impossible to see beyond the story you chase and the recognition you are trying to achieve?

What you have missed is the greatest story you will ever come across and the greatest story you will ever write. Just consider that… the GREATEST story anyone can bring to the world and you threw it away.

There will be someone who will document the true work of Universal Medicine through telling the truth and through the media. They will talk to the 99.997% who you missed out on, they will listen, interview, talk to EVERYONE and honestly determine why almost all people love this work and why a few react to it.

Your chance, David Millikan, came… and went.

62 thoughts on “David Millikan: The Greatest Story Ever… Missed

  1. Making illegal a conduct is great in a way. It may help to deter people from going there. Through (legal) force we may learn that this is not the way. Yet the legal system is so flawed that we may get confused in accepting as good what is not illegal. So, let’s not deposit too many hopes in the legal system.

  2. It is fascinating and sad to observe how blind we become to the truth when we are engrossed, habituated and comfortable with the lies we live. The perfect playground for abuse to settle in.

  3. Thank you Matthew for sharing, how an opportunity was missed by David Millihan’s behaviour, as you say this is the greatest story ever told, the opportunity to understand how to live life differently by connecting to our Soul. But all is not lost for in divine love it will all come around again and again until we finally get it.

  4. Well said Matthew, David Millikan missed the story of a lifetime as too do many journalists because they don’t seek out the truth.

  5. Love it, Matthew. Considering how many people are on this planet, the likelihood of stumbling upon Universal Medicine/Serge Benhayon and having a direct experience of it is very limited. I am sure David Millikan would be kicking himself very hard when he realizes one day the opportunity he had missed and what he had chosen to do instead.

  6. I love your response Matthew, Millikan has indeed missed a great opportunity, it will not be long before the world will seek the truth, ‘What you have missed is the greatest story you will ever come across and the greatest story you will ever write. Just consider that… the GREATEST story anyone can bring to the world and you threw it away.’

  7. It is the greatest story that will be ever written and it continually gets told through the many blogs, websites and presentations across the globe for all to see, read and feel for themselves. The story has already being told and in truth has been right from the beginning of time. Just goes to show how long the media in whatever forms they are have been controlling the masses.

  8. Its interesting how we can make a judgement about someone or a group based on what we hear rather than what we know. And certainly what we hear is not based on all that is known but snippets or bits are taken which then leave the rest up to assuming the rest. Already we have seen the damaged caused by this way of media, and even with the inquiries conducted it continues. But it continues because we continue to consume this and listen to it all as truth. Discernment is key.

  9. It’s amazing how when you look at something through the shadows of anothers eyes you can easily get a slanted perception and fail to see anything in its true light.

  10. It’s sad that anyone can focus so intently on the opinions of a few whilst ignoring the majority of those who’s lives have literally been transformed since attending the Universal Medicine presentations. When you look at the state of the health and well being of the world especially, they really don’t know the enormity of the story they are missing out on due to their blinkers for, and their desire to create, something more sensational.

  11. That is so powerful what you have shared in your awesome blog Matthew. History tells us that every lie will come to the surface . . . so the greatest story ever will be told!

  12. I agree that this kind of media attack should be classed as professional misconduct. Millikan’s tunnel vision on this has indeed meant he has completely missed the trick and bypassed the really positive, highly newsworthy story that could have been told.

  13. “What about the 99.997% of people who have attended presentations and workshops who talk positively about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon? Is that percentage not worth a look at?” very good point Matthew. I wonder how Millikan would respond to that one. I don’t know much about statistics but 99.997 in favour versus 0.003% seems clear to me.

  14. My feeling is that you have given to many percentage points to the anonymous on line bloggers, to me it would read more like .00015%. Maybe one day the truth of the ridiculous situation shall be seen for the truth that it is and which is so plainly felt by the students of Universal Medicine.

  15. Great point you raised here Matthew, the Media have missed every opportunity to report the truth about Universal Medicine. And the general public also have missed this opportunity too hear about Universal Medicine and how hundreds of people’s health and well-being has improved greatly with the true love and care Serge Benhayon shares equally with everyone.

  16. I look forward to the GREATEST story – a true account of Universal Medicine – being accurately presented in the mainstream media! Hats off to those who are writing this truth and making it available and accessible in various forms to ensure the truth is represented. It is a shame that misrepresentation occurs.

  17. What I love about Serge Benhayon’s presentations is that he offers a third option, whereas in school and many religions you only get offered two options: mostly in the world and in our education system it is about right or wrong. The third option is about truth. I learn to discern what is true to me and to me my body feels vibrant and still without desires or yearnings when I choose the truth.

  18. Tunnel vision is a dangerous thing not only is it ignoring the spherical nature of life but in the pursuit of a self-centred goal many others are likely to be harmed. Great exposing of David Millikan’s motives and lack of self analysis Matthew.

  19. David Millikan certainly missed an opportunity of a life time there, and it took one person to show his true colours, which only goes to highlight the huge difference in integrity that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon hold so high.

  20. Well said, Matt! There are so many people who have experienced true miracles in their lives since attending talks by Universal Medicine, just by becoming responsible for their choices and committing to love – there are some amazing stories to tell.

  21. Brilliant blog Matt, well said and a great reminder of how destructive tunnel vision can be to both yourself and others.

  22. We live in this world with a system whereby 64 people at the top rung of the ladder get more cash reward than the bottom 3.5 billion. David Millikan and those people at the third, forth and fifth rungs of the ladder who live off those top 64 defend the system blindly, with no regard what so ever for any of the others for fear of being forced down a rung.

  23. Well said Mathew, The truth was there to be told but David Millickan displayed a mastery of trickery, deceit ambush and sabotage. Selling a lie for a story. Deceiving the very public who he wants to look up to him.

  24. …and the reason he was so blinkered – it would seem he was caught by the energy of greed and blind ambition. What a waste of a golden opportunity.

  25. Well said Matthew,
    what we have experienced, how we feel, why we attend Universal Medicine’s presentations, what do we get out the teachings, how our life has changed thanks to this do not count. If it did, they would have to revise their life. So, following the 0,0003% of people is their way to avoid all of that.

  26. So true Matt, but thankfully the amazing story that is universal medicine is being told though the stories and experiences shared in these blogs. It is our stories and our livingness that will be remembered, and how beautiful to be a part of something that connects you back to you.

  27. Sadly too true and so great that you stood up and said it. I have no doubt that the media will one day realise their mistake and recognise the remarkable story here, however in the meantime whilst they choose their unwillingness to see, it would be enormously appreciated if they don’t force others to suffer through any more of their appalling antics.

  28. Really well said Matthew. David Milikan acted totally out of line, that sort of behaviour should be illegal.

  29. Top blog Matthew, succinct and to the point. David Millikan had an awesome opportunity to tell the true story of Universal Medicine but instead it feels to me he gave it up for £$£$. One day the true story of Universal Medicine will be told and the behaviour of David Millikan and the other 0.003% will be exposed as a consummate lie.

  30. Matthew, well said, the truth will be shared one day as everyone slowly connects, the ripple effect will create this true story to be told, it is a matter of just waiting.

  31. From one Brown to another: Matthew you rock!
    When I read: “Just consider that… the GREATEST story anyone can bring to the world and you threw it away”, my eyes swelled with tears at the sadness that David Millikan actually does not realise the greatness of the story he could have told and the most amazing opportunity he missed.

    1. Thank you Mathew and Dragana, I agree, it just shows that when we align to a false energy it owns you, and you cannot see the truth staring you in the face.

  32. As one of the 99.997%, I would love to shout from the rooftops how much my life and those of the others in this group have been enriched from their contact with Universal Medicine.
    David’s Millikan’s approach was so off the money – no it was done for money wasn’t it…OUCH! What a loss to humanity – with the majority of people sorely in need of the wisdom and common sense possibilities we have been fortunate to come across, as presented by Serge Benhayon and others at these health talks.

  33. Thank you Matthew – your response to David Millikan felt so far seeing and straightforward.

  34. So true Matthew, the power in your words were felt immediately, this man… David Milikan had the greatest story right in front of his nose, but he couldn’t see it, and in choosing not to see it he set out to destroy it.

  35. Yes, I agree Matt, there will be someone within the realms of media who will see the truth in what is being offered by Universal Medicine for themselves because they will be open to listening rather than having a personal agenda get in the way.

    1. Thank you Mathew and Katie, I agree, it was so plainly obvious that the media have had a personal agenda. Serge Benhayon on the other hand only ever presents what is there and evolving for all of humanity.

  36. So powerful Matthew! The percentages bring such a clear and strong perspective to the insanity of what has happened. The way you spoke about the ‘greatest story you will ever come across and the greatest story you will ever write’ brought tears to my eyes. Because God is a God of Love David Millikan will get another chance… it is a pity he delayed it (like all of us).

  37. Awesome, I Love how simply you put what David Millikan has missed out on as he only wanted to present the view of 0.003%

    1. And the fact that he represented those 0.003% by lying to Serge, and bullying the audience gives a clear indication of what underpins that 0.003% .

  38. Thanks Matthew and all the way from my birth town – Subiaco, WA 🙂
    Millikan has indeed missed an opportunity to tell an amazing story – but someone will one day and until that day – we’ll keep telling it about our own lives.

  39. Brilliant Matt, including percentages really speaks for itself. I look forward to meeting the journalist, with integrity, that will write the greatest story ever!

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