Serge Benhayon and Me

by Ray Karam, Goonellabah, NSW

I have read a lot that has been said about Serge Benhayon; some truth and some just outright rubbish.

I would like to share how my life is at this moment, in fact today. I came home this afternoon to my family after working an 11-hour day. I was greeted in the driveway by our three young children, all eager to share their day and themselves with me.

After a while it was bedtime for the children and I lay in bed with my little boy. I cuddled him and he cuddled me. He rubbed my head and he cuddled right into my shoulder… I just lay there with him, watching him. He told me about his day and he just kept smiling; I knew he was just happy to have me in bed with him. To me it was just amazing, to have such a connection with a little man. We just lay there together for about ten minutes… I put my open hand gently on his chest and he fell asleep. I climbed out of his bed and pulled the doona up over him – I kissed him on the head and whispered, “I love you, little man.” Simple.

I know you may think that is not that special or unique, but this is a typical or ‘normal’ night at our place, not a one-off here and there. Each day I can see the children growing: not only in size, but in how they are, in and out of our house. Our children are really amazing.

Serge Benhayon has never told me to do anything, but has shown me more than anyone ever has, just by living simply in the way he lives. Serge is no different to me, and I am no different from him.

What I am and how I am is because of me and how I choose to live, and not from following anything.

From experience, it is much easier to write something off or criticise it, than see it for what it truly is. I am not looking for anyone to like or agree with how I live. I can see from how I am, and how my family is, that I am amazing at one thing – being me.  

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  1. Doug, what a blessing to know that it is never to late to be ourselves and to bring this to all those around us.

  2. When we hold a willingness to see the truth, we also hold a willingess to take responsibility on a deeper level. Should we resist either, then we need to call in a different way of seeing things that then blinds us from the very truth we were seeking, and makes us see things in a completely different light, a view to be fooled by for so long as we choose to see it that way.

  3. The quality relationships we hold with each other and with ourselves remains as one of the greatest riches that we carry in our hearts.

  4. Criticism rolls easily off our tongue when we are disconnected and hardened to life and those around us. However, when we are connected and hold onto our sensitivity, we get to feel what works and what does not work and there is no need to put down another, just simply a willingness to be and to let be, live and to let live, to love and to let love.

  5. “I am amazing at one thing – being me.” Today when I was driving something similar came to me, I don’t have a flashy University degree or other accomplishments, I’m not particularly learned in terms of history or knowledge, but what I am amazing at and what brings me true joy and contentment is simply being me. That’s how it is for all of us, and those accolades in life can actually be placed before the simple joy of being (and knowing) ourselves.

  6. Lovely Ray, your everyday is something you choose, and the choices we realise we can make can sometimes be inspired by others. “From experience, it is much easier to write something off or criticise it, than see it for what it truly is.” This line is true for me at the moment, instead of making a snap judgment or assumption just allowing situations to be received in all they are. Criticism is a bit like junk food, it’s everywhere but it doesn’t truly nourish us.

  7. I agree – it is much easier to write off and criticize things and stay in comfort (of discomfort) but when we allow ourselves to really feel that tension, it’s actually not as bad as we thought it might be but rather liberating.

  8. A normal day with-out any hype just sharing what has transpired is such a blessing for any family as it can become too easy to get caught in the imaginary world of T.V. and not consider how amazing it feels to simply connect with our family and friends.

  9. What you describe here is so very much needed in this world, everyday loving connections wherever we are.

  10. “What I am and how I am is because of me and how I choose to live, and not from following anything.” And knowing Serge has simply shown by someone else’s living way that there is a way to live, if I so choose, that brings greater harmony and joy compared to before I knew Serge Benhayon. It’s not a following in the sense that I take up everything that Serge Benhayon says but what feels true for me to do so.

  11. We are indeed amazing at being us, it’s our job, and the one job no-one else can do for us, and the one thing the world needs for all of us, to simply be us.

    1. I like the simplicity of what you are presenting Monica – no one else can do the job of us being ourselves.

  12. Ray, I love what you share about lying in bed with your young son. It feels that there is a real love and intimacy between you both. And how beautiful is it for him, to drift off to sleep in the vibrations of “I love you, little man.”

  13. Beautiful sharing Ray, from my own experience Serge has taught me to be me, not from any direction but by presenting the truth and leaving me to discern my own truth.

    1. Yes and Serge reminds us that being ourselves is vital for our health and wellbeing, but also for the health and wellbeing of our children because they can see adults who are living well in the world and not run down, ratty or checked out.

  14. What a beautiful and simple normal you have in your home Ray based on decency and respect – which undoubtedly is an inspiration to all the homes who are struggling with various levels of abuse in their own homes, abuse that unfortunately far too many call their normal.

  15. Beautifully simple Ray! And this is what it’s all about…that connection we’re all hanging for and go about getting it in the most messed up ways possible…but here you are showing us how it’s done…naturally…without trying! Derrrr!

  16. The beauty of a few moments between a father and son as you describe is immensely loving and special beyond words to me.

  17. In life we champion many things, achievements, money, material goods, getting recognition, etc, but we don’t necessarily value how we are living. But, it’s the way we are living that is truly what brings that sense of joy and contentment, simple things like sharing time with a child, and as you say Ray it’s not one ounce in the doing, it comes from being able to be ourselves and bring that unencumbered to life.

  18. This article is coming up to being nearly 5 years ago and while it doesn’t seem that long ago the amount that has been done in that time is astounding. The end of the day ends still that quality and the sharing’s seem greater as the children and i grow older. A highlight of the day is always from simply seeing and chatting with people and an extension of this is seeing and chatting with the children.

  19. And that is everything – being ourselves. In really knowing who we are, we know truth, and it is our inner-knowing that guides us to live in a way that honors the love and truth of our essence. In living this way we discover that true empowerment and fulfilment can only come through living in connection to who we are first. Thank you Ray for sharing this inspiring testament of what you have chosen to live for yourself, and all, and of the work of Serge Benhayon and his unending and limitless love and dedication to ignite humanity.

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