Life: A Reality Check

by James Nicholson BNat, Somerset, UK

Why is it that it seems to take something major to happen to us, or someone close to us, to say something to stop us, to get us to look at how we are living? Depression rates are at an all time high, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. are all now a common issue, whereas they used to be an exception. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have stepped out from the crowd and said, “hang on, surely this is not right, let’s look at the way we are living and live a life that we want” – and call for us to be part of a society we want to be a part of.

I know the mess I was in when I first met Serge, just over nine years ago. Whilst I am by no means perfect (far from it), the commitment to life and humanity which I now have has brought a whole new purpose to living my life. I have extremely loving and supportive friends, and have grown and developed into a man. I used to hide, cover up or deny my faults and imperfections, as I saw them as bad things I should be ashamed of. Now, I look at them and accept them, and if they do not support me, I let them go… at least, eventually I do!

I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say. I am learning to express without any need of an outcome. I am not struggling to get through life or looking for my next crazy moment – which used to be alcohol, drugs or gambling. Instead, I am happy and content being me… and mostly look forward to the day ahead.

I could go on, but let’s stop and say: All of this as a result of one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly… how awesome is that and how lucky am I…?! Thank you to Serge Benhayon and to Universal Medicine for the ongoing love, support and inspiration.

278 thoughts on “Life: A Reality Check

  1. I would hate to think where my life would be now if I hadn’t meet Serge Benhayon 12 years ago, meeting him has had a profound impact on my life and I am now living a life I once only every dreamed of. Shedding the layers of hurt and sadness I once lived with has been an empowering experience that has allowed me the space to truly heal and to begin to live more of the true me.

  2. I celebrate every day that Serge Benhayon stepped out into the world and began presenting that there is another way to live, that life doesn’t have to be the struggle that we have made it, and that it can be consistently joyful and simple, free of the complication we insist on creating. Taking “a reality check” every now and looking at our life with total honesty is so very worth it, we simply need to make the choice to do so.

  3. This is much stronger in me now, but again recently I had another example of needing to go further, ‘I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say.’ A forever student.

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