Life: A Reality Check

by James Nicholson BNat, Somerset, UK

Why is it that it seems to take something major to happen to us, or someone close to us, to say something to stop us, to get us to look at how we are living? Depression rates are at an all time high, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. are all now a common issue, whereas they used to be an exception. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have stepped out from the crowd and said, “hang on, surely this is not right, let’s look at the way we are living and live a life that we want” – and call for us to be part of a society we want to be a part of.

I know the mess I was in when I first met Serge, just over nine years ago. Whilst I am by no means perfect (far from it), the commitment to life and humanity which I now have has brought a whole new purpose to living my life. I have extremely loving and supportive friends, and have grown and developed into a man. I used to hide, cover up or deny my faults and imperfections, as I saw them as bad things I should be ashamed of. Now, I look at them and accept them, and if they do not support me, I let them go… at least, eventually I do!

I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say. I am learning to express without any need of an outcome. I am not struggling to get through life or looking for my next crazy moment – which used to be alcohol, drugs or gambling. Instead, I am happy and content being me… and mostly look forward to the day ahead.

I could go on, but let’s stop and say: All of this as a result of one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly… how awesome is that and how lucky am I…?! Thank you to Serge Benhayon and to Universal Medicine for the ongoing love, support and inspiration.

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  1. It is awesome James to the point of almost being miraculous, even though such massive life changes can come about quite simply and practically with the support that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offers. “I used to hide, cover up or deny my faults and imperfections, as I saw them as bad things I should be ashamed of.” This has really helped me understand someone in my life, it makes sense that we can see ourselves as either good or bad because of mistakes or what we see as our faults, instead of simply learning and letting go of mistakes as we grow and strengthen areas within ourselves. We can shy away from being aware of ourselves if we hold ourselves to perfectionism or feel shame, instead of embracing opportunities to grow.

  2. Expression is such an important part of our daily lives, ‘I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say. I am learning to express without any need of an outcome’.

  3. I wouldn’t call it luck per se because as it is simply a choice to observe what Serge Benhayon presents without judgment and give it a try for yourself. It just so happens that when practiced for ourselves what Serge lives and presents is universal, is simple and it works.

    1. Leigh I appreciate this comment because really what you and many of us are saying is what is all the fuss about?
      Here is a person who as James has said, is saying
      ‘“hang on, surely this is not right, let’s look at the way we are living and live a life that we want” – and call for us to be part of a society we want to be a part of.’
      But the way that Serge Benhayon is being portrayed by the media in particular you would think he is some sort of monster. There have been many dictators who have committed heinous crimes against humanity but I feel certain that if the media are to be believed they would put Serge Benhayon up there with these people and for what… Because he has had the audacity to confront the consciousness that rules our thoughts so that we have become mere puppets and put the consciousness on notice that the gig is up and that by living in a more harmonious way we can all break free of this consciousness that holds us in it’s grip. And it is no surprise therefore that the media is gunning for Serge Benhayon as is many of the established pillars of our so called society as they too are owned and so therefore are vessels of this consciousness and will say what ever they are being told to say. We are totally owned and we do not even know it. And one of the few people who can see and read the consciousness that owns us is Serge Benhayon. So the fuss is to stop him from exposing the consciousness we have all fallen for.

  4. “All of this as a result of one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly” – yes, and more keeps unfolding. It’s like we have been growing then got uprooted to face the sun from another angle and we still keep growing the same but completely different.

  5. How devastated are we until that point in life comes where we live “a whole new purpose to living” a true understanding that as history has been sharing for eons that “Expression is everything”, “The pen is mightier than the sword”, “In the face of weapons of war, my songs avail as much as doves in the face of eagles,” “the tongue is mightier than the blade,” are all quotes and we look at the physical as the problem when it is the energy behind the scenes that is the most devastating. And as you say James, “I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say.” Plus all our movements are part of our true expression as expression is everything so therefore it must be able to be said that everything is expression, that then plays a huge role in our life and leads to the thoughts and words we speeeeeak and where that expression is coming from! As everything is also energy and the energy we are in therefore must be a part of the everything that is expression.

  6. We can always ignore the warnings in the name of this is not really that bad (or bad enough). The problem is when do we consider that is starts being bad? Could it be that our judgement is not good enough?

  7. That’s the thing when we hone in on our ‘faults’, we actually just compound them and punish ourselves, rather than just accepting them and understanding why they are there, and perhaps becoming observant as to what our payback may be for having them and then letting them go if we wish. It really introduces a different way of being with ourselves, one that is super supportive and very loving.

  8. To be aware of the choices we make on a daily basis and to observe how these affect our health and well being and that of those around us is the responsibility we all carry. And from this awareness to choose to make the necessary changes so as to live in a more harmonious way.

  9. Many people would agree that our society leaves much to be desired in terms of quality. And would sign up to try to change it. Yet, their hopes and their focus will always be outside of them, not always realizing that our best contribution for this to happen comes from inside of us.

  10. What you have shared James is so important for society because you have been able to let go of drug and alcohol use and gambling, as well as other things to now live contented with yourself, having dealt with your issues, and are now enjoying loving relationships and looking forward to each day. The implications of such changes are huge for society as it take a massive financial burden off the medical and mental health sector, as well as reducing potentials for crime or needing a government benefit if not working. And, like you many other people have made similar changes in the Universal Medicine student body. We are all consistently becoming more content, more self caring and responsible taking better care of our health and wellbeing, and more committed to family, community and work. The governments of the world need what Serge has to offer, otherwise the medical system of the world will be bankrupted with the burden of our daily lifestyle choices, let alone other areas such as mental health, crime and unemployment etc. The Universal Medicine student body is showing very clearly that the models Serge has developed work, we are the living proof because our lives are going against the trends.

  11. Serge Benhayon has stepped out of the crowd, he is willing to reflect to humanity that there is a different way to live, and that all of our choices have consequences in one way or another, and affect not only us but all of us.

  12. So true James, and we are 6 years on from what you have shared with everything about the health and vitality in society and it is still sliding. When you see how many are “stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly” this should be studied so True role models can become common-place.

  13. When we ‘hide, cover up or deny’ our ‘faults and imperfections’ and think of them as something to be ‘ashamed of’ we totally miss the fact that they are signposts for us to correct and heal our errant ways.

    1. Yes we so often live in fear of being found out. If we can accept that we are perfectly imperfect and that we will be students of life for all our days and nights then it takes all the pressure off and makes life far more fun!

  14. Life is forever asking us to wake up and as we awaken from one dream, life asks us again to wake up from the next and from the next and from the next. And on it goes until we no longer have to be born to wake up and instead elect to be born again to awaken our brothers who are still asleep to who they truly are.

    1. It’s a beautiful line Kathleen, that we are all here to awaken ourselves and then to “awaken our brothers who are still asleep to who they truly are.”

  15. The big changes I have made with the support of Universal Medicine have also happened relatively gently, that’s pretty amazing considering the amount of changes I have made. The changes themselves are quite simple but the pain or hurt related to past events is what can bring forth resistance or a challenge, but the opportunity to let that go and live without it is well worth it. Essentially it’s about becoming more loving with myself and others, and who would not want that?

  16. In our desire to be the person we are, to connect and communicate with others, to shine in our lives, there will be many forces against us asking us not to shine, not to be joyful, not to just be ourselves. The wisdom Serge Benhayon presents equips us with what we need to turn those forces on their head and be all we are.

  17. I can feel your appreciation of everything that Serge Benhayon has shared which has enables us to vastly improve our lives but more importantly has enabled us to see how we all need to work together for us to evolve as a species. Making life all about self has never worked and never will.

  18. With things like they are how important is it that we live true. This is one story similar to many, that we are more then just the physical people we are and that there is more to life on an ongoing basis. We can sit and accept the ups and downs that become an existence or we can truly connect and bring things together in a way that you walk life in place of being knocked around by it. There are many things I still don’t fully understand about life but one things I always come back to, how I live brings to me how things are. In other words if I don’t like what is before me then I know a part of that is coming from how I am moving and so part of bringing understanding would be for me to make a change.

  19. It is amazing to realise and feel how living in connection to the love we are within is far more enriching and fulfilling that the chase of happiness, contentment or relief all of which only keeps us hooked into needing more of the falsity and shallowness that it offers. And although the chase is over the journey of unfoldment to embodying more of who we are, our Soul, our magnificence, is awe-inspiring to which there is no end.

  20. Good point James it is not often we come across a person who is willing to step out from the crowd and question what is going on. Serge Benhayon is doing just that. He is calling for us all to awaken from our slumber and look at the mess we have made of a life lived in escape and comfort.

    1. Yes and regardless of the buttons he pushes he keeps it entirely logical and practical. For that I am deeply appreciative because it shows me that I have lived with more complication that I have ever needed to and that it does not need to be that way.

  21. “one man stepping out from the crowd and presenting about living lovingly” and he, Serge Benhayon, is inspiring many others to take the step to choose the responsibility of a way of living that is loving and in true brotherhood with all.

  22. This is much stronger in me now, but again recently I had another example of needing to go further, ‘I have learnt to express how I truly feel, rather than saying what I think the other person wants me to say.’ A forever student.

  23. I celebrate every day that Serge Benhayon stepped out into the world and began presenting that there is another way to live, that life doesn’t have to be the struggle that we have made it, and that it can be consistently joyful and simple, free of the complication we insist on creating. Taking “a reality check” every now and looking at our life with total honesty is so very worth it, we simply need to make the choice to do so.

    1. I am with you Ingrid, in celebrating Serge Benhayon for presenting to us all through the way he lives, the Way of The Livingness, the potential we all have to live in connection to our Soul, as such our truth together.

  24. I would hate to think where my life would be now if I hadn’t meet Serge Benhayon 12 years ago, meeting him has had a profound impact on my life and I am now living a life I once only every dreamed of. Shedding the layers of hurt and sadness I once lived with has been an empowering experience that has allowed me the space to truly heal and to begin to live more of the true me.

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