Trust Restored

by Lorraine Wellman, Cert Ed. UK

I have struggled with endemic levels of corruption, deception, greed and lack of integrity in my life, and in the world. How can other human beings be like that to fellow human beings? If this is what life is like, then do I really want to exist within this paradigm? Who can I trust? Why do most people not want the truth to emerge? These were all questions I pondered.

I attempted to expose the levels of corruption in a few institutions, but I failed. I failed partly because there is such a tight network of intertwining segments protecting one another’s interests: no-one was prepared to stand out and speak the truth – even at government levels. So, it seemed to me that this is how the world operates. I really hated this. Truth and integrity, to me – are paramount.

About eight years ago I began to go to some talks by Serge Benhayon. This was a man who speaks the truth and has integrity like no-one I’ve met before. The more talks, workshops etc. I did, the more this all became apparent. Serge recognises we all need help, that the world is in a deep mess, and he dedicates his life to serving and helping humanity.

Serge Benhayon, by how he is, has helped me to build trust in people; showed that there are people who have integrity, who speak the truth, have genuine compassion and so much more… love, joy etc… and that that is the norm for them, and can be for all of us.

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  1. We look at the world we know how it could be – but the world is us, all of us as a collective. The question each of us could ask is ‘Am I living the fullness of who I truly am?’ then we know the kind of world we will end up having.

  2. Knowing Serge Benhayon have encouraged me to trust people but also to restore confidence within myself. Wherever we look at there is a mess, it’s a fact that politicians are speaking words void of Truth. However when I see Serge presenting there is a solidness, a lightness and transparency that invites me to bring the same qualities in my daily life. He inspires me to live in such a way that makes a significant difference in this world. Just by claiming the power I bring as a woman, instead expecting anyone else do it by me.

  3. The world like no other time before needs truth and integrity, so why is it that so many of us still follow like sheep the lies and corruption that is so ingrained in society at every level? There are also many of us that no longer want anything less than truth but the truth seems to meet such resistance. Serge is such an inspiration to just live in such a way that will eventually bring about change by this Livingness.

    1. I feel Kevin that when we see the corruption, the lies etc., we call it for what it is. We cannot stand by any more and just allow things to go on as they are. I personally feel that we have allowed our standards of living to slip and if we do nothing it will only get worse. As individuals we cannot change the world but we can change the way we are with ourselves. If we bring more loving focus on how we live and interact with others they get a chance to feel that there can be a difference. This is how we inspire change.

  4. Interesting word ‘paradigm’ as it is a shift or deepening of the divine energy we are connected to as we enter through a door way and all we have to do is be aware and accept the advance. So like many words the true meaning has been distorted to keep humanity from the truth!

  5. Truth has no investment and with the deep humbleness that come with what Serge Benhayon presents, a different foundation is set the truest way of living and this is without the greed and corruption that belittles most.

  6. When you personalize what we do, you may fall for some reason that may account for it and provides an alibi.
    When you de-personalize what we do and ask the question from the standpoint of the human being, you ask true questions.

  7. Thats so true Lorraine there is not so much true trust between many people therefore I love Serge Benhayon as he offers trust in every movement he make. His whole body is emanating trust and with that I was inspired to again trust myself first and than step by step the rest of the world as well. Life can be so easy if you really can trust yourself!

  8. It is great that we register that we do need help and we are hurt. To recognise we are in a mess without reacting but responding we can save the world by saving ourself (in response and not in reaction).

  9. Exposing corruption happens one person at a time, and through development of our own inner connection corruption is being exposed throughout the world like the lid being lifted on an overflowing garbage.

  10. Lorraine this is a great question to ask
    “Why do most people not want the truth to emerge? ”
    I feel that we don’t want the truth to emerge because then we would all have to do something about the way we are living. We have made lies our reality for thousands of years so to then own up that we are living a lie is a hard pill to swallow. I feel that life will get a lot harder and bleaker for us all before we finally admit we have been living this lie that has caused so much pain, death and destruction.

  11. When we truly open our eyes we can see how corrupt the world is and how difficult it is to expose the lies and deceit that are in every walk of life. Serge Benhayon stands for truth and is not afraid to speak out, yet he does it without any expectations or need for an outcome. He just continues to speak the truth and it is this consistency that is so inspiring and he has shown us all what it is to live with the highest integrity.

  12. ” there are people who have integrity, who speak the truth, have genuine compassion and so much more… love, joy etc… and that that is the norm for them, and can be for all of us. ”
    Yes this can be the norm for everyone , it just takes a bit of getting used to and refreshing that re-connection to the truth we all know and carry.

  13. In order to create more trust in our world it is first necessary that we have trust in who we truly are and the love we come from. If we lack trust in ourselves we contribute to the overall pool of mistrusting energy that is so abundant in our world to day.

    1. As we trust and deepening our Love and thus our Livingness their is a Deepening-Humble-Appreciative-Ness that is lived and adding to this their is an advanced as we use a ‘paradigm’ with a true understanding!

      1. A paradigm is opening our self to what is deepening our connection when we enter through a door, so we can evolve every time we use the true understanding of a paradigm.

  14. Corruption comes from the Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + rup-, past participle stem of rumpere “to break”. The word reveals that co-rruption is a relationship where two or more people break together. It is a movement that breaks with truth as much as it is a link, a bind, between those that engage in it.

  15. If we want the world to change we each have the personal responsibility to ensure we live the example we want the world to be in order to be a reflection for others to be inspired likewise. Serge Benhayon does this and in doing so has inspired thousands to do likewise who are also inspirations for yet more.

  16. Humanity has lost trust in general… We see this everywhere… To the point where we cannot recognise immediately when truth is offered… We need to heal so much collectively before we can even start to see what extraordinary gifts are on offer to all of us.

  17. Lorraine the standards for what we will all accept in life continue to keep dropping, what we are accepting in relationships, the workplace, the media, in education, and in corporations and governments, etc, is getting worse, and we all know it but we don’t speak up about it. We innately know what is decent and true but the more we collectively accept the opposite the more it seems to snowball into even more indecency.

  18. The world is full of corruption, deceit and lies, and when we each stand up for truth we show humanity that there is another way, a true way of being and eventually truth will outweigh the corruption, deceit and lies, but it will take each one of us to stand firm in the truth that we know.

    1. So true Sally. We cannot wait for the world to change, we each need to make the necessary changes first and then the world will follow.

  19. Lorraine through Serge and Universal Medicine and many others who now make the Way of the Livingness their religion I too have restored trust in people again. Whilst its not perfect and I can bring out my “i dont’ trust mode” I’ve certainly transformed my life as a result. It’s certainly worth doing.

  20. Trust decency and respect are all qualities that have been eroded in today’s society and it is time for us all to collectively resurrect these qualities with both integrity and grace so we all may live our potential.

  21. Do we consider the fact that being cast out of a particular job, or rejected, could be TO make us think we’ve ‘failed’ and thus diminish our enthusiasm in speaking up for truth and integrity? If we think purely from our head and react to the temporal reality of what’s just happened, then we may miss an opportunity to apply this truth is many, many other areas!

    1. Well said, taking a moment to consider a bigger picture means we have an opportunity to learn from everything that happens in our lives and bring greater responsibility to our way of living.

  22. I agree – meeting someone who we can feel there is something different, perhaps even true about them is very inspiring, and consistency makes it even more powerful. Perhaps this is how we could inspire others, too, by living with truth and integrity, consistently.

  23. If we don’t like the corruption and abuse we see in the world then the answer is to live and demonstrate another way. The amazing, consistency and living way of Serge Benhayon show us that there is indeed another way to live – a glorious way that is available to all.

  24. Well said Lorraine. And I love the message that love and joy can be normal for us. I agree – they are natural states of being for us all – so what have we done that this is not our experience?

  25. I suppose we first need to disengage ourselves from the corruption we are willingly part of before we sincerely are able to stand up with integrity and transparency and not just good but lame intentions.

    1. I agree Alex. To take responsibility and be willing to see every part we play in the corruption and deceit in our lives is the way to stand for truth. It may feel uncomfortable, shameful or full of regrets and disbelief but unless we acknowledge and heal every reaction within our own body we cannot claim or pretend that we are not a part of it.

  26. Exposing corruption can be very challenging as when someone is not living from the truth they will have all the protection set up that they think is necessary to protect themselves from being exposed. It is an insidious evil that so often is just accepted as calling it out usually seems way too hard, as you found. I love how Serge Benhayon has lifted the lid on the truth of corruption and that we can actually make a difference by simply choosing to have no corruption in our lives and to not accept it in others in any form.

  27. I feel the same Lorraine that Serge Benhayon restores trust for me. He is so consistent and every moment is lived for the all. He has taken integrity it a whole new level by introducing energetic integrity, that the quality of energy we are each in never lies, words might deceive but energy doesn’t. This is our ultimate responsibility to be in energetic responsibility and therefore true integrity.

  28. The problem is we can all see and feel the corruption everywhere and how tightly it all supports itself such that if you bring the truth you can lose your job etc, but far better to lose your job than not speak up because in not speaking what you know to be the truth you are in fact supporting and strengthening the lie.

  29. The word trust has deteriorated into expecting someone to do what we want them to do or be who we want them to be .When we allow ourselves to connect to the absolute truth of who we are. as Serge Benhayon does, expectations are gone and we can BE with ourselves or with another or others and let them BE also.for in that absolute truth there is love respect and decency and that is communicated through our expression.

  30. It is true, there are ‘endemic levels of corruption, deception, greed and lack of integrity’ that run our society, which extends throughout the world. However, we all do know truth and we all do know love regardless if we are living it or not. And so, it is our responsibility to not withdraw from society but rather to stand firm and strong with the values of truth and love that we know to be true. The greatest change we can bring to the world is to be our true selves as such and reflect a way of being that represents the truth and love of us all.

  31. We can change everything by changing our movements.Sounds too simple I know but if I start moving in a way that takes the whole into consideration everything changes.

    1. Yes, for sure Kathleen. Not only does it sound simple but is also sounds empowering, that we are the ones that can bring the much needed change the world is calling for, through the way we live and move. Our greatest challenge is our willingness to be honest with ourselves, to understand that we are the ones also responsible for the way the world is today.

  32. Serge Benhayon lives the integrity that he presents and there is a growing number of people around the world who are inspired to change the way they are living and the world is being shown a true way to live in Brotherhood with all.

  33. There is a lot going on out in the world and always has been from what I see. What remains important though is how you are in that, how you understand it and how you then speak into it. There is only one way to turn the things we see are going astray around and that is to be all that you are seeing the world needs. So if you are seeing a lack of integrity bring a deep integrity, if you are seeing a lack of care, bring a deeper care to everyone you see and the list goes on. The world doesn’t change from the one you are seeing unless you activity is contributing to that change. I am not saying protest or shout from roof tops either, I am saying live in every moment the change you see the world around you should make and soon enough people will make a choice on what quality they want.

  34. Building trust in others has started by me building up the trust in myself, that what I know is true and backing myself absolutely with this knowing. With this I have a sense of whether another matches this level of trust I know is true. And it’s ok if they don’t, it is simply for me to observe and discern if I choose to continue any interaction understanding they are where they are so I don’t have unreal expectations on what might come next.

  35. The foundations of life through transparency and honesty change everything, and it doesn’t matter how much someone tells you they are honest, it has to be a lived honesty in their body, and then you can feel it.

  36. To give up on some value we hold dearly is easy when we realize that everyone around us work around and against them. Yet, we are not alone in this one and boy does it feel beautiful when we are confirmed on those values? This shows clearly their true value and the value of truth they hold.

  37. Interesting reading this blog after writing it nearly five years ago, I would now say that key to changing all what I don’t like about the world starts with self. To live all that I am, the love and light with no holding back, and inspire the changes in other people just as Serge Benhayon has been doing and continues to do, inspiring people far and wide with his amazing way of living and being.

  38. Well said Lorraine – Serge Benhayon has been a great inspiration to me and countless others to stand up for truth and expose that which does not serve the all – greed and corruption being a major part of this

  39. Beautifully said Lorraine, you are right too, there are very few people that are willing to stand for truth but many who will grumble about the fact that things don’t change. Serge Benhayon has inspired thousands of people to look past their own self interest to their true purpose in life. We are all made to know truth and the more we stand for truth the closer to our purpose we are.

  40. It is one thing to see through corruption, and the level of it in the world in general. It is, however, another thing to expect the world or others to change in accordance to what you know is possible, for that is an imposition in that it is demanding others to live up to your own moral code, so to speak, and as such is not respectful of free will. Whilst we should never hold back calling out evil or corruption, there comes a point when you realise that it exists because of the choices of many who willingly do not want to see what they have aligned to, even if they themselves are not the direct perpetrators of the abuse, and that by their silence, they are complicit nonetheless. And so, it is at that point that whilst you can offer a reflection of a different way, you realise it is not yours to continue to call out that which everyone is willingly choosing, even if they are suffering as a result.

  41. What you have expressed here Lorraine is simple, true and wise; Serge Benhayon is indeed our guiding light by his livingness and his presentations of the Ageless Wisdom teachings;
    “Serge recognises we all need help, that the world is in a deep mess, and he dedicates his life to serving and helping humanity”.

  42. Well said and very true Lorraine we need to not shy away from the truth as this then confirm to others to also stay silent, so when we express without holding back this gives other permission to also find their voice – a much needed step the world is craving for.

  43. To meet people who have integrity and are honest in all areas of their life is a blessing and it is time that we restore it as a whole humanity so that it is not an exception anymore but a natural way of living for us all.

  44. Lorraine, I enjoyed your thorough understanding on corruption. We all experience this and feel helpless. I myself the best way to uproot this is to stay with yourself by nominating your feelings and emotions what does not feel right and play your own game of delivering the highest of integrity and quality of service. This breaks the mold and inspires others they can do it too.

  45. There are many people that know their level of integrity and honesty is far greater than that which they have reduced themselves to live, something that is done in fear of reprisal from others if it was shown and lived. But how can that be seen again in our world as a beacon to support others to live by if it is not accepted as the way we want to live and then put into practice? Love this article and the acceptance of integrity, honesty and grace it offers.

  46. When you see others who stand up for truth like Serge Benhayon, it is definitely inspiring and gives me confidence to stand up for truth. So if more of us start to stand up for truth we will inspire others to do the same, To live in harmony and truth is the way to go.

  47. There is no doubt that seeing people with genuine integrity and care for all, who are prepared to speak truth and express love in all they do, and who make living this way normal… shows others that this is possible. It is deeply inspiring and as such, powerful in it’s ability to change the way we are with not only ourselves but each other.

  48. Serge Benhayon has shown me that we cannot change others by wishing it so, forcing them to change or whichever tactic we use to try. The only thing we can do is to pay attention to and change our own way of being and by living life with integrity, love, honesty, truth…we will inspire some and some will hate us for it, but ultimately if we continue to take responsibility for ourselves, the world will change too. The Law of Reflection does that 😉

  49. There is no denying that much of what we have created in this world is a mess and the sooner we all open our eyes to this fact the sooner we can all together start the process of clearing it.

  50. Serge Benhayon has supported me too to trust people again by letting them back into my heart and by showing me how I can observe and be very aware of the corruption and all the horror that is going on in the world but stay intact and connected to me by not absorbing it. These are invaluable skills to have and something everybody should have access to to learn.

  51. Serge Benhayon redefines trust for us all, as this is a word that, through so much hurt, has lost its true meaning for humanity, but is essential for our re-connection with God, and with who we truly are.

  52. What I have come to understand is that life is based on truth, love responsibility and many more, if we want trust in our lives we have to be truthful, open and honest. Trust comes and grows with being truthful. I began to trust Serge as he presented truth, I could feel that connection in my own body, he has continuously inspired us all that the truth lies within us all equally. This has allowed me to trust others.

  53. Within us all is a full and fiery spark of God that knows truth to its core, as it is what we are made of. But this truth gets masked with a way of living that is not true to who we are but rather based on the reactions we have to the world when we look out and see that this innate truth is not being lived. We then get so lost in all the ‘not-truth’ that we see, we give up and withdraw into our own protected little world, keeping this spark, our love, to ourselves. The key is to let this love back out so that those who have lost their way in a sea of shadows at least have a beacon to guide them safely home to the Godly spark that forever lives and breathes beneath it all. Serge Behayon is one such light and there are many others now who are learning to shine full beam once again.

  54. I had given up on Humanity for many years when I met Serge. Now however, I can see the divinity in all – just a matter of time before we all awaken to it fully

  55. Serge’s dedication to people in incredible. I have watch during courses and workshops and in presentations how he is consistently available to people, listens like no-one I know’s listens, is truly present with those he is speaking with and all of this then inspires others to be the same. Everything is about support and understanding. This is available to all of us.

  56. Lorraine, what a cracker! Made me realize again how it works. I also often want the world to change and did fight against systems and blur. But with Serge Benahyon I learned to LIVE what I wish the world to be and inspire others with that. This is really stepping out of this merry-go-round of untrustworthyness.

  57. Thank you Lorraine for sharing about the deep level of corruption going on in the world which is becoming more the norm in society these days. But there is a light in this tunnel of darkness and that is Serge , a man who brings truth and integrity in all his living ways, a beautiful reflection to all humanity, that we too can love this way.

  58. “He – Serge Benhayon – dedicates his life to serving and helping humanity.” Thank you Lorraine for sharing this as it is this deep dedication that inspired me in every second of my life to serve humanity as well to the best of my ability.

  59. From what I have observed over the years I have known Serge Benhayon, by living what he presents he has supported so many to begin to be able to trust again, beginning with trusting themselves. As you say Lorraine, we live in a world where trust is not very evident, but “corruption, deception, greed and lack of integrity” are seen every day, but not in the life of Serge Benhayon. He is a shining and inspirational example of how life can truly be lived, with integrity, transparency, truth and love.

  60. Serge Benhayon redefines truth and integrity for us all, and his life and the way he lived will resonate on, because true integrity is a rare gem in this day and age.

  61. I re-read your blog this morning because I really want to explore what trust is about, what it is from many different angles and why it is so hard for so many to do…including me for most of my life. I came to comment again and found I was actually the last person to have done so, I thought that I shouldn’t comment again so left this page and went to another blog on trust, but then started laughing at myself because all I wanted to do was come back to this blog and trust that what I had been impulsed to write was only meant for this blog and I needed to come back and do it! So here I am. My sense about trust is that we are unfamiliar with trusting ourselves and our innate ability to discern the energy behind any word or situation that comes up. This results in staying with the familiar, even if it is abusive, corrupt or harder work. It is more familiar. Learning to trust again, I have found I have gone against the grain and had to trust my own body to communicate with me about what does and doesn’t create tension. Tension that tells me something is not quite right.

  62. In order to trust, I have found it is important to feel the consistency in the commitment to it. It is not about perfection but it is about having a lived pattern of commitment to integrity and honesty. From my experience, it is a much less stressful way to live.

  63. Gorgeous Lorraine. Serge Benhayon has shown me that we all have a responsibility to expose and address corruption, however, this does not mean we need to ‘fight’ it or jump on any bandwagons. We can address corruption by living truth in each moment and this reflection can change the world.

    1. What you have shared here is so important Leonne, as I have always been one to speak the truth and call out corruption, but when I was invested in it changing and had a need to fight it, the only result was pure exhaustion and pushing people away through judgement.

  64. I have also learnt from Serge Benhayon what the true energetic meaning of Truth, Love, Joy and all these words we use are and very often they are not what we think they are at all. Unimedpedia – – delivers great insights into these words. For example, something is not true if it is not said with love and there is not one ounce of emotion in love. Therefore, if we react to something and speak out, we say and think we are speaking the truth but we are mistaken, because energetically it will not be truth if we are in reaction. Then we can react again because we think we are speaking the truth and people are not listening and we lose trust – but all along we were in reaction and part of the problem ourselves and causing others to lose trust too and so it goes on!

    1. Learning to discern the difference between expressing in reaction and expressing what is actually true is a big one. The answer is not to withdraw and hide for fear of getting it wrong or hurting someone, but to keep practising. The more I express the more I enjoy expressing what I can feel, with no perfection.

  65. Yes, Serge Benhayon is certainly a man who has restored trust in thousands of people. In the end we discover that it is about trusting ourselves and accepting other people as they are. That is one of the many amazing things about Serge, because he has absolutely no judgement and does not impose and one can feel that and it is very special and healing to meet such a person and know what is possible.

  66. What I clearly got from this blog and have understood from my own experiences is so important in how Serge Benhayon presents the ageless wisdom, is that he teaches how to trust in ourselves and our capacity to simply embody, live and share that wisdom everyday. Trust begins with ourselves and can only expand in the live life as it expands within and for ourselves.

  67. Thank you Lorraine, for bringing up this much needed topic for discussion. I too had trust issues before meeting Serge Benhayon, but it was through being met and seen by him, for who I truly am that I have learned to trust again. I am now more open and trusting of people, and to the possibilities which life presents to me, and as a result of this my life is far more harmonious.

  68. It is a gift to be presented with truth, as it brings us back and confirms what we deep down know to be true. It rekindles our innate understanding and knowing of truth which then can be sparked into a burning fire that restores our trust that we know and does not let us stray away from truth so easily anymore.

  69. I couldn’t agree more Lorraine, Serge Benhayon’s transparency, integrity and no holding back when it comes to the real issues of corruption and lovelessness on every level, has also allowed me to trust again. And the beauty is that when we live in a way that is real and true, to the best we can, we also offer others someone and something to trust in as well.

  70. “Serge Benhayon this was a man who speaks the truth and has integrity like no-one I’ve met before”. So beautiful Lorraine that you have learnt from and been inspired by Serge Benhayon to trust people, live with integrity and truth, and have genuine compassion and understanding for people.

  71. Trust is a huge word in the sense that it asks us to open up to possibilities. Interestingly enough when we do the potential is far greater to care for ourselves and others in the most simplest of ways.

  72. Restoring trust and true love to the world is like the rain; one drop doesn’t changed the parched earth but when a light shower of rain becomes a downpour then the parched earth is restored to its natural condition in which all the plants are able to flourish and grow.

    1. This is such a beautiful analogy Mary, and as I read I could feel so clearly what is possible when trust and truth are restored to this world.

  73. “This was a man (Serge Benhayon) who speaks the truth and has integrity like no-one I’ve met before”. I could not agree with you more Lorraine; he has also restored my trust in the future of humanity.

  74. Reading from someone with your life experience Lorraine about the institutionalisation of corruption and unfairness, it is a powerful message what you have shared about Serge Benhayon. With your finely tuned radar it is clear you found a working organisation that offers absolute integrity in the workplace and in the wisdom being shared. I second this assessment.

  75. Corruption in institutions is a direct reflection of collective self-interest and greed, collusion and apathy with no space for truth and integrity. So when we express truth in this sort of environment, we’re like a germ entering a bloodstream of white blood corpuscles, ripe for chewing up and spitting out, because with truth comes the realisation of responsibility; with truth comes choice – and that can be difficult to swallow when you’re in so deep.

    1. Perfect Cathy. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel here, choice. We each have a choice and whilst there is always one ‘germ’ flowing against the current there is always the possibility of change, no matter how hard that my seem.

  76. “Serge Benhayon, by how he is, has helped me to build trust in people; showed that there are people who have integrity, who speak the truth, have genuine compassion and so much more… love, joy etc… and that that is the norm for them, and can be for all of us.” Beautifully expressed Lorraine. Serge Benhayon walks his talk for sure and it is gorgeous to read how your trust is building. I can say the same.

  77. It can be difficult to trust when we are in overwhelm of the state of our world. But like you shared Lorraine, there are definitely people who live with truth, love and integrity. From their reflection we too feel safe to trust the world and live the same way.

  78. ‘there is such a tight network of intertwining segments protecting one another’s interests’. A great line, Lorraine, highlighting the absolute tensile strength of the corruption, greed and selfishness in the way our society operates. Truth and integrity should be the pillars, the backbone, the foundation and the lifeblood of any society and this can only ever stem from the way we live life on a daily basis – our individual and collective choices, in each and every moment – all in support of the whole and not the parts. This takes responsibility at an individual level, in all of us. Hence why we have what we have today. Irresponsibility currently reigns. But it only needs a few to start towards a tipping point because truth and integrity once felt, are contagious through inspiration. And this is what Serge Benhayon offers through Universal Medicine. A lived way of responsibility for each and every one of our choices.

  79. So we have an example of love and a foundation lived by Serge Benhayon that we can build on. I love about this that we learn to act as equals, not as followers or as a lesser being who has to strive for the high standards, Serge is setting. The high standard of love and truth is simply there to support us, nothing to reach, just something to build on.

  80. What Serge Benhayon stands for is so much bigger than what a single human being can achieve. He is – as are all of us – connected to a love deeper than our human brains can fathom. Being with him allows me to trust that connection through my Inner Heart again.

    1. This is amazing Felix, allowing ourselves to trust is a massive step and it takes us closer and connects us to our heart, to people and to God. When we connect to truth and simply trust what we feel, we are extremely powerful.

    2. Isn’t it wonderful that Serge Benhayon , with his profound and tender wisdom, says to all of us that we are his equal, we just have to make the same choices, and re-connect to the equal depth and grace of our inner hearts.

  81. Lorraine, I still have great sadness come up in me of the level of corruption that is in this world. The more I start to see people for their essence and not the energy that runs them the more I’m coming to understanding and love. I still have trust issue to work on, but like you, meeting people associated with Universal Medicine I’m opening up to seeing there are many people who can teach me to trust again.

  82. Lorraine, your blog has hit on something that I think many students of ‘The Way of the Livingness’ have also experienced. The level of corruption, greed and violence etc in the world leaves people feeling that they have to numb themselves to cope. I know I have turned cynical and hard with the disillusionment. It is only through attending Universal Medicine that I have come to realise that I am only adding to the world’s problems and damaging myself with this behaviour. Instead, self love, responsibility and integrity is needed more than ever and that is what I have now been re-learning to live.

  83. Serge Benhayon is the lodestone of trust and, with his profound love for humanity, redefines every one of these words for us all so that we may open up to these truths, and allow the depth of connection inside us that brings such deep healing.

  84. I love what you have shared Lorraine. Losing trust can be a very sad and lonely place to exist in, thank God we don’t have to thanks to the dedication, and love for serving humanity that Serge Benhayon holds.

    1. This is true Giselle. It is very lonely to not trust and allow people in. People choose to shut themselves out from the world due to lack of trust. This is no way to live because our natural way is to be embracing each other with an open heart, to share and to live in harmony. Brotherhood is what we crave and it is one of our most natural calling, but many of us are living very far from this because of our mistrust. By building trust back into our lives we can start living in brotherhood and harmony.

  85. I can so relate to what you have shared Lorraine in terms of seeing corruption and how one of the hardest things to observe is how everyone has a part in it. Those that carry out the act but those that allow it to be by their silence, who have seen it for what it is and don’t speak up because of the impact that it may have on them. Then after this comes all the reasons and excuses to justify it. It is so important in this world to have people who are prepared to speak up and bring back truth and decency and a way of being that makes the wellbeing of people paramount. When this is absent from our society we will continue to be lost.

  86. Corruption, deceit, greed and lack of integrity can be so overwhelming it makes us distrust every human being. Serge Benhayon is the personification of integrity and heals our mistrusts. Serge also makes us realize we can make a difference in corruption and we always have a responsibility to call out what is not true.

    1. I agree Monika, corruption, deceit, greed and lack of integrity definitely can be overwhelming. If we just focus on being overwhelmed we simply add to it but if we choose to express truth no matter what, we reflect to others that that is the way to be, with no exceptions. To trust allows us to be expansive in any situation, it allows us to discern the truth and brings responsibility. We can counteract harmful behaviours by choosing to reflect truth and love consistently to others.

      1. Awesome comment, Chan Ly, thank you. I realized recently that trust starts with trusting myself first and foremost. With that I can let go of my protections and surrender to the truth I am here to live again this live: we are all love, we come from divinity and are returning back to it.

  87. ‘Serge recognises we all need help, that the world is in a deep mess, and he dedicates his life to serving and helping humanity.’ Thank you Lorraine. Serge Benhayon has proved to many of us that there is a different way which enables us to live our true potential and even contribute to help humanity.

  88. Yes, as horrible and disheartening it is at times Lorraine to see the corruption and mess we’ve created we can never give up. One by one those who are prepared to speak truth will inspire others to do so and eventually the tide will turn.

  89. Serge Benhayon is most assuredly a leading light. He has never shied away from speaking the absolute truth. In fact, his love, integrity and dedication to truth and to humanity seem boundless. As you say Marion, by sharing the ever deepening truth of his living way, he has inspired so many to find their own way and, to reconnect to the love and wisdom within us all. There is a way a true, simple living way to love, harmony and brotherhood equally for all. Trust restored.

  90. Absolutely Spot on. When I was a teenager I was searching for truth, and was so unhappy with the way the world was because I knew it was all wrong. When I met Serge Benhayon and became familiar with his teachings, I discovered that my part in changing the world was to live me, all that I am and that will change the world. I had heard that saying before but never really understood it until I met Serge Benhayon and saw a living example of what an amazingly simple but yet extraordinary life could be, the life I always dreamed of.

    1. That’s amazing Harryjwhite. I used to think changing the world meant you have to be someone in power like in the government or someone famous with great influence but my illusion was realised when I attending Universal Medicine. We have the power to change our lives and our world by simply living true to who we are, with love, truth and integrity. We can do this with the way we choose to live, work and interact with people. Very empowering to know that everything I choose can contribute to healing humanity.

      1. Very beautiful Chan Ly, and a timely reminder. thank you! By simply living our truth, and interacting with people naturally the world starts to change.

  91. Serge Benhayon has inspired so many – I am one of the many who has truly been inspired to live in a way that has confirmed what Serge Benhayon has been presenting for years. That is to take responsibility for all of my choices and allowing self love a leading rein in all aspects of my life – when this rhythm is lived then the world can feel this too. Thank you Lorraine for this great sharing.

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