Trust Restored

by Lorraine Wellman, Cert Ed. UK

I have struggled with endemic levels of corruption, deception, greed and lack of integrity in my life, and in the world. How can other human beings be like that to fellow human beings? If this is what life is like, then do I really want to exist within this paradigm? Who can I trust? Why do most people not want the truth to emerge? These were all questions I pondered.

I attempted to expose the levels of corruption in a few institutions, but I failed. I failed partly because there is such a tight network of intertwining segments protecting one another’s interests: no-one was prepared to stand out and speak the truth – even at government levels. So, it seemed to me that this is how the world operates. I really hated this. Truth and integrity, to me – are paramount.

About eight years ago I began to go to some talks by Serge Benhayon. This was a man who speaks the truth and has integrity like no-one I’ve met before. The more talks, workshops etc. I did, the more this all became apparent. Serge recognises we all need help, that the world is in a deep mess, and he dedicates his life to serving and helping humanity.

Serge Benhayon, by how he is, has helped me to build trust in people; showed that there are people who have integrity, who speak the truth, have genuine compassion and so much more… love, joy etc… and that that is the norm for them, and can be for all of us.

263 thoughts on “Trust Restored

  1. ‘Serge recognises we all need help, that the world is in a deep mess, and he dedicates his life to serving and helping humanity’, is a great statement. For years many have searched to find that person because they have felt there is more to life than what is in front of us. And we find that person, but we realise that this isn’t it. So we continue on our search till one day we come across a person who just happens to be called Serge Benhayon. He simply presents that there is another way to live, and in that way, we do not become absorbed in the mess that is around us.

    None of these things come over night and is a working progress, but once we realise this, we see life from a different perspective. Then we wake up and realise there is work to be done to serve humanity instead of existing in this world.

  2. Thank you Lorraine for your honest sharing and sensitivity – a voicing of what you know innately to be a truth in a world of lies.

    1. I agree Henrietta, there are many people who are living that there is more to life than what is simply going on around them. We are all sensitive beings and we cannot deny what is being felt and more and more will realise the corruption we live in will no longer be tolerated. Somewhere, somehow, something will give.

  3. To meet someone like Serge Benhayon is a refreshing reminder of the truth, care, warmth and integrity that does exist in our world and can be resurrected. A gift indeed.

  4. Corruption greed and general lack of integrity is rife in our world. And it is understandable that when we see this we just want ‘out’ in other words we are not keen to be a part of such a life. However it is the reality of the world we currently live in and like it or not in some way we have been a part of its making by either direct or indirect contribution.

  5. Serge Benhayon and his family continue to inspire me, to show me and 1000’s of other people that there is another way to live in this world; a way that is respectful, is truly caring, has decency, has true love as the foundation, integrity and truth are everyday, and so much more. To see all of these values and qualities being lived in the world has ignited my will to live and to embrace my purpose.

    1. Yes, they have walked very consistently with deep love and care for themselves and others for years now. That is unusual in our world today which I find very sad because that should be the normal.

    2. Lorraine, spot on – it is a true inspiration when another walks and lives the truth to a point that ignites this in another.

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