Making Time To Walk Is Changing My Life…

by Abby Hinchcliffe, HR Assistant/ Uni Student, Goonellabah, Australia

I work full-time and have been studying part-time for the last five years. I have had my ups and downs and often feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do at home, at work and with my studies… it has been easy for me to feel bogged down with life.

Last week I had a sleepover at a friend’s house who happens to be a student of Universal Medicine – I am too. My friend is in the routine of waking up early and going for quite a long walk; it takes over an hour and has a lot of steps. I decided to give it a go and see what it was like.

Let me tell you now, I am not as fit as I once was. I could feel when the walk became tough (on the uphill parts), I wanted to hunch my shoulders, put my head down and push through the pain: this is how I have been with life, pushing myself to get through. On my walk, when I felt myself beginning to do this I decided to lift my head, relax my shoulders and take it easy. It was so lovely to connect with the day in this way before work – and see so many other people enjoy their mornings also.

For the rest of the day I felt more motivated at work and at home. I was sore the next day – I was feeling places in my body I hadn’t felt for a long time.

I have been walking every 2nd day since and I really look forward to it: after just 3 walks I noticed the uphill struggles are less intense. I am more organised at work and with my studies. It is easier to not over-eat. I am enjoying my own company and feel more enthusiastic towards life and others, plus this rash I have had on my upper arms for the past 2 years has almost cleared… so cool!

Serge Benhayon mentioned once that it is great to go for long walks when you study or use your mind a lot. I agree!

126 thoughts on “Making Time To Walk Is Changing My Life…

  1. I love walking but often do not allow the space for it, so I have a very clear understanding of the difference I feel within my body and general wellbeing when I do and don’t walk daily. The times when I do I am vital, vivacious, motivated and purposeful. When I don’t I can feel ok for a day or so but then the torpor starts to take as I let go of my connection to purpose and to me.

  2. You make a great point here, Abby. Walking and letting our body be and taking it easy, and not pushing ourselves to get through whatever we are trying to get through – is a great way to connect and support our body. Walking is a part of my commuting and I can really use it to build my connection, or go head first, already getting anxious about the day ahead and exhausting myself even before getting to the office.

  3. I like how you were able to observe yourself and then make a choice to let go and relax your body more. Simple, and something we can do in every moment.

  4. Interesting point: if I walk more then I overeat less? Could be so that walking sees theres is more love circulating our body so that the tendency to eat, or to eat too much, decreases?
    I will pick up walking more often and report back how it works out for me.

    1. Yes, this is interesting Willem, I haven’t noticed this. I would be interested to know your observation so far. I am going to be more aware of this myself. My experience is that there are many different factors that lead me to overeat but I also know at each moment I have a choice to honour what my body tells me or not.

  5. I like walking and connecting with myself and nature at the same time, sometimes I now have to sit down and rest during my short walks, and it is amazing to feel what a difference a 5-10 minute rest makes.

  6. What fantastic changes going for these regular walks brought to your life, and how wonderful that you now are, ‘I am enjoying my own company and feel more enthusiastic towards life and others, plus this rash I have had on my upper arms for the past 2 years has almost cleared… so cool!’

  7. I love early morning walks. When I walk I really take the time to be with me. I do my best to not let thoughts of work engulf me and stay away from thinking about what I’ll do in the day, what I’ll cook for dinner, past conversations etc. I really choose to be with me, feel what is going on in my body and how my body is moving, listen to the birds…it’s a wonderful moment of connection that supports me in the day.

  8. Walking has a way of getting the body back into its natural flow and rhythm – a great tool that supports me to get out of my head and heavy thoughts and back into what it feels like to be in my body, that then connects me to everything else.

  9. Going for a walk is a great way to clear my mind especially when I have been working for hours and to reconnect to my body.

  10. I also find after walking, especially with nature, a deeper connection to myself and everything around me, and with that an awareness of space and allowing my body’s natural inner rhythm and flow to be impulsing my movements instead of coming from my mind and getting distracted by time.

  11. Great advice about long walks if you use your mind a lot. On the surface a walk doesn’t seem like it does much except to move the body, yet it can feel like it re-organises every part of me, mental, emotional, physical and my inner being, so everything feels more ordered again.

  12. It’s true walking is great for clearing the mind and coming back to connecting and aligning with our body, our natural rhythm and building a deeper awareness of ourselves and everything around us.

  13. Thank you Abby for sharing the power of walking. I love to walk in the mornings to confirm my loving presence in my body and to embody the purpose of living in connection to truth. I also love how no walk is ever the same, as with every walk we take we walk with a slightly different purpose depending what is needed to be cleared, embodied or confirmed at the time.

    1. Carola, yes each walk can be very different. Today when I walked I noticed that my body was asking to be much more gentle and to pause and observe everything around me much more deeply than before. When I starting trying to do it the way I had before or judged that I was going too slow, there was a hardness that entered my body. Letting go of any pictures or expectations for how a walk should be and surrendering to what the body needs each day and moment is very precious and something for me to work with accepting much more. Thank you for sharing your connection with purpose when you walk.

  14. Thank you for the inspiration Abby to commit to walking and that we are worth making this time for ourselves with significant ripple effects into all aspects of life and bringing us back to our physical body and awareness.

  15. I also find walking helps me to not walk away from the rest of life but to regather and take a moment to breathe and be with myself, like a meditation. However I walk a lot in my work and reading about the difference of how to hold ourselves while walking I know that makes a huge difference but until now haven’t stopped to appreciate how much a difference it makes. Thank you Abby.

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