There Are Some Things That Don’t Make Sense…

by Emily Newman, Mackay, QLD

There are some things that don’t make sense…

Doing research for high school, I came across so many history books that show the slaughter of young children, women and men in the name of Christianity. Yet one of the commandments is ‘Thou shalt not kill’… hmmm, does this not make sense to anyone else?

As well as this, during my research and through daily experiences, I kept coming across derogatory comments and statements about women… I’m not sure if anyone’s realised, but women are not ‘Satan’s spawn’… We were not sent to ‘tempt men into evil’, and we are definitely not ‘un-pure’ during our periods.

How is it that people can accept this as truth, and yet when they are met with love, and words that actually make sense, it sends them running? It doesn’t seem logical to me.

How it is that religion is able to get away with this and is seen as acceptable in society, but Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been hammered by the media for simply being love and showing the utmost care for others? They have not killed, or been discriminatory towards anyone.

The media seem to be worried about the fact that so many women attend these courses… but why? If ten ladies went to a cooking course to play with the fact that they are awesome cooks, no one would complain… So why is it that going to the courses to expand the fact that they themselves, as women, are amazing, is such a bad thing? Or is it just the fact that women are realising they need to love themselves more, and are then finding they deserve more love in return – and that the constant denigration by men/society is not acceptable, and men are becoming threatened?

Serge holds so much love for EVERYONE – man, woman, animal and vegetable. Maybe men are threatened and saddened by this… by the fact that they are not being their amazingness also, and seeing that amazingness in women. Maybe it’s hard to truly understand until we have connected to ourselves and have started to wonder how we have lived a life so disconnected, loveless and so lifeless that we didn’t notice all these things that don’t make sense.

It’s easy to recoil away from, and not truly accept, love. Most people are able to see this on a day-to-day basis – from the way people act if you open up and deeply care, they can shy away. Or the fact that so many have difficulty expressing the smallest ounce of kindness, or simply saying ‘I love you’ to someone they care about.

Is it possible that the thought of true love is confronting?

And what also doesn’t make sense… why is not going to bed late, not drinking, not doing drugs and not watching porn a bad thing? Any health specialist would condone this as a good thing, one for a healthy body.

I’d like to clear some things up, too…

I attend these courses simply because I KNOW there is so much more to the life that I live. I don’t go to these courses to pray, or to be a mindless sheep. I go there to learn, develop and unravel the love that is residing just inside me – and I now realise it is residing inside of every one of us. I’m not just referring to the amazing people that attend the courses, but to every amazing person. Even if they don’t know they are amazing yet – and yes, this means you, too!

Since I have found this amazing-ness, there is no going back for me. Yeah, people do think I’m a square at times because I go to bed early and eat/drink what works best for me, but I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices  – and that makes sense to me.

113 thoughts on “There Are Some Things That Don’t Make Sense…

  1. For most of my life I felt there was something wrong with me as I was aware of so much in life that just didn’t make sense but which appeared unnoticed by many others, for example some religious teachings, and the belief of how children should be seen and not heard, to name but a few. It was through attending the presentations and courses offered by Universal Medicine that I came to realise why things didn’t make sense, and thus began my journey of trusting and honouring my inner knowing.

  2. There is much that does not make sense in this world and much of this is considered ‘normal’ because is it an everyday experience. Living a life, being committed to life and living a life of and from love totally makes sense, but knowing that we have turned away from living this a long time ago, can be a difficult one to face.

  3. The making sense universe teaches us that while the mind may trick us in normalising things that do not truly make sense to us, the body is the only true way of knowing whether things make true sense to us or not.

  4. I had not ever considered the thou shall not kill commandment in this way and applying it to the past so what you have exposed is extremely profound Emily – but no we cannot ever close our eyes and ignore the fact that historically we have lost far too many lives in the name of religion which as you say Emily is an absolute breach of the ‘thou shall not kill’ commandment.

  5. “Maybe it’s hard to truly understand until we have connected to ourselves and have started to wonder how we have lived a life so disconnected, loveless and so lifeless that we didn’t notice all these things that don’t make sense” – I agree. It was hard for me to accept that I was innately amazing, as was everyone else, so it was hard for me to accept anyone claiming they were amazing. It makes no sense we recoil away from love while that is the only thing we ever truly want and somehow we choose the security and familiarity of disconnection instead.

  6. “… I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices – and that makes sense to me.” Yes, it is simple and makes sense and why not do things that make you really feel good that do not require any drug taking nor entertainment or other distractions. Just feeling great being and being with oneself – simple and super awesome.

  7. Great blog Emily, there was much in life that didn’t make sense to me, and then I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I started to understand why things didn’t make sense because it is there purely to keep us away from ourselves, so fantastic to uncover the truth.

  8. “I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices” Others can feel jealous and resentful when they can feel that others know who they are in their amazingness but are not ready to make similar choices to live in a way that develops an awareness and connection to who they are.

  9. Living in connection to truth is what make the most sense in this world, and what is very beautiful to realise is that this truth resides within me and equally so within us all. It is this truth that represents our equalness and through the presentations of Universal Medicine I have been inspired to live guided by the truth within me, where love is the navigating light.

  10. Truth stands the test of time. To me it is pretty obvious that if something was said hundreds of thousands of years ago that no longer applies or now seem utterly outrageous, it simply isn’t true. We can’t look at religion and see derogatory comments and think that those words came from someone who came here to remind us we are love.

  11. I agree Emily, there is so much more to us and our world, universe, than we can see or live at present. What you share in this blog makes sense to me too.

  12. The world is back to front in many respects, religion imposes many lies upon us, and the Catholic Church get away with repeating paedophilia time and time again, and yet there is no loud shout of NO to this.

  13. What makes sense to me is honouring myself through the gentle breath meditation which supports me in knowing a quality through gentleness first to bring a deeper connection to my body.

  14. ‘I attend these courses simply because I KNOW there is so much more to the life that I live. ‘ Spot on Emily, so many in society have accepted a lesser form of living that is contributing to the rise in illness and disease. When we begin to discard all the hurts, protection, sadness, exhaustion etc we have more space to just simply be our true selves.

  15. It is sad how so many of us accept things that don’t make sense this is often because they have been passed down from one generation to the next, with out ever being questioned, or are imposed upon people by the various religions. I accepted nonsense for much of my life, but now I am learning to be more discerning by feeling if things are from truth or not.

  16. We (Humanity as a whole) seem to have this belief that it’s easier to fight out our miseries than it is to clear them in other ways. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have to call in a huge amount of force to fight against love – the love that each and every one of us is beneath whatever outer shell of protection we have adorned. So much simpler to surrender to love and in this we realise there is absolutely nothing to fight about.

  17. Unfortunately, society is sceptical of anything different, as is the media. We would rather live an uncomfortable life, resting in the comfort of familiarity that it brings, than dare to stand out on a ledge and question what is given to us as truth.

    1. Well said Adam Warburton. As Emily has proposed, what if the real deal of love is ‘confronting’ to many? Far easier to concoct lies and falsity, than see the reflection before you, when it reveals just how much love it is actually possible to live…

  18. That is an interesting phenomena: “… how we have lived a life so disconnected, loveless and so lifeless that we didn’t notice all these things that don’t make sense.”
    We need the things (believes, concepts, ideals) so much so that we ignore the fact that they don’t make sense until the day that we don’t need them anymore as our crutch and then it is as clear as day that they are utterly ridiculous.

  19. I have to agree with you Emily. How have sections of religion got away with how they have treated women over hundreds of years? What do we as women need to feel about ourselves and be within ourselves where we don’t accept this as ‘gospel’. I used to go to Church as a child and I recall and one point through each mass saying “I am not worthy”. Now this is men and women saying this. But in saying this repeatedly week after week, by millions and millions of people, what effect does this have on anyone? In line with what you are saying, waking up and knowing that we are worthy, without having to do anything is proving to be very challenging for others, for it’s challenging to their set of beliefs about themselves and exposes that we have not treated people equally over many hundreds and thousands of years.

  20. ‘There are some things that don’t make sense…’ depends on the way we look at things obviously, with how much openness or bias, ideals and beliefs, expectations, fears, hopes or needs. Actually, we only see what we wanna see or said differently, how willing we are to be aware in an all-encompassing way. It seems that for the sake of security, protection and identification we tend to do everything to preserve our conception of the world, our personal everyday cosmos as well as the bigger view of life. No wonder that we are easily challenged when we are confronted with someone living in contrast to our view and the need to keep it like it is. It is part of our learning with each other, the evolution of us all as humanity; some are stepping ahead and calling those behind to join. Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and everyone who makes the choice to step ahead and live in a way that honours our ‘amazingness’ is a pioneer who paves the way for those who will make the same choice in their own time.

  21. The things that Serge Benhayon presents are common sense to most who hear him speak and those of us who practice what he offers generally find our lives are considerably more loving and our well-being greatly enhanced as a result. So to me this reveals another agenda in those who would seek to undermine what he is presenting – perhaps a selfish one or perhaps there is an energetic dimension at play here. Perhaps the level of truth he brings is a threat to the way some choose to live and hence there is resistance. Universal Medicine does not present ‘the norm’ but if we look at what constituted ‘the norm’ these days then we might choose an alternative way ourselves. As you say here Emily, to resist this common sense wisdom – does not itself make sense.

  22. There is nothing more gorgeous after being surrounded by so much lovelessness, than to realize that you can unravel what stands in the way of you connecting to the love that resides inside and from there make choices that embrace and honour that… rather than being blindly led by things outside of you. Those who write and say what they do about Serge and Universal Medicine just don’t understand that.

  23. There is so much more to us all than what we see, and the sooner we all open up our eyes to this fact the sooner we can clear the mess we have created around us.

  24. I love how you bring the sense back to life. It is true there are so many contradictions in the world and we have accepted to live with them without questioning these most simple and fundamental and logical terms that have become our life. And with that we have made, and continue to make, life complicated and complex always striving for more instead of stopping and looking at what is there and start sorting what makes sense and what doesn’t and with that step by step finding a way back to what feels true to us.

  25. Sometimes it seems easier to contract away from who we truly are and look away when things don’t make sense than actually standing up in the light of our truth no matter the odds.

  26. Emily just found this older blog of yours and yes, it is amazing how we resist the very things that offer us clarity and expansion and joy in life. Also got to reflect on how even more amazing you have become since you first wrote this.Your loving choices obviously work.

  27. Emily, I too find Serge Benhayon’s presentations invaluable in understanding the complexities we experience in everyday life. Knowing the bigger picture of what is at play in life, affords us a choice as to whether we want to indulge in the dramas that surround us on a daily basis, or to take responsibility and live in harmony with ourselves and others.

  28. You are so right. It is a puzzle why people would reject love (non imposing) and be alarmed when others choose deep self care. There is so much to be gained by living the real person you are and once the joy of this is felt it is beyond me why anyone would ever go back.

  29. “I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices – and that makes sense to me.” Well said Emily and if feeling awesome exposes others in realising that they too can feel awesome but are choosing not to, well so be it. Serge Benhayon presents a way of living and understanding energy that changes everything and it is a choice we can make in every moment but there is no compulsion or ‘rules’ or dogma to comply with.

  30. The ancient wisdom teachings presented by Serge Benhayon have made so many things make sense. We have to be willing to admit that we got it wrong and the stories we had created and the games we have played have all been lies. If we are not willing to admit the lies then we stay with what doesn’t make sense.

  31. “Since I have found this amazing-ness, there is no going back for me. Yeah, people do think I’m a square at times because I go to bed early and eat/drink what works best for me, but I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices – and that makes sense to me.” Beautiful Emily. thankyou for sharing.

  32. ‘Is it possible that the thought of true love is confronting?’ Great question. It’s entirely possible that a reflection of true love from another can be acutely confronting of the way we’ve been living. When we see true love in another it can bring up an awareness or a recognition that we’re not living it ourselves, bringing a reaction cocktail of sadness, jealousy, feeling lesser, denial and in some, fury for seeing the truth of who they really are and the realisation they are not living it.

  33. Absolutely Emily, everything you share makes sense to me as well. It is interesting that people judge or attack another for making choices that are truly loving, it seems they are jealous that you can love yourself enough to make these true changes. I know meeting Serge Benhayon changed my life forever, his true love and care for himself and humanity was deeply inspiring and invited me to begin to also make true changes in my life.

  34. Spot on Emily. As a society we allow so much irresponsibility to go unchallenged but the moment that someone, or a group of people, start to take more care of themselves, they are perceived as odd and a threat to the status quo. Crazy … but I know that I will never go back to my old patterns of self disregard as I now know that I am worth loving and taking care of, as is every other person.

  35. Emily what you have written in your blog debunks the evil of the nonsense a couple of maladapted mischief makers have been propagating. I have noticed recently that a number of well known celebrities, people who are advocating for living healthier, more connected lives, have been attacked by trolls and the media simply for choosing and celebrating a more caring and responsible way of living. It certainly is a weird phenomenon that this kind of thing gets attacked yet we turn a blind eye to the suicide rates, obesity, crime and other atrocities that are considered commonplace and therefore ‘normal’ these days. So upside down and back to front isn’t it?
    I love your words here, words which so make sense and are very self responsible. “I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices – and that makes sense to me.”.

  36. I love how you stand so strong in the truth you know from what you have lived. It also my experience the Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine holds everyone equally in love and this is clearly reflected through what is presented, and through the way he lives. That there is a way in which we can all choose to live with more love and care in our lives, for ourselves and each other. This is a blessing for humanity and now, more than ever, this is so very needed in our world today.

  37. You are shining light on the way history has been written as well as the inconsistencies of religious behaviours Emily. it is also clear from your blog how caring for ourselves is seen as strange.
    Serge Benhayon is an inspiration, living what he presents to show us that there is another way, and opening the way for us to be truthful and to trust our own knowing.

  38. ‘How it is that religion is able to get away with this and is seen as acceptable in society, but Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been hammered by the media for simply being love and showing the utmost care for others?’ The contradictions of religion certainly don’t make sense but society is deeply challenged by someone presenting that we are all amazing and pointing out the inconsistencies in so many commonly accepted parts of life. Is this because many people want to continue to live in comfort and react to having the truth pointed out to them in a loving way? Thank you Emily for spelling this out so clearly and shining the amazingness of you forth.

  39. Emily, you show us here how we have turned what is normal to an absurd level where so many of us agree that drinking alcohol, going out late, drinking loads of coffee to get through the day is the way to go. If you don’ t do this then it can be perceived there is something wrong with you. That brings up for me the questions “What has gone wrong that we need these things to get through the day? How far have we drifted from ourselves?” Thank you Serge Benhayon for showing us the the way back to ourselves.

  40. Growing up as a teenager I remember being so confused by all the things that simply did not make sense to me, and even more so by the fact that I seemed to be pretty much the only one to truly stop and notice and care about it. What you reveal here is important Emily, the fact that we have accepted so many ways of being, ideals and beliefs because we do not dare to look at them clearly and openly is because there is something else we do not wish to see. And this something else may very well be the love we have long ago abandoned.

  41. Love this article Emily, there is so much that doesn’t make sense in this world it can feel overwhelming and then there is so much that makes sense that Universal Medicine shares and presents. I like you have developed my ability to feel inside of myself a love and physical warmth that feels amazing that I will continuing to listen to what Serge shares as my life is infinitely more since meeting him.

  42. Great questions you pose, Emily. We can all feel something ‘weird’ is going on. People get presented the truth by Serge Benhayon: each of us comes from love and is love. Bottom line: we all want love and because we come from it we recognize when it isn’t there. We turned things into being ‘right or wrong’ instead of being truth or not truth. And many are desperately holding on to that so that they don’t have to face the consequences of their choices.

  43. Thank you Emily what a great blog, it really nailed some inconsistencies in religion and society. What Serge Benhayon offers is about love and energetic truth, to me it is common sense. We all have this love and connection inside us, we are one and the same.

  44. beautifully written Emily, there is no reason to not be love, as the teachings of Universal Medicine just do make sense, to feel healthy and supported there are things that I have done that are not working anymore.

  45. Very powerful writing by Emily.

    ‘Why is not going to bed late, not drinking, not doing drugs and not watching porn a bad thing?’. This sentence is a fulsome response to pretty much anything that is thrown against Universal Medicine and those who attend its events. I’d love to hear someone try to provide an answer!

  46. Thank you Emily, for making the choice to write a blog about what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense and just like you there is no going back to what is called normal by society, I love the simple loving life I live right now and will continue to be inspired by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  47. Awesomely written Emily. Before I came to Universal Medicine I too was blinded to these simple ‘it just doesn’t make sense’ realisations. Now after also studying with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon I totally agree with you, why are loving choices so ridiculed? It just does not make sense!

    1. Lieke, I agree with you completely that it doesn’t make sense, but if we want to be irresponsible or rather continue with living irresponsibly towards ourselves and towards others, then we can tell ourselves that anything we want to make sense, makes sense. In other words we are great at lying to ourselves when it suits us!

  48. Thank you, Emily. Everything you say here makes sense. So simple. Yes – there is hypocrisy in the institutionalised religions, and yes – we want to run away from true love when it is presented right in front of us because it exposes the false version we have settled for and calls for inevitable changes, just like I did for a while.

  49. Really well written Emily. When you put it this way and present examples of ‘nonsense’ that have been accepted in society, the opposition to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine really doesn’t make sense.

  50. We often go through life ignoring all the things that don’t make sense – filing them in the ‘too hard’ box. But this lack of awareness also shuts us down to feeling the truth and love. Being open to all there is to see and feel (the good the bad and the ugly) helps us to connect to our amazingness, and as you share, the same amazingness in all others. Great blog, Emily.

  51. ‘I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices…’ to simply take care of me. And in a world where a lot of things don’t make sense, this makes total sense to me too Emily.

  52. It is as simple and straight forward as you put it Emily: ‘I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices – and that makes sense to me.’ I know that too and that makes sense to me too.

  53. People are awesome, and the more they are inspired by other normal people being awesome and truthful, the more confident they will feel to show their awesomeness. Thanks for the blog Emily.

  54. AMAZINGLY written Emily.. I love this blog and all the angles you have covered. It really does not make sense that Universal Medicare experiences the attacks that they do… unless those that attack do not want to hear the truth.

  55. Serge Benhayon is even non-discriminatory about the people that oppose him. Why is making simple choices to change our lives so hard for them to understand?

  56. Thanks Emily for your sharing. You are correct there is so much that doesn’t make sense, but I love what you discover does make sense to you, “…but I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices and that makes sense to me.”

  57. A brilliant post Emily. Simply and powerfully expressed. ‘Maybe it’s hard to truly understand until we have connected to ourselves and have started to wonder how we have lived a life so disconnected, loveless and so lifeless that we didn’t notice all these things that don’t make sense.’ Yes truth and love can be confronting at times. But once I chose to connect to love within me, I discovered my amazing-ness and also realised this was equal in everyone – it was clear that this truth and love made absolute sense. And with this there is absolutely no desire to go back to what does not make sense.

    1. ‘And with this there is absolutely no desire to go back to what does not make sense.’ Hear hear Carola there is no way I want to go back to my former life of running my body on nervous energy to try and escape all the inconsistencies that I could feel and not understand which left me with a constant underlying anxiety.

  58. I totally get your point Emily: how in the world the one thing that we have come across that makes perfect sense is under attack, when there are so many that do not make any sense and seem to get away with it? That is the way it is for now, but independently of this at the end of the day those that embrace what makes sense radiate a light that those embracing what does not make sense, do not.

  59. Absolutely Emily, there is so much that doesn’t make sense but… making loving choices makes sense to me too, and the benefits are incredible, so I suppose that’s all that matters.

  60. Yes why such a fuss made about a group of people making self-loving choices, it doesn’t make sense. So many of us came to Universal Medicine because how life is presented just didn’t make sense and we were looking for a way that did. I know for me, I have found that way, a way where I now live honouring my body and my being and from there things start to make sense.

  61. Thanks Emily for sharing the way it is , the contrast between they way people have been treating other people in the past to the way people are learning to treat each other now. The amazing improvements people are making to their lives through better choices and the courses Universal Medicine has to offer, is profound.

  62. Thank you Emily for sharing your insights into what does and doesn’t make sense. People argue and create conflict and wars over these things rather than simply looking at what works and what doesn’t work. If we as a society had more this attitude things would be more harmonious, but in order to do this people would need to connect more to their amazingness to feel what is true and what is not.

  63. Emily, reading your blog here I was thinking of my own life. When I was growing up, the way people behaved did not make sense to me, I could not understand how people could be so lovely one minute and quite nasty the next. I held out for a while but eventually I rejoined society and did what everyone else was doing even though it did not make sense to me. What can you do? I felt like I fitted in with the world around me, but there were many things in the world I was complaining about although I was not doing anything to address the things I was complaining about. What I have learned form Universal medicine and Serge Benhayon is how the world really works, and now it makes sense to me.
    You are right “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been hammered by the media for simply being love and showing the utmost care for others?”
    I love how you reached out to every amazing person. Even if they don’t know they are amazing yet – and yes, this means you, too!

  64. Thank you Emily! I love how you say “Serge holds so much love for EVERYONE – man, woman, animal and vegetable.” this is hilarious! Puns aside though, what you say is totally true – Serge Benhayon does love all and has been a huge inspiration for me in allowing myself to express so much more of me and my love to my family – I live with and my family including my parents and sister, as well as my in-laws etc.. and for this I am immensely grateful.

  65. I feel that no matter what others say about choices we make, it is always about what makes each and everyone of us joyful and feeling love in our lives. ie. your comment – “I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices – and that makes sense to me” – to me – enough said, this is the most important thing, how you feel.

  66. Hi Emily – when we are met with no judgement, just asked to be love, it can be scary because the mask we’ve created that feels safe is asked to be taken away. I’ve had issues with blushing for so many years but realise that it’s just more of me that is urging to shine out through my beautiful face.

  67. Great blog Emily, Religions of the world have a lot of atrocities to account for. At every level there is segregation and hypocrisy. Those who try to make sense of them do so by ignoring the past; justifying the atrocities, or shrouding them in mystery by telling people they would not understand how god works. You have come to the correct answer: it makes no sense.
    What does make sense as you so rightly say is a religion that walks the talk, treats every one as equal and is forever taking love and respect to greater levels.
    It is no surprise to me that a lot of women are leading the way in self-love nurturing and healing.
    Thank you Emily and thank you Serge Benhayon.

    1. Great point Bernard. We treat the past as if it is dead and gone but what if the past continues to live with us in the present? If you take it down to the smallest increment that you can imagine, say take one second of time and we are half way through that second. Say we are measuring time in nanoseconds, then the present would be a nanosecond in the middle of the second we are looking at. The first half of the second would be the past and the second half (minus a nanosecond) would be the future. I had this thought because I was struggling to understand how the past and the future could be living with us in the present as Serge Benhayon has shared. It is fairly clear that in any one second the past and the future are living together and so therefore why would this not apply if we took a different timeframe? This is a hugely important philosophical point, because if we knew that the past does continue to live with us, perhaps we would take greater care as to the quality of that past.

  68. Knowing and feeling that the amazingness inside of you is equal and present in another person is something pretty awesome! I think it makes perfect sense.

  69. So well said Emily. I too have found it strange that Universal Medicine has been branded so harshly when the teachings help us to take better care of ourselves, take more responsibility for our lives, and move towards a life based on love. What is so bad about that, really?

  70. Yes the inconsistencies in religion are legion. How can anyone reconcile for example the Inquisition with “thou shalt not kill”? It simply is not possible to do so, yet millions do.

    1. Yes an interesting question. We are fairly aware of the fact that there is religion behind every or practically every war. The Roman Catholic church has had millions or should I say billions put to death across the globe over the past two millennia because they wanted to follow their own hearts rather than be dictated to as to what they should believe. How did they reconcile this with “Thou shalt not kill”? Not picking on the Roman Catholic church as the same is true of all religions.

  71. There are some great points here made Emily. I love the way you have pointed out the fact that there are a lot of beliefs which frankly do not make sense and that these beliefs have been around for a very long time.
    As history has shown that it has not always been safe to speak up and point out the discrepancies.

  72. “Since I have found this amazing-ness, there is no going back for me.” This is exactly how I feel Emily, since attending the courses and presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, there is no going back, they are the real deal. Nowhere have I experienced such true loving support in any group of people or organisation.

  73. Super blog Emily, I love its directness and simplicity. Since attending the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, my life and my physical appearance has changed beyond recognition. Yes I go to bed early and yes I choose to not eat foods that do not truly support my body – and I feel and look amazing. I am 51 years old and I regularly get told I am 35-40. I have more energy now than I have ever had and more importantly I have more vitality. All of this and more has come about by me taking responsibility for my life and choosing to truly support and nourish myself.

    1. Well said Tim, it is not rocket science is it. Look after yourself and you will be healthier than if you disregard your health. The interesting question for me is what is it that drives virtually the whole human race to disregard their health? The second interesting question for me is what is it about health services everywhere that on the whole do not seem to appreciate and promote this simple fact to their clients?

  74. This blog makes a lot more sense then what the world is presenting to us as ‘life’ as it currently stands. From my own experiences I can say that true love can be confronting simply because I have been living with this picture of life all around, be that it is false. Serge Benhayon has presented and at times torn up that picture of life, kinda like in the movies. We get to see a reality that is far from what we have believed life to be and if that means that I don’t live to that false picture anymore and get called weird then so be it. I now feel so much more self-empowered knowing I can change my life, compared to when I used to believe that I just went about my life and things just happened to me and were out of my control.

  75. Emily, I came across your blog and what a joy to read! I love the way you expressed this so simply and genuinely.

    My colleagues at work laugh when they hear about the things I do and don’t do. They don’t understand and think it’s abnormal to go to bed and get up early, to not drink alcohol or sugar or caffeine. But that’s actually ok.

    I wonder, if I were to stop doing what I’m doing, to give it all up and return to society’s version of ‘normal’, how would that be for the people who laugh at me? Would they feel good or relieved that I’ve joined their ‘team’ again? Would they say I told you so or ridicule me? Somehow I don’t feel this would be the case. I actually think it would be a huge disappointment for them if I gave up. Even though they think how I live is boring and strange, could it be possible that it’s also offering a possibility for how to live that might not otherwise be available? And if this is true, then what a huge responsibility we have to stay steady! And how clearly to see that our choices are not just about ourselves.

    1. Reading your comment Julie Goodhart, I stopped to answer your question about what if I were to stop doing what I am doing and give it all up and return to society’s version of ‘normal” in other words my old life. Well, I would have all my old friends back, I would be living a total lie and my body would be full of tension. Thats what came to mind in answer to your question. I gave up being mrs Popular and I am definitely known as mrs Real now. I have real friends and true family that I never dreamt was possible as I had given up on life. The truth is, Serge Benhayon reflected to me that there is another way to live and life really makes sense to me now. I cannot imagine ever living my old life with all the distractions and glamour that left me cold, bored, needy and empty.

  76. I So Love what you are saying here and with such simplicity – just my language.
    Like you I am not a mindless sheep and I do not follow, and what is wrong with going to bed early and drinking no alcohol? How can that make sense?
    My family and some friends have laughed at me and ridiculed me in the past but after 8 years with no dark circles under my eyes, my skin has got lighter and I look about 20 years younger, they no longer say what I do is a load of twaddle. In fact they compliment me and my husband who has been so inspired by the teachings of Serge Benhayon that he has lost over 12 stone in weight without any diet or exercise plan. Now that makes utter total sense to me that there is another way of living.
    Thank God we have Serge Benhayon who really does love everything including a vegetable!

  77. I spent most of my life trying not to be judged as a “square”. Funny that… because as I keep going around and around from day to day all I do is re-discover how super-amazing I am. Woo, hoo!

    The term “square” is a fictitious four walled trap and a real prison that doesn’t actually exist! There’s no going back now…

    Thanks Emily… awesome blog!

  78. You are absolutely correct Emily about all those things that simply do not make sense. Anyone with a sound mind can only agree with you.

  79. We know from our own experience, all of us, men and women, that the thought of true love is confronting! Odd as that is, I venture to say it is true. But with blogs like this we can start to see and feel this awkward truth and move beyond it.

  80. Awesome Emily – well said.
    The ‘..Love for everyone … including the Vegetable’ put a big smile on my face.
    Very funny and spot on.

  81. I agree Emily, we accept so many things that do not make sense as truth and yet when we are met with the actual truth we attack the messenger, what a ridiculous way of being.

  82. In two sentences your cutting truth exposes all current world religions. Even if more people did say I Iove you more, would they mean it? The world is running with a corrupted version of love, one without any true love in it. I know for myself that I spent most of my life believing I was being loving, but I now know it wasn’t love. There was no true truth in it. Yes it was very caring, but it was not love.

    1. Doug I like what your share here about “being loving” because it is so truthful. I for myself could not say to someone “I love you” because I could not feel the love inside of me. Nowadays I love myself more and therefore I can share this love with others and I have to say that I really love to share this kind of love . . .

    2. Doug, that is a great point. What we currently know love to be isn’t in truth true love as we have bastersised it so much. Since this bastardisation has been around for so long it is no wonder that people are confronted by true love, or have a hard time recognising it to begin with.

      1. I know you are right Emily, because it took me years to grasp what love was. I got quite quickly that it wasn’t what everyone thought it was, but actually feeling what it was took longer.

  83. I love how you write. Very straightforward, honest and eloquent – thanks for sharing this, and reminding me of my own awesomeness.

  84. Thank you Emily, there is much you offer in your article.
    One of the reasons I enjoy Serge Benhayon’s presentations is because they’ve helped me unravel much about myself and made me realise how I’ve hidden behind a shield for most of my life to protect myself from revealing and accepting true love. As I’ve gradually stepped out from behind this shield (and still pop back behind it now and then) I’ve discovered that life has so much more to offer and I have more clarity as to what my responsibility and purpose towards others really is.
    And this is a hellava better way for me to live than my past.

  85. Well said Emily. I too can remember the confusion of God loves everyone equally and be careful not to incur Gods judgement.

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