There Are Some Things That Don’t Make Sense…

by Emily Newman, Mackay, QLD

There are some things that don’t make sense…

Doing research for high school, I came across so many history books that show the slaughter of young children, women and men in the name of Christianity. Yet one of the commandments is ‘Thou shalt not kill’… hmmm, does this not make sense to anyone else?

As well as this, during my research and through daily experiences, I kept coming across derogatory comments and statements about women… I’m not sure if anyone’s realised, but women are not ‘Satan’s spawn’… We were not sent to ‘tempt men into evil’, and we are definitely not ‘un-pure’ during our periods.

How is it that people can accept this as truth, and yet when they are met with love, and words that actually make sense, it sends them running? It doesn’t seem logical to me.

How it is that religion is able to get away with this and is seen as acceptable in society, but Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been hammered by the media for simply being love and showing the utmost care for others? They have not killed, or been discriminatory towards anyone.

The media seem to be worried about the fact that so many women attend these courses… but why? If ten ladies went to a cooking course to play with the fact that they are awesome cooks, no one would complain… So why is it that going to the courses to expand the fact that they themselves, as women, are amazing, is such a bad thing? Or is it just the fact that women are realising they need to love themselves more, and are then finding they deserve more love in return – and that the constant denigration by men/society is not acceptable, and men are becoming threatened?

Serge holds so much love for EVERYONE – man, woman, animal and vegetable. Maybe men are threatened and saddened by this… by the fact that they are not being their amazingness also, and seeing that amazingness in women. Maybe it’s hard to truly understand until we have connected to ourselves and have started to wonder how we have lived a life so disconnected, loveless and so lifeless that we didn’t notice all these things that don’t make sense.

It’s easy to recoil away from, and not truly accept, love. Most people are able to see this on a day-to-day basis – from the way people act if you open up and deeply care, they can shy away. Or the fact that so many have difficulty expressing the smallest ounce of kindness, or simply saying ‘I love you’ to someone they care about.

Is it possible that the thought of true love is confronting?

And what also doesn’t make sense… why is not going to bed late, not drinking, not doing drugs and not watching porn a bad thing? Any health specialist would condone this as a good thing, one for a healthy body.

I’d like to clear some things up, too…

I attend these courses simply because I KNOW there is so much more to the life that I live. I don’t go to these courses to pray, or to be a mindless sheep. I go there to learn, develop and unravel the love that is residing just inside me – and I now realise it is residing inside of every one of us. I’m not just referring to the amazing people that attend the courses, but to every amazing person. Even if they don’t know they are amazing yet – and yes, this means you, too!

Since I have found this amazing-ness, there is no going back for me. Yeah, people do think I’m a square at times because I go to bed early and eat/drink what works best for me, but I know I can feel super-awesome just by making super simple choices  – and that makes sense to me.

124 thoughts on “There Are Some Things That Don’t Make Sense…

  1. Bravo Emily, what a great read. You make so many great points exposing the illogicality of what we consider normal human life. And, I have to agree that true love is confronting, I’d say our deepest hurts revolve around love, both being loved and stepping away from the love we are.

  2. It’s like it is not that people do not see how some things do not make sense, we do, but we don’t like being exposed for having settled for something far less, we know we have, and we champion making it look like we are working on it, instead of admitting that we have been lying to ourselves all this time. It’s an agreement, and it’s like we are going ‘Shush! Don’t wake up the baby.’

  3. We don’t know anymore how it feels to just feel content with oneself, instead we have made ourselves dependent on food, entertainment and other substances to make us feel good not knowing how reduced this feeling of good is compared to true settlement and contentment in the body from the inside out.

  4. Nothing makes sense about the reporting on Universal Medicine because there are so many extraordinary lifestyle stories to talk about and yet there is a focus on the denigration of women and their decision-making. The question then gets asked – do we actually need the media to tell us what we should believe and not believe or are our bodies a more true marker of what is right for us?

  5. Maybe there is something significant in the number of women that attend the courses, that when a woman connects to that sacredness inside herself… then she has that to offer as a guiding light for men to help them on their return. Whatever, the reason, the fact is that we all want that deep, beautiful connection to God and Serge Benhayon has proven to be a profound teacher in this regard for nearly 20 years.

  6. This is a very valid point you are making here Emily
    “How it is that religion is able to get away with this and is seen as acceptable in society, but Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been hammered by the media for simply being love and showing the utmost care for others? They have not killed, or been discriminatory towards anyone.”
    This doesn’t make any sense to me at all, but then again there is an energy at play here that for most of us we have no understanding of because we have given our power away to the religious doctrines of the past that have so slanted our ideals and beliefs of our understanding of God that we have lost our true sense of him and therefore it’s almost as though we have put him out of bounds to us mere mortals. And this another lie we are not mortal but immortal and know God intimately, however we have been so crushed by doctrines throughout the ages that we do not have this in our conscious awareness. And when it is brought to our attention we are so cynical we do not believe and so ridicule any mention of the word God and Love. This unseen for now energy has done a great job in incarcerating us away from the truth of God and the true meaning of the word love.

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