My Date With My Ex: Re-Imprinting With Love

by Angela Perin, Brisbane QLD, Australia

Last night I went on a date. Now you may think that’s nothing to write about, because people go on dates all the time. And if I told you it was a date that was celebrating a wedding anniversary, you might think that there’s nothing unusual about that either… in fact, some people might consider it unusual NOT to go out to celebrate an anniversary or any other special event.

My 16 year-old daughter was quite puzzled about the date, and expressed that she thought it was “just a bit weird”. My 14 year-old was quite excited, and my 18 year-old took it in her stride and was supportive.

The date itself was nothing out of the ordinary – simply a meal at a lovely restaurant, followed by a short walk along the Brisbane River.

So why was this unusual, you might ask?

Well, to me and my date it was not uncomfortable or unusual, but when compared to the ‘norm’, it was quite unusual. I separated from my husband of nearly 22 years about five months ago. Yesterday it was our 22nd wedding anniversary, and my date for the evening was with my ex-husband.

There was no expectation with the date. The date wasn’t about getting back together, and it wasn’t about being romantically involved or trying to make our relationship something it’s not. It was simply about establishing a ‘different’ way we could be with each other on our anniversary.

Let me back-track just a little to explain.

A month or two ago, I had a Chakra-puncture session with an Esoteric Practitioner (Michael Benhayon). During the session, I could feel that I held a lot of hurt about the way my relationship (marriage) had been in the past, and that although my ex and I were (and are) still working a business together, that sometimes I found it difficult not to bring the ‘past’ and the way things ‘had been’ (which at times during our marriage was pretty awful) into the new way of communication that we have begun to develop. So I could feel that I still held a lot of hurt in my body, including resentment and blame about the lack of true love and support we had allowed in the relationship during the time we had been together.

When Michael asked how our anniversaries etc. had been, I felt a deep sadness and hurt, as the only memories I had of these occasions were that I would rather forget them: many times, our anniversary had been marked by a fight, angry words or plans that simply did not eventuate (or that we sabotaged because there was little or no communication and/or connection).

So I had found over the years that it was easier to forget them (or hope the day would pass quickly), because that was easier than coping with the hurt, disappointment and unfulfilled expectations that the day would bring with it. Of course, this was not the case with every anniversary because that wouldn’t be a good average over 20+ years! There were several occasions I recall that were not unpleasant (though I must add that most of these ‘occasions’ involved alcohol), but this was definitely not the overall feeling of our relationship, or of celebrating the occasion.

Michael offered as a possibility that we really had three relationships going on – the way the relationship ‘had been’ during our marriage (complete with all the hurts, resentment, etc.); the relationship we were ‘now’ developing together since separating (i.e. a different way of being in the relationship and with each other); and the relationship with ‘ourselves’ as individuals. This made absolute sense to me.

When Michael suggested the possibility of approaching our current relationship as something ‘new’, and that there was an opportunity to re-imprint the relationship in a loving way, I initially defended against this because I thought I was already doing it. However, (after my reaction!) I realised I was still focussing on the way the relationship ‘had been’ in the past – that I was holding on to the old hurts and therefore being less of who I truly am… not being or bringing ‘all’ of me into the relationship we are now developing.

It was not about burying the past (because the hurt is still there to feel in order to truly heal), but about not living from the past, or bringing the past into the present. In being honest, I realised there was still a part of me that didn’t want to let go of the past, and what this was doing to my body was making me feel tired. It was also contributing to the drama and complication in my life.

When Michael suggested the possibility there might be an opportunity to re-imprint our anniversary by going out on a date, my first reaction was ‘no way!’ (at that point, I still wanted to keep holding on to the hurt…!). However, this gradually gave way to hesitation and consideration of the possibility…

Over the next few days, I reflected a little more and decided it would be a lovely idea. I asked my ex, and he embraced the idea.

Our date was not extraordinary in the sense of it being a ‘date’. In fact, it was probably a fairly ordinary date by general standards. However, it was ‘extra-ordinary’ in the sense that it was definitely different from the norm! It was a lovely date. We didn’t need alcohol to escape or ‘get through’ the date, and were simply able to enjoy and accept each other for who we are. My ex and I had the opportunity to re-imprint another part of our relationship in a more loving way, and to heal some of the hurts we have both held for a long, long time – in a way that was respectful, honest and supportive for us as individuals, and for us in the ‘new’ relationship we are now developing.

I am deeply grateful for the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who have shown me there is a ‘different’ way to be – a way of living and being in relationships that is about true love. Love that begins with self first, which then allows true love and connection with another.

I know, without question, that without this different way of being there would have been no way my ex and I would have gone on our date last night. Nor would we have had the beautiful opportunity to re-imprint our relationship in the loving way that we did!

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106 thoughts on “My Date With My Ex: Re-Imprinting With Love

  1. This is a wonderful story, it reminds me that it is never to late to take responsibility for my relationships… thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, it provides inspiration for all of us who are in ex-relationships, so that we can re-connect with the friend we met in the beginnning. To meet them in a totally new way, with no emotional neediness, no bitterness, no anger, simply celebrating each other as the amazing human beings that we are.

  3. Thank you for sharing your ‘date’ with us Angela. It is so easy to hang on to the old hurts and not see what it is doing to us and everyone around. i am noticing more and more how I am with my hurts and learning how all they do is keep me in the same place, that nothing really changes. I have seen how even though I am not consciously thinking of the hurt, they form an invisible barrier that both of us can feel. Realising it is my barrier and my choice to hold onto the hurt has changed how I am with everyone.

  4. Beautiful Angela, that’s amazing – it takes a great deal of courage to move forward from the past (speaking from one who is expert at sulking!) and let go of all the hurt and pain to have another go in a different way. This is truly inspiring. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing so honestly Angela, what a beautiful experience for you both. It confirms too, that when a relationship may appear to be over or simply different to previous times, we are still always connected as people and through our own and shared experiences we continue to carry hurts or perceptions. Also that it is always possible to reimprint them, the most beautiful part.

    1. So true Cherise. What is incredible is that we are able to move forward in a different manner from that which we have become accustomed to. As Angela shares, not everybody will be open to this, even those closest to you may find it strange, as we have grown used to running on our hurts and fears, but what follows is only beneficial and supportive to all.

    2. Very true Cherise. The relationship is still there despite separation, even if there is no contact. This is inspiring me to reimprint a relationship of my own where we are no longer in touch and perhaps no need for it… but to let go of hurts and perceptions I’ve held.. how freeing.

    3. So beautifully said, Cherise. So true, even when one form of relationship between two people no longer works, there still is a connection that always has a potential to evolve.

  6. Dear Angela, thank you for letting us paricipating in your healing by sharing it. As it healed also a lot in me.

  7. Thank you for sharing what you have here. It has given me a lot to ponder on in my own relationship. Things I have been feeling for some time but unable to truly clarify what they were. I feel I can now move forward with more clarity and continue to change the quality of my relationship to being more loving – truly. Thank you again.

  8. Thank you. Your words bring up a lot in me. A lot that I turn a blind eye on fooling myself that I’m not able to deal with it. There’s work to be done!

  9. “Holding on to the old hurts and therefore being less of who I truly am” – this phrase really speaks to how often it is that we do just this, but shows how we can choose differently… I have to admit I cried, big and un-ashamed tears. This is, as Floris says, bringing up a lot – a great opportunity for us. Thank you. Ariana Ray, Wales, UK

  10. Your story is deeply moving and inspiring. Tears came too. I have been in a process of separation and this was a great reminder how I still hold onto some hurts. Time to shed…

  11. Angela’s experiences show that it really is possible to develop a more loving way of being with oneself and each other after the end of a marriage, no matter what circumstances you are currently in or what has challenged you in your relationship in the past. I love the way a ‘fresh start’ for the relationship came about on this ‘special date’.

  12. This is lovely to read Angela, how beautiful that you and your ex-husband chose to re-imprint your relationship and start to heal the past hurts, truly inspiring. I enjoyed reading “that there is a ‘different’ way to be – a way of living and being in relationships that is about true love.’

  13. This has made me consider, maybe I should ask girls out on dates more often? Because why not go on a date purely for the connection that you feel together on the date. I have for too long been associating going on a first date with then having a relationship…which is probably why I have been scared of asking girls on dates. But now after reading this I realise that there is no real pressure.

    1. Such a great point Harry. My dates have been full of expectations to always get into a relationship with that person I was dating. Instead of making it about the connection and love first just to enjoy in the moment. Those expectations feel very heavy and it is so freeing to let them go and just let the connection be.

      1. That’s lovely to hear Lieke. How freeing to truly be open and just be ourselves with no expectations of a ‘relationship’.

    2. This is so gorgeous harryjwhite! Simply to open ourselves to the possibility of connection rather than having an expectation that it needs to look or be experienced in a certain way.. what a release of pressure and stress in allowing us just to be ourselves and the joy in seeing what happens as a result!

      1. Absolutely Angela, it sure takes a lot of pressure off. And now even considering that I can have very loving relationships with people and not even need to be ‘partners’ with them. By not holding back who we are with people we get to have amazing relationships.

  14. I love your honest way of sharing, Angela. As I also have gone through divorce, I can relate to what you have written. For me it needed time until I was ready to meet my ex-husband again., but when I did so it was very healing for both of us.

  15. Your blog has highlighted for me how very important it is to heal our hurts, otherwise they colour all our interactions.

    1. Yes Elizabeth, if we do not heal our hurts from the past, not only do we not move forward in life, our habits and ingrained patterns control us to choose more of the same.

  16. Lovely to read this blog today Angela, I could very easily recall how I held onto my past hurts because that felt safe and because if I let my hurts go, then I would be open to get more hurts…. a great trick indeed that kept my life in struggle and complicated, and so were all my relationships. Just like you: ‘ I am deeply grateful for the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who have shown me there is a ‘different’ way to be – a way of living and being in relationships that is about true love. Love that begins with self first, which then allows true love and connection with another’.

  17. Angela, I am really inspired by your blog and, in particular, the commitment and care that you and your ex-husband show to each other despite choosing to not be married. There is an exploratory way you are both handling this change in your lives and a willingness to see and feel what is there. This is quite remarkable and something that really needs to be talked about. I worked in family law for many years – I can tell you that this is not how the average couple handles separation.

  18. A really beautiful example of how we can re-imprint our relationships, thank you for sharing your date with us all Angela.

  19. Thank you Angela for the beautiful revelation of how we can hold our present relationships to ransom and stymie any possible loving expansion by not letting go of old hurts.

  20. ‘It was not about burying the past (because the hurt is still there to feel in order to truly heal), but about not living from the past, or bringing the past into the present.’ – Wow Angela, this is a truly life-changing way of being in the world – to accept the past but not live from that place or forever be dragging it with you in the present.

  21. Awesome Angela. Reading this blog I have confirmed something. We have the opportunity and even the duty to clear past hurts as much as possible. Th easy thing is not to go there and hide in the busy-ness, family, the new partner, etc. Yet, as you well said, this is only a way to hold on to our hurts and do not let them go. I take note of this…

  22. Wow Angela this is truly inspirational. What an amazing new foundation you have claimed with your ex. This is a powerful reflecting to all that there is another way, that it does not have to be a separation of love when there is a separation of living together. When we let go of our hurts our future calls to be walked with love.

    1. Very beautifully expressed Carola. “…it does not have to be a separation of love when there is a separation of living together. When we let go of our hurts our future calls to be walked with love.”

  23. A beautiful sharing Angela. Lovely to read about the re-imprinting of your relationship in a more loving manner. Truly inspirational.

  24. Thank you Angela for sharing your date with your ex. It has been a great inspiration for me of how we constantly have the choice to re imprint our relationships. I felt very inspired by the different relationships we have, the old way the individual and the new way and feel strongly to reimprint my relationship with my husband. I actually already started it and it has been beautiful and very confirming. Thank you for this great sharing.

  25. Angela, how lovely to read that you are now re-imprinting your relationship in a truly loving way, as has already been said, it is never too late to re-imprint a relationship to be one of true love.

  26. That is quite a sweet idea. I reckon you could go on a date with anyone who you want to re-establish or re-imprint (like you have said) your relationship with to have more love and care. It’s a very special time for the two of you to just be with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

  27. We therefore have the opportunity to re imprint our relationships every day. This is beautiful. Thank you Angela.

  28. I have began to re-imprint the relationship I have with my husband and what stands out to me after reading yet another super inspiring blog is that we have a choice in every moment to re-imprint… it simply never ends as there is always something to be looked at within our relationships. I make changes, the changes are reflected back to me and then there is a lull, until I am nudged to go deeper. Thank you Angela not only for the nudge but for all the blogs you have written on your separation.

  29. I find it profound that we do often live from our past yet the past is unchangeable, so what is there to be gained by living from our hurts?

  30. Its so interesting how we hang onto those old hurts and how deeply it affects us and how there is always an opportunity to approach our relationships in new ways and it’s only this hanging onto our hurts that stops us. Beautiful series of blogs Angela.

  31. By re-imprinting our relationships with others in our lives this is a lovely example of how we can let go of the past and heal our hurts from our these past relationships and in many ways co-create to form new and revitalised relationships based on healthier and more loving foundations.

  32. This is a big lesson in learning love. If love is about loving all people equally, then what is described in this article is a huge step towards this. Every person on earth who dares to take such a step makes it easier for all of us. Thank you.

  33. Such a beautiful honest blog, Angela – your willingness to let go of the past and embrace the present is inspiring.

  34. “My ex and I had the opportunity to re-imprint another part of our relationship in a more loving way, and to heal some of the hurts we have both held for a long, long time – in a way that was respectful, honest and supportive for us as individuals, and for us in the ‘new’ relationship we are now developing.” This is simply beautiful Angela that you were able to let go of some hurts and enjoy being with each other. It inspires me in that letting go takes commitment to love and this is something we can do with all of our relationships.

    1. I too am inspired that ‘letting go takes commitment to love’ both to myself and everyone else and from this commitment the hurts lose their hold over my life.

  35. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story Angela, I’m sure a lot of people will look at ex relationships differently after reading it. Going on a date with your ex with no emotional neediness after 20 years together is amazing and would take a commitment to taking responsibility to work through your hurts and come through the other side with nothing but love for yourself and your ex. I’m sure we all have relationships in our lives that we could re-imprint with Love. I know I certainly do.

  36. Thank you for sharing your date with us all Angela, it is so inspiring to hear how you have both committed to finding a different way to be in relationship with each other and let go of the past hurts. Unless we choose to let go it is not possible to move on and it’s beautiful to see that this is a choice we all have in every moment which allows us to re-imprint and move forward in our expanded awareness together.

  37. Although usual when compared to the norm… This is the most mature idea I’ve every heard.

    Why can’t we go on a date with an ex-partner to re-imprint the new forming relationship.
    It seems when we seperate from a partner we surely do separate. We cope by thinking the best way to deal with the relationship issue is to never see that person again. Thus the birth of all those comic scenes in movies when seeing your ex in the streets.

    Well done to you both for being mature adults.

  38. I love what you share here Angela. When relationships end both parties often walk away carrying hurts. These hurts can blind us from seeing that the other person, like us, is an equally amazing human being to every other being on the planet, just carry hurts and making choices that led to behaviours that we identified with as being ‘hurtful.’

    Unfortunately what you describe here is not the norm, far from it, but it feels like the truth of how relationships can be between 2 people who are no longer together.

  39. The suggestion that there are three relationships that need to be re-imprinted really made sense to me. How often do we nurse our hurts in relationships, not willing to see that in order to get ourselves off the hook we have to go back and re-imprint those relationship foundations! Thank you Angela – what a pleasure to read about the way you have managed to put aside the hurts and go with trusting that there is a better way to live.

  40. I loved reading this blog, it is about re-imprinting a relationship to go on with life without the hurts held for each other, it is so much better than just separating and to deal with it through never seeing each other again. I know that has always been the way I tried to cope with a separation or rejection from someone, not choosing to change it but staying in the hurt will always influence the next unfoldment in life.

  41. What an inspiration for me to let go of past hurts in any of my relationships from reading this. I feel it’s possible to just observe where I am holding onto hurts and ask myself what’s that about? Am I still looking to be right to not go deeper and see my responsibility or feel my fragility? – either way what beautiful healing is being offered in the willingness to live no longer from the past but from the future.

  42. It is “not about burying the past” ” but about not living from the past, or bringing the past into the present.” When we acknowledge this simple truth our life becomes uncomplicated and opens up to let love come pouring in. To me it is like putting down a heavy burden that I carried for a very long time. It will stay where I left it but now I am so much lighter and freer to move ahead.

  43. What you share in this blog Angela about re-imprinting relationships is beautiful to read. Your choice to face these hurts you held onto and then to begin to let them go is key for us deepen all relationships and a gorgeous opportunity to make them more true.

  44. Thank you Angela for sharing your journey healing past hurts and beginning to re-imprint your relationship with your ex-husband. I very much relate to what you share, My willingness to re-connect with an ex-partner after eight years came about because of the work I did on myself. The more I let love in, the easier it was to release past hurt. With love in my body, I connected to the essence of my ex-partner and his true qualities. Meeting each other was healing for both of us, not with any expectation in mind, simple to begin anew, to re-imprint and allow things to unfold in their own way.

  45. This is an amazing initiative, Angela and beautifully done. It is so much nicer when we are on good terms with former partners.

  46. A pretty special sharing, allowing us to reflect on our own relationships of all varieties. I liked what you said about not living from the past, or bringing the past into the present. When we keep attached to the past, it laces everything about the present. Just think of the backpack contents we’re lugging around each day because we don’t choose to empty the contents each night!

  47. I realise this was a few years ago now, but Angela, it’s been great being able to follow your journey. I’d love to get an update on where things are at for you now 3 years later.

  48. You and your ex-husband are true game changers. Reflecting a different way to the world that is based on love, respect and dealing with/healing everything that is not truly who we are.

  49. This shows that love is far deeper than just a status or a label. We can be married, have the wedding of a lifetime and still not have love. Yet we can be not married and still experience all the love we could have when we are married. It is just about expression, as love is universal

  50. Your blog just goes to show that we never stop being ‘in relationship’ with others – even when the nature of the relationship has changed – and that it’s too easy to stay plasticised in ‘how it was’ and forget to be all of who we are now.

  51. “….there was an opportunity to re-imprint the relationship in a loving way,” Never too late to reimprint every relationship we have in a more loving way.

  52. Thank you Angela for sharing your and your ex-husband’s willingness to let go of past hurts and re-imprint your relationship and reconnect with each other with all the natural love that you are. A beautiful appreciation of Michael Benhayon for his observing and expressing the opportunity to heal the hurts you had both been carrying.

  53. Angela, while reading your blog I really began to see how we are lovingly afforded opportunities, to reimprint our past unloving way of being, as we journey through life. What a lovely healing both you and your x husband received through making the choice to go on a date together to celebrate your anniversary.

  54. If only we could all see the grace and magic in knowing that love – in its true form – never dies. Its outward expression and the form this takes may change, but we never actually stop loving.
    If we pretend that we do (i.e. stop loving), it is a pretence that hurts us – a false wall we build to protect us from the hurts that we don’t want to let go of.

  55. How absolutely beautiful Angela, to embrace such an opportunity, for in it I can’t help but feel the return to actually appreciating both yourself and your former husband, as the unique and precious beings you both are.
    It is so healing to go through such a process as this – in the sense that through such appreciation and truly stepping back and seeing each other for who you are, the complications, pain and entanglements that had so long been held, can disengage themselves and potentially dissolve their hold… offering a true way forward not only in this relationship, but all future relationships.
    I truly appreciate your sharing here, and also in your blogs on the ending of your marriage, thank-you.

  56. Thank you Angela for a really beautiful sharing, the healing that takes place when we let go of our hurts is amazing bringing true love to the fore, for you and your ex.

  57. Angela, after reading your last blog about going to the movies with your ‘ex’ I got the feeling …. but wait, is there more ….. then I saw that you’d written this sequel! It was so beautiful to read how you have both graced yourselves and each other with the space to just be, to accept each other for who you are and enjoy being together. That in itself is very special considering how most relationships are in our society today.

  58. I love that you chose to re-imprint your anniversary and you both chose to unburden yourselves of all the ‘dirty laundry’ you’ve been carrying around. I can feel the release and lightness this would have allowed for you both and your relationship. What a brilliant suggestion from Michael Benhayon who always seems to just ‘get’ where people are at and can proffer a tweak that offers such evolution.

  59. It’s incredibly supportive to read about your journey, Angela, I so appreciate all that you are sharing. I can feel the imposition and heaviness that we bring to our relationships when we ‘hold onto’ things, it’s like we’re holding the other person to ransom, for the past, but not verbalising what it is that they have done, it would take far too long to recall everything and we probably don’t even remember. However, we were in all those situations too and we also have our share of the responsibility to share, even if it was just that we didn’t speak up.

  60. The whole notion of “re-imprinting” is quite beautiful. We can look at aspects of life and relationships as devastating, as not heal-able, as things we need to give up on, yet there is this opportunity always offered to us to re-imprint – to change what is and bring more love into these situations. The hard part for me has been in being open to the possibility that things can actually change, and realising I need to change!

  61. Angela, I love what you share about having 3 relationships at once, the past, the now and the individual…no wonder our relationships feel so complicated sometimes with all this emotion feeding into them at the same time!

  62. Angela, how lovely to reimprint a relationship like this. Having spent a good part of your lives together it is great that you can focus on the love and not the pain. I notice that you said that “There was no expectation with the date.” This puts things on a good footing as it means that we hold no demands over another and are willing to allow things to unfold as they do while being open to love. Expectations are impositions which create disappointments and alienate people. If we allow the other to be then they have the space to be themselves and if we are being ourselves then a true meeting can occur.

  63. Thank you for sharing this Angela. I love the honesty with which you have written this article, and sharing how you stopped, took stock and considered the love that is on offer in your life. Something that many could use as a way forward in life.

  64. It is so rare to hear of people who have separated getting honest about their past and addressing their hurts to be able to reimprint a relationship like you and your ex husband are based on love… and so lovely to hear of what is possible when you do. This is a truly beautiful sharing that should inspire many.

  65. Its so easy to keep seeing the old relationship, rather than grabbing the opportunity with both hands to develop a new one. And this is important work as, with kids and a shared business (and many other things I am sure) there is still a life long relationship (albeit different to the past) to be had that can support both enormously.

  66. There is so much beauty in this world and so very much in all of us and to let all the hurts we have collected stand in the way of this is taking so much from us. What I love most about what you share here Angela, is that you show that there is always a way to establish something new without the past tainting everything and that it simply comes back to choosing this and allowing ourselves to approach life with love from our hearts instead of the hurts and grudges we hold. And this does not mean to ignore the past but to accept it for what it was and that by making different choices the hurts we hold onto can be let go off.

  67. It doesn´t matter what form or picture any relationship holds or in which so-called state it is, the moment we bring in love it unfolds. This may contradict our ideas of how it is supposed to look like but that is a good thing considered that it is exactly such ideas that are often in the way of a truly loving relationship.

  68. Yes, this is inspiring! I’ve never understood the attitude people have around ex’s. There is this idea that if it ended badly we need to maintain a hate or dislike for that person forever. How amazing to heal all the hurts and have it all cleared from your body! Doesn’t this approach then allow you to be open to more?

  69. Beautiful Angela. This is something you don’t read or hear about ex’s reimprinting how they have been in a relationship. It is special and something we all could learn from in relationships by the way of if there is disharmony there is hurt to be dealt with and let go of.

  70. This is a wonderful sharing Angela, and how beautiful to have the opportunity to re-imprint your relationship.

  71. Yes, love starts with self first, only then are we able to share this love with others, ‘ Love that begins with self first, which then allows true love and connection with another.’

  72. Beautiful blog Angela and very inspiring. We can choose to live in the past and hold onto our hurts which blocks any form of connection or we can choose to live re-imprinting our life with more loving choices.

  73. How beautiful to reimprint a relationship having let go of some of the hurts we carry.. it’s actually all quite simple when we’re willing to be transparent and honest about and with ourselves, without protection or perfection.

  74. A beautiful reimprinting of your wedding anniversary that builds a new foundation for your relationship with yourselves and each other.

  75. When we accept the offering that we all have to ‘be love’ – with ourselves first and then with others – such changes are very possible and even quite normal. I have found that since embracing the awareness that love is my and our true nature, the whole foundation of all relationships has changed. It is no longer about ‘seeking love’ from another, but ‘being love’ with them. The difference is immense.

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