My Life After Serge Benhayon’s Presentation Only Confirmed And Refined What I Had Connected To Before

by Urs Fuchs, Musician, Rösrath, Germany (English 2nd Language)

Winter 2005 I began with important decisions: to change my life and to listen more to my body! I was sitting in front of a cup of cafe latte and a piece of cake and I had heart burn (Sodbrennen).

My stomach was in pain and I tasted the coffee with milk and felt: this is tasting terrible, then I tried the cake… just extremely sweet. The feeling in my body was very dull and heavy! And I asked myself: do you want to feel so bad any longer? From that moment I decided not to have milk and cake anymore. After this decision and a few days later the pain in my stomach was gone and I never had it again.

Summer 2006: I travelled to a seminar (which a good friend had recommended). I was interested in the subject already before, which was: people who are working in a healing profession have to heal themselves before they offer healing to others. This presentation was held by Serge Benhayon, and a lot of what he was talking about made sense to me – what I had felt a long time before, but didn’t take on seriously. For example: my ability to feel other people and to feel their pain and their sadness; to learn to honour me and everything I feel inside of me and not to feel wrong in any way for it!

In the following years I experimented with listening to my body.

  • Changing my sleeping rhythm and start to go to bed early and to get up early.
  • To stop eating milk products; for example, not to eat cheese anymore.
  • To stop eating gluten and less carbohydrates!

The results are:

  • I listen more to my body.
  • I take more time out for myself.
  • I check which foods support me or bring me down!

Now my body is much lighter and more liberated. I feel more alive and very vital even when I have worked a lot, and I am less tired. I have lost 10 kilos, which feels great and my back has less weight to carry!

For nearly seven years now I drive twice a year to Frome (England) to the Lighthouse to do workshops, presentations and treatments, which are presented by Serge Benhayon. Serge has a very warm, loving and non-imposing way which has supported me in my personal development very much.

194 thoughts on “My Life After Serge Benhayon’s Presentation Only Confirmed And Refined What I Had Connected To Before

  1. Urs it was lovely to read this blog again. I totally understand more and more about listening to the body as the signals become more and more louder. And having no choice but to listen to it.

    I agree that as we tune ourselves more to our bodies, it requires less sleep, and we can work for longer, it’s a different kind of fitness. Yes the body requires to be maintained by toning it and being strong without becoming a gym junkie. It requires an inner fitness so that we can serve more.

    We are deprived of this teaching. Our relationship with our bodies is paramount, it can only serve, last longer when it is taken care of from a very young age, it is that simple.

  2. What a confirmation with what your body was feeling. Most of the time people ignore the signals of the body and be tested to see if they are allergic to those things, and when it is not confirmed, they continue to consume them despite the effects on their bodies.

    It’s only when we experiment, that we tend to discover what supports our bodies. And only you can do this, no one can impose this upon you, it however comes with a decision and that decision is ultimately comes from you and your body and no one else.

    1. I observe more and more how people ignore the signals of the body and voila… a condition or diagnosis is upon them. The body can only cope with so much abuse, even if we think it’s unintentional. So, it has every right to tell you loud and clear that it will no longer be accepted.

  3. What Serge Benhayon presents does make sense, unfortunately it’s a bit like we have to be given permission to listen to and honour our bodies, ‘what I had felt a long time before, but didn’t take on seriously. For example: my ability to feel other people and to feel their pain and their sadness; to learn to honour me and everything I feel inside of me and not to feel wrong in any way for it!’

  4. Urs thank you for writing so simply about the changes you made which have been super supportive for your body, and how by supporting your body it is able to support you because you are ready to listen to what it has to say. The example you gave was the pain you experienced because you were trying to digest something that your body couldn’t handle. I remember reading years ago that there is something in the composition of the milk that is very difficult for our gut to digest so it would make complete sense to me that our guts would complain.

    1. There will come a point where humanity will realise that in the animal kingdom, no animal drinks another animals milk, and yet we do. A mother’s milk has the right constitution to feed her baby, and it is of no use to another animal. When we consume something that does not belong in our bodies, it will naturally react or have an effect upon it. The thing is whether we will listen, or ignore the signals is the key to the answer to a whole new discoveries about our bodies.

  5. So many times we can feel a physical condition such as heart burn developing and just turn to medications whilst still continuing to eat the very foods that can trigger the heart burn, and yet the simple solutions are ignored. To take the time to explore the triggers is a first step in truly taking care of ourselves, and then the second step is to work with ourselves in understanding what imbalances may have happened in the body and why. This symptom picture is a way for the body to have a voice and communicate to us when something is not working for it – it is a blessing to hear the voice and an honour to respond when we actually have allowed ourselves to hear it, just as Urs has so beautifully shared in the blog above.

    1. I have seen this with people, they just turn to medications for heartburn, instead of investigating what maybe the underlying cause, and removing that.

    2. Symptoms are like a warning signal, like the dash lights in our car, do we just remove a warning light if it flashes, or do we get it investigated to see what is going on, and then choose what to do from there.

      1. Maybe Lorraine we should treat our bodies more like an Aeroplane than a car, because if you are cruising at 40,000 feet and a warning light flashes up on the panel, the pilots take immediate action go through a set procedure called a ‘check list’ and deal with the situation. They don’t wait a few days to see if the warning light goes away and if it doesn’t call up an engineer (Doctor) and book an appointment to see them. Quite rightly we are super attentive to the fragility of an Aircraft but why is it we do not treat ourselves with the same care and attention?
        How many times have we been sick but go to work anyway because we feel we feel we have to, that we are somehow either indispensable or we feel guilty about taking any time off work?

  6. Urs, I love how you have shared how the simplest and littlest changes can be so powerful. Caring for the body and listening to what we actually need to do (in other words taking responsibility for the body and ourselves) can be very liberating and supporting to do.

  7. The changes we may need to make to truly care for and honour ourselves are already there inside us, we may just need to support to reconnect to ourselves and trust what we feel.

  8. Yes, we can’t heal another if we haven’t healed ourself first, ‘people who are working in a healing profession have to heal themselves before they offer healing to others.’

  9. “I check which foods support me or bring me down!” So few people would consider that foods and drinks could actually have an effect on their moods and emotions, as well as causing physical symptoms. It’s not a lot of fun feeling heavy, sleepy, dull, racy, or off in some way, yet I’ve experienced these things from foods. Eliminating certain foods has allowed my body to feel lighter and more in harmony, without the emotional disturbances and subsequent ups and downs.

    1. Our body is like a true best friend, always sharing its wisdom, completely honest and consistent.

      1. Agreed Lorraine, as long as we are not over stimulated and white sugar is a stand-out-stimulant that makes our bodies dishonest in it communication!

    2. Nailed it Greg – the symptoms are a voice for the body in its communications! The hardest part is not listening to what the body has to say, but rather the hardest part is to not over-ride the messages as you have said and instead heed the message and support the body.

      1. Absolutely Henrietta, and, what a great foundation for healing, so before we can speak the Truth we have to have lived it from our bodies and thus live “the message” so the truth supports “the body” first so we can start to heal!

  10. I love the timing in which your body started to speak louder, or perhaps you became more able to listen to its message, just before coming to Universal Medicine. It’s like everything is just so perfectly orchestrated without us planning it.

  11. ‘…healing profession have to heal themselves before they offer healing to others…’ – we would expect a mechanic to know his job before working on our car, a chef to know how to cook before serving a dish, a teacher to prepare the subject before teaching it to pupils etc But with the statement above about healing an extra element is introduced that goes beyond knowing one´s craft or skills, it refers to the person and how they conduct and treat themselves as a human being, not as a profession. This is not just relevant and efficient for healing professionals but everyone in any profession; it adds the factor of love to the panoply and thus upvalues everything that we do.

  12. When we feel our choices and what they do to the body is when we are more likely to make changes. Serge Benhayon encourages us to listen to our bodies and presents what gets in the way of that relationship.

  13. Those moments are great – where we see and feel exactly how our bodies are and we connect the dots so to speak, and understand that what we may have just ingested or done is not feeling so good and we have a choice to say no more and there has to be another way … and so opens the door to a new relationship with us and our bodies. I love hearing these stories- they are both deeply confirming and very inspiring and show us all there is a way it can be different.

  14. I also attend the workshops and presentations as Serge Benhayon is one of the few people I have met that makes sense to me. I have struggled with depression from an early age. Serge Benhayon explains depression the root cause of it and why it happens. I can honestly say I don’t have depression any more I am now committed to life and it is a joy to be in the world. It is so simple when we know how. Serge Benhayon and his family along with the Universal Medicine healing modalities gave me the tools to support myself.
    Mental ill health is costing the health services around the world trillions, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with the formula that if we married esoteric healing with modern medicine we would become healthier and the health systems around the world would not be bankrupt.

  15. Its so super simple really, if we just allow us to make a few rudimentary steps. The difference I can feel that comes from your shared experience Urs, is that there is a willingness to change.

  16. Thank you Urs, I could feel the joy you have experienced from making so many changes that truly support you. It’s amazing that the things we may feel we can’t live without, like dairy and cake, we find are so unsupportive for the body, and when we let go of them the lightness and vitality is better than any food can provide.

  17. “people who are working in a healing profession have to heal themselves before they offer healing to others.” This reflects such an important aspect of life that makes all the difference when we understand it and bring it alive through living it. Because, if we do not truly walk our talk, we communicate empty words that do not inspire but let us continue to run in the same circles.

  18. I too used to take on the pains and the sadness of others and then wondered why I felt so awful. And then of course there was the food I ate that made me feel awful as well. When Serge Benhayon began to present about the toxicity of other people’s emotions to our body and the effect that some food can have on it as well I started to realise that my body had actually been trying to tell me this for years, I simply didn’t listen.

  19. Urs what you have written is an honest and true account of just listening to the presentations of Serge Benhayon and asking the question ‘what if?’ What if what he is saying is in fact true? And what have any of us got to lose by just trying out some of the life style changes presented. Too me Serge Benhayon is a breath of fresh air because for the first time in my life I am discovering what it is like to truly be me without needing any barriers to protect me from people and life.

  20. I cannot but appreciate the simple changes you have initiated in your diet Urs has made a profound difference to how both you and your body feels simply by listening to your body. Why do we complicate things so much?

  21. Thank you Urs, it never fails to amaze me how such simple adjustments to how we are living can make such a huge difference to our life and state of being; simple yet so powerful and profoundly effective.

  22. Healing ourselves first before we can help another heal themselves, this is so often missed in the temporal world, how many doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc, go to work tired, exhausted and often not in the greatest physical shape, and we expect them to help us heal, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have presented how through simple changes to our diet and going to bed early can totally transform the way we feel, and I agree that through listening to our own body we know if a food is right for us or not, and how profound these changes can be.

  23. Listening to the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon has inspired me to listen to my body and to appreciate the truth of all that it tells me.

  24. Serge Benhayon has shared so much wisdom over the 12 years I have known him but right at the top of the list for me is that our body is so very wise, that it is always talking to us and that to begin to listen to what it has to say will offer us the opportunity to change our lives. Fast forward those 12 amazing years. After living with so much bodily discomfort and illness for the first 50 years of my life I now have a very deep and respectful relationship with my body and as a result I feel the best I have ever felt.

  25. It is amazing to feel the difference between living in a way of honouring of what the body feels, and disregarding what the body feels. I can say that I have lived experiencing both, and living in honour of and guided by what my body feels is empowering beyond measure, as I feel a greater connection to the truth of who I am, with the universe and with God. And what’s more is that vitality, well-being, joy and lightness of being continue to feature as my everyday ‘normal’.

    1. Yes Carola, when we have a more consistent experience of listening to our bodies there is a vitality that starts to be our everyday ‘normal’. What I have appreciated is that by accepting this way of living by listening to my body, I can then feel a tension with what the body knows and an awareness of the pull to dull what the body is communicating.

  26. So beautiful Urs, I love how you just stopped and listened to your body and how you found the support in Universal Medicine to deepen your understanding of you and your body. One thing you shared today is so pertinent for me to hear ‘… to learn to honour me and everything I feel inside of me and not to feel wrong in any way for it!’ … to not make ourselves wrong in what we feel, that is huge and so important as it frees us up to be more honest with ourselves and take the needed steps with that honesty. Thank you Urs.

  27. I love reading testimonials that share how simple and logical this work is. Life and healing does not need to be complicated, we just seem to feel more comfortable when it is!

    1. Beautifully said Leonne – it is so true. We all do know truth, and powerful are those who live in connection to the truth that resides within our bodies. This is the potential we all hold and inspiring it is to be reminded of this.

  28. I love the changes you made to your life and the benefits they brought to your health and well-being, learning to listen to and honour our bodies many messages does take practice and commitment.

  29. Absolutely, this needs to be taught from day one, loud and clear, ‘people who are working in a healing profession have to heal themselves before they offer healing to others’.

  30. This is very cool Urs. Unlike yourself and others, my food choices hadn’t changed before I started to attend Universal Medicine events. It was only after learning and experimenting for myself with what had been presented that I started to make changes to my diet. it was a process of about 2 years where I slowly played around with eliminating gluten and then dairy. I didn’t rush, I didn’t go cold turkey and most of all, I didn’t stop anything because I saw it as ‘bad’. I sought nutritional information outside of UniMed and most of what I came across supported what I had heard and felt and it also gave me even more understanding from a physiological perspective which helped a lot. Today (7 years later), I’m still refining my diet, but it happens almost naturally. I eat things that don’t support me, but the difference is that now I’m aware of it due to having developed a sensitivity that I didn’t have before, which I love. So I know, that every choice I make is my responsibility and I from there I make the next choice.

  31. Before Universal Medicine, there were things I had experienced in life and I felt to be true, but because it was so contra to what many others around me subscribed to, I could only hold it as ‘my thing’ and not the truth that actually applied to everyone – this actually made me feel quite separate from others and I was not really able to trust my own feelings. Listening to Serge Benhayon presenting was like joining the dots, and started to make sense of life and the world around me.

  32. “This presentation was held by Serge Benhayon, and a lot of what he was talking about made sense to me – what I had felt a long time before, but didn’t take on seriously.”
    Acknowledging that what Serge Benhayon presents is what we ourselves know is so very confirming of ourselves. It is also a very humbling experience to accept this in full, for then begins our own healing by way of letting go of the many and varied thoughts, ideals and beliefs they have in any way stopped us from living what we innately know.

  33. Listening to your body you think would be easy but there in lies the problem – thinking and measuring up to what is going around you.
    It’s very exposing how I relate to what my body is forever communicating to me and how often I do not respond to how aware I am with what I already know. It’s my lack of acceptance of life and the authority I know and feel. Life is very joyful when it is felt – the truth is thus known. Just because most people are not honouring themselves does not mean you have to also. Even though we all deep down know the truth I am understanding more and more how unique my version of the truth is.

  34. What you have shared here Urs is beautiful – there is a simplicity in just listening to the body, and from the moment you chose to feel what the coffee and the cake were like in your body, you were allowing yourself to tune into another level of awareness which then opened you up for the rest too! Amazing how one simple choice can then lead to and open up to so many other choices that have in turn supported you in so many ways!

  35. This very simply just makes sense, “people who are working in a healing profession have to heal themselves before they offer healing to others.” It’s not asking for people to be perfect but merely bringing things back to how things have always been, ‘actions speak louder than words’. So the living first of what you are saying, presenting, or offering by way of healing or advice is far more powerful then just telling someone to do something or that they should do something. When you say it like this or read an article like this it makes you wonder how we could ever think it was another way.

  36. A lovely blog post that is short and sweet and offers appreciation for both yourself and those that have supported you.

  37. I listen more to my body.
    I take more time out for myself.
    I check which foods support me or bring me down!
    It’s so simple isn’t it. We care for ourselves and life opens up. we are more present, more vital, and more us for ourselves and everyone else.

  38. Thank you Urs, I can relate to what you have shared about trusting how you feel and making choices based on that and your relationship with your body. To some degree I also did this but when I found Universal Medicine my ability to care for myself by listening to my body and trusting how I feel went to a whole new level, and the beautiful thing is there is no end point, just a deepening of love, care and tenderness for myself everyday.

  39. When we actually stop and listen to the body and what it is telling us about what we’re ingesting – be that food, drink, thoughts or emotions, it speaks to us pretty loudly about how it feels about these things. Learning to listen to it takes practice, if we’ve been used to overriding what the body is saying. In my experience, the more I listen, and the more I appreciate its messages without reacting to them and wishing it was giving me different messages, the more willing I am to observe and start to change my behaviours, letting go of the unloving ones.

    1. Spot on Bryony – learning to listen to our body does take practice! As children it is easier to listen to the body and not over-ride what it says (for example, I recall as a child I would just fall asleep in the evening even if I wanted to stay up and play – the body just took over and would say ‘no, it is time to sleep now’), however as we grow up we learn to ever-ride the simple messages and then this gets us further and further away from our natural way of being…and leads us to the choice of lack of awareness. But no fretting is needed, for this can be undone, and we can return again to the sensitivity of the body that was and is always there simply with coming back to an awareness and the choice to return to our natural ways.

  40. I love the simplicity and practicality in which you approach life, you observe and allow yourself to feel what is going on and with that not only comes a realisation but you can apply other ways to go through life.

  41. It is beautiful to read this, in hindsight I feel I had the same experience, my first connection to the work of Serge Benhayon felt so known to me. It is that what in essence I have always known.

  42. I once had the belief that the body was an inconvenience and something to be tolerated. I am sure this arose from old religious notions that the body is innately sinful. Today I know the opposite to be true. The body is a source of true wisdom. It offers absolute and accurate feedback – for it just presents what it presents and cannot lie to us. When we listen, it reflects a way to be in life that is naturally harmonious and offers us an opportunity to choose harmony as a way of life.

  43. I love how you just simply made changes in your life according to how your body felt and what made sense to you; that you listened to what your body was showing you and didn’t override it. And how this has freed your body up and given you more vitality and joy.

  44. When we take responsibility for our choices and learn to listen to the body’s wisdom, it can be our best friend and greatest asset. Of course, on the other hand, we can think the body is our worst enemy and blame it for it’s mortality, pain and discomfort – irresponsibly so.

  45. I love that after the choices you made that your body became liberated from all that held it back from the vitality you now feel. You are a testament to the power of choosing to listen to and honour the body and embracing what is possible to live.

  46. It’s amazing the changes that flow onto our whole life when we listen to our bodies and change a few of the details accordingly.

  47. This is beautiful Urs – a simple and profound declaration that proves truth is simple to live once the choice has been made.

  48. I’ve let go of things that did not feel right for my body in two ways… one under lots of pressure and what I should and should not have and the other simply by feeling my body, being honest and naturally feeling the side effects from having something. I know which one my body prefers!

  49. Thank you Urs for sharing your loving story, our bodies are amazing in the wisdom they have to offer and the power of healing they bring when we honour them by our self loving choices.

  50. Urs your honest blog made it very clear that our best friend is our body and that if we listen to this best friend we are able to change our own health – wonderful.

  51. Being super sensitive and feeling another’s pain has always come natural to me but I would get so drained afterwards. The key is self-love. The more care I give to myself, the more awareness I have to observe and read others and not get caught in sympathising.

  52. Thank you Urs. I too have made changes to how I live having been inspired by presentations and courses by Serge Benhayon and my body and whole being feels lighter and I enjoy being who I am and meeting everyone I meet.

  53. You present a lived authority about the power of making choices based on what our bodies are telling us about the way we’re living, rather than slavishly cow-towing to what society is promoting as normal this week, month or decade. Our bodies always know best. It’s just that we often choose not to listen.

  54. It is very wise to find out what works for your own body and what doesn’t. This takes a lot of honesty which most people seem to not want to engage in. It is lovely to read these honest blogs by people who’s self care is more important than convenience or what everyone else is doing. Thank you Urs, food plays such a big part in our lives and our lives are so much more vital if the food we eat truly sustains us rather than making us dull.

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