Loving Reflections: Fanning the Embers

by Bernadette, Victoria, Australia

I attended all the events and celebrations offered by Universal Medicine to celebrate the end of the year, and as usual I was left with much to ponder and be truly thankful for. It was fun, joyful and truly inspirational.

On my walk this morning, an image came to me of what Serge Benhayon offers to all those who are open to what he presents, and it will inspire me for a long time.

The image is of an eternal flame, steadfast and consistent in its love. The consistency is significant because it is ‘allowing’ of others the understanding and time to experience and feel such love. It can then be chosen and accepted, or not.

The allowing is like a gentle loving breeze that fans the embers of our equal, ever present but often-dimmed eternal flames. Is it not the dimming of a loving way of being in the world that leads humanity to be as disconnected and partisan as it is today?

We can all fan our own eternal flames within and grow together to be loving reflections in the world.

99 thoughts on “Loving Reflections: Fanning the Embers

  1. Beautiful reminder that we all have this flame of love inside that can inspire others to re-connect to theirs. We are all part of the same universe and this endless sea of love.

  2. Through consistently deepening into the love that is ever present in our inner heart and sharing this love unhindered with all, is the best reflection we can offer to another.

  3. What a gorgeous image of Serge Benhayon
    “The image is of an eternal flame, steadfast and consistent in its love. The consistency is significant because it is ‘allowing’ of others the understanding and time to experience and feel such love. It can then be chosen and accepted, or not.”
    What is so immense is his understanding of humanity and the ‘allowing’ knowing that we are all going to go back to the one soul. Its how hard to we want to make this return.

  4. I get the sense that the flame is the truth, the essence of all of us – everything else is our creation that keeps us distracted from the essence…and our own and each others deliciousness.

  5. Being steadfast and consistent in our love for ourselves and others equally is a huge support amongst the challenges of today’s world.

  6. Bernadette, what I have learnt through watching Serge is that he treats everyone equally, his love is not greater for anyone, and he is totally accepting of where we all are, with no judgement but always an encouraging word to reignite the flame we hold within.

  7. You bring two very important qualities to the fore here Bernadette, steadfast and consistent. They are the pillars of eternity.

  8. So many of us live with our beautiful flame dimmed, a choice that impacts not only on our own life but on the lives of others. With so many dimmed flames the world is missing out on our natural glory and this shows very clearly in the current state of humanity. So how amazing would it be if we all, as one, made the choice to turn up our inner flame? I am sure absolutely sure that it would be so very amazing, and ultimately, world changing.

  9. Serge’s ‘allowing’ of others the time and understanding is indeed amazing, ‘The allowing is like a gentle loving breeze that fans the embers of our equal, ever present but often-dimmed eternal flames.’

  10. Feeling the eternal flame with-in and knowing that this same flame is in us all equally. There is only one we need to care for lovingly-ours, and this care reflects to all others.

  11. Serge’s consistency is a beacon of light guiding us home. Love is inspirational and once known and claimed as the way of living within it will be there to expand in the same light therefore, it only can be inspiring and pulling not attraction and need.

  12. Serge Benhayon holds this flame on behalf of all of humanity, it is then up to us to make the choice as to whether we choose to live in a way that continually fuels it or allows it to go out; it always come back to each and every one of us as to how brightly we want our own individual flame to burn or whether we choose to live in a world of darkness.

  13. I love the simplicity with which you have expressed this Bernadette and every time I read this I feel my eternal flame fanned.

  14. It’s definitely time to return to our ever present love within and inspire others to live from their own love. One look out into the world tells us very clearly love is missing. Humanity is like an untapped resource, each body an incredible vessel able to express love in every moment yet currently not doing so. What a reunion that would be for all human beings to reignite their love and live each day together sharing the beauty we all are.

  15. This is such a beautiful and appropriate image for Serge and all he represents. As I read this I feel my inner-glow expanding.

  16. To lovingly allow another without judgment to be wherever they are is a truly loving gift. And Serge Benhayon exemplifies this to the nth degree.

  17. Serge Benhayon is definitely for me like an ‘eternal flame’, always burning brightly and never wavering in the love and respect he has for all. But most importantly what he presents is that we are all that flame, equally so, and it is always up to us how brightly we choose to shine.

  18. I love the concept of ‘allowing’ for it offers another the time and space to remember what they possess within and be reminded when they are ready of the power and beauty of fanning the embers of their eternal flame to light the way forward and inspire others to do the same.

  19. I remember as a child looking at pictures of Jesus showing his heart surrounded by a flame, it has come to my mind recently reminding me that this eternal flame never goes out but can shine brighter and brighter leading others to find their own eternal light that dwells within.

  20. The eternal flame that glows in the inner-heart of every man, woman and child on Earth waiting for us to breathe life into it to ignite the Fire that lights the way home for us all as equal brothers and sisters in God.

  21. “The image is of an eternal flame, steadfast and consistent in its love. The consistency is significant because it is ‘allowing’ of others the understanding and time to experience and feel such love. It can then be chosen and accepted, or not.” Beautiful Anne. We too have an eternal flame inside of us, as you say, but it is ‘often- dimmed.’ So, unlike Serge, we don’t always reflect this out. Time to step up to responsibility, knowing that humanity needs all of our beautiful true reflections.

  22. We often don’t realise just how powerful the flame is to all others around us when allow it to burn brightly. The more I am observing this, the more I feel confirmed in the love that I am and can appreciate it also in others.

  23. The fanning is simple: breathe gently, breathe your own breath, learn to love yourself and express in honesty and truth. This is the ‘baby-fanning’ and from there on the flame takes over and burns its way through.

  24. What a beautiful reminder Bernadette so simple and very true -‘We can all fan our own eternal flames within and grow together to be loving reflections in the world.’

  25. Beautiful inspiration to be our loving reflections to the world thanks to the consistency of support from Serge Benhayon in never dimming his eternal flame.

  26. To be around one so fiery as Serge Benhayon, no matter how cold the embers, they can but glow and, in their own time ignite. And so it comes to pass that spot fires spring up all over the world till finally, all is ablaze.

  27. ‘We can all fan our own eternal flames within and grow together to be loving reflections in the world’. Beautiful Bernadette.

  28. Thank you, Bernadette. This is a beautiful image. A great, and timely reminder for me as well – to keep fanning.

  29. Very beautiful Bernadette, this reminds me of the Socrates quote “Education is the kindling of a flame and not the filling of a vessel”. This applies to life generally as you describe and it is for all of us to live as Serge Benhayon does inspiring everybody else of their eternal flame!

  30. Thank you Bernadette, I love the image of a flame within that never goes out, one that can be fanned to burn even brighter, by our own love.

  31. Such exquisite imagery, Bernadette, of the eternal flame that burns in all of us, and it is up to each one of us as to how that flame grows or dims; that is our own eternal responsibility.

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful image from Serge Benhayon – it is for me very inspiring and from my own experience this steadiness was what brought me back to love myself.

  33. Beautiful Bernadette, such simple images are very clear in what they communicate, they speak more to our hearts than words can.

  34. This is gorgeous Bernadette. A gentle loving breeze that inspires our eternal embers to ignite with the fiery love that we truly are in essence. Yes, Serge Benhayon is a constant and consistent inspiration for me, by living the fiery love he is in full and by the way he loves and holds everyone as an equally fiery light.

  35. Great metaphor Bernadette, and it beautiful describes my own experience. Every so often Serge Benhayon’s consistent and loving ‘fanning of the embers’ causes a flame to burst into life and in those moments I know that I am love and that I am equal with all others.

  36. A beautiful blog Bernadette. I love what you write about consistency and its significance in allowing others ‘…the understanding and time to feel such love.’ The consistent flame of Serge Benhayon burns strong for the whole of humanity and comes with no judgement.

  37. Beautiful metaphor for a man who represents this eternal flame, who is not wavering, stands still burning like a beacon for all to see and feel.

  38. A beautiful image Bernadette, full of light and warmth. An eternal flame, just what the world needs.

  39. Bernadette I love the analogy of “fanning our internal flames within”. I will take this into my day, thankyou!

  40. Short and sweet Bernadette, with great power too, I immediately felt the image you presented and also the heat and magnitude of the consistent flame Serge Benhayon is and holds within his being. How we love the fire and its quality.

  41. Beautiful Bernadette. I like the fact that we are all embers with the possibility of reigniting into a beautiful flame.

  42. I love how you mention that the flame is about consistency, for that is one of a corner stones of the way Serge Benhayon lives and interacts with everyone. A consistency that has inspired my own exploration of living my own external inner-flame.

  43. What a beautiful image and reflection of the love that Universal medicine and Serge Benhayon bring to the world. Something we can all bring when living from our truth.

  44. A beautiful image Bernadette, and also powerful. I have known Serge Benhayon for some 14 years now, and the consistency of his flame – of his commitment to life, to humanity, to making everything about love and returning to who we truly are, the divinity that is our true nature – has never dimmed. I have never met someone with such consistency, who never tires of truly being there for all. His whole raison detre is to be there for all humanity, in the deepest way I could ever conceive this as being possible.
    All that he brings has been nothing short of the greatest inspiration I have ever received in my life, and this continues consistently so, to this day.

  45. Beautifully written, thank you Bernadette. Yes, Serge Benhayon’s steadfast consistency in love allows us to feel the reflection of that and to make a choice. I have found this to be absolutely true, with huge life changes, as I bring love into my life.

  46. Thank you Bernadette. The word CONSISTENCY is what Serge Benhayon is about:An eternal flame that is steady no matter what. What I know after 9 years of studying with Universal medicine is that it is Serge’s consistency in holding me and others as equals, without any judgement whatsoever, has turned my life around. I had given up on life before meeting him, and now I inspire others to not give up on life. What a great and amazing way to live what Serge Benhayon teaches by actually being and living the same quality.

  47. Utterly gorgeous Bernadette, Serge Benhayon is an eternal flame and so may we all be, living the truth of who we are.

  48. Gorgeous Bernadette. I feel so inspired by your sharing. This is just how it is. And if we don’t burn brightly in the world, ever fanning those flames, what chance does the world have to to come out of it’s present state of darkness ?

  49. Thank you Bernadette for the very beautiful picture to remind me and others who choose to keep our eternal flames glowing.

  50. “The consistency is significant because it is ‘allowing’ of others the understanding and time to experience and feel such love”. Absolutely. A most beautiful example.

  51. Beauty-fully described Bernadette. Serge is steadfastly presenting true love for us all showing us how to self nurture deeply, – constantly inspiring us to tend to our own internal fire, and by so doing, providing others with a clear reflection of another true way to be.

  52. I have fallen in love with this, the image of Serge Benhayon as “an eternal flame, steadfast and consistent… The consistency is significant because it is ‘allowing’ of others the understanding and time to experience and feel such love… We can all fan our own eternal flames within and grow together to be loving reflections in the world”.

    That is such a true way of expressing how it is. Ariana Ray, UK.

    1. Me too newlookstresssolutions, it is the steadfastness of Serge Benhayon that has been so beneficial to me and I’m sure to many many other people. Serges unwavering belief in me has helped me to reconnect to a part of me that I had totally forgotten about. I had forgotten how to love and appreciate myself and this week in particular I have noticed that other people have noticed me and my steadfastness and they are reassured by it, just like I was reassured by Serge.

  53. I love your description of what Serge Benhayon presents to the world. It is now up to us to reignite, fan and nurture the flames we all are as well.

  54. So beautifully put, Bernadette. The steadfast reflection of Love offered to us by Serge is a true inspiration and does in-deed show us how to lovingly tend to and care for our own internal flames, to the benefit of all.

  55. What a great image Bernadette! Serge’s consistency in presenting love, and never ever interfering or wanting anyone to get it, but instead simply allowing – never ceases to Amaze me. This quality of his inspires me beyond words.

  56. I also see this beauty reflected in Serge Benhayon – it touches me very deeply. There is as you say, an eternal beauty in simply allowing others to be where they choose, and this is a beauty that serves all.

    1. Hi Toni. It is Serge Benhayon’s capacity to allow everyone to be where they are, knowing as he does the bigger picture -that we are all being pulled back to our soul and it is just a matter of time. We can take the long road or the short cut he is always offering us. I’m going for the short cut because I’m waking up to the realisation that I’m sick to death of the pain and misery we are all living in. Surely this isn’t how it is meant to be? Surely none of us truly believes this if they are honest? We have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain, by listening at the very least to what Serge is putting forward as a ‘what if’ scenario. Supposing he has the answers in what he is saying, humanity could be at another major crossroads.

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